Here He comes to Save the Day, Mighty Mouse is on the Way

Here He comes to Save the Day, Mighty Mouse is on the Way

Right now the Earth is more or less ruled by large multinational corporations. Borrowing from that aspect of the collective imagination, carried in the latest Godzilla film, we might find some interesting metaphors.

Godzilla is an icon for the wild and unpredictable effects of untamed human creativity. Atom bombs spawned a monster. More than one monster, over the course of 35 films. The latest film uses an interesting metaphorical device in reference to the bad monsters savaging the earth: calling them Titans. An ancient Greek term for “ … the children of the primordial deities Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth). The Titan included Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Coeus, Phoebe, Cronus, Rhea, Mnemosyne, Themis, Crius and Iapetus.”.

Those folk never went away, … materialistic science just got rid of any idea of there being any sentient consciousness in Nature, besides ours. Wonderfully, They are still there: rogue waves, tornadoes, earthquakes, plagues etc.= Carl Sagan’s “Demon Haunted World”.

Then there are the Titans of Industry. All our conspiracy theories of big Phama and company are true, human nature being human nature. Revelations called human freedom: The Beast from the Abyss. Corporate cultures arise from souls-corrupted by choice, and talents including sociopaths, and fringe autism spectrum folk: no empathy.

The metaphor in the latest Godzilla movie is that Godzilla is a greater monster, in fact the “king” of the monsters.

Battles rage over the Earth. Humans do foolish things trying to control monsters. There is a father and a mother and a female child, who are involved in creating a technological device for attracting and calling monsters, which include some specific music-like sounds, that draws the King of Monsters to where the source instrument is held by the female child.

“God”zilla – who is able to move all over the planet very rapidly, through deep underground water courses, one of which is suggestive of the ruins of Atlantis, comes forth to fight the Hydra – you know the ones where if you cut off one head it just grows another. Not a bad metaphor for the multinational corporation … ?

In the final battle, Godzilla is beset with multitude of monsters, including Hydra, and is aided by a monster from previous films called: Mothra. Godzilla looks like giant reptile, and Mothra a huge furry butterfly

In our metaphor then God has to fight soulless corporations, and He is aided by His Mother. They win, game over, big mess left behind.

Ordinary people, having empathy, are drawn to helping others. All over are world, this is collectively, the “god”zilla within. Human heart’s minds feel, and from this grace a power enters into a specific situation, born and borne in individual freedom.

At the same time Mothra – the Earth as Mother, is aiding us. Monsters we can’t handle, She takes care of. Godzilla’s fiery breath destroys. Fires are burning again in urban America.

the consciousness of crows

Three crows were sitting on different telephone wires, watching three fools, wearing masks. The crows, having mutual-consciousness across a grand spectrum of the astral world, danced together with the wind. They sometimes felt another-wind, less sensual, and more erotic. In the human digression, the difference is one similar to that between the skin, the biggest organ in the human nature, and the mind, the seas of mystery. The skin being primarily an organ of the senses , thus “sensual”, and the mind being an organ of the imagination, thus “erotic”.

Birds are, by their nature as divine living thought, philosophers. The masks were a curiosity, and if a crow spent some time on a tree branch, the songs of the underground-roots could be felt in waves of passion via the luminous dark of the Mother.

The stones held memories, and a root gently holding a stone in caresses unimaginable, would feel the stones release another tale, solid with wisdom – these earth-bones sentient librarians in the Mother-mind. Solid is One, sang the gnomes while at work helping hold It All Together Now.

The masks became much discussed. Stones remembered when the human digression wore masks at celebrations of the spirit in the all surround everywhere, free of time and space. The mask an art work from the hands of divine intervention digression, the realm where humans did.

The new masks radiated fear. A burden demanded, and a shaming as well. A human face such a wonder of expression. What dark gods the human digression worships these days, who see breath, and touch, and closeness dangerous.

All those machines in the lost castles of human folly called science … Castles built to the excessive order of intellect alone, the heart’s feeling mind and fiery-spirit-will be damned.

Children then. Still children. Much to learn, and usually the hard way.

The winged folk stirred the air, and the air folk danced to the sounding and music of flight.

The green world shuddered at the human digressions need to kill the tiniest bits of living-ness, on the cross of spirit-less theories. Growth is divine chaos, sure. But life’s abundant joyous chaos does not cause dis-ease.

Were it not for the symphonies of the time-lords, the star folk, who graced each days nights with marvels unending, … the little folk would not have been able to do their duties of manifestation, given how much death lived in the human digression’s mechanistic technologies.

Her of the Moon-nature, bled dreams as the crisis matured and the human digression’s freedom warred with itself. Unity of mind not theirs, at a cost the Mother turned to love, the Mystery undefeated by the madness of spiritual infants.

On the other-side of the Sky, the Titans gathered to consider the next targets of Her Rogue Weather, while the Earth Mother prepared the Gates of Death to receive home many upon many upon many.

The sweeping, of Atlantis off the board of existence, had not been nearly as well attended as is the ongoing metamorphosis of what the human digression currently thinks of as “civilization” – still the Titans of storms and tsunamis and earthquakes and volcanoes worked their arts and grafts, with loving care for All Our Relations.

The three crows wove a wish in the community of air folk, in this way contributing to the dreaming – the astral the human digressions know as the doors between waking and sleeping, living and dying, madness and sanity, and remembering and forgetting.

Faerie dreams, of course. The Forests need the human digression, as do the Clouds. Would that the human digression feel the same in return, that would be a blessing. Perhaps the masks would evolve. Taking on the aura of mystery, except for the eyes, and yet in intimacy – the whole face unclothed, the power of surrender a temple.

Masks of masques of celebration of the return to remembrance of the Mother, each human digression meant to be its own work of art. All that is great in the whole of the Creation, lives in the human. Wisdom of masks, worn on purpose, by choice, decorated in defiance of unwarranted authority over human freedom.

Meeting the Beings Connected to Our Electrical Technology.

Meeting the Beings Connected to Our Electrical Technology.

Previously I have indicated that the manifestation of our electrical technology began with acts of unconscious magic, in order to take from matter this order-power of the Father at rest, and capture it in chains. Part of the problem comes from our lack of Faith, such that while we play with “Powers”, we are unwilling to honor Them, having lost the direct connections of antiquity.

Part of the pandemic pandemonium is that there is an uptick in experiences at the threshold between the material and non-material levels of reality. We are waking up, just as predicted … we are in the “dawning” of the Age of Aquarius. Not in the Age, in the “dawning”.

All the oldest religions knew directly that such acts of gratitude for our existence were important, and from this were born the many Rites all over the world, that honor the Divine Mystery. These Rites vary in accord with the local spiritual and geological realities. This means that there are different spiritual beings that effect culture and language, and take account of local conditions on the astral and ethereal planes of existence.

This also means that the Way – to approach and meet the Beings connected to the unconscious magic that birthed our technological civilization – varies all over the Earth. On the blog I write, as a kind of headline: “finding the path to the future through the gateways of the past”.

Ceremony. Rite is ceremony. Our daily routines are Rite, whether we do this awake or asleep. Ages ago women were known for their gifts of the household, and for working with the little folk – the elemental kingdoms, who are the leading edge of continuous manifestation. If the men hunted and fished, food was taken with reverence. It was prepared with reverence.

If the reader of this has the time (and the interest) it will be useful to seek the oldest religious tales where you live, from the time when the Mystery was seen as a Pantheon. They are not metaphorical, except in the evolution over time of their telling. We tell tales of Spider Woman to our children, and in this help them see Spider Woman in the Now. What might be called “the Underworld” in the ancient Americas, and Faerie in England, is called “the Lost Cities” in Italy.

In the TV series “Stranger Things”, that premonition – of the return of the laws of the dark – was called “the Upside-down”. Our creative folk are dreaming dreams of something lost to us, but not to the Mystery. The movie Arrival is a wonderful mediation out of the Collective Imagination, where we are taught what the Beings of our Atmosphere wish us to know.

In that film, twelve objects materialize all over the planet. Our governments react with the idea that this is likely an “alien” invasion. Even so, first contact efforts are made, which involve those who wish to exchange “knowledge” having to enter into the objects. When we enter, the whole of our perceptions of relationship to gravity are almost literally upside down. It is as if the environment of the visitors is a realm where levity is stronger than gravity, and even time slips away as the main human character – a women – learns their “language”.

Eventually she gets to ask “them” why they came, and the line from the film goes something like this: We wish to help you now, because in the future – in 3000 years – we will need your help to save us.

When the “alien” ships “leave”, they don’t go towards outer space, but fade into the atmosphere.

Their help involves a new “language”, which is sort of what humanity needs in the present. We need start with remembering beings of the deep past, as a means to forge a more modern Way of Discourse.

