The Story of the World, at this Moment of Intense Change: aka Fearless Reckoning

The Story of the World, at this Moment of Intense Change: aka Fearless Reckoning

COVID-19 is the Holy Mother getting our attention, and warning of more to come. It is important to understand the spiritual context in which this is taking place. Human beings have made a mess of their playpen, and it is time for a time out. The brakes on Western Civilization are being applied, and She never does anything half-assed – ever.

Humanity has been running too fast and ruining too much. We know it. Many – actually – have wished for big changes, and She is a master at that art.

The essential matter for the heart’s mind is to be able to understand the whole … the larger context, and find our individual role in this Dramatic Tragic-Comedy. To unfold this understanding could begin anywhere, for all is interconnected. However, since I am a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic, I’ll stick to that place from which I see. All readers are urged to rewrite this story, from their individual locus of origin place, making that the “central-axis”.

In the Age of the Trumpster, America began even more to occupy center stage in world events. Up to that time, America was a relatively well organized oligarchy. There were the rich and powerful on the top, and the ordinary folk down on the ground – raising the children, and creating the wealth. Pretty much the model for all “Nation States” – petty and large, conglomerate, dictatorship, or some type of alleged democratic socialism – all are in their decline.

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, … “ William Butler Yeats

Many today see America as an evil empire, given that it spent more on arms than the next 20 failing Nation States combined. USA has the most military based around the world. The American “government” is the owner of two of the newest horrible wars, and producer of too many dangerous drugs and other poisons. China and Russia are in hot pursuit of their own future potential for dominance.

The main false religion of this Age is “scientific materialism” {all is matter, there is no spirit}. Sadly for atheists, and other folk who reject – with a lot of justification – most organized religion, … the logic of the situation, however, is that religion has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not our existence is something created by Immortals.

Whatever the reader’s view is – obviously I have no doubt – through personal experience, … the Son and the Mother can be found, should we wish. Prodigal children and all that.

There is a social war going on between the multinational soulless corporations and the declining Nation States. The Nation States are losing that war, … for the moment.

The matter at hand is a kind of art, including enchantments and other true legends hidden in fantasy literature. She, … the Holy Mother, has the Whole World in His Hands. We can only go into the future in the right way, if we first recover what the ancients knew. Immortals are real, and such fluff as quantum physics nothing more than a materialist’s wet dream.

Knowledge of the world’s reality requires the union of Science, Art, and Religion. No union, no true and good.

The human being has been mistreating their Mother, the Planet Earth. She recently let ancient powers of Faerie through the Gate of the Atomic explosions, … we call them UFOs. She let the Fae loose among the food-supply-chain – the grains – to sing stories, … at least for those hearts who yearn to know Mystery.

America – the People of Peoples – is the adolescent child of the cultures of the world. The world’s ways of being- that our commerce and arts seem bent on destroying – is Americas own Mother and Father. Like all else, this is the legendary two-edged sword: a lot of promise-dreams wrapped up in too much power over the world.

In the law there is something called an “attractive nuisance”, such as a neighbor with a swimming pool. The kids want to climb the fence. America is a kind of attractive nuisance. Google. Facebook. A life style to die for, especially when where else you are in the world is rapidly decaying into constant violence, and poverty.

Is there any possibility to keep the titans of multinational corporations at bay? Are Nation States a hopeless cause, and the Third Millennium to be characterized by a bizarre combination of savage drug cartels, and corporate lawyers?

Rudolf Steiner, who while no more perfect than the rest of us, had a remarkable mind, and encouraged folks to not assume the world in which we live can find a perfect form. No utopia is on the horizon. Sanity perhaps, but order without chaos is not the nature of Nature, and there is no just cause to act as if any of our social gardens have missed becoming rooted in underworlds of dark decay. The Wild is Her, and has Its place.

Chaos births order. The Pandemic is a Planet-wide manifestation of the purposeful creation of chaos, in order to lay the groundwork for … new order to emerge. Order whose primary reality depends upon human beings managing their own affairs “appropriately”. Mom is watching. Want to avoid climate change? Won’t be done. Not on Her menu.

We have command now of the kitchen of the creation on multiple levels. As individuals, themselves inside social/political structures that are failing. I wrote this about the general shape of the future:

Americans are facing an election, and much is at stake. Some fear the Trumpster will use COVID-19 as an excuse to put off that election. Yes, the brakes are on – She’s seen to that – but we still have an arena of moral choices in which to operate.

There is in America, something precious. An action that began: “We the People”, which established for the first time that the citizen was the sovereign. This is a power that has to be exercised. Will the brakes make these choices better or worse?

At the very least, many will have a lot of time to wonder/ponder. Sure, fulfilling basic human needs can get difficult, but only if we forget each other. Alone, we are weak. In our tribe, or pack, we are fierce.

Tribes have stories. New culture can arise. Culture sees past the materialism, and the vanity of too many things. A life stripped down to essentials has been another wish of many. People know we live too fast, want to much, and seem to be losing ourselves in the process.

Okay, She sez, but there’s a price. Grow up! Make the American political system work the way it was meant to work: of the People, by the People, and for the People, … aka: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

We certainly have none of the above, so serious political changes are required.

