scenes from the “other” side

Joseph Periwicked the Third, plopped down to rest. As a moderately elder gnome of the Fane of B5, he was a leader, not so much because he led, but because he trusted himself, and did not let new enthusiasms overwhelm his self-care. A good gnome is a healthy gnome was the Way of the Grandmothers.

Let the young be heroes, and leave to the old the best stories to tell. For the old were once young, and survived that oblivious innocence. Might be something was learned in the process of survival.

JP-3, then turned his eye-lamp upon the mind of the dreamer, in the cave. So much chaos, so little discipline. A thunder-like sound floated by, a copse of sylphs in flight, while the dreamer wondered – as always – what to do about the Sending in the human’s dying form of government.

Anyone who wants to be President is certifiably mad just for the ambition and hubris required. What is still beyond most modern human thinking on madness, is itself mad. Madness is just one of the four-escapes open to the suffering. Madness is also a Gate into the Underworld, or Faerie, or the Upsidedown.

Modern science threw out so much hard won wisdom with its denial of the Spirit. Such that the mad go unprepared into Holy Faerie, not knowing that like all the four gates to Faerie, this one too requires surrender. All paths to the Mother require surrender. Ironic all the same, that through the gate of madness lies a very deep and profound sanity, for while the Father&Son give us life becoming light, the Mother blesses all order with just the right spice of wild.

Take a look at our world, Could there be any greater proof of the tide of humanity rushing all the gates of heaven&earth – all at the same time.

Migrants storm the Bastille of America’s fears. The Mother burns California to ashes, and makes sure no amount of money means one is free of being touched with Her Great Brooms of Change. Everywhere an unsettling of the what-was, …

This is what it looks like when a Civilization lets go its roots, and through chaos seeks rebirth. In Faerie, especially this Winter, there will be celebration, for throughout the Universe She thunders loudly: Just be yourself, and if you fall I will always catch you.

a letter to the folks at the upcoming Natural Science Section meeting in Eastern New York

Spiritual Research on America

Dear Friends of Rudolf Steiner,

On the occasion of the Natural Science Section’s meeting in Spring Valley, where the questions related to the problem of knowledge are being more openly discussed, I wish to add an additional perspective, from – shall we say – the point of view of those who Steiner described as the Platonists, who were to gather with Aristotelians at the turn of the Century.

America is not Europe, nor is the American Soul like the soul of Central Europeans. The following material is distinctly of the American Spirit, and yet little known in anthroposophical circles, either here or elsewhere.  Dire straights if this ignorance is alllowed to continue.

For example, concerning the problem of knowledge, a distinctive American Way of practicing the New Mystery of Thinking is outlined in this book: Sacramental Thinking, links to which are part of the material collected on this data stick. [  ]

The gathering Steiner refereed to as the “Culmination” happened. I was there. A earlier report of mine on the results of that is here: [ ], also included on this data stick.

As a – hopefully – succinct preview of this work, I recently wrote a letter to both John Bloom and John Beck. Below is that letter and their replies:


Pagan (Platonist) Anthroposophy

Owen Barfield, in his seminal “Speaker’s Meaning”, proves through language studies that all the oldest religions only named reality, given that languages in their youth are purely literal.

One implication of this fact is that the most primitive religions – the earth-religions – were correct in every detail, although as various as are clusters of stars in the heavens, given the significance of geographical regions&peoples decorating the whole surface of the Earth. Differentiation is essential.

The Platonists to which Rudolf Steiner referred, in his prediction about the Culmination Event, were pagans. Which really only means that they worshiped/adored/cherished Everything, knowing the Totality of this Cornucopia comes from the Mother.

From the American Platonist Stephen Clarke’s: Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined … Introduction, 2017 [ ]

“Thus, successive precipitations of Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon and Earth evolutions (simply an alternate vocabulary for the traditional kabbalistic worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation & Existence as depicted in shorthand in Genesis) can be seen as having their parallel “tree-rings” in the building up of successive inner-earth layers corresponding to Saturn, Sun, Moon, and, finally, the surface world of Nature, all inhabited at their core and in every particle by divinity in its immanent maternal aspect.”

