a land of rascals

Rudolf Steiner suggests some peculiar byways in the nature of karma, mostly by casual mention, while not elaborating .. he is showing a young boy to one of the groups to which he brought the ideas later embodied in Camphill, … he calls the eleven year old boy a demon
else-where he suggests that if beings miss out on certain potential developments in a particular incarnation, they have to come back to the task … do a do-over as it were.

in another corner of his vast corpus there is the idea of beings from the future (vulcan?) appearing now …l

most of the beings above us in Jacob’s Ladder have already had human incarnations … most … what about the beings of the past, the part of the ladder that goes down into caves and nightmares … voluntarily holding back to be with us more closely … familiar spirits as it were …

right now – as I violate this space with signs – I am watching a wonderful documentary about HP Lovecraft. His initiatory experiences were profound, past the edges of madness, yet tales to be told, ideas launch into the culture, hours to be spent in the imagination …

there are very old powers of the earth, old beyond legend, even their names lost to the maelstroms of time … towering giants built the ground on which we walk, many workers and sub-deities, all of who needed to come to a party … spirits of form is bad poetry if you play back and forth in your mind the movements of tectonic plates …
old ones, and their friends, many needing human incarnations
to participate in the Mystery’s Playfulness, Justice and Mercy too. people die, She welcomes them home. some people dream too big, hunger for power too much, the word wannabe – lame losers – humiliated, fallen,
such craft His Arts-karmic … we moderns do not need Greek Drama, so much as to wonder at the one right in front of us, living, terrible, honest, real, all lives forged to the nature of their own truth, unknowing swords of the not peace dude baptizing us all in fire and holy breath.
Having ignored Her warnings (the signs we call climate change and rogue weather), She takes up the flowering juices of life, our appetites, knocks it to its knees, a natural result of the ran too fast way of modern life, With a gentle hand, She slowed every thing down. not stops … time to

grow inwards, face trials, learn forgotten pleasures, … our world a sea of flowers becoming .. yet, we too be mystery becoming what …
we choose. we choose our thoughts, feelings and actions, most of the time …

Science’s Demons, from Descartes to Darwin and Beyond

How supernatural conceptions have advanced our understanding of the natural universe.

By Casey CepJanuary 8, 2021 New Yorker Magazine

It is difficult to count demons. In the Gospel of Mark, when Jesus meets a man on the far side of the Sea of Galilee who is possessed, he asks the demon to identify itself. It replies: “My name is Legion, for we are many.” But how many? The thirteenth-century German abbot Richalmus suspected the number of demons was incalculable, as numerous as grains of sand in the sea. Three centuries later, when the Dutch physician Johann Weyer composed his demonology, he identified some sixty-nine demons by name, who commanded millions of others: at least eleven hundred and eleven distinct legions, each with six thousand six hundred and sixty-six demons. Around the same time, the German theologian Martin Borrhaus reached a very different estimate: two trillion six hundred and sixty-five billion eight hundred and sixty-six million seven hundred and forty-six thousand six hundred and forty-four demons.

Others scholars avoided a head count, choosing instead to organize demons into typologies and hierarchies, as Dante Alighieri did in the Inferno and King James did in his “Daemonologie,” published nearly a decade before he commissioned a new translation of the Bible. According to such taxonomies, demons were a busy bunch, tasked with everything from promoting quarrels, discord, and war (the work of a demon called Bufas) to inserting errors into the manuscripts of scribes and keeping tabs on the mispronunciations of preachers during worship (the work of Titivillus).

Both quantitative and qualitative demonologies have largely fallen out of favor these days, but the historian of science Jimena Canales has just published one. “Bedeviled: A Shadow History of Demons in Science” (Princeton University Press) is not a survey of Baal, Stolas, Volac, and their kin. Instead, Canales has gathered together in one book demons with very different origins and responsibilities—among them the scientist James Clerk Maxwell’s demon, the physicist David Bohm’s demon, the philosopher John Searle’s demon, and the naturalist Charles Darwin’s demon. These demons came into being at some of the world’s leading universities and were promulgated in the pages of Science and Nature. They are not supernatural creatures; rather, they are particular kinds of thought experiments, placeholders of sorts for laws or theories or concepts not yet understood. Like the demon Jesus met, though, these are legion; at the very same time that science was said to be demystifying the world, Canales shows us, scientists were populating it all over again with the demonic.

According to Canales, a faculty member at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, modern demonology began with René Descartes, who imagined a demon into being in his “Meditations on First Philosophy,” from 1641. The French philosopher was positing a thought experiment most often described today as the brain in a vat: however, instead of wondering if he was just a disembodied brain experiencing a simulated reality, Descartes proposed that “some malicious demon of the utmost power and cunning has employed all his energies in order to deceive me.” Said demon could alter our senses and convince us of falsehoods, so that what we see, hear, or feel might not be real. Because anything might be a deception, we must assume everything is, and only through extreme skepticism can we distinguish the real from the unreal.

