How to Win the War Against the Oligarchy

How to win the war against the Oligarchy.

Wisdom from the 1983 movie War Games: the only way to win is not to play the game …

In our case, what then is the game?

The game is to make us believe the basic political narrative is true.

Blacks against whites. A government out of control. Lords of Finance getting ready to steal what’s left. America needs to be great again. Hate the Trump Voter, or at the least find someone else besides ourselves to blame.

America is already great.   Why?  Because good people still following the basic social understanding: 1) work hard 2) play be the rules 3) mind your own business.  Good people go to work when they are sick, and take care of their children and grandchildren.   There is no America without all the work the regular people do.

So, if not a war, what then?

A giant kick-ass Party. Declaring Victory.  Dancing intoxicated.  Good food.  A lot of parties (instead of protests). Celebrating that the secret-forgotten is that the citizen is the Sovereign – Us. We are the true government. Still, got to act like a Sovereign,

What does a Sovereign do?  I thought you would never ask.

Well, … we certainly do not want to be like “them” right? Perhaps, a little bit. Throwing some folks in jail would be a start, but still it is fundamentally taking charge of the narrative, and using our power that is required. A power not used is not real.

We won because we are awake. We won because we know we are good. We won because we are more alike than we are different. Whatever your color, race, creed, sexuality, income, … the fact is that we All have a right to that good stuff which is mentioned in the preamble:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Obviously what was desired does not yet exist. So, since we wrote one Constitution we can write another (part of the powers reserved in the 10th Amendment).

It is not necessary to succeed, for the celebration of who really owns government (US) offers many opportunities for even just making a list of what needs to get changed.

Want to scare the crap out of the Lords of Finance. The first act of the new Constitution is to declare all debts void and forgiven. All debts … even those of the rich. What this does is steal back the power that was stolen from us when the Fed was created. It puts everyone on the same level playing field.

We also declare the idea of private ownership of land no longer to be Constitutional. We are stewards of the Land, for the reality is that Nature owns Itself, and we are here to see to the sharing of all the gifts of the Mother.

Of course this is crazy. But how else do you win a war that only exists in our minds?  Can a country of Sovereign Citizens assert such powers?  Only one Way to know.

the tragic limits of Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Steiner does not personally know all there is to know. Some of the material/knowledge/occult understanding he lacks, results in him suggesting “practice values” that don’t always apply in all situations.

In the Americas, spiritual development involves values of surrendering over striving.

For example, here is Steiner writing of his “research” into the Inner Earth regions:

“Under it is a second layer, called the Fluid Earth; it consists of a substance to which there is nothing comparable on Earth. It is not really like any of the fluids we know, for all these have a mineral quality. This layer has specific characteristics: its substance begins to display certain spiritual qualities, which consist in the fact that as soon as it is brought into contact with something living, it strives to expel and destroy this life. The occultist is able to investigate this layer by pure concentration.”

Note the words “pure concentration”, but most especially this: “The occultist …”

Elsewhere in the same vista of inner earth alleged “spiritual research”, we have this:

“The “Earth-mirror” or “Earth-reflector”. This layer gets its name from the fact that its substance, if one concentrates on it, changes all the characteristics of the earth into their opposites. If the seer disregards everything lying above it and gazes down directly into this layer, and if then, for example, he places something green before him, the green appears as red; every color appears as its complementary opposite. A polaric reflection arises, a reversal of the original. Sorrow would be changed by this substance into joy.”

Again, … “if one concentrates” …

“The “Divisive” layer. If with developed power one concentrates on it,…”

“with developed power one concentrates on it”

We get to meet the Mother only one Way. As part of a love affair, and through surrender, not concentration. Nor are we an occultist, but rather just another failed and falling human being.

If you don’t travel that Way, the mirroring aspect of the Earth Mother’s trials will reflect back always what you brought, and what Steiner brought was the ego of the occult investigator, whose will and concentration were the key … like the natural scientist he wants to wrest knowledge via his skills as the great initiate … nobody’s mother will give up Her secrets in the face of such presumption and violence of will.

In this way Steiner failed to prepare us for knowing Her as She would be known – the safest harbor, a temple of healing and the holiest place of letting go burdens, … the very opposite of something evil or dark.

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Tilt-a-whirls and other strange eddies in the Carnival of the seas of time …

To the imagination the transformation of the 2nd millennium to the 3rd is something much different FROM/than our usual inner picture of the nature of time allows. Each thousand year cycle of cycles within cycles is not shaped in ordinary linear ways. Loops arise as some folk’s personal sequences of incarnations are also not fully forward in what we assume should be the regular way.