However, … in Central Europe, with its long history of immature Christianity and the woeful dualism of good&evil, Steiner was constrained – again in harmony with the variety of peoples and geographical/ethereal regions out of which the Earth surface is composed. He – Steiner – was serious medicine for the culture that birthed scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – a medicine that needs to be precise and focused … no room for mystical and magical operations.

Still Steiner managed to hide in plain sight, the Seven Earth Mysteries, sprinkled with fairy dust, and slyly described as abstract “forces”, in a situation that in other contexts he pointed out that there are no abstract (ethereal formative) forces, only Beings and their collective Will.

[What happens if you unite in the soul generalized versions of the wisdoms of the Sections as a single whole? All were rooted in accompanying magical acts done by Steiner – not too hidden from view, yet not really noticed.]

Even in the beginning the language used was an open obvious evocation: Lucifer Gnosis. The Foundation Stone, that was laid in the Earth, begins with an open air magical ceremony, acknowledging the Spirits of the Four Directions, just as is still done today in the Pipe Ceremony of the Lakota Sioux.

By connecting to Freemasonry Steiner tried to keep something alive, among those Lodges who acknowledge the still real role of Rite. Ultimately he then helped generate a new priesthood and ritual work in the Christian Community, at the request of the local folk with pastoral responsibilities.

He spoke of Anthroposophia – a female emphasis, and of the dangers that would befall the Anthroposophical Society were the members to lose sight of the essence – a Way of Seeing Anthroposophy as the Mother from which all else, including spiritual science, was being born.

When we are in a position to assimilate anthroposophical knowledge not only through reading and listening, but when we are more and more able to experience the content of anthroposophy in our heart, in our feelings, then it is as if living, cosmic beings enter our souls. Then, anthroposophy will appear to us increasingly as a living being. And we will become aware that something is knocking at the threshold of our heart saying, ‘Let me in, because I am you yourself; I am your true nature, your very humanity.”

or …

In Anthroposophy it is the Truth that matters. In the Anthroposophical Society it is the Life that matters.”

In what sense are today’s earth-religions true brothers&sisters of Anthroposophy? While their sciences are visionary/mystical, and magically evocative, they are still “sciences” as anyone knows who studies those ancient teachings outside a Steiner-only wisdom.

The already immortal Beings are the same, only the names vary. All the same, it is humanity that is the leading edge of change. Our hungers, whether vain or exulted, rule our destinies.

Owen Barfield points out in his “Saving the Appearances: a study in Idolatry”, that language reveals the human being becoming the leading edge of the incarnation of the Logos into&through earth-reality, most notably when around 250 to 300 years ago, the word “self-consciousness” first appears in English.

Steiner, necessarily originally constrained, needs to be freed. The baleful dichotomy of evil&good needs to be laid to rest. This is the mission of the Platonists, which are being born from the Aristotelians. The Culmination Event is ongoing … the whole world is pregnant with it, including the Anthroposophical Society, which mostly needs to get occasionally intoxicated and dance much more frequently.

Why? Ahriman so loves rules and procedures over daring and adventures. Joy and/or humor is not in his repertoire.

The logical problem is this: There is the either/or idea(1) of “evil”, and another idea(2) of “good”, … and then there is the meta(above)physical idea(3) of both/and or: = “good&evil” – qualities that cannot be separated out from each other, their opposition only apparent – an “appearance” as it were.

Heaven&Earth ~!~ Flute&Drum ~!~ Breath&Blood. the Emerald Tablet:

“The above from the below, and the below from the above – the work of the miracle of the One. And things have been from this primal substance through a single act. How wonderful is this work! It is the main (principle) of the world and is its maintainer. Its father is the sun and its mother the moon; …“

In the Americas, the earth-religions know the secrets of the will. Fire and Water cannot be separated. The path to the Mother involves surrendering to the own dark&wild. Occasionally dancing intoxicated is a necessary antidote to a paralyzed from too much reading mind and soul, afraid to physically express joyous freedom of personal essence.

Feelings move us. Feelings see/know.

