Saturday Afternoon at the End of the World

Saturday Afternoon at the End of the World

When I was about 11, in the early 1950’s, I’d be given a couple of quarters, to go spend Saturday Afternoon at the movies. One quarter was for admission, the second was good for popcorn, a soft drink, and a candy bar.

For this hard to come by sum, we and my pals etc. would get two full-length movies, a newsreel, a serial, three or more cartoons, previews of coming attractions, and a break in the middle for a live bubblegum contest, for which the winners got more to eat, and free tickets for a later day.

The theater, which had seats for over 500, generally sold out, and still that night ran a more adult movie for those who did not want to watch a film among rude and yelling children letting off steam. Some of my favorite films were Abbot and Costello monster movies.

More than a few modern folk find some wisdom in us viewing our lives as a movie, in which we are writer, director, and principle actor.

In flu season – way back then, with many absent from school, it was not uncommon for not well-supervised kids, who were not in school, to show up for the movies. Nobody cared. Flu was normal, as were all the major childhood illnesses. At the time there were few vaccines.

In the early 1950s, four vaccines were available: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and smallpox. Because three of these vaccines were combined into a single shot (DTP), children received five shots by the time they were 2 years old and not more than one shot at a single visit. Google

My gravest “childhood” illness was at the onset of puberty – I was 14, diagnosed with scarlet fever, and keep home and in bed for two weeks. The doctor did a home visit every couple of days.

Fast forward to Now.

I will be 80 this coming December 23rd. Like a few billion other folk I live in a world seemingly rushing out of control towards some kind of abyss. A kind of Saturday Afternoon at the End of the World.

Still, it is happening one day at a time, and while there are many prognosticators of coming attraction horrors, Abbot and Costello seem to be running governments all over the world, and they are yet to have a workable consensus.

A few years ago I realized that age 11 was a good age, and that I would more or less observe the rite of second childhood at that age, whose main remembered characteristic was: adults lie a lot, are often totally stupid and out of it, and should not to be trusted.

This healthy skepticism/intelligence has been very helpful in seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the pandemic-Pandemonium. At the same time, I do spend a few hours each day wandering the Facebook landscape, which has been a useful source of … not the truth for sure.

What I have learned there – as I discuss with other folk the meaning of this “situation” in which we all find ourselves – is that the narrative is kind of like a set of nested Russian dolls. If I try to unpack the illogic of one doll, the layers next above and below make it hard for people to let go other their present way of “seeing”.

Folk today are writing about the “masks”, and beginning to insist that all must wear them, and if necessary be legally compelled to do so. Me, I’m suspicious. Even though I offered an article in a recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, that suggests a rethinking of the mask outside of hospitals – pointing out that it takes a close conversation of five to ten minutes with the same person to possibly catch the bug if they are infected, or an asymptomatic carrier, folk reading my posts just called me a dangerous fool, and never read the article.

One of the strange and frighten aspects of the narrative was how quickly the ideas of masks and social distancing appeared. As a careful student of the media-process, the rapid imposition of such rules stood out as odd, to say the least. My memory, as I noticed this, recalled that even before Lee Harvey Oswald was captured, in Asia press releases appeared – with details of who he was – within just 12 hours after the assassination.

The management of public information (the narrative) is an art and science (public relations) that often has as a central purpose masking the truth. Billions of dollars for the making of a new vaccine are involved, and the institutions of Big Pharma are basically conscienceless multinational corporations. It is not in their business model to actually heal.

Another odd event was how fast the twenty minute video of Dr. Judy Mikovits (co-author of Plague of Corruption – Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science) came and went from social media such as YouTube and Facebook – less than ten days by my sense of things.

I had not yet watched it, and was aware mostly of the mass of Facebook posts saying – in essence – that she was a liar, incompetent, and stupid. The quick coming and going of this view intrigued me – as well as the flood of accusations as to her character, given my studies for decades of media processes, so my 11 year old skepticism wanted to know what was the smoking gun that caused such fear among the powerful.

Up to that point of time, I had not noticed so much the fact that these powerful folks were fighting over patent rights to the coming vaccine/s. She outlined it simply, and named some names, having worked with Dr. Fauci at WHO some decades earlier.

It is Dr. Fauci that was the principle source of social distancing and masks – and still is. Fact checkers have established that his epidemiological predictions were outside the norm of others in the field. The principle fact is that a flu season was named by him – and his friends – as a “pandemic”, far before the evidence of such was in (it is now known this was a bad flu season, but no pandemic.)

When Eisenhower gave his farewell address he spoke of another danger, besides the famous military-industrial complex – namely the vast quantities of money flowing into our universities and colleges from corporations, whose agenda was not so much pure research, but ways to take hold of the scientific narrative in support of their products. If you followed the wanted narrative, you got research money.

My older brother, a PhD in microbiology, left his career behind, in part because the department politics was deadly, and the fact that lower schools/colleges were sending to his graduate classes people who did not want to think, and do science, but rather wanted to be taught what to believe so as to be able to pass tests and advance.

I’ve always known that money could buy bent/criminal experts in anything.

So here we are, Saturday Afternoon and the End of the World. Frankenstein, the Wolf-man, and Count Dracula are trying to kill us. Still, we are free not to pay attention, to trust our own instincts and skepticism, and enjoy the show.

It ends, and we go home … right?