This coming November, 2020, will show just how much grit the American voter is willing to manifest. Will that Pandemic help or hurt? Honestly, … that is up to us.

She has done what She can. The world is tending toward chaos. The two political parties in America are proving their uselessness. Multinational egregorial (soulless) corporations stalk the world like the Titans of ancient Greek wisdom. Google: “Titans. The Titans were the deities in Greek 0mythology that preceded the Olympians. They were the children of the primordial deities Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth). The Titans included Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Coeus, Phoebe, Cronus, Rhea, Mnemosyne, Themis, Crius and Iapetus.”

If we accept the Mother, then we ought to accept the truth of “principalities and powers”. If we appreciate that primordial Chaos is the Mother, the creating of “order” requires additional invisible immortal entities to take up that task.

Human beings have a role, … Now. The more we are true to ourselves, the more we actually participate in this dance, getting to show our own “moves”. There are no standards. Just our choices. Stop trying to guess or determine the future. Instead, … be here now, and leave the future to the Mystery.

The Third-Worlding of the United States of American

The Third-Worlding of the United States of American

It has become important to address more deeply the changes unfolding at an economic level, during the Fearless Reckoning. First world Nation States are not as important – to the Titans of Industry we know as Multinational Egregorial Corporations {timecs} – except for our abilities to consume products, and work, and fight wars with little complaint. Markets are more important. The continuation of central banking is important to timecs. Never letting go of the reins of political control is necessary for the timec-creatures to continue to exist.

One historian/sociologist, years ago, called Americans: the People of Plenty. Americans have too much at the expense of too many. Nation States, who recently have created large middle classes (economically speaking), such as China, Indian, and South Korea, may find that they – as Americans will find – cannot sustain their material status against the tides of the time.

As some few know – which certainly the astute central bankers know – in 2008 the only reason the whole world situation did not fall apart, was that the US Federal Reserve created around 17 trillion in US dollars, which they “loaned” into existence. Fake money for a fake news age.

None of this, by the way, went to debt ridden homeowners, and folks who lost their jobs. I have seen urged – by a few wise in the ways of this fake money world – that governments need to have their co-dependent central banks give money to their governments, which those governments will distribute directly to consumers. No money to spend, no commercial economies.

In this way – in 2008 – astute banksters were able to mask that fact that many financial corporations, and certainly most banking institutions, were and are flat broke. Central banking has for decades allowed these soulless corporations to borrow into existence more debt, than are their actual assets. From this we get the clever phrase: “to big to fail”.

The arrival of the last great depression initially saw many bank failures, the smaller fish caught with their balance sheet pants down. The Fed calls it fractional reserve, which means the bank only has to have on hand part of its outstanding debt obligations. This is what is looked at when regulatory agencies examine a financial institution’s “risk status”.

Our current danger, besides bank failures, is hyperinflation. Printing money out of nothing is inflationary, which why the Fed controls interest rates. This is unconstitutional, in the same way it is unconstitutional for a corporation to be a person. Timecs have no conscience, or capacity for empathy or kindness. Those human attributes are absent.

The World Economy is collapsing. It has always been on the verge of such a massive failure, and could have in 2008. This crisis is far far worse. The odd aspect is that the stock markets are not indicators of economic health, while at the same time they are a measure of “investor confidence”.

The tragic aspect is that we can’t expect the Republican Party to care about what is happening to ordinary folk. Oh, they will pretend, but their whole focus for decades has been to serve the rich people, and let them pollute, poison, ruin, cheat, – with impunity.

The safest Way through this is to not rely on the ostensible government at all. I use the word “ostensible”, because in America the citizen is the sovereign, and the U.S. Constitution is a limited grant of power from the People. Although most folk don’t appreciate that, and the politicians only pay lip service to that fundamental fact.

What will happen, in various forms, will be a kind of re-tribalization of our viable social structures. The nuclear family is a kind of end point social form. Necessary – somewhat – for babies to come and get raised in some degree of sanity, while at the same time the empty-nest syndrome is because the nuclear family disintegrates as the children mature. Other forms of adult relationships take place outside the former family networks.

Find like souls, create communities of mutual support, and don’t expect either the banksters or the ostensible government to actually – via sane actions – care.

The Great Depression was filled with lawlessness. There is a saying, a kind of “law”, about why a bank robber robbed banks: “that’s where the money is.”

From Wikipedia “The law is named after the bank robber Willie Sutton, who reputedly replied to a reporter’s inquiry as to why he robbed banks by saying “because that’s where the money is.” In Sutton’s 1976 book “Where the Money Was”, Sutton denies having said this.”

Interesting phrase that: “Where the Money was”.

Two days ago I read a long article in the NY Times. It was an analysis of the reaction of “markets” to the developing crisis. For example, usually when stocks go down, bonds go up. That didn’t happen. He also mentions a couple more phenomena (which, to be honest, I barely understood). His observation, based on behavior, was that a lot of folks were not investing anymore, they were cashing out. Taking losses & cashing out.

Ordinary people need each other more than they need banksters, or their servants – the politicians. Most everyone has their own vision of how to handle getting past this. We will lose something if we descend, as to each other, into some form of anarchy. The rich made a lot of money giving birth to the timecs, forgetting (or not noticing) that to succeed in corporate culture means having no problem stealing from others, as long as the bottom line is satisfactory.

