The Limits and Potential of Internet Discourse in the Facebook Environment

The Limits and Potential of Internet Discourse in the Facebook Environment

First some back-story …

In the earlier thirties of my physical, astral, and ethereal bodies (1971 and following), I was unaware of being a different personality, from the one that had previously been their occupant.

I was aware of changing rather dramatically, but initially believed I was the same person as before, given that all the memories of the first inhabitant were present in my mind, or as I was later to learn: the ethereal body.

The changes were radical, mostly due to the presence of new intuitional capabilities, owing to my spirit’s qualitative nature. These transformations – in the three bodies – happened because I began to be aware of my inner life, in a way my body-brother had not known.

The marriage he had been in was effected, because I saw that relationship in a more awake fashion. She had dominated him – he in many ways an innocent (1), with the result that she made most of the family decisions. I was quite different, and began to demand marital equality. This tension was extreme, in a way, because he had left the marriage a few years before, and I (believing I was he) did not want to repeat that mess, as there were now three children who would be effected if I left the marriage again.

Inwardly I experienced a kind of moral gridlock, which led to a serious depression. One morning I left the house where we were living, and started walking, aimlessly. I walked about ten miles, and ended up at the base of what was called Albany Hill, finding a path to the top, where a large concrete Cross was situated among a forest of eucalyptus trees.

I sat on a nearby rock, and prayed. He/we had not prayed in years, given a certain experience he had at a seminary, where he/I encountered the intellectual arid desert of scholarly research on the Gospels. As an innocent, he had expected this course on the Gospels to be about the mysteries of their teachings, when in fact it was all about why the Gospels had not been written by those who he had been taught to believe were the authors.

This experience had shattered his faith.

Still, the emotional depression/tension had left him much in need of “something”, so prayer was all he/I had. Immediately, with the mood of prayer evoked, the depression was lifted. Not by him, obviously, but by Another. Included in this Gift was an Idea, which was that either choice (to leave again, or stay in the marriage) would be okay. The problem was about not-choosing, not about the nature of the choice that was to be made.

I left the marriage.

About four months later a family friend, seeing my continuing distress, suggested I go to a psychological group-system to which she had been going. This was in the early ‘70’s, in California, and mostly amateurs ran these groups.

I very much benefited, given the need to go deep into the psychology of my soul, and that the system itself was very dynamic and transformative. I was profoundly helped/healed, and about four months into this work, I asked if I could be trained to become a leader.

It turned out that even as a “client”, I had displayed remarkable intuitional insights, and the leadership of this work was quite in favor of my becoming a group leader.

A main feature of this group work was rooted in the writings of Eric Berne, the author of “Games People Play”, and was called “Transactional Analysis”. Basically we attended to how people spoke to each other, and what was revealed if we attended carefully to the details of our conversational gambits.

I was very good at the necessary listening, but at the same time inwardly troubled by the fact that my body-brother had been taught that one went to school to learn how to do “psychology”.

I needed a justification for accepting my intuitions, although to others I was quite skilled. This led me to self-observation, where I ran into the riddle of what is the relationship between thought and experience, and central to that riddle was the question of morality in such a context. Over a decade later, I came to realize that this is the same riddle Steiner worked with in his: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception.”

During this inner exploration, I read a book about Native Americans, where I encountered the idea of thinking with the heart. Over time I developed a “technique”, where I learned to pause the inner dialogue (empty mind) after which I would move my conscious attention to my heart, and let myself love the “client”.

I would let them show me who they were, and what they might need from me, via my heart’s intuitions, which I would try to grasp as a “wholeness”, or given the times, I used the words “form a gestalt”.

I was very good at this kind of work … although my destiny lay elsewhere.

As a consequence, I have been quite aware of “conversational” styles. However, like most of us, I assumed we could have a conversation via these internet venues, yet over time I began to see that it was a grave error to believe that we were having a real human to human conversation.

The best imagination I have come up with is that we are all at sea – in a sense, and each posting is better grasped as a kind of message in a bottle, set free to roam among currents that mostly hid the personalities from one another.

We were not “meeting”. When I was on the Ark, where the Culmination (2) happened, we discussed this dilemma, and concluded that what was happening was a kind of exchange of astral and egotistical reflections, whereas a real conversation would include the physical and ethereal bodies normal to face to face conversations in the physical.

Much depends upon seeing the face and the gestures of the “other”. Absent those clues, and the ability and time to share our back-stories, no connection is possible, although we like to act as if it was otherwise.

People would write that they didn’t like the “tone” of our post, for example. Forgetting that “tone” is a function of the ear, not of the words on a page. Further, honest reflection notices that our mind engages in an interpretive activity, as if the writer we are reading would be writing like we would, if we used those those words, and in that order.

Many of the words we use are so vague and generalized, that we tend to imagine something in the “other” that is not there at all. This interpretive activity is akin to a mirror, and in our use of it, without noticing this fact, means that the meaning is from us, not from the writer.

This does not mean there is no “value” in the exchanges. Each of us have a world-view, formed from long term biographical experiences. Unfortunately, the differences in these personal experiences tend to be treated as if there was a right way to think and cogitate, instead of an individual way.

For example, my experience is that Karl Rove is Ahriman incarnate. Also, that Rudolf Steiner was not perfect, and could make mistakes. The egotistical element appears when we try to insist the “other” should think like we do.

People, apparently fighting over meaning and truth, will try to persuade the “other’, and sometimes the dialogues become heated due to the strength of our belief. Factually, however, we only can “know” what our life has taught us, and lacking the back-stories, strive to make not-okay the “other”, in order to have a reason to think differently.

Wendt must be flawed to assert what is contrary to our views.

The whole matter is made worse, by our assumption that a few lines of text, on a page, means to us what the writer of those words understood … without recognizing that there is a whole life behind the use of those words, and many times we use words that are so abstract, we mean something entirely different than what the writer meant when using the same words.

Our internet exchanges would become a lot healthier, if we shared the back-stories instead of the very different conclusions with which life experience has gifted us.

We do not need to eliminate those experiences. Their existence can be useful, for it teaches just how unique each one is, and that these differences are not only a wonder, but also can be a source of humor, given the sometimes wild nature of the unusual ways we interpret meaning, using text, even such text as what has come to us from Rudolf Steiner.

It is the ahrimanic-mind that believes that facts can be nailed down, fixed and unchangeable; while the luciferic mind holds that the truth is immutable, and the same for all. (3)



(3) See MacCoun’s On Becoming an Alchemist

Saving the MysTech Work from Itself

Saving the MysTech Work from Itself

The paper I wrote (1), after participating in a previous MysTech conference, described that work as the leading edge of spiritual scientific work. If this wasn’t true I wouldn’t bother with confronting its weaknesses.

Tomberg, in Arcanum XV: the Devil, states that in his view the fascination of anthroposophists with Lucifer and Ahriman, amounts to a meditation on evil, which can become a kind of communion-with evil, that has the effect of destroying the vital elan` of the thinker.

From my point of view, what we have then is a corruption of the Imagination. The inner pictures mostly see the awful potential of technology, and treat that as a given – i.e. there is no escape from the most dire potential consequences.

In order to think this way, one has to believe that the Mystery is sitting on the sidelines, watching the downfall of humanity, but taking no actions.

In one sense, the excess of antipathy, as regards the technological possibilities, overwhelms the need to redeem in thought these phenomena (2). We are responsible for the way we see. We also have the choice not to see in this Way.

What is spiritually happening today is not seen, in part because of Steinerism, which is the view that the Mystery has placed all of its generating eggs in just one basket. Like Scientism (3), which is the view that the theories of unnatural science are facts, the MysTech work assumes that Steiner’s predictions of the future are facts. Logically, there is no justification for this type/style of thinking.

Nobody can predict the future, which has not yet happened, for the relevant choices are potential only.

For example, Steiner predicts that the return of the Moon, into the Earth, will happen some three thousand years in the future. The problem is that this return is happening now, but for some this cannot be seen because of the assumption he never got anything wrong.

Steiner’s relationship with the Mother-stream is weak. If we add to our factual observations, the understanding of the Mother-stream in the sense of the Emerald Tablet, She is the Moon. All over the world, various cultures are remembering Her. The Mother-stream includes the magical and the mystical, two major aspects of human spiritual life that Steiner tiptoed around, because his audience would have seen these practices as unscientific.

In point of fact, Tomberg asserted that there is no grasping of the deeper Christian Mysteries if we exclude the magical and mystical dimensions. Franz Bardon called Christ the Master of the Magicians.

Judith von Halle, for example, is fundamentally a mystic, in the best sense of that Idea. Are Thoresen is a magician, in the best sense of that Idea. Tomberg would have no trouble seeing in both of them, the Christian depths he found missing among Steiner’s version of Christianity. The communities that have formed around these individuals is evidence of the hunger in others for the mystical and magical aspects of a renewed spiritual life.

When Steiner sought to be a spiritual scientist – i.e someone who does spiritual research – in his investigations of the Inner Earth, he was unable to truly connect to the Mysteries of the Mother, which is why he failed to see that the return of the Moon is a spiritual event in the present (4) (5).

Socially, the beginning of this appeared in what many called the New Age, which among other facets includes the Wicca work, that is centered on the ceremonial worship of the Goddess.

As to technology, … it is the mystical and magical practices that shows the promise to be able to tame the dangers. It is a fact of spiritual life that we must love the object of thinking, if we are to actually understand it. This includes Ahriman.

When our picture thinking imagines that technology as an inevitable danger to humanity, we are not properly attending to the phenomena. Behind all events there lies spiritual Beings, all of whom are there for a purpose. If we want to create a life-giving future, we need to see Them, and learn to commune-with Them. The best means for that are mystical/magical, which is why “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos” was written (6).







MysTech Errors of Thought

I just read the MysTech newsletter, sent to me as an email. I can understand how and why such thoughts could come into being. Nevertheless, they are fundamentally spiritually in error. Mostly they are one-sided, and far too reliant on Steiner said.

For example, Ahriman’s incarnation was seen to be ahead of us, in the future. He is here now. Like any idea that becomes fixed in the soul, as a belief, it is impossible to remove. The thinker has to do that themselves.

I have written extensively on his incarnation. When I share this truth, others – in order to defend their belief system – disagree. What does not happen is any effort at actually refuting my work. No one writes a counter argument. They just hold to their opinion. This is not science. In science if one disagrees the right way to do that is to offer a serious discussion of the research that I have done.

In addition, the reliance on Steiner fails to admit that the Mystery has gifted humanity with more that just one “great initiate”. What Tomberg has written is ignored. This is also true with Franz Bardon. Both of those seers saw a connection with the ancient Hermetic Science of the Egyptians.

What is the worst error in thought, is to fail to deal with the Platonist and Aristotelian riddle, clearly pointed to by Steiner. The Platonists were devoted to the Mother, and to the fact that the natural world is an embodiment of the Mystery, i.e. the Goddess Natura.

She has the whole world in His Hands. She is rogue weather, the four horseman, and the gate of death. She is Divine Providence, while He co-creates with Her as the Artist of Karma.

A more general confusion arises when Steiner’s every word is treated as if it were Holy Writ. Steiner failed to properly meet the Mother, when as a “spiritual researcher”, he investigated the “inner” Earth. You don’t meet the Mother until you have surrendered to just being an ordinary flawed human being. As a consequence, Steiner met the mirror-nature of the Threshold to Her Realm. What he saw, he brought with him.

In addition, the MysTech folk have totally failed to grasp the real nature of “electricity”.

I expect there will be no response to these observations, actually based on a real examination of my own spiritual research. That is, MysTech does not do science, but rather a kind Steiner-said theology.

I’ve been thinking about the past of “illnesses” recently.

I’ve been thinking about the past of “illnesses” recently. Not just because of the Covid Mystery, but also because I’ve been rereading a favorite novel, Neal Stephenson’s 2700 page, three volume: “The Baroque Cycle.”

It is set between the years around 1670 to 1730, and one of the details everywhere has to do with human beings getting “sick” for various reasons. The Pox is dominant for the land borne, with Scurvy dominant for the seafaring.

Some people die, some survive. Survivors of the Pox are scared for life. In an age of formal events among royalty, and everyone wearing elaborate wigs, a woman’s face might have some black spots (beauty marks), where a cosmetic was applied to hide the hole left by the bursting pustules. What substances was the Wisdom of the Body trying to eliminate, the usual channels not being enough?

Scurvy took your teeth, and then your gums, on its way to perhaps killing you. Folks knew fruit and fresh water and such made a difference, but when a ship was at sea for months, trying to get Spanish (stolen from Mexico) silver and gold, to Spain, the risks were assumed, although for an ordinary sailor he might have been “pressed” into service, involuntarily.

Elimination is to be matched with intake/reception. Substance must move through the body, in order for life of the body to continue.

Slavery was everywhere, and a common work for a slave was to row large navel vessels, chained to an oar with five others, all ill fed and whipped.

Royalty was bred like so many good horses, what with intermarriages and the strange aspects of the division between protestants and Catholics, such that we can have a German royal line as a king in England, whenever the English protestants and Catholics switched power alliances in the House of Lords.

Science was in its youth and Newton believed there would be a smallest piece of lifeless matter he called the “atom”. He got in arguments with Leibniz, who asserted that the smallest should be called “monads”, as being of the same qualitative state as realty, which everywhere demonstrated consciousnesses and will.