Dear Lord, Please Save Us All from “Experts”

Dear Lord, Please Save Us All from “Experts”

An expert, in general, is a peculiar type of … of what? They are expected to know what they are talking about. So, in a sense, the expert has/gets to define/represent the area of their expertise.

Usually, there is a “field” of interest, in which the expert has been educated and trained. You wouldn’t go to the front-yard mechanic on the corner, if your kid needs heart surgery. Expertise in one field generally does not mean they are experts in any other field. Some folk are experts in more than one field, yet still the tendency is for specialization, being as no one should ever be saying they know everything.

Doesn’t hurt if the expert has some humility, although we expect them them to act with at least an appearance of certainty.

Sometimes the expert can act is if their version of the matter at issue is the consensus in the field. In the Press, we will see someone described as a “leading” authority. Other experts gain reputation when they have a title in some institution. Vice president of marketing research. Holder of the Donald Duck Chair at Harvard Medical School, in the field of forensic analysis of dead people – i.e the chief pathologist in residence there.

You expect your lawyer and doctor to have all manner of stuff on the walls of their offices, announcing their degrees, licensees, awards, and so forth.

Most folk do not know the difference between what are called the hard sciences and the soft sciences … aka: between physics and psychology, for example. Medicine, given the need for the process of diagnosis, is often more art than science. Sure a person can have a generally recognized condition, but multiple ways in which they have it in a form unique to them.

The News “business” uses experts all the time. If we are paying attention we have discovered the factual certainty that all experts do not agree, much of the time. Still, if the Press anoints one of them as an “expert”, we tend to believe the News did their homework first.

Then there is that type of expertise which as a lot of theoretical elements, as it were. Best guesses is the usual way this is confessed.

Of course, we all know that large business never lie, cheat, or steal, so the “experts” they nominate will be quite able to represent the truth (however actually uncertain) as if it is the Truth – with the capital T.

Then there is this very rare bird, the generalist. Not a specialist, but interested in multiple fields, and works at helping these different areas of expertise not be in conflict with any other discipline. So if an expert in epidemiology tells one story, an expert in another field, or a generalist, might easily refute the claim.

Of course the News has to beware of creating boredom in the watcher, because they might not stick until the next commercial. News, as in Television, looks for good pictures, and whatever seems to be exciting. Not to likely to deliver us a long talk by a different epidemiologist, who asserts that the one the News used is full of it, and on this blackboard he has gone over all the relevant numbers to prove his case.

What is very ironic – in the News business – is how often they ask a politician for policy answers, for which the politician has no expertise whatsoever, and a personal agenda (often not confessed) to boot.

So the News can get lies, ignorance, arrogance, and sell it to the public as based on the thinking of “experts in the field”. Does the reader of this remember when there was a profession of investigative journalism? These days we are lucky if the News organization fact checked anything, whether from an expert or a politician pretending to be an expert.

There is a field of expertise called: public relations. This is about controlling the News narrative in a way favorable to whatever company, person, or idea, the public relations firm is paid to advance, in a fashion where the truth does not matter at all, but only the appearances – the mythical-tale as is most favorable for the client.

It is going to be known in the future that just about everything, we were told in the beginning about the pandemic, never was ever true. It is going to be known in the future that the germ theory of disease is scientifically mistaken. Experts believe it, but to do that they have to pretend others do not, and can in fact prove these experts are wrong.

Sometimes we observe this when we understand that while we all can have are own opinion, we are not entitled to our own facts. In medicine, and even in fields of hard science, theories come ago in and out of fashion. Sometimes the people involved forget that facts are independent of popular acclaim, i.e. just because there is a consensus among some of the experts in a field, does not mean they know what we need to know.

Big Pharma has every reason to want to control that narrative that the best way to treat infectious disease is with vaccines, to which they own the patents. Most ordinary folk have accepted this situation as a kind of medical religion, expecting the experts to actually know what they are doing, ignoring the naysayers who suggest that otherwise.

History pretty much establishes that the majority is usually wrong, given that consensus in science has no meaning. The consensus – the paradigm – fails, because the iconoclast scientist sought the truth, instead of institutional positions and wealth.

In a kind of macro-historical crisis sense, the pandemic is a gigantic test of whether or not various social institutions actually know what they are doing, or what is worse, don’t care because wealth and position is at play, while the truth is secondary.

At the early years of the 20th Century, the scientist Sir Arthur Eddington remarked, as to the effects of specialization: We are knowing more and more and about less and less. This cultivated arrogant ignorance is part of why Western Civilization is heading for the toilet.

Anthroposophical Madness***

Anthroposophical Madness***

***[ Tiger-Saucy, the last fairy teacher of shamans has noted that the Eight Gates of Faerie come in four pairs, one of which is sanity&madness. The other three are: living&dying; remembering&forgetting: and, waking and sleeping. The Egyptian priest spirit-helper reminds me that there is a relationship between these four pairs, and the classical four elements of antiquity (fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and, earth/consciousness), none of which aspects can be separated from the other. The Mayan scribe spirit-helper reminds me that each day is a repeating chaotic Labyrinth, into which is woven the Maze of our individual Spirit. Every moment of Now unfolds from its past, and dies into its future. As above, so below, & as below, so above, for the Miracle of the One.]

The collective madness of modern humanity is due to the Enchantment of the Intellect by the Father of Lies. That Enchantment we also name: scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. This collective madness can only be healed/helped/deepened&resurrected one individual spark/spirit at a time. Yet, this process involves a collective Rite on a scale only a Goddess can devise and execute.