Descartes’s demon was not immediately followed by others, but, in 1773, the French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace proposed a thought experiment of his own. He imagined a mysterious entity “who, for a given instant, embraces all the relationships of the beings of this universe.” With that single instant of complete knowledge, Laplace wrote in an article on calculus, this entity “could determine for any time taken in the past or in the future the respective position, the movements, and generally the attachments of all these beings.” Because Laplace’s demon knew the present location of every single thing in the universe and all the forces acting on them, it could infer everything that had already happened and everything that would happen in the future.

Several decades before, John Locke had posited that, other than God, only angels and spirits might have such total knowledge. But Laplace argued that the universe was stable and predictable—this was why Edmond Halley could determine the regular arrival of a comet—and that, as a result, mathematical analysis could help us understand the universe in its entirety. It was therefore perfectly reasonable, even for those of us who don’t possess infinite information and limitless cognitive power, to use what information we do have and what cognition we can summon to make sense of the world. Laplace’s faith in scientific determinism helped inspire the creation of machines that could do the kinds of computations he attributed to his demon. Charles Babbage read Laplace’s work, and cited it in accounts of his “Difference Engine” and “Analytical Engine,” machines designed to perform calculations; Babbage’s friend Ada Lovelace, who was tutored by Laplace’s English translator, grasped the implications of Babbage’s engines, and encouraged him to find additional applications for what are now considered some of the earliest computers.

Darwin knew Babbage, too, and talk of demons and determinism might well have helped shape his account of evolution. Darwin’s notes on the subject originally included “a being infinitely more sagacious than man,” one “with penetration sufficient to perceive differences in the outer and innermost organization quite imperceptible to man, and with forethought extending over future centuries to watch with unerring care and select for any object the offspring of an organism produced under the foregoing circumstances.” This strange being disappears entirely from the final version of “On the Origin of Species,” where only the theory of natural selection appears, absent any miraculous causes or supernatural forces.

Darwin eventually had a demon named for him, anyway: a hypothetical organism with infinite reproductive capacity and longevity, existing with no biological constraints, useful as a thought experiment for understanding evolutionary theory. By then, demons had proliferated across a wide range of scientific fields. Canales argues that this is partly because of the popularity of one of them in particular: the demon devised by the British physicist James Clerk Maxwell. The first version of this creature, described in a letter to a colleague in 1867, is only “a very observant and neat-fingered being,” not yet a demon. That being stood between two containers, opening and closing a door between them, allowing only certain molecules to pass, sorting the fast ones from the slow ones without exerting any energy, and thereby making one container warmer than the other. Maxwell had imagined what others called a perpetual-motion machine, one capable of reversing entropy.

Later, on a page of notes labelled “Concerning Demons,” Maxwell clarified how his “being” became a demon:

1. Who gave them this name? Thomson.

2. What were they by nature? Very small but lively beings incapable of doing work but able to open and shut valves which move without friction or inertia.

3. What was their chief end? To show that the 2nd law of Thermodynamics has only a statistical certainty.

There was a fourth item in Maxwell’s list, addressing the question of whether the demon’s only occupation was changing temperature. To this, he responded that the demon could also change pressure, but such a task required less intelligence; it could be performed by “a valve like that of the hydraulic ram.” That hypothetical valve might never have moved the imagination of physicists, much less biologists, computer scientists, economists, and sociologists, but the demon (so named, as Maxwell tells us, by William Thomson, better known as Lord Kelvin) certainly did.

A circuit board is an unusual object

A circuit board is an unusual object, in how it occupies space. For contrast, consider the tree, which has an above and below, one more visible, the other not so much.

In the image below, it was composed of certain elements, with intentional qualitative characteristics. The mask was a found object, of sorts, being something made by my lady’s youngest daughter as a teenager.

I generated the the “writings” surrounding the mask, as a kind of above and below image of the human being. Above, something more liberated, and below representations of a lot of formal structure. Wild mind, and Tamed mind, as it were.

On the left and the right are two black pieces of wood, framing images from Central America iconography. These are meant to refer to the dark gods, as it were. Aspects of spirit hidden from sight, yet crucial in the thinking and believing behind the idea of “electricity”.

Our technology is influenced by both the laws in which these darker powers swim, and by our independent and free genius. These activities combined into the creation of a type of physical object, with unusual purposes … mostly connected to taming various fundamental process, some natural, some not so much.

In order to aid the imagination, picture that all the objects in this work of art, have invisible qualities, that we could try to see as built from something invisible inside them, and pushing that/them from the ideal into the real.

