It isn’t easy loving Rudolf Steiner

It isn’t easy loving Rudolf Steiner

During most of my first seven years in this body, I was studying my “self” using Franz Bardon’s three remarkable texts on the Hermetic Science (magic) of the ancient Egyptians (all of my Bardon books have magical adventure stories, as to how they came into my possession). These works include a practical training in the mystery of the four elements, and I had reached the level of being able to pore-breath the elemental fire (will), when I met RS through his books.

The year was 1978, and because of Steiner the center of my practices then began to shift. My first three lecture books were: Agriculture, The Gospel of Luke, and The Gospel of John.

I experienced myself to be living in a magical school, literally. Divine Providence ran It. I lived in the San Francisco / Berkeley / Marin area for almost 14 years. An aspect of the school was the existence of posters everywhere. Wooden telephone poles were the place of choice for these ads, about … politics, spiritual gurus, dance studios, and more.

U.C. Berkeley had a south entrance, Sproul Plaza, down the middle of its length ran a dozen upright two-sided wooden poster opportunities – each was about six by 4 feet, and on posts that made it all at eye level. Some people made money going around everywhere, putting new posters up, and covering over what was already there.

I prowled bookstores. Lived in unfinished basements. For a long time, I didn’t have keys to anything. I tried to do Psycho-Tarot readings on Telegraph Avenue, which runs all the way from central Oakland to Sproul Plaza. Near the University, street vendors were everywhere. At Christmas time, folks came from their farms and such, to sell high quality “objects” for reasonable prices. So many, that during that season the City of Berkeley sold permits, and tried to organized who got to set up where.

I had been reading RS for about three years before I ran into a poster advertising an “anthroposophical” event. Two Christian Community priests were to give a pair of individual lectures in SF one night – first Steiner folk I met. I later met the mother of my last two children, at a study group in the Berkeley hills.

I had the good fortune to have discovered a remarkable bookseller. He named his very small place: Sunshine Books, and worked there alone. Far from Sproul, probably for better rents. Once I started being an irregular regular customer, he’d buy books – I’d never heard of – he thought I might like.

Met Owen Barfield there. Bought Whicher’s Projective Geometry there. Got a rare collection of George Adams’ essays there.

One day when I was broke and out of work, my new love (mother of four and five) gave me three twenty dollar bills and said go across the Bay to SF, hang out with my younger brother, and get stoned. On the way, I stopped at Field’s Book Store on Polk Street, and found used copies of Lehr’s “Man or Matter”; and Hauschka’s “The Nature of Substance”. I still have them.

It was my birthday.

A riddle: Are anthroposophists capable of admitting that Steiner was ever wrong?

Did Rudolf Steiner ever admit he was mistaken about anything? If human beings have a common serious flaw, it is the fear to admit error. Yet, his students seem obsessed with his perfection.

My experience, over 40 years of meeting his students, is that many cannot even entertain such an idea. I had a friend, a curative eurythymist, who I asked whether or not she thought him capable of error, and she said: “Maybe he cut himself shaving, but otherwise no.”

When more than a few others meet us, they can sense the “guru” mystique in our minds, because of our endless need to quote him … so they turn away because that habit is to them a failing – so many gurus crashed and burned since the ‘60’s: “Not rational”.

We say we do a spiritual “science”, but science is in part rooted in doubt, not belief. I think it was Eric Hoffer who wrote of the dangers of the “true believer”.

Irina Gordienko’s repressed book, “Sergei O. Prokofieff: Myth and Reality”, exposing in detail the weaknesses in his works, had this to say in the introduction:

When a false or non-proven assertion appears in the scientific press, this is taken as a signal for the opening of a scientific debate, which continues until the matter is resolved, even if further research has to be carried out. It is quite a different situation in the Anthroposophical media. There one can write whatever one likes, provided no interests are put at risk and the familiar terminology is used. Any attempt to criticize such printed assertions is condemned out of a false ethical principle: tolerance towards a person is confused with tolerance of his mistakes. [emphasis added, ed.] The ideal of brotherly love comes to mean little more than the maintaining of ‘diplomatic relations’ with ones neighbor, while remaining indifferent to his spiritual destiny.

This is, in our opinion, by no means a sign of irresponsibility – this is only secondary – but is rather the expression of a materialism that is deeply rooted in the unconscious, inclining one to experience inter-personal relations in the present as absolutely real, while the working of the counter-forces which stand behind every lie is ignored or is at best passed off as an abstract theory, about which one can hold clever discussions, but which, as soon as one returns to the reality of life, will be forgotten. “An incorrect result of research in the spiritual world is a living being. It is there; it must be resisted, it must first be eradicated” [R.S. (22.10.1915, GA 254.”

All billions of us humans are engaged, in trials – hopefully – creating the true and the good out of the own heart’s mind. We, who love RS, risk dependence upon Steiner’s work. We tend to think we know something because we read it in a book. This is actually a problem resolved via his The Philosophy of Freedom, … except so few go to that place in the mind, where: “One must be able to confront an idea and experience it, in order not to fall into its bondage”.

Emerson had an interesting take on this. The only purpose of a book is to inspire, and we lose ourselves if we place our own mind in orbit around another’s.

Years ago I found myself reading lecture series after lecture series, yet not at all satisfied. Something wanted was not happening. The time spent on reading did not develop the quality of my thinking. Only introspection – via the methods of natural science – unfolds the mysteries of thinking.

What are those methods? Their main quality is to seek to be empirical. Each of us walks the individual labyrinth of their personal days, following the maze of the own heart’s mind, both explored and unexplored.

Steiner pointed toward the basic riddle, in that in his books “Theosophy” and “Occult Science – an Outline” he uses – in the introductions of both books – the word “understanding” many times – to describe what spiritual effect the books will produce.

Not knowledge, understanding.

In my article with the title: “The least read most important book Steiner ever wrote”, I report on a remark made by Owen Barfield, when he was asked if there was a book he read that fit Steiner’s indication that it would be better if people read one book fifty times, rather than fifty books once. His reply was: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s world conception, the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote.”

In that article I also quote the contents pages of Steiner’s GA-2 A Theory … ; GA-3, his dissertation: Truth and Knowledge; and GA-4: “The Philosophy of Freedom”.

These contents pages, in themselves, are very instructive, and Steiner wrote this in Occult Science, near the end of Chapter Five:

The path that leads to sense-free thinking by way of the communications of spiritual science is thoroughly reliable and sure. There is however another that is even more sure, and above all more exact [emphasis added, ed,]; at the same time, it is for many people more difficult. The path in question is set forth in my books The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World-Conception and The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. These books tell what man’s thinking can achieve when directed not to impressions that come from the outer world of the physical sense but solely upon itself. When this is so, we have within us no longer the kind of thinking that concerns itself merely with memories of the things of the sense; we have instead pure thinking which is like a being that has life within itself. In the above mentioned books you will find nothing at all that is derived from the communications of spiritual science. They testify to the fact that pure thinking, working within itself alone, can throw light on the great questions of life – questions concerning the universe and man. The books thus occupy a significant intermediate position between knowledge of the sense-world and knowledge of the spiritual world. What they offer is what thinking can attain when it rises above sense-observation, yet still holds back from entering upon the spiritual, supersensible research. One who wholeheartedly pursues the train of thought indicated in these books is already in the spiritual world; only it makes itself known to him as a thought-world. [emphasis added, ed.] Whoever feels ready to enter upon this intermediate path of development will be taking a safe and sure road, and it will leave with him a feeling in regard to the higher world that will bear rich fruit in all time to come.”

I have written this short article, because the future of Steiner’s works is in jeopardy, due to a kind of understandable spiritual laziness among his “followers”. What is this laziness? The difficult, and long time developing, work of empirical self observation of the own thinking. For too many, a good Steiner quote is what they offer on Facebook, but seldom their own thoughts.

I wouldn’t mind reading stories about folks lives, same as I offered above. You know how we say each book is its own universe, … each life is a library of unwritten books. Remembering and Forgetting is one of the four pairs of gates to Faerie. In the soul alchemy of the four elements, Remembering and Forgetting is the Earth element, which was for the ancient Egyptian priests the symbol for Consciousness.

When otherwise not occupied, our reverie includes past stories, and future plans.

The future is not yet written. Do you think for yourself, or do you let Steiner think for you? This last is also quite important, because Steiner is mistaken on a number of crucial spiritual realities, particularly the Realms of the Inner Earth, the relationship of those to the Holy Mother – Earth Mother, and the Mysteries of the Americas.

This is not my first rodeo, where people are struggling with this problem of the differences between belief, understanding, and knowledge. Sometimes when I post, folk respond by suggesting another way of seeing what I have been describing. They want to doubt my thought, as it were. Excellent. Follow what you feel.

I don’t know if this will be useful to anyone, but at one point a dozen years ago, I started – on occasion – examining the content of my mind, and asking myself, whether that bit of content was a belief, an understanding, or knowledge. This isn’t about doubting yourself, … it is about sharpening a tool for inner work. There is no right or wrong answer.

Emerson again: The American Scholar: “For the instinct is sure, that prompts him to tell his brother what he thinks. He then learns that in going down into the secrets of his own mind he has descended into the secrets of all minds…”

~!~!~!~!~!~~~!>+7=* is blockchain code for the mental world. There is only One Mind, yet so vast it takes the whole of the Creation to sing Its Songs. And we humans, well … She gives all of us just enough rope to hang ourselves. Whether or not we chose hanging, with the rope of carelessly knotted thought, or to zoom like an eagle on the winds of the imagination …

These are not opposites. Knot and Zoom, in balance make Art … one Now at a time.

The Americas – Rudolf Steiner’s Blind Spot

The Americas – Rudolf Steiner’s Blind Spot

I once heard some of what I call RS’s apocrypha, a story someone told me – He was asked why he didn’t come to America to lecture, and allegedly replied: “I’d have to go silent for five years”.

If we read his Geographic Medicine, he points out that the Celtic and Druid priests traveled to America, to study the role of the double in illness, for the double is much stronger there. My own research, on the effect of the stronger double on immigrating Europeans, discovers that this absence of soul density, tends to keep the thinking of the European unable to ground itself here. They remain disconnected from the spiritual essence of the Americas.

A very important read, for someone who wants to become familiar with the deeper mysteries, should read Stephen Clarke’s: “The Mexican Mysteries – reimagined”

The following quote is in my book: “American Anthroposophy”

Following the American way of thinking, an attempt was made to extend the mechanical over human life itself. It will be an American Mystery to make use of the magnetism of the Earth, its double-ness. (paraphrase, R.S. lecture 12, The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric.)

I’ve read the following books, by Europeans, on America: “The Other America”, Carl Stegmann; “America’s Way – the tasks ahead”, Dietrich V. Asten; and “America and Americanism”, F. W. Zeylmans van Emmichover. Not one mention of the Native American cultures.

Not surprising, when we find this, from GA-354:

When from this point of view we consider the savages of today, it must strike us that the men of primeval times — called in the question here primitive men — were not like the modern savages, but that the latter have, of course, descended from the former, from the primeval men. (emphasis added).

I’ve been reading Steiner’s lectures on the Temple legend. It is rooted in a Christian ethos, which does not touch the spiritual life of the Americas at all. The Americas have their own Creation Stories.

RS describes two migrations from the decay of Atlantis. One East and one West. There were actually three, although not precisely the same. Atlantis had travelers, folk who wandered the world in ships of water and air. They wove the whole of the rest of the world’s peoples together, by sharing the different stories and knowledge held by each, more or less otherwise isolated culture. Evidence for this is found in the works of archaeologists, who have discovered the same 15 to 30 symbols shared all over the world (15-30 is the level of disagreement among “experts”).

When Atlantis fell, the travelers settled into those peoples they had been serving.

Those who migrated East, RS describes as going to somewhere near the Gobi Desert, to found the mystery centers that led to the post-Atlantean civilizations. As to those who went West, he remarks:

The Indians then took over with them to the West all that was great in the Atlantean culture. What was the greatest thing of all to the Indians? It was that he was still able dimly to sense something of the ancient greatness and majesty of a period which existed in the old Atlantean epoch, in which the divisions of the races had hardly begun, in which men could look up to the Sun and perceive the Spirits of Form penetrating through a sea of mist. Through an ocean of mist the Atlantean gazed up at that which to him was not divided into six or seven, but which acted together. This co-operative activity of the seven Spirits of Form was called by the Atlanteans the Great Spirit…He clung firmly to the Great Spirit of the primeval past.R.S. Lecture 6: “The Mission of the Folk Souls”

The Prophecies and Oral History of the Hopi Nation are especially important stories with which to become familiar. “The Mystery of the True White Brother”. and “The Songs of a True White Brother”

Since the time of these Atlantean migrations, those who went West never lost their primeval Earth Religions. These cultures were in a kind of stasis, which at the same time allowed them to keep their various types of community and social relationships. Their religions often recognized Gods of entirely different names, and conceptual understandings.

Wisdoms of the East, such as Buddhism, and of the Center, such as Christianity, – they mostly work with the chakras above the heart. The shamans in the Americas included the chakras below the heart in their disciplines. They teach of an Underworld.

These connections created cultures where individualism was held back, so that the community would remain healthy. All the life of the world, the land, the plants, the stones, the animals were also parts of the same community. The individual human being was not “separate”, in any way, from the rest of the world’s various beings. Even rocks had their own kind of intelligence.

Those who went East, slowly evolved cultures where the ego could develop. With the arrival of unnatural science, these peoples felt cut off from all, and came to live in a world of matter only, no spirit.

During this time, those who went West maintained this intimacy with the spirits of nature, and developed cultures where the community was more important than the individual. One had a role, yet as a part. In practice, individuals had a lot of freedom – indigenous Ways are very democratic. Every voice was heard, and individuals could chart their own course if they wish.

Those who went East were also helped to forget the Americas even existed.

The languages of the Americas then acquired many ways of seeing that the life of the community is central to the health of the individual. Certain ways the invading Europeans thought and acted – as individuals – seem to them to be a kind of madness.

What sane human being could believe the Earth Mother could be owned.

When the Catholic Church-Empire invades the Americas, it is essentially a spiritual wave, that collides – and breaks – against this land of mountains running North and South, the spine of the Earth to a poet.

Not even imagining the deeps of this land, the white folk cannot see what is right in front of them. For example, the Hopi – the people of peace – expected them. They were told by their priests – thousands of years ago – who led the migrations West, that this white race would come and claim the land for their own.

This invasion would bring a near destruction of their culture, with perhaps only one or two people able to still believe their heritage. When I went to visit the Hopi in 1985, over an Easter Weekend, I was talking to an Elder – Grandfather David Monogye – about the Hopi Prophecy, when his grand daughter stepped between us – we had been holding hands, as he was a small blind man, of the age of 106 years – and she told me to leave immediately, she didn’t want me disturbing this old mans dreams.

The Prophecy expects that among the white race, there would be a “true” white brother. It took me more than a few years to learn what were the truths we were to know. Simple in a way, … we would know and honor and treat the Earth, the way they do- as Holy.

Most of us know the outrageous ways native peoples all over the earth have been treated. A weaving that can not be undone … yet …

We humans have this idea of multi-tasking. She who has the whole world in His Hands does that on a level even our wildest imagination cannot appreciate …

Enter stage left, unnatural science is born in opposition with the Church, and in the beginning of that adventure many natural philosophers were unwilling to give up the idea of God, and through taking the world apart – they thought they had “It” when they discovered electricity.

Over time, the baby scientists changed their minds. Made their own religion – all is matter, there is no spirit. Since this is clearly not true, there then had to flow consequences. The world of spirit has observable rules, yet if we choose not to go with the flow, our individualized life-navigation begins to lead us toward the making our own religion.

Visibly, our modern world-culture is falling apart. The Divine Mystery has stepped back in a way, by distributing choice everywhere. Within the reach of our own wills we are effectively part of, and an aspect of, the Mystery.

RS gave birth to much. A staggering genius – worthy of a dozen noble prizes. All the same, his Anthroposophy is not the only way to spiritual intimacy. He did, however, tie the philosophical foolishness of materialism in a knot. Most of the world has no idea this has been done.

There are ideas in the Hopi Prophecy about the “true” white brother. “They are Sun clan, they are the children of the Sun.” At the time of the end of Atlantis, Christ was still a Sun Being.

The Hopi were told that, when the last days of their culture arose, the whole world would be locked into two wars (WWI and WWII). Then would come a third crisis, whose “The Red Symbol may take command of the four forces of nature for the benefit of the Sun.” “May”. We call these four forces the Ethereal World.

Those, who know my works about the need for exoteric and esoteric Christianity to join each other, should not be surprised that in my view the Red Symbol is the Rose Cross united with the Sacred Heart.

Among other lore, of the indigenous peoples in America, is the idea that the future might find the Cross united with the Circle. To my understanding, the people of the I development, are symbolized by the Cross, and the peoples of Earth Religion communities are symbolized by the Circle.

