Spiritual Research and Pain

Spiritual Research and Pain

At various time, Steiner spoke of the 5th, or Consciousness Soul, Epoch as a prelude to the 6th Epoch.

There is lacking in human society nowadays a quality that, in the sixth epoch, will be a characteristic of those men who reach the goal of that epoch, and have not fallen short of it. It is a quality that will not, of course, be found among those who in the sixth epoch have still remained at the stage of savages or barbarians. One of the most significant characteristics of men living on the earth at the peak of culture in the sixth epoch, will be a certain moral quality. …

In the sixth epoch, the most highly cultured will not only feel pain such as is caused today by the sight of poverty, suffering and misery in the world, but such individuals will experience the suffering of another human being as their own suffering. If they see a hungry man they will feel the hunger right down into the physical, so acutely indeed that the hunger of the other man will be unendurable to them. The moral characteristic indicated here is that, unlike conditions in the fifth epoch, in the sixth epoch the well-being of the individual will depend entirely upon the well-being of the whole” https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/19150615p01.html

Personally, I find a foretaste of this in my inability to halt the suffering in the world, visible everywhere. I become aware of all the awful, … I can feel sympathy or empathy, but I can’t change the course of any individuals biographical/karmic tasks.

One of the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ is: the Entombment. It lies in between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. In my own life I have come to know this Stage too frequently. My soul is still full of a fire of will to change what is around me, and completely powerless to act.

How I’ve learn to deal with this is to seriously ask myself why I should be assuming that what is needed is for me to fix something, whether a way of life, or an individual’s soul life. I’ve learned to respect the biography of others, in fact to be amazed with the knowledge that the Mystery loves all of us equally.

The Entombment is then a kind of self-generated illusion. We task ourselves beyond what is needed. This does not mean to not be a helping stranger. It just means that there is a riddle in the soul when the spirit feels impotent. An energy wanting release can serve another purpose.

The passage from Death to Resurrection is one of Surrender to the Unknown. The wanting we feel to fix things is the last gasp of the lower ego’s habit of seeking to fulfill these wants and needs, … By changing/controlling the world, instead of changing/mastering ourselves.

Each human being is a song authored by The Author. Do these songs exclude: “those who in the sixth epoch have still remained at the stage of savages or barbarians.”.

My anticipation is that the immediate future (next two hundred years) will see a mass movement of folks from cities, towards and through the farmland, and back into the wild.

This will not happen so much by intelligent choice, as by necessity. “Savages” was a word Steiner used to describe aboriginal culture in America. Yet, it is precisely, in an Earth-Religion sense, that the spiritual way into the future is to be found by us reacquiring the ability to live once more again in Communion-With the Goddess Natura.

Reversing the Direction of Evolution

Reversing the Direction of “Evolution”

Modern materialist science (all is matter, there is no spirit) posits that we once were ape-like creatures, living in vast African savannas. There are variations in the details imagined* to be involved, but for our purposes here, we only want to note the most “general idea” – the ancestors of human beings are animals.

*[It is important to keep in mind that the idea “evolution” is a garden of guesses. If our standard was that we be empirical, … that means we need to see directly these changes and developments. Yet, we don’t. We see bones. Not conscious experience, … we don’t know what the inner nature of our ancestors actually was. The rest we make up, and that with a particular bias – no spirit anywhere. My “The Father at Rest” deals with that – understandably – flawed thinking.] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/07/15/the-father-at-rest/

If we use cultural memory – rather than allegedly scientific guesswork – such as the tales most aboriginal cultures have not forgotten – we have a much more living picture. First hand. Of course, those mysteries are denied reality by modern science, that asserts ancient man made up fables for matters we brilliant moderns have proved need only material causes.

Again, no scientist was there to observe, and denying reality to these “tales” is mostly motivated by the materialistic resistance to any ideas of spirit, or gods and goddesses.

Let us stop resisting, and start believing. Goddess Natura is still there, … Nature has an inner self-aware sentient consciousness, just like we do.

Archaeologists, tend to assume the evolutionists are right, but still the interpretation of the languages – adorning megalithic structures everywhere – speaks of gods and such. The anthropologist, Margret Mead, holds that the first sign of civilization is found in bones that clearly were broken, and then set right. Do “animals” do that?

Yet, it is only in stories that we remember what kind of societies the ancients created, and these stories share a great deal.

For example, according to aboriginal lore in the Americas, early man lived at one with the natural world. Yet, not up in trees, … instead among Them. The Plains Indians called the human being the dominant determiner. We could ravage, or take care of Her, the living environment which also cared for us. At this stage, the human did not “work”, but participated as a needed part.

There are certainly folk who would like the Earth to return to its original garden-state. After the “garden” then was a passage from the wild lands, to cultivated lands, to cities and trade and crowding and work. Is this passage available to be reversed?

To go from cities, back through farms, and then back to the wild?

Right now modern Earth civilization is a place where the life-element is dying. Our institutions are failing, and fragile. The C*o*v*i*d Mystery is exposing the dark underbelly of the world of profit margins. Actions taken for the purpose of obtaining wealth and power. Actions not serving others. Actions using others.

“Life out of balance” say the Hopi.

As my few readers may be aware, I have taken to using various aesthetic aspects of modern films – the link above discusses the Godzilla franchise, as a kind of vehicle for the Muses to teach us – I’ve been calling this handwriting on the wall of modern culture: “the collective imagination”.

The latest Godzilla film was Godzilla vs. King Kong. The following should not actually “spoil” the watching of this film, yet one or two details below reveal something worth noting. We are here seeing an aesthetic dimension that comes from the “accidental, yet Muse-inspired synthetic unity”, of the work of a wide range of artists: actors, writers, directors, costume designers, CGI creators, and – of course – the participatory imagination of the “customer”.

Godzilla is a creature of the Sea. King Kong a creature of the Jungle. What starts out as a kind of war between the two, becomes a co-working against a common enemy – human cupidity, and a giant mechanical creature – symbolizing technology versus the natural organic.

The writers had some fun with the strange idea of there being an inner earth. This inside the planet world, in which gravity reverses as we enter its realm, is depicted as a world of nature primeval. A hint of Faerie and the Fae?

We already know (in the Godzilla mythos) that beneath the surface of the land, and the waters, are vast watery tunnels connecting one place to another. He zips around the oceans, using these unknown short cuts. This enables him to appear as if out of nowhere, and as is usual he begins this most recent emergence from hiding by attacking the institutional and scientific centers, devoted to creating the giant technology needed for a few to rule, and the rest to slave.

This has always been Godzilla’s role. To defeat the monsters generated by human excess, whether biological or technological.

Beneath the oceans and the pathways by which Godzilla travels is a forgotten virgin world of rocks and plants and waters and critters, undamaged by unbalanced human occupation and claims of “ownership” = the flaw of dominion-over, as against communion-with the “natural” world.

There seems to be some “truth” to the idea in human biology, that distinguishes a reptilian brain and a monkey brain, both lurking in the hind-brain physiology of our nervous system. At present, these “brains” serve the unconscious, while the fore-brain allows for conscious thought.

Is it possible that our collective Muses unconscious symbolism – of reptile and ape – refers to this aspect of our nature?

Our seas appear to be rising, rapidly. Many large cities are on the coastlines. Short term profit driven motives generate most government/business choices. Not among those plans is the quite predictable What’s Next? While we turn the life sphere of the Planet into a garbage heap, the rich seek mine now, regardless of the consequences.

People will move or die. Some people will die while moving. Why is one of our main ideas to flee the coastlines?

Why not go the other direction, and toward the Mysterious nature of the ocean wilds? Is there a latent intelligence, in the reptilian brain, that can be brought to the surface, in order to generate a civilization in the oceans?

Or, in the wilds of real nature, where the ape instincts might be valuable, … again if raised into full consciousness.

The Mystery is unmaking the no longer viable present. What we can do is the making of something new and never before, from seeds to be found in the long ago memories of Atlantis.

When Atlantis fell, there were migrations, as well as chaos and death. As I write this, a new hurricane bears down on the shores of Louisiana – on a twenty year anniversary of Katrina. Why are people still living on those coasts?

One reason, less conscious but all the more crucial for that feature … human beings believe they can rule nature, while forgetting that their “nature” too needs to be “ruled”, or even more terrible events await on the horizon, post C*o*v*i*d.

Truly mad scientists, working for earthly powers, alter the world at the level of genes, and have no clue the whole is as important as the parts. Materialistic science sees “global warming”, and knows we are powerless to “fix” it, the crucial tipping points now past. An inconvenient truth for the rich and powerful. A warning sign for the sane.

We need to have a conversation with Her. We need for institutional science, and business, and politics to be humble. I know, fat chance that. All the same, it doesn’t mean individuals can’t find a Way, through the own heart’s mind.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

There are many people, even scientists, that believe there is more to life than the ideas of big bang cosmology and Darwinian evolution would suggest. They have faith that existence is something more wonderful.

The idea of God, in some form, is common. This God is beneficent, perhaps all knowing and all powerful. If folk are involved in “religion”, there is then a kind of dogma of what is this “God’s” relationship to life.

The God of the Old Testament, in some instances, was not always beneficent. The ancient Greeks saw the Gods and Goddesses as something like a powerful dysfunctional family, arguing, killing, and spreading the god-seed among the mortals. All the same, these Greek tales tended to have a lesson attached.

Part of the riddle of the “Gods” has to do with why do humans suffer, and die. Would not a beneficent God take better care of us?

It appears that, in spite of modern materialistic science, and the various religions with their ideas of sin and hell, the human being might be immortal. Karma and reincarnation might be real. In which case, the world is something quite other than how we tend to see “It”.

In fact, “It” – the world – must itself be an immortal being. How could we be immortal, and not be living of and within an “environment” which is “Itself” immortal?

For me, the implications for how to “interpret” the Covid Mystery then alter/altar significantly. Eventually the only logical social-aspect I could see – if we are actually already immortal – is that: everybody is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Yet, there is so much I don’t like. People whose nose I would love to break. Newsreaders, on major media, using sentences that barely are logical, or informative, while at the same time being extraordinary inflammatory. Politicians telling tall tales, while all the “business” of government is carried on in smoke filled rooms, out of sight, and in secret.