The leading savants, natural philosophers – of different nations, argued with each other, and with the Church. Royalty murdered enemies rather frequently. War was everywhere, and great armies would be created, battles fought, and when over the pressed soldiers would be left to fend for themselves. The lives of the poor being life-substance for the rich.

Some folk were drawn to such mysteries as Alchemy (Newton), and went so far as to think that the physical substance “mercury” was meant, not the mercury-process in the life of soul and spirit. They drank mercury, not realizing that the alchemists hid teachings about initiation in those formulations of words, in order to share the work of seeking the Philosopher’s Stone, without being murdered by some Churchmen. Inquisitions, and all that stuff and bother.

Having a laboratory required having a patron. It was not uncommon for such a room, or sets of rooms, to have constant ongoing experiments requiring crucibles and forges. As a consequence, one might suggest that the thinking of the savants was often taking place in a laboratory filled with noxious and dangerous metal based poisons. And/or, stuff for making gunpowder and other weapons.

Those original seekers of truth, swimming in seas of toxins, might have become materialists, in part by uniting/poisoning their minds with over-refined matter in an intimate and dangerous sense.

In a battlefield a barber was a surgeon, cutting off limbs when necessary to avoid the spread of “infection” (accelerated decomposition) to the rest of the body. Doctors, or at least those who claimed to be trained to be a doctor, bled people who were “ill” with fevers and other maladies which the Wisdom of the Body used to restore balance. Men got the “stone”, a nugget of hard matter we call today a “gallstone”. A few adventurous folk started experimenting with the “cut”, which removes the stone, granting life – if you don’t bleed to death first.

Most streets were gutters of garbage and horse manure. In bad winters people starved, even among the aristocrats. The poor and the homeless … nobody cared, except them.

Fast forward to our Age …

A lot of the same issues remain. Rich and powerful people don’t care about poor people. The laws favor the former to a frightening degree. Science is still inventing new weapons, while gold and silver continue to be pursued.

We live longer, which is a plus. The Pox and Scurvy are controlled. We still maim our young males, and now females, by using them as pawns in war-games.

As to health in general, the world is rich with seven billion plus souls willing to play, in the same general sand box, although in first world countries heath-care is better. Some plausible rumors (and lawsuits) suggest that pharmaceutical companies like to use Africa to test drugs.

The cutting edge of therapeutic substances is a cut-throat business. Meanwhile, a lot of illness is due to poor nutrition, and only recently can one make money feeding people better food.

There is a tale that Big Sugar, knowing sugar’s ill effects on health, ran an advertising assault insisting it was fats that made us ill, not sugar. Winston Price, a dentist, traveled the world in the 1920’s, looking for people with better teeth than what he was seeing. The best were often tribal (closer to nature), ate a lot of animal fats, and were a bit overweight by our modern aesthetic values.

Is modern medicine as good as it could, or should, be?

Well … we don’t yet have a cure for cancer, or for heart disease. We can treat symptoms, but cancers come back, and back and back, and heart attacks happen again and again and again.

On a psychological level, such as with our elderly, we keep the body alive, but the mind not so much. Among adolescent males, responsible for all those school shootings, part of the story for awhile was that such young people often were on antidepressants, which can have a warning about suicidal and/or homicidal tendencies for those taking this kind of “medicine”.

We don’t hear much about that anymore.

Doctors do stress that Stress is a killer. Can’t be measured directly, although high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and other maladies are suggestive. Life style changes is a kind of euphemism for ditching the job, the wife, the traffic, i.e. the zones of stress creation.

In reaction to stress people take drugs such as alcohol and cocaine. A society that wants to actually function, ought to make it a principle that self-medication choices were a right. Only we know the state of our own consciousness. Even if a source of power (a government, for example) makes a substance illegal, that does not end the need, or the suffering, or the movement of wealth involved in the trade in illicit drugs.

Does the field of Medicine need to know more? Of course. They don’t know everything, otherwise we would cure, rather than suppress symptoms. Even the “flu” is not cured.

Our pandemic is often compared to the Spanish flu of 1918. It was a world-wide disease process. It followed the world-wide stress of the great war. Survivors physically and psychologically worn down. Clean air and water scarce. Food too.

Hyperinflation on the way, as well as a world-wide economic depression.

The scale of the shared trauma is staggering, if we actually bother to think about that. If we consider the individual human organism as a whole-environment, in response it will need many different kinds of healing processes, to confront the stress, and the ongoing industrial pollution.

The “elimination” of wage-slavery might have remarkable social effects.

Have we mistaken a massive social re-balancing for an illness, or is the illness itself just one more symptom of something far deeper?

Right from the beginning, when Media made available the Official Narrative – that this is a plague or a contagious disease, Stress was increased for everyone. Some consider the believers in the Official Narrative to be fear driven fools, but on a macro-social scale, people lining up waiting to get diagnosed, and then lining up to get vaccinated, while losing the job, and other increased stresses of life, …

… the affect of the ever increasing stress makes more people susceptible to becoming an environment favorable to a micro-organism.

On 9/11/2000, the seeds of three wars erupted upon the world. The war on terrorism caused vast amounts of capital to flow into intelligence agencies. The war in Iraq killed a lot of people, most of them locals. The war in Afghanistan went on and on and on, and then as every sane person expected, America had to quit, although 23 million dollar drone sales have continued to rise.

A costly bloodless war for the Pentagon … for the “enemy”, they could not be more bled.

In America, in order to avoid having to draft people, the Pentagon ordered National guards, men and women, to deploy, and return, and deploy and return, and deploy and finally mostly return.

PTSD, and the criminalizing of drugs, made head cases of millions of Americans. Big Pharma murdered thousands of our young people with a non-addictive very addictive “medicine” for pain relief.

Then there was 2008, and a near world-wide bank failure. #meto. Increased murder of Blacks by police. And, Finally came Trump.

So a super stressed-out people gets illness, whose main effect is more stress for the ordinary, and far greater wealth for the high and mighty. The official cure is worse than the disease, as it continues to manufacture new levels of stress with the threat of multiple vaccinations needed. Meanwhile, those who don’t get the jab are made social pariahs.

Recall: Stress triggers the fight or flight reflex, which dumps a bunch of extra energy into the physiological&psychological inwardness. This includes constricting blood vessels. This can happen several times a day, everyday.

Stress is a major factor in disease. Having less stress almost helps everyone. People going back to nightclubs and football games releases stress. Not going back to your former job means …

Sequential and Simultaneous Time (post Moon-Eclipse Thoughts)

In a sense, Time does not exist. Change, however, does. Memory allows reflection, the imagination dreaming. Attentive to the Moment is valued across all spiritual ways.

Thinking with/about simultaneous time/change is not easy. We have a hard “time” finding new thoughts, given that our minds are embedded within millions of concepts bound to ideas of linear time.

Yet, we are Script of the Mystery, and self-study is a teaching. To appreciate the Now, use the imagination to picture a vision of the Earth Globe as a medium in which over seven billion souls seek their personal trials of growth of character (Steiner’s “consciousness soul”)

Seven billion flowers growing toward the sun, yet rooted in the earth. This field of spiritual challenge and life shares an endless Now. The past is always over, the future remains uncreated.

The Father of lies …

This is dedicated to Kathryn Thompson, who encouraged a stubborn old man to see that he still had much to learn about writing.

The Father of Lies – from the point of view of both an ancient, and a modern, Science of the Spirit.

Working from first principles, let us consider the human being (the microcosm) as an exact analogue of the Mystery (the Macrocosm).

Rudolf Steiner, a man whose discoveries should generate a dozen Noble Prizes, made a work of art, … a giant wooden sculpture, he named “the Representative of Humanity”. There are actually three main figures; and, if we appreciate first principles, all those individual figures are Macroscopic, which means they are in us as well – they are Mystery created features of the true nature of the individual human being.

We are not just, in the heart’s mind, bearers of what RS called “the Christ Impulse”, in that we not only have a heart, we also have a powerful intellect, aka: Lucifer; as well as, powerful appetites (Ahriman). Lucifer, the Light Bringer, stands at the threshold of the world of pure spirit, and Ahriman, the Father of Lies, stands at the threshold of the world of pure matter.

There are a number of details in this sculpture, such that much else is artistically represented, including a figure – RS confessed apparently – was named Cosmic Humor.

When I was 27, in the gap between getting my law degree, and being sworn into the Bar, I swallowed a Christmas present from my elder brother, thus …

… the first experience of my first LSD trip was that as my bodily nature became liquid-like to perception, I started to laugh; and, the laughing was so pleasurable and free, that I laughed for over a half an hour. The trip-sitters could not see harm, but nonetheless were happy when I began to focus elsewhere. I learned later this was known to users of LSD as Cosmic Laughter, a not uncommon experience.

My then-wife – mother of three, … now passed: Tina, … next found me pursuing her with a certain look in my eye. We were not alone, so deterred I soon focused on other experiences with which to play. I had some food experiences, and then put Sargent Pepper on the record player. After which, I lay on my jelly-belly for some time, staring through the oval braided carpet, seeing inside reality a rotating sphere, whose features and colors I could manipulate with my mind. I had expected the transcendent experiences to be out of my control, and instead found my mind at play. Lest ye become again as little children.

RS also told this tale, that while Christ Incarnated at the turning point of time, and Lucifer had incarnated in the Mountains of the East some three thousand years earlier, Ahriman was incarnating now, in the West. Today, those Macrocosmic aspects can be better understood, by listening for their Wisdom, with which we are ourselves familiar, having identical qualities of soul.

We can look at our “world”, and see the Imprints of two polar massive human characteristics, that RS named: the Luciferic, and/or the Ahrimanic. However, until we self-identify how those Models are aspects of the own microcosm, that is until we confess to our own imperfections and limitless possibilities …

… only then will we be unable to see past the temptation to perceive the effects They manifest in the world as “Evil”, when they are instead the Good. As Franz Bardon puts it: “There is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation”.

This means self-observation, and honest reflection on our character. It means paying attention to the concept that the world mirrors back to us the cracks in our own perceptions.

Catherine MacCoun writes of the tendency to seek absolute truths, and the tendency to seek absolute facts. That riddle, for purposes of this pagan meditation, is solved by our seeking to recognize that our own heart’s mind is the balance, where this artistic mystery becomes accomplished, not with force, but with Presence. In Tomberg, Arcanum XI, Force, we find a meditation on the Holy Feminine.

We use the word “Her”, when we speak of the Mystery of Nature. In the Emerald Tablet we read: “Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle [spiritual] thing and penetrates every solid [material] thing. So was ye world created”

The ancient Egyptians, in their Book of Symbols – the Tarot, this Eleventh Image is named: “The Tamed Lion”. It’s meaning: “We see here a young maiden* opening and closing without effort the mouth of a lion, an emblem of power over one’s self, acquired through the education of the will power, and the experience of life.”

11 - XI - The Tamed Lion | Tarot

*[“maiden” = RS: “Virgin Sophia” – part of an effect of an individual catharsis that comes from playing the music of The Philosophy of Freedom]

We have – also in the Emerald Tablet – the words: Father and Mother. Yet, as Christianity defined itself, we have the words: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is the latter the Mother, now shyly hiding in the deeps. Well, perhaps not so much unobserved, just poorly named: Rogue Weather anyone?

It remains possible to further illuminate and expose this secret by changing the noun (the named) aspect into a more living (the practiced) aspect. What does it mean to Father? What does it mean to Mother?

For example, in a very important way RS fathered that sculpture, and three ladies mothered its legacy. The Mystery saw to it that the sculpture survived the burning of the original Goetheanum. Humans can maintain it in the practice of the Foundation Stone Meditation, or not, as each individual is generating their own religion. In the meantime … in the over-intellectual wasteland of modern politics and economics, the Father of Lies is their Author, and the Media their manifestation. Yet …

If we practice Judge Not, which is a core teaching of the Christ Impulse, will we then confess to our own ahrimanic and luciferic tendencies? Do we hold ourselves any absolute truths and facts? Lies fathered the Covid Official Narrative, where these are (mothered) nurtured via the Media. True believers in absolute facts, and absolute truths, leave their finger prints everywhere. At the same time, to know how not to throw stones, means to self-examine … via our personal Covid Mystery-thoughts – and confess to the endless variety of fixed passionate ideas we all share, everywhere.

Lucifer redeemed: Five thousand years ago, two teachers lived: Lau Tzu, and Confucius. Memories remain, of the concept of the superior man, and the laws of filial piety. A riddle for our own heart’s mind: What are our dreams, and what are our cravings?

Today Ahriman – the Father of Lies – lives among us. He created a Way for all social questions to become “political” in nature. A Way to repeat the same lie over and over and over again, enthralling the Republican Party in America, and preparing a nest in which to spawn Trump, and his hotels full of fools. No lie too small, and no lie too vague. An intellectual swamp, in which only the most foul ideas flower.

For example, what we call natural science, in the sense of what we call the official narrative of the plague, leans heavily on an assertion of absolute facts. We want to nail on the cross of human existence, all the concepts surrounding the plague, which arrives in an Epoch, when the ahrimanic in the human being is dominating the world. Hammer-drowned science. Fixed in place. Cold and sharp as water-forged steel. Enemy of life.

Judge Not means accepting the Way of Seeing of the “other”, as regards the Covid Mysteries. We need to know this “otherness” so well, such that we can argue their view ourselves. On the one hand, absolute scientific facts, and on the other, … absolute counter-truths. A vain opposition, if the living mediating middle is forgotten.