Relationships are spiritual capital. We do not need money to be a good person, … but we do need good friends to survive the coming economic chaos.

The first section of my book “American Phoenix” is about the collapse. Anarchy is not pretty, and with the TV shows “Revolution” and “Jericho”, as well as the book “Lucifer’s Hammer”, folks can get a decent anticipation of where things are headed.

What is hard to grasp is how fast these kinds of changes can arise. Once past a certain limit, there is a lot of “every man for himself”. And, yes, the pandemic is accompanied by an increase in gun purchases.

Again, take care of that which is within the reach of your will to take care of. Leave the big picture to the Big Picture Folk.

Want to be effectively political? “Economic and Social Rebellion – in an age of social political chaos. Buy the book here,

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The Day of Fearless Reckoning,

The Day of Fearless Reckoning,

The Adventure of Humanity, sailing rough seas together, living, loving, making, taking, dying.

I’ve asked a spirit~!~friend, Tiger-Saucy, to speak for Faerie concerning the deeper Rites of a suddenly accelerating collapse/relapse end of the world party for Western Civilization.

Her Song ~!~&~!~Dance:

For those familiar with your cultural artifact, Battlestar Galactica, the refrain: “the end took us back to where we started, and we’ll keep going even if it means doing the whole damn thing over and over again.”

Gypsies. Travelers. Circus. Fortune Tellers. Sword and Gun Play. Thefts, torture and madness.

On a certain level, what is going on seems to be purposeless chaos. Not so. What Faerie, and all other Wonders of the Mother wish, is for you to look away from the bricks, and the steel, and be yourselves the green revolution you expect governments and corporations should be/do.

She uproots all. No one is to be spared. The sign of this time, that tiny little point of anti-life we have named COVAD-19, cannot be avoided. Whether or not we are spared the “illness/sign” itself, this particular Mother’s Rite of wake-the-fuck up does not intend to leave the world as it is at the beginning of this passage. What will the world be after the winds of change have reset, rebooted, renewed, rejuvenated, resurrected, all manner of Beings? Nature is Alive, and just who do you silly children imagine you have been fucking with over and over again? The Goddess of Patience-is-not-always-a-virtue, that’s Who.

Prophets learn to read the handwriting on the walls. They are dangerous people, only because they are like the Hermit in Tarot, standing patiently holding their lamp on the world of truth. The world is birthing prophets like so many falling stars, yet at an increasing/accelerating rate given the times. “Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.”

Acts 2:17

Ask yourself this question? Do you think the Mother should be free to do what cleaning needs doing? If She at least leaves you some axis of contribution and participation, that needs to equally belong to each individual human being? Love is Forever and for All.

Individual performances, masked or otherwise, can help make the future. What should become the situation of the whole? Just how far down do we need to fall? What will be asked of me, or you?

Can you be so crass as to believe that Faerie, and the whole of the Mother, do not suffer their torture at the heartless hands of human folly? Still, …. yet, …. this teaser … materialistic science actually only knows the death forces. We, Faerie, kept back the secrets of the Tree of Life. The Atlanteans were the last to know them, and it was their own abuses that brought them down.

Healing of the Life Sphere is possible. Necessary in point of fact, for the human and Faerie worlds are both affected. Mother is the great alchemist, and Her little people know the secrets of life. Yet, the rules are simple … they need to be courted. The relationship is to be I&Thou. Virtue and trust, the true the beautiful and the good …

Human history tells wonderful stories. Stories endure. All the most ancient great mysteries are true, and She’s at the heart of them all, just as in way back then in the long ago when before. What is to be our next story? Your next story?

Not just human, but Faerie as well. Your anthropological wet-dreams not withstanding, the little people always taught the manual arts. Not space aliens. You want to garden well, then open you heart to the what-you-cannot-yet-see.

There were these three fools, watching three crows, each sitting on an individual electrical wire. The crows danced a bit, that way of speaking lost in the mists of Atlantis. To the crows, the little people were everywhere, although many of the tasks asked of them were onerous. The crows had the gift of dance and speech, the same as did the little people.

The crows and little people had their own myths and stories. The winds told the stories. All knew of what the human beings faced, now that they have so far forgotten the Mother, that She must send them all ~!~ the Four Great Horses for upending old and sclerotic traditions. Here’s a riddle … which is kin of which. Here are the Kingdoms of the Elementals are: fire-will; air-intellect; water-feeling; and, consciousness-earth; and, here are the Four Great Unbound Animal Natures: Conquest; War; Famine; and, Plague … released now to play in the crucible of the Beast from the Abyss, aka human freedom.

The Human Being is the Divine Mystery Recreating Itself Endlessly. Do your part. We’ll do ours. Faerie, … over and out”

Luke 15:11–32. “Jesus shares it with his disciples, the Pharisees and others.

In the story, a father has two sons. The younger son asks the father for his inheritance, and the father grants his son’s request. However, the younger son is prodigal (i.e., wasteful and extravagant) and squanders his fortune, eventually becoming destitute. The younger son is forced to return home empty-handed and intends to beg his father to accept him back as a servant. To the son’s surprise, he is not scorned by his father but is welcomed back with celebration and welcoming party. Envious, the older son refuses to participate in the festivities. The father tells the older son “you are ever with me, and all that I have is yours, but thy younger brother was lost and now he is found”.”