Then there are the spiritual teachers, like Rudolf Steiner, who suggest we should somehow wrestle antipathy, and sympathy as well, out of the picture – something that makes me wonder what the Gods were up to in the first place, giving us such emotional “potential”, hidden in our likes and dislikes.

There is also a crazy Christian ideal from childhood that I am supposed to love my “enemy” as myself. That sort of works, unless you start to face just how I go about loving myself. “Enemy” is a word that can confuse. What if I have an enemy, who is out to murder me and my family?

The above turns out to be prelude to the question of how far can I, or should I, go as regards the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. Violent revolution?

Of course, different people will have different ideas about who is the criminal. If you are an anti-vaccer, and a conspiracy theorist, or someone who wants the government to force people to get vaccinated, … whatever “side”, someone else is the criminal, and you are good and just.

If this is God’s Plan it seems to me to be to be kind of mean.

If I work it out another way, such that … in the legendary midnight hour, when we choose to incarnate, the rumor is that we choose to live the anticipated suffering, believing that this is going to be Justice (in part) for our past transgressions.

When I get into that Idea, I am convinced we are all mad – what sane person would voluntarily decide to live today?

This has led me to the curious question: Are the Gods Insane? In fact, if we are
Their children, They must the Source good and evil, and insanity. Why would a God make something imperfect and flawed? What purpose is served?

In most religions, this riddle is meet with a bunch of tales, whose weird logic is to blame the child for the God’s failures. What good maker, creates something intentionally defective? Not just defective, but we seem meant to feel/know such pain and terror, that many of the normal-minded folk prefer addiction and insanity to our “usual” existence.

I am beginning to suspect that the needed revolution must see God as the enemy, … dangerously fickle, weak, careless, … OMG, human!?!?!

We are the tail the snake eats, and the snake that eats the tail. Kind of ugly that metaphor, yet seemingly true to observation. We are the ice cream that gets eaten by the cow … here a little silly can help.

Yet, there is this odd “potential”, which leaves us free to decide what It All Means. Or not. Good drugs, nice music, someone to hold in the dark of the night. I think Gods love life, yet can’t seem to stop messing around with the details. That job They leave to us, and there are actually no rules at all … sort of, Gravity, stuck with that. Stupid, in good supply. Fun and dancing, can’t ever have enough of that.

Looking For A Fight

Looking For A Fight

Brad Night, Andrew Linnell, Martin O’Keefe-Liddard, Rosemary McMullen, and any other Anthroposophy and Mechanical Occultism fans …

One of the scientific oddities of the C*o*v*i*d Mystery, is the absence – in public – of scientific argument over fundamental principles. One side hoards the dialogue, the others can’t get a word in edgewise.

I experience a similar quality in the MysTech work. That is to say, if you disagree on a fundamental level, such as that the use of the word “evil” is an error, even tho’ Steiner-sez can be quoted, this challenge to the Official Narrative regarding Anthroposophy and our Technological Future is ignored.

There is no forum in which to discuss the foregone conclusion. The big conference MysTech has is one-sided. People get invited to present, and I do not doubt the value of their various contributions. Still, if I attend I can’t ask questions or challenge what to me are clear mistakes in the arts of thinking as related to the significance and meaning of “electricity”.

Is this in the scientific spirit?

I’ve been thinking about electrical and magnetic phenomena for over three decades. My first article, publish by the Journal of Borderland Sciences, was called: “There is no free energy”. https://borderlandsciences.org/journal/vol/46/n05/Goethe_Space_Field_Phenomena.html

It was based on pure thinking observations, inspired by Ernst Lehr’s Man or Matter, and three writings of George Adams, the forgotten Goethean scientist, who tackled mathematical physics in his 1933 essay: “Space and the Light of Creation”. Out of print of course, this being normal for anthro-publishers, who do a lot of reprints of Steiner lectures, but can’t keep alive the genius of Goethean science as something worthy of its own label.

This is based mostly on the failure to model an interest in science, by A-Society leadership, who worked hard at being scholars of everything RS said, and as a consequence had almost nothing of value to say on technological questions from a more modern point of view, … developed after Steiner died.

My second concentrated pure thinking effort was to look at the relationship between nature and electricity in general, and concerned – in particular – the need to think in wholes, not parts. “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/electricityandthespiritinnature.html

Having understood the need to rejoin the Emerald Tablet to Anthroposophia, I wrote a series of articles on the relationship of the four elements of antiquity (fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and, earth/consciousness) and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics (gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces).

It is long, but the riddle needed careful and complete investigation. Again, this was an exercise in pure thinking. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/05/20/letters-about-magic/

Weaving through these questions was a secondary riddle: What about the Mother? How does She, and the Son and the Father, tied together dancing, create the world?

Following Her lead and inspiration, I came to perceive that electricity was the Father. Not a simple mystery.

One article I wrote was: “Electricity – a devotional and artistic representation” https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/14/electricity-a-devotional-and-artistic-representation/

Eventually I was able to put together, again through pure thinking, “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos.” https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/07/15/the-father-at-rest/

This is written for ordinary people on one level. It is about their biography and the freedom they have to individually generate its meaning. It’s about understanding that Nature has a self-aware sentient consciousness, just as to we, and would not mind visits, just keep in mind this is courtship, and both of us are shy … its been awhile.

Its about the names and the naming, and if we deny the assumption of materialistic science, that all is matter there is no spirit, we can assert instead that matter and spirit are reality, if we just attend to our own direct experience.

For example, … a couple true names: Gravity exists as an aspect of the Love of the Mother. Breath exists as an aspect of the Love of the Son. And, Matter exists because of the Love of the Father. We are surrounded by Mystery from moment to moment to moment – the Divine is not somewhere else, They are the very fundamental basis of life and conscious existence.

Understanding the problem of parts and wholes is crucial to separating the wheat from the chaff in the C*o*v*i*d Mystery. Materialistic science was based on the assumption that the causes of the material world would be found in the learning about the smallest “things”. Steiner understood this, and cautioned that we need to discipline our thinking about the Concepts we generated when forming cognitions about “atoms” and “germs & viruses”.

The real problem was the Ideas, and if we didn’t do that right, we will not be able to deal with the biological and technical challenges of the future.

We are here. He is not. Anybody want to engage in a Goethean scientific debate, on the crucial mysteries of the dying and becoming of Western civilization?

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It can help our understanding, of our time of C*o*v*i*d-Madness, to change the scale of what we see and know. What draws our attention immediately – in this time of illness and uncertainty – cannot be really appreciated until we develop the wider “context”.

While many run amok in fear, seeking to not suffer what a family member just did, that stark fact is that we are all eventually going to die … the questions are when, and perhaps why.

For example, heart disease and cancer are still the major causes of death.

Somehow, or another, our civilization’s medical culture can’t cure the hard ones, and seem not interested in curing the simple ones – like infectious diseases. The basic strategy of the business, that research and sell modern medicines, is to suppress symptoms … i.e. we remain sick, just more comfortable.

If Americans were dying at the same rate as in the 1918 pandemic flu, instead of 600,000 plus deaths happening now, we would already have two million dead.

Medical “culture” is an important idea. The “science” of medicine includes not just doctors and patients, but all the businesses who make money from our “diseased” states. In addition, all “politics”, or efforts to govern societies (whatever the type), runs into ambitions, and behind the scenes deal making.

Big Pharma can’t be sued for illnesses, or death, resulting from their symptom suppression “vaccines”. Congress passed a law.

Our underlying achievements of Western Civilization, all center on the development of scientific materialism: all is matter, there is no spirit. In materialistic medicine, we end up with efforts at healing, which do not recognize the person as more than a physical body.

Scientific materialism is a religion, not just pure science. Many beliefs and assumptions are called “theories”, as if that label means “knowledge”. If we actually knew, the theory-idea would disappear.

Most people living in this time are believers in this “religion”: We are just an organic machine, living one life of toil and trouble, in a universe so large as to be beyond comprehension. When you can only go around the merry-go-round of life just once, might as well indulge yourself as often as possible.

All the same, spirit is real. An odd fact is that – in the phenomena of existence – we can’t get away from “spirit”, but under the influence of “materialism”, and its matter only bias/assumption, we don’t see what is most obvious of all.

Our culture impresses us with certain ideas, if we wish to be a “modern” person. Yes, many people have become more spiritual, more woke, study Buddhism, or Magic, … basically we see something in ourselves that has depth beyond the material. Still, many aspects of our understanding of the world contain matter-only concepts, particularly our ideas about health, illness, and death.

It used to be, in the early years of modern science, that the scientists expected to find proof of God. At one time the most likely candidate was whatever stood behind electrical phenomena. The experiment that led in this direction (and was so simple that any self-appointed “scientist” could do it), was to generate a current, and touch the lead to the severed limb of a dead frog. The leg jerked, so that must mean life.

There were born – five or six hundred years ago – two major tools that opened paths toward the resolution of many mysterious aspects of human existence: the telescope and the microscope – they bring the far near (stars), and the near becomes unimaginably detailed (cells and atoms). For early “natural philosophers” (scientists), following these mysteries was often be done by forgetting ordinary life, with all its suffering and cruelties,

The wars over power and politics and religion were a noisy social background, sometimes aiding the pursuit of this new Way of “seeing”, sometimes getting in the way. In the early days the rich played at science, and accomplished amazing things, for wealth gave them time to spend.

If the reader of this wants to live into this era of recent history, read Neal Stephenson’s 2700 page Baroque Cycle. It concerns Europe (and the world), during the years 1670 to 1730. At this time, banking as we know it today came into existence, and the pursuit of the physics of Newton came to dominate scientific thinking.

As to our interior life, … it was common in the time of Freud (1856-1939) for thinking on our “nature” to use the terms spirit and soul. Yet, when Freud was translated into English, the word “mind” replaced the German geistes (spirit) and seele (soul).