Keep in mind this, from Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

The same with the movie Annihilation, and its idea of the “shimmering”, … a barrier where if we cross it we find exuberant chaotic growth, which in the end wants to emulate the human being. Even in the recent Star Wars films, the trials of the main characters include an encounter with their “own” darkness. In Star Wars VIII, Rey falls into a cave, and into water, and then when out of the water finds a vision of a hall of mirrors, full of her image in endless repeating reflection.

The nature of the True Dark, where resides the oldest powers, is that It feeds back to you what you bring. Rudolf Steiner went there and investigated it as a scientist of the spirit, finding within only his own unfinished business. To go into the Luminous Dark (thanks to Stephen Clarke for that term, and as well the use of the word paradox in my last posting), we must go naked, weak, needy, human – aware of being horribly flawed, and yet surrender to Her Love, for She receives us as we are, not expecting us to be otherwise. In fact, our goofy-ness is a kind of virtue. If we did not let our own wild out on occasion, we miss out on knowing Her. Years ago, the word “silly” meant possessed by the sacred.

The above is a reflection on the attitude that needs to be cultivated if we want to understand and use the magic aspects of technology. As we “took” these powers from their proper place, part of us had to be unconscious, because it was an Act that needed considerable oversight from both Above and Below.

We see now the technological mess, and our artists imagine all kinds of dark potential futures, mostly because history shows a major human tendency to wickedness.

In Ceremonial Magic, a “sigil” can be an aid.

During the development of our diagrammatic ways of setting up electrical circuits, “symbols” were used without us knowing which class beings were called into the ordering structures that unfolded greater and greater complexity over time.

A glance at those two google pages will reveal that electronic symbols/sigils are mostly straight lies, while the magical sigils/symbols have many curves, and sometimes curves and straight lines together.

As humanity more and more denied its ancient wisdoms, in favor of a world view with no spirit in it at all, we lost the understanding of the nature of spiritual evocation. Franz Bardon’s second book is called: “The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation”, which oddly enough was the first Bardon book I read. The story it tells can be very inspiring.

There are hundreds of sigils in that book, along with the name of the specific beings, its capacities, and where in the zodiacal spheres does its home lie. Bardon only gave sigils for beings we would tend to call “positive”, and a left out sigils from the beings we would call “negative”. We already have some of the latter sigils in the electronic symbols of a wiring diagram. Bardon also did not reveal even the “positive” beings of the Mars Sphere, given the temptations that wait on the path to magical understanding.

In much of so-called magical literature, they frequently present a few various sigils, but only Bardon has the depth and breadth we need. A lot of the literature on magical Rites is sort of fast food magic. You get what you order. If you want a meal prepared carefully, you have to do it yourself.

Bardon’s books are, in a sense, gateways just in the reading of the words and ideas. Thinking what has been written is a type of magical experience, when reading an author with Bardon’s gifts. Consistent with magical literature lore, not all the secrets in the books are obvious. There is a lot of noise in the signal, which then lets folk find the magic music they seek and desire. We bring something to the act of reading (as in the descent into Faerie), and the Bardon’s books reflect back to us our hopes and dreams.

One of the hidden instructions involves the idea of the “meditating scholar”. We read the books to get a sense of the deeper context – in a scholarly sense, and as a beginner on the magical Path, can still engage in conversation across the threshold, through using the imagination to picture the sigil, or other symbolic notations such as the name.

Before we call – in a neighborly way – on the entity, we cultivate an attitude of gratitude. One way to do this, is to first draw a geometric shape in the imagination, consistent with each zone, … say for example the shape of a pentagon, itself imaginatively inscribed into a circle. So in the imagination we first draw the circle as unity, then inside that the geometric shape symbolizing the zone in the spirit, and then the sigil and name of the particular being with whom we seek conversation in meditation.

You can also do this by talking out loud to objects in your environment, thankful of their service. Our efforts should include the re-ensouling of all of material reality. Nature watches us more closely than we watch and honor Her, and Her many helpers.

Keep in mind that what you bring with you, as unredeemed appetites for example, will affect the contact, and may even cause us to “meet” someone else entirely. In essence, this is a kind of courtship, seeking friendship, which then honors the immortal entity with which we desire spiritual intercourse.

Many of us already do this activity, using guided imagination to meditate on love, or forgiveness, or many another abstract ideal. Bardon describes the “ideal’ nature of the each being, so for example here are what he sez about:

Fig. 1: Pyrhum. In the the kingdom of the elements Pyrhum is powerful spirit of in the rank of a king or sovereign. A great number of fire-spirits are subject to his power and are constantly at his disposal. He will reveal special method to the magician who rules him; methods by which the magician may have striking successes with the help of the fire-element. … The sign of his seal must be drawn in a red color … A talisman … must have the shape of a pentagon.

Fire is the symbol in this ancient science for the forces of the “will”, by the way.

A key mood is play, although above we see Bardon use the word “rule”. Once on a Bardon discussion list I asked other students about such language as “rule” or “command”. Should we impose our will on such an entity? Is that not somehow immoral?

It is tradition to see the elemental kingdoms’ beings as not free in the same way as the more ephemeral hierarchies. We can see the goofy here by asking something on the order of: If I chance to meet the Mother, would I want to rule or command Her?

Such close encounters of the fifth kind, are on the order of a couple of racially different appearing kids in a playground who have never met, and for a while just play a bit side by side in order to work out “safety” considerations, before we join them in the wild and intimate spontaneity of play. Alien abductions are unconscious meetings at the threshold, with the Elementals that were sucked out of their normal sphere of existence through the class 23 white singularity which we call an atom bomb, and into our dimensions of habitation.

The problem is the physics didn’t recognize matter as having consciousness. Some UFO “scholars” have the view of there begin four primary “races” of “aliens”, … a broken mirror understanding of the four kingdoms of the Elementals

Should you wish to become a meditating scholar on magic, the best results will come from the use Bardon’s The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation. Read it for fun, keeping in mind that the place to start is the sigils and names for entities from the Four Kingdoms of the Elementals: fire/will/salamanders …. air/intellect/sylphs … water/feeling/undines … and, earth/consciousness/gnomes.

A wonderful book for appreciating this, is The Slow Regard of Silent Things.

Consider this hint … most of us acquire a collection of physical objects, often sentimental for the memories they evoke. In Bardon’s first book, he explains the use of talismans. We do this ourselves, instinctively. A favorite scarf, or hat. A particular piece of jewelry. A candle. A view.

There is life and consciousness in all our relations.

The Nature of the War Against Humanity, and the Role of the Multinational Corporation

The Nature of the War Against Humanity, and the Role of the Multinational Corporation

Understanding the pandemic pandemonium requires some careful thought. This “moment in history” is a teaching story, written and enacted by the Divine Mystery.

There is a war, and a battlefield, and sides to choose. But first a tale ….

In my book “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, I tell a story to illustrate the dangers of assumptions, gossip, and pre-thought thoughts. This is what I wrote:

Tom goes to a cocktail party with his friend Sam. As they enter the main room of the party, Tom sees an attractive woman across the room, and asks his friend if he knows her. Sam says yes, but she is not available, and in fact the man talking to her is her boyfriend. Later during the party Tom finds himself standing next to the woman, and she flirts with him a little bit. Tom would like to respond, but notices that across the room the man, that Sam told him was her boyfriend, is watching them. Tom, thinking this could be a problem, does not respond to the flirting and goes home alone.

The fact was Sam didn’t know what he was talking about. The girl was single, and the man talking to her was her gay neighbor, who always looked out for her at parties, worried about who she might hook up with. She was genuinely interested in Tom and that is why she was flirting with him. He, however, carried the taboo connected to what Sam had said (not wanting to interfere in an existing relationship) and so didn’t understand the opportunity presented to him.

Since he already thought he knew what was going on, his pre-thought thought (his assumption) prevented him from actually thinking about the real nature of the experience he was having when the girl was flirting with him.”

Let us now apply this insight (as a kind of test of my “Theory”) to our situation.

Given that this will be a “metaphorical” approach, rather than an analysis, perhaps the reader should note in passing that part of what is at issue is the difference between the quantitative aspects of existence, and the qualitative. Analysis gives you one point of view, while “metaphor” and the underlying law of analogy gives another. The former is more dead, and the latter more living.

The party we – in our time – are going to, involves the whole of our situation. On one side (Tom) is human beings hungering to reconnect to Nature, She who is so attractive across the room. Sam is scientific materialism, who gives honestly felt, but completely erroneous advice about what is really going on.

The pandemic pandemonium is the Mother Nature mystery flirting with us. Think about it. The world is running away from a bug, and it is a bug that is a kind of life. She is Life-Blooming (April showers bring May flowers), especially when the growth cycle is going full blast. Imagine, if you can, all the bugs in our bio-home. More than the number of the stars in the sky, each a point of life, a kind of type, and thus at the same time: a unity.