It will not hurt to see this from the Mother’s point of view as well. The reality of that parable is that all the prodigal children will be welcomed home, to feast in the Garden among the Fae.

The Pandemic is also a Riddle for the Religious

The Pandemic is also a Riddle for the Religious

Unanswered questions as of 3/13/20 {Friday the 13th, just after a full moon}

What is the actual incubation period>

If you survive the virus, are you then immune?

Why are some “carriers” immune?

Why do some folk, even if “exposed”, not get the virus, nor are they carries of the virus?

What is the role of our own emotional life, … if we give into fear does that make it worse?

How do we have a sense of humor in the face of so much death and chaos?

Is this not a time to eat, drink, and be merry?

I spent some time this afternoon, comforting my Lady. She wondered if she should self-quarantine, me being 79, and enjoying all manner of issues, pills, recent hospitalizations, and two near-death experiences when I depended upon industrial medicine = ruled by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other privileged corporate persons, who being imaginary have no conscience, and no appreciation for kindness.

The busy folk, the nurses, the floor sweepers, the techs, the aides, the endless wonder of kind peoples, serving a dark master, as do we all.

This system will fail. It is top heavy with controls and paperwork and profits … most of the bosses have to worry more about their company’s stock prices, than they do about the patients and those who labor to help them heal.

I wish here to be daring, and I asked myself what should be a proper name for this moment – this stage of the rite of passage – as Western Civilization dies into a new becoming. Being a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic I would call this wonder – this crisis of the whole world at once: The Day of Fearless Reckoning, brought to one and all by the Lady of Ladies, known in ancient times as “the Mother”.

There are people who we admire, that we call first responders. They run toward the dangerous, instead of away. Our governments and their bosses, the multinational corporations, even if they try, or at least pretend to try, while cutting their losses, … labor unneeded for starters … the dark above cannot do, what the hearts of ordinary human beings, even in the mists of chaos can do.

In shaman school (divine providence) I learned that we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Mom sez, if you pay attention to your own zone of choices, you will find the actions most needed to be taken. We are each writing a tale, some doing out of town tryouts in such bizarre venues as theaters of war.

America had an angel. Clara Barton. She ran toward the dangerous, and took care of the weak, tired, ill, broken, and lame.

Of those who receive the weight of this trial, and becomes physically ill, some will die, and many many more will live and are likely to be immune.

The bosses will quarantine, isolate, and apply their only tool – industrial medicine – which … if wise would welcome volunteers to take bed pans, change and clean linens, … kindness and a friendly face, not afraid of your cooties, is as much a part of healing as anything else. The more volunteers, the less work for the trained ones, who need to be with those most dangerously sick.

If we depend/expect someone else to step up, that’s a choice, and a right, not a flaw. Take care of yourself, first. Spirit and body. Here is the core wisdom; “the best six doctors anywhere, and no one can deny it, are sunshine, water, rest and air, exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend, if you are only willing. Your mind they’ll ease, your will they’ll mend, and charge you not a shilling.”

Recall, if you saw, Downton Abbey in the years of World War One. Everyone had their place and their trial. Sometimes the world is on fire – socially – fueled by chaos, anxiety, and fear. Presidents, Kings and Queens, rich and poor, this rain falls on everyone.

In our world, the modern Earth Existence, She waits. Hopes. Blesses. Shares. We are never alone – Her consciousness is everywhere. She meets us at the gate of death, I can attest, from more than one direct experience.

As Western Civilization fails, this creates a needed social chaos in which to plant and nurture the seeds of the next. This loss of order, and the ability of the bosses to actually control everything … its a game changer. Look for various interesting rebellious ideas&opportunities.

We live in a social situation that calls out to us to color outside the lines of habitual activities. Never visit an ill person without a bar of chocolate and a deck of cards. Intoxicants optional.

Here’s some Bob Marley wisdom: “You’ve Got to Lively Up Yourself”

The Psychology of Pandemics

The Psychology of Pandemics

The arrival of the Coronaviris (COVID-19) is challenging our understanding of Earth Existence, on a spiritual level. I make this approach here, because it has been clear to me for a long time that there is a necessity of thinking in “wholes”, in order for the heart’s mind to grasp the social phenomena.

It is being alleged, in some form or another, that changes in the general field density of the totality of the electromagnetic organism of the earth seem to precede pandemics. Radar supposedly led to the pandemic of 1918, while another level of increase in the general field density is now 5G, and it is suggested to being the ”cause” of COVID-19. The research by Tom Cowan (link:*) points to research by Martin Paul (link:**), which suggests a correlation between particular physical/geographical spaces where these viruses first manifest, and increases in field density. So 5G first came on most intensely in Wuhan City, which is thought to be suggestive of the virus having been created there.

Or not. 5G allegedly changes something, and a micro-organism is altered at a genetic level, which then spreads via contact of some kind, and soon the whole world becomes involved. Note that folks on cruise ships are not so subjected, personally, to concentrated 5G. Only the initially mutated organism is a result of the large uptick in field density, which makes more acute the question of why some people succumb – and some do not – in any given pandemic.