As “scientific” ruminations progressed, mind becomes “brain”, and all consciousness is given material explanations. Part of the underlying adventure – for scientists – was driven by the assumption that reality was a product of parts, and to seek knowledge of the smallest would eventually explain all.

The methods using “microscopes” dominated. What was worse, was that – as Rudolf Steiner pointed out – doctors first studied the cadaver, learning more about the “health” of human being when dead, rather than when living. Grave robbers made fortunes, stealing corpses and delivering them to “medical schools”, to be dissected. Modern medical schools start there even today, before you get to treating the living.

This is not to mean any kind of moral failure at all. The path to materialism had to be traveled, so that eventually we might find that being human is much more wonderful, than just the stuff out of which our bodies are made.

Is there any basis for returning the ideas of spirit and soul to their former glory, as aspects of the divine in everything? Can there be “sciences” of the spirit?

When the word ecology surfaced some decades ago, it was understood to be an Idea that “wholeness” was an aspect of the “natural” world. The context effected the part, just as the part effected the context.

A virus is something very very tiny. It is embedded in a great deal of context, not only in a physical sense, but also the “meaning” has context. Our bio-home has some ten trillion micro-organisms of various kinds and types. C*o*v*i*d* -D*e*l*t*a* – v*a*r**a*n*t can’t be separated from the context, or wholeness, in which it is “living”, … assuming we are justified in even granting to a virus the idea of life.

Is the public being lied to by the institutions with the most to gain from the sale of “medicine”, that suppresses symptoms, by applying genetically modified organisms below the cell level of our physical organism? That is: a “protein spike” is driven into the heart of a system of micro-cellular relationships, on the basis of a guess, or theory, that people will get “better”?

Here we are in a world where a huge experiment in medicine is going on. The C*o*v*i*d-therapy is not only genetically modified, it draws its “base genes” from the animal kingdom, something no “vaccine” has done before.

The history of civilizations includes the idea that such massive social organisms die. They become unworkable, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the wild, living in human passions and hungers. Rome fell to “barbarians”, we are told. Barbarians who, by the way, lived lives embodying principles that are the bedrock of modern idea of law. Tribal peoples, who know the Earth as a living Goddess.

My view is that our civilization’s “death” is an aspect of metamorphosis, a dying into a new becoming, as Goethe would have put it.

While mainstream scientific inquiry was seen as revolutionary – the Copernican Revolution – as against the religious ideas of the 14th Century – this seeking the parts as the cause of everything did not include all serious thinkers.

We can then use the name “counter-Copernican Revolution” to describe the Romantics, and Transcendentalists. Such folk as Coleridge, Goethe, and Emerson maintained a bridge between spirit and matter, … great genius, yet today are off in the corner of libraries and old books. Good for a quote, but not as an example to emulate.

In modern scientific circles, where there are thinkers more interested in wholeness, the problem/mystery of “consciousness” is everywhere. What is important for context, is to realize that scientific materialism doesn’t have a lot of answers. The core of being human is conscious experience, and how matter gave birth to that, is unknown to science, precisely because its belief system excludes the idea of spirit completely.

One modern Darwinian biologist said to a conference, … if we let the idea of spirit anywhere into modern scientific thought, the whole edifice will collapse.

To a certain extent, and one that is important, we should be individually making up our own minds about what “consciousness” is. The “whole” is us, and directly available to our own mental/spiritual capacities.

In the more modern aspects of the counter-Copernican impulse, we have now a “science of knowing” (solves the mind/body riddle) from Rudolf Steiner; “Goethean” science from many of Steiner’s best students, and the update of the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science, generated by Franz Bardon.

These are all legitimate sciences, where a Way was found to account for spirit, while not violating the just demand of “science” for empirical and repeatable results.

As we are here dealing with materialistic “medicine”, what is out there that looks at – and with – spirit, at the healing arts?

A longer story, but a quick look. Rudolf Steiner indicated many ways in which materialistic science failed to account for spirit. In our time there is one doctor, who has built on that, changing medical science at the same level that Einstein replaced Newton in physics.

Keep in mind, the path of Einstein’s ideas in physics was torturous, and resisted by most “scientific” institutions.

Obviously, if we authentically want to know, reading books is crucial. Tom Cowan, our medical Einstein, has written four books crucial for our future health. “Human Heart – Cosmic Heart”; “Vaccines, Immunology, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses.”; “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”. These three should be read before: “The Myth of Contagion”, as they are crucial Context for the underlying truths regarding modern illnesses, and their Healing.

Reading them helps anyone seeking to understand the crisis in which we live, via a depth not available on the Evening New, or the bought and paid for ads on Facebook. Cowan helps us with a much needed context, and the books are written for the edification of the needed heart of the coming civilization.

Materialism is dying. Its fundamental ideas/theories have not worked. Factually the human being is far more amazing than Darwinian evolution and big bang cosmology imagine.

This crisis has a great deal to do with the future health of human beings. Health and illness is not a vehicle for soulless corporations, to make money. The metaphors of the Matrix films are quite apt. To the owners, the human being’s purpose is to work, and to consume, and to give our children to becoming cannon fodder in the endless wars of the rich and the powerful.

What is the Rough Beast that Slouches toward Bethlehem, waiting to be Born?

What is the Rough Beast that Slouches toward Bethlehem, waiting to be Born?

The dry wind blew through the skulls. Tones of woe arose, as the wind snaked from skull to skull, in one eyeball, and out another. Here – for a moment – through the nose, elsewhere out of cracks and broken places.

The wind was divided within itself. Sometimes lost. Sometimes elated, to be dancing with death again.

Battlefields are wonders, if we have the ear for it. Occasionally a quickening breeze would draw a song from a broken blade. Carrion birds made pecking noises, while dancing on what flesh there still remained.

Some had not died – right away, but their wounds made them wish that grace would come sooner rather than later.

Small animals crawled out of their hidden borrows. Places of safety already built, for the forces of the living have wisdom, and see the future.

A mocking bird began to yodel, and scream, trying to repeat the sounds the battle had left in his heart. He noticed a grasshopper, trying to hide, and made a quick meal. Thirsty now, he smelled water, jumped into a gliding dive from his perch, yet turned away, for a copper smell lingered. He did not like the way the water tasted, when the red/brown river of life flowed and flowed, drenching the holy earth with corruption.

The sun, Himself, hid behind clouds of tears. He/She – that knows all – had already opened the Gates of the Underworld … readying the land of the dead to receive multitudes.

A planet aflame with madness, greed, lies, hate, stupidity, fear, ambition, … just because the Mystery had been forgotten, did not mean Justice or Truth had abandoned humanity – although … this time around ordinary human beings were free to build or destroy according to their individual judgments.

The rich had overplayed their hand. The plague had gotten away from them, especially when the people understood that their heartless guile was itself the true illness.

The Mother is within All. She is of the Wild. The rage that will burn, as the pandemic lies are exposed, will visit the unimaginable, … while at the same time the Warming gets ready to deliver Winter. Snow to bless the earth, and sanctify it, in spite of endless human folly.

bio-terrorism vs human cultural growth

The Grandmother War

bio-terrorism vs human cultural growth

We are all Brothers and Sisters, on Trial by Fate,

yet Each and All Bearing the same Wounds

From the heart’s mind of someone refusing to be vaccinated, a riddle: What would Rudolf Steiner do? Take a jab or two or three, … or not?

If I were to try to gather the spiritual treads of the ongoing world wide “Covid-19 Event”, the idea of a Shared Rite for all of humanity is central. In a certain sense, this Rite is meant to offer to all human beings, an opportunity to commune-with our own dark.

This cannot happen without the world being a place of strife and conflict. The Rite is individualized, and is a core aspect of each personal biography. The tendency to Judge others will produce social friction. He, of She has the whole world in His Hands, is baptizing all in Fire and Holy Breath.

There is a religious war, but not in the way we usually think. The religion at war with humanity is scientific materialism. We also worry about “technology” running away with our future, in some fashion or another.

Hard to admit, yet essential to confess: We are all being traumatized. From a certain point of view, we are all being Crowned with Thorns, for what is attacked is our gift-potential of self-determining what is true.

The curious bit is that each individual is to have the right to form their own point of view. We, as individuals, have to make – via our own heart’s mind – a thought confrontation in the seas of the Official Narrative. Is it true? If it isn’t, what is happening? The hard part has to do with our choices of actions in the shared social life.

As is usual, the endlessly hungry rich and powerful want us fighting each other, while not realizing just who is truly terrorizing who. The “owners” need us to believe their neighbor is more of a life-threat that all the poisons in our water, air, soil, food, medicines, and the socially dangerous inhuman forms of “schooling”.

We are fast raising children who will lose a healthy-hopeful appreciation of the future. The Official Narrative darkens their dreams, a trauma inexcusable for societies that believe they are “civilized”.

Below is some personal wrestling with … what to do when you know the Official Narrative is mostly an intentional lie?

My Lady, who for a long time didn’t want to listen to my “conspiracy” theories, started to wake up, and the theory she found most disturbing is that Fort Dix, an American bio-weapon development facility, created a special animal-based micro-organism, which was then shipped to a laboratory in Wuhan China … from where it either escaped, or was let lose.

She also currently suspects that the reason the vaccines came out so fast, was that primary research on their nature had been done already. The world’s craziest people, wearing white coats and getting paid to develop bio-weapons, … i.e. Mad Scientists, made the disease, and the “cure” at the same time.

From my side of things, it is the Ideas in the Narrative, that are the most dangerous aspects of the weapon. Ideas about Health and Illness and Death. I also know that this whole terrible individual-trials scenario was/is being sculpted by “She who has the whole world in His Hands”. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/04/19/she-has-the-whole-world-in-his-hands/

The human material-biological nature/future is being attacked. As are our ideas of who and what we are. Are we just some kind of tenuous accidental organism, incapable of dealing with the chemical-biological aspects of life, such that a mere “bug/germ/virus” can get loose, endangering us all?