How well do we know the powers and principalities that we unconsciously follow/use in our “tech”, thinking of the “circuit board” as a type of physical environment, trapping and controlling something we do not understand at all.

This essentially unconscious activity then leaves the realm of these kinds of devices, to the rules and associations of a whole class of real beings, we do not acknowledge.

The whole construction is to dramatize a mystery much in need of being based upon actual communion-with, the underlying entities. As long as we fail to do that, the machine will rules us, rather than the reverse.

fires in California

The redwoods and sequoia were ravaged in recent fires in California. Is the world of human beings being ravaged by fires as well? Yes, but the burning is slow, and being part of it makes knowing the whole not so easy …

Up through most of the mid-1800’s, medicines were prepared individually, by traditional recipes. At the same time biology was more and more seeing the human being as a “mechanism” – all matter, no spirit. The source of life, sought and found, was in the cell parts, aka: DNA, soul and spirit being myths.

The plant as well had no “spirit”, no virtue. It was just a complex of chemicals, and from the former idea of the virtue of willow bark being pain relief, the industrial chemists found profit in taking that “part” of the plant which seemed to have the same effect, concentrated it and synthesized it, leaving its “nature” aside and began to market “aspirin” for pain relief.

In the modern era, what had first been know as a medicine, the syrup of the poppy, was synthesized and concentrated into oxycodone, leaving a trail of addicts and death in its rush for profit.

The Hemp plants too have many virtues, but money had other ideas, so one of humanity’s multipurpose wonders was left to rot in the growing fields of cultivated ignorance.

Newton wrote more about the ancient mysteries of the emerald tablet and the philosopher’s stone, then he did about physics. Sir Arthur Eddington, at the beginning of the 20th Century said that we are – via specialization – knowing more and more about less and less.

Weston Price discovered that that the people of the world with the best teeth, tended to rounded bodies, and followed a diet of a lot of animal fat. He was a dentist and traveled the world. Meanwhile, industrial chemistry was separating and concentrating sweet plants into the chemical sugar, bleaching it for regularity of color, and throwing out the related virtues common to the whole plant.

When it was clear there were dangers from too much “straight” sugar, the industry went on a publicity campaign to make “fats” the problem with weight gain and other illnesses.

The needs of the industrial revolution required the concentration of workers, and such required housing near work. Village folk leave the life near the land, and its regular rhythms, to 12 hour workdays, seven day work weeks, serving companies that employ young children doing dangerous work. Everyone so gathered was blessed with coal for heat, making coal even more valuable, whatever the costs to our lungs.

Science marched on. Commerce marched on. Wars helped the evolution of industry by their demand for better and better ways to kill people in large numbers.

Folk, whose ancestors farmed, become workers and consumers and cannon fodder for the unrestrained appetite for wealth and power.

Lives seem to last longer, but not without cost. The virtues of living near nature disappeared, … breathing that air, and eating the fresh food, and enjoying that fresh well water. Having time to reflect.

Better Living through Chemistry sang the professional public relations folk, in ads for Dupont, Dow Chemical, and their kin.

The human organism has needs both material and spiritual. The physical body needs a more healthy environment, and if we are honest, cities are not the best place to live, although they are also amazing gardens of culture and beauty. Is it possible we are right where we need to be?

People used to believe in a flat earth. Some still do. People use to believe the starry heavens were an abode of the gods. Some still do. The point is not so much the nature of the belief, but rather the psychological (soul and spiritual) dominance of the belief.

Reality is effectively the narrative, given our consent to live that narrative …. whether or not the narrative is true in some abstract sense. We guide our lives by the stories we tell, and as was noted recently in The Maradonian: the power is not in the darksaber itself, but in the story that goes with who has it, and how they got it. The Tale has the Power.

Right now Big Pharma no longer has the darksaber … their empire having no interest in “the little people”, they ignored the evolving rebellious culture – the darksaber possessed. Our arts give us myths, and we are making new myths right now. Will a story of a mad king’s hoax of his loyal subjects be a part? In the Lord of the Rings one king is made mad by the whisper in his ear of a man claiming wisdom, an enchantment requiring magic to set aside. Another king wants to burn his living son, as the cause of the death of his dead sun.

Then there are the warrior queens, Ripley, Princess Lea, and Sarah Conner.

The wisest act a man can make today is to surrender to the emerging forces of women. Still, a world owned by soulless corporations needs to be ended, … my Lady said the other day, that the five worst covid nations were run by men, and the five best covid nations were managed by women.

What story is in your wallet? Where’s the beef? What goes around, comes around.

Amicus Curiae

Amicus Curiae

– friend of the Court –

Your honors, and gathered guests, … my name is Joel A. Wendt. I am a: ‘white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.’