Thus stands the Abyss, separating one microcosmic being from the other. The Bridge is/can be borne in the own heart’s mind, through the child-like artistry of generous presence. Each seeing the fool in the “other”, yet first in ourselves. Where I have been unable to forgive myself, with that I curse the world. Want to

“fix” the world, heal yourself … hard labor for our interior many moody “me”s, yet all the same, easy on others.

Imagine human elder “nursing” homes, becoming rich with sunrises and sunsets, and a lot of the Mother’s medicines, like ganja and magic mushrooms. Rooms of intoxicated elders revisiting memories, and laughing at themselves and each other.

Human folly is shared by all. As is anguish and trauma. We are brutalized by this Rite, and destined to be crowned with thorns, for being true to our personal vision.

Time to throw a celebration of mutual forgiveness and trust. A pagan intoxicated let your hair down dance party. Neither the Father of Lies, Ahriman, or the oh so superior Lucifer, can stand human self-depreciating – cosmic – humor. Even the Gods&Goddesses, when faced with our wonderful and human stubbornness, have to admit to laughing at Themselves.

Veterans Day, November 11, 2021

the Shepherds’ Fire

The shepherds’ fire

A meditative study
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie M.A.


The coward slave we pass him by The man‟s the gowd for a‟ that. “ (gold)

Robert Burns 1759-1796

This meditative study is dedicated to all people of goodwill who see in the lust for power and greed for gold something base, pitiable and socially reprehensible. The meditative study is not a new form in Western tradition. René Descartes (1596-1650) the French father of modern philosophy used it in his Meditations on First Principles. In the 20th C France produced another philosopher of the meditative school whose profundity of thought was matched only by her personal courage and social conscience; the French Jewish genius Simone Weil (1909-1943). The 2ndWW losses to humanity of people of truth, beauty and goodness cannot be measured but in Simone Weil the world lost a philosopher of the first magnitude. In other words, Simone Weil was a serious and totally dedicated working philosopher.

She was one of the few. Rudolf Steiner was another, although of the 19thC. His book, The Philosophy of Freedom, was also a work of the meditative school. What Simone Weil was to Metaphysics (Theory of Reality), Steiner was to Epistemology (Theory of Knowledge). Such things are perhaps only of interest to students of Philosophy but in The Scottish School, La Philosophie Écossaise, it was once recognised that all philosophising is but a plant growing out of the rootstock of common sense.

Meditation is a fundamental exercise for the philosopher, the lover of thought, and maintains the link with common sense. Descartes Meditations are not easy, he begins with his own soul and we, the readers, are allowed to see the inner workings of perceptive thought as it contemplates its own experience and the thought consequences of such contemplation in his soul.

This meditative study uses a similar form, not for reasons of device or artifice but because this form is the only way that it‟s christian esoteric content can be communicated.   However, this is not a philosophic study, nor a theological study but a study in christian esotericism and mysticism and consequently it could be described as Simonean Metaphysics, after the metaphysical method of Simone Weil, or equally Spiritual Empiricism, after the epistemological method of Rudolf Steiner. These considerations are all technical, but we live in a technical and technological age and the study concerns fundamentally just this age in which we live. The study stands on its own, however, and these introductory considerations are offered in order that those who like a peg on which to hang their hats can orientate themselves and know where to find their hats on the way out. Like Simone Weil the author is not a roman catholic and grew up in an agnostic humanist household and this too is said only for reasons of objectivity and clarity.

The Shepherds Fire, the preparatory exercise, is an exercise in heart thinking which prepares a “soul space” for the Epiphanic content: at least that is the relationship of the Shepherds Fire to Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité which presented itself to the soul of the author and is presented here. In 2000 the author published Aesthetics of Economics, a book no longer in print, which explored some of the ground of this study but withheld the content given here. The economic events of 2008/9 and their continuing aftermath make this withholding no longer justified.

For those with an interest in these matters the assisting Saints are; St Columba of Iona; St Brigid of Ireland; St Margaret of Scotland
St Bernadette of Lourdes; St Michael, the Archangel.

The Shepherds Fire
A Meditative exercise in Christian Esotericism
Michaelmas Tide 2009

The Holy Spirit, whenever It draws near, speaks Its name to me and Its name is Christ Mass. This speaking is like no other speaking. The Holy Breath is very gentle in the soul, like an infant reaching for a mother; if the soul can welcome it likewise then the following experience
can happen.

The Holy Breath, when it moves the soul produces the sound of the Angelic Choirs singing Gloria and simultaneously a deep dark night descends on the soul. If one ponders the night and allows the angelic singing to fill the soul then a third experience dawns. The heart
suddenly becomes warm and is, as it were, on fire. This mystical fire lights up in the deep dark night with great gentleness. It is not a blaze. The heavens are ablaze, not with fire, but with the singing of the angelic choirs singing both Gloria and Hosanna to God in the Highest as if the myriad stars themselves were saying Gloria, Hosanna in the Highest, for the stars spoke once to man.

In the warmth of this fire that fills the soul is the realisation of the truth that the stars are speaking; the truth is that this very night, as every night, and the night of the soul is a Holy Night. The warmth and light of this Truth kindles the Shepherds‟ Fire that keeps the sheep
safe from the wolves- one‟s own sheep and one‟s own wolves and others‟ wolves. In this safety of the heart on fire one can ask the Breath of Holiness, what are the sticks? What is the flame and how is it lit?

For one must learn to discern very clearly if one is doomed to spiritual science, and one must learn the art of questioning as a white dove. That is to say, one‟s question must arise as a white dove just as Noah‟s question arose; or as a stock dove, a blue dove, a columba, calman gorm.

Calman=dove, gorm=blue, calma=brave, a columba

This clear blue dove is an exact question about a precise aspect of, in this case, the experience of the Shepherds‟ Fire as soul experience – what are the sticks and flames and how is it lit? It is the spiritual scientific question, which is to say the columban question. The question arises out of absolute stillness, the stillness of observation, thus it is scientific in nature. However, the stillness is not the stillness of the head, the coldness and deadness of sight, but the stillness of the heart in a deep silent night: the heart stilled yet on fire, the sheep safe. When the blue dove of the question arises like Noah‟s dove it arises and returns like Noah‟s dove, and it brings with it the answer to the question.

The Breath of Holiness, the Holy Spirit, answers the question; the sticks are prayers, the flames are tears, the igniting is a Miracle of the Lord, an Act of His, an act of Divine Magic or Mystery, a Mystical Act.

Now if one is doomed to spiritual science, doomed to the abyss, one sees arising in this Holy Night, like birdsong before dawn, like a miracle in the soul, the Mystery of the Rose Cross and the Mystery of the Flame of Tears, which is also a cross. For these two are two of the many crosses that can arise on either side of the Mystery of Golgotha, the Cross of the Crucifixion. For to be doomed to spiritual science means that one has presentiments of Zoroaster; that one knows in a deep layer of the soul that the Magi from the East are approaching and it is this Zoroastrian light that has lit up the three crosses arising from the abyss of the deep.

But this strays far from the Shepherds Fire, for the Star of Zarathustra is what all the myriad stars are speaking and the stars spoke once to Man.

So, not so far from the Shepherds‟ Fire.

However, it is the Shepherds‟ Fire that brings us all to where the Star comes to rest in the Holy Land of the Heart, so those doomed to spiritual science must return to the experience of the Shepherds‟ Fire, they must have the courage to leave their Master‟s Star for the
Shepherd‟s small and fragile fire.

One sits by one‟s small fire, the sheep safe, the heart warm and on gentle fire and one contemplates The Mystery of the Flame of Tears.
Such heart-warming peace! This contemplation, if carried far enough frees another dove of peace. The question is how to
tend this small fire whose fuel is prayer and tears, for the soul wants always to have a heart this warm but must arrive at exactly the necessary amount of fuel, neither too much nor too little. One knows that many, many, many are those whose hearts, pure and simple and filled with goodness have given, and continue to give to the Lord the tears, the water He turns into wine and the wine He turns into the Flame of Tears which is the warmth of His Blood as it flows from the Cross. The red blood and the clear fluid, the Rose Cross and the Flame of Tears, the wine and the water.

The igniting of one‟s prayers and tears into the Shepherds Fire is an Act of the Lord, an Act of Mercy, of Grace and of Caritas, and one wants to live always in mercy, grace and love. So one prays somewhat as follows;

Lord grant me the courage to let this fire, which You have ignited, go out naturally, in accordance with the Will of the Father who gave us the fire that bakes the daily bread and the sacramental bread. For I am tempted to sit by this fire all the days of my life. But Lord, the night gives way to the day as our Father in Heaven has ordained it, and the baker of bread must have rest from his toil and the flames must become embers and the embers must become cold charcoal that sweetens the earth as the Father has ordained it. Lord grant me the faith to let the fire go out naturally in accordance with Thy Will in this Holy Land of the Heart which is Thine and which the Father gave to all humankind as the Promised Land. Amen

The Truth is that no human soul needs more than the Shepherds Fire called to Life by the Holy Spirit, for this is the gift of the Father; He gave His only begotten Son.