For millennia folks slowly left the more wild regions of the earth, slowly coagulated more and more in cities, billions now crowded together – yet there&surviving. Meanwhile Western Civilization is dissolving into a yet to be created&new – a social organism of wide variations, while the no longer viable nation states slide to their inevitable defeat, through the machinations of the multi-national heartless corporate cultures.

The political wars, especially in the Americas, very much need to be infused from the Earth-ground upward, with spiritual knowledge. Women, carrying the Mother&Friends are already on the march. Changes surge from within, and youth have such glorious forces, if we can get them to attend to the wisdom acquired over the years from their grandmothers.

Still, nothing stops the music. Nothing impedes free culture expression, which is always defiant of excessive form. At the glorious mixture of the social commons travelers wander, some forced (parents fleeing with children), others doing good in loco perentis. Many carry Anthroposophy (conscious and instinctive) in their hearts, yet always dangers … for Anthroposophy itself is dissolving away from its: the best Way is the highest Road, becoming Americanized into: the Way that Works will have to do, no time for the will to be any longer asleep, hardly dreaming.

Anthroposophists need to recognize that as the new pagan/mother mysteries are coming forth, our shared physical life is getting harsher, water and food more scarce, … so that what Steiner gave needs to wash the feet of the local latent ancient culture. Steiner didn’t know those Other Cultures, as well as his own, which leaves to true scientists of the spirit the task to investigate all the ancient truths.

Everyone will recognize in their own local great myths, the roots that are modernized&science-touched in bio-dynamics, Waldorf education, anthroposophical medicine, … in all of the newly refreshed sciences&arts&letters, …

… but Europe must no longer engage in any form of spiritual/cultural imperialism&colonization. Goethe is interesting, but Everywhere Else in the world there are different cultural giants, and as we know, the Divine Mystery wastes nothing.

Anthroposophy – the truth – arises from the individual, through family, and then into community, because that is where/how the future always emerges – out of individuals. To live on the Earth, of wondrous variations of culture&language, is to discover that each ancient Way to the Mother remains valid.

That Place, where any particular People live, that’s were the deepest memories are of the ancient ones, who like the rose are still themselves, whatever names we sell/buy/preach … this is the secret of the return of the Moon. Echo-Born borne from seeds deep in the mysteries of the earth and of the will.

Do you want to know what Anthroposophy is, … answering that question means to seek to know what Others most need. Anthroposophy can’t be carried in a bucket of books, only in the warmed perceptive evocations of a heart. Magic is real. We use it everyday, although tending to mislabel its arts.

The Moon is Returning Now, for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear: Medicine Woman is Here [ ]


Replies of John Beck (Director of Communications of the Anthroposophical Society in America), and John Bloom (current General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America).

Hey, Joel,
Good to hear from you. Very interesting thoughts and observations.
And you know, it is very important that you are engaging and carrying these thoughts, along with a few other people. Why do I say that?
What gets missed (I’ve done it many times myself) is that this Anthroposophical Society is a tiny thing. We haven’t been able to organize the resources even to meet the more obvious opportunities. Dornach is a substantial center but it is smaller, I would estimate, that the typical community college in the US. There are over 1400 of those. And the ASA is about the size of a regional animal welfare society.
So I think a great many things can only be carried right now as seeds, by passionate individuals like yourself. If we are short in other resources, we are long in people who really dig into things.
I would mention that the AGM last fall in Phoenix was really planted in a space of living Native American culture, a palpable presence. And I met a radiant old man who creates curriculums and was working to interest tribal schools in Waldorf methods. So we have two pages on that in the latest being human. That would begin to be a foundation for recognizing the gifts the ancient cultures can still bring.
Best wishes to you,



Thanks for taking the time to write this and for the depth of thought. The question of where and how anthroposophy stands in the world right now, and how it can be of real service in support of each person’s humanity is at the forefront of my daily work. So I much appreciate the vision that you are holding.
Be well,

John Bloom
General Secretary

Anthroposophical Society in America


links also included on the data stickCrucial Research on the problem of Evil,and the true Nature of the Inner Earthby Stephen Clarke,who was also at the Culmination

Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma

– in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth ]

Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined

Introduction, 2017 ]

also on the data stick, for background purposes:

American Anthroposophy

a celebration of the American Soul’s unique ability to contribute to the future of Anthroposophy,

and to the future of world culture ]

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master work: The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything

review of The Art of God, by Liz MacKenzie

for latest works of mine, see:

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business card:


the Alien Invasion is Now

The 2018 by-election is near at hand.  For those attuned to deeper songs, there are strong rumbles, and grave riots in the dark-below hidden in many sad hearts.  The invisible storms wanting out are worse than the invisible ones already seen.