This is not a claim of authority. Rather it is a simple fact that one can prove for themselves by becoming familiar with my works. Think of this “background” of mine as the basis for a rather unusual skill set. I talk to trees, and rocks, – All My Relations – and strive carefully to listen quietly to their stories.

An earlier age, in the Judaeo-Christian sense, would call me a prophet. The ancient Persian world, a holy fool. The reality is that every modern human being on the Planet is now their own prophet, and their own holy fool, whether their god is the Mystery or Mammon. In my writings on the ideas of a modern Earth Religion, these contain the view that all of us are shamans in training. All our lives have taken many unexpected course changes, and yet we live. To survive is to shaman, in the use of that term in its most abstract, universal, and, aesthetic sense.

The question before this Court is whether or not the Law can/should declare that if a corporation can be a person before the law, then a Planet can certainly be a person before the Law. The wonderful paradox here is that the Court also has the choice to find that the idea of the corporation being a person before the law is not good law. That idea is a law which has been imposed through fraud and fear. If you are an originalist, you know in your heart that the Founders consider us fools to think that any “thing” not alive can be a living person American citizen.

That the law has done this – holding that a corporation can be a person before the laws – has to be confessed by those who assert that judges are not to create law. After the year two thousand election, judges at that time choose the President. This Court wields enormous real power – which means a grave responsibility rests in this Temple to the Law.

I recently read that the most common religious background for the members of the Court was Catholicism. As part of my presentation, I have listed fourteen books that should be studied. In my writings I call them a kind of gospel of the true second Coming. If these are studied, there is no way, within reason, to not realize that Goddess Natura is real, scientifically real.

Folk of the religion of scientific materialism – who hold that there is no spirit, only matter – their priests should not continue to be believed to have the truth of the real spiritual nature of human beings, and our relationship to the field of experience we all share. Apparently, by their lights, a micro-organism ran amok, toward which they were powerless, and easily defeated by its mysteries. Or, perhaps what truly ran amok was materialistic medical science, which is blind to all matters of the heart.

There are great huge corporate empires, who would oppose this understanding: That the Planet they rape and plunder has a self-conscious sentient internal life of the mind, as do we. At the same time, some of the religious often want to impose their peculiar version of the Mystery on the rest of us. Sure, they preach, there is a God, but my god is the real god. Science and Religion at are war, and the Temple to the Law must apply the arts of wisdom to such riddles.

I am here because I know that such wisdom lives on this Court. I have faith and trust in the Mystery, and He/She/They trust you, or the ebbs and tides of fortune and fate would not have brought you here, to this time and place.

In a certain sense, I can’t imagine that what the Court does will change these facts. The Earth Mother of the ancient pagan Ways, is also the Holy Mother of modern Christianity. We are also the right people in the right place at the right time, to render our personal verdict on these deep Mysteries.

Keep in mind, that this rediscovery of the Holy Nature of the Planet is not arrived at by the gutting of all the works of the religion of unnatural science as regards “matter”. What can happen is that we add to the science of matter, a science of spirit. I use the term “unnatural” to refer to the fact that modern science is entirely quantitative – a science of measure about “things”. Human existence, in all its greatness, is fundamentally qualitative, and can’t be measured or counted.

One of the principles, behind the idea of the Amicus Curiae brief, is that help is to be offered to the Court. We are a friend of the Court. Sometimes rude. Hopefully always honest. And, on occasion, silly.

There once was a Court in a flood, which reeked with deep power or’ blood. When a time for wisdom was woven, the hearts of the Court were those chosen, for the etching of Law with Their Love.

To the shamanistic sense of reality, a song to be felt in the hearts, and repeatedly celebrated: we are all the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

This Idea of Law has deep roots. And mysteries, – such as that pointed to by a dark skinned teacher who said: “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is Gods”. Both/and, not either/or.

The America revolution was fought over who gets to make the Law. Eight bloody years later, “We the People” did the sovereign act of making the Law, on which all other American laws rest. The agreement for all to be bound by the same laws was the heart of our form of government: a democratic constitutional republic. So obvious this fundamental – this agreement that we all subject ourselves to the same rules of law – that it never occurred to the Founders to write the idealism of the unspoken social contract on a piece of paper. Work hard. Play by the rules. Mind your own business.

This submission to the same rule of law is the bit about: render unto Caesar. We need very much to ask ourselves how human is this “rendering”, when multi-national corporations are free to own the world’s land, the world’s wealth, the world’s banks, and the world’s law-making social processes.

Those actions suggest we need to improve upon how we render unto God, for – as was pointed out to me the first day of “law” school – the law is about the least socially acceptable behavior, and has no place for the higher virtues, which belong to the life-sphere of freedom.