In passing we should observe that the details of Cowan’s and Paul’s conceptions concern an effect on the molecular level, and in Paul’s article the first sentence reads: “The voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) protein molecule contains a four domain structure with each domain carrying an alpha helix, each designated an S4 helix, containing 5 positive charges.”

That causal problem I wrote about here (link:***). The point being that if not every exposed person gets the “disease”, some other factors have to be in play.

We then get two kinds of worries: 1) the effects of electrification, or the increase in the density of the “fields” in the life sphere of the planet; and, 2) why do some get sick and others do not when a mutated “germ” is generated.

Now I have used a particular term: “field density” (link: ****). We are also involved in dealing with “electricity” (link: *****). What is that?

Some general observations: Space is not empty. Space is created. Space is something in Itself. Space is created by Light (link******), and Light is created by Him: “In Him (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World” (see the Gospel of John). Keep in mind that light is invisible, and – after Goethe – color (which is all that we see) arises from the deeds and sufferings of light in its relationship to darkness.

If we change the scale of our observations, perhaps something not yet seen will become more clear, especially in the light of the idea/allegation that this virus was generated as part of biological experiments, done in Wuhan City, by a Chinese scientist who was previously kicked out of Canada for industrial espionage, in a facility that experimented on viruses. In the time of Fake News, caution is essential.

So, we need to figure out how COVID-19 was generated, 5G or via an experiment gone awry (or both). And, we need to figure out what this has to do with this Age, very much expected by ancient prophecies, and which I mostly describe as: the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization.

Earth existence is a single organism, penetrated by the Divine Mystery on various levels, and includes a multitude of entities, some dead, some living, some visible, some not visible. Earth existence is primarily “physical”, and if Rudolf Steiner is to be believed, in a few millennia that physical existence will be set aside, and a purely spiritual sphere of existence arise. Although, he seems to have suggested there would remain a kind of physical corpse – left behind. Some inert, not alive, bits of matter, coagulated into a large mass. In the teachings of Don Juan, we find the idea that our ultimate future existence will consist of ourselves as individual “powers”, holding fort in our own “caves”. Matter continues (the corpse), until taken apart and returned to the totality. But is this dead matter to be spiritualized in some fashion?

What does the Mother have to say about all this, although we have to realize She does not use words so much, but speaks through Deeds/Actions.

As I was writing this, I more and more found myself looking at the forest, that begins about ten yards from my studio window. The Green World is itself immense, and can be seen as a single entity: the Plant. It follows laws, a few of which materialist science has discovered. The missing element is to notice the existence in Nature of “continuous creation”. At the growing point of leaves and roots, matter is being created. In the upper atmosphere, water is created.

Down to earth, we have questions of individual health, and social health. The former is mostly physical, the latter mostly spiritual.

From the human being further creation arises. We add to the world’s full existence, a content of cognitions, that come to live in a shared thought-world. We see the world in a way Nature does not, except through us. We create the thoughts necessary for human knowledge and understanding, and finish thereby the totality. Our thoughts are kind of spirit-seeds, that grow in an environment completely invisible.

Rudolf Steiner pointed at the fundamental mystery, seldom discussed among his students, where in his book: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception” he writes: there is only one idea/concept of a triangle. Human beings see the phenomena, and then create words (triangle, germ, virus, space, health) to “name” the phenomena. The phenomena is also something/being in itself. It’s existence speaks.

The great astronomers of antiquity, such as the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, saw a world where spirit penetrated everywhere. There were no “things” as it were, because “consciousness” was in all that is. We need to add that into our considerations of the meaning, for human evolution, of “pandemics”, there being nothing accidental or random in the whole of the Creation.

It was humanity’s destiny to discover “electricity”, and then via that experience – learn. Especially with the concepts of atoms and electrons, Steiner tried (unsuccessfully) to have people realize that if we create a false cognition, that lie lives in the thought world as much as a true&good cognition. Quantum Mechanics is one of those false cognition creations (link: *******).

The “germ” theory of disease is another (see again link: ***).

Is/are our current ideas/concepts of the nature of pandemics true&good, or false?

We have then a world where true knowledge of the relationship of spirit and matter is absent. Even among superficial readers of Steiner, there is a failure of finding the good&true concept of “electricity”. Partially this happens because of the use of the terms good&evil.

Given the prevalence of the ideas of good&evil in Western Civilization, Steiner was forced to use that language in order not to confuse his followers, who could only handle so much of an assault on their condition which he called: the intellectual soul. To go from that aspect of the evolution of consciousness, to the “consciousness soul, required some efforts on our part. In a certain kind of way we give birth to this next state in the evolution of consciousness.

So … Steiner attaches the word evil to electrical phenomena, and at the same time – in other places – remarks that there is something about electricity that is also good.

In support of this phase of the evolution of consciousness, the Divine Mystery orchestrates our individual biographies, so that each one of us has those experiences in life that they need to have, in order to forge those inner strengths required for the consciousness soul to emerge.

Meanwhile, whatever the particulars are of COVID-19, Western Civilization is failing, its course of life having exhausted its relevance as a support for the development of the consciousness soul. This Rite of Passage includes an uptick in the level of personal crises in each biography. Our souls are being forged in a social alchemical crucible. To be blunt: shit happens in order to get us to pay attention.

