Another SIGN (Spiritual Intuitively Grounded News): The Collective Imagination

“The enemy is real, its always been real.”

[Jon Snow, King of the North, to Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, in the Dragon Glass cave, after showing her the cave paintings revealing who/where the real dangers lie – the Army of the Dead, and the White Walkers … from Game of Thrones season the 7th]

Are artists of the scale of this work in tune with the world in a way many are not. Does it mean anything, or is it just escapism? Art has more meaning in its middle finger then the whole body of abstract reasoning buried in untranslatable – allegedly higher – mathematics.

Winter is coming. It will last a while. Details are here: “The Great Unsettling & the 3rd Millennium” This is not about fire or ice, but about a world succumbing to hearts too cold and distant, from each other, themselves, or the Old Gods, and the New = the Consciousness of Nature (which is everywhere) gifted to the Three Eyed Raven in all of us.

A culture which does not honor and follow its artists, has lost its heart. Most politicians, and far too many of their owners, the Lords of Finance, are abandoning their responsibilities for … Who owns us? If our hearts are free to sing our songs, and know our poets – the Leonard Cohens; the Marshal Mathers; the Bob Marleys; pick your favorite.

Most every educated person knows of the terms: “the collective unconscious”. “ … a form of the unconscious(that part of the mind containing memories and impulses of which the individual is not aware”

Is this the aboriginal Australian dreamtime? The hallowed halls of the primal archetypes? Where you can go, awake, if you follow a path so old its memories live anyway, in many names, and in many hearts. Does enlightening the world mean the end of kundalini yoga, tantric sex, and tales of Faerie, or the Underworld; another name for the land of the Dead, where Christ is said to have gone on a Saturday not so long ago.

All the old things are returningCosmic circles ever turningAll the truth we’ve been yearning forLife is our saviour, saviour, saviour, save your soul… Moody Blues “On Step into the Light”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” [Einstein]

I ‘n I’s magi c nation coming. We are the future becoming. We make inner pictures and embrace the world with our art. Nothing stops the music. Nothing, not even the black-hole in a bankers heart.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the poet (kubla khan and rime of the ancient mariner), a very learned man and familiar with the intoxicants of the poppy, wrote amazing stuff about everything. Here we just notice what he said about the primary and the secondary imagination:

“The Imagination then I consider either as primary, or secondary. The primary Imagination I hold to be the living Power and prime Agent of all human Perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I Am. The secondary I consider as an echo of the former, co-existing with the conscious will, yet still as identical with the primary in the kind of its agency, and differing only in degree, and in the mode of its operation. It dissolves, diffuses, dissipates, in order to re-create; or where this process is rendered impossible, yet still at all events it struggles to idealize and to unify. It is essentially vital, even as all objects (as objects) are essentially fixed and dead.”

Reality is a nested Russian doll, consisting of Creator/created, an endless hall of mirrors that teaches. When Rey (in Star Wars 8), while studying with Luke to be a Jedi, has to go Down, inside the Earth, and see herself infinitely reflected, … where do the writers get this idea?

“Everything is both simpler than we can imagine and more entangled than we can conceive.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Is imagination the collective consciousness, and in that wise distinct from the collective unconscious?

Recently I’ve been noticing a pattern in certain film arts. A kind of dark subject gets unusual expression, for example: “Stranger Things”, which posits an upsidedown underneath conscious of itself and inhabited. Try to imagine this: Suppose more and more people seem to get in contact with Faerie, such that heartless scientists modify children who may have “powers”. Governments want to weaponize the Underworld. Still, there’s a wonderful cautionary tale in Susanna Clarke’s novel: Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Chem-trails, and weather modification aside, our Atmosphere is a locus of invisible Beings, not only making forced adjustments because of our arrogant ignorance, but They too touch the Collective Imagination and inspire such films as: Arrival: “A linguist is recruited by the military to communicate with alien lifeforms after twelve mysterious spacecrafts land around the world.” IMDB

What do the writers’ imaginations reveal in this film: Beings who can manipulate gravity (space) and the experience of time, whose way of writing consists of feathered circles, and who have come to tell us they will need our help in 3000 years. See Ruskin’s “the Queen of the Air”. If you grok this film rightly, you will never look at clouds the old way, … never.