It is not an accident that fallen Christianity (the modern Catholic Church, not the Religion) would crash and burn when it ran into the Americas. The Mother lives there, as a never forgotten divine power. The Way of Christ is the Cross, and the Way of the Mother is the Circle. A seed of this union of cooperating activity is the appearance of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

When Europeans brought Steiner and Anthroposophy to the Americas, they essentially committed an act a spiritual imperialism. This is made all the worse, due to the fact that the practice of Anthroposophy is effectively “Steinerism” – a kind of religious treating of what we read as if it was spiritual fact.

Rudolf Steiner’s blind spot infects all of his readers, although – in spite of this – today many America anthroposophists are struggling to find a right relationship to the Mysteries of the Americas.

Musings on Plato’s World of Forms

Musings on Plato’s World of Forms

After many years of self observation of my own thinking activity (using the methods of natural science – as advised by RS in the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity), I found myself having access to “pure ideas”. Thinking in this Way involves an inward focus, so this “purity” is threefold: 1) only concepts and ideas are observed – not sense impressions. 2) The motive behind the thinking is selfless. 3) contemplation and meditation on a single idea is an important practice.

Those who work in this realm are aware that the act of thinking can’t observe itself in action. Experience taught me that thinking leaves a kind of after-effect in the soul – this can be observed, and thus helps us understand what we are doing when we think consciously. In a certain sense, as we become more and more aware of the nature of thinking, it is “Thinking Itself” that teaches us. Experience also reveals that the “relationship” of one idea to another is a “felt” experience. Will the good, but think with the heart.

In recent years I have begun to do what I call: a physics of ideas. I started thinking of primary aspects of our existence, as related to us by ancient minds, such as via the Emerald Tablet (a copy, from a translation by Issac Newton is at the end of this meditation).

This basic wisdom then becomes elaborated in the book of symbols called the Tarot. There is an overlap between Tomberg’s modern work on the Tarot, and the ideas of Franz Bardon on Magic. In addition, the remarkable book: “Practical Astrology” by St. Germain, reveals the ways the ancients thought of Tarot as just one of three aspects of their science, which includes Numerology and Astrology as a single system.

A principle idea of the ancients is: Macrocosm and microcosm (as above so below, and as below so above, for the miracle of the one). We are an exact analogue of the Great World. There is nothing in the Macrocosm that is not an aspect of the microcosm. Want to become better acquainted with Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorath, and the Asuras? Study how those realities express themselves in our own souls. When we look for good and evil in the world, this act of judging, violates the principle of Judge Not, from the Sermon on the Mount.

One way to appreciate – this aspect of our conscious reality – is to ask yourself: “What, of value and meaning, does the Mystery see in that which we observe, that we have not ourselves seen?”

RS in Lucifer and Ahriman suggests we have to recognize what takes effect “through” us. The idea that evil lies outside us, acting upon us, is a mistake of observation as to the “source”.

It is intriguing to notice the nouns in the Emerald Tablet: Father, Mother, Sun, Moon and so forth. Keep in mind that these words came from, or through, a founding priest of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, via direct experience of the Mystery.

Sometimes it helps to see “nouns” as “verbs”. To “Father” is a deed of generation, while to “Mother” is the deed of nurturing. These wise ancients knew the Christ as the Sun being in a certain sense, and the Moon being as the Mother, and as the Earth, in a sense.

Yet, there is the riddle … once you start working through the various ideas we have of the Mystery, their relationship to each other is qualitative, and aesthetic. Still, whatever path we follow, we find the fundamental nature of reality is Unity, or God, or the One.

Unity can be seen as two-fold in function: to father and to mother. From this polarity, a secondary unity, the Son. All three sub-aspects are present everywhere and every-when.

Some years ago I did a long study of the relationship between the four elements (fire, air, water, earth) and the four fundamental forces and transformations of modern physics.

In my biography, which began in the thirty first year of my body-brother Joey’s life, I soon developed a conscious relationship with Divine Providence. As a consequence, I was first led to Franz Bardon’s books on Hermetic Science (aka: Magic). Only subsequently was I led to RS, the Goethean scientists, and Tomberg.

The doctrine of the elements is a symbol system: Fire = Will; Air = Intellect; Water = Feeling; and, Earth = Consciousness. Is there any relationship between those ideas and the ideas of: electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces?

I continued those studies, and developed the concept of what would it mean if I took the Hermetic ideas of the Father, the Son, the Mother, and the Moon, and sought in those four forces transformations the underlying Being, given the idea that nothing exists which is not the will of Cosmic Beings.

This pure thinking in ideas led to associating electromagnetic phenomena as related to the Father – the generator – at Rest (fire-will), and gravity to the Mother – the nurturing (water-feeling) of that which has been generated. To the Son, who is akin to Unity becoming twofold, the strong (air-intellect) and weak (earth-consciousness) nuclear aspects.

There is an ideal relationship between these four-fold aspects and the Stages of Planetary Spheres: Saturn (Emanation), Sun (Creation), Moon (Formation), and Earth (Existence). Saturn, a sphere of warmth (fire-cosmic will); Sun, a sphere of newly created entities, sort of “named” into differentiated and created “being” by air-intellect; Moon, the Mother and form, the world speaking of Itself as shapes, with only one form – the human being – having hands as a symbol of our own divinity and capacity to induce change.

As with the elements, all three combine into one result, earth – consciousness.

Recently, while reading Tomberg’s “The Art of the Good – the Regeneration of Fallen Justice”, I came upon this four-fold idea: first the phenomena, second the concept or name, third the idea, and then fourth the ideal. RS, by the way, in GA-2 – “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, writes of the idea as a complex of concepts.

To fill this out, think about “rain”. The phenomena is the direct experience. The name is the concept. The idea is the complex of concepts covering the whole of the phenomena, which is multifaceted. With the ideal we come to the contemplation of the essence – the being nature behind the phenomena.

Is true without lying, certain and most true.
That which is below is like that which is above
and that which is above is like that is below
to do the miracles of one only thing
And as all things have been and arose from one by the mediation of one:
so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

The Sun is its father,
the moon its mother,
the wind hath carried it in its belly,
the earth is its nurse.
The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.
Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.

Separate thou the earth from the fire,
the subtle from the gross
sweetly with great industry.
It ascends from the earth to the heaven
and again it descends to the earth
and receives the force of things superior and inferior.
By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world
and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force.
For it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.
So was ye world created.
From this are and do come admirable adaptations
where of the means is here in this.

Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist,
having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world
That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.

I Shot an Arrow into the Air

I Shot an Arrow into the Air, >>>>>>>>>>>??????????????????

Dear Members of the Vorstand, the Councils in America, and other friends and students of Rudolf Steiner,

I am 81. I’ve nearly died more than once. I basically write each day as if this was the last communication to whomever … unfortunately – for all of us – it is probably not my last song. Since I won’t actually be mailing this, I am dropping it on Facebook, and leave to others the urge – or not – to share it, with the above mentioned leadership of the Anthroposophical Society …. or other members and friends …

Dangerous Questions – with Impossible Answers …

The cycle of lectures now appearing in book form was given by Rudolf Steiner in 1908, and the following words of his might well serve as its motto: “The mission of our age is to bring forth not an ancient wisdom, but a new wisdom, one that points not only to the past but that works prophetically into the future.”

… “We see a primeval wisdom preserved in the Mysteries of past epochs; but our wisdom must be an apocalyptic wisdom, of which we must plant the seeds. We have need once again of a principle of Initiation wherein the original connection with the Spiritual world can be reestablished.” Marie Steiner. in the introduction to the lectures: “Universe, Earth and Man”.

Rudolf Steiner was not the only Initiate active in the 20th Century … others included Bardon, Barfield, Kuhlewind, Gardiner, and Tomberg. They are now dead. Are there any others active today, in the 21st Century … say Wendt, Clarke, and MacCoun?

Can anthroposophists actually integrate, into their systems of belief and understanding, wisdom from any additional “sources”? Keep in mind that there is no reality, or depth, to Steiner’s works, without the intentional cooperation of the Hierarchies. So this question then: Who is the Spiritual World actually supporting at a level needed in this moment? Did Their support disappear with Steiner’s death? To rephrase: Will not the next source of wisdom about Anthroposophia come from folk whose value the Society denies? Do leading personalities lose face, if they have to admit their level of consciousness is not yet up to the task of the time? Should they? Who, or what, do we serve: our institutions, or the spiritual world?

Who out there in anthro-land confesses to the state Steiner would have called initiation? What does that word / idea truly mean? RS said stuff like this: the whole of humanity is crossing the threshold; and, the human being is the religion of the gods. All of us have gifts, and each is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

All the same, the Society itself needs to open the door to fresh living inspiration, or the Society will continue to flounder, and then die, which would be a self-inflicted, self wounded, spiritual crime, for believers in Steinerism.

Early centuries of the First Millennium … the disciples and Christianity as Religion, which morphs into the Roman Church on the one hand, that proceeds to try to destroy all that remains of ancient spiritual wisdom {Foundation} – Faith is born, and Gnosis denied.

Early centuries of the Second Millennium … Platonists and Aristotelians meet at Chartres … Christianity as Mystical Fact. {Foundation and Empire} – as the Church Rules Europe, and seeks to rule the world, including the new world of science.

Early centuries of the Third Millennium … Anthroposophy, the Culmination, Christ as scientific fact, and a crisis of social dying and becoming. {Second Foundation aka: The Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought, and the Remembering and Honoring of His Mother}. The Roman Church (Empire) failing. Faith and Gnosis reach out to each other, both – perhaps – too anchored in their Past, yet hungry for more “spirit” everywhere. According to the Terminator movies: “there is no fate but what we make”.

An additional layer sings … the Idea of the Threefold Social Organism. In the way back long ago, the mysteries, via initiates both male and female, gave order to Society = the Cultural Sphere – Science, Art, and Religion – is birthed. With the Greeks and the Romans, through their idea of the State on the one hand, and the Citizen on the other, the seed of the Life of Rights begins to flower.

With the invention of the printing press, the Political-Legal Sphere, threefolded, such that in between the State and the Citizen, a mediating function appeared, leading to books and eventually a portable electronic library of all knowledge: the smart phone. This evolving process became a kind of knowledge commons (to borrow from Ivan Illich), so to Science, Art, and Religion was added State, Media, and Citizen.

As the Church went out to save the world, trading empires appeared. From this living creation, the seed of the tree of Economic life is now revealing Herself – (Divine Providence), as Production, Distribution, and Consumption.

From a purely, yet justly poetic phenomenological point of view – Media is the metaphorical heart of the heart of the Threefold Social Organism. To this I add the idea, from Steiner’s teachings on Medicine, that the healing process begins with strengthening the rhythmic (heart and lung) system.

This is why we shall soon look at the political-legal – or Rights Life, in forming a treatment for social healing.

What is the role of Anthroposophy, Spiritual Science, and the Anthroposophical Society, in all these ongoing radical transformations of the whole world? Are we actors, or just another lost cause, looking out to save their own “skin”? In fact, do we have “skin” in the cosmic game of the evolution of consciousness, or are we just bystanders, going woe is me, woe is me, we are helpless in the face of evil powers? If folks in the Society want new life, then they may have to be willing to accept what is being offered, from the outside as it were – the heretics perhaps?

Thus the European who had some knowledge of initiation looked into the changing ages and kept his gaze fixed on the true figures of the Great Teachers. He knew of Zarathas, of Buddha, of Skythianos — he knew that through them wisdom was pouring into the civilization of the future-wisdom which had always proceeded from the Bodhisattvas and which must be used in order to promote understanding of the greatest treasure of all comprehension, the Christ, Who is fundamentally a completely different Being from the Bodhisattvas and Whom we can understand only by gathering together all the wisdom of the Bodhisattvas. …

… “And as we cultivate this right feeling we gradually make our spiritual forces capable of receiving the Christ into our innermost being; for the higher and nobler our feelings become, the more nobly can Christ live within us. We make a beginning by teaching the elementary truths of our earth evolution, by seeking that which we owe originally to Skythianos, Zarathustra and Buddha and by accepting it as they teach it in our age, in the form they themselves know it, their evolution having progressed to our present age. We have reached a point in civilization now where the elementary teachings of initiation are beginning to be disclosed. “

[“The East in the Light of the West, lecture 9: The Bodhisattvas and the Christ

If a “teacher”, at the level of the above spiritual luminaries, were to appear among the anthroposophists, are we even capable of recognizing such a personality? At the same time, there is no “teacher” if there are no students. Steiner remarked somewhere, that when we need the teacher, the teacher is there. If we believe we already know everything needed, via Steiner, we are not even looking.

What ought we to do with such a Steiner Idea as there are supposedly more highly developed fellow human beings? For starters, not think they are any better, or wiser, than us. Everyone is born, gets old, and then dies. Everyone has to eat, and to eliminate. To breathe and run and fall, and be incomplete. From my point of view, “initiation” has been a kind of curse. God shows up in your life … pokes you several times with a dream/vision stick … then what?

There are just reasons for suspecting – that the excessive adoration of his person – caused Steiner’s early death. The most salient rule: We are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. The Mystery trusts each of us to be free within the reach of our personal will – our freedom is effectively divine, and therefore dangerous. Human Freedom is the Beast from the Abyss of the Uncreated and yet to be Formed.

It would help if we could trust Them with the Big Picture, which is certainly within the Reach of Their Wills. A couple of pithy ideas from actors: “its good, until it ain’t”. “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

To me, the core wound – in the ethereal body of the Anthroposophical Movement, was and is the rejection of the American Soul. I will tell only one story – one of those instances worth a thousand – which happened at a meeting of the Faust Branch of the Society, in Fair Oaks, CA, at which I was present. Let us not go past this “Faust” bit, which is a curious name for something spiritual and living, that might want to give needed water for thirsty souls. Be like us, the immigrating European anthroposophists said, as they asked to me sing unknown Christmas Carols in German.

That regular meeting was not attended by many. The majority of the members were at a conference in San Francisco. There were eight of us, seven American’s and Rene Q. as “leader”. The seven of us had a lively conversation, and laid out some ideas for doing something different in the Branch meetings in the future. RQ agreed.

At the end, a red haired American suggested we join hands, a not uncommon gesture to express fellow feeling. As we moved to join hands, RQ stopped us, saying “We don’t do that here”. At the following Branch meeting, there was not even the appearance of what had been agreed to. In essence, it never happened.

Why is not a bad question. Consider that American’s are said to wear their heart on their sleeves, and the German language had two different forms of the word/idea “you”. One more formal, the other more intimate.

I will make this as simple as possible: If we engage in thinking that judges the so-called Americas, as something evil and depraved (sacrificial death rites and so forth), such that they are blamed for many horrible effects on the whole world – If we see only darkness in the Americas, we drive a pointed stick in our own eye. There is no understanding of the Americas without love.

At the same time, the indigenous Rites are Moon Rites. The Mother is remembered here. Never left in fact. She is the Earth-Gate for initiates everywhere, although a better word is: Shaman. Have to face the appetites, and understand their sacred nature. A human being is not just a dreamer … “…for the higher and nobler our feelings become, the more nobly can Christ live within us.”, … humans are also willful doers.

As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like. They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.” Ending verses of the Sermon on the Mount.

The Flood has come. There is a need for new spiritual insights. They do not have to come from Steiner’s Way, to be true and good, to be essentially Christian, yet also American. The Mystery sends many Envoys, of various kinds. Steiner was one, just not the only one. Can the Society survive without fresh “blood”? Should it?

Here’s the short of it …. recall above: “Early centuries of the Third Millennium … Anthroposophy, the Culmination, Christ as scientific fact, and a crisis of social dying and becoming. {Second Foundation aka: The Second Becoming of Christ in the Realm of Living Thought, and the Remembering and Honoring of His Mother}.”

By the way, I have no wish for any leading personality in the Society to give up their status. I am just trying to reveal something that might be the effective key to a needed human future, where the works of Steiner and Friends are better known. I am available, via zoom, for face to face should someone want more details … just read the written materials (links below) from my blog before contact, so I don’t waste a lot of time telling you stuff you should have learned through reading.

The seat of the social problem, and the largest obstacle to a sane future, is scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. Courts of Law can lead to the Courts of Public Opinion. It is possible to bring before Courts of Law the question of materialism, through a Michaelic Spring Rite on Earth Day, where as many as possible environmental groups simultaneously file law suits, against apex predator multinational corporations, where the named plaintiff is the Planet.

[If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.]

In the Shaman’s Law Firm we work from the higher law, as revealed to us by V. Tomberg in this book: “The Art of the Good: On the Regeneration of Fallen Justice.” Here’s a couple of sample ideas from the Law Firm’s pages:

When a suit, like the above, is filed, a motion to dismiss of some sort – (laws vary in different cultures), – will be the response from the defendant’s law firm, arguing that the whole suit is nonsense. Taking a trick from the defendants playbook, we do what is essentially a document dump. A lot of information, in the form of 12 plus a 13th books, are introduced at that hearing. It makes no difference at this point, that we win the suit. The deed is accomplished by placing these books in the public record, as scientific support for proving the Planet is a Cosmic Being, and suggesting that materialistic science is incomplete, without a spiritual dimension, which may well inspire the civilization that is becoming during the dying.