Someone, for example, who seems to be in our phase, will have just before been in a future time and place. Which enables them to carry those fruits to our time and place, for in our time and place they make a difference.

Time is also not actually time at all, for time does not exist. For the physics go here:

Change is the better word, leaving the idea of straight-foreword time aside. The Now is impermanent. We can’t escape it, nor can we defy it. We are it.

Life in a sense has then momentum and inertia. When many lives are walked together, the staggering level of shared momentum and inertia can begin to be grasped only with a sense like this: the tsunami of history.

We are ships at sea. The seas of change roll over, and in some senses we are able to surf in the torrent, even as it curls around us, threatening.

We, human beings, are actually very good at this.

There is another quality, for which another entity from our amusement parks is a worthy metaphor: the seriously deranged roller-coaster, with more than one dark tunnel and far too many surprises lurking around the cornerS.

If we try to withdraw from life (many do this), we often end up in the house of mirrors THAT some call madness. You will see them, all the lonely people, often at fragile peace (while hanging on for dear life) via the simple art of maintaining an inner life ruled by visions of dread-threats in all directions, making choice and movement impossible.

The Great Seas of History, … while we live in their debris – sometimes celebrating wonders such as successful rebellions, or even just a tradition that still serves its original purpose, – most of the debris is not physical at all. This spiritual debris we call language, sometimes culture, and most dangerous when it coalesces into wreckage organized around arid and fixed religious beliefs.

All the same there is safety in numbers, and in friends and in family.

There are also rites of passage, for even in the tiLt-a-whirl we can party and celebrate. For all the awful all over the world, we remain blessed … those who know well the sea will often catch stories with their fishing wands – tales of wisdom that help … an inner light for the mind to navigate by stars that are more ancient than space, and live in an invisible sky …

so tale hunters can then speak this Way ….

the 20th century was a peak of a kind of madness, which has since passed. A horrible storm, different tsunamis at war with each other for the fulfillment of hungers that are never sated, however much we repeat the vanity of taking more than we need …

in the 21st, the seas go calm for a while … we’ve go to the top of something, and now the roller coaster is on a downward course, little effort needed, … we become free of the weights of our own unsatisfied desires, and begin to let it rest … to ride the momentum for an Age, no need any longer to push and push and push …

sigh, take a breath, for SHE holds the Whole World in HIS Hands, …

the road is hard, which is precisely as it should be

One of the strange facts of history is that certain kinds of thoughts – about what it all means – are … hmmm … confused, as it were.
For example, all manner of thinking expects that the direction of America, in the time of the Trump Event, are leading to dangerous waters, perhaps even war on a world-wide scale.
Yes, there is much “falling apart”, but if we are actually paying attention, this “falling apart” is less a kind of warfare situation as it is evidence of the disorder that comes from systemic decay and weakness.
Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming, and we who are inside such an event tend to mistake the noise of the crashing and burning for something hinting at a coming common constant state – such as WWIII, end of the life sphere of the planet, a religious war, a game of thrones on a planetary scale – will China win and rule? Russia? Tasmania?
The seeds of the new are out there, but don’t make the News because when neighbors set aside differences, the News imagines this is trivial and not exciting enough.
Factually, the world is filling up with the good as people face their individual crises on a personal level, for it is that which is the mark of metamorphosis on the scale we can hardly imagine.
The Mystery of Good&Evil is a trial, and conflict is necessary. The world must be on fire, for our struggles on an individual level are the center or heart of the change.
The gods&goddesses care little for doctrines, or religions, or governments or even history.
They adore and love the individual flowers growing all over the world. The noise the News reports is mostly an invention of their cynical and lazy minds, paying too much attention to the spectacular, and almost none at all to the daily miracles in all ordinary lives.
“The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”
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physics as poetry, probably wasted … or not … posted here and on facebook