For there is no doubt that those doomed to spiritual science can be poor scientists and
instead become unwitting and even witting magicians who can, through lack of discernment and
discipline. confuse parts of the Gospel and so keep fires where none should be and fail to bring
sufficient fuel to light the fire that protects the sheep thus loosing their wolves on others‟
The Flame of Tears is the ignited Rose Cross. Christ metamorphoses one into the other and
back again as water became wine, and wine became blood, and Lazarus came forth, and the
seed becomes the plant annually.
But those doomed to spiritual science, those with the prescience that the Magi from the East
are approaching, are called to the realms ruled by the Holy Queen, the Holy Sophia, which
they cannot enter save by the Way of the Son, lest they walk unknowingly the Perilous Way.
That is their choice, their freedom: the Way of the Son, the Way of Truth and of Life or the
Way Perilous. Truth to tell there are many already walking the Way Perilous in blindness, and
some with open eyes. For again there is no doubt that those doomed to spiritual science can
be very poor scientists; and a very poor scientist is just an unwitting or a witting magician, a
dilettante, who looses his wolves on the flocks of others and who feeds the children of the
world with stones.
Christ in the Scottish Landscape
Christ as The Man of Sorrows
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
William Dyce 1860
The New Jerusalem in the Holy Land of the Heart
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
Epiphany Tide 2010
“Hence we can speak in the full sense of the word of an outer fire, which we perceive as
we do other elements, and an inner soul fire within man. That is why, in spiritual science,
fire always built a bridge between the outer material world, and the inner soul world that
can be perceived inwardly.”
R. Steiner Düsseldorf 12 April 1909
On the ground of the Shepherds Fire exercise and the guidance given above by RS we can
now cross the Shepherds Fire Bridge in an attempt to deepen our esoteric understanding
of the Threefold Commonwealth and social theory and praxis in modern life.
Why did RS reveal the tri-partite nature of human society when he did? For the reason
that it is a divine response, at one of the darkest times in human history, to the praying of
the Pater Noster by humanity. In the last working days of his life RS prayed the Pater
Noster daily, publicly with his co-workers and in his own translation; “Thy Kingdom expand
itself in our deeds and in the conduct of our lives.”
The threefold nature of human
societal conduct is a reflection in man and on earth of the Holy Trinity.
Three Spirits with a special relationship to each other seek to incarnate in human societal
conduct; the Spirit of Liberté, the Spirit of Egalité and the Spirit of Fraternité: or, we
can say three ideals of humanity seek to rise up to meet their living content and hence
express themselves livingly on earth.
These 3 principles are cardinal or gateway
reflections in the human mind and in human society and are revelatory of the Holy Trinity.
They live in man as ideals and they seek full societal expression as the noblest of human
ideals. We can say that modern man, consciousness soul man, is in process of building the
House of Liberté, the House of Egalité, and the House of Fraternité.
In order to
understand things aright and to construct aright man needs the help of a Sophia being, he
needs wisdom.
From the wisdom of Solomon
Proverbs 24;2
Through wisdom (Sophia) is an house builded;
And by understanding it is established. And by
Knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all
Precious and pleasant things.
Through RS the „ground plan‟ of the architect was revealed.
The architect is
Anthroposophia; the „ground plan‟, the Threefold Commonwealth.
Who is Anthroposophia, the guiding wisdom in this endeavour? For the requirements of
this Christian esoteric study we must turn to Hiram the archetypal architect. This Being
has aspects of Hiram, her Anthropos nature, but essentially she is approached as a
feminine being.
Just as the physical female has a male etheric or life body so our
essential recognition of Anthroposophia across the fire bridge is firstly through her
Marian Sophia nature. It is via her Marian Sophia nature that we reach her Anthropos
nature. However we must make distinctions in her Marian nature which we will come to
later on in this study.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
This „ground plan‟ marks the beginning of the descent of the New Jerusalem, already built
in Heaven, and which descends from on high. This revelation is part of The Mysteries of
Light. Those called esoterically to this „construction‟ work are but labourers, navvies,
paddies, comparable to the much maligned workers on the lowest rung of the construction
industry ladder. For the sake of esoteric clarity this must be stated at the outset and
also that this is a vast work in which there can be no haste. The Spirit of Haste who
dominates modern life at all levels and leads to prematurity of effort and to poor
workmanship has no workplace here. Esoteric maturity is required. (This Spirit of Haste
is described vividly by Clare Short MP former International Development Minister in the
British Cabinet as the guiding spirit of the Iraq War and her evidence to the Chilcot
Inquiry into the Iraq War is invaluable source material.)
The traditional and time-honoured esoteric and practical forms of Apprentice,
Journeyman and Master prevail here. This work, the building of the societal forms for
the descent of the Celestial Jerusalem is the future of the Earth and is under the
guidance of Masters. All human beings are engaged in this work. What RS calls humanity
crossing the threshold is humanity as a whole entering its Apprenticeship.
astral/etheric „ship‟ is the modern Noah‟s Ark on which humanity will survive its own self-
created deluge, the first waves of which began crashing ashore during the 20thC and the
latest wave being in 2008/9 with the first collapse of the world economy. These astral
tsunami waves arise from the astral „earth quake‟ known in Christian esotericism as The
Second Crucifixion of Christ, the Crucifixion by Materialism, caused by humanity‟s moral
The three esoteric „ships‟ have already been constructed by the
Masters of the Craft over inestimably long periods of human history in preparation for
the descent of The Heavenly Jerusalem.
The Master of all apprentices is Hiram whom we know as Lazarus John who walked the
measure of Holy Jerusalem with the Master of Masters, Jesus Christ.
Now that we are absolutely clear that we are neither masters nor architects, overseers
nor gaffers, but labourers at the beginning of their apprenticeship we can begin to see
what we are asked to see.
Christian esotericists‟ and hermeticists‟ labour consists in
learning to see what they are asked to see; their sweat is in trying to clarify what is seen;
their crown of thorns is in describing in modern concepts what is clarified. That is the
only meaning of clairvoyance acceptable in the esoteric school to which I belong. It is, of
course, not the only meaning of the term, but it is the meaning worked by RS and is the
Christian/Rosicrucian meaning.
Let us now return to the three Houses and try to clarify what aspects of the Trinity they
represent and why. In thought, 3 Houses are conceived, but in reality they are one; just
as the Holy Trinity is three in one. This conceiving of three houses is necessary because
in human development it is an advance in consciousness from the current position where,
although the ideals are perceived and held deeply by humanity, their societal expression is
chaotic. Let us firstly consider the first of the 21stC tsunami waves to crash ashore, the
collapse in the economic realm. The crashing waves of the 20thC, its two World Wars and
spin off conflicts were essentially of the political realm. (For Christian esoteric
consideration of these see Crisis of Civilisation by GA Bondarev. This work can be used to
access further the content of the meditative picture of the political realm given later in
this study. It stands temporally on one side of 9/11, the Destruction of the Twin Towers,
and this study stands on the other)
Economic life at present is under the sway of the Myth of the Self-Made Man. This myth
is Malthusian (sociological) and composed of fragments of Darwinism married to
Nietzsche‟s concept of the übermensch within a setting of an Ancient Roman Coliseum.
Thus it is common to hear and read in media commentary on the economic realm
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
references to individuals as so-and so the “self-made billionaire” or the “self-made
businessman” or the” self-made entrepreneur”.
The self-made man is economic self
interest writ not just large, but Goliath size. In the banking world are the so-called
Masters of the Universe, the übermenchen. Again, they are the Goliaths of the world
banking system. The language of the financial markets is gladiatorial, a bear pit, bullish,
predatory etc. etc.
Market forces are the „natural‟ laws of evolution here and they
function via natural selection, survival of the fittest, at least so the myth says. But the
crash of the world economy showed that politicians feared these „laws‟, feared to let the
weak immoral banks die „naturally‟ according to their own Darwinian „laws‟. Thus we are not
dealing with economic natural science but economic pseudo-science i.e. mythology, and in
their own mythological terms politicians feared to slay Goliath/übermensch and instead
continue to reward his immorality.
A very little commonsense observation would show how far from the realities of economic
life this mythology lies.
Man enters the world dependent.
Of all milk nourished
offspring in nature he is the most helpless and therefore the most dependent at birth.
He depends on others for food, warmth, shelter, all that keeps him alive. When he is no
longer mother-milk dependent he depends on the generations of farmers to produce his
foodstuffs with all the attendant agricultural labourers who pick, slaughter, sort, pack and
transport it, the generations of merchants who sell it, the generations of weavers and all
the attendant finishing labourers and engineers who invent and produce the machinery to
weave his clothes, the generations of steel workers who produce the raw materials of the
machinery, the generations of miners who mine the coal or gas or oil that fires the power
stations that give him warmth and light and fire the factories that produce the light
bulbs, fire the building bricks , produce the cement etc. etc. Not to mention the inventors
of light bulbs and the mathematics of the functionality of products.
What one finds if
one enters the economic realm by way of this simple but scientific observation – man
enters the world as the most dependent of all the creatures- is that as soon as he leaves
the mother‟s breast the dependence and inter dependence increases exponentially for all
his material needs.
If we now look to the base of all economic activity, the Earth herself, we find again
interdependence, firstly ecological then planetary then cosmological. If we go now to
Christian Cosmosophy or Spiritual Science we find described there the creation of the
Earth and Man as a cooperative working of the spiritual Higher Hierarchies. The material
economic base is the result of cooperation and interdependence of inconceivable
magnitude. Our only access to it empirically is via the concept of the mother and child,
the archetype of all production and consumption.
This realm, the realm of pure
production or creation, accessible to us only through the mother and child, is the realm of
the Father. It is empirically perceptible as the Earth on which we stand and which let‟s
not our feet go through.
The esoteric perception of it outlined here is empirically
experienced in the Pater Noster, “Father in Heaven, Give us this day our daily bread.”
Rather than self-made, economically speaking, the human being is other-made from
conception onwards.
Esoterically the self-made man is an echo of Cain in the soul of modern economic man:
Cain who has killed his brother, his other. Cain who, on the basis of self interest, alone
decides what his hereditary and inheritance should be. What is being acted out in modern
economic life is the murder of Abel, our other, our dependence on each other for any
economic life at all. In economic life we hold to the denial “Am I my brother‟s keeper?”
when the Truth is, in fact, that in economic life “I am my brother‟s keeper”. That is the
empirical scientific fact out of which true economic science can grow. Furthermore the
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
Truth of economic science is that we are given each day our daily bread from out the
realm of the Father.
We cannot produce true economic science on Earth without the
true concept of production and consumption which is everything that is morally,
reproductively, historically, spiritually and devotionally contained in the archetype of the
Mother and Child, and by association the Holy Family.
Our beginning must be the
recognition that Fraternité not fratricide is the scientifically justified, morally justified
and esoterically justified guiding principle of economic life.
“And herein is that saying true, One soweth and another reapeth.
I sent you to reap that whereon you bestowed no labour; other men laboured,
And you are entered into their labours.”
John 4; 37,38
Thus it is Fraternité who is the Sprit of Man wishing to incarnate in the House of
Economia, and it is Economic Science/Truth which is seeking a home in the House of
We are justified in saying that the economic realm reflects on earth the
realm of the Father, the Maker. From His realm was all made that is made.
“All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.”
John 1:3
In ancient Greece economics and politics first separated into recognisably different
spheres of activity; Economics was a labour of women, Politics a labour of men. This
separation allowed Democracy to be conceived and born in ancient Athens.
The Polis,
Politics, left the unified Household to give birth to Democracy.
Men give birth to
children of the mind only, women do both. This left the Eternal Feminine alone in the
Household and from this act of Ancient Athens we derive the names Economics and
Politics as descriptive of two spheres of activity whose separation, not union, gave birth to
infant Democracy. Economics from that time onwards also reflects what is said in the
body of this study, namely, Economics means household management by women. Access to
the realm of True economic science is via the concept of the Mother and Child.
children of the mind that men give birth to have a long maturation process in human
history and the „bodies‟ of their children are societal. The world we live in is indeed
shaped by men, its unnecessary chaos and suffering is also a product of men since the
female physical body has the capacity to produce out of suffering (labour) and the chaos
of matter a physical body for another living being.
Men, and now women, are tasked to
produce societal “bodies”, community “bodies” in which ideals can live harmoniously as the
human spirit lives within a human body.
Let us now turn to Politics, historically until the 20thC, the child of the immaculate
conception of men. Shorn of all rhetoric, ideology and obscurantism, Politics is simply a
form of decision-making for community. That is to say, Politics is about community. What
is the human ideal here? Equality, particularly equality before the Law. It matters not
whether a prince or a pauper breaks the law there is a penalty. This creates a „shelter‟ for
the human spirit. A right is nothing other than a community shelter. This ideal and
Democracy are closely related.
In its progress through history the human ideal of
equality, which is still very young in its democratic expression, reflects the growing
perception that the ongoing economic murder of Abel is wrong. Just as murder itself is
against the law and is recognised as such, so murder in all its societal forms is wrong.
Politics makes the laws that govern community. Surely this is the role of the head of the
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
A father or mother or both lay down the rules and transgressions have
consequences. Is this not also the realm of the Father? Until the entry of the Son into
human history this is the case. Here we must be disciplined in our thinking, for the path
to esoteric insight in this realm is straight and exceedingly narrow and it traverses that
road to Hell that is paved with good intentions.
Christ entered human history.
He became equally human with us and He suffered for
that equality. Christ is the true meaning of Equality for of course human beings are not
equal either in height, gifts, fears, social status, etc. Yet the sun shines equally on us all.
The sun-like Christ deed, the Incarnation, was the supreme act of Freedom, the supreme
act of Brotherhood with humanity and the supreme act that leads to The Mystery of the
God/Man, a mystery of equality and equivalence that is barely yet conceivable to any but
the Saints. Let us with temerity and the help of Maria Sophia attempt to approach this
It is a Mystery of Joseph. It can only be approached with the greatest reverence for it
lies in the relationship between the Madonna and Child and Joseph. Raphael, the painter,
captures this Mystery beautifully. The Madonna and her Child are equally human, as is
Joseph, but it is the Immaculate Joseph who enters this realm of Equality.
Immaculate Joseph is the Guardian of the Mystery of Equivalence, for a boy-child is born
and the father is the model for the boy and the boy is father of the man. The Father in
Heaven is the Father of the Child of the Madonna, the Father is the Model for Adam and