Everyone is angry, and scared, and alienated&alone.

For all the dangers, one matter is forgotten, especially by those that claim to know God’s Will.

We’ve been warned to leave vengeance to the Father.  For all the stories in the texts of the Peoples of the Book (the Hebrews, the Christians, and the Muslims) are clear:  It rains on the just and the unjust.

Odd isn’t it, how much it  seems that it is religious leaders who are the true atheists, for the God they assert to speak for does not choose sides. nor are any of us on a path to escape illness and death.  Life ends.  The zealots are certainly in for the biggest surprises in the afterlife, don’t  you think.

For example, 2000 years of Christianity, and still the fundamentalists  & evangelicals run around praying in public, in spite of the simple clarity of this advice:

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you


Join it.  Throw a party.   Celebrate.   Believe.

She’s got the Whole World in His Hands

a brother, passes

About ten days ago I had a dream of my brother Lou. It was a strong dream, something I often think of as a “sending”. We (he and I) had/were doing something good together. When I left the deeper dreaming of the night, my first thought was to wonder if he had crossed over. I did not worry that … not all dreams say the whole story, but I suppose I expected that if he had died, I would hear about it, so the dream was shelved with a long list of other-dreams, October Dreams we could imagine … Lou introduced me to Ray Bradbury.

Children know fathers. Wives know husbands. Aunts and uncles and cousins – a tree of many fruits, still growing. Only brothers know brothers.

Lou liked fear games, and one time when he had me alone in the basement of the house 3004 on the way to East Bases, he was sitting on my chest, holding the threat of an awl in his hand, a sharp tool for making round holes in leather, … the wrestle overbalanced, something slipping and the awl penetrated at least an inch into my upper arm.

Scared us both … later in 1804 country he taught me chess, and when I was eleven and twelve I started to beat him, once in a great while his hand would be a hurricane rearranging chess pieces all over the rug (we laid on the carpet while we played)

In my teens he took me mountain climbing. I think he was happiest the years he got to work for the Forest Service, who liked his skill set: skier and mountain climber.

My older brother had an amazing friend, who deserves his own book: Howie Clark.

Lou taught me of the love of science, and of the costs of the pursuit of the truth. We lived together in northern California, at the foot of Mt. Shasta. Along with my second wife, and second son. We later lived in the woods of New Hampshire near Wilton, at different years working in the same local factory. When he was broke I’d give him five dollars, and drive him to State Liquor store for some vodka, which he sipped out of tea cup all day – self medication a fine and necessary art – who knows the state of their own consciousness best, but the one living it. I suspect Lou learned this trick from mother Dorothy. She was ours, us brothers three.

In NH we shared the first home computer. My capital, his curiosity, and Adam/Zarta Ivy’s being at one with the machine insights …

Brothers don’t talk to each other about wives and children, except in brief spurts of sympathetic noises. Guys talk #metoo all the time, just a different subject of can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Misery Loves Company.

Families and Children a strange school. Lou sent me a capsule of LSD the Christmas of my senior year in law school in Missoula. It came with two hand written pages of instructions for having “trip sitters”, who were not partaking, hanging around for … our Dad was still alive, we were taking acid, the summer of love was birthing itself, and Lou&Linda&Company were living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A year later not so true … Dad gone, and brothers gather, safe in a special way in each others company. Somewhere in there the nicknames: Snoony, Loony, and Puny … affections are hard to express … we wanted to make a rock album together, snoony in Denver, puny in SF, and loony in Lou-isianan.