The larger the number of such lawsuits, the more it means that Media will take a moment, always alert for a good “story”. You remember Media – the heart of the heart of the Social Organism.

The books place Steiner, and Goethean science – as well as others – into the public mind, connected to the assertion that Nature has a self-aware sentient consciousness. Many people all over the world believe this, given that aboriginal and indigenous folks have always thought and known that the Planet was their Mother.

In my writing I call these kinds of books: “a” gospel of the Second Becoming of Christ. Not “the”, “a”. What I mean to suggest is that the authors lived into their thinking in such a way that the Ethereal World, also known as the World of Thought, brought them into contact with Christ: as the Fullness of presence, and the Presence of fullness, or the Wind in the Soul.

Such minds seek the truth, and discover more intimately the life in the stream of thoughts. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. When our minds read their written thoughts, we too can experience “truth”, – Not The Truth, yet via personal arts and crafts of “thinking sacramentally”; aka: following the own heart’s mind – one can see for themselves, the gifts of the word.

Reading Barfield, or Lehrs, or Hauschka, or Cowen, or MacCoun, or Wendt, or Steiner, or Schwenk, or McKanan or Grohmann: just might lift the heart via, the revealing of wonders.

Now imagine a world, where the question of the sentient self-consciousnesses and person-hood of the planet is illuminated by such works. The News spreads the Word, without even knowing it.

There are two things the leadership of the Society could do … One is to give public support to the sharing of knowledge regarding the Remembering of the Mother via the Law Suits in a Michaelic Rite on Earth Day, via anthroposophical lectures and publications.

Two is to – reach out to the Catholic Religious. Keep in mind They are the Religion, while Rome is the Church.

I wrote a book, after a 45 day fast at the age 64; and, about ten years later, a long essay on this need for the union of faith and gnosis. The book, which is in the twelve above, is: “the Way of the Fool – the conscious development of our human character, and the future*** of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”

***From that book: “ Regarding the future of Christianity, here is John 16: 12-15 “I have much more to say to you, but you can’t bear it just yet. But when the other comes, the breath of truth, he will guide you in the ways of all truth, because he will not speak on his own, but will speak what he hears and announce to you what’s coming. He will glorify me, because he will take of what is mine and announce it to you. Everything the Father has is mine: that’s why I said he will take of what is mine and announce it to you”

From the contents page of: “the Way of the Fool: “Moral Grace – the theme (song) of the central mystery of the modern age – first stanza: Shepherds and Kings – a Temporary parting of Ways – … We have been told that attending the birth of the Christ Child, besides the immediate family, were two different groups of human beings, the Shepherds and the Kings. This element of the story is worthy of deeper study.”

As regards the essay: ”Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy”

That essay leans heavily on introducing Steiner & Friends, as needed, to become known to the religious. The Church’s Empire is in decay. The dedication of the religious, and the remembering of the Holy Mother, remains alive. The Second Foundation is meant to serve them. She has the whole world in His Hands.

From the essay: “Throughout the history of the Church, sainted individuals, both men and women, having engaged in the practice of the true teachings of Christ, went on to found religious orders where practice was the core rule. Within the Church hierarchy, knowledge of the moral life was at the same time gradually lost, as those within it became more and more tempted to protect the structure of the Church itself. The egotism of the Church leaders became confused, and thinking that Christian Religion was identical with the dogmas of the institutional Church, the preservation of the Church was assumed a higher moral value than the practice of the religion – the practice of the moral life. A code of obedience to earthly fallen men became more important to Church authorities than obedience to the teachings of Christ.

“Christ in fact did not teach obedience to men (or to Himself), but humility and service through beginning with the gesture of the Washing of the Feet. How often, however, in spite of Christ’s clear teachings did these voices of asserted patriarchal authority and power speak to us of the Church? The Church, the Church – we must protect the Church – meaning there not the Religion, but the seats of their institutional power and privilege. Recall as well the stories of what St. Francis did complain. …

… “Join in community with others and once more struggle to practice the Religion. Let the Church built on sand wash away in the storms of the present times. Walk up the Hill. Carry the Cross. Keep company with others of a like intention. But pray in secret. He will be with us, and She will be with us. The Religion is actually very simple. Savor its simplicity.”


The is no fate, but what we make. The leadership of the Society can do better. Still, their excessive caution – in the face of truth, will be the last nail in the coffin of the Anthroposophical Society; and, individuals will have to find their own way to be a part of wonders that are beyond the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Tomberg asserted that Steiner’s Spiritual Science was not really a science of the spirit, because it lacked the magical and mystical dimensions of the Christ experience.

To my observations, there are presently in Europe, two individuals that express these qualities: Are Thoreson – a magician, and Judith von Halle, a mystic – not practitioners of what Steiner called “Spiritual Research. These attractions toward, and illumination from – these two personalities – reveals a hunger, just as is pointed out by Steiner in the First Leading Thought.

Over in the Americas, and very familiar with Steiner’s works, three sources, who fortunately managed to keep from being lost in the zoo of Steiner-said; yet, at the same time were inspired by not just the Son, but by the Mother as well.

A Hymn to the Holy Mother-Earth Mother

A Hymn to the Holy Mother-Earth Mother

I recommend that none of the following be believed at all. An interesting Tale, all the more fun if it turns out to be true …

The Future

… can go one of two ways, … One where we accept the general thesis of scientific materialism that the human being is only matter, without a hint of spirit; or Two: we remember our school lessons, in which wise ancient Peoples all worshiped gods and goddesses, while leaving behind amazing artifacts that survived the ravages of time.

If those Folk (gods and goddesses) are Real, where are They today? On the basis of direct experience I know They are Waiting, for the prodigal sons and daughters to return home.

Scientific materialism entered the world, at the Design of the Divine Mystery. They kicked us out of the Garden, and guided civilizations – bearing individual sparks of the evolution of consciousness – to reach this Crisis Moment in the Eternal Now (“can it be forever now” – Moody Blues).

Human Freedom is the Beast from the Abyss of the Uncreated and Yet to be Formed. Will we remember the Mother and Father? If not, what will be the cost to our humanity.

Essentially, modern unnatural science asserts that the human being is the only self-aware sentient consciousness in this region of “space”. The truth is that: When you look at “Nature”, it is the Goddess Natura that is looking back, and longingly waiting to commune-with each of us, personally.

Those fantasy star-faring aliens of deep space are right next to us, behind the veil of the sense world. We don’t have to go to the stars, to meet alien-seeming intelligence. What is very cool … Arthur C. Clarke’s observation is true … a science of communion-with the spirit living everywhere seems like magic to us, because there is real magic. Just not like Harry Potter. There are no muggles. All of us are gifted, once we look in the right places.

I wrote a long article on the relationship between the ancient ideas of the four elements [fire is the symbol for our will; air = intellect; water = feeling; and, earth – the weaving together of those three into = consciousness] … and the four transformations and/or forces of modern physics: electromagnetism; gravity; and, and the weak and strong nuclear forces.

I also wrote a long essay on errors in the materialistic ideas in astronomy. “The Misconception of Cosmic Space as appears in the Ideas of Modern Astronomy”

We – ourselves – are the immortal aspect of the Divine Mystery that has the Human mind, and heart, and hands … whose niche in the whole is to look at Her and Friends … to be Their eyes onto the world of Matter. What We see, They only see through Us. Thunder speaks its name, directly. If you want to get some of the secrets of clouds, study the film “Arrival”, and consider the possibility of communing-with Rogue Weather.

We are Makers (Orson Scott Card) in training, … with an opportunity to add to the science of matter, a companion science of the spirit.

Meeting the Goddess Natura is to engage in a love affair. Each individual has their own Way to learn to Commune-With the invisible kingdoms, and to no longer accept the obvious folly of Dominion-Over.

My name is Joel A. Wendt. I am 81 years old in 2022. My story is here:

My business card reads: White-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

In service to Her, I created – on my web-presence – this:

The work to be done there, begins with this Ideal: “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the Law.”

The word shaman, to me, means being a priest of an Earth Religion. So it is crucial to see the Law Firm as a “Shaman’s” Law Firm. We practice a higher law, which then intersects with “The Art of the Good – the Regeneration of Fallen Justice” [by Valentin Tomberg, available on Amazon] The link just above goes into great detail as to legal strategies and tactics that could be used by folks actually filing lawsuits …

As a spiritual social scientist, I encourage the creation of an annual Rite, on Earth Day, where many environmental groups (and friends) simultaneously file lawsuits against Multinational Apex Predators, where the Planet is the named plaintiff.

This becomes News, and we have then arrived at the right venue: The Court of Public Opinion. It is not the point to win, as much as it is to take scientific materialism, and gentle it with spirit. Not a fight, an evolution.

There already exists many many many books, farms, schools, where we get some new “gospels”: of organic chemistry, physics, geometry, the imagination, the soul, the green world, the true relationship of humans and the animal kingdom, the living nature of water and air, … science with spirit.

Some parallel lawsuits might involve challenging the Official Narrative of the Covid Mystery. Such applications of the law might do well to proceed as class action lawsuits. We collect many who know they were harmed, by a medical tyranny that corrupted our safeguards against criminally “under-tested” vaccines – in a rush to get theirs to the market, as the Apex Predators fight over patents and great wealth. [under-tested, only three of the usual ten, and those done at warp speed.

Human anti-human impulses just ignore the predictable Side-Effects, when there is money and power to be had. I have been told – something on the order of – a new Type of Vaccine had been invented (long in planning), that for the first time used gene splicing (bits of animal DNA, instead of just plant DNA). Whatever is in the vaccines, after being “inoculated” many women had serious issues with their periods.

As we assess the truth over the next years, soberly, we will find that the cure was far far worse than the disease.

There are other Ways, to deal with – and understand – the Covid Calamity.

For a “first contact” adventure, I suggesting seeking to form an inner relationship with a “grandmother” tree. gives some details of value. If you have read this last link above, that will provide some context.

Via your heart’s mind talk to a local and visible grandmother tree. She looks lifeless, yet her spirit forces are no long taken up with the needs of leaf dancing in the ocean of light. Down beneath the surface, where the Moon rules, the spirit locus, and underground networks, remain a center of even greater consciousness. Dryads in their Crone stage of development.

Just as with regular prayer, it is crucial to be psychologically and spiritually naked. Surrender, by choice, to your inner state. Keep in mind that what is out of sight, in the soil is a whole other “underworld”, the upside-down, the lost cities, Shamballahs, or as I prefer: Faerie, and the Fae – of which we are one.

The skill that can develop, with patience, is via inner listening. We confess our truth, and wait. Not for something, but just “waiting is”, Michael Valentine Smith, in Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Some interesting arts of spirit-consciousness:

If we want to go where Moon wisdom has been hidden, the zones of mirrors are there, like Rey in the underground in Star Wars. Or Luke in caves beneath the earth. In the beginning we see only our many selves reflected back at us. Love this reflection. To the Divine Mystery, humans are holy and sacred, just as are all else that exists.

We each have a journey. Life is giving them now. Each of us is personally being taught, by our circumstances.

She has the whole world in His Hands.

“the path to the future is through the gateways of the past”

I am not a guru, just a writer. You are the shaman in training. I wrote some stories, and you dear reader … that is the riddle isn’t – how much is up to us as individuals … the ball is now in your court … this last hint:

The Book of Symbols we call the Tarot, has as aspects of its teaching what are called Twenty-one Major Arcana. The first – the Magician – is about Play. The last – the World – is about Dance.

Out of the Closet …

Out of the Closet …

The raw ironies of karma are jokes we play on our many selves.

For example: Around 2004 just after retiring on social security at age 63, I, Joel, started a fast to loose weight. The fast lasted 45 days (lately I’ve seen that event as a not uncommon echo of Christ’s visit to the Desert, although in my case the desert was scientific materialism). From about day 12 on, I had visions every morning, on the cusp between sleeping and awakening. I took about thirty pages of notes, and in the next year wrote my first book: “The Way of the Fool”.

The purpose of the book was to build a bridge between Faith based exoteric Christianity, and Gnosis based esoteric Christianity.

Please realize these were mystical visions, whose Nature inspired thought – construction. In the contents pages, this Other-generated musical organism is laid out in a logical (Logos) fashion. This is not “spiritual research, as Steiner has it. Something more on the order of whimsical visionary interventions. [WV’s] Not my will, but thine …

The WV’s included me not being born in the astral, ethereal and physical body I now ride, until at the age of 31 of Joey [who was born in Montana on December 23rd, 1940], the previous driver and chooser – my (Joel’s) body brother … he surrendered and graced me one night during sleep, although it was over seven years before I understood the meaning of the level of changes I went through, beginning in 1971, because I wasn’t him. I have all his memories, and his soul was that of an innocent empath. Steiner folk hate that story. Yet, there exists extensive ‘de”-tales, all of which are recorded in my biographical writings.

As the change evolved, a co-worker stopped in front of my desk and said: “There once was a man named Wendt, whose mind became boggled and bent. One fine sunny day, Wendt went away, and no one knew where Wendt went”

wedding day, August 8th, 1962, Tina had just turned 18 four days before … Joey was 21

Three years into the change, our ex-wife Tina, mother of our first three children, and someone who Joey first knew when he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy, said to me: “You know, you’ve become a completely different person. You don’t stand the same, walk the same, sit the same, talk the same, or talk about what you used to talk about.”

[about 1982] When our (Joel and joey) eldest daughter was in her middle teens, I shared my understanding of the change. She told me a story she had never told anyone else. There was a night, when she was five, when she “awoke” to a great wind passing by the door to her room, going in the direction of her parents’ bedroom. It was followed by a large shadow. She began then to have lucid dreams, and started being able to talk to her guardian angel, … who politely silenced their connection, just before her period started.

I remarked that that shadow had to be the new double.

A few years later [1984], at an Emerson Study group in Fair Oaks, CA, Carl Stegmann remarked “offhandedly”, that certain kinds of incarnations required a Moon Archi, who has held his own development back to serve as their double.

Joey’s signature above, Joel’s below

[1979 or 80] Another fun WV, … I was working as a grill cook in Oakland CA, and closed the store after smoking a thin joint of Northern California seedless. Walking to the bus, I turned a corner where there were no tall buildings, to discover a powerful image written in the only clouds. On the right was a Zeus like figure, poised not unlike the painting on a famous ceiling. Down further, from deep within the clouds out of which His torso appears, a great crystal spear emerges from this cloud mass, pointing left. It has a large five pointed star at its tip.

The spear pointed to a row of smaller clouds. The words Matthew and Washington were spelled out by these clouds. I consciously blinked my eyes, and the image in the clouds was gone, but the general nature of the cloud form remained. What I felt is: “oh great! … Another message from the Gods.”

Fortunately, during the early years of “change” I had begun to believe I was enlightened. Shortly thereafter, the social environment mirrored back to me what a jackass I was being. Helped me rediscover my ordinary mind, and its natural social virtues and obligations.

Giving me these names had two purposes. One was to give explanatory concepts for certain life experiences, and deep feelings in my soul, such as a deep affection for America, and a love of the Gospels.

Another was to alert me to the dangers of thinking Their gifts mean I’m in anyway cool, like Them. Cursed works better for me. God shows you something and you have to act, right?

Later WVs suggested Clara Barton [1999, or thereabout] , and a perhaps rascal version of Socrates [recently].

In 1986, while I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta, and reading for the first time Tomberg’s “Meditations on the Tarot”, … on the cusp between sleeping and waking He touched me. This was an Intuitive Visionary experience (for Steiner friends). He took me into Himself, as He enacted a Ritual such that at each Mass, He takes the Heavenly Perfect Church and marries that to the Earthly Fallen Church, whatever the spiritual status of the presiding priest.

This vision was accompanied – simultaneously – by a dream. In the dream I am walking in a garden with a priest. On one side is my current home, and on the other a church. I am in the process of joining the Church, and telling him the story of the dream and the vision. At the end of this WV, I lay on my back, on my bed, in perfect inner and outer peace for at least a half hour.

Three years [1989] later I joined the Church, and had such a discussion with a priest. During the nine month process – the Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults – I was praying one day before we “students” had to leave before the Eucharist, and He touched me as Love, sort of like: “See, I’m here, just like I said I would be.” Of course there exist no words to describe how that feels.

[2004] My first Inspirational (it is all conversational in nature) encounter with the Mother went like this: It occurred about the time of writing the Way of the Fool. I was engaged in prayer & meditation – when I started reflecting on all my personal bad-things done to other people. I was also of the view that the Divine Mystery knows us completely, intimately. I next thought about how it was that They must experience all of what both the perpetrator and the victim felt. In anguish, something usually quiet inside me cried out: “What do You do with all our horrible and terrible stuff”.