the Child born to Mary is the Adam of Man. It is through the Grace of the Holy Mother
that these things are revealed for our understanding and this is part of the Mysteries of
Light. This Grace now points us to the Son of Mary as a Man and to an event in His life.
We are pointed to another Maria Sophia, the sister of Lazarus. We are told in the
Gospels that Lazarus has two sisters, Mary and Martha.
Martha and Mary are both
bearers of Economia as outlined above. They maintain a House of the Lord. For without
this maintenance neither Jesus nor his disciples can work.
“Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son
of Man has no place to lay his head.”
Matthew 8;20
Yet by becoming equally human with us He had to lay His head, He had to eat, He had to
drink and He had to die. In these material needs we are equal.
“The Son of Man came eating and drinking..”
Matthew 11:19
Whereas we may each need differing quantities of food, drink and sleep nevertheless we
need them each and every one of us.
The Great Equaliser is Death. Here there is no
ambivalence about quantity. All living things die. Death rules the world of the living.
Christ enters human history to meet Death, for death exists only on earth. Heaven is
eternally living. Christ comes to destroy the equality of death because it is an Untruth.
Death is an Untruth, but an empirical reality.
That is his paradox.
Earthly death
processes are necessary for earthly life, within nature and within the human being. That
is why we must view Death as a spiritual being compassionately.
Death is the great
teacher, the great equaliser on earth and we, out of our own resources can never
overcome him. Death‟s equality is Stasis. Christ‟s equality is Love. As the sun shines
equally on our good and evil deeds on the earth, so shines Christ‟s Love for the earth and
humanity. Christ has overcome Death. What does this mean in terms of the Heavenly
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
Polis, the Heavenly Jerusalem?
It means Christ has met Death in all his domains-
physical, soul and spiritual (earth, hell, and being) and forgiven him, Christ has loved him
and transformed him, Christ has taken all forms of death into Himself even to the
planetary cosmic level and through the power given Him by the Father is the Resurrecting
and Life-Giving Cosmic Sun of Love which quickens the dead to life. The Way, the Truth
and the Life. As death rules in the land of the living, so Christ is now ruler in the land of
death, The Holy Land of the Heart.
Thus the equality of the Son is sun-like, life producing and loving. The equality of death is
like chains, static and imprisoning. Politics has a choice, a freedom. But it is Equality as a
love aspect of the Son of Man which seeks to incarnate in the House of Politics, and Love
of the People has always been the motive for democratic politics among those with social
conscience and the virtues of the politician – honesty, honour, openness and flexibility of
mind. Politicians need these virtues to develop the courage to redeem social evil, for true
politicians already see social evils.
Politics creates and can destroy community.
community of love is inclusive.
It can create inclusively or exclusively. The
Now we must return to Mary the sister of Lazarus, the Maria Sophia of this realm.
Around Christ, Martha represents the redeemed Cain and Mary the dead but now living
Abel. Lazarus represents humanity as a whole. The moment of Cain‟s redemption is given
in the Gospels. Lazarus/humanity is sick because it bears Cain‟s denial right down into the
physical economic. Christ has to await Martha‟s full and free recognition of His
Redemptive power. No man can represent Cain for Economia is already a feminine labour.
Then Christ pronounces the Healing Judgement; “Lazarus is dead.” Thus it falls to Martha
to bring the Fratricide and the Fraternity of Man for redemption, and it is Sorority that
is the means of Cain‟s redemption. Here Martha represents Marian Sorority. She cannot
yet represent Anthropos Sophia because Anthropos, human fraternity, and Lazarus
/humanity are dead and in the tomb. Women are sisters in the pain and suffering that
brings forth children. Behind Martha stands Holy Mary the Mother, and behind Her
stands Paradisal Eve, the Virgin Femininity. The Mother Mary in her capacity as Head of
the Household as conceived and enacted in Greece centuries before brings these two
offspring of human generations together both archetypally and as a soul/physical reality.
Spiritual Cain and his sister soul-image Martha are guided to Her Son, who waits for
reasons that are not human but Divine.
“Martha said unto Him I know that he (Lazarus) shall rise again at the last day…Jesus said
unto her, I am the Resurrection and the Life…and she said Yea Lord I believe that thou
art (the Resurrecting and Life-Giving ) the Christ, the Son of God which should come into
the world.” John 11; 20-27
The human thing to do is to rush to the dying brother; even the disciples see this and
struggle to comprehend. The Redemption of Cain leads to the Raising of Lazarus. The
redeemed Cain in Martha goes quickly to be reunited with the Abel in Mary, who is sitting
still, in stasis, and they speak in secret for “the Lord calleth..”, that is to say, through
Martha, the Abel in Mary is Quickened to Life, called to Him. Thus it is through Cain that
Abel is brought back to life and the deed of Cain, the murder of Abel, is redeemed.
Together Christ, Martha and Mary go now to the tomb of Lazarus/humanity. The sin of
the murder of Abel is historically forgiven by reuniting Cain and Abel in the sisters of
This is the illness that was killing Lazarus. For this Jesus Christ wept.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
Lazarus/humanity died. The sin was forgiven.
Christ Jesus raised Lazarus/Humanity
from the tomb of our own sin, from the death sentence that is fratricide in the economic
and all other realms.
Henceforth Lazarus/Humanity was a John, a Grace of God.
Lazarus John. Humanity is a John, therein lies our equality; we are all individually named
John by the Second Adam, the Son of God, Jesus Christ our Saviour and Redeemer.
Shortly thereafter they are back in a House of the Lord maintained by Mary and Martha.
“There they made him a supper which Martha ministered, and Lazarus was one of them
that was at the table with Him.” John 12; 2
The redeemed Cain in Martha and the now living Abel in Mary are working together in the
preparation of daily bread in the Spirit of Truth about economic life.
“Then Mary took a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of
Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the (healing)
perfume of ointment.” John 12; 3
What are we seeing here? Simple gratitude on the part of Martha and Mary? An act of
devotion on the part of Mary? Yes all that but so much more: we are seeing an esoteric
and profoundly deep Truth enacted and confirmed. The working together of Martha and
Mary fills the house with healing perfume. They are the economic future. The working of
Cain and Abel, the economic past, must follow in the footsteps of Mary and Martha who
follow in the footsteps of their brother Lazarus John, who follows in the footsteps of
Christ Jesus.
The price is high; Mary and Martha had no fear in expending 1 year‟s
household budget on spikenard and its symbolic meaning and empirical effect. In Islamic
legend Spikenard was the tree from which the first Adam ate. This anointing of the feet
of the Second Adam with the spikenard of the First Adam symbolises among other things
that the sin of the First Adam and his descendants Cain and Abel is forgiven in and
through the Second Adam, not as a promise but as a fact, as deed performed. The
spikenard is not a luxury but a necessity. The anointing of the feet of Christ Jesus with
spikenard is in actuality spiritual sustenance ministered by Abel as he lives in Mary and
Mary as she lives in Abel. The tears which wash the feet prior to this Deed are the
Tears of the Mother and Son which become the Flame of Tears of The Shepherds Fire.
The light cast by this Flame enables us to see again, by Grace of Mother Mary, the basic
economic fact exposed previously in this study.
This time we see it from out of the
realm of the Son, the Celestial Polis/Jerusalem
“And herein is that saying true, One soweth and another reapeth. I sent you to reap that
whereon you bestowed no labour; other men laboured, and ye are entered into their
labours.” John 4; 37,38
The labour of a full agricultural year, 300 denarii, anoints the “I am “of The Bread of Life.
It is at this point that Judas enters.
“Then said one of his disciples Judas Iscariot, Simon‟s son, which should betray him, Why
was not this ointment sold for 300 denarii, and given to the poor? This he said, not that
he cared for the poor but because he was a thief, and had the purse and it was laid bare
to him what was put therein.” John 12; 4-6
In other words Judas had a failure of consciousness.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
He could not rise to level of Christ
consciousness of Mary, Martha and Lazarus John. He was a thief because this failure
robbed him of the light of understanding and this lack of understanding, this darkness, in
turn prompted him to try to turn back time: to take the Household Purse out of the hands
of the women and back into the hands of men, to deny the historical reality of Ancient
Greece and the part of the intellectual soul which is love and which gave birth to politics
and the infant democracy, „he cared not for the poor‟. This failure of consciousness of
Judas is the beginning of the Agony of Gethsemane and would eventually affect all the
Judas‟ denial leads to Peter‟s denials; all are failures of consciousness,
specifically the failure to recognise the Redemption of Cain and the again living Abel, and
ultimately the Power of Resurrection and Life of the Second Adam. Not that Peter did
not recognise the Christ, but that his Christ consciousness had not caught up with the
deed of Christ that is the Raising of Lazarus. The denials of Judas and Peter mark the
beginning and end intensity of this dimming of Christ consciousness in the male disciples
that would not brighten again until Pentecost. Only the consciousness of His Mother and
her ministering sisters accompanied Him fully to the cross and this is revealed in the Pieta
of Michelangelo and in the Gospel of St.John.
At the foot of the Cross christian esotericism sees in “the disciple standing by, whom he
loved” Lazarus John, Raised Humanity. From the Cross come the words heard by three
“Woman behold thy son!” “Son behold thy mother”
When from that moment this new son takes her into his own home, it is the House of The
Lord appearing in the essence of humanity, the realm of Freedom, Liberté et Libération,
the home of the human spirit and the Holy Spirit.
We are therefore justified in thinking of the realm of the Son as that realm concerned
with community and with universal humanity and with Equality, Egalité as described here.
It is universal humanity both as quality of soul and as a societal expression of itself that
wants to incarnate more fully in the House of Politics and that means that Politics is about
social conscience, and social conscience is about love and that we already know. What we
do not seem to know is that the Deeds of Love do not include killing.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
Freedom, Liberté et Libération
The home of freedom is the human spirit and the human spirit is at home in freedom.
“So come all ye at hame with freedom
Never heed what the hoodies croak for doom
In oor hoose all the bairns o‟ Adam
Will find breid, barley bree and painted rooms”
Hamish Henderson (1919-2002)
The Holy Spirit is also at home in Freedom and Freedom, the essence of Man, is at home in
the Spirit. For there is no House of Freedom other than the Body and Soul of Life.
Freedom is about the distinction between the house and the home.
All spiritual,
scientific, cultural, religious life arises out of the freedom living in humanity. As do all
wars, all destruction, all evil done on earth. That is the human wonder and tragedy. The
highest and universal community of humanity is the community of free spirits; nothing
binds them to each other but a shared Love of Freedom. What links the spirit to the body
but the soul. The soul is fundamentally religious in the pure etymological meaning of the
word, re-legare, to rejoin to reunite. All religions are Holy; religions are the holy souls of
humanity. In the sphere beyond the economic and the political – the cultural sphere- is
everything produced by the human spirit from the theorem of Pythagoras to the
microchip. This manifests on earth as everything man builds and has built for himself
from time immemorial: from huts to computers, and includes all political and economic
The exceptions are synagogues, churches, mosques, temples and altars.
These are not necessary for life on earth; these are not built for the earth but for
heaven. All this arises out of the freedom given to the First Adam and his descendents.
Out of the stream of Cain arises natural science and technology, out of the stream of
Abel arises spiritual science and technique. Cain murders Abel, but Abel does not
disappear in the human soul, he remains in stasis. This is the beginning and source of
christian Esotericism in the West. The hidden Abel stream; the visible Cain stream. In
the Old Testament they are moving towards the confluence of the waters that is the New
Testament, the Gospels, and the Good News. And it is John of Patmos, the representative
of John Humanity, the disciple whom the Lord loves who puts both hands into this living
confluences of waters and baptises the future of humanity. That baptism he performed.
It is the Revelation of John or The Apocalypse. It is at one and the same time the
Baptism in Fire and Sacramental Bread (the Holy Spirit), the Blood and the Body. Again
we must be absolutely disciplined in thought here, for St John does not brook fools lightly
and true thinking entails consequences. Due to the Raising of Lazarus the Redeemed Cain
is re-joined to his brother who is restored to him. Henceforth Cain lives in Abel and Abel
in Cain in the Second Adam. Islam has such a clear and beautiful perception of this
Mystery of Equivalence concerning Cain and Abel which is why only Islam has produced
moral banking in the modern world, and why after the economic crash only Islamic banking
remains standing true to God, “christian” banking is back to business as usual under the
guidance of the Myth of the Self-made Man.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
John the Baptist baptised the Past, human evolution, into its Eternal Present. John the
Apocalypse baptises the far future also into Man‟s Eternal Present. But man lives in an
evolving present. The two John baptisms are in linear time; this stretches back beyond
John the Baptist into the far mists of Time and in front of John of The Apocalypse into
the far, far future. In the human soul the past and the future meet in the form of hope.
Hope is the point on the line where all pasts and all futures meet. But human beings live in
an evolving present not a static present. Who then baptises the present from out Eternal
Time? Peter the Rock. Peter baptises continually and furthermore he baptises each
individually. John the Baptist baptised only once at this level by bringing humanity‟s entire
spiritual and earthly history to the Jordan where it descended on Jesus of Nazareth in
the form of a dove; John the Apocalypse baptises also only once, the Apocalypse was
written only once and its symbol the Eagle, is the rising phoenix, but Peter the Rock
baptises continually. St John the Baptist, St John and St Peter all dip their hands into
the same Holy Water and they form their hands into cups with which to bring the Water
of Life, the Baptismal water to humanity. Through Christ this water is changed into wine
for the sake of Lazarus, Judas son of Simon and Simon Peter. It was Simon who asked for
and heard given this Petrine Blessing on behalf of us all. For we are all Judas till we
become Johns but there is only one Peter, only one rock, and only one Earth on which we
are all called John. Peter‟s Baptism has no symbol, it is actual, the Eucharist. Symbolically
it can be represented by Salt (bread) and Water (wine) but equally salt can represent
blood, indeed blood tastes salty so it need not represent it since it is it. Equally Salt and
Water can symbolically represent the clear fluid and the salty blood which flowed from
the Wound to the Heart, but again blood is salty so need not represent itself.
Salt+Water+Earth (grain)+Fire = unleavened bread.
John and John work in linear time, the horizontal, Peter works out of eternal time, from
above to below, from Heaven, perpetually re-uniting it with Earth. The Johns represent
the redeemed Cain; Peter represents Abel who never needed redemption, the good
shepherd. On this rock Christ built, on Peter whom Christ Jesus Himself named. This
works down through the realms of the Heavenly Hierarchies to Earth perpetually, the
recognition of which is the greatest human freedom imaginable.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
If we now return to Maria Sophia and ask who is the Gospel figure through whom Spiritual
Science, Christian Cosmosophy, works then the answer is the brother of Simon Peter,
Andrew, The Protokletos. This is the first man called by Christ to walk from the water of
John‟s Baptism to the Baptism in Fire and the Holy Spirit which is Christ‟s Baptism.
Andrew, the Protokletos, Christ founded His Science, the Science which preceded the
redemption of Cain ; Cain from whom all earthly science and technology has progressed in a
steady stream up until our days.
What arose from the tomb of Lazarus was also
Resurrected Science; it received in Lazarus its blessing, Lazarus John,(Christian