Meanwhile, Mother Nature Herself is far wiser and more powerful. Her counter – at the level of the microscopic – is magic mushrooms and weed. Plant substances that grow nearly anywhere, and have multiple uses. Her Medicine for our psycho-spiritual traumatic passage in this Age.

Some people see this next as a joke: to require of all our leaders a timeless rite of drug intoxicated passage through their own psyche, before they can even run for office. Keep in mind that the deepest Earth Religions have already beneficially explored the territory.

My view is that the bio-terrorism – psychological level – of the Covid-19 attack, can be not just stopped, but also reverse-engineered at a social level. The bad guys overplayed their hand, which for them is a chain which binds them to us, instead of them binding us to them.

Consider this conspiracy idea: the new vaccines have trace mineral elements that will react to electric and magnetic fields. The human body is being intentionally dishonored, rather then adored for the miracle which it clearly is to any sane person.

What follows is details, which I hope will be of service ….

It is easy to argue that we – the unvaccinated – should do what is asked. A prime conception, sold to all those who trust “authorities”, is the need for “herd immunity”. Yet, if you just Google those words, you get this on the first page:

In most cases, herd immunity is not achieved without an effective vaccine. For COVID-19, the percentage of the population that needs to be infected to achieve herd immunity is estimated to be between 70% and 90%, and this is assuming lasting immunity is possible.” “Needs to be infected”????

Herd immunity (also called herd effect, community immunity, population immunity, or mass immunity) is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that can occur with some diseases when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections,[1] thereby reducing the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity.[2][3][4] Immune individuals are unlikely to contribute to disease transmission, disrupting chains of infection, which stops or slows the spread of disease” Wikipedia

If you are, as am I, a reader of scientific literature, you have become aware of what I call “wiggle room”, in the way “facts” are presented and organized: “between 70% and 90%”, is a lot of wiggle room. Then there is the first phrase: “In most cases, herd immunity is not achieved without an effective vaccine.”; “indirect protection”; and, “Immune individuals are unlikely”.

More wiggle room … and especially important given that we are now being told vaccinated people can still be infectious. If we are kind, among those who understand philosophy of science necessities there is clearly a lot of speculation going on. If we are less kind, we get into stuff RS said about “The Karma of Untruthfulness”.

The Official Narrative seems more of a theory of what might be true, rather than what is actually happening, or going to happen. Conspiracy theory fans, aka: people who don’t trust government, corporations, or major news media, … such fans used the word Hoax, from the beginning.

Let’s consider such an idea in a non-judgmental fashion …

Hoax implies a conscious intention to deceive, usually for the purpose of gaining wealth and power … Bernie Madoff comes to mind. A recent event, 9/11, was seen by many to be something done by insiders in the world of governments, and business. Counter arguments have been made over the idea that if this attack on America was stage-managed, far too many people had to be involved; and, how does that large a group keep such a big secret?

Well, … they didn’t keep it secret, they just controlled enough of the media to keep knowledgeable doctors and scientists from presenting their alternative findings to the public.

If we are familiar with the movie: “The Sting”, we become aware of the arts involved in such kinds of deception. It is a “confidence” game, in which it is not just us having confidence in them, so much as their having/giving confidence to/in us. The more “confident” we feel, the easier the web of deceit is woven.

Then there is what is called the “Long Con”, where decades are spent turning us into our own worst enemy.

Except, of course, that most people believe the Official Narrative, implicitly surrendering autonomous freedom to fear and authority, of which the most dangerous is the authority of social pressure. Many people truly believe the lies that money is able to spread, everywhere … which talk includes the danger of a super-spreader – person or event, the idea itself a dark dark work of psychological terror.

My next favorite epidemiological euphemism, after herd immunity, is: “super-spreader”.

*[a “euphemism” is a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.] Other faux conceptions are: “side-effects”, for the fact that the medicine might kill or permanently effect you; “gluten allergy” for the fact that wheat is poisoned by Roundup plant and weed killer on the way to being harvested; “pollution”, for all the industrial waste clogging our streams, rivers, and other water ways; “acid rain” for the effects of air pollution from all those industrial smoke stacks.

A superspreading event is an event in which an infectious disease is spread much more than usual, while an unusually contagious organism infected with a disease is know as a superspreader” Wikipedia.

Consider the subtle terminology: “spread much more than usual”.

We assume that such language means, in the sense of Covid-19, that the facts on the ground actually justify the conclusion. How do we know our current situation is more than usual? By what measure does the Official Narrative arrive at this conclusion, which itself is a super-spreading concept?

A brief Google excursion into the question of how does our rate of infection compare to the era of the “Spanish Flu”, produced the following:

Any mortality comparisons between these two pandemics in the United States, 2020 and 1918, must differentiate between totals and rates. The current US population, a little more than 330 million, is more than three times larger than the population in 1918, estimated at 105 million. The 675,000 deaths attributed to the influenza epidemic made up 0.64 percent of the total population, a little more than six in every thousand people. By contrast, the more than 500,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 make up about 0.15 percent of the total population, or between one and two in every thousand people. If COVID-19 caused deaths at the same rate as the 1918 epidemic, the total would approach two million. Even the disturbing projections of more than to 600,000 deaths by July 1, 2021, would still remain below the rates recorded in the earlier epidemic.”

If COVID-19 caused deaths at the same rate as the 1918 epidemic, the total would approach two million.”

Right now we can find “numbers” everywhere. The digital NY Times has them on the front page, daily. News readers, on national TV, generally have an image at hand, of the up and down numbers of cases, and numbers of deaths; and, as (for that moment) they measure those rates against Covid-19’s prior behavior, we are being told the whole situation is worsening.

Herd Immunity must be reached, we are advised. Super spreading events are to be avoided, yet somehow a lot of folks are not so easily responsive to suggestions to to follow any longer the direction of fear and paranoia. Half a million outlaw souls (bikers) still celebrated their annual gathering at Sturgis, South Dakota.

I have noticed a number of similar psychological waves ripple through America’s culture and people. For example, the young still celebrated Spring Break, while being publicly thought of as making It (the plague) worse for all of us.

The Greeks knew a thing or two about the relationship between their arts, and the public temper. Drama&Comedy are meant to help the audience feel their own emotions in a Way that produces a kind of catharsis – a moment of psychological energy release and healing.

Modern cultures have many such rites, most of which revolve around sports events, or music concerts. Jumping and Yelling and Dancing is good for human beings.

The psychological terrorism increased when the lock downs were initiated.

Cut off from the usual venues where release was realized, She (Divine Providence) engineered – allowed with sorrow – another death by police of a black man … She knowing we needed release. People took to the streets.

We all have a “Mother” nature. We know when we need to nurture our inner child, which often hungers for ways to get wild. Our Father-nature generates the Ideas, through which we might seek release. Our Child-nature = our true spark

= goes for it, and convention is abandoned.

On a macro-social level, many of us – at the same time – can evoke our personal grandmother-nature. She likes to throw parties, that help people become at ease, and get to know each other. If we ask our own grandmother-nature: which is better in a given moment, protest or party, she would usually go for party, but if the community is in enough danger, time to choose the war chiefs.

In a war of bio-terrorism and weapons, the Holy Mother – Earth Mother gave us magic mushrooms and weed. Psychological support for the human soul and spirit in a time of madness.

Modern science is as much religion as it is science, for each action rooted in a belief/theory is a religious act. This is not a flaw, so much as a valid aspect of the Scientific Way of Knowledge.

Is the Official Narrative actually rooted in science? The next links should shock you. They are to the same video, which has attracted a lot of interest such that my first link (now deleted), disappeared, … so I am providing three different locations to find it.

The first link is to a local news station, and right away we see that the Official Narrative (ON) remains believed, and experts were quoted. The point to note is that none of these quoted experts argued against the “science” he presented, they just took the side that something must be wrong with the speaker.

The second link is to a live capture of the whole talk, from a computer screen.

The third link is the unedited whole of his talk, which went viral immediately. A viral truth video about the scientific errors in the ON, concerning a “virus”. The irony is amazing.

the following table is quite interesting, in the light of the above video especially

viral pathogen / virus discovery / vaccine for human use / years to vaccine

yellow fever / 1900 / 1935 / 35

polio / 1909 / 1954 / 45

measles / 1911 / 1957 / 46

HSV / 1919 / n-a / >102

Influenza / 1933 / 1945 / 12

RSV / 1956 / n-a / >65

Dengue Virus /1960 / 2019 / 59

Hepatitis B / 1967 / 1984 / 17

Rotavirus / 1973 / 1998 / 25

Hepatitis A / 1973 / 1995 / 22

HPV / 1974 / 2007 / 33

HIV / 1983 / n-a / 38

HCV /1989 / n-a / 31

Covid-19 / 2019 / 2020 / 6 months

What is not there is more important than what is there. Years ago I wrote a book: “The Way of the Fool”, which had as its sixth stanza this:

sixth stanza: in the Absence of the Good* – in the Age of Freedom, and in the confusion of the weaknesses of traditional moral authority, what happens when Moral Grace is not present – the Pharmaceutical Industry as an Example”

*[“evil is the Absence of the Good“, St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1272)]

The level of strange is growing. UFOs are finding their way out of the closet of disbelief. In the life of corporations, having a conscience is often a barrier to promotion.

Fools to the right of me … fools to the left … dancing faster and faster, running away, hoping toward, ruined by greed, bloody on a field of lies, in a war between giants, dictators, drug lords, multinational egregorial corporations, religious fanatics, and lying politicians …

We are all circus clowns with painted faces … trying to survive the madness.

What the news shows share as their version of world reality can no longer be taken seriously. I used to yell at the news, … these days I sometimes break out in great laughter at the folly everywhere depicted as officials scramble from day to day to keep up with the relentless changes of mind at the CDC and their friends.

At the time of this blog post, the psychological terror increases. More lock-downs are urged. More masks demanded at work, school, and to travel. Papers required now, showing one is vaccinated, or at least not a “case”, i.e. have had a negative PCR test in the last couple of days.