so, during generations of darkness, when the truth of the littlest folk is forgotten, shades born in the minds of human beings, to lazy to actually think things through – the ill-disciplined human intellect — the ahriman in us — will fashion monsters out of nothing, call them the truth, and set them living in the world of truth, creating jungles of damp/dank/diseased bearing junk food for the heart of the mind … there are no demons in the modern sense, in the creation there is nothing unclean …
… as to electricity, even physics gets somethings right, so what are the four fundamental forces:
“The Four Fundamental Forces and their strengths. Gravitational Force – Weakest force; but infinite range. ( Not part of standard model) Weak Nuclear Force – Next weakest; but short range. Electromagnetic Force – Stronger, with infinite range. Strong Nuclear Force – Strongest; but short range.”
The electromagnetic Force – the strongest (fire) has infinite range. Because the intellect likes to think small and seek the definite, this intellect can’t yet “think/perceive/know” the Whole. Yet, still …
… spooky action at distance … light photons separated in space, but not time?
Who but the Father, leaves as His most glorious calcification / structure , which is not as we imagine a bunch of parts, but rather a majestic whole – His Law, without which there is no order with which disorder (the Mother) can come outside with and play

a gospel (good news) of the now

The News these days can sometimes lead us to think the world is circling the toilet for the last time.

The News is wrong.

The Gods&Goddesses are still around, just as the ancient Greeks understood them. The Trump Event is Greek comedy&tragedy on a large scale. Everyone is always given enough rope with which to hang themselves.

Most of us do “live lives of quiet desperation”. Note, however, the first word: quiet. What Thoreau notes above, is a more earthy version of Life is Suffering, Buddha’s First Nobel Truth.

Life is pain, and is meant to be pain. Otherwise we sleep. Still it is virtue, being both quiet (silent&uncomplaining) and noble.

We all ride ships in seas of troubles. Yet, … there is more to this tale …

All our modern lives take place during a rite of passage into the Third Millennium, which Rite includes the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. Changes of civilization never happen without drama, a lot of drama.

The drama unfolds in us faculties of disquiet resistance. We do not go gentle unto that goodnight, and through facing these trials we too die AND become.

Yet, when something is happening on this scale (a metamorphosis of civilization), there is in the rate of change and the level of intensity a kind of rising tide, that then itself quiets.

Social existence displays qualities of momentum and inertia. We get swept away in the tides of others, and still, the movement forward slows, as if we had peaked on a hill rise, and now were traveling a downward course … the worst is over, and the momentum carries us effortlessly on …

The trials of the 20th Century were the peak of intensity, and we enter the Third Millennium on a sea of grace .. on a sea we can trust, whatever the naysayers want to assert …

Live your Life. Take care of those close at hand, even strangers and neighbors yet to be known.

Leave the big picture stuff to the big picture folk … the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Mother. You will notice Their deeds never make the News, but all of us know the daily miracles that surround …

… a child’s smile, a lover’s laugh, a rain when needed, and a neighbors helping hand …

We are not in a crazy world, but in a world rebirthing itself as the Second Coming of Christ comes with His announcing: Mom is Back (the primeval goddess religions are returning), be happy …

In a World of too many lies, living our personal truth matters

Dr. Gaius Baltar, in a near-the-end-of-series scene, in TV’s Battlestar Galactica, addresses the assembled main cast players, to point out something obvious … its a  speech/dialogue that fits our world with precision:

GB: I see angels. I see angels in this very room. Now I may be mad, but that doesn’t mean I’m not right. Because there’s another force at work here. There always has been. Its undeniable. We’ve all experienced it. Everyone is this room has witnessed events that they can’t fathom, let alone explain away by rational means. Puzzles deciphered in prophecy. Dreams given to a chosen few. Our loved ones dead. Risen. Whether we wanna call that “God” or “Gods”, or some sublime inspiration or a divine force that we can’t know or understand. It doesn’t matter—It doesn’t matter. Its here. It exists. And our two destinies are entwined in its force.

Cylon type Six, Cavil: If that were true, and that’s a big if … how do I know this force has our best interests in mind? How do you know that God is on your side, Doctor?

GB: I don’t. God is not on anyone side. God’s a force of Nature … beyond good and evil. God and evil, we created those. And, we’ll break the cycle. Break the cycle of birth, death, rebirth, destruction, escape, death. Well, that’s in our hands, and our hands only. Requires a leap of faith. Requires that we live in hope … not fear.

Six: If I give you this girl, that means the destruction of my people. How does our extinction fit into this picture that you want us to believe in?

Final five: We’ll give you resurrection. You give us Hera, we’ll give you resurrection. You leave humanity in peace … and give up the pursuit now and for all time.

Six: Agreed.

Adama: How do we know we can take your word for it?

Six: You don’t. You have to make a leap of faith.

paying attention is useful

It is possible to look at the Trump Event, and intentionally place this noisy rite of passage in a more useful (for the understanding) context.