Almost before I was done speaking, She was there, Her aura of comfort lifting some of my own woes, and spoke these words: “We turn it into Love” [took a decade and a half of social phenomenological observations to see how They did It: Event & Aftermath.]

[2018 or so] The last time with Her, in intimate conversation , I was near death. I was in a hospital for V-tac issues, but the staff was ignoring me trying to tell them I had accidentally poisoned myself with wheat. I was in great distress from the accompanying diarrhea and bloating. In addition, the doctors were loading me up with very strong meds, with – of course – serious side effects, in preparation for giving me a peacemaker defibrillator.

In what some in Russian culture call the Hour of the Wolf (around three a.m.), the day before my surgery, I wanted to die. She was immediately there. I asked if She would take me if I wanted, and She said yes. Ball in my court. I decided I was not done loving my Lady, so deferred.

The middle, and most intimate visit, was magical … In early Autumn 2007, I had two heart attacks in one day, while in the ER. That’s some serious “luck”. At some level my body was requiring much better ways of living. The problem is one of the soul, and the psychic forces required … events in life come with “struggle”. Shortly before the ER adventures, I had left (been lovingly kicked out by) my lady of five years. We both had other karma to live.

Simultaneously I was being rejected by some leaders of the Anthroposophical Society, in Fair Oaks, CA, where I was living. They were doing a study of a work by Paul Emberson, and I had the temerity to contribute to the meeting that this whole encounter was attracting darkness, and I could feel it. I gave a bit of an explanatory speaking and was interrupted by two male – leading personalities? – telling me that I didn’t know anything about Anthroposophy.

In December, Via Divine Providence (in retrospect), I was asked to leave the room I had been living in, since moving out. A native spirit woman that I know, called out of nowhere (?) to offer me a room in half of her garage. So I ended by driving a rental (with four nearly bald tires it turns out) from California to New Hampshire, where I finished writing my “American Anthroposophy”.

She too kicked me out after nine months (there can only be one powerful soul around a choleric, … her). Fortunately, my current Lady is a serious sanguine, and a perfect match for my phlegmatic temperament.

When I left California on Jan 2, 2008, I tried to time my driving to be in between the individual storms normal to that time, which move from West to East. I also made a list of cheap motels, for every fifty miles, not knowing where I would be when I wanted a rest. Thus began an adventure in the sense of horrible weather and breakdowns (remember the bald tires). I got to one of planned motels, after driving through a serious thunderstorm. It was Epiphany. I lay down on the bed physically, psychologically, and spiritually empty. I was spent.

I was 67. Recent heart surgery. Providence seem to have plans, yet there I was, … empty. Not only did I not want to live, I felt like I didn’t even want to be … to exist even as an immortal spirit.

Yet, there I was, alive, as it were. I had been following a twelve holy nights routine of: the Lord’s Prayer, followed by a self-made prayer of gratitude to all else in the Creation. After which I recited the first fourteen verses of the Prologue to the Gospel of John (a practice suggested by Steiner).

When I softly spoke the “Our” aloud, I discovered I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. She was there and helped me to feel the living gratitude of all Beings of spirit, from the rocks, through the waters, to the very stars themselves, praying in spirit this prayer.

In subjective time it took about three hours. The primary lasting impression, besides Her Favor, was of realizing what stood behind, within, and beyond the realms of Ideas and Ideals. As before, this was a kind of conversation, except that each word I spoke, including articles and such, involved a by grace Intuitional meeting. WVs remember, not true spiritual research in the Steiner sense.

A year or so later, over the Winter of 2009-2010, I was initiated in what Steiner calls a meeting with the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold. A year or so after that, I had a Pentecost experience. This led to a whole new level of writing, as well as video output (270+ on YouTube). Three dozen books, four hundred essays, some of which are also mixed in with over three hundred blog entries, short stories, a novel, poetry, and a screen treatment.

For the Christ Initiation, I had to master what Steiner taught in his books on Epistemology. Only a few years ago did I realize that the 2008 Epiphany meeting was a Mother Initiation, which in the Americas produces shamans, or earth religion priests.

[1978] About seven years after the change, I was working in a movie theater as a manager. I had been studying Franz Bardon’s works on Hermetic Science (magic), for about five years. My practice was at the level of learning to breath in and out, through pore breathing, the element of fire (will). This is an expanding power and can make one feel like the soul is going to explode, yet as we moderate it the will learns.

In my ongoing self-studies of social political life, I had forged this question: Since I know now from personal experience that spirit is real, what does that mean for the way we human beings live, in terms of political and social understanding?

Threes weeks later I met Rudolf Steiner through his books. Over the years I have since taught myself a spiritual social science modeled on Goethe’s phenomenological disciplines.

[In 2010, after these Mother and Son initiations, I wrote: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything.”

In it I retold the religious story as a theory, which I attempted to argue better explained human lives than did the present day theories of the materialists (all is matter, there is no spirit).]

[1978, again] Three weeks after starting to read Steiner, a God came to visit me, in the flesh, at my work as a movie theater manager. I had gone down from the office, to the ticket and candy counter, to count the cash in the till, and make number notations on a form. I was in the way of the clerk, when a figure walked up to me. I chatted with him, such as did he need a senior discount? (to which he said no, I always take care of myself). As it goes, not much small talk, … except the voice resonated from the whole body, something like music in a cathedral. Then he looked up at me for the first time.

He wore a workman’s clothes, and carried an odd box under his arm, that looked like a musical instrument case – size of a small flute. The wonder was His Eyes. No whites. Crystal clear, with bright and deep blue irises. Made me feel naked to my deeps.

He healed me of the despair of the Nixon years. I had had no hope. He reminded me I cared about the world. And, at the same time he was blessing my transition-inclusion, joining Bardon’s Moon Wisdom to Steiner’s new Sun Wisdom. My conclusion – later – was that one of this God’s names was: the Burning Bush (long story)

That’s the man with clear eyes, which links me with the Moody Blues. In their 1978 album: Octave, the first song speaks of the man with clear eyes, the second is Under Moonshine, making their relationship with the Mother more visible. The last is their beautiful masterpiece, “One Step into the Light”, which is about the Second Coming (“the river of living breath is flowing through the Sun, He was there before the Earth began”); and, hint at the Mother with these parts of the song’s refrain: “All the old things are returning”.

I don’t have what Europeans call: clairvoyance. Carl Stegmann called it clair-thinking. There are musical arrangements of the fundamental ideas of the creation. To think in pure ideas is to feel their relationship. The use of the idea “pure” can be confusing. The pure aspect is that in which thinking strives not to be of the sense world at all. The objects of thought are ideas, which RS defined as a complex of concepts. Love is the main way to see, or know, any person, or idea. Of special importance is that the thinking be selfless. We are seeking to know and understand that which is not for our benefit, but for the benefit of others.

As a consequence of having been “asked” to join the Catholic Church, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating religious riddles. After two initiations you get kind of rewired – astrally and ethereally, and Hers and His produce physical effects, as well as more “gifts” & curses. On the day of the Pentecost experience [2012], it involved an image appearing in front of my inner eyes, whenever I closed my outer eyes. I felt it most strongly on the right-side of my face. It was about the size of an open hand, fingers extending just above my eyebrow, and then nesting the palm at the joint of the jaw … which were experienced by me inwardly, as zones of consciousness made possible by my Bardon self-studies.

The whole organism was built of more than a hundred smaller forms, with tips at each end. Seeing stacked and cuddled two pointed flames seems a workable image. The shape, as a whole, was kind of like a two dimensional peanut shell – two connected bulbs. The stacked and cuddled flames were then in a large loop, with one tip pointed out, and the other pointed in. The only forms were the flames, which were white at the tips, and in the connecting center blue. They moved, or perhaps: shimmered.

The condition lasted about 12 hours. I did note later changes in my speaking and writing. I tried more to just form questions, that ask the listener and reader, other questions. The questions help to see the inwardness of the other – a kind of not-knowing being necessary to a new knowing based on love.

Divine Providence and the role of individual folly.

Joey had never sowed wild oats. So I spent the 70’s enjoying sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. There was a whole lot Joey had not known, and mistakes were made. I’m still learning how to be civilized, and child-like, around a woman. I emotionally hurt a few during the time of the oats.

Drugs. Joey’s brother gave him a Christmas present of a capsule of LSD in 1967. He didn’t take it until finals were over, and he was waiting a couple of weeks for the ceremony connected to earning a JD in Law, and to be sworn into the Montana Bar.

When I came in Joey had been living with Tina in the SF Bay area. Summer of love had just happened. Subsequently, I used various psychological medicinals until 1987, when I stopped completely.

Thirty years later [2017] I went on medical marijuana, because my knees were without tissue, destroyed by decades of arthritis (Our body was born under the Sign of Capricorn). During that interval of “sobriety”, I did most of my inner work on thinking, and writing.

I had developed, over those years, a kind of relationship with the world of thoughts and ideas. Early on my practice had been to “Listen to the World Song” – being awake to social and political drama as phenomena that Spoke. Somewhat like Goethe learning to read the Book of Nature.

Over time the experience can be hinted at by these words: the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence, the Wind in the Soul. I drive, the Wind aids the flight, up or down.

As the change unfolded in the ’70’s, I acquired a kind of spiritual mistress. By this I mean I paid more attention to those pursuits, than to wives, girl friends, or children. For the latter, I kept food on the table and a roof over their heads (a task shared with Tina – they moved back and forth between us). At one point I was stoned everyday, and could fall sleep after starting to cook some noodles and hot dogs (these last may have come from me dumpster diving behind the nearby grocery store).

Marc, Gabriella, Jennifer, Joel, Adam, and Doren … around fifteen or more years ago

I did try to make amends in the ‘90’s, but we are all presently highly individualized. Some of the relationships are … sad, in the sense of a loss of that which never happened.

I have five children now, … from three marriages, the first two marriages were both with Tina. We all seemed to have survived each other. If you don’t think I had stuff to survive, you have never tried to raise an adolescent girl becoming woman. I have three daughters.

About three years into the change, I was reading Sufi stories, and came upon a tale called: “The Increasing of Necessity”. I followed those instructions, and instead of forcing my life along a path strewn with planning or direction of any sort, I lived deeply into the flow of providence – the lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Life was also a school, and the most crucial lessons are in our lives. One of the providential streams goes with my love of books, and that led eventually to becoming a writer. At one point I had over 3,000, because I couldn’t leave them at a recycling center, even if I was never going to read them. Several moves required letting go. Fortunately, media mail makes it possible to move a small library to a new location, via the Post Office.

Fourteen years ago I met my Lady. I was living in Concord, MA, just after leaving New Hampshire in 2008. I went to a meeting of healers in the Trustee Room of the Concord Library, full of locked bookcases. Large table, comfortable chairs. I was early, and sat facing the doorway from the library proper. A woman surrounded by a golden halo walked in the door, and we’ve been together since.

Both of us love books. The house is kind of library. My office … crowded, stacked, semi-organized, … objects of beauty, sweet to the touch, each one a doorway into another universe.


a ?curiosity?: “The book of Joel written around 800BC and begins by describing a disastrous attack of locusts in the country of Judah. This attack causes significant damage to the economy and agriculture as this disaster of locusts is accompanied by a severe famine throughout the land. Prophet Joel calls the people to repent and interpreted the attack of locusts as the Day of the Lord when God would act directly to punish His people for their sins. Joel actually points out that these types of calamities are signs of God’s displeasure that if goes ignored the future consequences would be much devastating. The overall theme of the book is the day of the Lord. This phrase is used 19 times in the OT and five times in this small brief book of Joel. The first chapter begins with the locusts attack which already happened. The second chapter gives predictions of another attack but looks like Joel depicting an army of humans this time attacking and a sort of future prediction of Babylonian attack. Joel invites the people and the priests to fast and humble themselves and seek God’s forgiveness. If they respond, there will be resumed physical and spiritual blessings for the community.”

From science fiction writer Frank Herbert’s novel Dune: “When religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way.  Their movement becomes headlong – faster and faster and faster. They put aside all thought of obstacles and forget that a precipice does not show itself to the man in a blind rush until its too late.”

I have four new books. The first three are Prime, so two day delivery if you have it. The fourth is Lulu, and likewise has a link

Wandering Midst Wonders in the Caves of the Moon $33.00 390 pages – paper back … includes the next three books. Think of this book as a magic coffee table book, absent pictures. Just ideas, dangerous ideas.

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Your friendly neighborhood stoned librarian,


white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic

The Mystery of America – the Spirit of Place, and Time.

The Mystery of America – the Spirit of Place, and Time.

by Joel A. Wendt: White-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

[This work was inspired by the efforts of Stuart Weeks, and his crew of artists and other malcontents. America is in trouble, but Stuart’s “Center for American Studies in Concord”, is a place where thinkers and doers gather to evolve our way of thinking about America, and about human nature. In the face of the lurking dragon of medical tyranny, we are to remind ourselves of the unconquerable, and transcendental, spirit of ordinary Americans.]

Make no mistake … the following assumes that Karma and Reincarnation are real, and that the essence of the human being is an individualizing immortal spirit.

To understand then, the Mystery of America, means to reconstruct our historical gaze, with different basic ideas. Still, the essence of science is doubt, so please consider the following as an alternate theory of our time, that the reader should actively Not Believe. Better a Tale, instead of THE TRUTH!!!

Atlantis was a civilization that was too destructive of the Sphere of Life, … as a consequence that era was erased from memory, yet lingers in legend. The main significance of this is that “Western” civilization is itself now failing, or as Goethe might put it: Dying into a New Becoming.

Atlantis was land in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and our bodies were not like they are today. Their priests knew the end was at hand, and so led migrations to the East and the West. The migrations to the East produced Mystery Centers, from which all the post -Atlantean civilizations arose. These Centers were first in an area near the Gobi desert, inspiring the ancient Chinese, Indian, and following civilizations.

Those who went West, into the Americas, were different in nature from those who went East. As some of the Hopi lore has it, there was a spiritual (wisdom) stone tablet that had been broken into two pieces – one part went East, the other West.

The destiny, of those people who went East, was to develop civilizations that would foster individualization, and ultimately the separation from Nature (and each other) we feel today. This development of the “I” is best symbolized by a cross, … Christ – the Maker – being the archetype of the human spirit.

Those who went West, remained spiritually close to the Natural world, remembering and seeing the Divine Mystery not only in outer Nature, but in each other. Instead of individualizing, this led to stronger communities, including the community of the stones, the waters, the trees, the winged, the four-legged, and all the invisible spirits living in each, themselves at one with the Great Spirit.

This “communion” is symbolized by a circle. What is needed today, is to unite the circle and the cross … the community And the individuality. In a sense, to do this means to unite the broken pieces of the stone tablet (wisdom).

Eons pass, as Atlantis disappears into the mists. The Greeks and the Romans birth “Western” civilization. That the Americas even existed escapes their cultural memory. A New World, and an Old World, although the true nature of the so-called New World is older than that of the so-called Old World.

When “Western” civilization reaches the Americas it stops in its tracks. The Americas have a lot of social inertia, while the coming beast has a lot of momentum. The Hopi knew this was to be. That a white race would come and claim the land as their own. Yet, … among the Pahana there would be a true* white brother. *[those “white brothers” who see all of Nature as a Sentient Holy Being]

Also there was to come a time of great crisis, rocking the whole world into two wars, after which the Red Symbol may take command of the Four Forces of Nature for the Benefit of the Sun.

Today’s Unnatural science has decreed there is no spirit, only matter. At the same time, this “act” had to happen … we had to lose the connection with the Spirit in Nature, so that any “relationship” came into being because we choose to create it.

Human freedom is the Beast from the Abyss, of the uncreated and yet to be formed.

America, in the sense of the good old U. S. of A, is a place that is becoming a People of Peoples. No one here is just French or Italian. This characteristic is true of most of the Americas, as many peoples – from all over the world – have migrated here. Languages co-mingle. Bodily hereditary characteristics combine.

In a sense, the Peoples of the Americas are the racial and cultural children of the rest of the world. We are mongrels to some, and to others we are brash and lack culture, such as the “ugly” American. All the same, the Land is full of forests and caves and lakes and mountains and deserts. The religions here have been Earth Religions, from beyond the way back, long ago, when before.

These are religions of the Mother Goddesses, such as Spider Woman. The Hopi keep the world in balance through ceremonial magic, a Moon Wisdom. It is in our future to create an individualized magical way of ordinary daily life. Will we do that “in community”?

Today, most of us celebrate individualism to excess. This is not a wrongness, any more than being rich and powerful is a socially sustainable way of life. As the Hopi have it: Life is out of balance.

Still … magic is real. Spirit is real. In our time, two-hearted people (as the Hopi call the false and selfish) have come to dominate the world via the manipulation of the Idea of Money into a kind God, the Market, which they control.

They do not care about the rest of us, which they use as workers and consumers, and cannon fodder for the many wars the “owners” decree. Still, the American Constitution is based on the principle that the individual is the Sovereign. This makes us very dangerous to the powers that be, who are not stupid, and actually work at making us, as a People, psychologically and physically weak.