Whether you are a believer or not, in the Official Narrative, we all need to chill out and stop accusing the “other” of being the cause of our woes. In the terms of millennia, we are partaking in the Rite of the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization.

We are all so human and funny and gloriously impossible to live with … yet in our “relationships”, live emotional negotiations that would make any professional diplomat cry. In some places in the world, political leaders are using the “Covid” scare to imprison enemies.

For a lot of us, if it wasn’t for rock ‘n roll, the NFL, bikers in Sturges, and the fall from grace of rascals as governors, we would live in a constant state of fear. We need relief from the drama, and thanks for the Olympics, and the beginning of a new season of “FootBall!!”. Sports venues are filling up, as are nightclubs. Going out to the movies now possible.

My personal wicked pleasure is watching the CDC change its mind, sending waves through seas of politics, and given their worries about their jobs, it is amazing that politicians show up to work these days … – pretending to know what to do.

Whatever our personal relationship is to the Official Narrative, the insistence of either “side” to perfect knowledge of the “science” is/ought to be a battlefield. Just one point of view, the ON, is not science … its is a belief system.

Although, sad really, the masked and unmasked and vaccinated and unvaccinated … a world set socially aflame … there are some explanatory prophecies: Hopi: Day of Purification. Christian: He will baptized us in Fire and Holy Breath.

Each individual swims in a sea of stark choices. That we all share. We also share a core strength, the heart’s mind, which is capable of seeing past differences, and wonders at the whole. The Official Narrative nowhere compares to what the Mystery is doing, through us, and to us.

Best medicine in the chaos dance? Imagine everyone naked. Including yourself. Are we gloriously not just Drama, but Comedy as well. The whole world takes itself too seriously.

We need to be having fun, dancing together, sharing the burden.

We also share that most of us are faced with the fact that the rich are different, … some to the point of being Jeffry Epstein creepy. They make war on us, … the few dominating the many.

One of their tools is the Official Narrative itself, a truly dangerous creature, far worse than the virus. The virus will burn out, although the seekers after wealth and power will remain interested in using fear to keep us lost and obedient, just workers and consumers and cannon fodder for their wars. Very much a time for: “Economic and Social Rebellion in an age of social political chaos” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Rebellion.html

Make no mistake whatsoever. The rich use the poor.

What might happen if we – the poor, the servants, secretly “infected” those who act as if they are our owners, with our own bio-weapons: magic mushrooms, and the ubiquitous weed? Tit for tat, and well justified at that.

For sure, if we stop fighting each other, and – as Grandmother sez – throw parties instead of protests, with the aim of getting on better with each other. It takes only one person to issue some invitations, and in the social event that follows, healing from the ongoing trauma continues.

Social healing power radiates from us one at a time. Become a super-spreader of peace and good cheer. We are only a herd, if we let ourselves be herded.

Latest best writing by another: On why I am not getting vaccinated:


Huge Resource on Covid-Madness




Knut Wittkowsky PhD DS-MB:








Nobel Prize Winner: Mass COVID Vaccination an ‘Unacceptable Mistake’

July 21, 2021/by Life Site News

French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier called mass vaccination against the coronavirus during the pandemic “unthinkable” and a historical blunder that is “creating the variants” and leading to deaths from the disease.

“It’s an enormous mistake, isn’t it? A scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake,” Montagnier said in an interview translated and published by the RAIR Foundation USA yesterday. “The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

Many epidemiologists know it and are “silent” about the problem known as “antibody-dependent enhancement,” Montagnier said.

“It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger,” he said in an interview with Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media earlier this month.

Nobel Prize winner: Mass COVID vaccination an ‘unacceptable mistake’

In every country, ‘the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths,’ the famous virologist said.

Wed May 19, 2021 – 6:59 pm EST

By Celeste McGovern

Note to readers, added May 27, 2021: While LifeSiteNews has only reported what Montagnier has said, other scientists have rejected, in the strongest terms, his thesis that vaccines are causing dangerous variants. Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon has said, “There is no evidence at all that vaccination is leading or will lead to ‘dangerous variants,’” and that the notion of such deadly variants is “absurdly impossible … not [even] like an opinion difference,” but “just a lie” in order to justify unnecessary “top-up” (booster) vaccines. Others have also highlighted there is “no proof” for these theories, referring to them as “nonsense,” while likewise vehemently opposing the general distribution of these experimental gene-therapy COVID-19 vaccines and warning of serious damaging consequences.  Such warnings remain credible due to the trend of spikes in deaths which may be due to a number of factors including antibody dependent enhancement, vaccine-associated illnesses, or other conditions. 

Secondly, Montagnier did notsay that everyone who received experimental COVID-19 vaccines would “all die” within two years. This quote was falsely attributed to him in a fake news meme that has been widely distributed. 

May 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier called mass vaccination against the coronavirus during the pandemic “unthinkable” and a historical blunder that is “creating the variants” and leading to deaths from the disease.

“It’s an enormous mistake, isn’t it? A scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake,” Montagnier said in an interview translated and published by the RAIR Foundation USA yesterday. “The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

Many epidemiologists know it and are “silent” about the problem known as “antibody-dependent enhancement,” Montagnier said.

“It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger,” he said in an interview with Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media earlier this month. 

Vaccination leading to variants

While variants of viruses can occur naturally, Montagnier said that vaccination is driving the process. “What does the virus do? Does it die or find another solution?” 

“It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.”

Vaccinating during a pandemic is “unthinkable” and is causing deaths, the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery

“The new variants are a production and result from the vaccination. You see it in each country, it’s the same: in every country deaths follow vaccination,” he said.

A video published last week on YouTube uses data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington to illustrate the spikes in deaths in numerous countries across the globe after the introduction of COVID vaccination, confirming Montagnier’s observation.

The French interviewer pointed to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) showing that since the vaccines were introduced in January, new infections contamination have “exploded,” along with deaths, “notably among young people.”

“Yes,” agreed Montagnier who is a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. “With thrombosis, etc.”

Thrombosis – or blood clots — have been an unexpected problem linked to the new coronavirus vaccines and the cause of AstraZeneca’s vaccine being pulled in several countries. The head of Canada’s public health agency, Theresa Tam, told a press conference Tuesday that there are now 21 confirmed cases of vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, or VITT, including among three women who died from the blood-clotting disorder potentially linked to AstraZeneca’s vaccine and another 13 cases are under investigation. 

Breakthrough cases

Montagnier said that he is currently conducting research with those who have become infected with the coronavirus after getting the vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in April that it had received 5,800 reports of people who had “breakthrough” COVID after being vaccinated, including 396 people who required hospitalization and 74 patients who died. 

“I will show you that they are creating the variants that are resistant to the vaccine,” Montagnier said.

Coronavirus made in a lab

The famous French virologist created waves in April 2020 when he told a French television station that he believed SARS-CoV2, the new pandemic coronavirus, was man-made in a laboratory. The “presence of elements of HIV and germ of malaria in the genome of coronavirus is highly suspect and the characteristics of the virus could not have arisen naturally,” he said

Though he was ridiculed by French experts for having “a conspiracy vision that does not relate to the real science,” Montagnier published a paper in July 2020 supporting his claims that the novel coronavirus must have originated from human experimentation in a lab – a theory that has recently resurfaced and is currently considered the most likely origin of the virus.

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here.


Anti-lockdown scientists challenge theories of Geert Vanden Bossche, though vaccine ‘global catastrophe’ not ruled out

EXCLUSIVE – Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’

It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP

Frontline Doctors: Experimental vaccines are ‘not safer’ than COVID-19  

Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines








Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 Apr; 18(8): 4344.

Published online 2021 Apr 20. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18084344

PMCID: PMC8072811

PMID: 33923935

Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free of Potential Hazards?

Kai Kisielinski,1 Paul Giboni,2 Andreas Prescher,3 Bernd Klosterhalfen,4 David Graessel,5 Stefan Funken,6 Oliver Kempski,7 and Oliver Hirsch8,*


 Coronavirus masks containing graphene should not be sold, Canadian health authorities say: https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-masks-graphene-canada-warning









My writing:

Let’s not call it a swab, because that’s not its true purpose.

It’s a PROBE that, with the instructed pressure and twisting which would have no purpose other than to inject substances:

1. carcinogenic ethylene oxide to break down the protective epithelial linings of the nasal sinuses,

2. microscopic metallic theragrippers to travel through the porous cribriform plate and grab onto brain tissue, and

3. nano hydrogel to travel through the cribriform plate and build upon the theragrippers first a 2D, then a 3D crystalline structure that becomes exogenously radio-accessible to function as a microwave antenna for control and other purposes.

This is not sci-fi.  See DARPA Lawrence-Livermore neuroweaponry expert James Giordano PhD on utube.




ONLY 5%!











Astra-Zeneca MSDS:

Pfizer MSDS:




Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine

Methods Mol Biol. 2014;1143:181-94.

doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-0410-5_12.

Fatin Nawwab Al-Deen 1 Cordelia SelomulyaCharles MaRoss L Coppel

No Vaxx Rebellion; Resist, Refuse, Reject





The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo. In particular, the duration for gene transfection especially for in vitro application can be significantly reduced by magnetofection compared to the time required to achieve high gene transfection with standard protocols. SPIONs that have been rendered stable in physiological conditions can be used as both therapeutic and diagnostic agents due to their unique magnetic characteristics. Valuable features of iron oxide nanoparticles in bioapplications include a tight control over their size distribution, magnetic properties of these particles, and the ability to carry particular biomolecules to specific targets. The internalization and half-life of the particles within the body depend upon the method of synthesis. Numerous synthesis methods have been used to produce magnetic nanoparticles for bioapplications with different sizes and surface charges. The most common method for synthesizing nanometer-sized magnetite Fe3O4 particles in solution is by chemical coprecipitation of iron salts. The coprecipitation method is an effective technique for preparing a stable aqueous dispersions of iron oxide nanoparticles. We describe the production of Fe3O4-based SPIONs with high magnetization values (70 emu/g) under 15 kOe of the applied magnetic field at room temperature, with 0.01 emu/g remanence via a coprecipitation method in the presence of trisodium citrate as a stabilizer. Naked SPIONs often lack sufficient stability, hydrophilicity, and the capacity to be functionalized. In order to overcome these limitations, polycationic polymer was anchored on the surface of freshly prepared SPIONs by a direct electrostatic attraction between the negatively charged SPIONs (due to the presence of carboxylic groups) and the positively charged polymer. Polyethylenimine was chosen to modify the surface of SPIONs to assist the delivery of plasmid DNA into mammalian cells due to the polymer’s extensive buffering capacity through the “proton sponge” effect.