Nature spirits, of various intentions, participate in the Collective Imagination. Wanting human beings to begin another love affair with the Mother, artists are inspired, and each Age has its markers and signs. But the Old Moon Ways, of magic and mysticism, involve powers older (H.P. Lovecraft) than Old. “All the old things are returning.”

Then there is the film: Annihilation. Watch it. Hard to imagine a better fore-reckoning of what happens when our response to the Unknown aspects of Faerie is to stand outside and observe, after which we send in the soldiers to die – or perhaps join – with the deconstruction, which Eros induces, as the primal power of generation. No broken eggs, no omelet … is the folk saying.

“One attains Inspiration, which can be experienced when one performs mathematics in the right way, when this performance of mathematics itself becomes an experience that can then be developed further into that which one finds in the Vedanta. Inspiration is complemented at the other pole by Imagination, and only through Imagination does one arrive at something enabling one to comprehend man.” Rudolf Steiner, generator of a Goethean Science, a science were the image building aspect of the mind learns to see in wholes, as exactly as the phenomena needing study behaves.

The World is Speech, which the most ancient ones well knew how to read. Try your hand at Listening to the World Song. “The primary Imagination I hold to be the living Power and prime Agent of all human Perception, … “ STC

“ … when one performs mathematics in the right way, when this performance of mathematics itself becomes an experience that can then be developed further … “

This is the best book for training the image creating power, in the light of Projective Geometry (the geometry of the endlessly living) Own a copy. “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”, by George Adams.

SIGN “porn”

Years ago – nearly 20 in fact – I was 60, and certain natural functions ceased. I was on high blood pressure medication. When I started to go bald in my early 30’s, I had decided to just accept it, and not let “that” be on my regular plate of worries. This latest sign of aging was approached in the same Way. What did it teach?

Around that time I had a wonderful, yet short, dalliance with a part-Mohawk shamaness. She explained to me that anglos (white folk) didn’t know a sane thing about sex. She shared with me personal stories about how her family (people) taught her to understand her own desires and the desires of a man. These desires were natural, never sinful, and what I needed to do was to accept my desires, and to not be Not-Okay about this core mystery of being a human being.

Being a writer eventually led to many explorations of the Way of Love the ancient Greeks named Eros, otherwise know as erotic&sensual love. Erotic is of the mind, and the sensual is of the body. One of my more recent explorations led to the writing of a poem about Lust, and that poem can be found here, along with accompanying commentary: “Sex, Porn, and the Return of the Divine Feminine”,porn.html

A few years earlier on, I made several videos for YouTube, on the subject of the redemption of Eros, under the title: Misery Loves Company: This being, for a philosopher/shaman, a complex topic, there are 34 just under ten minute videos. Watch one or two of them with a close friend, once in a while …

When I sat down to write about SIGN porn, I asked Alexa to shuffle my 110 favorite songs playlist, and that random generator popped up: “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”. Right now its playing Jeff Buckley’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s: “Hallelujah”

A lot of folk do not have pleasant sexual experiences. Yet, if we accept that most songs are love songs in one fashion or another, for many people there is something to be found in surrendering to the siren songs of erotic&sensual attraction. Its natural, and if you read Tom Cowan’s remarkable: Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, you will find an “alternative” medical landscape which includes recognizing the importance of sexual love for health.

This is a matter of being human that transcends our racial/political/irrational separation from other human beings. Love adventures transcend our differences. We all have that need/want.

Porn is just one manifestation of this basic human confusion. In corporate towers men and women compete, with one “sex” required to dress erotically, thus constantly generating desire. In the Hopi Prophecy for this “Day of Purification” is this bit (along with wars, storms, whatever Mother Nature has in store for us): “ … people will corrupt the good ways of life, bringing about the same life as that from which we fled in the underworld. The sacred body of the female will no longer be hidden, for the shield of protection will be uplifted, an act of temptation toward sexual license, which will also be enjoyed.”