We live in seas of microorganisms, which act collectively (think split-screen physics, and spooky action at a distance). This collective connectivity is self conscious, as are we. Nature is better at observing us, than we are at observing Her.

The Mother was known to all the ancient Earth Religions. She stepped back so that we humans, in our own evolution of conscious, could be as free as possible of the original awareness of the Mystery (be at one with nature). This separation is now acute, witness the battle for our forests, between the remaining aboriginal peoples, and the powers of international commerce and finance.

Out of scientific materialism, which is ignorant&arrogant, we are taught that Nature as no sentient inside, and is just a bunch of soulless “things”. Sam really believes he is helping his friend. Sam sees dangers, where what is really there – in the “gay” friend – is protection and caring, and a willingness to dance wildly on occasion. For us, these are floods, earthquakes, rogue weather, and Sam’s favorite modern boogeyman: Climate Change.

We are Tom. All the same, Her flirting is relentless. She still wants to connect with us. We just have to see past Sam’s mechanistic theories – in this specific case – the narrative we are currently being sold of the meaning of events, by folk who do not actually know.

There is no contagious bug running around trying to kill off humanity. There is – in modern civilization – massive conditions of illness, most of which are born in Sam’s ignorance about human nature: no spirit, just matter, coupled to human appetites, that are a kind of darkness in their own Way.

Sam’s only “model” will be in wreckage in the aftermath of this crisis. The crisis, if we can access the real facts, will show that the disease of “greed is good” had more to do with the pandemic pandemonium than the alleged plague. For example, on my Facebook feed yesterday there was an assertion by an expert whose ideas are counter to the current narrative, which assertion was that if we have had a flu shot in the last ten years, we will have early versions of the “COVID” class of “bugs” already in our system. Making the testing even more useless, and as well socially dangerous to our freedoms.

Illness symptoms introduced through vaccines is to be helped by more of the same? We are urged in directions that are not for our good, but for the “the greater good”, a favorite excuse of the leisure class when it is about to – conscious of the “evil” – make more wealth and power at the expense of the rest of us.

The pandemic is a fiction of the moral children, occupying positions of power. Follow the money, and the real boogeyman is at the end of that rainbow. The pandemonium is the gift of the Mother, in order to make the powers that be less effective. Chaos is to our advantage. Excesses of order is to their advantage.

Saving us from the fictional plague, … that is the battleaxe of fear pointed at our hearts&minds, when the real cause (and meaning) of most “deaths” is otherwise.

A multinational corporation is an entity built on anti-human principles. They have no conscience, because to rise through the culture of such businesses requires the attitudes of a sociopath, coupled with the intelligence in the darker ranges of autism-spectrum “disorders”.

The Mystery loves them anyway. And, as with the rest of us, guides their biographies (through Mother’s Divine Providence – there is no self-made man), given – if we actually see “history” – given that She is teaching something to all of us, lessons for which each has volunteered. The reason for the alleged population explosion has to do with spirit-souls wanting to incarnate in this age, for the rare opportunity to grow through the personal trials of their individual biography.

In my first experience with the Divine Mother, I was in a moment of crisis, and asked what do She and Her Son do with all our crap/evil/etc., for surely They knew us more intimately than we do ourselves. She spoke softly, and with a hint of affection: “We turn it into Love”.

There is a clever saying that is not really true: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Surviving trials in life, yes. Death and dying … no. Death and dying are special, even if the dominant narrative is all about saving people from a most fearful aspect of existence = dying and death.

In the aftermath we will have an opportunity to reflect. Many questions, in the face of a powerful hunger to place blame.

For a moment, let us just look at aspects of this as a kind of story …

The course of this illness is confusing, mostly because scientific materialist’s don’t know how to think in wholes. People are getting flu symptoms, flu being an elimination of toxins process. The toxins, whether radiant energy or just vaccines themselves, are the cause, and the proliferation of the bug (earlier versions of which are already inside us) a secondary effect of imbalances in the bio-home due to the toxins in the air, the food, and the water.

Now – to She who has the whole world in His Hands – dying and death are very special rites. S – a – m (scientific materialism) not recognizing spirit, does not even begin to understand dying and death.

The dying is taking place in environments of more stress. They poke us, stick hoses in our lungs, all the while using all of the arts and medicines (themselves toxic) to try to heal us. The intention and hard work is wonderful. Were we to better understand death and dying, it can get even acquire moments of grace.

Many of those dying experience a hardening of the respiratory process, which ultimately creates suffocation. We die because we can’t breath.

To the human spirit what does this mean, to die of suffocation, as did the Son on the Cross?

A qualitative (not formal and organized) Christianity understands what are called the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ. Washing the Feet; the Scourging; the Crowing with Thorns; the Carrying of the Cross, the Crucifixion; and the Entombment. Many biographies in our time have events, which are qualitative trials organized around this same spiritual metaphor.

What does it mean to enduring a death via suffocation, and then to find one’s spirit in the afterlife, a place for rest between trials

Modern corporate greed is the Roman Empire dying, and this is accompanied by the “cross” of a narrative that does not yet see that: all are to be forgiven, for they know not what they do.

Electricity … a devotional and artistic representation

Electricity … a devotional and artistic representation

Scientific language has enabled poets to speak of the electricity and/or chemistry in male and female relationships. Non-binary folk aside, the idea of male and female has a longer history, one that goes all the way back to the Emerald Tablet. To the priests of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries (aka: magic), the human being was neither male or female in their essence, but rather a complex of often paradoxical polarities, which always reduce themselves to secondary unities.

There is no “good” only, without its conceptual partner “evil”. Good & Evil are what we face in this age of being human, that trial itself is a secondary unity that arises from the primary unity having engaged in a division process, which the ancients saw as One, that then begats the One (father) & the Many (mother), a paradoxical duality (seeming opposites), which appears to us as a secondary unity that Christian tradition calls: the Son.

The One (the Father) through division into Many (the Mother) never loses the unity nature, such that Christ sez: I and the Father are One, and no one gets to the Father except through me.

Electricity is itself only half of a unity. We have to see the unity in the paradoxical polarity of Electricity and Magnetism, which yet manifests in a secondary unity which we experience as conscious Reality (the Son). The human being lives in&of the Son. The divine nature of the Son, via the principle of the Many, is also then everywhere … In All our Relations.

Mixed into this artistic order&chaos, are powers. Powers (Father, Mother, Son) and Principalities (Lucifer, or too much selfish love – temptation, and Ahriman, too little empathic love – prosecution), another paradoxical polarity – we can’t have one without the other).

Goethe recognized that inside/beneath sensible reality there had to be an inviolable sub-strata of order, otherwise our material existence would not follow any laws at all, the chaos principle by itself would overwhelm everything. Natural science began to grasp/seek this “order”, for which they invented the euphemism “laws of nature”.

One fundamental law is what we today call electricity&magnetism. The principle of order (unity) does not drive out the principle of many (chaos).

In projective geometry we find an understanding of the paradoxical duality: heaven and earth (aka: levity and gravity), … e.g. periphery and point. Counter-space and Space. Invisible light-potential, and manifested dark-potential, for without dark there is no light. Producing then the secondary unity: “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

Over in the la la land of Steiner-said has come to exist considerable confusion. Steiner-said is a religion, not a science. Steiner “indicated” is a wonder, but there is no there there unless the individual human spirit/mind looks themselves at the phenomena, instead of lounging in a comfortable chair, reading.

Recent macro-social events (the pandemic pandemonium) have forced humanity to take a closer look at most of what it is that we think (as in believe) to be true. Among the imagined “causes” of this presumed world-wide contagious illness, is something called 5G..

In the book “the invisible rainbow”, we get a history of the “electrification” of our life sphere environment, where the picture is made that not only is a “virus” not the cause, but our relationship to electricity is dangerous, and in fact in the early days of the encounter with the mystery of electricity, our physicians observed these effects everywhere. Many people were sensitive to the electrical and magnetic fields to which they were being exposed, with many undesirable effects, including extreme tiredness and spontaneous bleeding. Not everyone was so affected, a significant phenomena in itself.

Above I added the word “field”. This is an important concept. If you take two magnets and lay them on your desk, you can feel the field as you either let them move toward each other, or away. Our hands will feel the invisible “force-field”. There is no visible there there, nor is there any “matter” there in the field.

What is this non-material “field”?

Some years ago I wrote an essay: “There is No Free Energy”, which was published in the Journal of Borderland Science, a venue were Tesla, Keely, and other non-mainstream thinkers were being studied. It is important to notice that this work continues, and is filled with the spirit of the Americas, a spirit which does not separate dark from light, but seeks to know the meaning of their integration.