Similar articles

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, June 21, 2021

Resolving “Long-Haul COVID” and Vaccine Toxicity: Neutralizing the Spike Protein

Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

(OMNS June 21, 2021) Although the mainstream media outlets might have you believe otherwise, the vaccines that continue to be administered for the COVID pandemic are emerging as very substantial sources of morbidity and mortality themselves. While the degree to which these negative outcomes of the COVID vaccines can be debated, there is no question that enough disease and death have already occurred to warrant cessation of the administration of these vaccines until additional, completely scientifically-based research can examine the balance between its now clear-cut side effects versus its potential (and still not yet clearly proven) ability to prevent new COVID infections.

Nevertheless, enough vaccinations have already been administered to warrant concern that a new “pandemic” of illness and death may well be emerging from the side effects that continue to be documented in steadily increasing numbers. The vaccine-induced “culprit” that is now receiving most of the attention and is the focus of much new research is the COVID virus fragment known as the spike protein. Its physiological impact appears to be doing far more harm than good (COVID antibody induction), and its manner of introduction appears to be fueling its ongoing replication with a continuing presence inside the body for an indefinite length of time.

The physical appearance of the COVID virus can been depicted as a central sphere of viral protein surrounded completely by spear-like appendages. Known as spike proteins, they are very analogous to the quills surrounding a porcupine. And just as the porcupine stabs its victim, these spike proteins penetrate into cell membranes throughout the body. After this penetration, protein-dissolving enzymes are activated, the cell membrane breaks down, the viral sphere enters the cytoplasm through this membrane breach, and the metabolism of the cell is subsequently “hijacked” to manufacture more viral particles. These spike proteins are the focus of a great deal of ongoing research examining vaccine side effects (Belouzard et al., 2012; Shang et al., 2020).

The spike protein first attaches to ACE2 (angiotensin converting enzyme 2) receptors in the cell membranes (Pillay, 2020). This initial binding step is vital to triggering the subsequent sequence of events that brings the virus inside the cell. When this binding is blocked by competition or prompt enough displacement with an appropriate therapeutic agent, the virus cannot enter the cell, the infectious process is effectively stopped, and the immune defenses of the body are freed to mop up, metabolize, and eliminate the viral pathogens, or just the spike protein alone if free and no longer attached to a viral particle.

Although ACE2 is found in many different cells throughout the body, it is especially noteworthy to realize that it is the initial target bound by coronavirus on the epithelial cells lining the airways after pathogen inhalation (Hoffmann et al., 2020). ACE2 expression (concentration) is also especially high on lung alveolar epithelial cells (Alifano et al., 2020). This cell membrane-bound virus can then begin the process that eventually results in the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) seen in clinically-advanced COVID infections (Perrotta et al., 2020; Saponaro et al., 2020). The SARS presentation manifests most clearly when the degree of oxidative stress in the lungs is very elevated. This stage of COVID infection-related extreme oxidative stress is often referred to in the literature as a cytokine storm, and left unchecked this invariably leads to death (Hu et al., 2021).

Increasing concern has focused on the continued presence of the spike protein in the blood by itself, unattached to a virion, following COVID vaccination. Supposedly intended to initiate an immune response to the entire virus particle, the spike protein injections are disseminating throughout the body rather than staying put in the upper arm at the vaccine site while the immune response to it evolves. Furthermore, it also appears that these circulating spike proteins can enter cells on their own and replicate themselves without attached virus particles. This not only wreaks havoc inside those cells, it helps to assure the indefinite presence of the spike protein throughout the body.

It has also been suggested that large amounts of spike protein are just binding ACE2 receptors and not proceeding any further into the cell, effectively blocking or disabling normal ACE2 function in a given tissue. Additionally, when the spike protein binds a cell wall and “stops” there, the spike protein serves as a hapten (antigen) which can then initiate an autoimmune (antibody or antibody-like) response to the cell itself, rather than to the virus particle to which it is usually attached. Depending on the cell types to which such spike proteins bind, a wide variety of diseases with autoimmune qualities can result.

Finally, another very worrisome property of the spike protein which alone would be of great concern is that the spike protein itself appears to be highly toxic. This intrinsic toxicity, along with the apparent ability of the spike protein to replicate itself indefinitely within the cells it enters, probably represents the way in which the vaccine can inflict its worst long-term damage, as the production of this toxin can continue indefinitely without other external factors at play.

In fact, the long-haul COVID syndrome likely represents a low-grade unresolved smoldering COVID infection with the same kind of spike protein persistence and clinical impact as is seen in many individuals after their COVID vaccinations (Mendelson et al., 2020; Aucott and Rebman, 2021; Raveendran, 2021).

While the totality of the mechanisms involved are far from being completely understood and worked out, the increasing occurrence of post-vaccine clinical complications is nevertheless very clear-cut and must be addressed as rapidly and effectively as possible. By itself, the disruption of ACE2 receptor function in so many areas of the body has resulted in an array of different side effects (Ashraf et al., 2021). Such clinical complications being seen in different organ systems and areas of the body, can all occur in the following three clinical situations. All three are “spike protein syndromes,” although the acute infection always includes the entirety of the virus particles along with the spike protein during the initial phases of the infection.

  1. in an active COVID-19 infection,
  2. during the long-haul COVID syndrome, or
  3. in response to a spike protein-laden vaccine, include the following:
    • Heart failure, heart injury, heart attack, myocarditis (Chen et al., 2020; Sawalha et al., 2021)
    • Pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary thromboembolism and thrombosis, lung tissue damage, possible pulmonary fibrosis (McDonald, 2020; Mishra et al., 2020; Pasqualetto et al., 2020; Potus et al., 2020; Dhawan et al., 2021)
    • Increased venous and arterial thromboembolic events (Ali and Spinler, 2021)
    • Diabetes (Yang et al., 2010; Lima-Martinez et al., 2021)
    • Neurological complications, including encephalopathy, seizures, headaches, and neuromuscular diseases. Also, hypercoagulability and stroke (AboTaleb, 2020; Bobker and Robbins, 2020; Hassett et al., 2020; Hess et al., 2020)
    • Gut dysbiosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and leaky gut (Perisetti et al., 2020; Zeppa et al., 2020; Hunt et al., 2021)
    • Kidney damage (Han and Ye, 2021)
    • Impaired male reproductive capacity (Seymen, 2021)
    • Skin lesions and other cutaneous manifestations (Galli et al., 2020)
    • General autoimmune diseases, autoimmune hemolytic anemia (Jacobs and Eichbaum, 2021; Liu et al., 2021)
    • Liver injury (Roth et al., 2021)

In structuring a clinical protocol to stop the ravages of persistent spike protein presence throughout the body, it is first important to realize that the protocol should be able to effectively treat any aspect of COVID infection, including those periods during active infection, after “active” infection (long-haul COVID), and during ongoing spike protein presence secondary to either “chronic” COVID infection or resulting from COVID vaccine administration.

As is the case with any treatment for any condition, factors of expense, availability, and patient compliance always play a role in determining what treatment a given patient will actually undergo for a given period of time. As such, no one specific protocol will be appropriate for all patients, even if the same pathology is present. Ideally, of course, the best protocol is to use all of the options discussed below. When the entirety of the protocol is not possible or feasible, which is most often the case, the combination of HP nebulization, high-dose vitamin C, and appropriately-dosed ivermectin is an excellent way to effectively address long-haul COVID and persistent spike protein syndromes.

Much of the rationale of the protocols is based on what is known about the spike protein and how it appears to inflict its harm. The following aspects of spike protein pathophysiology need to all be considered in crafting an optimal treatment protocol:

  • The ongoing production of spike protein by the vaccine-supplied mRNA into the cells for the purpose of stimulating the production of neutralizing antibodies (Khehra et al., 2021)
  • The binding of the spike protein, with or without an attached virion, to an ACE2 binding site on the cell wall, as an initial step to dissolving that portion of the cell wall, permitting the spike protein (and attached virus particle if present) into the cell
  • The binding of the spike protein to an ACE2 binding site, but just remaining bound to that site and not initiating enzymatic degradation of the cell wall, with or without an attached virion
  • The degree to which circulating spike protein is present in the blood and actively disseminating throughout the body
  • The fact that the spike protein by itself is toxic (pro-oxidant in nature) and capable of generating disease-generating oxidative stress throughout the body. This is addressed most directly by persistent and highly-dosed vitamin C.