As Western Civilization dies into its new becoming, social dissonance concerning how young men are raised as regards their sexuality is … fundamentally not sane. It would be too much to expect this failing social order to address such questions in any depth or wisdom. All the same …

Women have a power here. Recall I was taught to wake up by a shamaness. When I was later studying Eros, I ran into a remark (by a woman) who recognized that a special aspect of the erotic is that it be socially forbidden in some fashion or other.

In a certain sense #metoo has to morph into #ustoo. We are all in this together.

Whatever change, … will be introduced one encounter at a time, … we can’t resolve personal issues of this delicacy with a government program.

I don’t know if it is happening, but women need to discuss more than what screw-ups and pigs men can be. The more intimate question is the one most needed to be answered: how do I tell my lover to be what I need him/her to be? Scary worries always there, even in casual hookups.

Think of our cultural language here. How do we frame this in a healthy way? Who should led the re-framing?

Having been one, men/AS/boys are pretty much very screwed up by the time they begin to even date. They have all the wrong ideas, including how they conceive of themselves. This is true whatever the out of box, neither male or female, reality now emerging. Finding a life partner can be a maze of wrong turns, and many drop out of that struggle.

There is a virtue to living alone.

In either circumstance, one odd fact remains: erotic art has always been with us, and at one time was known to holy. Yet, here we are in a world in which an un-natural science tries to convince us we are just animals, born from random process out of pieces of dead matter, none of which has any consciousness … In the Beginning.

Maybe that bull-pucky is why our time is so out of touch with itself.

SIGN: the Hopi Prophecy of the True White Brother.

The Americas are a place where European civilization seized so-called “ownership” of lands already lived in by millions of aboriginal peoples.

The Hopi Prophecy expected this to happen, … that a white race would come and claim the land as their own. All the same, something else was expected, … among these white people there will some who are “true”, a “true”: white brother, who is also called in certain places the Elder Brother.

To what would such people be “true”? How are we to understand that?

In the Prophecy we find this symbolic representation of what the “true” white brother would do, during the time of crisis called in the Prophecy: the Day of Purification:

“This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun.”

As we all know today, we live in an Age of Scientific Materialism – all is matter there is no spirit. For the Hopi spirit is as real as breathing, and this then was what was hoped for: a white brother that was true to the spirit.

The first time I wrote of this, in very small article that was published in Carl Stegmann’s anthroposophical research letter: “America in the Threefold World”, around 1984, a part Cherokee woman sought me out.

She was at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA, studying Waldorf Education, and upon our meeting she advised me to as soon as possible go to the Hopi Mesas, and seek out an elder there named David Monogye.

This I did over the Easter Weekend of 1985. Various details about that visit are in the attached materials.

In the beginning, I thought this Red Symbol was Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, and the Anthroposophical Society. Those are seeds planted in the last years of Western Civilization. They have grown considerably, and a good review of this growth can be found here: “Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism”, by Dan McKanan.

Keep in mind that seeds need the soil (the heart’s richness of feeling), the sun (the mind, lighting up the meaning), and water (the adaptable will). All Rudolf Steiner did was open a gate to the Mysteries of Spirit. Inspiring others to do this without losing the connection to the Way of Knowledge of our Age, natural Science.

Meanwhile, all over the world, folks for various reasons (a needed sanity) worried over the Mother’s health, and fought again for life, in the fields of death created everywhere by modern industrial civilization.

The True “White” Brother loves the Mother, and doesn’t have to be white, or know anything other then to be true to what is in their own heart, mind, and hands.

To repeat, keeping your own heart in mind, for many people living today, just in being true to their hearts are able to sympathize with aboriginal peoples everywhere, and see this truth: No one can own the Mother.

“This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun.”

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this is the first offering of a new news network, aka SIGN: Spiritually Intuitively Grounded News.

A most significant matter is the flooding in the heartland of America. This is, of course, a SIGN, but how to read it, that’s the trick is it not?

Clearly it is part of this dynamic: The Great Unsettling & the 3rd Millennium, otherwise known as the dying and becoming of Western Civilization.

All over the world folk are being displaced by events beyond their control. Some fleeing seems forced, while others try to choose where and when to go.