Welcome to the pandemic-Pandemonium, which is organized around the individual biographies as the center, and world events are simple secondary consequences of billions of interwoven stories/fairy-tales divine.

Our human freedom, aka: the Beast from the Abyss of the unformed and uncreated, is the cutting edge of the Creation. Not even the Gods&Goddesses want to know the future their children are in the process of generating. All the same, we have tended to be a bit to predictable. For this reason then social chaos – an unsettleing of order on a massive canvas.

In the curious venues of Faerie, certain of the Fae wondered when the Aristotelians, who felt themselves friends and students of Rudolf Steiner, would wake up to the Platonists – the devotes of the Mother. If the mind cannot see the extraordinary beauty of the Social Arts of She Who Has the Whole World in His Hands – in the pandemic-Pandemonium – an important aspect of that mind … sleeps …

Signs of confusion include the belief in the pseudo-magic of the Christmas Conference … a tragic truth, which anyone with a decent and unbiased imagination can read in the social events in the Society, between the years 1925 to 1935. The women nearest to Steiner fell to quarreling, harsh letters were exchanged and like a dysfunctional department in a university, sides were taken, folks excluded – order disappeared. Things fell apart, that center did not hold, and anarchy consumed the spirit of Anthroposophy in central Europe during World War Two.

Thus is social-spiritual compost engendered, ready for new seed.

A secondary effect of this loss of focus appears in the lingering yearning to apply Steiner’s threefold ideals/ideas/observations to central Europe and nearby political entities. This in spite of RS having said in his Oxford lectures (Threefolding as a Social Alternative – here I am paraphrasing) that the time had passed for the application of the threefold social order in central Europe, but that even so, this idea could still be fruitful in Russia and America (if appropriately restated), and that for the West, time did not matter so much because much could still be done for the right ordering of the three spheres. [for details read my: “Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order” ]

Another matter, which is a sign of confusion, is the continuous search for the most recent Bodhisattva incarnation of the future Maitreya Buddha. Much nomination of one’s favorite candidate, followed by argument. Even serious “scholarly” intercourse is not spiritual knowledge, although surely a practice/habit in a world where mastery of Steiner’s words is admired. If one is serious about Buddhism and Christianity, one might just ask – instead of where another teacher might be, but what can I bring out of myself? How do I join East and West?

The mastery in the development of the own heart’s mind is the base tone/note of the feast, but a mistaken hunger for knowledge and the truth via the pages of books, is not the same as learning to talk to trees and clouds … meanwhile, the Platonists point toward the sense world itself as speech. Which “shape” has the hands, freed by the miracle that is the feet [See the Goethean scientific work in Wolfgang Shad’s Man and Mammal].

Which leads to something the Fae also find remarkable … that the Aristotelians spend more time on reading Steiner, and almost nothing on the goetheanistic works which are essentially gospels of the Second Coming. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and these new gospels are about extending science into realms where religion and art play a significant role. [Details here: ]

The books in that essay are essential for the Aristotelian mind-set to be able to find their Way to the Holy in the Earth, and become free of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, so as to serve the ongoing Planetary Rite connected to a deep human soul/spiritual need to regain the knowledge of Faerie and the Fae – the knowledge of the Tree of Life.

No seeing Ahriman and Lucifer under the bed. Or, Sorat and Company in the closet. No single aspect of Her Divine Nature is Evil.

Read this carefully, it will help a lot as a first step, “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined” by Stephen Clarke [ ]

Read about: the Goddess Natura, and the Goddesses of the seven liberal arts: Grammatica, Dialectica, Rhetorica, Arithmetica, Geometria, Astronomia, and Musica, … how we lost them, yet they have not lost us … Faerie and Fae & Company beginning to lose patience, however … For a taste read: Karmic Relationships: Esoteric Studies – Volume III, Lecture VI: The School of Chartres.

In my work I point to seven books as touched within by the spirit of the liberal arts.

Some reading this might say, so what? Isn’t this just a digression away from learning the truths of spiritual science?

The world is facing a terrible crisis, … what is in effect a crime that might well dwarf the holocaust. Anthro-folk like to throw the concept of Ahriman around as if from some nether regions of hell, he plots against us. The enemy is us, not some entity who is a fully authorized aspect of the Macrocosm. We are the people that face the trial of recognizing that the “intellect” is – by itself – not well understood. One of the horrible ahrimanic (untamed human intellectual activity) constructs is the germ theory of dis-ease. Our institutions (governments, religions, etc.) are captured by numbers and quantitative thinking to the exclusion of qualitative thinking.

At the top of the economic realm are institutions flavored the same way. Numbers. Stock values. Fake money. The multinational corporation, and their lackeys the central banks – creating trillions for themselves, and nothing for workers and consumers – control governments. Via the same failure of intellect, political leaders lie in most of their ordinary discourse.

This makes for easy prey: the lives of the poor, the out of work, the women, the children, the old, the afflicted, and the insane. Corporations rule our hospitals, and a kind of intellectual industrial medicine is at a loss for how to deal with the fake news social controls of Big Pharma. Big Tobacco always knew nicotine was addictive, and Big Pharma knows that most of their medicines have deadly side-effects, including vaccines. Vaccines, for which Big Pharma got the US congress to pass a law saying they had no liability for vaccine caused illness.