In that essay I pointed to the idea that what we call “space” was created. This is covered in one of the major works of the Goethean scientist George Adams Kaufmann: “Space and the Light of Creation”, whose first of three chapters is called: Radiation of Space. Of course, in the la la land of Steiner-sez, no one reads this remarkable essay on mathematical-physics, published in that Steiner-indicated year for the return of Christ in the Ethereal, 1933.

What is then a matter-less “field”? Phenomenologically it is what it is, a place where space itself is expressing a different condition of existence. Faraday’s “imponderable substance”, as against the polarity: “ponderable substances”. No one questions the existence of the field, but at the same time modern science, with its materialist bent, doesn’t see this “field” for what it actually reveals.

Human existence takes place in a “rainbow” of imponderable fields, for example: “gravity”. Over in Goethean science we note the polar paradox of there also being a “levity” field.

Spiritual Science posits as a basic tenant that all of existence is filled with invisible beings, which Steiner labeled: “the spiritual world”. The spiritual and the material can’t be separated, but their normal relationship can be disturbed.

Gravity is the dynamic Love of the Mother. Levity is the dynamic Love of the Son, while electromagnetism is the dynamic love of the Father, who already being the primal unity, still manifests as a paradoxical polarity, in the process of being the sub-strata of order Goethe knew had to be there.

Keep in mind that we study electromagnetism as a “law” of nature, which lawfulness is the presence of the Father at Rest, after the Creation reached the stage (Saturn, Sun, Moon) Earth.

What happens when we use an unconscious set of magical truths, to take out of its proper place in the Creation, this force for order? What we got was a “power” in chains, albeit a sacrificial act as well, Father and Son being One.

We were meant to do this. This is no accident.

In the total Life Sphere of the Earth-existence, there then comes to be radiant conditions. Steiner can call this fallen light if he wishes, but the reality is that unfallen light and fallen light both remain in existence, there being no separation at this level of manifestation.

None the less, the Life Sphere is being overrun by what Steiner called death forces, which really just points to the fact that natural science took a path where it excluded the imponderable qualitative aspects of reality, in making up the false inner pictures into which Western Civilization has wandered.

Materialism removed consciousness as a potential property of matter, and by this error of thought, made understanding the truth of human existence impossible.

Let me add some additional vocabulary, from the ancient Egyptians and their science of magic.

The elements fire, air, water, and earth, are symbols for; will, intellect, feeling, and consciousness. There are two fundamental aspects to fire/will, transcendental and terrestrial. In the terrestrial fire/will we have to do with a process – which via densification – has produced material substance, and in the transcendental fire/will we have to do with imponderable/qualitative deeds that made this possible.

Electromagnetism is the balance of law (order) and chaos (growth) at a material level. The primary unity, becoming a paradoxical polarity, which can’t but become a secondary unity. When these powers are removed (via magical means) from their right place in the creation, illness will arise for the whole of the living (extreme tiredness and spontaneous bleeding).

To restore the balance, which has thus been lost, requires nothing less than more revelation than Steiner had provided. Thus, the paradox of the Aristotelians and the Platonists.

Steiner taught of the Son and the Father, and only hinted at the Mother. It is the revelations of the Mother, which can – being life “forces” – be the balance against the death “forces”. We can’t get rid of “death”, as long as we are incarnating in matter.

Within the developments of “scientific” terms, were many concepts regarding electricity that used such ideas as “current” and “flow”. This came about, because as Steiner warned, the crucial matter was the “conception” of these phenomena. Conceived of as parts of something flowing through wires, on the way to getting someplace, we mask the reality, which is that manifestation is of unities.

The electrical and magnetic field – altered nature of space – phenomena is not something abstract, but a consequence of the activity of invisible (imponderable) beings (forces). This terrestrial fire/will is One Thing, never parts. We have observed this quality in the experiments in physics where an effect on one particle instantaneously effects another. Objects in space may appear to occupy discrete placements, yet at the same time never loose their unitary nature.

We have taken the order principle, abstracted it in thought as well as physically; and finding there the at rest ordering power of the Father, terrestrial fire/will, we put this to work in our civilization. What the writer of “the invisible rainbow” calls electrical illnesses are the consequences of our arrogant ignorance, which by applying too much force-of-order overwhelms the life forces (extreme tiredness), and the spiritual “forces” (bleeding) in sensitive people

The counter to too much order is the application of chaos. The aggregate influences of the Holy Mother, which are appearing in our time socially, by wild (rogue) weather on the one hand, and vital social rebelliousness on the other, are the cure. We need to celebrate the help of the Mother, as She guides us through the waking up rite of passage, needed to replace scientific materialism, with devotion to what has created us, for which the terms random and chance are an abomination.

Everyone is the right person in the right place at the right time. Including terrestrial fire/will.

So here humanity is, collectively experiencing a Rite of Transformation, believing it is a horror show, when in fact it is a great gift.

So here humanity is, collectively experiencing a Rite of Transformation, believing it is a horror show, when in fact it is a great gift.

I watched a cheaply made Science Fiction movie today, which told an interesting tale.

An alien presence appears in the sphere of earth existence, in the form of something that seemed dangerous, and deadly.

The reaction of people to this unknown was to fear it, poke at it with our technology, interfere in its activities expecting the worse.

What actually happens is a different and a more horrible danger than our current dark dreams&fears appears, and what we thought was our Nemesis turned out to actually be our Savior.

We today see pandemic pandemonium, yet that is not all that is happening. A world-wide social/political system, which has been devouring the sphere of life, just got stopped in its tracks.

The skies and the rivers are cleaner. The rush to mindlessly work and consume is stopped in its tracks.

Certain particular macro-social systems went into failure mode. The News got intoxicated on hysteria. The politicians, when confronted by that News generated fear, did what they always do. They overreacted, did not lead, and in fact uncritically accepted the views of so-called experts, who feel compelled to tell us they know what they are doing. Medical resources became overwhelmed. Wages ceased for too many. Food and other necessities became scarce.

Nothing is working, Actions taken by the governments in the US of A managed to go in fifteen different directions at the same time. Experts have more tales to tell than Marvel Comics has movies, and some of them would like to be superheroes in their own right.

A lot of ordinary people are confused. They are told to be afraid, yet the imposed strictures don’t seem to be working as the “illness” continues to escape our control.

The true dark for our time is scientific materialism – all is matter there is no spirit. The big systems failures listed above, in part are weak because we live with a false idea of what it means to be a human being.

The Mother is active. She takes no prisoners. Present day materialistic medicine is ignorant, and what is worse, its experts are arrogant. They pretend (and perhaps believe) that the shit they shovel is true, when the whole medical model for viral and bacterial infections is wrong.

What is worse, as we can already see, is that the real dark is emerging in the actions of governments to assume they have power to tell us what medicines to take, and to force us and our children to take them.

The media vampires working for Big Pharma feed us a narrative that is not true. There is no need for me to argue this, given that in the coming aftermath, lines of thought – already being explored – will show there was nothing “contagious” going on.

This does not mean we were not ill and dying. Such an event has to happen for people to wake up, and realize the experts were not playing with a full deck. They cheated and lied and tried to make us believe that we were making each other ill, when the true fact is that industrial civilization, medicine, science, and agriculture, was poisoning us in order for heartless people to become rich and powerful.

When we are poisoned in these ways, the body reacts with what we tend to call illness. Flu is an elimination process. We puke, we crap, we cough (coughing gets rid of particles in the lungs), and our sinuses go into overdrive. The illness-process is there to eliminate toxins.

The illness-process, i.e. symptoms such as fever, are a sign the body’s immune system is working. Before the illness process begins, our inner bio-home has already become disharmonious, and that is where the bug, virus, whatever, appears, and proliferates. Not as cause, but as another symptom of our being poisoned.

There is essentially a war going on, over what it the true nature of the human being: a random accident of matter in an uncaring cosmos, or a child of spiritual mystery.

Radiation of electrical and radio and satellite and phone and wifi energies – the wired to the gills world – is an adventure in waiting, if we don’t rush to judgment.

We took from its proper place something we did not understand. No perfect world awaits humanity. Riddles, tho’ … there are a lot of those if we look and think with poetic discipline.

Scientific materialism believes it knows what is going on. The pandemic pandemonium reveals it does not.

I am taking up a project, which I may not live to complete.

I am taking up a project, which I may not live to complete. It involves seeking an intimate relationship with the spheres of the elemental kingdoms that participate in our electronic environment. As with any love affair, a certain amount of courtship is essential.

Besides meditative work in the magic-style, I am seeking to know the thoughts of two personalities, both of whom seem to know something about these phenomena, but did not reduce “the meaning” to number relationships.