We were stunned to be part of a funeral where over 600 people came from all over America to honor dad, who had been one of the fallen in the year 1968, along with MLK, and RFK, and the Democrat Pary. We were sons, wished all many of well, destined to go back wherever, although for loony and puny Montana was always a stronger calling of the heart.

Lou’s words after our father died (loony was a sensitive soul in a cruel age – still/yet, landing in the bosom of family in the last of 82 years – that’s a successful life, we all survive … but not without pains):

***A second spring

within life’s matrix
alternatives branch, bud
and wither.
The delicate lace
fine new leaves against
a patched gray sky suggests
the pattern.
Many branches and growing points
exist together.
Farther north and west
where winds exposed to
snow chill the
and lives
and winter’s death has not
been rescinded.
A second spring will come
new buds flower
the soft rains warm
chill soil.
This promise lies implicit
In the earth’s course.
Somewhere within the matrix
as on earth
is always ending.

lou w wendt

the hidden whole of the hole

A hole is a curious type of physical phenomena … it is there, but matter empty … i.e. the space is surrounded, but physically empty.
generally when something is “not”, there is still a “there” there, like a kind of magnetic or electrical “field”.
for the elementals, such as the air elementals, they are “sound”. we are told of vibrations in the “air” that carry sound to the ear from the source, but a deeper appreciation realizes that that which “carries” are elemental beings.
what then happens when the ordinary nature of the form of the ear is physically empty? Do the air elements find the Hole as a gateway for deeper dancing with … with what? Sound?
we have a buzzing in the ears … a fault, especially if distracting. still it is there, and if sound is air-elementals dancing, the what is the buzzing – who or what is buzzing?
there is a sound to silence, just as Simon&Garfunkel tell us ….
In meditation we can listing for that sound, which is not sounding, for to careful observation the soundless sound IS.
we have a hard time understanding how the elemental kingdoms work, given our tendency to think in three dimensions … these beings are the link from the mother-generative beings to the physical work, yet in terms of geometry the movement is from “planer” space (flat yet infinite 2D space) to the 3D space the bilateral symmetry of our 3D form.
from the formless and uncreated realms, where SHE/HE & friends live, intentions of will descend toward materialization … still there is a passage through the imaginative flat plane-like yet infinite spacial aspects of the elemental kingdom, but still we find are are put to get how, used too seeing movement and connection in 3D, however …
that’s why the Vulcan artist M.C.Escher was sent to help us “see” … Notice Escher’s similar form to that of Tesla, should you want to learn to recognize Vulcan (incarnations from the linear future) folk …

attitude adjustment

So, I’ve been high most of the day … topping the day off with a scotch …

One of the ways to see this coming election is as if it is a Greek play designed by the Gods, and meant to bring catharsis … to expend emotions of many flavors, and in a sense is a Rite America Has, for our pubic life is a major religion – a sea of beliefs and hopes and dreams, and not all dreamers have the same hungers.

We are meant to be diverse, which at the least means actually free. We pay a price, but if we do the Rite well, and make it more celebratory of that diversity, we make something out of what seems to be lemons … even words can be … more artful, even the ones that sound like mud pies …

Make a party happen. Smoke weed at public events. Get arrested for being too happy.

Now that’s a revolution …

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Recent Items I posted to Facebook///Friends


The Old Man and the Flea

A man became more and more unsatisfied with the pleasures of his wife, yet changing wives was too much difficult, so the man – having heard of the wizard in the woods – took the long walk of the shame of needing something, yet not getting it – manliness requiring decent bragging rites at the temple, but it was clear in the faces of old and new friends that he was not believed, as much as charitably accepted.

Where to start to find the medicine needed – a masterful riddle from the Mother of All – especially when the advice sought requires first a seriously long look in the mirror of life.

He went to Youtube and looked for instructional videos on sex, and accidentally discovered that the proper word/trail in the sphere of thought was: Eros. There he eventually came upon some videos of an old man, not unlike himself, whose stories were many, but grouped with intelligence, so the search found in cyberspace a mostly anonymous source: “Misery Loves Company: the Redemption of Eros” [34 small – under ten minutes – videos]

The creator of the videos had been born into white-privilege, Christian, son of Montana primal American Culture. He had led an unhappy life, as regards – the so much craved for physical intimacy – although fate smiled and he then met a shamaness that explained that Anglo”s [white European invaders] didn’t know the first thing about sex at all.