How much of such vain intellectuality does the reader of this perceive to be alive, even among students of Steiner-said. Reading from printed books is without doubt an act of the intellect. Reading from the book of phenomena directly engages the feelings of the heart

During my time on the Ark, where the Culmination happened (1997-2003), we had the honor to have among us an Italian named Bruno Abrami [ ]. In the months following 9/11, we fell to discussing violence, … whether it was ever “moral”. We also knew that it was now becoming up to us to situationally invent the moral.

Bruno said that if he had been near certain mountains in Northern Italy, when the Moors were threatening European Christendom, he would have had no trouble taking up the sword. As the reader should know, He of the not peace but a sword Dude, also was expected by John the Baptist to baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath.

Still, the scale of the modern situation is daunting. Neither the Son or the Mother expect us to manage the Big Picture, that’s Their Artistic Forte. They do haunt my dreams, however.

They have a certain kind of Truth, written in the writings on the Wall of social reality. This is what I “see” there:

Right now the Shepherds stream – exoteric Christianity – and the Kings steam – esoteric Christianity – are too distant from each other. Both, in terms of the Big Pictures, are needed. Their divisions need to be overcome. The Christ-Impulse has then a question. Should the Kings wash the feet of the Shepherds?

Tomberg was apparently asked by Steiner, from across the threshold, to join the Catholic Church. Christ asked me to join the Catholic Church in 1986, which I did then in 1991. The Catholic Church, however flawed, is still the original “church” in the West. As a part of the 1986 vision, Christ took me as Him, showing me that He unites the Heavenly-perfect Church, with the Earthly-fallen Church, in the Mass, for the individuals present.

In the lecture on The School of Chartres, noted above, Steiner speaks of the influence on his life of certain personalities connected to a particular Catholic Order. After my initiations into the Mysteries of the Mother, followed by initiation into the Mysteries of the Son, I wrote: “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion, from the failing institutional Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy”

She expressed Her Happiness, via the sense world, by engendering a river of squirrels to dance in front of me for several minutes, the day I posted that long article to the Internet. Rudolf Steiner – who will be known as the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ – the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism – plays a crucial role in …

[ ]

The Big Bad, in the signs of the times, is scientific materialism. We get from that the errant theology of the germ theory of dis-ease. To wrestle with such an egregore, we need a bigger – more true – Spiritual Activity. [ ]

To the Aristotelians in the Society the return of Christ in the Ethereal is a core reality. As is the need for a Christianized (art and religion added/aided) science. For the Platonists, the “re-emergence” of the Holy Mother, as Artist in Chief of the “pandemonium”, adds a secondary – albeit spiritual – power to the “return”.

With Christ we get the karma of the times, via the Lord of Karma. With Her we get the understanding of the influences of rogue weather, the four horseman, the gate of death – for She rules Titans.

Anthroposophists, whether Aristotelian or Platonist, or some individualized combination of the two, possess gifts. The gifts are not ours to keep. I am composing a letter to the priest of the closest Catholic Church, to tell my tale, and to wonder if any of the 12 New Gospels might reinvigorate the Religion, given science via art can marry religion.

What would happen if more Steiner students were to reach out to their neighborhood Catholic priests and nuns? A transformation from the bottom up, not needing the top to consent. Goethean science belongs to humanity.

Keep in mind, that multinational corporations are conscienceless, and empathy-less, artificial entities. They are anti-human. Their powers are enormous.

Now imagine the laity and the religious of the Catholic Religion receiving gifts from the Kings, just as was done at a birth 2000 years ago.

Is an anthroposophist a “king” in this sense? When Steiner wrote of the Culmination he felt that if that event did not turn out in the needed way, civilization would suffer a mortal blow.

Faerie and the Fae wait upon our choices. Where we lead, they will follow.

the theology of the germ-theory of dis-ease

the theology of the germ-theory of dis-ease

The core problem for this erroneous theory is a dysfunction at the level of logical inference. The phenomena are the same, it is the thinking that is flawed. As Goethe puts it, it is not the senses that deceive, but the judgment.

First some necessary history ….

Natural science does not progress in straight lines. It zigs and zags, backs up, jumps forward, reexamines and then there is a “paradigm” shift (See Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”).

The new paradigm being one that later may in turn be mistaken.

Scientific materialism finds that existence is only matter, without any spirit at all. A world of things, with which medicine does battle, using other things.

It is well known (by those that bother) that the reason we have theories is because of uncertainty. If there was proof, the term theory would not be used. There exists a religion known as “Scientism”, which is the belief that theory is the actual absolute truth, rather than an approximation that may get set aside at anytime, were something to appear that was better at explaining reality than the current theology.

Often, in point of fact, the current theology of the germ theory of disease runs into inexplicable anomalies. The roots of the failure to see, and think at the same time, is found in the main assumption of scientific materialism, that spirit is not real.

We – humanity – are on the verge of falsifying that assumption, and the vehicle for this is the pandemic-pandemonium.

If, as Stephen Jay Gould appears to have said, spirit gets in anywhere in biology, the whole edifice of scientific materialism collapses. It ought to collapse, for one of its basic tenants is that only what can be counted and measured, and thereby made subject to mathematics, has value. No immeasurable qualities, only quantities.

This allows modern science to ignore everything that makes human life enjoyable. We are just a randomly generated, complicated biological machine, in an uncaring Cosmos. Our internal feelings and suffering are of little meaning. If the machine doesn’t work right, lets use “mechanical-like” thinking in order to find relief or cure.