Therapeutic Agents and Their Mechanisms

A substantial number of agents have already been found to be highly effective in resolving COVID infections, and even more are continuing to be discovered as worldwide research efforts have so intensely focused on curing this infection (Levy, 2020). Some of the most effective agents and their mechanisms of actions include the following:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide (HP) nebulization. Correctly applied, this treatment eliminates acute COVID pathogen presence and any other chronic pathogen colonizations persisting in the aerodigestive tract. Also, a positive healing effect on the lower digestive tract is typically seen, as less pathogens and their associated pro-oxidant toxins are chronically swallowed. Stunning anecdotal evidence has already been seen documenting the ability of HP nebulization to cure even advanced COVID infections (20 of 20 cases) as a monotherapy. (Levy, 2021). All of the supporting research, scientific analysis, and practical suggestions on this therapy is available as a free eBook download [Rapid Virus Recovery] (Levy, 2021).
  2. Vitamin C. Vitamin C works synergistically with HP in eradicating pathogens. It gives strong general immune support, while working to support the optimal healing of damaged cells and tissues. Clinically, it is the most potent antitoxin ever described in the literature, and no reports of it failing to neutralize any acute intoxication when administered appropriately have been published. Continuing persistent and highly-dosed vitamin C in all its forms will prove to be the most useful intervention when there is a large amount of circulating toxic spike protein present. Intravenous, regular oral forms, and liposome-encapsulated oral forms are all very useful in resolving any infection and neutralizing any toxin (Levy, 2002). There is also a polyphenol-based supplement that appears to allow some humans to synthesize their own vitamin C, which could prove to be of enormous protective and healing capacity with COVID patients and vaccine recipients. (https://formula216.com/).
  3. Ivermectin. This agent has powerful antiparasitic and antiviral properties. Evidence indicates that ivermectin binds the ACE2 receptor site that the spike protein needs to bind to proceed with entry into the cell and the replication of viral protein (Lehrer and Rheinstein, 2020; Eweas et al., 2021). Also, under some circumstances, the binding of the spike protein to the ACE2 receptor does not activate the enzymes needed to enter the cell. Possibly, ivermectin might also competitively displace such bound spike protein from the cell walls as well when a sufficient dose is taken. It also appears that circulating spike protein can be bound up directly by ivermectin, rendering it inactive and making it accessible for metabolic processing and excretion (Saha and Raihan, 2021). Where there has been mass administration of ivermectin for parasitic diseases in Africa there has also been noted a significantly lower incidence of COVID-19 infection (Hellwig and Maia, 2021). Ivermectin is also very safe when administered appropriately (Munoz et al., 2018).
  4. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Chloroquine (CQ). Both HCQ and CQ have been shown to be very effective agents in resolving acute COVID-19 infections. They have also both been shown to be zinc ionophores that can increase intracellular zinc levels which can then inhibit the enzyme activity needed for viral replication. However, both HCQ and CQ have also been found to block the binding of COVID virus spike proteins to the ACE2 receptors needed to initiate viral entry into the cells, giving scientific support for their utility as more directly interfering with spike protein activity before the virus ever breaches the cell (Fantini et al., 2020; Sehailia and Chemat, 2020; Wang et al., 2020).
  5. Quercetin. Similar to HCQ and CQ, quercetin also serves as a zinc ionophore. And like HCQ and CQ, quercetin appears to also work to block the binding of COVID virus spike proteins to the ACE2 receptors, impairing spike protein-virus entry into the cell, or impairing spike protein alonef from entering the cells (Pan et al., 2020; Derosa et al., 2021). Many other phytochemicals and bioflavonoids are demonstrating this ACE2 binding capacity as well (Pandey et al., 2020; Maiti and Banerjee, 2021).
  6. Other Bio-Oxidative Therapies. These include ozone, ultraviolet blood irradiation, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (in addition to hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C). These three therapies are highly effective in patients with acute COVID infections. It is less clear how effective they would be for long-haul COVID syndrome and patients suffering from ongoing vaccine-generated spike protein syndromes. That is not to say, however, that all three would not prove to be just as excellent for dealing with the spike protein as with the intact virus. It just remains to be determined.
  7. Baseline Vital Immune Support Supplementation. There are definitely hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of quality vitamin, mineral, and nutrient supplements that are all capable of making some contribution to reaching and maintaining optimal health, while minimizing the chances of contracting any kind of infectious disease. A baseline regimen of supplementation that factors in expense, overall health impact, and convenience should include vitamin C, vitamin D3, magnesium chloride (other forms good, but chloride form optimal for antiviral impact), vitamin K2, zinc, and an iodine supplement, such as Lugol’s solution or iodoral. More specific guidance in dosing can be found in Appendix A of Hidden Epidemic, also available as a free eBook download (Levy, 2017). Specifics on mixing up a solution of magnesium chloride for regular supplementation are also available (Levy, 2020).

[More detail on the therapeutic agents above is available in Chapter 10 of Rapid Virus Recovery]

The suggested optimal way to deal with acute COVID that has evolved into long-haul COVID, or with symptoms consistent with the toxic effects of circulating spike protein post-vaccination, is to always eliminate any active or chronic areas of pathogen proliferation with HP nebulization. Vitamin C supplementation should be optimized at the same time. 50-gram infusions of sodium ascorbate should be administered at least several times weekly as long as there is symptomatology attributable to long-haul COVID and circulating spike protein. Initially, a 25-gram infusion of sodium ascorbate given three times a day should prove to be even more effective as circulating vitamin C is rapidly excreted. Oral vitamin C supplementation should be taken as well, either as several grams of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C daily, or as a teaspoon of sodium ascorbate powder several times daily. One capsule daily of Formula 216 can be added to this as well.

With the “foundation” of HP nebulization and vitamin C supplementation in place, the best prescription medicines to counter long-haul COVID and circulating spike protein would be with ivermectin first, and then HCQ or HQ if the clinical response is not acceptable. Dosages would need to be determined by the prescribing physician.

Along with the baseline immune support supplements noted above, quercetin, 500 to 1,000 mg daily, should be added as well.

Any and all of the above recommendations should be undertaken with the guidance of a trusted physician or other appropriately-trained health care professional.


Even as the COVID pandemic appears to be slowly subsiding, many individuals are now chronically ill with long-haul COVID and/or with the side effects of a COVID vaccination. It would appear that both clinical situations are primarily characterized by persistent presence of the spike protein and its negative impact on different tissues and organs.

Treatment is aimed at neutralizing the direct toxic impact of spike protein, while working to block its ability to bind the receptors needed to hijack the metabolism of the cell into making new viruses and/or more spike protein. At the same time, treatment measures are taken to assure that there is as complete an elimination of active or smoldering COVID infection remaining in the patient.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and not necessarily those of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service or all members of its Editorial Board. OMNS invites alternative viewpoints. Submissions may be sent directly to Andrew W. Saul, Editor, at the email contact address further below.


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 Big Pharma Injecting Graphene Oxide As Adjuvant In COVID Jabs!: https://principia-scientific.com/big-pharma-injecting-graphene-oxide-as-adjuvant-in-covid-jabs/

 Coronavirus masks containing graphene should not be sold, Canadian health authorities say: https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-masks-graphene-canada-warning

 Warnings Over Masks That Contain Graphene: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/04/16/warnings-over-masks-that-contain-graphene/

 Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension

Observational study in Optical and Electron Microscopy





Crime Scene Vaccine: Nano Graphene Oxide in High Amounts Now Found in Moderna, Other Vaccines, also Sanofi Flu Vaccine, & Saline Solution Point to COVID-19 (& All Professed Variants) Being Graphene & 4G/5G Poisoning, Not a Virus
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Report | Ramola D | July 24, 2021

In absolutely earthshaking news this week, Nano Graphene Oxide in high amounts has now been found also in the Moderna vaccine, in a Sanofi-Pasteur flu vaccine named Vaxigrip Tetra, in “all vaccines,” and now in Saline solution by different teams of Spanish and Argentinian researchers, as reported newly by La Quinta Columna and Orwell City, as well as by the group Info Vacunas.

These new findings–which confirm the recent findings by University of Almeria and La Quinta Columna researchers via electron and optical microscopy of Graphene Oxide in the Pfizer and Astrazeneca vaccines–are also bolstered by the earlier, published findings of Italian researchers Dr. Gatti and Dr. Stefano Montenari whose labs were raided by police shortly after they published their findings of metals and nanoparticles in all vaccines in 2018.


Disodium Edetate Dihydrate:




Excerpt from “End of the Road for the Germ Theory” by Fergus Frank, 9.5.21: https://forlifeonearth.weebly.com/end-of-the-road-for-the-germ-theory.html

In the late 1920s, Royal Raymond Rife invented a microscope called the Rife Universal Microscope, with which he was not only able to see microzymas, but was also able to observe the life cycles of microorganisms:

A major upshot of Rife’s work was his ability, through several pleomorphic stages, to transform a virus he found in cancer tissue into a fungus, plant the fungus in an asparagus-based medium, and produce a bacillus E. coli, the type of microform indigenous to the human intestine. This was repeated hundreds of times. By this accomplishment, Rife showed that the pleomorphic capacity of microforms goes beyond the bacterial level to the fungal level. Dr. Young* has observed this cycle, and is suggesting that its progression to the last stage – mold – is critical. And he includes in this cycle the very important stages intermediate to microzymas and bacteria, the protein complexes usually referred to as viruses, and their immediate descendants, the cell-wall deficient forms detailed by Lida Mattman, Ph.D. * R. O. Young, S. R. Young (2010) The pH Miracle. Hachette Publishing, New York, USA.



Mushrooms, bacteria and graphene to produce electricity

Setas, bacterias y grafeno para producir electricidad

They create a symbiosis of fungi and bacteria capable of producing electricity and conducting it with graphene.

The world of graphene is a Lewis Carroll universe. This supermaterial of the future lives in wonderland for now, as its industrial implementation is expensive and complex. But the laboratories continue to give birth to thousands of applications. In this case, literally: a bionic fungus to produce electricity.

In the quest to replace fossil fuels, science is always looking for alternative sources of energy that do not harm the environment. But who could have imagined a mushroom that produces electricity? Thanks to electricity-producing bacteria, researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology (US) have created a symbiosis of mushrooms, which serve as a home for cyanobacteria printed on a 3D network of graphene ribbons, which collect their electricity.

3D printed bacteria and graphene

The cyanobacteria are able to release electrons during photosynthesis, while the fungus provides them with food and moisture to generate their bioelectricity.

A wider mushroom network could light up an LED bulb.

To realise their bionic mushroom, the researchers 3D printed an electronic ink containing graphene nano-ribbons on the cap of the living mushroom in a branching pattern. They then printed a biological ink containing cyanobacteria on the cap in a spiral pattern, which intersected with the e-ink at multiple points.

At these sites, electrons could be transferred through the outer membranes of the bacteria to the conductive network of graphene nano-ribbons – the electrical wires, so to speak. A current of about 65 nanoamperes is generated. Although this current is insufficient to power an electronic device, the researchers say that a wide variety of bionic fungi could generate enough current to light an LED bulb. The researchers are now working on ways to generate higher currents using this system.