There was, she explained in a multitude of ways, nothing about sex to feel guilty concerning. We human beings are put together wisely, although to realize such in practice requires seeing this primeval human hunger as a sacred gift. Find a Way to be whole with that which lives inside you, as feelings of the hunger. Who///how do You want to define yourself as a sexual person? That’s the only question.

The basic Way of the Male body is to express-in-action the want, through moving toward dominion of the woman’s sensory body. The basic Way of a Women’s body is then to surrender to this hunger for dominion – to give away the body to the approaching hunger///want. Inside – in spirit – we are not male and///or female, but a complex that … well, we are who we are, and we do not have to like each other – or ourselves, do we.

Suffering is optional.

People couple because something seems to be missing. When we are alone in the night with worries of terrors, to be held and comforted is a supreme blessing. Ultimately the #metoo movement has to accept that males are human beings too. Stupid, yes. Unpleasant Ways of clumsy and in-artful domination exist.

Physical intimacy is linked to emotional intimacy. The Whole Of Modern Culture is … confused about the old and tired ideas of Western Civilization, concerning marriage, … traditions fail before younger generations … there is a lot to be said for ignoring your Elders … until you are one, and don’t like the way your society treats us.

The geography of the physical form is built/designed on principles only the Divine Mystery could imagine. A lot depends upon your point of view. The explorer of this geography has many tools in their hands. To have a lover, be a lover. Choose///or not, the wants of the other-friend over the own wants, or maybe the wants of both are song … if the right seeing is present.

In these lectures the old man learned that the flea – of most ancient myth – was real, yet required close examination in order to discover all the more mysterious aspects – which were invisible & not of the body-physical – something that could be described this way:

That which would surrender is warmed from within, while that which wants dominion is warmed from without …. The Father’s design, for this leg of the journey to Infinity, separates in order for an aspect of desire/hunger to arise that is a sought reunion of that which appears divided.

Is it not yourself we seek in the “other’s eye”, should we dare the heart of the trial?

Aretha Franklin – Respect Song written by Otis Redding Album: I Never Loved A Man The Way I…



As someone who has watched a lot of recent history&cultural development (age 77), I have had a strange feeling for several days.

It is as if the pace of change has taken a break. The by-election of 2018 approaches, and many folks seem to be waiting. Sure there are the usual professional noise makers, but most of the voices I hear&read are growing silent, waiting …

If feels as if underneath the obvious that tries to attract our attention, something massive is re-aligning, reshaping, changing, in places invisible, in hearts where secrets are held …

How many people, for instance, are honest, when poll-folk come by with their oversimplified questions?

Personally I trust the American People. They don’t often agree, yet at the same time, when they need to be stand-up, that’s what they do. They know this vote is crucial, but not for ideological reasons, or reasons of fear. No, it is crucial to be a citizen in that voting booth, rather than a partisan – and that is what is coming.

Judgment Day, women’s style:

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The crucial question of this Age: Why sex?

Sometime, preferably around late adolescence, boys and girls discover sexual pleasure. Most of the time this happens in a culture that hasn’t the least clue how to make wise and learned teaching stories, awake to a spiritual&realistic point of view about sex.

Oh, and then there is what is on TV, out in Film/DVD etc., and, the Internet.

Commerce drives the artistic creation, except not always. Fear of self drives the comedies based upon drunken mindlessness – where does fun end, and … what? Is sex for more than fun?

Where is sex praised and adored in Art? I found a link that is what some – in personal vanities – would call a “porn” website, … for men, and other lovers of the beautiful, the body naked as in Eden is the highest art.

[Facebook won’t publish the “porn” link, declaring it “unsafe”.]

This artist sees much. A kind of suffering that goes with being the “object” of desire. Helpless as well are the Shes bearing the cross of their own drives for pleasure, and for overcoming death through generation.