The COVID-19 crisis reveals remarkable streams of data, most of which is interpreted by the existing model-theology of the causes of infectious dis-eases. If we have been following the emerging narrative, we will have observed the following:

1) All the experts keep running into dissonances between the theology and the phenomena of the course of the “illness”. The experts’ explanatory powers as to hows and whys what is happening changes frequently. Certainty fails, yet as a culture the deficient-model also binds us to certain assumptions about what to do.

2) Nobody is screwing up. It is just that science, absent religion and art, is an arid desert of thought. A graveyard of weak and incomplete ideas.

Why are people actually sick, if we seek to balance scientific intellectualism, with artistic and religious modes of thinking? What is the illness-process to itself, to which we attach such labels as: contagious, flu-like, and very dangerous.

Dangerous is obvious, but not just to health, for the whole pandemonium aspect stopped something unnatural in its tracks. Flu-like means the body makes us tired, weak, and needing to lie down. There are various elimination process then: coughing, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. That is the wisdom of the body, trying to get rid of toxins, poisons, and other pharmacological abuses.

Materialistic medicine underplays the role of imponderables, such as stress and sensitivity. The facts are clear. All over the world people are over-stressed by such apocalyptic ideas as a looming climate change which science can’t get a handle on. Add to this their dominance by the conscienceless wolves and pirates that rise to power in their governments and corporations.

See the movie “and the band played on” which unveils the corruption, and the infighting over patents and values that were put at risk in the beginning of the AIDS “epidemic”.

Want to notice stress? Just connect to all the emigrating people in the world, who are leaving the crazy of where they have been living, dreaming of a better place. That takes a lot of courage and will.

If the tiny biological entity caused dis-ease, everyone would get it. Not everyone does, by a large margin. We need to “explain” these variations of the who gets sick, and who doesn’t get sick. Glib answers designed to save the existing germ theology, actually worsens the course of illness.

People are made afraid of “catching” it, of getting it and having to go to a hospital, and from there perhaps to the grave. That is more stress on top of the already too much stress-load, which increases our organisms inward disharmonies.

Some go to the hospital, but at the hospital there is additional uncertainty, even among the experts. In the details, over the last ten or so weeks, what is the right treatment has evolved. Before, there were guesses, and now there will be new guesses. Yet, as long as the basic narrative is that you are sick from a bug is held to, humanity will remain ignorant, and materialists evermore arrogant.

We need to keep in mind, that for the most part, folk are doing their absolute best, … again an immeasurable quality.

Let me give an example of media-madness, for the News has propagated many memes of little value, all in order to tell an exciting breaking-news story.

Last night on CBS, they compared the loss of 100,000 lives to the dis-ease in America, as being more than all the dead who died in American wars, after WWII was over. If we reflect that 2,800,000 people dies of various causes in American annually, the CBS observations is not only invalid, but intentionally inflammatory.

Industrial agriculture, big Pharma, selfish bankers, and unprincipled politicians, … all have contributed to massive amounts of poisons in our air, our water, and our food. These toxins are the cause of the imbalance in the bio-home, which then becomes a locus where tiny organisms – that do not normally belong there – thrive.

Meanwhile, another symptom is mistaken for the cause of the illness, to a materialistic mentality unable to see through the enchantments of scientific imperialism. Scientists claim the high ground as experts, who may know numbers – but seldom reveal wisdom.

Science began the taking apart of the world, edged on by simple technology: the telescope and the microscope, which made the distant closer and the near larger. Seeking parts, in spite of the clear fact of experience that everything is interdependent wholes, not parts. Your garden doesn’t grow because of the elaborate dances of tiny tiny un-ensouled things. The bees and other beneficial insects labor, as well as the worms, and already living soil “bacteria”.

This pandemic-pandemonium will be remembered as a fight by life against too much death. Meanwhile, the Kings wisdom of the Son’s religious nature, that part of the human being that desires personal contact with the Mystery, has been creating seeds, upon which to build a science of the living, via arts unimaginable, and rooted to the sacred in All our Relations.

The Second Coming is happening in Clouds of Glory – the realm of thought, and this has produced as a small gift for our time: 12 New Gospels. A dozen acts of human beings – several baptized by Steiner’s indications (the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism) – have created items deserving of a name like “a gospel of physics”. Christ being of/in everything, imagine a physics which is also – artistic and religious – that gets that.

Here is a link to that list:

Imagine driving through an area of rural Vermont, devoted to the production of milk products.
Acres of fields of grains, and grasses, for the cow-folk to chew and digest. We might see them lying everywhere content, the way only a ruminating cow does its labors for our benefit.

The germ-theory of illness would see the cows thriving, and proliferating, and also as the Cause of the rich fields, which factually the cows only inhabit because of the fields’ fertility, that favors that type of organism.

That’s the logical error. To see a proliferating organism as the cause of its environment, rather that the truth, which is that the “germs” are there because of the Nature of the Environment.

Heal the nature of the human bio-home. Help support the immune system. Get rid of poisons in the food, the water, the air, and the medicine.

Do not trust the government, … they are the tools of Big Pharma, who have never deserved our trust, which is why they set out to – and did – corrupt WHO, the CDC, the FDA, and any other regulatory agency.

Get and read these three books:

1) The Invisible Rainbow, which documents the relationship between increases in atmospheric electro-magnetic radiations, and allegedly contagious dis-ease outbreaks.