Part of the problem is not so much Trump&Company, but rather the often too reactive responses. Passions are not helpful if they get in the Way of the Seeing.

Human societies are alive, on multiple levels, given that all their constituent parts are living human beings. If – as many of us do – we hold that there is a depth to be sought in the individual human being, then that should be true also for the organisms of our social existences: family, community, religion, school, as well as kind./type and level of government.

Living organisms are born and die. They undergo metamorphosis.

America is watching (and participating in) a dying of a part, that has gotten old, rotten, and useless.

What Trump&Company are is just a more naked (obvious) reality to politics as usual. He was better at the lying, and more outrageous at inflaming of passions. Most ironically is the increasing tendency that elected people who don’t know anything other than what they hate.

That didn’t just happen recently. It is as old and tired as any other process internal to government. Rotten begats rotten, and a lot of citizens don’t care, as long as their favorite bias is on top. Older white folk in America have actually good reasons to not trust liberal elites (too much intellect doesn’t fix the plumbing very well). The Kennedy-folk put Harvard in charge of a war, and we saw how well that went.

What this means is that the cure for Trump is not out there in the political aethers, but inward in our own hearts.…/

America, the Real

History is a stream of changes, whose outer appearance fails to reveal the mystery inherent.

This stream has much life, some creatures who come and go, others more permanent features. Does a rock, or a fish, or a waterfall rule the course of the river?

The stream of history has fibrous/spiraling currents, some more separate than others. Some end. Natural dams arise, and sometimes the tears of angels bring course changing movements.

America is like rock in the streams and currents of history. It is an idea in the form of a dream, that has many dreamers dreaming its being&becoming.

People change the world seeking the realization of dreams.

Most dreams are of home, whether lost or forgotten, or waiting to be born.

We can look at the debris of societies and civilizations – the things. Where human beings collection, there be midden heaps. One persons treasures, the other persons garbage.

If we are raised to see a king, in a castle on a hill, who commands an army, we easily find ourselves as peasants.

America is an well dreamed idea where there are no kings, or peasants. That America is still becoming – not a simple gift for the River of Life to deliver.

Pirates rides these seas of troubles.

Tides change. America is not so much in crisis, as She is pregnant and birthing, She could use some help and sympathy, and … fewer critics who can’t see the River of Life at all.

The A. I. Scam

Science and technology often move forwards&backwards at the same time. Frequently this shows up where S&T becomes a tool used by the War Machine (the Military Industrial Complex).

Research money increases when a “weapon” is sought. Then there is the additional fact that wars use up weapons, so an endless supply is also a necessity. A world full of political madness requires weapons research&development, and given the current crop of national leaders – all ofthem in bed with bankers and military experts – dreams of personal power are frequently connected to use them or loose them.

A dictator not killing off their rivals will not last long.

Meanwhile, down in dust and debris of endless international commercial and political wars, we hang out, … the huge class of workers and consumers from which the whole consume-consume-consume culture is born.

Born to run? Hardly. More likely born to be used up, except … nothing stops the music, so while we are being used up we might as well dance and celebrate life …

Artificial Intelligence is just that: artificial. Like the artificial sweetener that’s put in our drinks and food, and which our bodies (very naturally wise, those avatar bodies) don’t like.

A.I is really about giving up personal human judgment to a machine that can never feel pain, or sorrow, or even reflect inwardly on what a failure it is.

Artificial Intelligence is not actually intelligent, any more than saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, and neotame, are useful sugars in a nutritional sense. Something fake to make using it palatable for marketing purposes.

Our wise avatar bodies know, and a sensitive person will notice, the excess buzz in the nerves, especially the head region of our field of consciousness. Stimulants we understand, but some “artificial” chemicals only fake/mock what our consciousness wants.

Science having devalued the human being (just an accidental & random blip in a huge uncaring cosmos), steps even further away from sanity with imagining intelligence is a quality that can be produced by us.

Self-conscious reflective&theorizing discursive thinking – which we all experience – that realms of thinking and thoughts in which we all swim – – – we can’t make ourselves or any real consciousness, even if we tried, for we have no clue what it – consciousness – actually is. Its there in our face all the time, and now we are being sold that human beings can make a viable imitation of actual “intelligence”.

We have a word: survivors. Survivors are intelligent, … and messy. Not cute and clean and doesn’t shit its pants, for the A.I. is and will always remain: artificial, as in not the real thing.