First, Michael Faraday, whose ideas of ponderable and imponderable substances has always intrigued me. Second, Tesla of course. He worked in the realm of pure thinking, often creating workable devices from scratch, knowing what was required without ever taking the brute force experimental approach of Edison.

Some years ago, when I first wandered by these questions, I made a list of concepts and ideas, whose acquaintance I would have to make cautiously, given the dominance within our electrical civilization of number (quantitative) relationships, over a qualitative understanding through the naked phenomena themselves, the guide being that it is not “what” we think, but “how” we think.

Mostly I spent time on my spiritual scientific studies of our social existence, with an occasional flyby at the mystery nature of electricity.

At this next link, much of its ideas had been generated in me by studies of the Goethean scientists, in particularly George Adams Kaufman, whose magnificent arts are lost in the la la land of “mathematics are hard, let us just read Steiner lectures”. Links to those works are in this essay: “There is no Free Energy”…/Goethe_Space_Field…

Later I wrote “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature”, exploring how thinking, if it seeks “wholes”, unites what materialistic science has only seen as “parts”.…/electricityandthespiritinnature.html

I’ve also been interested in the work on “mechanical occultism”, taking a closer look on Facebook a couple of years ago where I encountered MysTech etc. As a shaman, who knows directly that reality is neither evil or good, I found the maze of Steiner quotes about “electricity” and “evil” confusing, although explainable when we realize that the idea of the “evil” inner earth was a big goof coming from such an otherwise smart guy.

Steiner visited those realms of the Luminous Dark as a someone doing spiritual research, rather than as is otherwise necessary: nakedly incomplete, yet open to surrendering.

If you seek and I and Thou relationship with someone, you don’t bring tools for intellectual dissection to the lady’s sitting rooms. A sign of the overreach of Aristotelian thought, that the platonists have to confront.

My most important work in this realm, recently, was – through working to see (cognize) the Being of Electricity, discover the presence of the Father, whom has rested but not left, into that aspect that gives order to matter, which E. Lehrs calls “coherence”.

In modern physics we have four fundamental forces/transformations: electro-magnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. These, seen as tiny point-center phenomena, are the results of the existence of realms of spiritual beings. There are no “things” there,

The primordial Unity split into Father&Mother, or two principles, which Them/then reunites as the Son, the unity principle manifested (I and the Father are one).

Seen as wholes, nested within Wholes, transcendent Fire (will) are joined at the hip to transcendent Water (feeling). The terrestrial fire we know as electro-magnetism (not the being, but the abstract shadow), and terrestrial water we know as gravity, … again a shadow of the reality., these are aided for their manifestation, with transcendental intellect (cosmic creative cognition) – the principle of air – the creator being manifesting the thoughts of the Father, while the earth transcendental element (consciousness) – our direct experience of existence, is again a unity, which we do not yet see, having undergone the enchantment of the intellect during the cultural Epoch of the intellectual soul, etc. etc.

Anyway, my “current ” most interesting artistic activity in thought will be an effort to meet certain folk, in the light of the question / riddles RS gave to us about this wonder of technology. I want to manage some compacitence for inductions of standing waves as huge as the cosmic world, and whether or not we might have adventures …

Although, with the pandemic pandemonium, we see Mom offering some advice, in a Ripe for Harvesting Field of consciousness all over the world, where the Son (the Christ Impulse) is manifesting in all individual biographies, wherever the heart’s mind can awaken. Look to the Arts, for help.

A View from an Other-side of the Mountain

A View from an Other-side of the Mountain

Given the current world-wide Rite of Passage, in the anthro-world of Steiner-speak, the role of “occult brotherhoods” is indicated, and a kind of English-American – we can control the world – fantasy surfaces. This fantasy has two poles. One is the folk who join this kind of “club” (and believe it will succeed) and the other pole is the folk who know of these errant ambitions, and manage to believe this goal can be realized.

Decades ago, when I was studying the spiritual America, with Carl Stegmann in Fair Oaks, CA, he told us to buy a book: “None Dare Call It Treason”. He was not so much interested in its truthfulness, and its doctrines, but there was research in it which Carl thought accurate, on 500 families who seemed to have their hands in all the power pies in America and England.

This is a group of folk who wander from the halls of government, to the sanctuaries of finance, and back again. Some are lucky enough to get invited to the annual we all rule the world meetings in Davros, Switzerland. A few, especially media folk, get to hang out at the annual Bilderbergers gatherings, where work is done on the need to manage the narrative, a deed requiring Media Conglomerates to keep the financial (and other) truths out of the “News”.

In California, there was interest in the so-called “Bohemian Grove”, where world leaders gathered in the woods, enacting pagan rituals, while wearing animal masks. In the American Northeast, we have Yale’s “Skull and Bones” fraternity. In a recent election for President of the US of A, both the Republican and the Democrat candidates had been members of that group, where again “rituals” were practiced.

Then there are the Rhodes Scholarships, where up and coming business and political folk were sent to England, for their “economic” edification, and by these various means the secrets of the Money Changers was kept out of sight, neither Party challenging the issuance of debt currency, and the obvious idiocy of National Debt, and deficit spending.

Right now in America, the Federal Reserve is loaning money (creating it by fiat) to the US government, to react to the need for currency flow, by putting $1200 in as many citizen’s pockets as possible. The last time we had such a “stimulus” program, it turned out that the following year we all got less deductions in our income taxes, to supposedly balance the “books”.

In 2008, we witnessed the deification of corporations, via the “too big to fail” doctrine. The dysfunctions of the financial system were obvious, but there was no political will to correct the course of charging right off of a cliff. Obama and his friends choose consciously not to investigate the Bush administration’s lies leading to two wars.

When the Trump Mob took over the White House, the Republican Senate, under the obstructionist leadership of Moscow Mitch, made no moves to reign in an obvious madman.

While the main stream News is silent on the one hand, and absolutely totally hysterical on the other, the arts (culture) are not silent. A recent anime from Japan, has the lead character (a young boy) reading 1984. Movies get made exposing (and explaining) much, such as “The Big Short” and “Margin Call”. Late night television comics help us laugh at the gang that can’t shoot straight antics of our President and Vice President.

Recent polls show Trump is not liked by nearly 70% of the American people, with the footnote that the 30% who continue to like him, all share the fact that they watch Fox News.

The Pandemic Pandemonium lends an interesting quality to the situation. Massive uncertainty, and governance that makes it up as it goes along, having forgotten the prudence taught every boy and girl scout: “be prepared”.

Conspiracy theorists (valid work), connect the dots between the pandemic, the possibility of introducing greater State control over individuals, all wrapped up in the idea that we need to force people to do things they do not want to do, because their misconduct puts us all at risk for dying of this latest “virus”.

People, such as myself, who are trying to follow the details, the false narratives, the actual facts, and the mystery of can or should anything be done, ask … just how much danger are they to our civil liberties.

History tells stories that should worry us. People with power do not give it up easily. Still, civilizations fail, and ours seems headed right at that goal.

Even tho’ humanity has quite different religions, our natural science and political systems also being a kind of religion, we ask what can be done. We want something done. By habit we will ask the politicians to fix stuff, and to a man or a woman they will promise much, little of which they can actually accomplish.

Will God help? Will They be with us during these trials? Do we have to believe or see Their activities? Is it entirely possible to “trust the future” in this worldwide crisis. To leave the big picture to the Big Picture Folk?

In a very real sense, it is important to the whole world that the American citizen set right the ship of state, that political parties have driven on to the rocks and shoals of lies and hidden favors. It turns out that the American citizen is collectively the Sovereign. “We the People” begins the Constitution, “do ordain and establish”, the form of government. The Constitution ends with “Not all rights have been enumerated” and “powers not granted to the Federal Government, or to the States, are reserved to the People.”

Power has to be used. Millions of folks out of work, and heading toward third world poverty and scarcity, just might get it in the heads to write a new constitution. Making it clear, for example, that if the Corporation can be a person before the law, than certainly a Planet can be a person before the law.

The present social chaos makes it possible for the people of America to assert their sovereignty, rather than concede it to the soulless multinational corporation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a plan we all could share?

Pagan Anthroposophy: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind (in German, and English).

I requested some help in translation of works of mine from English into German by Carsten Ullrich. An act of charity from which I am very grateful … Further below are also “Reality’s Open Secret”, and The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World.

Pagan Anthroposophy: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

Heidnische Anthroposophie: der Aufgang der Sonne im Geist.

Mein Name ist Joel A. Wendt. Mein Körper befindet sich im 80. Jahr, und ich bin seit 1978 bei Steiner und Co. tätig. Das Folgende dient nicht der Prahlerei, sondern ist vielmehr eine Reihe von Punkten über mich, zu denen ich mich bereits öffentlich bekannt habe. Es ist mir wichtig, dass meine Gesprächspartner diese Punkte im Voraus kennen, anstatt dass plötzlich irgendein Troll diese Geschichten für eine Art Gotcha-Moment aus der Tasche zieht.