2) The Plague of Corruption, which documents the take over of our scientific institutions, by businesses who only fund research in support of their agenda. The forward is by Robert Kennedy Jr.


3) “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”

Remember, this is a struggle of life, against the forces of death, generated by scientific materialism.

epistimelogical arts and crafts

Rudolf Steiner often referred to his work as similar in nature to what Natural scientists do. As I wondered over this for a few decades, I become of the view that the best any scientist can do is offer “understanding”

Fundamentals of Anthroposophy

So we go to school, and study physics, for example, … not do physics. Our understanding is aided by study of concepts, in lieu of a personal examination of the phenomena.

Both Knowledge of Higher Worlds, and Occult Science, in their introductions, frequently use the term “understanding”, but not “knowledge”, a term all over GA-1 to GA-4.

In response to this riddle, I began to self-observe my mind for whether or not my relationship to a concept (an “idea” being a “complex of concepts” GA-2) … whether this relationship was belief, understanding, or knowledge. These variations of “relationship” led me to important knowledge of my own mind.

All three qualitative states had room in my soul. Each had a function.

On many occasions, this concept, that we gain from understanding what the spiritual scientist gives, is used in our circles to accidentally confuse those to whom PoF has not been rightly studied … confuse them to not being self-observant enough to become awake to these different qualitative states.

The key is to appreciate why Steiner in GA-2 conceptually separates thinking and experience, and in GA-4 comes at the problem again with his distinction between concept (thinking) and percept (experience).

Which comes first in order is also crucial, for in Geotheanism the thought, or cognitive act, needs to follow the perceptual act – percept gives birth to concept.

Then we have all the books we read, that Steiner intends for our understanding, given that only Steiner enjoys the percept, which is not present to us.. So reading delivers a perceptless concept, which would be fine if we appreciated the significance of this fact.

The cultural habit, practiced now for a century, is to treat this isolated from its percept concept as knowledge, when it is not. Yes, we are helped, via the understanding, to appreciate the invisible details, but we do not “know” them.

When the soul lives, in perceptless concepts derived from reading Steiner, she lames her potential by not realizing the further work possible. Why? Because it is not modeled for them by our leading personalities, which leads to a religious connection that begs to be called Steinerism.

To someone a bit more “knowledgeable”, reading someone make a statement quoting Steiner as fact, … this feels (the world of ideas is filled with aesthetic connections) to me as a “wrong” note, something disharmonious and out of place.

We can understand that our car needs to get looked at, and believe that the mechanic can fix it, but even when the mechanic explains for our understanding what is happening, only he has “knowledge.

Stephen Clarke points out that when Steiner uses the word “indication”, we should take him at his word, and look at that toward which he points.

language fakeouts

My basic view is that nobody gets to tell me what to feel or think, a favor I gladly return. However, I don’t like running into ideas such as the title to this book: “White Fragility: why it is so hard for white people to talk about racism”. I am, apparently, “white people”. Still, the book wouldn’t sell as well if it said – more honestly – “some white people”.

The problem is the torture of logic, by the use of generalizations. Yes, it is hard to write a bumper sticker or a protest sign that is not simplistic.
A book, however, can deal with subtleties. However, I shouldn’t really judge a book by its cover, or many a person by their cover either – the color of their skin, for example.

Now, if someone believes we can change a person’s heart by laws, … where does real freedom go? Wanting change and delivering change are two very different states of being. The first is easy. The latter very hard, and is made harder by telling folks they have to think and feel what you want them to think and feel.

Personally, if there is a group in need of instruction in civility, it is the United States Senate.

Currently there is a lot of energy for change, much of it rooted in past ugliness. Is it possible that black vs. whites, and police vs. protester are both misdirections by the money-elite, who have poisoned our air our water, our food, and our minds, with the lie that everyone in the world should be vaccinated against their will by multinational monsters without an ounce of conscience, or empathy.

The pandemic is a hoax. There is no contagious germ. Big Pharma took over science at the university level decades ago, and that weak science is being used to make it appear folks are dying from a germ, and not from the slow absorption of poisons in everything including our medicines..

It is a crime on a scale that will dwarf the holocaust. Don’t go for the fakeout. Read these books, not the latest book on “racism”, because whether we are black, white, police, … we are all getting conned.

The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg; Plague of Corruption,by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD, with a forward by Robert Kennedy Jr, and “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses” by Thomas Cowan, MD.

Mother Nature needs our help, and if we don’t, who knows what’s next because She is Rogue Weather, guides the Four Horseman, waits for us at the Gate of Death, and is also Divine Providence, who aids us
whenever we make choices to do something new.

We have every reason to have Faith. That does not, however, mean we get to be lazy and careless, without consequences.

riots and such

Ordinarily, in the end of winter, March Madness appears. That celebration of college basketball is in public venues and on television. Woven in and around this are NBA games, and then playoffs. All over the world soccer is played again and again, in public venues, and on television.

Spring brings professional baseball’s “spring training”.

We have sports bars. And fake bettable contests in a variety of types, from texas hold-um to internationally televised computer game tournaments.

As the ancient Greeks understood, that these events, including religious rites, are emotionally cathartic. Cheering and dancing and intoxication are normal ways to ‘blow off steam”.

In lieu of those necessary events, the idiots behind the pandemic-Pandemonium, got all that energy and bottled it up, with social distancing and fear of the other.

Are we to be surprised that when an old festering wound is opened wide,, that bile and rage pour out?