Everyone is experience life changing events. Not peace, but a sword during the purifying descent into anarchy. Everything happens for a reason, but to See we need to change the scale of our perspective.

From the point of view of the Mystery, what happens in any individual biography is the key. Love manifests in all lives, although during the Ahrimanic Enchantment …

(the forgetting of our spiritual nature that came when the human intellect, in its scientific pursuits, ended up dividing the world into parts, smaller and smaller parts, until the religion of Scientific Materialism [all is matter, there is no spirit] decided all we human beings are is meat, run by a randomly created living computer, and having no real Being)

… such that all that we feel and know is an illusion, is the scientific conclusion confusion. The East warned us that the sense world is not real, not of the essence, and Western science sees our inner life to be an illusion as well.

An Enchantment, remember that point.

The inner life activities of all human biographies – all thoughts and feelings, as well as impulses of the will – that invisible to the senses inwardness – that survives death, and the meaning of one’s owns existence is personal.

The Great Unsettling cuts our ties and habits, our personal ruts; and, if we die, She receives us (see the Pieta).

The majority, who live, become the receivers of this lesson: we need each other to survive. In the case of America (each catastrophic event has a geographical social-political effect), heartland Trump voters are in the same fix as the citified neo-socialist liberals. They are hanging out together in gyms, with no other place to go, sharing the same trial.

While the politicians divide us, the Mother shoves us together. What we do is still up to us, and apparently this is the whole point of modern existence.


#ustoo … the hunger

It is a riddle deep in mystery that seeks understanding of duality – of separation, and confusion.

Across a crowded room … something-other draws me near … until …

through trial and error we couple, or not … brave the lonely people, who find comfort just there …

babies come from joining … the whatever-made-ustoo … left us wanting and needing other attentions, from birth to death, and beyond …

life is an alchemical crucible of transformation … moment to moment, we become, … a pinball in a game of thrones … #ustoo includes the mad, the saints, the murderers, and those being crucified on the cross of too much wealth …

to the Hopi: the Day of Purification

to a Christian practitioner: love comes in this Set of Wow-n0ws, with a sword, … no peace in the trials of the separation …

The end of the Mayan Long Count, on the cusp of the Kali Yuga & the Third Millennium …

tea&company while Western Civilization burns itself to the ground, and in the smoke and mirrors the phoenix is being woven from the groundlings – the overlooked masses – who wearing yellow vests plot their final revenges against the holier than thou … Bastille Day; 9/11; and what goes around comes around …

the ancient Greeks had the gall to think about there being gods, and what the fuck do we morals do in those circumstances … turns out the godsRus in the #ustoo … we are not only doomed to live time a moment and a day at a time, but weeks, and months, and years, … through youth, and WTF, and wisdom – should we slow down enough our rush to seek and find the … partners in the crime of surviving life in good company …

Eros paints the world with that which is wanted and desired, with a force of attraction that burns …

the real world, not the virtual world, has consequences irrevocable, although there is nothing in the Creation that does not serve want&desire – what is wanted through the gate of silicon?

Is it real?

Separation is felt so amazingly real, and as we close the distance, … better sometimes to find a community of wonder who enjoy what we enjoy, whatever it is we enjoy …

Eros is two which are also always one. Erotic and Sensual pleasure. Erotic is of the mind, of the hidden heart, while sensual … although such an intimacy can be commercial, the heart has to volunteer, otherwise our internal music is not the best song – we are flute and drum, nerves and heart, heaven and earth.

All surfaces are kin to our human skin. The keyboard and screen which involve our senses is itself erotic with promise, and sensual – although we tend not to recognize the elemental kingdoms, there not being any “things” in the Creation … only Beings, all with consciousness and will as every aboriginal religion has understood since time began … in the beginning, what was whole, divided itself … nothing is not of the beginning … your eyes, my hands, the air we share, and the curse of words that can touch, yet are not quite enough …

cleave He suggested … in the dark of the night do not be alone, … lie down feel the caress of gravity, ,,, and let go into the little death … tomorrow takes care of itself, and well, we are all doing time one moment at a time …

Victory at the Edges of Faerie

Modern humanity is clearly confused on multiple levels.  Or so it seems.   Most of us, meanwhile, believe we – ourselves – are sane.