Gleichzeitig sollte man bedenken, dass man für spirituelle Erfahrungen mit unsterblichen Wesen verkehren muss, ohne deren Gnade wir … nicht der Autor des Gesehenen sind, sondern nur derjenige, der das Mysterium in Worte auf einer Seite fassen kann/muss. Die Imagination ist ein Prozess des Teilens durch Symbole, und wir sind nur ein Teil dessen, was die Symbole erzeugt. Inspiration ist ein Prozess des Teilens durch Dialog – durch das Wort. Dennoch sind wir nicht so nah dran wie die Intuition. Unsere Seelen sind Flöten, die wir solange spielen, bis sich ein Unsterblicher entscheidet, dieses sehr persönliche Instrument zu spielen. Wir werden Eins durch ihre Gnade, und das verändert uns.

Der ursprüngliche Geist – mein Körper-Bruder – der in den ätherischen, astralen und physischen Körpern lebte, die ich jetzt besitze, gab sie mir in seinem 31. Lebensjahr. Ich bin also erst seit 1971 inkarniert, während er 1940 geboren wurde. Dieser Bursche war auf eine höchst unauffällige und unschuldige Weise bemerkenswert. Er aß die Welt seiner Zeit, fühlte ihre Schmerzen und schenkte mir beim Übergang: drei schwere Wunden, die er zu heilen versuchte: Was ist die Bedeutung des Bösen? Warum hat Amerika seinen wahren Geist so verloren? Und was zum Teufel ist mit dem Christentum geschehen?

Verschiedene spirituelle Entitäten haben mir die folgenden früheren Inkarnationen genannt (auch das ist bekannt, muss also nicht geleugnet werden): Sokrates; Matthäus; George Washington; und zuletzt Clara Barton. Ich war anscheinend bei der Versammlung vor tausend Jahren dabei, von der Steiner spricht, wenn er sich auf die Kulmination und das Karma zwischen den Platonisten (meiner Ansicht nach Heiden) und den Aristotelikern bezieht.

Dieses Zeigen/Offenbaren früherer Inkarnationen ist übrigens kein Segen, sondern eher ein Fluch. Wie findet man das wahre Selbst, das sich von all den Kostümen, die wir tragen, unterscheidet, in Umständen, die sich ebenfalls von allen anderen unterscheiden? Diese früheren Leben kennt man nur durch Seelenschmerz, nicht durch Vergnügen. Ich habe einmal ein Gedicht geschrieben: “den George Washington Blues”, um sowohl die Hilfe dieser Art des Selbstseins zu suchen, als auch um sie zu dem heranwachsen zu lassen, was jetzt gebraucht wird. Die Ära von Trump ist wie das Ende von etwas. Einem Tod, oder einem Tod und einer Wiedergeburt. Das bleibt abzuwarten.

Ich wurde in die Mysterien der Mutter am Dreikönigstag 2008 eingeweiht (ich war körperlich und psychisch 69, spirituell 38), und zwar auf so sanfte Weise, dass ich nicht wusste, dass sie es war. Im Winter 2009-2010 traf ich den Kleinen und Großen Hüter. Diese Einweihung – durch den Sohn und einem Freund – war nicht so sanft, was den Kleinen Hüter betrifft. Nach einer Ruhepause von einigen Wochen hinterließ der Große Hüter einen physischen Abdruck während der Entnahme der Keimorgane des Hell-Denkens, die sich aufgrund der Katharsis, die dadurch ausgelöst wurde, dass es mir gelungen war, Steiners Angaben in seiner “Wissenschaft des Wissens” (GA-2 bis GA-4) zu folgen, in meinem Astralkörper befanden … diese Keime zu nehmen und sie in meinen Ätherkörper zu legen, wo dann weitere Arbeit folgen musste.

Diesen Einweihungen folgend schrieb ich mehrere Hauptwerke, darunter “Die Kunst Gottes – eine tatsächliche Theorie von allem”; “Das Geheimnis des Bösen im Lichte der Bergpredigt”; und “Die Rettung der katholischen (universalen & christlichen) Religion vor der versagenden institutionellen römischen Kirche”.

Im Jahr 2017 wurde meine chronische Kniearthrose so schmerzhaft, dass ich es riskierte die Ganja-Göttin (medizinisches Marihuana) zu nehmen. Eine Chance, weil ich nicht wusste, wie sich das auf mein Innenleben auswirken würde … auf meine persönliche Beziehung zur Quelle.

Der Ritt war wild, führte durch übermäßigen Gebrauch zu zwei schweren Krankheiten, bei denen ich in beiden Fällen fast gestorben wäre. Der Grund, warum ich fast gestorben wäre, war nicht so sehr meine Torheit, sondern die Unfähigkeit der Arbeitsmedizin, meinen Bemühungen, meine Symptome zu beschreiben, zuzuhören. Ich wurde in “Schubladen” gesteckt und falsch behandelt. Diese Krankheiten habe ich auch als zutiefst spirituell erlebt. Während der zweiten, als mich die Behandlung im Krankenhaus zum Tor des Todes führte, war ich so verzweifelt, dass ich, als ich Sie spürte, Sie fragte, ob sie mich mitnehmen würde, wenn ich wollte. Sie sagte ja. Ich entschied mich für das Gegenteil.

Rauschmittel sind in heidnischen (mutterorientierten) mystischen und magischen Praktiken nicht ungewöhnlich. Novalis und S.T. Coleridge waren mit dem Sirup des Mohns befreundet. Ich nehme jetzt täglich drei Dosen von 5 mg Sativa Ganja ein.

1991 war ich auf einer anthroposophischen Konferenz (eine der wenigen, an der ich teilnehmen konnte), wo ein Amerikaner eine Vision/Traum teilte. Er begegnete dem Geist, der einst als Dwight David Eisenhower bekannt war, der mit ihm über die Visionen des Schwarzen Elchs diskutierte, insbesondere über die Erfahrungen des Schwarzen Elchs mit den roten und schwarzen Straßen (spirituellen Wegen) in Amerika. Eisenhower wusste, dass er es war, der die jüngsten Schwarzen Straßen (das zwischenstaatliche Straßensystem) angelegt hatte, die wie die Eisenbahnen Wege des Todes durch das Land waren, während die Roten Straßen Wege des Lebens waren. Eisenhower sagte ihm auch, dass die Amerikaner eine spirituelle Weisheit entwickeln würden, die mit den Europäern geteilt werden müsse – ein Strom der Inspiration, der in beide Richtungen gehen muss.

Ich versuche, diesen Prozess, in dem ich nicht der einzige Wirkende bin, zu unterstützen.

Der Baum als Symbol im Lied der Welt…/the-tree-as-symbol-…/
Das offene Geheimnis der Wirklichkeit…/realitys-open-secret/

Schmerz, Freude, Bewusstsein…/pain-pleasure-consc…/

Pagan Anthroposophy: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

My name is Joel A. Wendt. My body is in its 80th year, and I have been involved with Steiner and Company since 1978. The following is not so much a brag, but matters to which I have previously publicly confessed, and would prefer folks know this upfront rather than have some troll throw these stories into the mix for a kind of gotcha moment.

At the same time, keep in mind that to have spiritual experiences requires being with Beings Immortal, without whose grace we are … not the Author of what is seen, but rather only the one who gets/has to bring mystery into words on a page. Imagination is a process of sharing through symbols, and we are only part of what generates the symbols. Inspiration is a process of sharing through dialogue – through the Word. Still tho’ we are not as close as Intuition. Our souls are flutes which we mostly play, until an Immortal decides to play this very personal instrument. We become One by Their Grace, and this changes us.

The original spirit – my body-brother – that lived in the ethereal, astral, and physical bodies which I now occupy, gave them to me in his 31st year. So I’ve only been incarnate since 1971, while he was born in 1940. That fellow was remarkable, in a most unremarkable&innocent way. He ate the world of his time, felt its pains, and gave to me at the transition: three grave wounds to try to unriddle: What is the meaning of evil? Why is America so lost of its true spirit? And, what the heck happened to Christianity?

I’ve had various spiritual entities suggest the following prior incarnations (again, this is out there, so needs not to be denied): Socrates; St. Matthew; George Washington; and most recently Clara Barton. I was apparently at the gathering a thousand years ago, that Steiner speaks of when he refers to the Culmination, and karma between the Platonists (pagans in my view) and the Aristotelians.

This showing/revealing prior incarnations is not a blessing, by the way, but rather a curse. How do you find the true self that is unlike any of the costumes we wear in circumstances that too are unlike any other. Those prior lives are known only through pain of soul, not pleasure. I once wrote a poem: “the George Washington Blues” to both seek the aid of that Way of Being myself, and to grow it into what is needed Now. The era of Trump is like watching an end, perhaps, of something. A death, or a death and a rebirth. That remains to be seen.