A dark intelligence lives in the ideas of the multinational corporation, which is replacing Nation States. This same intelligence lives in the idea of Unnatural science that we are matter only, no spirit.

Many people, not just Americans, want to “fix” America. Others just want to rule. Is there a hidden strength that we can individually call upon, with which to meet this crisis?

A great deal of what goes on in America is very ordinary, in a sense. Get up and go to work or school. Same all over the world, especially if we accept that Life is also a School.

There exists a community of ideas that we can call: the social contract. When I grew up in Montana, it was: work hard, play by the rules, mind your own business, yet be a good neighbor.

There is a similar contract in the creation of the American Constitution. It is an agreement that all are to be subject to the same laws. The failure of that dream is self-evident.

Government manages to work for everyone else but ordinary people. Yet, by the same natural right that we used in creating the original constitution, we can unmake and remake the existing dysfunctional form.

We can get confused if we conceive that that kind of action needs to happen on a massive scale, and all of a sudden. Rome was not built in a day, nor did it fall in a day. The American experiment – through chaos and metamorphosis – will bring change … it just takes time to overthrow tyrants.

The rational, somewhat at war with the irrational, needs to let the trans-rational into the game. This can only done one person at a time. Everyone’s trans-rational spirit (become again as little children) has their own “style”.

We are citizens of America. We are citizens of the World. Corporations are not human beings, but egregorial (parasitic) idea-demons created by the rich and powerful, who sell their souls for the insatiable addictive pleasures of the will: like power and wealth (ownership). Yet, under the Artistry of Divine Providence, She has the whole world in His Hands. Everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Electoral politics in America is a Spiritual Rite. The voting booth a place of prayers in private. I make a mark, and hope that good will come. The essential Spiritual aspect, of this moment in Her-story, concerns the Ideas that are to be used as the next operating system of public life, … the one being generated in the chaos of today.

In America, the citizen is the sovereign, and the government works for us – that Ideal is the fundamental principle of self-governance. Right now the government acts as if it owns us, and the corporations clearly own the government, and the banks – obviou$ly – own everything else.

Sort of …

Because so many believe the lies of Unnatural science, that Nature has no consciousness or free will, we act as if we can own our Mother. As civilization continues to fall apart, the Tale is that there exists – already – a truly Natural Science, that discovers the spirit in Nature, through careful and precise thinking and observation. Google: Goethean Science.

The Land of the Americas is spirit-filled, from north to south. All the indigenous and aboriginal peoples know the Mother.

I have had – on occasion – the opportunity to engage the spirit of Socrates (Christian shaman, remember?). He was an initiate in the feminine mysteries, and through that knew the Mother as well.

He considers it a grave sign of hubris to not attend to what we call Rogue Weather and Climate Change, and pretend She is not active there. A folly that deserves a major Fall. He also likes to be intoxicated, which makes it easier to laugh instead of cry.

George Washington is another visitor. He’s happily retired, and wants to leave the women in charge. Also, it doesn’t help him in the afterlife to be on a pedestal. Chains him to the earth. Means he has to come back – frequently. He does try to inspire what he calls the Army of the Unemployed, to self organize (he tended to let his sub-commanders have a lot of situational freedom). If you are hanging out with some other out-of-work folk, … don’t be idle, … find something to do for someone who needs something done for them.

Then there is Clara Barton. Run toward the fire. Help the wounded. Caress the brow of the dying. Most of all, … Listen.

The Mystery of America is being created each day, all over the world. So many families fleeing drug lords, dictators, and multinational corporations … dreaming of a better place.

Are we a better place?

We have an idea of the right relationship between the sovereign citizen and their government, that needs to include an idea about the relationship between the human being and the Goddess Natura. A working marriage.

Dominion-Over, or Communion-With?

In addition to being a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, shaman, and professional heretic, I am a lawyer, by training. Law degree, high A in evidence, clerked on the Montana Supreme Court, and licensed (at one time – these have lapsed) to practice law both in Montana and Colorado.

I have created a Shaman’s Law Firm*, in order to provide some details as to how to create, as an aspect of the annual Earth Day Rite, a collective filing of lawsuits, against polluters and their kin, where the named plaintiff is the Planet Herself. “If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.”

The present day crisis, both social and political, is accompanied by “environmental” problems. The idea of Unnatural science, that there is no sentient nature, is a weakness in its overall theoretical stance. Big Bangs and billions of years of random evolution are just Tales as well. Not an ounce of truly empirical thought.

Once the Covid noise clears away, we will have to admit that certain disease vectors are due to the fact that the “environment” is full of poison. Acid rain. Pollution. Side-effects. Excess electronic radiation.

Our technological culture needs to keep Nature out. Got to poison the places where we live and work, to get rid of bugs. And the weeds. And the fresh water, through run off, and on purpose.

The Ideals of the Phoenix of the Future are being generated now in the moment to moment and day to day choices of billions of people, all of whom are stuck with themselves. To the Mystery, the center of meaning is the individual biography.

Remember the Tale of Reincarnation and Karma? Among many other Ways this could be written, there is this: The human being’s biography is a set of personally designed alchemical trials. One consequence of which is that our individual heart’s minds are being forged into the swords of the one who does not bring peace.

We can’t stop what is coming … we can surf it, but certain currents are karma.

We can, however, shape it, through Ideas to describe guide our quest. Words that help us see and know.

The dangers of medical tyranny are real. One of the underlying issues is in the fact that with no understanding of spirit, scientific materialistic medicine (all is matter, there is no spirit) is deeply flawed. This incomplete medicine then does to each, a misdiagnosis, followed by ineffective treatments.

The history – in America – of the takeover of all levels of medicine, by profit oriented companies, aided by politicians, is undeniable. Every sane nation in the world takes care of the health and education of the citizens at no cost. The healthier and more informed the citizen, the stronger the Nation.

The loss of civil rights because of this “medical emergency” is factual. Forcing people to not go to work, to school, or outside, – the cure was worse than the disease. The whole world’s economy is collapsing, because we took a third of the work force, and put them on the sidelines for too. This is not a recipe for health – social or individual – but rather a recipe for disaster, human appetites being what they are.

The American Revolution is not over. We just have have a sound dialogue about the current tyranny of profit, and stop letting them make us blame each other. That’s hard work, although in the coming time of scarcity, where we need to be good neighbors … some to be helpers, and some not, until places change and a helper needs help, and then the other can “pay the favor forward”.

The power of the kindness of strangers …

Medicine Woman [the Mother] Is Here

bearing gifts, the secrets of the species of ideas: Emerald Tablet & Tarot, to be placed in the Third Eye of the Moon Goddess Anthroposophia, as the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians is married to the works of Rudolf Steiner and friends.

Short Circuit by Stephen Clarke

Short Circuit

by Stephen Clarke


     This essay, which treats the themes of evil, grace, and human magic as they find themselves on the loose in Apocalyptic America, is intended for two different audiences, but seeks a response within the heart of each and every reader.
    One group may find within a deepening of their response to the anthroposophical impulse, and also an explicit challenge.   For these, it is intended as a contribution towards the esoteric renewal of the Movement.

    Others, working without reference to Rudolf Steiner or Anthroposophy, may find unexpected encouragement and support for their endeavors, even as they say “So what, of course!” to much of the internal analysis.

    I have been impelled by the principle of “if not now, when; if not here, where?”  At the end of the millennium, I can no longer wait for someone else to do sooner and better the job that I have seen waiting to be done.
This work is an introduction to various topics: the relationship between esoteric work and personal psychology, an expose of the dark alliances between personal and planetary shadow, Holy Advent of bright union of Celestial and Chthonic pathways and beings, and the unique contributions of venerable native American perspectives.   Each of these will have further development elsewhere, but they need their connections made within a certain sympathetic context. This essay attempts to present that web of context.
 For those readers without anthroposophical training, may the inspiration of the spiritual worlds, which certainly meets you directly as much as anyone else, encourage you to consider this cosmopolitan impulse in the spirit in which it is offered.   May this encounter be a first sip at the deep well of spiritual wisdom which continues to inspire and refresh this writer.   A full critical respect for my own European Tradition (which only passes through Anthroposophy) has overflowed into a desire to understand and respect – in depth and detail – the Traditions which live in other parts of the world, particularly in this American part of the world in which I have now resided for most of my life.   Without explicit instruction, the ‘osmosis’ of decades of living in the Southwest of the USA and with the local people here has deeply informed my sensibilities towards what was both initially “other” and also deeply familiar.   I am finding that the rhythm and mood of the earth is now more within than without, and it is with this sense of devotion to “all my relations” that I have attempted to write in a sacred way as one who is American.   There is certainly a common inspiration which lives in the hearts, minds, and wills of many of us, who are the “Children of the Sixties”: Many Languages; One Voice, Many Colors; One Rainbow.

 Insofar as the substantiating Steiner-sourced material on the subject of Sacred Earth may be as unknown to anthroposophists as it may be of interest to those already in intuitive relationship to the Earth Spirit, I have taken every opportunity to present it within these pages.   Abandoned may be the easy lyrical flow so prized in high literature by editors – and readers.  Nonetheless, in the stages of Imagination – Inspiration – Intuition, it is easily forgotten that the first steps are actually Information and Interest (which usually follows, if the Information is good!).
In drawing on my professional experience as an automobile mechanic and shop owner, it is clear to me that it is always a mistake to indulge in opinion without first searching out the relevant information.  It is that information which I have attempted to collate and reference for the interested reader.
I have found that Rudolf Steiner’s spare references to the subject of Sacred Earth have had the most peculiar and provocative effect upon my own Intuitions.   I encourage you, the reader, to ponder them with full attention.  They are “loaded” with significance, and it is with the intention of providing maximum context for my unusual observations that I include as many of them as I do.  These observations will have to stand or fall for the reader on the basis of his or her reflection on their own internal merit – as they have done for myself.
The perspectives offered here are the result of almost thirty years of hermetic study and reflection upon the stream of wisdom offered to us by Rudolf Steiner, and I take full personal responsibility for whatever I have attempted to relate in the pages that follow.   I attempt only to describe my personal perceptions and understandings, not to extrapolate from anyone – including Steiner.   My intense practical involvement with the both theory (I read Heisenberg and Gamow as a child, and studied physics and chemistry in college) and the nuts and bolts of modern scientific technology – in addition to diagnosing fuel injection problems and building race motors, I have done analyses for most of the radioactive heavy metals in a variety of sample mediums for a private lab – has given me a unique insight into the workings of the sub-physical energies and beings which form the background of much of this piece.
It has been an uncanny experience for me to find suggestive confirmation for my intuitions in the esoteric literature invariably only after they have been arrived at in an iconoclastic fashion.   Hopefully, their individual flavor insulates these views from any dogmatic cast.  They are the fruit of a lifetime of existential search and struggle.   I owe allegiance to no person, cult, or system.
Broad – and specific – support for these reflections have been found in the work of diverse representatives of various traditions.  I am glad to refer to them whenever possible, and it is with gladness and respect that I do so, for bridges need to be built against the modern tendency of “divide and conquer.”  It seems that all spiritual streams stand in need of mutual cross-fertilization….
The American muses of Nuestra Senora de Gaudaloupe/Tonantzin and White Buffalo Calf Woman – emissaries from the most sublime depths – have given me continual encouragement in this task, and I thank them for their joy, peace, and generosity.  The Dark Lady herself encourages me to share this with you.  Even if she is choosing to have me play the Fool, it’s fine by me.
May the great beings that watch and pray over all our affairs bend low to bless us with their breath of life!
The genesis for this piece grew out of Catherine MacCoun’s essay Work on What Has Been Spoiled (cited in the text that follows), and there are many links between this piece and hers.  I strongly suggest that you, the reader, consider the views offered here in conjunction with hers.
 With glad thanks also to Elana Freeland, who has helped immeasurably with her professional editorial skills and encouraging examples of reckless abandon.   Fellow travelers are hard to come by in the Wasteland that surrounds the Grail Castle.
Also for Leon Secatero, for whom less is truly more.

Stephen Clarke
Santa Fe, NM
Sept. 29, 1999


Cosmological Origins of Anthroposophical Dysfunction


 A couple of items to get the ball rolling:

Rudolf Steiner’s lecture on Electricity, given in Dornach, Switzerland, on the 28th of January 1923, provides an introduction to several themes that will interweave throughout this article.   It provides twice the grist for my mill, in illustrating not only what Steiner had to say about subnatural realms – concerning which anthroposophy has a unique capability – but in also how he chose to present what he had to say.   As both aspects bear heavily on our accelerating modern confrontations with darkness, I hope that by exploring them we might come to terms with why he emphasized only a portion of that landscape, that portion having become a complete map in the mind of his followers; a full scripture, to the detriment of Steiner’s intent, which was to facilitate effective engagement with the demands of the times.

Concerning Electricity

  “…You see, when we speak of electricity, we enter a sphere that presents a different aspect to the imaginative vision than that of the other spheres of Nature.   So long as man remained within the light, within the world of sound, that is to say, in the spheres of optics and acoustics, it was not necessary to judge morally that which appeared in a stone, a plant, or an animal, either as colours in the sphere of light, or as sound in the world of tones; it was not necessary to judge these things morally, because he still possessed an echo, weak though it was, of the reality of concepts and ideas.   Electricity, however, drove out this echo.   And if today we are, on the one hand, unable to discover a reality in the world of moral impulses, we are, on the other hand, even less able to discover a moral essence in that sphere which is now considered to be the most important constituent on Nature.
“Today, if we were to ascribe a real power to moral impulses, if we were to say that they contain a force enabling them to become sensory reality in the same way in which a plant’s seed becomes sensory reality, we would almost be looked upon as fools.   And if someone were to come along today and ascribe moral impulses to the forces of Nature, he would be looked at as a complete fool…. When we enter the sphere of electricity, we penetrate simultaneously into a moral sphere. Those who can experience the whole extent of electricity, experience at the same time the moral element in Nature.   Modern physicists have conjured and juggled about with electricity in a strange way, without the least suspicion.   They imagine the atom as something electric, and through the general state of consciousness of the present time, they forget that whenever they think of an atom as an electric entity, they must ascribe a moral impulse to this atom, indeed, to every atom.   At the same time, they must raise it to the rank of a moral entity.  But I am not speaking correctly… for, in reality, when we transform an atom into an electron; we do not transform it into a moral, but into an IMMORAL entity.   Electricity contains, to be sure, moral impulses, impulses of Nature, but these impulses are IMMORAL; they are instincts of evil, which must be overcome by the higher world.
“The greatest contrast to electricity is LIGHT.   If we look upon light as electricity we confuse good and evil.   We loose sight of the true conception of evil in the order of Nature, if we do not realize that through the electrification of the atoms we transform them into carriers of evil; we do not only transform them into carriers of death, as explained in my last lecture, but into carriers of evil.   When we think of them as atoms, in general, when we imagine matter in the form of atoms, we transform these atoms into carriers of death; but when we electrify matter, Nature is conceived as something evil.   For electric atoms are little demons of Evil.
 “….The ahrimanic electricity can therefore overwhelm civilized man only so long as he blandly and unconsciously electrifies the atoms and thinks that this is quite harmless.   But in so doing, he does not realize that he is imagining Nature as a complex of little demons of Evil.
“When even the light is conceived of electrically, as has been done in a recent modern theory, then the qualities of Evil are attributed to the divinity of Good.   It is really terrifying to see to what a great extent the modern contemplation of Nature has unawares become a ‘demonology’; a worship of demons.”

 And a second oddity – Sergei Prokoffief, from 1991:

 “In connection with this essential aspect of the earthly mission of Rudolf Steiner, the following observations should also be made.   One of Rudolf Steiner’s most important indications regarding the work of his pupils after his departure from the physical plane was that under no circumstances was his work to be separated from his name, an end to which, however, the efforts of the ahrimanic powers would be particularly devoted.… We can feel today how the activity of the Ahrimanic powers in this direction is increasing.   By the end of the century this tendency will have become even stronger.  Then it will be the essential task of anthroposophists rightly to recognize the activities of the opposing forces in any given circumstances.   Three points in particular will have to be considered:
1. If in a certain place someone speaks of the etheric (that is, the supersensible) coming of Christ which begins in the twentieth century without mentioning the name of Rudolf Steiner as His first herald.
2. If in a certain place someone adduces certain facts from the content of the Fifth Gospel without mentioning the name of Rudolf Steiner as the first to initiate the revelation of its Mysteries in the present time.
3. If in a certain place someone spreads the teaching regarding reincarnation and karma in their Christian form without mentioning the name of Rudolf Steiner as the one who first brought this teaching in its Christian form to western man”

 How are these two statements connected?   What do they reveal about the present predicament and opportunity for the Anthroposophical Movement and its members, which is, in one larger sense, the metamorphosis of the scientific method into a method for creative spiritual encounter?
 While his comments on electricity cannot be faulted on technical or occult grounds, the overall tone is shrill and unsettled, and in the emphasis on the negative aspects entirely neglecting of the “silver lining” (or even better: the “golden core”, as will be seen to be most appropriate).  He entirely neglects the reality of the benevolent chthonic realms which are an absolutely essential foundation to any esoteric discussion of the complex subject of the inner constitution of the planetary organism and our relationship to it.   Perhaps he cannot easily integrate them into his cosmology because he does not also easily acknowledge the full value of their microcosmic counterparts: the infamous “lower chakras.”   Neglect of the latter has social disfunction and erratic forms of authoritarianism as its fallout.   The demeanor embodied in the phenomenon of “followers” merely multiplies the problem.
 In spite of his other fine accomplishments, the quote from Sergei Prokoffief encapsulates perfectly the reactionary mindset of “holding fast” to authority and personality as opposed to “going forward” – which in the context of this essay, means “going down”.  Prokoffief’s partial and aggressively intellectual analysis of the Sophia-being demonstrates the sterile theological counterpart of this symptomatic posture.  A consistent bit of fallout is his embarrassingly nasty and reactive attack on the work and personality of Valentine Tomberg and Robert Powell.   A point-by-point examination of Prokoffief’s Sophiology is outside the scope of this article, but the alternate perspective offered here is a positive response of sorts.
 For Steinerites, this observation by John Barnwell is apt (although, it must be
emphasized, it is taken from a completely different context):

 “A major shortcoming of the Intellectual-Soul is its intolerance of unconformity in the realm of ideas.”