This apparent dysfunction is best seen in the idea of “due diligence”. The law here demands that the corporate officers pay more attention to the profits of the shareholders, than to the cost to workers, consumers, or the “environment”. Failure to maximize profits can lead to lawsuits from shareholders.

I point this out because the crucial aspect before the Court is the evolution – or devolution – of the “Law”. In times of such historical crises, such as we now must endure, a return to fundamental questions and ideas is needed. To cling to the past is to force Law into an old age, more and more confused, … and worse: useless.

Some general considerations …

Law is created. There is nothing natural about the Law, for it only governs the activities of human beings. Law cannot create a poem, although the “idea” of the Law can be expressed poetically.

People seek advantage in the Law, for their personal interests. At the same time, divine providence has made it possible for us to grasp the deeper implications, for the future.

The Law is more than the sum of court decisions, legislation, and regulation. The Law is more a process that lives in human hearts. Even if the Law only sets rules for the least acceptable behaviors, there is nothing in Reason to require that the Law must abandon the question of what is right and what is good.

Still, this term/idea “The Law” needs a better appreciation. Consider that The Law is only real when embodied. A hoped for Law is not much help. As is said these days: “It is what it is”. “What goes around comes around”. What Washington called: Divine Providence, the modern person calls “the Universe”, as active in the webs and links of Fate and Fortune.

Then there is This Court of The Law. Pause, and reflect, that “Court” has other nuances, such as the Court of Public Opinion, and the Courts of various countries that still recognize aristocracies of blood. Is there a King and a Queen in this United States Supreme Court of The Law?

How about Reason for King, and Truth for Queen? Perhaps, … with a yin/yang influence, where the core inside of reason is truth and the core inside of truth is reason.

Sometimes a duality needs more than the polar conditions. Sometimes there needs to be a bridge, as it were. I nominate the Laws of Evidence for this bridge, which also in effect unites them. For the uninitiated who might read this, the Laws of Evidence determine by what rules of logic/reason may we conclude that the evidence offered is the truth.

There is an elegance and beauty in those “rules”, much alike to the elegance and beauty of pure mathematics. There is also a very earthly aspect, given that it is human beings who give most of the evidence. Human beings may try to hide the truth, or obscure the facts. Human motives enter in, and it is the Laws of Evidence that help the Court separate the wheat from the chaff.

Where judgments of a certain kind need be made, as to the veracity of those offering testimony, the Spirit of the Law has placed a “jury of our peers”.

All modern laws have a past. Efforts to build the Temple of the Law have not always succeeded. A corporation is not a person, and this court has no business determining who is to be the president.

Still, the weavings of providence have evolved to this point in human history. The United States Supreme Court of the Law is effectually The Law itself. The Law is not abstract ideas, but the human impulses to truth, reason, fairness, and justice.

It is not so important that this Court rules one way or another, as it is that the Court Hear the Question, and consider the reason and truth that if a Corporation can be a person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the Law.

There is an idea in the Laws of Evidence, that the thing speaks for itself. We need only look and see. It is what it is. No proof is necessary.

The reasons we don’t believe the Planet has Its Own sentient self-consciousness are many. Just like we are the right person etc., She is the Right Planet, in the right place at the right time.

Among Her gifts is our freedom to choose whether or not to see Her. Ask, seek, and knock, He said.

They – the Mystery – speak all the time. Rogue Weather. Climate Change. Breath. Gravity. Death. Birth. The Four Horsemen. Fate and Fortune. And the greatest miracle, our own spark of sentient self-consciousness.

Proof is unnecessary. Look around you. Wherever you look is looking back at you in adoration.

the word/work of Dr. Tom Cowan

Regarding the long story, that showed up on the Anthroposophy face book page, attacking the word/work of Dr. Tom Cowan … this story is not trustworthy, for reasons I’ll try to keep simple and much shorter than what was sent.

For starters, it is a major logical/empirical error, not made better by constant repetition, to lean on the word of a RS, who never edited his lectures, all of which were transcribed. This approach is very “religious” in nature for who can argue with the thoughts of a dead man known as the “great initiate”, and his far too many true believers, pretending to be scholars of his work. Preaching to the already convinced is not science.

The writer of this screed seems to not know Dr. Cowan’s works, but only the video, which then is dissected as if Dr. Cowan’s life’s work – to bring about major advancements in the science of medicine – as inspired by Steiner, doesn’t exist. For example, while Steiner pointed out that heart is not pump, Dr. Cowan – in his book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” – shows how modern understanding, of the fluid dynamic movements of liquids in tubes, proves Steiner’s indication.

This first link is to a collection of articles I’ve written on the “Covid” riddle, at the end of which are listed six books that must be read, and understood, if one wants to argue with Dr. Cowan’s scientific studies.