Image below is his:

Yet, the Shes have the Womb, and the womb-space is a white-hold/zone being touched by a divine spirit seeking incarnation in a specific Avatar bodily linage. Birth the great Mystery, and as in Spring, Hope rises eternal, the staff/rod/seed laying organs are not in the control of the strength of the hunger … Hes have a blessing, or not, that like child-bearing fades – naturally –

and, … bereft of involuntary necessities pleasure is unstoppable, for the situation itself teaches, … meanwhile ….

ancients remark that the human organism is the microcosm, a mysterious reflection of the Whole, the Macrocosm. In the She’s and He’s the fullness of the mystery, and love cares not for the specialized equipment, given that the skin is the stars as nodes of billions of tiny nerve endings dancing to touch, the body made to want &need to be love … when touched with adoration and affection, and most of all: Amazement, that such earthy pleasure exists –

Love/in the form: Eros, linked with death and birth, aided by Thanatos and repeated earthlives spent rediscovering old friends and new. Consciousness is Gods&Goddesses dancing to the rap of know thyself. You are the secret. We all are.

According to the European artist of a science of the spirit – Rudolf Steiner – we alternate the equipment necessities, male in one incarnation, and then female in the next: George Washington fights a war, and Clara Barton – the same spirit dancing !~!~~~!~ – succors the next trial of maturation of the People of Peoples Becoming – is he/she around for the Grandmother War?

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How to Win the War Against the Oligarchy

How to win the war against the Oligarchy.

Wisdom from the 1983 movie War Games: the only way to win is not to play the game …

In our case, what then is the game?

The game is to make us believe the basic political narrative is true.

Blacks against whites. A government out of control. Lords of Finance getting ready to steal what’s left. America needs to be great again. Hate the Trump Voter, or at the least find someone else besides ourselves to blame.

America is already great.   Why?  Because good people still following the basic social understanding: 1) work hard 2) play be the rules 3) mind your own business.  Good people go to work when they are sick, and take care of their children and grandchildren.   There is no America without all the work the regular people do.

So, if not a war, what then?

A giant kick-ass Party. Declaring Victory.  Dancing intoxicated.  Good food.  A lot of parties (instead of protests). Celebrating that the secret-forgotten is that the citizen is the Sovereign – Us. We are the true government. Still, got to act like a Sovereign,

What does a Sovereign do?  I thought you would never ask.

Well, … we certainly do not want to be like “them” right? Perhaps, a little bit. Throwing some folks in jail would be a start, but still it is fundamentally taking charge of the narrative, and using our power that is required. A power not used is not real.

We won because we are awake. We won because we know we are good. We won because we are more alike than we are different. Whatever your color, race, creed, sexuality, income, … the fact is that we All have a right to that good stuff which is mentioned in the preamble:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Obviously what was desired does not yet exist. So, since we wrote one Constitution we can write another (part of the powers reserved in the 10th Amendment).

It is not necessary to succeed, for the celebration of who really owns government (US) offers many opportunities for even just making a list of what needs to get changed.

Want to scare the crap out of the Lords of Finance. The first act of the new Constitution is to declare all debts void and forgiven. All debts … even those of the rich. What this does is steal back the power that was stolen from us when the Fed was created. It puts everyone on the same level playing field.

We also declare the idea of private ownership of land no longer to be Constitutional. We are stewards of the Land, for the reality is that Nature owns Itself, and we are here to see to the sharing of all the gifts of the Mother.

Of course this is crazy. But how else do you win a war that only exists in our minds?  Can a country of Sovereign Citizens assert such powers?  Only one Way to know.

the tragic limits of Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Steiner does not personally know all there is to know. Some of the material/knowledge/occult understanding he lacks, results in him suggesting “practice values” that don’t always apply in all situations.

In the Americas, spiritual development involves values of surrendering over striving.

For example, here is Steiner writing of his “research” into the Inner Earth regions:

“Under it is a second layer, called the Fluid Earth; it consists of a substance to which there is nothing comparable on Earth. It is not really like any of the fluids we know, for all these have a mineral quality. This layer has specific characteristics: its substance begins to display certain spiritual qualities, which consist in the fact that as soon as it is brought into contact with something living, it strives to expel and destroy this life. The occultist is able to investigate this layer by pure concentration.”