 We should also remember that: “The map is not the territory.”

 Scrupulous as Steiner is, his high regard for objective truth guards him from being wrong on matters of fact, and there is always evidence of his broad experience which leavens and inspires, and demands of him from time to time, especially in his final years, to make significant parting references to the broad hints that he offered earlier on.   This work is an attempt to pick up where he left off.
  The remarks by Rudolf Steiner which are the usual starting point for any in-house discussion of the subject of the “nine subterranean levels of evil” and their macrocosmic context are to be found in a lecture dating from 1906.   The details of that presentation are not necessary for this present treatment, but present many dilemmas for one wishing to investigate further.   Only spare and partial references were made to the subject by him afterwards.  Suffice it to say that his view of the spiritual nature of the earth was not of the “fuzzy bunny” sort; that he saw very profound problems within the history and make-up of the planetary body, ones which I am proposing are closely parallel to the situation of the “Double”, “Shadow”, or “Id” in the human psychology.
 While irrefutable on point of fact – and my personal professional and inner experiences confirm him in all details – Steiner yields to the world-view axiom that places “hell” “below”.   This is a dangerously simplistic paradigm that is totally false in most of its casual, and usual, implications.
 These implications are common, even among the most esoterically educated, and must be decisively refuted if Christ is to work freely in this age.
  “Below” is usually “under the rug”, and it is just there, under the rug, that our consciousness must begin to go.

  To present a contrast in tone to Steiner’s 1923 comments on electricity, presented initially, here are a few quotes from his earlier (pre-WW I) period:

 “No activity serves humanity that does not spring from inner peace.   Every activity that stems from an inwardly dissatisfied soul disturbs the healthy human development wherever it makes its appearance.”  1907.

 “Only when one has overcome oneself – that is, when one has progressed beyond refinement of one’s vibrations – will peace come about.   Then, however, one will not possess more acute vibrations, but rather, simpler ones.”  1906.

 “The Masters are not a rampart against evil, but the leaders in absorbing evil.   We should not cast out evil, but just take it up and use it in the service of the good.   The rage of the lion remains evil only as long as it is used by the lion in an egoistic fashion; if some conqueror could use the rage of the lion to accomplish social service, then it would be beneficial.   Therefore, what is evil can be recognized as un-real.  There is no evil.   Evil is only a misplaced good.   Only when one recognizes this fact is spiritual alchemy possible.”  1906.

 “In the blood that flowed for humankind at Golgotha we have a symbol of “hatelessness,” through which we are able to transform every feeling of hate into love and offer it at the altar of the creative powers.   The magical breath that emanates from brings about the transformation of hate and fear, which are brothers to one another just as Lucifer and the ahrimanic-mephistophelean powers are also brothers to one another.”  1909.

 Noticing the change in tone and attitude between the later and the earlier selections (more contrasting selections will be offered in the course of this essay), it may appear that there was an alteration – or even struggle – in the mind of Rudolf Steiner over the subject of evil or about the limits or the manner of its discussion which was not completely resolved by the time of his untimely death.  This goes beyond the generous interpretation of “multiple perspectives”, which Steiner was an undisputed master at, to the consternation of many sympathetically inclined students.   It raises questions of cosmology as a whole, and one’s basic attitude to the intractable dilemmas of life, whether mundane or esoteric, and the all-important correspondence between them as mediated by the function of the chakras.   This latter element cannot be addressed directly within the scope of this article.   It is accurate to say, however, that in general the physiology of the anthroposophical microcosm does indeed give short shrift to precisely those elements in our psychology – and in our daily lives – where the “rubber meets the road.”

 “In the way of initiation of our fifth epoch [into the experience of evil], however, we become acquainted with the true good in the correspondence of the microcosm to the macrocosm, and evil as the deviation from this correspondence in either direction.   Since the way of initiation appropriate to a particular epoch is always bound up with the powers that epoch must develop in connection with the seven Life-Secrets, Anthroposophy must, therefore, necessarily become the science of correspondence – or even the non-correspondence of microcosm to macrocosm.   The question regarding good and evil, according to that, must be solved today by means of a knowledge of the proper correspondence.”

 It is precisely these correspondences which will be the continuing theme here.

 Two 1997 essays that begin the long overdue work of deconstructing the fabulous ideal that minimizes Rudolf Steiner’s outstanding human accomplishments are: Catherine MacCoun’s remarkable essay Work On What Has Been Spoiled (the selection from S. Prokoffief gains much added significance when considered in conjunction with her lucid and penetrating observations), while the progression of Steiner’s general deportment over time and the revealing nuances of his language have been investigated by Robert Lathe and Nancy Whittaker in their essay:

– Catherine MacCoun: Work On What Has Been Spoiled., 1997.

– Robert Lathe and Nancy Whittaker: Kraft, the Passive Voice and the Three
 Mystery Streams., 1997.

 The work of Robert Powell – groundbreaking spiritual worker on behalf of the Sophianic Impulse – is fully respected, but this writer has taken it upon himself to arrive at his own immediate experience of what is involved, so that he can speak out of his own knowledge and perspective.   In this, he has been able to confirm that Robert Powell’s statements and point of view regarding the Advent of the Divine Feminine within the context of the Etheric Return of Christ at the present time are most accurate and to the point:

 – Robert Powell: Chronicle of the Living Christ.   Anthroposophic Press, 1997.
                          : The Most Holy Trinosophia.  Golden Stone Press, 1990.
       : Sub-Nature and the Second Coming.   Shoreline No. 4, 1991,
and as reprinted and revised in The Christ Mystery,  Rudolf Steiner College Press, 1999.
                              and at
in the latter Powell treats the “nine levels of evil” in a completely different way which takes them from the realm of fear into the realm of understanding and the possibility of creative relationship.

 I hope it will become apparent to the reader that the problems involved in unraveling the knots in the structure of the Society and in the disfunction of its mission are multiple and overlapping, and that Steiner’s precedent-setting style of handling certain difficult human elements in his retinue had deep roots in his implicit cosmology, in both its micro- and macro-cosmic aspects.  Although much of this may have been a “living into” the social milieu of which he was apart, if not part and parcel of his personal psychology, it has become an operating style of the Society which represents the Movement to the world.
 The alternative to the proposition that Steiner was human is that he had no unconscious elements in his personal make-up; that he would stand unchanged, even at the end of Vulcan-evolution, just as he stands now in the minds of many of his “devoted and sincere” followers: as a fully completed human being, capable of no partiality, foibles, flaws, mistakes, or defects, never at risk in making time-constrained decisions with incomplete information, and always in infallible control of the all-too volatile situations which sprung up at every hand.   In short, as one not very human at all – actually an exact Ahrimanic impersonation – one whose only successful functions are that of intimidating the devotee and repelling the savvy.   This implicit assumption has taken an obvious toll on the ability of the Society to act as a representative of contemporary spiritual influence, and this author emphatically rejects that assumption on both theoretical and practical grounds.

 The Master speaks:

 “And paradoxical as it might seem, we can say that to the occult master his teaching is a matter of little consequence; of least consequence is this teaching – which after all is circumscribed by the limits of his talents and temperament….   Therefore, an occult teacher will never impose upon his age any aspect of his knowledge if he knows that it is unsuitable for this age and might be suitable only for another age.”


 “The wise men of the Earth are not yet Bodhisattvas.   Even for such a one there always remains things to which he is still unable to orient himself.”

 The consequences of such unresolved contradictions are uncomfortable for who follow as followers, as we can see in two examples:
  Not so deft as Steiner in attempting an exegesis of strange occult regions is Adolf Arenson in 1914, who, without the benefit of real insight in attempting to elucidate the nature of the subsensible realms by merely parroting the Initiate’s remarks, demonstrates only a Luciferic Theosophical paranoia.   Faring only slightly better in 1982 is Friedrich Glasl, who does recount the received catechism accurately enough, but only in juxtaposing it to the social question, a standoff that only rigidifies the stalemate between theory and reality.  Most Steiner-informed mentions of this subject fall into one or the other category.

 – The Interior of the Earth – as based upon the investigations of
  Rudolf Steiner, Adolf Arenson.  Lecture of 1914. The Rudolf Steiner
  Publishing Co., and Anthroposophic Press, 1944.

 – Social Conflicts and the Influence of Sub-Natural Forces, Friedrich Glasl.
  Anthroposophical Review, Vol. 4, No, 3, 1982.

 Loss of naivete and simplicity of heart has been no salvation for the hyper-educated, for the reactive impulse of the theoretician, when confronted by the reality of the modern Adversary, is to fly up into Luciferic abstraction and denial, which is no longer even a short-term defensive tactic.    Even two thousand years ago, the method of “circling the wagons” practiced by the fully adept Essenes had outlived its usefulness.   Placing the Nine Beatitudes over against the Nine Layers of Subterranean Evil (as Arenson and Glasl do) is all well and good on paper, but all that is as salt tossed over the shoulder unless the deed can be done out of the gut.   Where does the power come from with which fine recommendations can be invested?   How does desire become effective?   What was missing in the prescription?  Steiner himself gives the answer to this, and we will return to his challenge after we have circled through the substance of this investigation, which now plunges into a missing perspective.


 Having sketched a preliminary portrayal of a critical esoteric stumbling block: the widespread reluctance in the Anthroposophical milieu to contemplate with affection, even in the abstract, what lies beneath our very feet (and within the gut), it is then necessary to ask:
 “What of the of pre-technological cultures still remaining throughout the world who revere the Mother as plainly revealed through Her living bounty?   Are they all hopelessly deluded, and hence deserving of their advancing doom, as some would almost have it?  Or are the representatives of spiritual science, though recognizing “in the full light of the consciousness soul” the panoply of forces arrayed against the human spirit, hampered by their vast conceptual knowledge of the might of the Adversary and hypnotized into moral paralysis?   (Here insert Imagination of deer trapped in headlights or bird hypnotized by snake.)  Are they then even worse off than the “ignorant savages” (read here “non-European” or “not like us”) whom they dismiss?”
 I propose that the core inadequacy in the conceptual – and perceptual – system of Anthroposophy (and it is only symptomatic of most “white” religious thinking) is a more-or-less complete lack of inclusion of the more humble elements which have always been essential to earth-based traditional spiritual pathways.   Under various names, such as Earth Mother, Divine Feminine, UnderWorld, Deep Ancestors, Chthonic Mysteries, and the like, our attention is directed in the general direction of God-from-Below.
 In most typical European (not “Western” – which is the Americas – can we please change our language on this???) religious or spiritual formats, “Up” is good, and “Down” is bad.   Heaven is above and hell is below.   What could be simpler than that?


 Time out and cut to some mental weed pulling:

 The mathematician Godel proved that in any logical system (he worked in mathematics, but the example applies universally) there are axioms which cannot be proved, but only assumed.   It is from these axioms that all subsequent corollaries are developed.   (First-generation corollaries are usually termed “laws of nature.”)   Axioms consciously assumed can be altered at whim to create new systems.   For example, in geometry, if one postulates non-flat surfaces, like one does in hyperbolic and spherical geometry, the included angles of a triangle no longer must add up to 180 degrees, as they always do in traditional geometry.    Such an option never would have occurred to a Euclid, who instinctively assumed geometry on a flat plane, and also assumed that that setup would accurately map the real world.   But whose real world?

 There is no ‘real world’ for a logical system; the only standard of a logical system is that of internal consistency.

  Euclid’s first assumption was inescapably arbitrary; the second was flat wrong.   Is our world, as actually experienced, ever perfectly flat?  Actually, it’s usually uneven and lumpy.   But change your operating assumptions, and you change your world. For example, mariners and airline pilots cannot use Euclidean geometry in plotting courses and calculating fuel consumption, for the surface of the earth is quite round over large distances.   Hence the Great Circle routes which appear odd when plotted on flat maps!
 Assumptions consciously made can be a handy tool.   They can simplify and highlight certain chosen aspects of a situation, and being only conjecturally relateable to the real world, they acknowledge the omnipresent entropy; i.e.: friction, between the clean ideal of the intellect and the messy reality of the lived-in world.   On the other hand, unconscious assumptions are always trouble, especially when examination of them is prohibited by taboo, custom, habit, or smug, if only unwitting, ignorance.  In modern psychological parlance, we call this tendency avoidance and denial when it gets out of hand, as it usually does, sooner or later.   Good luck to anyone who wants to play skunk-at-the-garden-party and upset the consensual applecart, especially when, if you’re “wrong” (read original) and offend the wrong people, you might get burnt at the stake.
 Thank God that kind of thing is at least temporarily out of fashion, but a spiritual current can be dead long before it resorts to such extreme measures to keep the faithful in line, and subtle peer-group pressure, charismatic punditry by authorities or celebrities combined with the momentum of an established orthodoxy is a potent combination for the faint at heart or the novice who is working for perhaps the first time at the limits of the known.   That demands are still being made for offenders to “recant” is self-discrediting and should require no rebuttal.   But it does.

 Short version of the above: “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

 What would an example of an original, non-paranoid, anthroposophically based, earth-honoring belief system look like?
 A sample:

Light and Darkness, the Mother and the Abyss

Light is usually taken as the ultimate token of the divine. This section examines what develops if this axiom is challenged.

Regarding our conceptions of the divine, it must be admitted that any reference to that divine at the same time voids itself due to the hopelessly inferior capability of language.  Candor insists that an attempt such as follows can only be an exercise in humility and metaphysical slapstick.   Nonetheless, an examination of the analogies and metaphors used in our descriptions of the divine can yield some interesting insights into the mechanism of our thinking, and can even render our concepts more useful: by making them specific and conditional – not universal – in their application.
Uncovering our hidden assumptions can prevent us from taking them as fixed axioms (that is: dogmas), all the more insidious and tyrannical for being unconscious.
The present upsurge of ‘divine feminine’ consciousness requires a reevaluation of some of our cherished stylizations of the spiritual so that we do not put ‘new wine in old vessels’, or round pegs in square holes. On a deeper level, such an examination can help prevent the encouragement of old and new egregors in the developing body of “get-down” spirituality.

“Let there be light!” – the primal utterance, the purest manifestation. In most common traditions, light signifies our home, our origin, the unsullied positive influence of the Creator extending into his creation.  And why not?  There is nothing to be said against light. The experience of light is, at all times and places, an unqualified positive experience. Isn’t it?
Is it?
In spite of the number of directions in which reflection on this question can stray, one fact is especially obvious upon only a little reflection: Light is inextricably bound up with darkness.
Before “Let there be Light” there was no light. Does this mean that before the appearance of light there was absolutely nothing at all (the null set)? That cannot be, even if subtle and complicated opinions about the nature of time and ‘before’ are ventured, for the Great Mystery (Godhead) itself was then present in its undivided fullness. To conjecture what this might have been like is certainly a trap for the unwary. Even to try and name it is perilous and futile, as the mystics of all ages and places caution.   To veer so closely to our limits here is to have one foot firmly on the banana peel, yet humor me in my musings….
Before there was light, must there then have been only darkness? Not necessarily, for darkness may have come into being at the same time as light.  Likewise, it may also be a mistake to assume that this darkness is the same as the place of origin of the evil that we encounter in the world.  Perhaps it arises from turbulence in the dynamism between the Light and the Dark.  We will return to this theme later. But whether or not Darkness preceded Light at the ‘first moment’ or their initial manifestation was coincident, it is the case that in his history of our local reality, Rudolf Steiner decisively places the warmth-darkness of the Saturn-age before the light-filled era of the Sun-age.  So even if it is then only conditionally true that Light appears out of darkness, perhaps it is more true to say that Light arises out of Darkness, Darkness being a full and entire state of being antecedent to Light.   Consider that Darkness gives birth to Light, is even displaced by it, but is not replaced by it. Does anything superior ever arise out of what is inferior?  Consider all the myriad statements of Steiner regarding the subtle fallacy of materialistic evolution; of the preposterousness of the notion that without a higher organizing principle, lower elements do not self-organize.
These perspectives swing about on different axes depending on whether we view darkness as signifying obstructive ignorance or deep wisdom….   That the same term in English applies to both is a severe semantic problem, one that has conditioned all our perspectives on the matter, from theology to race-relations, and is a disastrous limit in all our translations and understandings from other traditions, especially from ones which do not share this particular liability.
Such ruminations are reinforced by microcosmic experience in meditation: upon closing the eyes, random speckles of light are seen – neuron-noise – but against a dark background.  Deeper, blackness.  Deeper still, swirls of light-fields – within a dark ground. Deeper still, pure profound illumination. Deeper still, the Abyss of the False Darkness; active objective Lie, then the moral light that leads through it. Then: the deep comforting Night, luminous with warmth, lit by alight all its own. Associations now seen to be arbitrary drop away, and the Beings who source Light and Darkness entwine in a sublime drama.  Evil?  No, not here, but yes, back in the intermediate level where other beings who, as we, have rather lost their way, attempt to capitalize on the discontinuities which swirl between ourselves and our Benefactors.  This last theme is also one to which we will return.