As to the Medical Section, … they have clearly been ducking the fundamental issue, which is the logical problems with the Idea of a “germ” causing disease. Swept up in the hysteria, even the anthroposophical doctors have not presented a unified point of view. Dornach caved during WWII, as did the Roman Church. Social pressure will find human weakness, and make a fear driven tale into the truth, even if it is not.

For RS, trying to illuminate the spiritual nature of tiny biological entities, and the alleged atoms and molecules that made them up, required of him many circumlocutions, such as saying from one point of view, that the atom/electron – flowing electricity – is evil. Then elsewhere, it is good

In Spiritual Science and Medicine, RS points out that the proliferation of micro-organisms is just another symptom of the illness/imbalance. If the “context” – the whole human organism – is disharmonious, small organisms will thrive in suitable regions of the biological environment. The erroneous thinking is that if we observe a field full of happy cows, this means that they are the cause of the ripe environment, when we obviously realize that cannot be the case.

As to 5G … Read the first 70 pages of The Invisible Rainbow, and deal with that evidence, rather than take potshots from the sidelines, with no skin in the game. Without going into details of my spiritual research, one aspect of the presence of this phenomena is that the electrical condition of space itself is order producing. Electricity holds stuff together.

When we free this quality from where it otherwise resides, we increase the level of order-principle present, and this field-density increase is, for the biological, anti-organic, or as RS puts its: Modern science only knows death forces.

In The Invisible Rainbow it is described that early in the fascination with electricity, gatherings were held in order to join in a circle and let this “whatever” flow through all. This curiosity to know
“current” directly, passed, once sensitive folk started bleeding from the nose, and/or fainting.

This list is not the right venue for this discussion. Someone needs to have the sense to video the “experts” showing their wares. A single good question is worth a thousand of those pictures, which themselves tower over a thousand words.

I’m available. Want to talk face to face?




Rudolf Steiner’s Agony

Rudolf Steiner’s Agony

In the Fires of Transformation, the Crucifixion of Anthroposophia – aka: The Dying and Becoming of the Anthroposophical Society, at the Dawn of the Third Millennium.

According to John the Baptist, the One coming after him would Baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath. On the cusp of the end of the Kali Yuga, Yeats writes: “… the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world … “

In their socially walled off vastness, in the mountains of Switzerland, the Anthroposophical Society, draws inwards, … with some degree of wisdom seeking to ride the seas of the plandemic-Pandeminium Reboot. However, in the time of the “center cannot hold”, the best Way might just be to let “it” die, … yet habits and ambitions often fail just at such moments.

Christ died. Steiner died. The imagination is now being ruined and abused by scientific materialism, whose arid&abstract pictures of the truth of health and illness are themselves a leading cause of death.

A century ago, Steiner pointed out that the “conception” of the “atom” was evil. Not the “thing” so much, as that idea of the smallest was neither true nor good, therefore by implication: evil. Parts rule wholes according to materialism. The truth is otherwise, yet absent. We fall as a civilization as a natural consequence of the cognitive dissonance between the modern “scientific” picture of the human being as only matter, and the fact that our true nature is spirit regardless our systems of belief.

There was recently published a short article in the latest World Wide News, out of the Goetheanum: “Truth finding and will formation”, by Philip Kovce. It sought to point out a disconnect between the role of science in politics, and the role of politics in science. Science is about truth finding, while politics is about will formation, is how Kovce puts it.

I’m not entirely sure that is fully accurate.

Kovce continues, I paraphrase: For example, to argue for certain social/political changes on the basis that the “truth” requires such changes, is to confuse functions. Social change, in order to be healthy at least, needs to be democratic, not driven from the top down, and rooted in some sort of scientific authority.

Clearly Dornach wrestles with external social/political demands as regards social distancing and the like, and the implications of the true causes of illness, via the indications of Steiner, as well as the direct experience of many anthroposophical doctors.

I believe it is a German thinker that suggested that the last stage of a society/civilization was: Bureaucracy. I refuse to argue the obvious. If the reader does not already see this with their own cognitive capacities, they should perhaps stop reading at this point.

There exists a Goetheanistic Spiritual Social Science, rooted in learning to the read the Book of the Social/Political Life of Humanity, after the indications of Steiner, and the example of Goethe. My main book in this regards is: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”. I was just turning 70 years of age, and in the months previous to writing it, I had been initiated into both the Mysteries of the Mother, and the Mysteries of the Son.

One’s own will has little to do with these Rites. They come at the initiative of the Mystery, and we who experience them are cursed. If blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe, then certainly those are cursed who have seen and yet are not believed.

Steiner is among the latter, … cursed. Used, glorified, studied, remarked, but not actually followed. Aka: Rudolf Steiner’s Agony, and the Crucifixion of Anthroposophia.