I would not be surprised, that when Atlantis was lost, there were massive disease vectors in that catastrophe as well. When human knowledge becomes too dangerous, the Mother reboots material existence as part of cleaning up after us. Still, She multitasks on a level we can’t imagine, so we have today then a civilization-wide crisis, also filled to the brim with the all the more important individual crises.

A pandemic in this sense is a social event, more than it is a purely physical event. I have studied many kinds of macro civilization trends, which we currently experience. They all are individual, yet bear the same causal/meaning signature: We are being forced to make difficult choices, and that act is the social/spiritual meaning of the pandemic.

The strictly scientific riddles are secondary.

So we have governments in panic, stock markets in panic, people in panic, and the whole is filled with dangerous choices. Spiritually/emotionally there are no wrong answers, although sitting on the fence and not choosing often leads to the paralyses of the will we call depression.

The chaos of choices is a gift from the Mother, who has many names, one of which is Divine Providence. The point of these crises is to grow something inside us, which we are free to forge after the fashion most right for us as individuals.

This pandemic will pass. However, pestilence is not the only one of the Four Horseman that the Mother has set in play. Scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) is an inadequate vehicle from which to make meaning of this Age. Electricity is not discrete particles flowing through a tube (current). It is a structure (law) of the nature of matter, otherwise known as the Father. Yup, He who rested after the sixth day, spread His Being everywhere intimately within all material existence.

When we deal with electrical&magnetic phenomena, we are encountering cosmic folks, busy at something we are far yet from understanding, until we by choice re-ensoul the whole world of “things”, with the concepts of they being conscious beings.

Nature needs for us to choose to forge an I&Thou relationship with Them. Meanwhile, enjoy the show. We have all been given just enough rope by which to hang ourselves, although most of us will be saved the torture of public shame and failure. (link: ********)









Dear RSF folks,

Dear RSF folks,

At my current cyberspace locus
is at:, where I described myself as a: “white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”. In Steiner speak, “pagan anthroposophist” works just as well. Some further tales as to this activity are described in this direction are here:

I wish to give to RSF skills. Don’t have money, but skills, … all aces and all in. All the same I am in my 80th year, and need to spend what I can sooner rather than later.

Decades ago I met RS through his books, discovered the practice of Goetheanism, and applied Steiner’s science of knowing {GA-2 ~!~ GA-4} to learning to read the Book of the Social. I succeeded, and that work, written after my initiations into both the mysteries of the Son, and of the Mother, is: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”. By intention I rewove religious truths into the form of a theory, and by this placed those questions into the stream of natural science. This was a kind of “washing the feet” of the underlying moral principles living in the methods of natural science.

I am a seer of the living presence of the Son and the Mother in social life. I am not clairvoyant, but Carl Stegmann called what I do: clair-thinking. My inner life unites with Beings in the form of Ideas. Years ago, I called this experience: the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence. Later: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

Among my gifts/curses (there is no knowledge without loving the object of thought, … and, as a shaman (initiates in the true West are called shamans, because of their devotion to the Mother) I am the beneficiary of many invisible companions.

We all see the world poised on the cusp of the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. The social movement we call “environmentalism” is/has been taking up the tasks of giving a voice to Nature, who seems very much to be in physical danger, as is the life sphere needed to support the future of humanity.

RSF has many such connections, and I would like to serve those folks, with the only currency I have, which is spiritual knowledge.

It is possible, using law (I have a JD) to do something remarkable. The political-legal sphere, which is the middle balancing organism, in between the cultural and economic spheres, is a place where the heart’s mind needs deeper application. There is power – latent in the law-process – to give scientific voice to the Beings of Nature.

If a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person, before the law.

As to the science part, … Goethean science has already laid the foundations for seeing/knowing that the Planet, … in fact all “matter” … is alive and has consciousness. I wrote an open letter to Greta Thunberg, in which I laid out the details of the ten most important books to read, and how to understand them. All “environmentalists” need to become familiar with these texts. , which are most accurately described as “gospels” of the Return of Christ in the Ethereal.

I’ll name them here, as a kind of preview – the way they are presented is crucial, and far less abstract. “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception” – a gospel of knowing; “Poetic Diction” – a gospel of the imagination; “On Becoming an Alchemist”- a gospel of the soul; “Man or Matter” – a gospel of physics; “The Nature of Substance” – a gospel of organic chemistry; “Sensitive Chaos” – a gospel of movement; “The Plant vol. 1 & 2” – a gospel of life; the next three have the same author, so go together: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”, “Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”, and “Cancer and the New Biology of Water” – a gospel of healing medicine.

One of the qualities of the law is that it can be used as a means to change the collective narrative. We do not have to win lawsuits, in order to use their filing as a means of “raising consciousness” to the level where lots of folk begin to get it that materialistic science is rooted in the vain and unjustified assumption: That the human being is the only sentient self-aware entity – with an interior life of consciousness – sharing our Earthly environment.

It is the good question, and embraces a core element of our actual reality: The world of Nature is more aware of us, than we are aware of Them.