In the physical world from where most of our analogies and metaphors are drawn, light is considered as extinguishing, replacing, and vanquishing darkness; the situation there is generally taken for granted as ‘either/or’. It suits our proclivities for struggle and polarity: “The War of Light against Darkness”, and all that.  Apocalyptically, a final Armageddon of some sort is usually proposed, violent in the extreme, with Goodly Light vanquishing the Darkness of Evil and a final Father-god permanently installed upon his throne, the lid firmly screwed down upon the rotting and burning sinners in Hell. (Hell, of course, is always rendered much more imaginatively than is Heaven, torment being more interesting than bliss to the mind still operating according to pre-Threshold habits, e.g.;  “the devil always gets the best lines”!)   The rest of us get to relax for once, which involves either praising God or doing nothing: ultimate cosmic couch-potato-ism!
A small amount of reflection reveals certain inadequacies in the polarity of this paradigm. To select only a small but revealing inconsistency, in a world ruled by this sort of catabolic friction, effort would be required to generate and maintain the light, with darkness returning without effort when the light exhausts itself. The Second Law of Thermodynamics – which rules this realm by the axiomization of entropy – even says: “Don’t bet on light, darkness will win”; one can only stick one’s thumb in the dike and stall for time by robbing other local micro-environments of their energy-caches. This is, in essence, the philosophy of the Don Juan of Carlos Casteneda’s popular “teachings”; a desperate if brave futility.
I think we have here a case of “the materialization of the concept”; of “misplaced concreteness” (a la A. N. Whitehead) which the use of the polarity paradigm fosters, one which may have had its day in the past but which is in our time rapidly becoming threadbare and retrograde. As we try and outgrow our obviously outmoded ways of thinking in the attempt to be equal to the spiritual realities descending and arising all about us, our estimation of the relationship between light and darkness is yielding.

I suggest that: In the spiritual world, Light and Darkness co-exist, not in opposed polarity, but in spiraling and interpenetrating complementarity. In this perspective, Darkness births and carries Light; loves it, fosters it, and gives it all the room to move that a Mother could possible give her child.   Light, in turn, activates the potentials of Darkness’ pure Chaos and elicits various potentials into manifestation.  In the realm of the Divine, there is no struggle, but cooperation and glad surrender.   Some of which we also could see as a prime operating principle in the natural world and in our own bodies, if we but had the idea for it.
Consider: Darkness does not lord it over Light, but submits and surrenders to it – not cowering either, but sacrificing itself to it so that light might have its play. But Light can forget and Darkness will not assert itself, for Darkness must be wooed and welcomed if She is to appear. If denied, it is not Her, but the False Darkness of opacity, objectified ignorance, fear, and outright terror and panic that rises up out of the False Abyss created by Her exile.
Here we have a clue to the identity and origin of at least many of the so-called “UFOs” and their misnamed “aliens” or “ETs.”  Not from a materialized heaven, but from a devolved psychic-spiritual subnatural eighth sphere intermediate in the chthonic realm do they emerge. Their uncanny ability to infiltrate the psyches of normal everyday people is not due to some ancient genetic commonality via ‘ancient astronauts’, but from the overlapping of their metastasizing dysfunctional macrocosmic nature with our individual and out-of-control microcosmic realities of double, shadow, and subconscious – a mutual coincidence of intermediate levels of “lower” consciousness.   Hence the nightmare quality of the encounters and the psychologically gutted Stockholm Syndrome aspect of the abductee-devotee. A full examination of the subject is not possible here.
To place the previous possibly unsettling comments in a broader context: A possible reason for both a healthy caution and a reactive fear towards the Underworld in general on the part of those beginning their inner work and for those initiating full encounters with unresolved opportunities there: they know in their own deep inner psyche that this encounter and the self-examination necessary to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ will invoke soul- and spirit-threatening elements that cannot be turned away from once engaged.   Fear is an appropriate, if only initial reaction to danger!

Once beyond the ‘contemplating the navel’ stage of turning about, real and objective ‘other’ realities and beings are encountered, not all with our best welfare at heart, or with agendas of their own which may be at cross-purposes to ours.  (Speaking of which: what is our agenda?  “Nature abhors a vacuum”).
It is a disconcerting discontinuity in consciousness to take that tumble down the rabbit-hole, as our playmate Alice found out!   It is terrifying to consider that the encounter with Ahriman must be made from the vantage point of one’s own Double!  It is triply terrifying to actually do it.

In a slightly different context, but no less pertinent:

“Furthermore, when through his esoteric development man has gradually succeeded in making his astral body free and independent of the other members of human nature, it is necessary that he should arm and protect himself first of all against the possible influences of other astral bodies.   For when the astral body becomes free, it is no longer protected by the physical and etheric bodies which are a strong citadel for the astral body.   It is free, it becomes permeable and the forces in the other astral bodies could easily work into it.   Astral bodies stronger than itself can gain influence over it, unless it can arm itself with its own forces.   It would be disastrous if someone were to be able to freely dispose of his astral body; and yet, in relation to the condition of his astral body, were to remain as innocent as Parzival was initially.   That will not do…”

For whatever reason, the Celestial (i.e.: “light”) and Chthonic (i.e.: “dark”) poles have separated right smack-dab in the locale of our own world, and, on a smaller scale, within the personal heart of each individual.   This writer finds the Lurianic hypothesis of creation (the act of the self-absenting of God from a portion of his interior being as  constituting the act of ‘creation’, which actually then amounts to a sort of “decreation”) quite relevant philosophically, but that is neither here nor there for the time being. We do mistake the pockets of noise and turbulence (micro-abysses no matter how large) present in the dynamic field of the partial created realities for the Dark Pole itself and fear the former and forget the reality of the latter but project our fear into it (Her!) and misname Shamballa-Eden Hell, and yes, what upsurges from the abysses is terrifying, but that is only the product of an intermediate opacity, not of the true Night.
The true Darkness is the Womb of the World, the one we all desire return to, and righteously and naturally so, for the Womb is a reality past the fractal realities of manifest creation and as holy as the place from which is uttered the Word.  At the same time it is the source of the immediacy of physical reality: “mother love.”  But: it is the spiritually active human being that must be the one to do the reconciling and bridging.
It won’t happen by itself!
This is why “humanity is the religion of the gods”, as the initiate R. Steiner so pithily put it, and why work on oneself is not necessarily the narcissistic bourgeois idling as contended by the so-called practical sorts.
Are we responsible for the breach, through some Fall in the past? Who really knows…? What we should know is that we are responsible to the creation and its distress, for we have gotten far more from it than we could ever hope to give back.   Who else is there?   The beings of the spiritual worlds, supersensible above and below, wait to receive our participation; we seem to hold some sort of key….

To reiterate: the Abyss is not within or identical to the “Heart of Darkness”, but is only where the Darkness and Light have separated.  This is where the deformities breed, and where they are also healed, as the substance of the reality of the intertwined Light and Darkness is carried into that void via the Grail of the individual human heart which has learned that the True Darkness of the Night of the Mother reveals the obverse side of the Father.  This provides a key as how to perform the Manichean deeds of the conversion of evil to good that are so required nowadays, a task which finds its exemplar in the Mexican-American initiate Vitzliputzli, who, as the Paladin of Christ, assisted in the most decisive manner His passage from Father Home to Mother Tomb-Womb.
The “new form of evil” predicted by Steiner to appear at the end of the century has arrived, as mentioned earlier, and it must be mentioned in the same breath that the moral technique required to meet it in full consciousness requires the sort of understanding of both the true role and location of beings and energies known as goddess, Sophianic, or divine-feminine and their relationship to those of the rapidly devolving Luciferic-Ahrimanic subnatural classes. A technical discussion of this, involving a sorting out of the deeper nature of electricity and the species-double, is dealt with elsewhere, as mentioned earlier.
Others attempts at accessing this perception for which this writer has the highest regard are those appearing in the work of Henry Corbin, R. J. Stewart, the under-appreciated Masters of American popular music, as fractally revealed in the currents of Rock & Roll, progressive jazz and deep blues, and the humble devotions of the millions and millions of simple, pious folk throughout the world who pray without theology for a better world and salvation from their woes in a world gone berserk.   For these latter in the Americas, it is the still very mysterious beings who stand behind the figures of La Nuestra Senora de Guadaloupe-Tepayec and White Buffalo Calf Women who listen. All these mighty influences need to be folded into the batter of a modern esotericism.
It is spiritual slander and a mistake of the highest (lowest?) order to impute the fear that rises from the breach/abyss to the Night of the Mother, for it is She – and Her La Family – who are being empowered by the Deed of Christ in and as His “Second Coming.”   For the last two thousand years He has been working within the Earth (even though as a Celestial being his source of being and power is ultimately beyond the earth) on behalf of his Sophianic consort.
How did He come last time? As a servant and helper to humanity, not as ‘The Lord’ to rule and dispense punishment.  Does He ever appear as how He could appear, as how He alone has every right to appear?  Now He comes in even less overt manifestation: within and for the activity of the Mother; bridging that gap referred to, but only in potential, for it is humanity that must bridge it in actuality, first in each heart, and later, as is prayed for, in social culture and natural reality. For this, a different mode of perception, a true ‘turning about’ is required.   Even Anthroposophy itself, the one ‘fixed point’ for its “true believers”, must recognize its complement, appearing in the guise of “other”, for even though it is capable of and has elements in it congenial to and allowing this new form of understanding, it is still bears its traces as an impulse from ‘above’, whereas this new impulse of the true West is from below.  Not contradictory, but complementary.   Initially different, but in union: larger.

And to continue the example of guerilla theology already begun: The Gospel of St. John, in referring to the False Darkness, says: “and the darkness overcame it not.” That is certainly nothing to complain about, but if it was referring to the deeper aspect out of a modern Grail consciousness, it might say: “and the Darkness carried it forth”, or: “and the Darkness received it unto itself.”  I only play with it to elicit a possible encrypted subtext.
Another example: The deep-without bottom verse:

  In purest outpoured Light
  Shimmers the Godhead of the world

  In purest Love for all that lives
  Outpours the god-hood of my soul

  I rest within the Godhead of the world
  There will I find myself
  Within the Godhead of the world.

Transforms into the following under a different Light:

  In deepest abiding Night
  Breathes the Ground of all Worlds

  In deepest enfolding love
  Receives my soul all who seek shelter

  I retire within the Godwomb of the World
  There will I find my family
  Within the wellsprings of the World.

A note on language: The realities denoted by ‘supersensible’ and by ‘subsensible’ are not opposed, nor even complementary in the sense used previously.  Whether or not supersensible perception operates in different ways in apprehending celestial or chthonic realities, those realities are fully real, while the terms subsensible or subnatural denote, broadly, the kind of reality that applies to hallucinations.  These latter terms are very specific in denoting those partial realities arising from the frictional, catabolic, point-centered forces recognized as the only real ones by modern technologically-oriented science, i.e.; electricity, magnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravity.   All these latter share the characteristic that they operate under the rule of entropy, whereas supersensible energies do not.  Real in their own realm underneath matter, they are severely dislocated when appearing in our surface-world dimensions.  Supersensible realities are life-sustaining; subsensible “realities” are life-sucking.   Hence the crucial distinction between “underworld” and “chthonic” on the one hand and “subnatural” on the other: the latter is only a small subset – a rock in the sock – of the former.  This intermediate layer is the one that must be harmonized in order to allow the emergence of the exiled benevolent beings from the true deep.

Behind the shadow of the Shadow is what must be elicited.


Why did Steiner not go this far?  Should he not do everything for us and light and pave the way so that we only need to follow?  Yet we know that Steiner emphasized to an unprecedented degree the fact that modern spiritual work is above all creative work.
 I say that the time for leaders and followers is over.  Peers, friends, compatriots, lovers: the ends do not justify the means: the means create the ends.   Start out where you want to end up, and hold out for what you really want.
 Anybody who did 1% of what Rudolf Steiner did would have a karmic bank account to last just about forever. He did it his way, and did a great job.   No complaints.  Another person would have done it differently; of course.  Our only standard however, should be our own knowledge of what we are capable of ourselves.   That Steiner did what he did as well as he did should be a constant encouragement for others who also feel the call to do something for ensuring the survival of human culture and the planet itself, it should not be an unrepeatable paradigm that amounts to a millstone around the necks of meek supplicants.

 From the same volume of Esoteric School material referred to earlier:

 “The only condition attached to this, to which everyone is obliged individually, is activity of soul and spirit…. Indeed, this is so to such an extent that civilization must cease altogether unless every single person is prepared to bring to it a new impulse through a renewed knowledge of the spirit….
 “…Anthroposophy can be explained out of social necessity as an instrument to produce new spiritual revelations….”

So true!   It must be emphasized that a “new spiritual revelation” is exactly what cannot be obtained by mere extrapolation from the already-known.

 “All the powers in the world, physical as well as spiritual, are present at this stage of evolution for the purpose of enabling humankind, as free, self-conscious, thinking, independent beings, to fulfill their task here on earth.”

 “During the course of our fifth Great – that is, post-Atlantean – Epoch, a very important step will be made for the whole of evolution – specifically, that the leaders of humanity, or Manus, will arise from the ranks of humankind itself.
 “…[they will be those] who were initiated in such a way that they could, as it were, go their own independent way.
 “During this epoch, we will have initiates who are certainly in contact with higher beings, but who have not received their comprehensive instructions worked out in such detail.   The initiates of the fifth Great Epoch will be given more and more freedom as regards the details….   They will receive the impulses in such a way that they will have to work from their own initiative.”

 What could be clearer?   It almost goes without saying that everyone’s work is infinitely incomplete, and that this planet earth is the school of hard knocks, where we all learn by doing, which means, in effect by making mistakes.   With Christ as the new Lord of Karma, that prospect is no longer as dismal as it once was, or as it might still seem to be, for He desires that we be good, whereas it is only Ahriman that insists we be right.

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, an Imagination is worth a million.   But it is a legitimate request to ask how the parallel paradigm presented here can be understood by the rational mind, and how it relates in continuity to the precedent of Rudolf Steiner’s established work in Anthroposophy.  It is always good to ask: “Is there a basis for this in what has gone before?”   The following section will attempt to show that, yes, Steiner did anticipate, in opposition to the tendencies and capabilities of his time, and in apparent opposition to the conventional wisdom of his followers, the unprecedented opportunities of our late-century period.
 How could a person of the first decade of this century (Steiner’s milieu) explain or describe to even the most receptive audience what was to soon transpire?   Steiner had a hard enough time trying to introduce the most abstract aspects of his philosophy into the awareness of his audiences, and in attempting to get some broad practical traction established in the form of the Threefold Social Order, he got just about nowhere.   Individual and small-group initiatives have fared better, with the oases of Waldorf Schooling and biodynamic farms some of the few large-scale successes.

 Out of Rudolf Steiner’s integrity and impulse of mission, which has certainly not run its course, regardless of present bottlenecks, things which could not be developed in his time and place did need to at least be mentioned a time or two, so that the dimwitted who who follow him e.g.; (you and me, most of the time) would have their little trail of bread-crumbs, leading them onward and out through the woods.
It will not be possible to “prove” the truth or value of what is presented here.   Implicit in Godel’s Proof is that only the totally abstract; i.e.: “irrelevant”, in the final analysis, is fully provable.  There is always a big, fat grey area in which theory and reality circle in confusion and bump heads.   Tragedy or farce.  You, the reader, may or may not find my understandings congenial with your own experiences.   Yet internal consistency is a hallmark of truth, and it is that internal consistency which is all that I can show here for my thesis.