I was initiated in the Mysteries of the Mother on Epiphany 2008 (I was physically and psychologically 69, spiritually 38) in such a gentle way I did not know it was She who did it. I met the Lesser and Greater Guardians over the winter of 2009 – 2010. That initiation – by the Son&a-friend – was not so gentle as regards the Lesser Guardian. After a rest of some weeks, the Greater left a physical imprint in the process of taking the seed organs of clair-thinking, that were in my astral body due to the catharsis induced by having succeeding in follow Steiner’s indications in his “science of knowing” (GA-2 to GA-4) … taking those seeds and laying them in my ethereal body, where further work then had to follow.

Follow these initiations I wrote several major works, including: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”; “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”; and, “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church”.

By 2017, my chronic knee arthritis became so painful that I took a chance on the ganja goddess (medical marijuana). A chance because I did not know what the effect would be on my inner life … on my personal relationship to the Source.

The ride was wild, resulted in two serious illnesses through excessive use, in both of which I almost died. The reason I nearly died was not my folly so much, as the inability of industrial medicine to listen to my efforts to describe my symptoms. I was put in “boxes”, and treated incorrectly. These were also deeply spiritual as experienced. In the second I was so desperate in the hospital as the treatment brought me to the Gate of Death, that when I felt Her I asked if She take me if I wanted. She said yes. I chose otherwise.

Intoxicants are not uncommon in pagan (Mother oriented) mystical and magical practices. Novalis and S.T. Coleridge were friends with the syrup of the poppy. I now take three doses of 5mg of sativa ganja daily.

In 1991 I was at an anthroposophical conference (one of very the few which I have been able to attend) where an American shared a vision/dream. He was encountering the spirit once known as Dwight David Eisenhower, who discussed with him the visions of Black Elk, particular Black Elk’s experiences of the Red and Black roads (spiritual ways) in America. Eisenhower knew it was he who had laid out the most recent Black Roads (the interstate highway system), which like the railroads were paths of Death across the Land, while the Red Roads were paths of Life. Eisenhower also told him that Americans would develop spiritual wisdom that needed to be shared with Europeans – a stream of inspiration that needs to go both ways.

This is me trying to aid that process, of which I am not the only agency.

I recently wrote three short essays. These are their names (links below in English follow). The order is important, the visual art not so relevant for translation, but viable on my current web-presence, where I recently decided to describe myself (have to have fun in the second childhood, right?), as a: “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.” … the descriptors before “shaman” show for which folk the Mother trained me to be a shaman. A shaman trained by the Mother (there are many) have as their main gifts the telling of stories.

Reality’s Open Secret
Das offene Geheimnis der Wirklichkeit

Das Labyrinth des Tages und das Labyrinth des Geistes

Wir verbinden mit der Idee eines Labyrinths etwas, das man durchschreitet und wieder
durchschreiten kann, und jedes Mal leert es etwas Neues.
Wir verbinden die Idee eines Labyrinths mit dem Lösen von Rätseln.
Es gibt das, was man als Gesetze bezeichnen könnte. Zum Beispiel sind wir immer im Jetzt – im
Moment. Und doch hat dieser Moment, immer in Bewegung, etwas Wiederkehrendes als gegeben.
Tag und Nacht. Die Atmung.
Der Geist ist überall und jederzeit, und wir sind Geist. Wir können uns selbst nicht entkommen, ….
dies ist ein weiteres Gesetz.
Sowohl das Labyrinth des Tages als auch der Irrgarten des Geistes sind einzigartig. Diese Gesamtheit
ist individualisiert. Nichts in der Gesamtheit der Wirklichkeit ist so wie wir. Jedes ist anders.
Im Labyrinth des Tages gibt es mehrere individuelle und einzigartige Naturen, die am selben Ort und
zur selben Zeit ineinander verschränkt zu sein scheinen. Scheinbar.
Wir können uns nicht von uns selbst lösen. Wir können uns anscheinend auch nicht von einander
Die Bewegung der Veränderung – die wir für das halten, was man Zeit nennt – ist endlos.
Wegen des Wortes haben wir Sprache. Wegen des Wortes haben wir Atem. Weil wir alle “das Wort”
sind, haben wir Bedeutung.
Eines der Rätsel des Labyrinths des Geistes (des Herzens) ist: Soll ich etwas anderes sein / oder
Im Labyrinth des Tages kann der Irrgarten des Geistes vieles glauben, was nicht wahr ist. Das uns
umgebende Leben, das wir Kultur und Sprache nennen, erzählt uns Geschichten, und wir sind
gezwungen oder können gezwungen werden, eine etwas zu glauben, das nicht wahr ist.
Wir werden manchmal gefragt: Wer sind wir? Die bessere Frage ist: Was sind wir?
Was wir sind, ist das Ganze, das über sich selbst lernt.
In der Moderne, an der Schwelle zum dritten Jahrtausend,
der Tag der Reinigung,
unsere Taufe – von der Quelle des Wortes – in Feuer und Heiligem Atem,
während des Sterbens und Werdens der westlichen Zivilisation,
inmitten der Trümmer der letzten Tage des Kali-Yuga,

wo die Dinge auseinander fallen, das Zentrum nicht bestehen kann, und die Welt von Anarchie
überrollt wird,
wir stehen unserer Freiheit als das Tier aus dem Abgrund gegenüber –
der Abgrund des unbekannten und unerschaffenen formlosen Chaos, das unsere Mutter und unser
Vater ist.
Die Sorge, die wir über den “Klimawandel” haben, ist nur ein Vorgeschmack auf etwas viel Größeres.
Die Geschichte verschwindet. Wir sind immer weniger an die Vergangenheit gebunden. Wir sind alle
die richtigen Menschen, am richtigen Ort, zur richtigen Zeit.
Unter den Ideen, die uns gegenwärtig, aber vielleicht nicht die Realität sind, sind die Ideen, wer oder
was wir werden sollten oder sollten. Suche Erleuchtung singt ein großer Teil der Welt. Sehnsucht
nach Macht und Reichtum brüllt ein anderer.
Die zugrunde liegende Verwirrung besteht darin, dass wir noch nicht genug oder überhaupt nicht in
der Verantwortung sind.
Schau dich sich um. Alle unsere Boote – unsere Lebensweise – fahren auf denselben gefährlichen
Das wahre Geheimnis?
Wir sind alle bereits Schamanen. Unser Leben zu überleben ist Schamanentum / Weisheitslernen. Die
Weisen – die wir nicht ehren, indem wir versuchen, so zu sein, wie wir meinen das sie waren – neigen
dazu, dem zuzustimmen: Vertraue dir selbst.
Sage deinen Namen. Ändere nichts, denn Veränderung ist bereits eine Konstante. Wir alle lassen ihn
in unser Leben durchsickern und sind von ihm umgeben.
Wir sind magisch. Unsere täglichen Abläufe sind spirituelle Rituale, die wir selbst gestalten. Wir sind
Künstler im Labyrinth des Tages, denn jeder Tag ist einzigartig. Auch das Labyrinth des eigenen
Geistes ist ein Mysterium. Der Verstand des Herzens selbst ist ein Wunder, das sich fortpflanzt. Der
Phantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness
Schmerz, Freude, Bewusstsein