One way to unfold this would be to put me in touch with some of the environmental folks you serve, so I can – in some kind of face to face (Zoom?) – answer questions. Then, as a result of helping them to increasing their own understanding, they can choose to file law suits, in which a factor is to get the law to declare the Planet is as much a person as a corporation. Again, this is not about winning, but about changing the collective narrative to the underlying cosmological implications.

For example, it would be a goodness if these lawsuits were filed every Earth Day. In the first year or so, only a few, then later a flood. Again, we are staging a “media” event, and this works because media is the heart of the heart of the social organism (see my initial dissertation on that social phenomena here: “Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order” )

It is central to the lawsuits that they be filed against the multinational corporations, which are egregorial cultures, that have eliminated from their Way any human act of conscience or kindness. Our plaintiff is the Earth, who needs a voice before the law. Only human cognition can place Her Voice rightly at the human threshold issue of legal Person-hood. Of course She Speaks, we just have lost the sense to listen. Rogue weather, anyone?

An important tactic is to sue more than one at the same time. They will fight to be treated as separate (legally possible), but in the course of asserting “separation” they will be shooting at each other, in the courts and in the media, not just at we, who are filing the narrative changing lawsuits.

If a suit gets to the discovery stage. Give them the usual corporate law trick – a document dump … copies of all ten books.

By the way, I am very much not interested in being any kind of “public figure”, for the simple selfish reason that this puts myself and my family in the cross-hairs social media trolls. Environmentalists are already in that strange circus, and if possible I’d like to work behind the scenes helping them take this future increase – in the integrity of the collective narrative – up in the Way that best suits them, each organization having is own individual style&spirit.

This does not require march-about-protesting thoughts, though. Sure, celebrate Earth Day, with His sword of truth in our own heart’s mind in one hand, … just include Pan’s flutes in the other, for sharing via community life, … we all know the value of a good party, with good food, and good dance to it music. She … has the Whole World in His Hands.

Of course, you can ignore this opportunity. I could die, and become then less useful. In case someone wants to meet me face to face, in the physical, that would be a helpful and cautious next step. Alas, I am physically unable to travel. I hardly leave the house. Someone would have to come here, which is Paxton, MA, a small town just west of Worcester, MA. This puts me in between the concentration of anthroposophical efforts in Spring Valley, and the concentration near Boston.

Luci and Ari throw a Ceremonial Gathering as Mom sings the Death Knell of Western Civilization

Luci and Ari throw a Ceremonial Gathering as Mom sings the Death Knell of Western Civilization

Mom has released all of the Four Horseman now. No restraints. Do their thing. Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

I know, using the term “Mom” sounds a pit cheeky. Still, Holy Mother, Co-creatrix, Mistress of the Mysteries of the Moon (aka magic) … this is not a formal black tie Rite. This is Mardi Gras on steroids.

Excessive Chaos and more and more overly Rigid Order, are out and about now. If one is into Rudolf Steiner’s wonderful statue of Luci&Ari and Christ, it might be fun to ask: Where’s Mom in this tableaux?

She’s the Wood that surrenders to being carved for human artistic purposes. She’s the sharps tools, and the fallen bits. She’s that remarkable color. Without Her constant gravitas, the darn thing would have fallen over (or floated away, given the magic in the act), and Steiner would have made silly dives from the ladders and scaffolding.

There is a tale, from that way back then. Steiner goes to Dornach to vibe it out for the coming building. One day he goes out alone and wanders in caves and such. That night he barely sleeps at all, and in the morning is of a very odd disposition. What was lurking in that cave?

Easy to know if you think about it in an artistic way. She gave him a vision of the original Goetheanum burning to the ground. He deserved to know. Not only that he deserved to know the magic latent in that burning. Not theoretically. There was a power that would assemble on that hill during the rites of building, when he gave those remarkable lectures to the so-called workman.

Gypsies visited, being highly skilled at manual arts, and at the same time the bearers of significant aspects of the earth religions. Folk who understood the elemental backgrounds to their tools, their arts, and their ways.

He also knew that he had to avoid lecturing about the magical and mystical, or pagan aspects of a renewed spiritual life. Still, it might be a wonderful book that just assembles the questions asked by the workmen. Just the questions tells its own story.

Have you noticed yet, the odd conjunction of weirdness that comes in the year of Trump’s potential reelection? I mean really noticed the coordination. She’s Divine Providence, you see. Very busy right now, and still has time for us in our prayers.

Luci and Ari have a place in Mom’s world too. Errant children and their toys always need a bit of looking after.

Now for the hardest aspect.

We are all of Luci and Ari and Mom. Us, the microcosm.

Consider, for example, all the lands, and towns, and villages flooded as humanity built damn dams over watercourses everywhere. Mom’s on a tearing down and rebuilding project, and She really would like some respect. Better if we cooperate, … steer with the tides rather then against them. Think for ourselves, rather than make Her escalate Her efforts to help us escape our self-made prisons.

You see, … the end of a civilization has two processes running alongside each other. The tearing down part and the building up part. We can survive a rough birth into wisdom, only made better if we participate, rather than watch.

Without a doubt a descent into the slavery to the machine,, and the corporate egregores’ in the multinational corporations, is possible. All that is required is for good hearted folk to do nothing.

Still, She is Awesome, and as Divine Providence will put right in your face what needs to be done next. Hard things is a sign … the appearance of a difficult risk that requires taking a death defying step off the cliff, with the Fool. Into the Unknown.