The reader of this is encouraged not to assume anything here is about political change at the Goetheanum. The center cannot hold because it is occupied by flawed human beings. Some of them will resist change. What resists will be broken.

Still, the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot has to be addressed, from an Imaginative and Inspired point of view. As a recipient of such insights, it is clear that they do not belong to me. When you “learn to think on your knees” (Tomberg), and experience “it thinks in me” (Steiner), respect requires being more of a vehicle than an authority. They show, I see, and tales are the result.

You, the reader are stuck with making up your own mind.

When the center fails, the life of inspiration from without moves to the periphery. All the way to the individual. If you are doing something, because Steiner or some student of Steiner sez to, let that go. The Mystery wants You being You.

We are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time. For your spiritual dining pleasure during this time of change and reconsideration, They gifted me with ideas. I am not asserting I have done the best with That, but all the same I have simple tried to think in the way thinking taught me.

This link is to my best thoughts …


tea with mom

so I was having tea with mom, and her son was building a boat for the two of us to go fishing for men … he had this curious way of naming his tools. each tool was individual, but types with similarities would end up near each other.

while working with them, and caring for and cleaning them, he would sing to them, or perhaps better – in terms of causality – he would sing them into being.

nearby, were the weavers of the loom … which while endless, still passed by for our review, …among the threads were somethings so black it was as if it was not there at all … one of the loom weavers sang to/of it as the “empty dark”

…I raised an eyebrow in the direction of mom, hoping she might have another word or two to add, which was this riddle: “the idea of geometry”.

my thoughts wrestled with that … such creatures as a line, or a point, or a plane … those were … however, not the idea, but the deed as was done by the idea …a power of order so absolute there was no escape … it just was …

the Name we give to this remarkable being, “the intellect”, aka: Ahriman …

evil is a human conception, while the Mystery knows that conception is there for us to overcome, a defect in the seeing, a beam, a log, a riddle in a mirror

Happy Covid Thanksgiving

Happy Covid Thanksgiving

My Lady’s two daughters – one a school teacher in NYC, the other a curator at the Davis Museum, in Wellesley College, near Boston – are coming for thanksgiving. Their significant others are flying to see their parents, in places like Texas.

Getting together with family is important, perhaps even more important now. Still, the question came up for us as regards the wearing of masks, especially when we play our favorite card game (and grandma’s as well – although she died four or five years ago on Christmas Day). So we play “May I” in remembrance, and for the fun, and jokes and laughing.

These are not vain rituals (yes, for some dinner with family is a horror show). Connection is important. Support is important. Time together is important. I am 79, ripe with heart disease issues, and my lady is 67, with her own health issues.

According to the main narrative of worry, anyone, or all of us, could be dead in a year.

I asked my Lady if we were going to wear masks. She knew my views, and asked me to wear one, at least for the card game. Everyone would feel better, and their feelings are important, she suggested.

I declined.

For me the question was less about their feelings (mostly worry that they could be carriers and give the bug to us).

My home is my last realm of resistance, to a terrible crime in progress. If I wear a mask, I consent; and, if I don’t walk the walk, I have no basis for talking the talk.

I do go out to see doctors, if video is not an option. These are annual and semi-annual checkups, for my health is quite stable. I wear a mask then, as I would otherwise be refused care.

My view of the covid-mess is complex. I am, by avocation, a philosopher. Not an academic philosopher, but someone who works out the fundamental questions for themselves. I write books, such as: “Sacramental Thinking” (which is about the method of cognition), and “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” (which is a product of that method).

I wrote this to sum up my views on our present historical confusion. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

People tend to think that the spiritual nature of reality is only grasped as a set of beliefs. I do science. Details are above.

If we cast our minds back a decade or so, we have the aftermath of a financial crisis that nearly brought the world to its knees. There are bad actors in the world, who do not care who or what they harm, as long as they can satisfy their own appetites. To the soul-less multinational corporation, human beings are just workers and consumers, as well as cannon fodder for their many wars.

The consequences to the life sphere of the planet, from out of our industrial civilization, are terrifying, and there seems to be no political will to heal the environment. For many of us, life is a grind, of crappy jobs, failed relationships, and broken dreams. The Hopi have a name for this stage of civilization: Life out of balance.

Too much change, too fast. Alarm goes of, we caffeinate and sugar, ride the crowed subway to work, in a cubical matrix full of human drones. We serve the “owners”, but are not served ourselves.

The highways are crowded. The air is polluted, as is the water and our foods and medicines (side-effects anyone?)

I’ve lived through civil rights, sex, drugs and rock’n roll, the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, and John Lennon. Women’s rights. Gay rights. Nixon. Reagan. Bush one and two. The Clintons. Obama, and now Trump.