Rosecross as Christian esotericists know him) the Beloved Blessing of Humanity. Science
henceforth, no matter the appearances to the contrary or the howls of protest by
materialismus, is the work of Andrew the Protokletos, Lazarus John and Christ Himself.
Christian Esotericism is founded by Christ on Andrei, the man of courage, the true man,
the manly man. Christian Esotericism and Hermeticism know Lazarus John as Christian
Rosecross, and know Andrew the Protokletos only in his philosophical manifestation Andro-
Sophia, for John the Apocalypse allows no man of impure heart or mind near Mary, the
mother of Jesus.
Clarification of this highest and purest Mystery of the Son of Man is the Apocalypse of
John and is the Life Working of the Protokletos. In the 19 th and 20th centuries, in the
density of materialism, came the prototypical and protokletian spiritual scientist of the
future and into the depths of the beginnings of technological warfare, the “clean” and
automatic killing machines so beloved of the followers of Herod and Pilate, he poured
Apocalyptic Truth. This man was Dr. Rudolf Steiner. He laid the philosophical base with
his work The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity,(Freedom) in the 19th C. and worked
tirelessly for the Redemption of Science in all its branches thereafter. Had his followers
had the capacities or the will to develop them to the required degree then it is entirely
possible that the Second World War and the most appalling mass human sacrifice in all
human history could have been avoided, for men are free to choose only when they are
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
awake and perceiving.
The reality is that Steiner wanted no followers, he wanted
“understanders”, those willing to “stand under” Andrei-os. He was one of those brothers,
the free courageous true man who goes entirely his own way to Christ when called; he was
an Andrei. He freely gave up his academic philosophical and scientific work for the work
of representing Protokletos in the modern age. In his wake will come a long line of
Christian Esotericists and Hermeticists and Spiritual Scientists to assist their Patron
Saint, Andrew Protokletos, in his loving task of ministering to the needs of his first
brother, Peter the Rock, and through Peter to all the Apostles. Furthermore Rudolf
Steiner made public the training of esotericists and hermeticists so that any human being
could follow Protokletos. As a result of this occultists, obscurantists, lovers of political
and economic secrets, ideologues and assorted other madmen pursued him all his adult life
and several attempts were made on his life.
For the Truth is that the followers of
Andrew Protokletos are willing servants of Peter the Rock who guides the Holy Spirit from
Heaven to Earth perpetually under the guidance of the Risen Christ.
Through the Andropos Sophia of this man, Rudolf Steiner, the “ground plan” of the New
Jerusalem and its human architects Lazarus John, John the Apocalypse, and ChristJesus
Himself was revealed. What is guarded and will always be guarded is the Future. No man,
esotericist or otherwise will be permitted to steal the future from the Woman and Child
clothed in the sun, moon and stars, for it is John Apocalypse himself and all his followers
past, present and future in Heaven and on Earth who hold the Keys of the Kingdom of the
Holy Land of the Heart, and it is John Apocalypse alone who opens and seals again the
Book of Resurrected Science in the presence of Andrei Protokletos and it is Andrei
Protokletos who receives his Holy Instructions from Peter the Rock who was given the
Keys of All Kingdoms of the Earth by Christ Jesus himself and who opens perpetually the
Blessed Scripture in the Name of God the Father on earth, God the Son on earth and God
the Holy Spirit on earth.
What is commonly called Anthroposophy nowadays by those who created a Society around
RS is the result of a complete failure to understand what is contained in his master work
The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, (otherwise known as The Philosophy of Freedom) an
academic work completed before he left the spirit of academia. He repeated many times
to the deaf ears of the 20thC. both outside and inside the Society that all his later work
and production was on this foundation.
He himself was never a member of the
Anthroposophical Society, nor did he found it. He was a member of the Theosophical
Society until it became clear that its leaders could not or would not see and acknowledge
the Western Esoteric Tradition in its own right. Prior to this he had sought, with his later
wife (but continuous co-worker) Marie von Sivers, to bring Andro Sophia into the Masonic
stream where St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland and Russia would be able to guide it
through the Scottish Rite with its 33 degrees.
The resistance was enormous and
complete; for Masons resisted any Sophia being intruding upon their cosy ignorance. It
was clear to Steiner and von Sivers that that route was hopeless; by then it was no longer
Freemasonry but a boys club with no serious christian esoteric intent, at least in middle
The only thing Rudolf Steiner founded was an Esoteric Schooling and that at the behest
of St Michael, the Archangel, the inspirer of courage, through 3 representatives of Maria
Sophia, his wife Marie von Sivers and his co-workers; the medical doctor Ita Wegman, and
the astronomer Elizabeth Vreede. He had by the First World War stopped all esoteric
schooling and resorted to architecture, the arts, science and technology to try to advance
the cause of Andrei Protokletos.
This attempt ended with the burning of his
architectural masterpiece, The House of the Word; on New Year‟s Eve 1922/23. From
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
the ashes of this setback he again attempted a New Esoteric School at the behest of St
Michael who then guided the last year or so of his life. This Divinely inspired project
remained barely a fragment and he died with only a fraction of it complete. He was
showing the world what is also contained in this study, Andrei Protokletos at
work,(Andropos Sophia), in order to avert the catastrophes looming in the 20thC from out
man‟s separation from the world of the spirit; man‟s irreligiousness. For this reason and
this alone he decided to become president of a re-founded Anthroposophical Society since
the first AS founded by those who chose to leave the Theosophical Society with him had
failed miserably. He inaugurated this amid the ruins of his building during Christmas
1923, and into it he hoped to found the Esoteric School of St Michael which he would call
The Free High School of Spiritual Science based on the university model. It was not to
be. The anthroposophists did not want such a school; they had plenty to be going on with
from his countless lectures and few books. He died with only the smallest fraction of the
School of St Michael appearing within the Anthroposophical Society. This Society has no
ownership over the Esoteric School of St. Michael, or even now over the fragment of
lessons given to the High School by Rudolf Steiner since copyright has now run out.
Andropos Sophia demands Truth, Spiritual Science demands Truth, science in all forms
demands truth. Andrei Protokletos is a being whose heart is The Truth.
“.. I can impart no more esoteric a saying to you than:
Christ is seeing us.”
Rudolf Steiner, Dornach 1915
The AS failed to incorporate its beating heart and living breath – basic, ordinary human
compassion- essentially a failure Steiner described in his sociological lectures as a failing
of the middle classes arising out of the inhumanity of the industrial revolution from which
they arose. This failure resulted in the First WW and the Russian Revolution. In other
words, the middle classes allowed their Cain to murder Abel and denied any responsibility –
Malthusianism as justification.
Rudolf Steiner and many other true Christian
esotericists and hermeticists completely unknown to the Anthroposophical Society worked
tirelessly to waken up humanity, and into the aftermath of the First WW he placed the
small book, The Threefold Commonwealth, in the hope that the leading classes, politicians,
generals, capitalists etc would grasp the truth. Simultaneously he was working as sculptor
on his carved masterpiece the 9 metre high statue of the Sons of Man which he called The
Representative of Humanity. This work was an artistic co-operative venture, a concept
Steiner worked all his art work through, as was the painting of the interior of his first
and only building. His building was externally a modest but technologically beautiful and
accomplished building in the architectural style of his time and standing somewhere
between MacKintosh‟s Glasgow School of Art and Gaudi‟s Sagrada Familia, beautiful
functionalism married to sacred necessity. The building was completed and worked on by
builders and artists of all the warring nationalities of the First WW and was then torched
by the enemies of Peace working through a madman.
Only his woodcarving was rescued
from the flames of this conflagration. He foresaw in these flames a further and more
horrendous conflagration to come – a new crucifixion of Christ and John Humanity, as it
turned out, through His Innocent and Most Beloved People, Christ Jesus parental stream –
the enormity of which he expended the rest of his life trying to avert.
The Truth of these matters is that wilful ignorance is an abomination and we are all born
ignorant and remain woefully ignorant, but in each and every life the Holy Spirit always
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
ensures there are many free choices and opportunities to be called. Ignorance is not a
sin, wilful ignorance is an abomination. What happened in the world during the 20thC is
that Abomination came to earth to live.
The mass murder of Jews, Gypsies,
Homosexuals, Incapacitated, and other innocents by “clean” technological means is the
Archetypal Pilate Deed.
It says, “There is no blood on our hands, they are a technical
hindrance needing a final solution because they drain resources and offend the eye.
Indeed their poverty of morals, hygiene, understanding etc is an offence to the eye; let us
rid ourselves of them. Let us loose eternal hell on the earth and burn them in clean fast
burning ovens. Let us be economic and make useful things from them beforehand, things
like experimental animals for science, lampshades and leather for craftwork, let us make
their teeth into the new dollar and hide it in the lust for bullion and the artworks and the
property we have stolen, for we may have need of it in the future and let us use their
ashes for some useful purpose like cement or fertiliser ”
The anti-dote to this soul sickness was given 2010 years ago and has always been available.
In the 20thC Rudolf Steiner gave it in spiritual scientific form. Alas his followers failed
to distribute it. Instead they wasted their time building a mausoleum to him, against his
public instruction during the Christmas Re-Founding meeting of 1923. All that remained
of his first building was the concrete foundation and the statue. He alone would
incorporate these foundations into a new building he planned to build totally in concrete.
Concrete is an Alchemical substance and at that time an innovative leader in the
construction industry both in its own terms and in technological terms. This would have
been a marriage of Christian Rosicrucian Alchemy with its materiality, a totally alchemical
building. The architect‟s intention was again to produce a building marrying functionalism
with, this time, spiritual scientific and technological activity, artistic activity and a new
esoteric school. The alchemical building material concrete would form the whole building
and he himself would guide the technology and technique of the production of flowing
concrete forms for he alone was esoterically capable. Into this House of Resurrected
Science he would incorporate the remnants of The House of The Word. He died before
anything but foundations were laid. Almost immediately his followers chose to ignore his
instructions and themselves built, not the building the architect intended for only he could
build it, but a mausoleum which in the 1980‟s had to close its doors to any more ashes of
dead anthroposophists being crammed into it.
The statue occupied an upper room
surrounded by the ashes of dead followers, which says it all.
The rationale for this
absurdity was that the carving had been attacked by a madman, a fate that also befell
Dali‟s St John of the Cross. That did not prevent Glasgow City Council having the painting
repaired and put back on public display, after all what harm can a madman do a 9metre
woodcarving? The interior is entirely the work of his followers, as is the exterior, so it is
at the very least disingenuous to call a mausoleum on a hill “Steiner‟s second building” when
the intention was to build on Dornach hill a New Acropolis in the middle of Europe for the
confluence of the waters of science, art and religion. No second public building, Polis, of
Steiner‟s exists on earth. The christian esotericists and hermeticists of the Athens of
the North were shattered at the betrayal and the followers of Andrew Protokletos,
inspired by St Michael and St Andrew vowed in the Heavenly St Michael School and on
earth that Truth Will Forever Prevail over the destiny of this man, this most courageous
of brothers.
The soul sickness has not gone from humanity, the political economy of Pilate and Herod
haunts the world killing innocent and guilty alike without conscience. Those who failed to
slay Goliath chose to substitute Saddam Hussein, whom they had created themselves as
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
the diversion. The most pathetic figure in the whole sorry enterprise is Tony Blair the
British Prime Minister of the day and now UN Envoy to the Middle East who displays an
astonishing capacity to believe in fairy tales and myths about tyrants inhabiting far lands
and threatening his land with missiles made of hot air and technology that his
predecessor, and therefore he himself in political opposition (along with his pals in the US)
sold to the said tyrant. Such astonishing naivety or culpability is not good in a politician.
Like all his ilk who base politics on belief rather than social conscience the means justify
the ends; in other words they contribute to perpetual bloodshed whether their ideology is
of right or left or middle, whether their ism is capitalism or communism or threefoldism,
whether their belief is scientism, fundamentalism, or egoism.
In deed, I say to you all personally, the gold wrenched from the mouths of the innocent
and used to make the new dollar has brought crashing down the obscene and grotesque
mockery of world economy. For human life is spiritual gold without price and only the
Politics of Herod and the Political Economy of Pilate fail to see this in their lust for power.
It cannot be spoken how profound is the depth of the debt humanity owes to all those who
walked with the dignity, beauty and innocence of Christ Jesus into the horrendous ovens
of the eternal hell of man‟s inhumanity to man. It is hard to believe that there are those
who choose freely eternal damnation of their own humanity; but lust for power and greed
for gold know no mercy.
In the banks of the west it is business as usual, panic over; in the chambers of politics is a
hush of cancerous guilt at the failure to slay Goliath, the Self-Made Man; in the Holy Land
of the Heart the architects have spoken, the drawings have been revealed, the labourers
are at work and the New Jerusalem is descending. The Field of Blood is already
excavated, the foundations already poured. The Apprenticeship has left harbour and all
are on board.
May you dear reader live to play your part, and may the enemies of Peace wail and gnash
their golden teeth to dust which we will scatter with joy in the Holy Akeldama of the Holy
New Jerusalem.
Esoteric resistance to the machinations of evil requires only the courage of christian
esotericists and hermeticists to look alchemically or humanly at the blood on Christ‟s Face
or His Feet or His Hands or His Heart, the angels and the saints take care of the rest:
this RS told to Ita Wegman on his deathbed and when she asked if he had any message
for the anthroposophists he turned his face to the wall.
The saints on earth are all those who pray, and it is by grace of those praying saints of
every religion that christian esotericists and hermeticists live at all, for out of the
prayers and the goodness in every church, mosque, synagogue, temple and lonely altar
those doomed to spiritual science are saved.
May God bless and comfort all those mothers whose sons and daughters are dying at this
very moment at the behest of Herod and Pilate. May we be Ruthless with ourselves so
that we fear not to be Ruthless with the enemies of Peace, that Truth may increase from
what our hearts would found and our heads direct with single purpose. Amen.
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010
For those wishing a forensic insight into the workings of the Spirit of Haste and his role in the Iraq
war I recommend watching the video of Blair‟s testimony to the Chilcot Inquiry and then comparing this
with the testimony of Clare Short also to the Inquiry. Available on the internet.
For those who don‟t speak Scots, Hame is Home, Hoodies are Black Crows, Hoose is House, a‟ is all,
Bairns are Children, Breid is Bread, Barley Bree is Water of Life and Painted Rooms is The Aesthetics
of Economics
The front cover painting is The Risen Christ as The White Horse of Columba, The Fifth Horseman of
The Apocalypse by the author 1986
The House of the Word
The House of Resurrected Science, The Free Acropolis
The Raising of Lazarus
Duccio di Buoninsegna 1319
Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie 2010