The priests of un-natural science have wandered far from the truth, helped by their reliance on “mathematics” & “geometry” & “arithmetic”.  Numbers and their apparent purity and certainty.

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem knocks over the certainty part, by proving that any number “system” always begins with an unproven assumption or axiom.  Someone ran off a cliff into the open air …

Quantum “Mechanics” turns out to be a made up “place”.  Fact is there never is any probability of something happening.  There is always an empirical result, something happens.  But that imaginary world of “probability” is something we added, after running into the wall  of an inability of our “instruments” to measure and count the smallest bits of the Creation.

What is odd is that it works, these “quantum” calculations&dreams, especially when we try to wonder about such items as “light” energy or radiation.  Light is very strange, and a math is craved, and then served up, yet still in defiance of the knowledge of Godel’s Theorem.

Yet, is it possible that the “made up” place has a real, perhaps even surreal reality – that there is a “there” there?

Just because we thought it?

The fundamental missing piece for modern humanity is to remember the deepest past, in order to regain the needed way to face the tsunami of the coming future.

We live in a “created” world.  That this was not so has only been believed for the last three hundred years (early natural philosophers were out to find god).

We have a choice.  To re-ensoul the world by our own wills, or leave that prior relationship continue to perish.   By re-ensoul I mean the act of choosing to recognize that what I experience as an individual interior life, is something shared by All My Relations.

We are not alone, or un-cared for.

We are surrounded by consciousness and great wisdom.   There are no “things”, only living folk of remarkable kinds, a few less friendly than we might like.  Faerie has always been about the Dark&Wild.

A place where if you bring a hunger to Her, She will give you what you want.   Although, as time passes, the initial sweetness fades, … we can have too much  of a good thing.

The Sky bleeds torrents of rain, for sorrow fills the forgotten hearts who having set us free, must endure our worst self-born nightmares.

In the 1950’s, after the bombs had been dropped, and a hole ripped in forever, the “others” were now encased in matter, as are we … they left the upside-down and came here to spawn.

Magic is real, just another set of laws that live right along side the ones built on forgetting that from which we truly came.

Clouds dance, everyday, not always weeping, but the pain we can’t master they must turn to good.  Be glad for Clouds.

a poem to … forty-one

a poem to fate and destiny, in the light of recent days in the life&death of forty-one …

The elf lord of the South, upon watching the fire dancers prepare for the spirit of the famous ones, let the sadness slide away, a color water is well endowed to receive. Normally one does not see sad-water folk, but the Ceremony for the Dead, when done for a nexus bearer … well that was a something in the light of human history of course, and the nexus folk did seem to be born to bear such burdens, still, water colored itself sad for all the lack of understanding … some many-sighs of troubles flowing from over judging/unknowing/unfindings … disorder of a sorts, needing some music from the first realm, …
the realm of the uncreated and unformed – where Her generation creates from nothing

a skyfull easily, and humans still fancy water just circles around endlessly, instead of being freshly created out of the weight of sorrows borne by fey-folk skyward during the ceremonies of death, no crossing the same, in the halls of the dead, each unique …

humans will swoon in wonder as the veils part more easily, and the bright weavings which surround the nexus bearers – the ones who seem to cause death and woe, just knots tying karmas into roots, in the dark underneath upside down where all are made ready to be received by Her, even the nexus bearers are fore-given, not forgiven, but fore-given even before they choose their roles in the plays of each day …

just as Krishna sang to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita

wonders in death as well as life

What if God wrote a Book that everyone could read?

What if God wrote a Book that everyone could read?   Seems only fair.  Nobody gets to have special&private … unless, that is what the Book is telling us.  Everybody special.  Unique.   One of a kind.

Hard to fathom in this modern Age of so many Ways of Judging others, in public no less #metoo.

a tale from the Book, as read by this one of many ….

As the Gods (Mother and Father), or the one becoming one and many, unfolded material existence, the pleasures and pains of the flesh were something new – a never before

So became male and female, and male and female gods&goddesses, and kings and queens in Faerie.