Im Licht der acht Tore zur Fee
Wir sehen. Wir hören. Wir berühren. Wir riechen. Wir schmecken. Wir balancieren. Wir denken. Wir
bewegen uns.
Unsere Sinne sind offene Wunden der Seele. Was uns nicht zu sein scheint, dringt in unser
Bewusstsein ein. Licht tut weh, wenn wir uns von der Dunkelheit ins Licht bewegen. Ein verirrter
Geruch kann nicht nur als unangenehm empfunden werden, sondern so weit gehen, dass er extreme
Reflexhandlungen hervorruft.
Währenddessen sagt uns Christus bei Lukas: Das Himmelreich ist in euch. Nicht irgendwo anders. In
dir, … in den Tiefen deines geheimen Selbst … wartet ein Geschenk …
Es war einmal, wie vor langer Zeit, als unsere Vorfahren noch mit Feen sprachen. Manchmal
sprachen wir mit dem Donner oder den Sternen, aber diese Art von Gemeinschaft besteht mehr aus
Zuhören als aus dem Sprechen.
Dann verloren wir den Garten. Wir haben die Fähigkeit verloren, den Winden zuzuhören. Wir
vergaßen die kleinen Leute … die Elementarreiche Salamander/Feuer; Sylphen/Luft;
Undinen/Wasser; und, Zwerge/Erde.
Dies – der Verlust der Fee – war eine Geburt, und wie alle Geburten voller Schmerz und Gefahren,
doch wenn die Arbeit getan ist, erhabene Freude.
Es ist nicht so, dass die Fee aufhörte zu existieren, uns wurde nur geholfen, zu vergessen.
Die Gesamtheit der acht Wunden – unser Sensorium – ist, war, war und wird immer eine Fee sein. Die
Fee hat uns nie verlassen, wir waren nur im Bereich des Denkens geblendet. Und warum? Damit
diese intimste Ich &Du-Beziehung durch unsere Wahl entstehen konnte/könnte. Durch unsere
Anstrengung. Durch unsere Arbeit.
In der Zeit vor langer Zeit, war das Leben inmitten von Fee und den Göttern und Göttinnen noch eine
Selbstverständlichkeit. Eine Gnade, über die wir keine Wahl hatten. So reisen wir in eine Art
spirituelle Dunkelheit und verloren die Fee und die Götter und Göttinnen aus den Augen, damit wir
später die eigene/individuelle Wahl über solche Herzensangelegenheiten treffen können.
Dieser Verlust der Wahrnehmung des Himmelreichs, das in uns “steckt”, hat uns auch von der
Wahrnehmung des “Inneren” der Welt abgekoppelt.
Um wieder in dieses Innere zu gelangen, haben wir acht Tore, die in vier Paaren vorliegen.
Leben & Tod … Feuer/Wille
Wachen & Schlafen … Luft/Intellekt
Vernunft&Wahnsinn … Wasser/Gefühl

Erinnern&Vergessen … Erde/Bewusstsein

Diese Worte sind nur Finger der zeigt. Der Leser muss hinschauen. Der Leser schaut schon immer. Die
Welt schaut zurück. Unsere Sinnesrealität ist eine Wellenform zweier bewusster Wesen, die sich an
der Grenze treffen, die der Film Annihilation so treffend nennt: das Flimmern.
Wir schauen – durch unseren Willen – durch das Auge hinaus, und das Licht – durch seinen Willen –
schaut durch dieselbe klare Linse in uns hinein. Unser Geist wird durch die Wunden des irdischen
Bewusstseins berührt.
In Ihm (dem Wort) war das Leben, und das Leben war das Licht der Welt.
Er sagte auch: “Gesegnet sind die, die nicht sehen und doch glauben.” Achte auf die Wunden und die
Tore. Vertraue auf deine Fähigkeit, den “Sinn” der Existenz durch den eigenen Sinn des
Denkens&Gedankens zu erkennen. Der Verstand des Herzens ist ein Garten, und wir können dort
wachsen lassen, was immer wir wollen. Es gibt dort sogar einen Platz für Pilze und Fäulnis, …
lebendiges Denken/Denken ist ein kontinuierlicher Prozess des Sterbens und Werdens.

The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World
Der Baum als Symbol des Lieds der Welt
Überlegungen der heidnischen Anthroposophie
Wohl die wichtigste Art zu studieren, ist die Betrachtung der Bäume selbst. Die spirituelle Literatur ist
voller Namen, für diesen Ausdruck des Göttlichen in der materiellen Welt, aber Worte sind nicht
dasselbe wie das Sehen, das Berühren, das Pflanzen, das Ernten, das Unterschlupfnehmen, die
Heimat für Tiere, … der endlose Weg des Baumes, ohne Worte zu sprechen/zu singen.
Die Mutter von allem braucht keine Worte, um ihre Geschichten zu erzählen. Sie ist eine Quelle des
Wortes. “Sie hat die ganze Welt in seinen Händen”.
Der erste Großmutter-Baum, mit dem ich mich unterhalten lernte (siehe Bild eins), war mir oft eine
Hilfe. Ein Baum ist – in gewisser Weise – ein Gedanke an den Vater, der sich durch den Sohn
manifestiert. In diesem Link erzähle ich meine Geschichte dieser Begegnung [ein Großmutter-Baum erscheint “tot”, was ihr
ermöglicht, dass sie ein Ort für geistige Wesen ist – nicht mehr “wachsen” müssend, sondern sie
können einfach nur sein.]
Sie “formulierte” sehr langsam in jenem Aspekt des Gartens des Herzens, der lernt, dem Sprechen
der Bäume zuzuhören. Tolkiens Ents waren langsame Denker, die während des von Baumbart
initiierten Entmoot im Wald von Fanghorn lange Pausen zwischen den Sätzen einlegten.
Baumschützer, Druiden, … in Star Wars VIII wird ein alter Baum in Brand gesteckt, das Feuer ist ein
Zeichen dafür, dass etwas Uraltes stirbt und auf dem Weg zur Wiedergeburt ist.
Bäume überbrücken Himmel und Erde. Der Baum selbst ist Teil eines größeren Organismus, den
Gelbert Grohmann als “Die Pflanze” bezeichnet hat: Die Pflanze, in seiner zweibändigen Studie. Link
zu diesen Büchern hier:…
Die “Pflanze” ist eine Art von Lebensprozess, der sich durch Wesen aus dem Feenreich manifestiert,
ebenso wie das Steinvolk, die Winde, die Vierbeiner und die Geflügelten. Ob eine alte, vom Wind
geformte Kiefer oder das, was auf Käse wächst und aus dem wir Penizillin hergestellt haben, die
Pflanze ist nicht nur Schönheit, sondern auch Medizin.
Eine kürzliche Ergänzung der Baumkunde kam durch die Figur Groot (siehe Bild zwei), wie in
“Wächter der Galaxie” gezeigt wird. Auch der furchteinflößende Lehrbaum, der von Liam Neeson in
“A Monster Calls” (siehe Bild drei) gesprochen wurde.
In “Stranger Things” ging es um gefährliche Tunnel, voller Wurzeln und dunklerer Kreaturen.
“Annihilation” beinhaltet das “Flimmern” und den Durchgang durch diese “Barriere” in eine Welt, in
der chaotisches Wachstum durch Wesen aus anderen Welten befeuert wurde.
Die kollektive Vorstellungskraft wird von Vorahnungen der Rückkehr magischer und mystischer Tore
zur Unterwelt, zu den Feen, heimgesucht.

Dann gibt es den “Klimawandel”, der in Ängsten verwurzelt ist, die ihrerseits in der Geschichte der
Menschheit wurzeln und sich auf diese Weise ausdrücken können: Die Menschen werden die Dinge
versauen. Garantiert. Das wird zwar nicht alle Seelen beruhigen, aber Tatsache ist, dass die Mutter
das Wetter beherrscht, so wie auch die vier Reiter und das Tor des Todes.
Also ist überall auf der Mutter (unserem Planeten) ist eine Sphäre des Wachstums, vom Samen, über
die Wurzel und den Stiel, bis hin zur Blüte und Frucht. Darunter liegt das Reich des Steinvolkes, dann
das Baum-/Pflanzenvolk, in dem die vierbeinigen und geflügelten Menschen Platz haben, um zu
ausgelassen zu leben und gepflegt zu werden.
Wir sollen die Verwalter dieses Lebensbereichs sein. Warum? Uns wurden Hände, Aufrechtung und
Sprache gegeben. Auch wir sind eine “Form/ein Zeichen” in der wortlosen Rede des Daseins.
In den letzten sieben Jahren war ich gesegnet, dass ein Wald nur sechs Meter vor meinem
Studienfenster beginnt. Seit ich hierhergezogen bin, habe ich einen lokalen Großmutterbaum
(scheinbar tot, kahler, blattloser Ast, herrlich in der Pose) wahrgenommen. Meistens ist sie (Dryade
ist der traditionelle Name und eine weibliche Natur implizierend) kaum zu sehen.
Eines späten Nachmittags saß ich in meinem Büro und hatte den Wunsch, von der Terasse aus ein
Foto zu machen, und da war sie, im Sonnenlicht einer Sonne, die sich zur Ruhe setzte. (siehe
Abbildung vier). Auf Bild fünf sehen wir sie in Dunkelheit und Schatten.
In der Gesamtheit des Hofes und des Waldes steht sie zwischen den von den Bauherren gepflanzten
Lorbeerbäumen und dem Wald. Eine Art Brücke zwischen den menschlichen Aktivitäten und der Art
und Weise, wie die Mutter die Dinge tut, wenn sie sich selbst überlassen wird. Zu beachten die
Ausdrücke/Gesten der Gliedmaßen.
Bäume sind sehr gute Freunde und vermissen unsere Gespräche. Dennoch müssen wir diejenigen
sein, die die Hand ausstrecken. Wir müssen nach Hause gehen wollen, zurück in den Garten, … die
verlorenen Kinder auf dem Weg zu einem Feenfest.
Eine viel längere Erläuterung über den Menschen und die Welt der Pflanze ist hier:…/the-return-of-the-w…/Like…/The-return-of-the-w…/Like