The Mystery of the Kindness of Strangers

The Mystery of the Kindness of Strangers

We know change is at hand. Brutal, unexpected, demanding, yet … meaningful.

If we build our world picture from the individual outward, with each I-Spark living their rite of passage, in an individual Way, we might notice that all of us are surrounded by chaos, yet not alone.

The relationships vary. Family. Workplace. School. Church. Hideout. Jail cell. Monastery, Trees, and the Green World. Some complex combination of interactions, each with is own level of familiarity, and surprise – both wanted and unwanted.

A football player kneels and loses his job. Another faces the riddle of where and when do I quit while ahead, a virtue displayed by the cartoonist Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbs. A third NFL quarterback doesn’t want the jab, and becomes a social pariah.

On a larger scale, the world is interconnected politically and economically (the above connections are spiritual), and we see for ourselves that tides of change bear many of us to places we never before could have imagined.

A plague is a fire that somehow needs to burn itself out, yet … one day at a time and one person at time. Chaos and disorder are increasing, while various leaders seem mostly trying to cling to the what-once-was, … and keep their jobs.

The true new normal is abnormality. Be your own kind of not “normal”.

In these times it is not possible to avoid meeting strangers, to whom we also are an oddity-unknown. Many encounters repeat. We go to a store, or a doctor’s office, or a bar, and in each place there are the casual touchings. Not of the physical material kind, but of spirit, of eye contact, of words and expressions exchanged.

Often we are grateful. A waitress gets of true tip, as she attends to needs as a mediator between kitchen and table. Social kindnesses appear. Or not.

What we tend not to know is what kind of day the “stranger-other” is having. If it is as weird and difficult as was ours, perhaps sympathetic civility reacquires its virtues. “Have a nice day” is a goodness to wish for us all.

At home, or at work, there are “relationships”, often ones born in the games of power and status. Other relationships we share, all having been created by the Mystery of She has the whole world in His Hands.

There are places where the street lights are shot out on a regular basis, crime needing darkness. What secrets live in the black hole of a banker’s heart?

We have a cliche`, absence makes the heart grow fonder. The Plague Mystery separates us. Makes connection more difficult, which then makes our hunger and need for connection deeper.

The technological manifestations have allowed people all over the planet to connect, in ways a century ago would have been impossible. An African “prince”, a mask for a conman surfing the internet for lonely women, … a robo-call on our telephone, suggesting we should worry, yet is designed to trick us into giving personal information, which finds its way into the economy of hacker-thieves … a cold call at our house, from someone claiming to be able to fix the roof, or the driveway …

“Social Networks” is what we call the electronic medium in which many seek connection. Connections of I-sparks to otherness I-sparks can be harsh, terrible, and awfully difficult. Think of the private prisons, the torture, the traffic in young girls, and the black markets in organs, often involving the death of someone thought never to be missed, … at least officially.

When you see a stranger, or even more important an intimate, consider re-imagining their past, their biography, parents, siblings, jobs, lovers, children, and even when we don’t see ourselves in the other’s tale, we might remind ourselves that they are having just as unique an odyssey, as we are ourselves.

William Gibson, who gave us the word/idea cyberspace, observed in one of his novels, via a character speaking to a young friend: “Here’s how it is. There’s the crazy rich and powerful, not many of them. Then there is us, the poor and many too many. At the edges, of where the two groups interact, we get crime.”

Wendt sez: People who believe in karma and reincarnation often don’t seem to think the implications through. That list we might have of awful people we refuse to like, or people somehow less spiritual than us, … they are – with the just consent of the Mystery, … like us … immortal. All is immortal.

The connections we make are the effective creative social law. There is no right or perfect way to be or think. We can build bridges, or run away in justifiable terror.

The world is a whole, one religion, one science, one art, one people … one Rite. How? Why? What? We all will die. We are born, and then we die. We leave the sky-homes of the spirit (the stars), for a temporary journey into a material existence. It rains on the just and the unjust. Rogue weather, by the way, that’s Her.

We’ve been doing this a while. Debts are owed. Consequences follow.

For some specifics, consider what some might call: “the War on Drugs”.

Each of us is entitled to our own drugs (consciousness adjustments) of choice. Self-medication is required, because nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen.

For even more specifics, lets look at the oxycodone epidemic. I am presently seeking a physician that will prescribe it to me. Knees bone on bone. Been that way for a long time – chronic pain is the euphemism.

Another person might grow up in unimaginable and brutal poverty, midst lawlessness. Drugs become a necessity, petty crime a survival instinct.

The best idea/concept I’ve run into on what is “addiction” goes like this: We want to change an inner state. We use a substance to bring about that change. We are capable of changing the inner state ourselves. If we surrender that choice to the substance, addiction is one way to see the result.

Except …

Caffeine, alcohol, watching porn, going to church, seeking and getting wealth and power, shopping, sex, … being human means having to manage your very uniquely-normal life of troubles and woes. Still-waters run deep. In the new Matt Damon movie: “Stillwater”, the observation, well documented and yet amazing all the same: “Life is brutal”.

Anyone want to disagree?

No wonder human beings want to drown their sorrows, and all songs are about love and loss. Art takes the brutal and redeems it as poetry.

I had a dream/nightmare, early this morning.

I had a dream/nightmare, early this morning.

There were two main features. One was a very tall ladder, which I had to climb, but first I needed to prepare a couple of meals to carry up the ladder. I prepped a couple of plates worth, very carefully, and with excellent presentation. Yet, I was surrounded by folks doing a lot of running around, and they soon bumped into my plates, and brought disarray.

First the food become disordered, and then as the bumping continued, the result was that the meal was soon adorning the floor.

On waking I felt this horrible depression, something with which I am familiar, and which I knew I would soon exorcise. That aspect of the three-fold double complex, which Tomberg called “the prosecutor”, was painting darkness in my soul, suggesting that the last two decades of my life had been wasted, trying to climb the ladder of approval of my fellow Steiner students.

The books and essays and blogs have been written, but what was the point, sang this spectre. No one reads your work, … you are a failure.

Experience has taught me that this type of spectre, common to us all, means to provide resistance, and to steer us away from future works and efforts, by casting a dark blanket of doubt over all that we are, and have sought to do.

Then I remembered that my son was making a film of me and my work, which I had suggested be called: “Nobody knows my name”. The spectre would have me feel lost at sea, and incapable of surviving. It also is a sign, for the stronger the attack, the more we know that we are on the right course.

As a physical counter, I took five mg of sativa edible, and sat down to write. I had the night before thought to write something on the order of: “Don’t you just want – on occasion – to blow a lot of shit up?”

This idea had come to me as I continued to watch the world seemingly falling to pieces, and being ruled by multinational soulless egregores, who owned most of the politicians … too many of these people we needed them to be the something they promised, yet never delivered to us – their citizens. Promises, yes. Wise actions, no.

I find that when I feel this way, it is helpful to imagine seriously screwing those who having won public office, for they are actually mostly evil, and without a doubt work for the devil.

Part of me then imagines that I seek and gain the skills of a serious sniper. After which I hunt them, exploding their heads from two thousand yards out, … sort of a hand of god, in a sacrament of justice. I wrote a longish short story once, about this: “Counting Coup – a rainbow warrior story”

I have another such fantasy, where I acquirer a fifty caliber long rifle, that can shoot incendiary rounds, mixed in with more of the explosive kinds. The incendiary rounds are visible and help one sight-in on the corporate boardrooms I intended to assault, for the pleasure of it.

I shoot from a large van, with other gear inside it. The long rifle/machine gun needs only a small hole for viewing, and after few thousand rounds, setting the high office building on fire, I drive away to my safe house, to savor on TV the results.

Another favorite fantasy, involves me jumping through the TV, knocking the offending idiot to the ground, sitting on their chest, and bitch-slapping them over and over again, until they wake up.

One could argue that such thoughts are themselves evil, and to succumb to them is to lose one’s sense of morality. My view is that they are purgative, and a needed aspect of our soul life. Our appetites have wisdom, and can only be mastered when we recognize their intrinsic value. Doing the right thing often means to do a wrong thing.

As to the Mystery, the Gods&Goddesses, They do not have a reputation for fairness, if we attend to the ancient tales. Capricious, arbitrary, seductive, and shamelessly dishonest, when it pleases Them. The more heroic we want to be, the more They rain down fire and brimstone.

If we are honest, some of the pilots riding planes into towers, had no real power over the International egregores and their puppets. They can’t produce a 23 million dollar drone, that shoots 7 thousand dollar hellfire missiles, at wedding parties, hoping to murder a man in a turban, with the children and mothers mere collateral damage.

If we think about it, our fantasies of destruction and vengeance are quite mild, when compared to what human beings actually do.

I’ll be 81, December 23rd. Lived from before the bomb and after. Had lovers, tried to raise babies into adults, and too many jobs. I also have a curse, which masks itself as a gift.

Thoughts jump in my head. Some dance, others throw stones. Riddles have come, and gone, with solutions that at least satisfy me.

Thoughts and writing are the only tools I have. “Jump” is meant quite literally. Imagine a classroom with a bunch of children raising their hands and yelling: “Write me down. Its my turn”.

What I have learned to trust is best described as being on/in a river, that sometimes is placid and slow, and other times dangerous and confusing. We can’t always see this river of thought as filled only with light, given that it clearly is not.

I have/had an elder brother, five years older. He’s passed now, about three years ago. When he got in his ‘70’s, he did two sorts of actions, which I found instructive, which is why I share them.

To keep his mind active, he took up a riddle never before explored. In his case he started to study the literature of pyramids on Mars and the Moon, as well as explanations for how UFO’s might actual work, if we let our ideas of physics not be limits, just doors to possibilities.

To keep his body active, he took up building stuff. In his case, one of several over those years – involved making models that could do movements, such that he spent some time, for example, trying to make birds that flew out of balsa-wood and rubber bands.

Hobbies with handwork are meditative. Unanswered questions provocative. Pitfalls, on the Way, normal and merely human.

To me it is a wonder that what the Mystery wants most, is for us to invent ourselves; and, that in all the juicy details, each of us is one of a kind.

Platonist Confusion

Platonist Confusion

Dancing with a Partner, uncertain about who should lead, and the Mystery of the Primeval Darkness, … and the Light.

Rudolf Steiner is said to have spent a day walking the caves and waters of Dornach, before agreeing that this should be the place. I have read that Marie Steiner said that next morning, when he woke up, she had never seen such an anguished facial expression. What did he dream? The Burning of the Goetheanum? The Christmas Conference? His own death? World War Two?

The failure of all that he had striven to accomplish?

Did he have a meeting with Ahriman?

Without the darkness, there is no light, yet in the Prelude to the John Gospel we read: “And in the darkness the light is shinning, and the darkness never got hold of it.”

My friend, Stephen Clarke, early on in our relationship, suggested to me that in Genesis, the word Dark has two meanings. The first more “primeval”: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth; the earth was waste and void; the darkness covered the abyss, and the spirit of God was stirring above the waters.”

then: “God said, “Let there be light: and there was light. God saw that the light was good. God separated the light from the darkness, calling the light Day and the darkness Night. And there was the evening and morning, the first day.”

“… the earth was waste and void; the darkness covered the abyss, and the spirit of God was stirring above the waters.”

That’s the Primeval Darkness. Ordinary darkness comes after the light was created. “God saw the light was good. God separated the light from the darkness.”

The Mayan priests counted “Days”, because that change from Day to Night was the primary cyclic event. The Emerald Tablet has these words (translation by Issac Newton):

“It is true without lying, certain and most true.
That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that is below
to do the miracles of one only thing
And as all things have been and arose from one by the mediation of one:
so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

The Sun is its father,
the moon its mother,
the wind hath carried it in its belly,
the earth is its nurse.
The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.
Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.

Separate thou the earth from the fire,
the subtle from the gross
sweetly with great industry.
It ascends from the earth to the heaven
and again it descends to the earth
and receives the force of things superior and inferior.
By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world
and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force.
For it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.
So was ye world created.
From this are and do come admirable adaptations
where of the means is here in this.

Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist,
having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world
That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.”

Shamans study both the Primeval Dark, and the ordinary dark. When we meet the Mother face to face, She is Primeval Darkness, co-creatrix with the Son, who is the Light without the darkness.

This ordinary darkness sings in our appetites, the three chakras below the heart. The corresponding light is the trans-rational seeking of the three chakras above the heart.

Knocking on my mind is the image from the workman at the Goetheanum, of the “masters” gliding in colored veils, in and around the hills and open spaces Dornach. Whispering in my heart is the riddle of whether any of the workers were gypsies, people of the sight, and predicting the future via cards, and crystal balls.

People closer to the wild, the earth, and the passions.


Can we understand the world in which we live, and not seek to understand the darkness as well? Can we “own” the own darkness? Do we need to own this mystery, as it appears right before us every day and night?

When I first started hanging out in a large anthroposophical community, Fair Oaks, CA, where Rudolf Steiner College is, and the Faust Branch manifested, I noticed certain odd phenomena.

Common social rites of Americans, such as the cocktail party, or backyard barbecues, did not happen. Once, at the end of a Faust Branch meeting, where only one European was the leader, and rest were Americans, who had just had remarkable conversations, such that one red-headed man suggested we hold hands. Rene Q, the “leader”, spoke and said, “No, we don’t do that here”.

Then there were the Holy Nights events, were we Americans were taught how to sing German Christmas songs, in German.

When I returned to Fair Oaks, after being absent for 21 years, the same people were running the Branch, and were doing the same things.

I was then with Kelly Sutton, MD, and I helped her give rebirth to Raphael Medicine, which was somewhat in disarray given that Dr. Christa had returned to Holland.

During this process we had a lot of conversations with Americans who had lived in this community for some time. We were frequently told that they were told by Europeans, that they were under the influence of Ahriman, and needed help for that condition.