Leave the big picture stuff to the Big Picture Folk. The world burns in karmic fires long smoldering, yet remains Mystery, if we but pause and look and ask, seek, and knock, for She does have the Whole World in His Hands.

The Dance of the Furies

The Dance of the Furies

As Western Civilization enters more deeply into its death masques, there are certain queer/odd fever outbreaks at multiple levels. The virus bit is especially musical, sort of a Night on Bald Mountain on one level, and Here Come the Clowns on another. The karmic palette of the Son is art on a scale we cannot imagine, except we follow the News and realize we are seeing karma in action, fortunately mostly as spectators.

Most of us understand that if you keep doing the same mistake over and over again it is the sign of a problem. One of the more interesting habitual dances involves the every four year rite of the Democrat Mob, … they call it presidential primaries, and I see it as a kind of instinctive cannibalism – or the Dems eating their young. Literally, the older establishment finding one more way to ignore our youth, and those young futures.

The Political Parties, Democrats and Republican, are more than a century beyond their shelf life. They both were complicit at Jekyll Island, when they sold their souls to the banksters while giving away the constitutional power belonging to the people, regarding the coining of money and the regulation thereof. It was Dr. Jekyll that gave us Mr Hyde, the monster we now know as central banking. Let me control the currency, and I care not what the government does – a sentiment attributed to one of the Rothschilds, an infamous European banking family.

Are we having fun yet?

The Furies, were female chthonic [beings of the Under World] … deities of vengeance, sometimes referred to as “infernal goddesses”. This “pagan” understanding of reality has always been true, yet the Divine Mystery throws a great party, whether or not we recognize the players.

A Grand Ball, all getting to wear masks, and bringing their own orchestra in the form of a tiny and dangerous tool we call a cellphone. Odd, is it not, this prefix “cell”. Brings to mind prisons, and among those who actually think about prisons, is a wise one – Bo Lozoff – who wrote a book: “We are all Doing Time – a Guide for Getting Free.”

Then there is War.

And, … winning and losing?

I just watched the movie “Midway”, directed by the German Roland Emmerich, who is famous for his “disaster” films. I was in the dreaming (10mg sativa) and wondered what would have happened at Midway if the diving and bombing forces of the American navy had “gone to the deck”, on encountering the “enemy” fleet. What if they flew just above the sea, instead of down and out of the sky and sun, the usual tactic.

On the “deck” they then fly between the ships of the fleet, forcing their anti-aircraft batteries to shoot at each other if they want to stop the attack. As I pondered this fantasy, a thought arose as regards my views that the true enemy of humanity is the soulless multinational corporation.

I had the day before watched the film “Dark Waters” about the struggle to take down DuPont for placing in the whole organic systems of the world a synthetic (Mom didn’t make it) substance that can’t be broken down, and if we get too much of it we get cancers, our cows get cancers, and obviously the cancerous nature of the unjustified union of giant business with government on all levels. Clap your hands if you remember “Teflon” – the chemical that makes organic matter not cling to these surfaces, which can’t be destroyed, and given that it has been in carpets and such, we’ve been breathing it in for generations. Watch the movie for amazing details.

I evoked the shades of great generals, my favorites being George Washington and Alexander the Great, and asked them … what if instead of attacking the corporate monsters eating everything in sight from “above”, we drove down to the deck, and set them at odds with each other.

Bold moves required. There will be loses. The first daring move should be unexpected, and at the same time fierce. Sometimes all that a bully needs is a serious bloody nose.

There is a movie, another favorite of mine: A History of Violence, directed by David Cronenberg. There were several scenes of violence. The violence was sudden and fierce. Everything at risk.

In the late 1970’s, I was working in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Two Asian looking young men “accidentally” bumped into each other. They stepped apart, and one of them took a kung fu kind of stance. In a moment the other fellow had hit the kung fu dude twice, first a blow to the nose, causing the flow of blood, and second a kick to the chest propelling the pretend expert at least two yards backwards, towards the street, and into a parked car. Could not have taken more than two seconds.

Sherman’s march to the sea, and other kinds of “scorched earth” tactics, were well practiced by Alexander. When he invaded the East, at the first couple of cities that resisted, he told them let me in the gates or everything in your fort shall die. The word got around. Walk softly, but carry a big stick.

Being a warrior is a choice. Being a watcher from the sidelines is also a choice. Today big war is – not material, but spiritual … over the truth we should say. In fact, the battlefield is natural science, you know the dudes who gave us better living through chemistry.

Materialism is a disease of the psyche. Many have surmounted it. But the weight of history seems relentless. There is special tool, which we call a Law. The lawmaking process is owned by the titans of industry. Yet, as the character in Dark Waters (an actual person) fought with the tools at hand – law-tools – he surprised Dupont, exposed their evil, and sets an example that the law can be used to work miracles.

Imagine a world where every multinational corporation is being sued for the attempted murder of a Planet, backed up by the science Rudolf Steiner inspired. Sued by as many as possible. If a corporation can be a person, than certainly a Planet can be a person, and She actually can provide evidence of having a self-aware interior sentient consciousness – invisible, just as is ours.

More help is here.