(X22) While Congress Is Away- The Month Of August Is Traditionally A Really Hot Month: Gov Desantis wins in Court vs CDC re Cruise Ships! CDC cannot create laws!



Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 ‘To Cause Enemy’s Medical System To Collapse’_Article 


The study also examines the optimum conditions under which to release a bioweapon. “Bioweapon attacks are best conducted during dawn, dusk, night or cloudy weather because intense sunlight can damage the pathogens,” it states. “Biological agents should be released during dry weather. Rain or snow can cause the aerosol particles to precipitate.

“A stable wind direction is ­desirable so that the aerosol can float into the target area.”


Kamala Harris Tells Activists to Knock on Doors and Harass People Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated in Desperate Push to Meet 4th of July Goal (VIDEO)


Have young children? Kamala’s got you covered.

“Other folks who need time to recover after they get the shot, right? And may need a little moment where they need some help with their kids. So we have partnered with the YMCA, with KinderCare, and the Learning Care Group to provide free childcare for both vaccination and recovery. We need to meet people where they are.”



Vaccinated people are being TRACKED in real time!!! – https://tapnewswire.com/2021/06/vaccinated-people-are-being-tracked-in-real-time/



AAPS says COVID Shot Home Visits Unconstitutional and Unethical

The Biden Administration has announced plans to send agents “door to door” in order to “get remaining Americans vaccinated, by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

A leaked script from the Lake County Health Department in Illinois tells the Community Health Ambassadors to keep track of the addresses and responses from residents in a “Doorknocking Spreadsheet.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) makes the following observations:

— The U.S. Constitution provides no authority for the federal government to be involved in medicine, for example, by recommending, promoting, or mandating treatments.

— If the Ambassador knows a person’s vaccination status, the government has already been collecting personal health data and sharing it with agents having nothing to do with the person’s care, a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will not protect you—it allows very broad disclosure to government officials.

— States have the lawful authority to regulate the practice of medicine, but the Ambassadors are evidently not under any constraints regarding training, credentialing, documentation, or scope of practice, although they are collecting data and giving medical advice without supervision. Even medical assistants and medical scribes need to meet certain qualifications.

— Ambassadors are promoting an experimental product, with no information on risks. Even if a product is FDA-approved, advertisers and medical professionals must divulge risks, such as heart inflammation, paralysis from Guillain-Barré or other causes, miscarriage, or death. Contrast the Ambassador’s script with the disclosures on a television ad for a drug, say one to treat your dog’s heartworm.

In the opinion of AAPS, this door-to-door solicitation violates the ethical principles of protecting confidentiality and informed consent. Health professionals need a patient’s implied consent even to be seen; they may not simply show up uninvited at a stranger’s home.

For both legal and ethical reasons, the program should be discontinued at once, AAPS states.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has represented physicians in all specialties since 1943. Its motto is omnia pro aegroto, everything for the patient.


US Military Confirms Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine


Before vs. After Vaccine Blood Work Shows Troubling Indicators: Inflammation? Carcinogens?


Del Bigtree’s ‘The Highwire’ — Episode 224: THE COVID CARTEL

The $1 Billion Whistleblower Search; International Vaccine Mandates Start; W.H.O. Insider Exposes Pandemic Response; The Ultimate Proof Masks Don’t Work!

Excellent show today. Del Bigtree had a WHO whistleblower on – very important information. 

Guest: Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD









Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans








German Chief Pathologist:

Over 500,000 FAUX-VAX DEATHS: ATTY. THOMAS RENZ (See it on Brighteon.)

Atty Thomas Renz- half-million+ faux-vax deaths 2021.8.6 f0ead934c708b11f

Freedom Fighter in Alberta, Canada:


Johns Hopkins Dr Says, “IGNORE CDC GUIDANCE!”


Legal violations of Gain-of-Function Research


A Pathologist’s Summary of Harm:



Loss of immunity over time following injections:

Dr. David Bauer.


80% of Pregnant Women will miscarry:


Prof Sucharit Bhakdi – “The Covid gene injection will decimate world population.”

Driven by False-Positive “Tests”: Dr. Michael Yeadon.






Lawyer Nikos Antoniades announces massive 4311-page lawsuit re covid & the injection

Odd moments of aesthetic clarity

Odd moments of aesthetic clarity

Orem laid down the scrying bowl. He used alchemically altered water to form the mirror. Always when he was done with the seeking, he moved his face into the water, deep enough to open his eyes, and gain not just a perception, but a feeling-melding, a union with the subject.

While he dried his face, he considered the riddle, whose answer he had been seeking.

“In what ways is a television set like a scrying bowl?”

Certainly, for distant viewing of places the magician could not physically go, TV was useful. A kind of remarkable occult library for those who could grasp that even in the age of soulless science, magic remained real. Magic was everywhere, and humanity had just been encouraged to ignore its presence, because materialistic science asserted it was the apex way of knowing,

A lie can’t change the truth. If we believe a lie, that’s on us. Better to ask, seek, and knock. To be reverent when thinking. Not full of self, as much as in wonder at what is not yet known.

He remembered Egypt. Atlantis. Lemuria. In the dreaming/silence he remembered before the before. He remembered after the after.

He wondered what Carl Jung would have thought about this moment of the Covid-Mystery. The collective unconscious collides with the collective imagination, and tellers of stories rule the electronic scrying bowl.

The is not just News, or Corporate Terrorism. During the lock down, millions had time to surrender to arts impossible … CGI, is just slight of hand given that a mind stands behind the image. Who knows what was learned when so many, confined in space, had to use the screens to visit worlds of wonder.

For Orem, he had a lot of love for the Netflix documentary on magic mushrooms. How many people spent the time on lock down stoned? As we emerge from the waves of confusion, it turns out a large number of people discovered they didn’t need the job that had been eating their souls.

We justly worry, he thought, over the malfeasance everywhere. Yet, there are many blessings, as the juggernaut of history grinds to a halt riding rivers of human folly. Life is a school of hard knocks and shared pain, and no one, whether billionaire developer, drug king in Mexico, Taliban in Afghanistan, or – pick your favorite – loser, escapes Her Justice.

That’s what we seen on the News, by the way. Karma taking place, the old and no longer useful failing, and billions fiercely overcoming the trials of surviving the inhumanity of others.

How do you think a mother and child travel a thousand miles to knock on the door of the Land of Dreams?


once upon a dream, an archangel hid a seed, in the last of the three ways that are one … Islam values women and family above all else, whatever power seekers do to distort the Koran to say what they wish

– so it has always been with priests, gurus and mullahs – we live in a different time …

The Book is not the Way. The Heart is the Way. Give people a taste of self-determination, and then take it away … banks a raging fire that cannot but grow brighter.

The Hebrews taught of the Law. The Christians taught of Love. The Muslims taught of Surrender. One wisdom, not three religions.

Woman-power is of surrender. A quality so deep, the excessive use of order cannot but feed a waking dragon. The Mother rides in on Rogue Weather, Her Son baptizes all with Fire and Holy Breath.

Women bend, they do not break. They share naturally a world of emotion no one needs to put into words. This is not the end of those hills and mountains we call Afghanistan. Ashes yes, but from such debris birds of prey of great beauty and fierce minds – in the dark of the soul, words like knives, made of blood and grown in wounds …

I do not believe the Taliban won … holding physical territory, yelling and waving guns, – big ego’s, dependent on mothers and wives and sisters and little baby girls.

Earthquakes at the ready, the Mother can lose patience.


The fundamental question – as regards the Covid-mess – has to do with “the science”. Science is a kind of curious discipline for those who don’t practice it. If you pin an honest scientist down, they confess the at the edges of what they believe they know are a lot of guesses. They don’t expect “final” or “settled” answers.

A science department in a university is a place of intrigue. Getting grant money for research a maze of competing interests, and standing in the hierarchy (dept. head, tenure, etc).

Right now, the usual arguments among various specialists have been suppressed. Papers are being written, and exchanged, but because they disagree with the Official Narrative they are excluded from major media, and their posts on Facebook, Google, Youtube, are censored, on the ironic basis that contrary ideas are dangerous.

Of course they are dangerous. The truth is always dangerous. Freedom is the most dangerous idea of all.


What I find most interesting right now is how farcical are the comments of people who don’t want their belief systems questioned.

I suspect that what these folk don’t like is that when pointed out it is obvious there is an Official Narrative, and no public discourse on alternative points of view, … they instinctively know the claim of settled science is weak.

They don’t want to admit it, so the best course is to attack the one who points out the problem, especially in an insulting way, because they are not so much thinking and listening, as they are emotionally defending themselves from facing the obvious truth that politicians, media, and corporations specialize in lying.

They don’t want to open the door to doubt, which is odd because one of the pillars of good science is doubt,.


a couple of crucial points

1. Ahriman incarnated on December 25th, 1950. To understand the times, we have to notice what Karl Rove has done, and continues to pursue – it is not simple and most folk, of an anthroposophical bent, do not truly appreciate the ongoing Mystery of Evil. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/19/rovism/


2. When a civilization transforms, via chaos into a new becoming, those in these winds often mistake the noise for the music. We are living in a Rite, masterminded by She who has the whole World in His Hands. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/…/earth…/

3. From the point of view of the Mystery, reality is perfect, which perfection includes the human struggle to deal with its perception of imperfection. Our need to fix things – particularly ourselves – drives the evolution consciousness into cycles and times of Crisis.

4. The outer events, well catalogued above, are secondary effects of the primary goal, which is that each individual has the biography they need, in this age, in order to engage the Crisis as a tool teaching them to draw/birth from within their own sense of the good and the true.

5. We are all being Baptized by Christ, via Fire and Holy Breath. No individual, and few institutions (better if they are “Antifragile”), will escape the necessary dissolution of social political structure.

6. Climate change is Her. She is Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death. What She hopes for us is that we will learn to remember the goddesses, not appreciated since the 3rd Epoch, pierce the veil of the sense world, and come home to Faerie and the rest of the Fae.