Heaven not matter.  Matter only earth experience.  Pleasure&pain in the material body, leads to all god’s Children frying in a pan of self-made stews, while super-colliding in a ballet not even the stars have yet achieved.

Separation intolerable.  Porous Mind dreams in Sense8.

We are driven to partner, to seek someone so as to not be alone in the dark of the night.

Particular biological equipment not necessary for right partnership.  Procreation still managed by the incarnating ones.  Not two lusts joining in the  coupling, but a third lust seeking earth bound existence, often accepting serious trials in life.

Do we see what is happening?  The patriarchy, which is dependent upon dominion over, has lots to answer for to the compassion now awoken … empathy (communion with) is becoming again the right way to live together …

Still a long haul … no overnight sensations, and quick fixes …

patience is required … especially if miracles are desired …

real news

The Fool’s Reality News Network presents:

Commentary on what is really going on – for the discriminating mind.

a) we are all screwed!

b) we are all trapped in the Now, and no “now” is exactly the same as any other persons’ “now”

c) we are cursed to feel separate and alone, self-inescapable …

d) we find this intolerable, and then seek where is my place, where do I feel comfortable

e) sometimes we partner, lovers, children, parents, co-workers, strangers on a bus ….

f) always we learn, pinballs in an infinite arcade of mystery …

TV News is mostly stories of someone else’s karma/drama … the science of publicity, considers “optics” crucial – how something looks, as against how it actually is …

publicity whores serve anything but the truth, … well, not quite, since there is a lot of money and perhaps prestige being a “news-anchor” … we should not be surprised as the mighty fall to the core struggle, … why do men and women exist?

Matter and anti-matter?

Electrical and Magnetic currents in fields of eros and thantos … burgeoning life and the unknowns of the gate of death …

There is a narrative being created where crises arise and then abides for a time … the Holy Mother’s Brooms sweep an unsettling upon the world … Weather belongs to the Gods&Goddesses … Christ brings a sword, not peace; while the Hopi Prophecy names our time The Day of Purification.

After theses “storms”, in the first moments of space to breathe – toward which governments have little to contribute – peoples hearts awaken, and neighbors come from near and far to succor the survivors, and millions of Clara Barton souls – souls of empathy act, in spite of the farce in Washington D.C. and Wall Street.

I need a job. Better yet, work.

I need a job. Better yet, work. I don’t need money. Divine Providence (Mother Earth) has led me to a remarkably magical retirement. No savings, just Social Security, and a woman … I didn’t know existed.

Still, I’ve now lasted eleven sevens of years, and in looking back I’ve had a curious education. The first words on my e-business card are: “a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, Shaman … ” … more follows …

I also have law degree, speak to trees and squirrels, while lately I’ve taken up a closer observation of the songs of clouds …

It is a scientific fact that the Planet Earth is a living Cosmic Being. Her consciousness links All Our Relations into a single web of life, … and the mystery of death …

Over hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner entered into a stream of modern thought that is well named: the counter-Copernican Revolution.

The Copernican Revolution produced a science only of matter, of things and numbers … describing a world empty of any meaning but that which is reached by cold thought alone. No room there for spirit at all.

Turns out spirit is still there, and with Steiner’s works on the problem of scientific knowledge as inspiration, a number of individuals have produced valid scientific treatises on the spiritual nature of physics, chemistry, botany, geology, social science, medicine, farming, astronomy, geometry, and even philosophy as well as religion & art.

A done deed. Best way to help this remembering that the Mother Earth we want to help is just waiting for us to call Her, on the phones of the elements. Beings are everywhere. Still, you want to connect, its up to you and the Rites of your daily life.

Meanwhile, for the scientific geeks, there are some books at the following link. Own them, all of them, as soon as possible. Money a problem? Form a group, for these books are wonderful for the engendering of lively conversations.

Shaman’s Law Firm (contact me if you need help understanding any of these books).

Shaman’s Law Firm If a corporation can be a person, then certainly a Planet can be a person The environmental movement needs to learn to serve&communicate with an invisible world — Who will provide legal (material-world) services? A corporation is no less invisible, yet with a material-avatar bo…