That song never changes. “Vote for me, the other guy is the cause of all our troubles, and only I know how to fix everything.” Meanwhile, please donot notice how much we lie.

Trump was unexpected. Even he did not expect to win. If you look at the details, he had a lot of luck and good fortune. Washington spoke of Divine Providence as real. Modern materialistic science (all is matter, there is no spirit) sez we are a product of random events.

The effect of Trump was to disable government, just at the moment we most needed sanity, given that the whole world was being told by “experts” that the dreaded boogeyman – “a pandemic” – was upon us full force.

As someone who is a careful and methodical student of “media”, the pandemic narrative came too fast. I am familiar with “marketing” strategies, and this whole “idea of the pandemic” was being driven with obviously well organized and financed “public relations” at work.

For example: A 20 minute video showed up called “the Plandemic”. What was truly curious was how quickly the woman doctor who made it was vilified on social media. Of course, major media was already captured by the juggernaut of the narrative, so that social media was a place less totalitarian.

It was actually the total mass of the attacks on her that drew my attention. Hundreds … to her one. I wanted to know what she said that caused such a response. It took some research and questions, but while Facebook no longer had the video available, other places did.

She gave us the smoking gun, by identifying the patent wars that go on behind the scenes in Big Pharma. The wealth which is at stake is almost beyond measure. She wrote a book: Plague of Corruption, about the upper levels on WHO, the CDC, and the FDA. Those organizations are not to be trusted, anymore than we should trust the governments that fund them, or the corporations that need to control them in order to generate profits.

That is one layer of a seven layer bean dip of social actions and reactions, and science or not.

I see the activity of the Mystery in such events. Even though a lot of bad actors are doing the usual, the fact is that She took the pandemic, and added even more chaos, which I have been naming: Pandemonium. The Earth Mother ~!~!~!~ Holy Mother is what was once called: Divine Providence, there being no random events at all. What She did was take this moment, and use it to stop in its tracks the rush of modern civilization. We fear the loss of the prior order, but our days are now spent on survival skills, and making the best of a bad situation. We have been gifted with time to think, reflect, and reconsider the course of the future. Our environment is cleaner. We discover a need to occupy ourselves beyond the rush of jobs and duties and sterile distractions.

People are helping each other. Both the helped and the helpers gaining spiritual strength.

Meanwhile, major media having become mere infotainment, we get buried under numbers, which any real scientist sees as unjustified (not any real research), and which worry worry worry narrative is actually making folks’ health worse, stress being a major component of why the immune systems of so many are so compromised.

These are at best hints, given the volume of my writings on the covid-confusion. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/10/22/covid-confusion/

Situational Anarchy

Situational Anarchy

Or … how the Mystery sees us …. Choice Makers. Our choices leave a mark on the whole situation of humanity. At the same time, the whole situation leaves its stamp upon us.

Some years ago I read (many times) the Illuminatus Trilogy, written by Shea and Wilson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Illuminatus!_Trilogy

I was often stoned, on purpose, when I read it. At one point reading it gave me headaches and I stopped. I believe many minds could and ought to be blown while stoned and reading these books.

I reference this work, because memory sez there was a character in the novel who taught the arts of situational anarchy. For example, he would go into a posh department store, and find a wall near the woman’s dressing rooms, and put up a small well designed bronze sign, which said in excellent calligraphy: “No spitting on the floor”.

The absurd incongruity between place and idea is thus expressed, with sublimity and flair.

The political radical, Saul Alinsky, was once asked by some students at a Christian college, how might they protest, given their general social environment. He advised them to chew a lot of gum, and leave it everywhere. A nuisance sure, yet a point made without confrontation or potential violence.


Most of us get as part of our world view, some degree of knowledge and experience of all the terrible in the world. Arguments over power and wealth. Religions at cross purposes. What to some is a hoax authored by greed.

Our situational choices are, to the Mystery, a wonder. There is no pre-knowing what any individual spark of the Mystery will choose to do. The Mystery has helped us, as individuals, find ourselves a place in life in which we too can touch and change.

So what the covid-monster is murdering millions. For each of us this situation is lived, not just one day at a time, but one “now” at a time. The Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot is different for all individuals, given that the real fruit of these experience is that we have the opportunity to create within the reach of the own will.

Ideas are just as important as physical objects. We can hide a gun, and we can hide our hearts. Many of these choices are dangerous, physically and psychologically. All are trans-formative of spirit and soul. All involve the evolution of the personal i-AM to take place through our actions, which only we may judge.

The way we see the world, as ideas&concepts, is ours to generate. The heart’s mind is both private, and a personal garden. We plant the seeds, cultivate the soil, and water the plants. Some of what comes to be in that “there”, we can share.

Some we cannot, and should not. Our choice.