Then there is the tale of the founding of Rudolf Steiner College. This was in the 21 years before

Carl Stegmann, author of “The Other America”, a retired Christian Community priest, had stood up in a Branch meeting, and spoke with inspiration that the anthroposophical community should build a Center for Anthroposophical Studies, part of which should be basic anthroposophy, but a second and equal part needed to be America Studies. He wanted to inspire Americans toward gaining spiritual insight into their own souls, and the nature of the lands on which we lived.

This task was taken up, money raised, property acquired, and to lead the Anthroposophical Studies Rene Q was hired to for that aspect. Carl and some of his students, would oversee the America Studies aspect.

When the political dust settled, Rudolf Steiner College became a teacher training center, and the American Studies work – at least on the scale hoped for, was dead. Carl did keep going the Emerson Study group, which published in German and English, twelve issues of the magazine: “America in the Threefold World”. I wrote some articles for that publication.

There was planned a celebration of 35 years of the Branch, and in meditation I was experimenting with Goethean thinking applied to the social. So I gathered in my mind what I knew of the tale of the College. At which point I was blessed/cursed with an Imagination.

There were two sides to the image, … simple lines, which had a quality of movement in stillness. The left side was blue, and there was a figure – like Rene – floating above the ground, and around him, yet below, three Americans, who were also pulled up off the ground, while expressing adoration on their faces.

The right side was living red lines, and in this picture there was a half-built brick wall, on which was sitting a Carl-like figure, posed akin to Rodin’s “the thinker”. Lying on the weedy grass, or leaning against some of the incomplete walls, were three Americans, looking a bit puzzled.

I have visited this mystery many times, and the first intuition remains the deepest.

The Europeans came to a place where there were powerful earth forces, streaming up. Their souls lacked the necessary density, to live in that ethereal field, with the consequence that they didn’t know how to teach real soul knowledge to those more bound to the earth, and the darkness.

Nobody was at fault for anything. Americans, when made aware of the staggering volumes of works of Steiner, needed guidance, … until we didn’t.

I could easy tell dozen’s of such stories, about the meetings between people who wore their heart on their sleeves, and folk, who have two words for “you”, one more formal, the other more intimate.

… another time, perhaps …

Aristotelian Confusion

Aristotelian Confusion

I have tried in various places to suggest that the future of Anthroposophy requires the meeting and amalgamation of the Aristotelian and Platonist streams. The following story is about some undesirable consequences, that occur when this doesn’t happen.

I do come at these questions from what to some might be an odd point of view. Before meeting Rudolf Steiner through his books, I studied for about seven years the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians, aka: magic, via the three books of

Franz Bardon.

This Way of Seeing used the four classical elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, which were also symbols for will, intellect, feeling, and consciousness. At one point I wrote a long series of “letters about magic”, where I worked at the riddle of whether or not these four elements had any relationship to the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics [electromagnetic, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear reactions. (1)

This understanding of the fundamental nature of Reality has then informed all my other work, scientific, anthroposophic, and otherwise. My latest book is: The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in an Age of Technological Chaos”

I am also a “Platonist”, or a pagan if you prefer, in the manner described by Steiner as the Culmination. I am a devote of the Mother, and on a familiar relationship with Her, such that I can write, with truth: She is Rogue Weather, Gravity, the Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death, as well as Divine Providence. Her relationship to the Son: “She has the whole world in His Hands”.

Today I received an email which led to my reading: “Ways of looking at a virus”, written by Jon McAlice and Craig Holdrege. (2)

This is a remarkable work, tracing the history of various ideas, and as well describing in detail certain experiments and their conclusions. The subtitle is: “Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

It is long read (24 pages pdf.), yet very much worth the trouble. The attention to detail, the explanatory reasoning, and use of legitimate sources is professional, in the best sense of that word.

Earlier they had written an article on Thomas Cowan’s: “The Contagion Myth” (3). I was disturbed by what I saw as weaknesses in their review of that book, after which I wrote an article about their article (4).

I also, via good fortune in the last couple of days, captured on Facebook a copy of something said by Rudolf Steiner about “forces” in nature (see appendix A).

My following comments are not so much criticism of the works of Craig Holdrege and Jon McAlice, but rather about matters that are relevant, yet missing.
The core problem is that in anthroposophical circles, the Story of the Goddess Natura is missing. This next link is to the lecture Steiner gives on this prophecy of a meeting on the cusp of the Second to the Third Millennium (5)

There are no abstract forces in nature, just the will of Beings. When matter comes into existence, the beings involved are called Salamanders (for fire), Sylphs (for air), Undines (for water) and Gnomes (for earth). This next link is to some comments of Steiner on these folk (6).

These elemental Beings have no freedom, in the sense of folk of the angelic realms. They have a specific nature, which works in a kind of integrated fashion, with the result that the material/physical world comes into existence.

For example, in Appendix A Steiner remarks: “Atoms are to be regarded as ideal contents of space. The contents are the results of force-directions meeting each other — e.g., directions of force. a b c are active in space, and by their meeting a resultant force is carried which is effective as an atom of tetrahedral character.”

Steiner here was trying to point in the direction of these elemental Beings, without being accused of believing in Faerie and the Fae. Note there are three directions of force, a b c that are active in space, yet their unified result is an “atom”, seen as an ideal content of space.

In Hermetic Science, fire/will, and air/intellect, as well as water/feeling, combine into earth/consciousness.

In geometry, a tetrahedron (plural: tetrahedra or tetrahedrons), also known as a triangular pyramid, is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, six straight edges, and four vertex corners. The tetrahedron is the simplest of all the ordinary convex polyhedra and the only one that has fewer than 5 faces.” Google.

Let me add an additional thread ….

Steiner had problems with how natural science was conceiving of the smallest bits of stuff. He described the “
concept” of the “atom” as evil, at one point. That is, not true and not good. He had similar problems with the germ theory of disease, referred to in (2).

I was surprised that the Nature Institute folk did not mention this aspect of Steiner’s works, which can be found in his: Spiritual Science and Medicine lectures.

My version goes like this … Imagine you are driving through the countryside in Vermont, rich with dairy farms. Large fields of contented cows, enjoying the plant material they are converting to milk. The germ theory of disease treats the cows as the cause of the environment, which is logically nonsense.

So when we observe, as an aspect of illness, a massive proliferation of tiny organisms, our assumption that these entities created the environment (the illness) is false on its face. They are just another symptom, which if we don’t appreciate it, this causes our treatments to fail. In (2), certain boundary conditions are explained, and some of them result in us never being able to vaccinate against the “flu” … it is constantly evolving.

Not only does modern medicine not cure heart disease or cancer, all it offers for allegedly “contagious” diseases is vaccines which do not cure, but rather only suppress symptoms.

When we get the “flu” then, something else is going on, which is basically that the total organism of the human being is somehow out of balance, creating the conditions for the proliferation of the tiny organisms.

What is the flu, as a phenomena? It is not an illness, so much as the work of the immune system, forcing us to rest the body, and expel numerous built up toxic poisons, via: sweating, barfing, coughing, and excreting. A “flu” is a healing process, which if suppressed makes for more harm.

In their considerations of Thomas Cowan’s The Contagion Myth, Holdrege and McAlice argue that his references early on, to certain kinds research, are mistaken. In particular they refer to what can be seen by an electron microscope, which images, and the related “conceptions”, supports the idea of contagion. Keep in mind that medical science is rooted in a materialistic science (we are only matter, without spirit). Further, like all sciences we are not finished learning what there is to be learned.

This problem can be resolved if we take a look at Dr. Rudolf Hauschka’s book: “The Nature of Substance”, which I had assumed would be familiar to the Nature Institute folk. Apparently I was wrong in my assumption, for they were clearly unaware of his work suggesting that when we take water, for example, and attack it with electricity or strong chemicals, and thereby produce oxygen and hydrogen, we have taken something living and killed it. The elements oxygen and hydrogen are “corpses” of something once living.

Most substances do not appear in pure form, but are rather parts of some combination of molecules of various kinds of elements, according to the table of elements. Yet, Nature gives Her gifts as wholes, and when with our thinking we focus on parts, we fail to notice the deeper phenomenological expression.

For example, while we can write a chemical equation representing the process of photosynthesis, we have abstracted from the wholeness aspect, something that in nature might best be described as millions of leaves living in a sea of light, breathing in tune with all life. “In It (the Word) is Life, and the Life is the Light of the World”. If you can, get your hands on George Adams Kaufmann’s “Space and the Light of Creation”, published in 1933.

What Nature reveals, tells the true story, yet the efforts of those who are concerned with so-called contagious illnesses, are filled with abstract concepts, in which the idea of the part (such as atoms and germs) fails to grasp the living reality. (2) does recognize the idea of wholeness, or ecology, it just misses noticing the actual scale of the Feminine aspect of the Divine Mystery.

If molecules are corpses of something once living, then atoms are corpses of corpses. In which case the pursuit of a virus, or virion, is again looking at corpse material. What happens at Cern, in the Hadron Super Collider, is the annihilation of corpses of corpses of corpses, by ever more energized fresh out of a capture chamber a “tiny thing” that essentially lies on the threshold between the material and non-material realms, … “things” with half-lives so small, we should be ashamed to fancy the Creation was built out of such entities.

With regard to the electron microscope, we have a device that shoots a ray at pieces of corpse material, which scientists fancy are the cause of the illness. It is no wonder then, as explained in (2), that these tiny bits of stuff can hardly be called living. Again, I am not arguing against, but adding to.

A comment of Steiner’s become acutely relevant in the light of the conceptual morass noted above. From the last sentence of the original preface to The Philosophy of Freedom: “One must be able to confront an idea, and experience it, otherwise we will fall into its bondage.”

Also in (2), the authors speculate on the social changes that have accompanied the pandemic. Were they better informed about the Mother, they would see that She gave a time-out to the whole world, which was rushing headlong into ecological disasters. (7)

A reasonable question is: Why are people ill? If it is not a germ or virus, what is happening?

Around the 1850’s, commercial industrial processes began to pollute the whole living environment in which humans exist. The soil, the air, the water, the food, and the medicine (side-effects) are poisons. That is what makes us ill, and thus a suitable environment for ancient corpse material to attach itself.

There is much more complicated material, not known to Holdrege and McAlice, which I have detailed here:

As far as I can tell, Holdrege and McAlice are unfamiliar with Thomas Cowan’s work. His Four-fold Path to Healing (nutrition, therapeutics, movement, and meditation) should be owned by everyone. The same with “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”; “Autoimmunity, Vaccines, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”; as well as “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”.

Taken together they provide a real foundation for the book: “The Contagion Myth”.

Cowan is the Einstein of modern medicine. The game changer. As with Einstein, he encounters great resistance to his works. Fortunately the reader does not need to learn higher mathematics with Cowan (and his friend Sally Fallon Morell), for their work and writings are not just helpful to us personally, but a fine educational introduction to wonders not yet seen by materialistic medicine.



(3) comments-on-the-contagion-myth





Appendix A: Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s Answers to Six Questions about Some Basic Concepts of Natural Science. (Answered in 1919.)

(The exact questions no longer exist.)

Atoms are to be regarded as ideal contents of space. The contents are the results of force-directions meeting each other — e.g., directions of force. a b c are active in space, and by their meeting a resultant force is carried which is effective as an atom of tetrahedral character.

Elements are the expression of certain meetings of forces; that they manifest themselves as such is due to the fact that one force, in meeting another, produces a result, while other effects of forces on each other are without result.

Crystals are the result of more complicated meetings of forces, atoms the result of simple meetings.

Amorphic masses result from the neutralization of force-reactions.

Force is the revelation of spirit viewed in a one-sided way. One cannot say that force has an effect on matter, since matter consists merely in the affects of the force-rays when they meet.

Never does one form of energy pass over into another one; as little as the activity of one man goes into that of another. What passes over is merely the arithmetical expression of measure. If mechanical energy passes over into warmth the real occurrence is as follows: a certain quantity of this revelation which reveals itself in warmth is stimulated in a spiritual being by a certain quantity of mechanical energy. (This is so in a healthy fashion with Mayer. It was only Helmholtz who botched up this matter.)

Neither sound, nor warmth, nor light, nor electricity are vibrations, just as little as a horse is a sum of gallop-paces. Sound, for instance, is an essential entity, and the effect of this real quality in its passage through the air is vibration. For man as a sensing being, the vibration is motivation to imitate the essential entity in himself; this constitutes the perception of sound. It is similar with others: light, etc


Light is that by which it is perceived. (See Introduction to Goethe’s Theory of Colour.) The vibration is the revelation of light in the ether.

The refraction of light is the result of the effect of a certain force-direction upon the light-direction. Newton’s colour rings (circles), phenomena of interference, are results of light-radiation (effect of light in the ether), and of the effects of other forces found in the path of light (weakening effects, gradually weakening affects of other forces). The same goes for phenomena of polarisation. One should not seek the polarisation figures in the structure of the essence of the light but in the structure of the medium which places itself in the path of light.

The speed of transmission is the result of a kind of friction of the light against the medium.

Light is not to be considered as a function of electricity, but the latter is to be considered as a kind of corporeal carrier of light.

Electrically charged matter: certain accumulations of force retain those accumulations of force which manifest as electricity.

Mathematics is the abstracted sum of the forces effective in space. If one says, “Mathematical propositions are valid a priori”, this comes from the fact that man exists within the same lines of force as the other beings, and that he can disassociate himself from everything that does not belong to the scheme of space, etc.