Note the words “pure concentration”, but most especially this: “The occultist …”

Elsewhere in the same vista of inner earth alleged “spiritual research”, we have this:

“The “Earth-mirror” or “Earth-reflector”. This layer gets its name from the fact that its substance, if one concentrates on it, changes all the characteristics of the earth into their opposites. If the seer disregards everything lying above it and gazes down directly into this layer, and if then, for example, he places something green before him, the green appears as red; every color appears as its complementary opposite. A polaric reflection arises, a reversal of the original. Sorrow would be changed by this substance into joy.”

Again, … “if one concentrates” …

“The “Divisive” layer. If with developed power one concentrates on it,…”

“with developed power one concentrates on it”

We get to meet the Mother only one Way. As part of a love affair, and through surrender, not concentration. Nor are we an occultist, but rather just another failed and falling human being.

If you don’t travel that Way, the mirroring aspect of the Earth Mother’s trials will reflect back always what you brought, and what Steiner brought was the ego of the occult investigator, whose will and concentration were the key … like the natural scientist he wants to wrest knowledge via his skills as the great initiate … nobody’s mother will give up Her secrets in the face of such presumption and violence of will.

In this way Steiner failed to prepare us for knowing Her as She would be known – the safest harbor, a temple of healing and the holiest place of letting go burdens, … the very opposite of something evil or dark.

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Tilt-a-whirls and other strange eddies in the Carnival of the seas of time …

To the imagination the transformation of the 2nd millennium to the 3rd is something much different FROM/than our usual inner picture of the nature of time allows. Each thousand year cycle of cycles within cycles is not shaped in ordinary linear ways. Loops arise as some folk’s personal sequences of incarnations are also not fully forward in what we assume should be the regular way.

Someone, for example, who seems to be in our phase, will have just before been in a future time and place. Which enables them to carry those fruits to our time and place, for in our time and place they make a difference.

Time is also not actually time at all, for time does not exist. For the physics go here:

Change is the better word, leaving the idea of straight-foreword time aside. The Now is impermanent. We can’t escape it, nor can we defy it. We are it.

Life in a sense has then momentum and inertia. When many lives are walked together, the staggering level of shared momentum and inertia can begin to be grasped only with a sense like this: the tsunami of history.

We are ships at sea. The seas of change roll over, and in some senses we are able to surf in the torrent, even as it curls around us, threatening.

We, human beings, are actually very good at this.

There is another quality, for which another entity from our amusement parks is a worthy metaphor: the seriously deranged roller-coaster, with more than one dark tunnel and far too many surprises lurking around the cornerS.

If we try to withdraw from life (many do this), we often end up in the house of mirrors THAT some call madness. You will see them, all the lonely people, often at fragile peace (while hanging on for dear life) via the simple art of maintaining an inner life ruled by visions of dread-threats in all directions, making choice and movement impossible.

The Great Seas of History, … while we live in their debris – sometimes celebrating wonders such as successful rebellions, or even just a tradition that still serves its original purpose, – most of the debris is not physical at all. This spiritual debris we call language, sometimes culture, and most dangerous when it coalesces into wreckage organized around arid and fixed religious beliefs.

All the same there is safety in numbers, and in friends and in family.

There are also rites of passage, for even in the tiLt-a-whirl we can party and celebrate. For all the awful all over the world, we remain blessed … those who know well the sea will often catch stories with their fishing wands – tales of wisdom that help … an inner light for the mind to navigate by stars that are more ancient than space, and live in an invisible sky …

so tale hunters can then speak this Way ….

the 20th century was a peak of a kind of madness, which has since passed. A horrible storm, different tsunamis at war with each other for the fulfillment of hungers that are never sated, however much we repeat the vanity of taking more than we need …

in the 21st, the seas go calm for a while … we’ve go to the top of something, and now the roller coaster is on a downward course, little effort needed, … we become free of the weights of our own unsatisfied desires, and begin to let it rest … to ride the momentum for an Age, no need any longer to push and push and push …

sigh, take a breath, for SHE holds the Whole World in HIS Hands, …