Sure there are bullies and rude boys and agent provocateurs – all throwing gasoline on the fires. They are just a few, while the actual individual moral/ethical majority – want companionship and some damn thing to do besides sit alone in fear.

Here’s the oddity: … the powers that be have reached too far in their desire to rule. In America, at least, Admiral Yamamoto’s warning to his staff, after the Japanese success in Pearl Harbor applies: “I’m afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

As the future unfolds, we will do best to declare victory over the addicted to wealth and power ( the Gates-types), and their minions (Fauci and friends).

The victory – for us – is that what used to remain unseen – the hydra of corporate malfeasance – is now visible. Their corruption of government is now visible.

America finding its true spirit is a Mystery Rite. First a revolutionary war. Then, a civil war. Now , the Grandmother War.

I had an idea once

I had an idea once, not a bad idea so much, as it was an unrealizable idea.

I wanted to get to meet either Senator Warren, or Oprah Winfrey. I wanted one of them to call the other, and the two of them – successful women, one black and one white, to act in concert.
I wanted them to understand that fame and recognition sometimes came with serious social obligation/opportunities.

I imagined the two of them (this was far before Covid-19) going around the Nation together, and fostering gatherings of white people and black people for a shared meal, and even an intoxicant or two.

The purpose of the gathering was to share stories about life trials everyone experiences. Illness. Good and bad love stories. Issues of aging parent needs. How to deal with ungrateful children. Petty tyrants as bosses. Neighbors who just refuse to be neighborly.

Human beings have a lot in common. In America, we need a few leaders to encourage our meeting people of difference, and to learn to set aside assumptions so as to experience similarities.

We need leading by example, not words.

Enough of that, and we become stronger than the fascists who work for and wish we were at our throats.

They are the enemy, not each other.

It is a choice to think the issues of racism can be addressed by protests, and encouraging each other to feel that emotional expression works, when what is needed is emotional bonding over the fact that all of us (black, white, red, yellow, queer, poor, out of work, hungry for love etc.) are getting collectively screwed, and we can only fix that through a common front.

When I first heard about white-privilege I was incensed. Then I realized it was partially true, so I took away the sting by owning it, and still being more than just an old white guy.

My blog describes me this way: “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.”

All of us have dimensions never touched by noticing the color of our skin. Black rioters, or white ones, or skin heads, or people just trying to gather together to express shared outrage … when the fires are out, and the windows are boarded up, we still have a shared enemy, who will do anything to remain dominant and safe from the streets, away in the high rise mansions, or personal islands in the Caribbean.

There is no pandemic. Government always lies, and the more important the situation, the more wealth-values dominate decision making. Its a con job rooted in elaborate fictions – a major one being that this contagion tall tale is good science. It isn’t.

Meanwhile, there is an endless application of corporate owned media, with one agenda: feed us a false narrative on the way to protecting themselves from the dangers we would be, if we set aside petty differences, and saw each other as human beings being once more being collectively screwed by bankers and the titans of industry.

Sure, … slavery was horrible. Wage slavery still exists, ask anyone, white or black, who works at Amazon, or in high rise cubical, or packing chicken for Tyson.

We have a lot in common. On that shared horse, we can dethrone the soulless corporation, and set right the Republic.

Assuming we’d like some order, protecting the self interest of the newly generated army of the unemployed.

the big lie

I’ve been thinking a bit about the logic of the situation, in the sense of how much truth are we getting.

When I was growing up in Montana, around the time of the Korean war, I was taught how to tell if a politician was lying: His mouth is open.

The Pentagon Papers established that our government lied about the Vietnam war, a lot. The Iran-Contra hearings revealed more systematic lying, among the intelligence agencies, and military officers. 9/11, the JFK, RFK and MLK murders – more lying.

Then there is the lies told by the Bush administration about why we should go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama broke all kinds of promises, like end the war in Afghanistan, shut down gitmo; and, purposefully refused to prosecute Bush administration officials for their lying us into endless war.

Big Tobacco lied about knowing nicotine was addictive, to Congress no less. No charges. Big Pharma got Congress to make them safe from suits for illnesses that may or may not happen because of vaccines, in the ’90’s. Thinking ahead I’d guess.

When 2008 happened, the agencies we trust to be watch dogs on the lookout for lying in the finance industry, kept giving AAA ratings to any weird thing banks and insurance companies wanted to sell, regardless of the real value of the underlying properties.

In TARP we gave 280 million to the banks, basically begging them to use it to increase the cash flow in the economy, and they spent it on themselves.

“Gave” is probably the wrong word, because our government borrowed money from the Fed for this, which means it is the taxpayer who is on the hook. All of us who got special checks recently, should remember that the last time that happened we ending up paying it back a year later via a decrease in the automatic tax deductions.

Social Security has never been broke, although it sure looks like it, because Congress took the trust money (hundreds of millions of dollars), and spent it on wars, so as to not have to have the increase in military spending show up in the budget.

President Clinton ended “Glass-Steagall”, which had been on the books since the depression, and kept your local bank from acting like a risk taking financial corporation.

Is anyone detecting a pattern here?

If you trust the narrative on the pandemic-pandemonium, you need to check into a mental hospital, and then see how that works out for you.

A few weeks ago a video called the Plandemic appeared. I didn’t pay much attention, yet I noticed that in less than ten days it had been removed from Facebook, and Youtube, while the same social media was flooded by articles describing the doctor as a fake and a liar.

That is an extreme reaction, and it got me to wondering what about that video scared the established powers so much.

I finally watched it and found the smoking gun, plus a lot of supporting details. All the principle liars have stock and patents that are going to make them richer. Richer, being that most of them are already rich.

When Eisenhower gave his famous farewell address, with its warning about the military industrial complex, he also warned about the excessive influence of money on our centers of learning – want a grant, have an acceptable point of view.

The star of the video above is Judy Mikovits PhD, and she is part author of Plague of Corruption.

Google it, … it is being sold everywhere … odd for a book alleged to be so wrong, don’t you think?

Again, why the f’ do we believe the narrative? Serious people don’t. They look behind the curtain.
Dr. Shiva: Fauci Travelled in Circles with Epstein, Weinstein

Meanwhile, the agent provocateurs are generating race riots, to keep us detracted from discovering we are being intentionally poisoned for profit.

for People of Faith, of whatever Rite

The pandemic-pandemonium is disorganizing the world in such a Way, that the individual has more opportunities to act freely in relation to the dominant false religion: scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit.

Faith should be rewarded, and the books below could be called gospels of the second coming, if our Idea of the First Coming was that Christianity was joined as an anchoring aspect of the manifestation of the Divine Mystery, via three interrelated patriarchal monotheisms. From the point of view of the Mystery, not three religions, just one.

For Judaism, an escape from the polytheism of Egypt, through a not always perfect study of god’s Law (the Father principle). Humanity falling deeper into matter.

For Christianity, the circling in toward death, then upward striving Resurrection, ending the fall into materialism of the Hebrews, a gesture by the Mystery of Love (the Son principle), not just Law.

Then the desert spoke a third song: Islam. The upward gesture, from out of the fall, through Love to an even more remarkable truth: Surrender (the Mother principle).

Great wisdoms from out of the many-mansion totality of Mystery, whose ancient origins enfold the World. There is no language in the realms of science, and religions, and the arts, not influenced by the total culture of the past. As a consequence, these books, tho’ oriented in a kind of “Christian” ethos, are concerned with ideas true for everybody, of whatever Faith. Gospels that are scientific, artistic, and religious.

The books below are just a few, that might be helpful. Helpful? The Redemption of Materialistic Science … something everyone on the Planet needs, given that the totality of Nature is better at watching and loving us, than we are at actually seeing Her.

I do not believe folks truly want to buy unnatural science’s dominion-over the Earth, … when what we need is communion-with, or … a relationship on an I and Thou level with Nature.

The active links are to places to buy the books.

Two of the 12 are books are mine. “the Way of the Fool” is a gospel of the Second Coming. {“a”, not “the”, gospel} I wrote it over the course of a year, at age 64, following a 45 day fast.

The other: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” was begun and completed shortly after I received initiation into the Mysteries of the Mother (on epiphany 2008), and the Son, late 2009, early 2010. I was 70.

I took the religious question, reformatted that as a theory, and then created a theoretical/testable spiritual social science to explain everything.
This next book is amazing. I knew this woman for 6 years via an internet discussion group called the Ark. We met there between 1997 and 2003. Christ sent her to Morocco, to experience Ramadan in the fall of 2000, so that our group could face 9/11 via the insights of a remarkable spirit.

On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician“, by Catherine MacCoun, which she describes, modestly, as a unity of Tibetan and Christian Alchemy. {a gospel of soul}


“Poetic Diction” by Owen Barfield. Was friends with Tolkien and such when writing this. Also a student of Rudolf Steiner, and an expert on the “evolution of consciousness”. I call this book: a gospel of the imagination.

I heard him speak once. Over a hundred in the audience, and one question was whether or not he followed Rudolf Steiner’s idea that we would be better off reading one Steiner book 50 times, that 50 books once. If he did, what was that book?


His reply: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception“, which Barfield described as the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote.

I describe that book as “a gospel of knowing”. The picture below is from that books table of contents.


For there to be a “science”, there needs to be processes of investigation that can be replicated. That is a principle virtue of this books, so lets us next take a peek at a gospel of physics, by Ernst Lehrs: Man or Matter .

Here is a picture of that table of contents:


Surely a gospel of organic chemistry is called for as well.

Rudolf Hauschka’s “The Nature of Substance” Its content page:


How about a gospel of movement, … Theodor Schwenk’s Sensitive Chaos – The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air


The Earth’s Green World is immense, and central to all life. How about a gospel of the Plant, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2


That makes nine books (one with two vols.) The next three are by the same author, Tom Cowan, M.D. .. a gospel of medicine …

I was acquainted with him a few decades ago, and at a political meeting at his home (his wife at that time was having the meeting, he was just working nearby) … at one point walked through the gathering, and asked: “Why are People fat?” Following which – when going back the way he had come – he said, “because they are starving” [by which I later learned he meant fat people’s brains react to the lack of real nutrition in our food, by making us feel hungry, so we eat too much, and never satisfy the real hunger].

Or, he said, walking in and out of the same room later: “What is the biggest cause of death in America?” pause … “the doctor”.

He has written and published three new volumes, ripe with his wit, intelligence, and heretical views. Everyone who cares about the health of all humans on the Planet, should own and read these books.
Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease”

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

Cancer and the New Biology of Water

this last link, not so much a gospel, but a lengthy discussion of an artistic vision, later told as a story in a movie: “MoonTrap Target Earth”

Medicine Woman is Here (the Mother is back with the Moon)