We have seen the dire characteristics of the realm of subnature set forth in Steiner’s words and in those of his followers.  The social effects of its continuing eruption into human affairs is also obvious in our post-modern world.   Yet it is Steiner himself who also indicates the way out of the predicament:

 “Rudolf Steiner was good enough to come up to my room, where he spoke to me about the Kingdom in the Interior of the Earth.  We know that at the moment Christ’s blood flowed onto the earth a new Sun-globe was born in the Earth’s interior.   My search had always been to penetrate the depths of the Earth, for I had seen raying up from there an Earth-core of gold, which Ptolomy designated as the “Archetypal Sun.”   I could not do otherwise, again and again, than to bring this golden ground into connection with the land of Shamballa, of which Rudolf Steiner had spoken.  He had recounted how this land had disappeared from sight of human beings and that Christ would open the door to those human beings seeking it, to lead them to the “sunken, fairy-tale land of Shamballa” of which the Hindus dream….  I asked Rudolf Steiner, “Is the interior of the Earth of gold, originating from the empty space within the Sun, actually belonging back there again?”  He replied, “Yes, the interior of the Earth is of gold.”   For the sake of certainty, I asked him further, “Herr doctor, if I stand here upon the ground, then beneath me, deep in the interior of the Earth, is the golden land.   If I were to attain to freedom from sin and were to remain standing in the depths, the demons would not be able to harm me and I would be able to pass through them to the golden land.   Is this so?”  He replied, “If one passes through them together with Christ, then the demons are unable to harm one, but otherwise they would be able to destroy one!”   He added the significant words, “However they are able to become our helper.   Yes, this is so.   The path is right, but it is very difficult!”

Significantly, Johanna von Keyserlingk reports this conversation as taking place in 1924, showing that even at close to the end of his life (he died in early 1925), Steiner was still able to see the “big picture.”


“The silver-sparkling blue below, arising from the depths of the Earth and bound up with human weakness and error, is gathered into a picture of the Earth Mother.   Whether she is called Demeter or Mary, the picture is of the Earth Mother.   So it is that in directing our gaze downwards, we cannot do otherwise than bring together in Imagination all those secrets of the depths which go to make up the material Mother of all existence.   While in all that which is concentrated in the flowing form above, we feel and experience the Spirit Father of everything around us.   And now we behold the outcome of the working together of the Spirit Father with the Earth Mother, bearing so beautifully within itself the harmony of the earthly silver and the gold of the heights.   Between the Father and the Mother we behold the Son.”

Why is this healing and larger picture not incorporated into the negative viewpoint of what is usually said about the interior of the earth?   Is it because the “lower” aspects of earth life in general are not validated or seen as good as the “higher’ ones?   Is the outright if implicit condemnation of all that rises up from below merely a reaction and a rationalization for those who do not want to face their own shadow?   It is simple psychology, but difficult spirituality.
Is this also, perhaps, why Steiner seemed peremptorily dismissive of the newly emerging field of psychology: that it would muddy the clear waters of his cosmic visions with the flotsam and jetsam of messy human nature?   Or perhaps he knew that in spite of the recent horrors of WW I, that the lid had not really yet flown off, and that it would be useless to present, abstractly and perhaps prematurely, another entire dimension of chaos.   It would be one which would soon be all too real.  Or perhaps in exactly as Steiner was the right man for the times in being especially suitable for bringing the new science of the spirit into the cultural age of the time, he also personally participated in the age’s general denial of what lay below the brain pan, insofar as he did not treat it as extensively as he did other subjects.
Yet he knew what lay hidden, and there are the “bread crumbs:”

In the same material from Rudolf Steiner relating to the sub-earthly layers, he says:

“You will see that man is related to all the layers.  For they are continually radiating out their forces….  Human evolution thus implies a transformation of the Earth’s Interior….   In this way man imparts his own being to the earth.”

What he does not enter into is the precise physiological way in which the relationship between man and earth is accomplished, and how the creative human being can live in freedom within these influences.  Is this because it is effected through the “lower” chakras, an aspect of human physicality which would have opened too many cans of worms of different sorts?
Frau Sprengel certainly blundered into “forbidden territory” and probably served as a lightening rod for many of these unresolved issues!

In the very last of the “Michael Letters”: the Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, AKA  “Letters to the Members”; his final proclamations and summings-up to his spiritual family, he makes one of his very few explicitly references to the realm of subnature:

“By far the greater part of that which works in modern civilization through technical science and industry – wherein the life of man is so intensely interwoven – is not Nature at all, but Sub-Nature. [italics his]  It is a world that emancipates itself from Nature – emancipates itself in a downward direction….
“…Thus in the most recent times there has arisen a strong tendency to realize in all things, and even in the life of action, this element into which man must enter for his evolution.   Entering the purely earthly element, he strikes upon the Ahrimanic realm.   With his own being [in the lower chakras?] he must now acquire a right relation to the Ahrimanic….
“There are very few as yet who even feel the greatness of the spiritual tasks approaching man in this direction.   Electricity, for instance, celebrated since its discovery as the very soul of Nature’s existence, must be recognized in its true character – in its peculiar power of leading down from Nature to Sub-Nature.   Only man himself must beware lest he slide downward with it.
“In the age when there was not yet a technical industry independent of true Nature, man found the Spirit within his view of Nature.   But the technical process, emancipating themselves from Nature, caused him to stare more and more fixedly at the mechanical-material, which now became for him the really scientific realm.   In this mechanical-material domain, all the Divine-Spiritual Being connected with the origin of human evolution, is completely absent.   The purely Ahrimanic dominates this sphere.
“In the Science of the Spirit, we now create another sphere in which there is no Ahrimanic element.   It is just by receiving in Knowledge this spirituality to which the Ahrimanic powers have no access, that man is strengthened to confront Ahriman within the world.”

These last words, being the very last words of the very last Michael Letter, one of the very last words given by Rudolf Steiner to posterity – written from his death-bed, must inspire the most profound reflection within the hearts of all anthroposophists.   The tone is far more balanced than in the initial excerpt of comments on electricity which opened this piece.  Yet what to make of the wall of fear, loathing, and outright denial and refusal which has come to surround the subject?   Arenson uses Steiner’s own “introductory” cosmology – obviously incomplete, as we have shown – to justify his apparent abhorrence of the matter.   Anthroposophists following have merely picked up where he left off and stayed right there, stymied.   Yet sincere reflection on Steiner’s last words just quoted: “within the world” leads inexorably to an experience of what lies beyond the core of the earth, and to a realization that the nine subterranean levels of evil are merely what the Adversary has placed; no – usurped – between us and the Mother and her home beneath us.
Considering the preceding perspective, different interpretations of familiar statements become possible: “…through the Mystery of Golgotha, which was placed in the center of the World”: that this might actually mean ‘within the core of the earth’ has probably not occurred to many people, as the usual context given for this remark is a map of Palestine indicating its central position on the surface of the earth with regards Europe, Asia, and Africa.   Likewise for: “…the Christ being, who has been working in the central regions of the earth…he has united with the planet earth.”
To believe that what is described in At the Gates of Spiritual about the nine subterranean levels is the whole truth and nothing but the truth is to subscribe to Ahiman’s lie: that the sum of the facts are the truth.  (Inevitably concurrent with this insistent claim is the dirty little secret that the facts are carefully selected according to a very directed agenda).   Believe or not that ground underneath our feet is evil; it doesn’t matter to Ahriman, either will do just as well, as long as one does not investigate further.   But to fully encounter the existential reality of the evil lodged within the earth, and then go on to refuse the hegemony of that temporary, yet objective illusion, to deny the terror and fear that breed there, to place oneself there as rightful occupant and deny the imperialist tyrant his claim, is at the same time to win through to far deeper dimensions of what is involved in the nature of Earth.
This is addressed directly at another time and place:

“…When you make a machine, you have introduced your spirit into that machine.   The actual machine does, of course, perish and become dust; it will be broken up.   Not a trace of it will survive.   But what it has done does not vanish without a trace, but passes into the very atoms.   Every atom bears a trace of your spirit and will carry this trace with it.   It is not a matter of indifference whether or not an atom has at some time been in a machine, and this change you have wrought in the atom will never again be lost to it.   Moreover, through your having changed the atom, through having united your spirit with the mineral world, a permanent stamp has been made upon the general consciousness.   Just so much will be taken from us into the other world.”
So change your oil and check your filters at regular intervals!

That a conscious world-transforming magical encounter with cosmic evil at the same time involves the encounter with one’s own Shadow/Double, and that this in turn involves coming to terms with the psychological repression so ingrained in the matter of the “lower chakras” is the secret that Steiner’s milieu was not yet ready to deal with.   Thus it is entirely appropriate that Steiner himself, so intimately bound up with the German folk-soul and the Spirit of the Age, participated in that same predicament.
It is now up to us, living in the millennial shift, to experience the truth of the dictum: “First the easy way, then the hard way.”
In much the same way that the Chakravartin Initiate Richard Wagner participated in both the most exalted and the tawdry aspects of his time and place, neither did Rudolf Steiner entirely escape the circumstances of his incarnation.   As no one can, or should.   They are not cause for blame.   The faults, which we share with others out of being located within time and place, are precisely the same things which allow us to come into total immersion in our incarnation and to secure humble and sincere fellowship with each other. Steiner had less of this ballast that most, but he still had some.  Say he didn’t really have any of his own, but only took it on as a sacrifice so that he could talk to us, if you wish to preserve an untarnished halo for “der Doktor.”   That will do for some, I suppose; those who don’t want to consider the implications that maybe our fearless leader even had lower chakras, but don’t burden him with the preposterous imposition of the infinite burden of being perfect, or of having completed all his tasks.


What else do we have to look at, in support of our point of view?

Back to 1906, when Steiner was in his looser frame of mind:

“Thus an understanding of Skythianos will also gradually arise.   It is his task not only to teach the reincarnation of man, but also to instruct humanity in regard to what holds sway from eternity to eternity.

Now, the subject of Skythianos is another one of those peculiar subjects which Steiner brings up to emphasize how significant it is, only to mention it so infrequently and sketchily that if he mentioned it any less, he wouldn’t have mentioned it at all!   There must be something to be teased out from it….   Steiner’s context for the remark is vague, and a couple of other writers have attempted to elicit what was inferred.   Both Sergei Prokoffief and Thomas Meyer place the bon mot of “from eternity to eternity” into the Celestial Cosmology taken from Christian Celestial hierarchies format and the Saturn-to-Vulcan evolutionary time-scheme.   They may be completely “correct”, and both do have much to offer, yet to this writer they take the long way ’round.   For our purposes at hand, and to illustrate the internal consistency of the world-view proposed here, it yields simplicity to consider that what Steiner was trying to get at in “from eternity to eternity” was the infinitely deep realm of the Mother below in creative tension with the immeasurable high realm of the Father above, both obtaining spatially right now.
This, I propose, was the High Magic of Vitzliputzli, representative of the true American Mystery Tradition.

And isn’t it most peculiar, yet most apt, that Dunlop, the “mein bruder” of Rudolf Steiner, an initiate in his own right and brought into relationship with that same Skythianos by Meyer, was one of the main figures purged by the reactionary clique of the Society’s Vorstand in the ‘Great Dornach Massacre” of 1935?   At this time Hitler was consolidating his power within his future Third Reich with his putsches and Stalin in Russia was conducting the purges and forced collectivizations which would result in the death of more of his own people than even the superbly effective German armies in the WW II soon to come.
Perhaps the same eruption of forces “from below” afflicted all the parties involved in much the same way.   Anthroposophy had a trump card to play, but it involved a more direct confrontation than it was able to muster, and it lost its nerve.   Hence it suffered the effects without being able to transform the cause.   With the benefit of hindsight, how could it have been otherwise?
There were warnings:

“Everybody wants to live on the wreckage of the nineteenth century.   The twentieth century demands a quite different attitude, but people do not want to submit to such a requirement….
“If spiritual knowledge does not spread a time will come when black ahrimanic birds, hovering over the heads of people, will form a barricade between human beings and the spiritual world.   These black birds of ill omen want to cut off the Light of the Michael Spirit from mankind.
“Human beings find what rays out from these black birds of ill omen of great benefit, because they think that the earthly world can thereby be improved.   What underlies the hopes generated in this way is demonic in nature and has much to do with the fact that the birds, who ought to live seven miles beneath the earth, are raised above the heads of human beings.   The dangers are very great indeed.   The black birds of ill omen intend to spin a web of materialism around mankind; this is to be followed by the cosmic materialization of actual thoughts and feelings, with the object of binding human existence to this materialization.   In this way the ‘greatest illusion’ ever would take on definite cosmic reality.

Take into account that the speaker of the above pronouncement was disincarnate at the time, and could look at the phenomenon of the “black birds of ill omen” from the other side of the astral inverting mirror of the Threshold, one has a quite accurate description of the phenomenology of the bright, shiny UFOs.   Needless to say, there has been the most ferocious  – and successful – attempt at confusing the real nature of the intent and activities of the malevolent entities involved.   What wellsprings of reaction and obfuscation erupt when even the subject is mentioned!   Nonetheless, the cultural phenomena of The X-Files, mass sightings of unexplained arial whatevers, “missing time” and “recovered memories” of outright abductions, persistent rumors of “reverse engineering” and manifold documented government experiments of various kinds on unwitting civilian populations are too well known to need belaboring here.   Again, it would take us too far afield to attempt to get into all that here, and the subject has a bizarre way of loosing detail the more the focus is increased.   Yet smoke does indicate fire….

The refusal to accept the negativity of the fraudulent subearthly spheres in their full materializing reality – or, more essentially, the beings that live within and behind them – prevents access to the deeper, benevolent layers located still deeper. That these immensely benevolent and divine realms and beings of the Chthonic or Subsensible stand in our Age much closer to us, both spatially and psychologically, than their counterparts in the Celestial, only makes the tragedy of their denial lurch in the direction of the absurd.

Larger issues of all kinds crowd in:

“For this is what Michael’s dominion means.  This is what must be wrestled for within the Anthroposophical Movement.   And then those who are working today for the Anthroposophical Movement will appear on earth at the end of the twentieth century and will be united with those who were the great teachers of Chartres.  For that is the agreement reached in that heavenly conference at the beginning of the thirteenth century, that the Aristotelians and the Platonists are to appear together, working for the ever-growing prosperity of the Anthroposophical Movement in the twentieth century, with Platonists and Aristotelians in unison, Anthroposophy may reach a certain culmination in earthly civilization.   If it is possible to work in this way, in the way predestined by Michael, then Europe and modern civilization will emerge from decline.   But verily in no other way than this!   The leading of civilization out of decline is bound up with an understanding of Michael.”

In this respect the additional material so recently available in English concerning Steiner’s remarks at the time of the Agricultural Course hosted by the von Keyserlingks is most pertinent.  Johanna relates:

“May the words of this address by Rudolf Steiner become active in your hearts:
‘There is something more to it than the mere forging of Michael’s Sword.   It is a fact that in the occult regions of the earth what is prepared by the forging of Michael’s Sword is carried to a subterranean altar in the process – to an Altar which is invisible and which really exists beneath the earth.
‘To become acquainted with nature-forces under the earth, to get to know the divine beings working in nature leads to an understanding of the fact that the Michael Sword, in the process of being forged, is really carried to an Altar under the earth.   The dead take part in this.   It has to be found by sensitive souls….’
“These words were spoken to the young people because it is they who have forces for the future, impulses which penetrate into the soul and at the same time into the interior of the earth….  It is not head forces but heart-forces fructified from the depths which will be able to lead us out of the present crisis.”
“…Holderlin…knows the Christ in the depths.   So he does not rise up to the stars as other dead people do.  No, he prefers to penetrate to the depths to the Sun Being at the center of the earth.
“…Then this land will rise up to us and man will bind himself to a new world day in the light of the sun, when he sets free from their enchantment the spirits of the elements who have darkened his vision and rendered the earth solid and opaque.”
“Steiner…said: ‘Yes, if you want to sink vertically into the depths, you will reach the centre of the earth, and it is of gold.   Faust also stamps with key in hand and sinks into the depths, into the realm of the Mothers.’ “

Here we have links to many venerable Traditions.

The top-down methodology of consciousness as proposed by Steiner is good, as far as it goes, and for all the very good reasons usually put forth.   But it runs out of steam somewhere around the region of the heart.  And it can’t be faked.   People with no spiritual insight but with a normal allotment of commonsense rightfully suspect the disembodied abstractions parroted by esotericists who evidence moronic social skills.
Yes, bring it down from the Above first, but don’t forget to bring it up from below later, or also.   (And it doesn’t need to be the devious “electrical” kundalini, either.   There is more than enough simple love and grace in that vast aquifer below to float the biggest barge of a heart.)   If you like Caballa: As the Kether of the skull opens up into the Great Mystery from which all proceeds, so also does the Black Rose of Malkuth open out into the Abyss of Eternal Night through the Base of Existence at the Root.
Didn’t Novalis – supposedly the oldest and wisest human soul – love the Night?   And didn’t the warm darkness of Saturn precede and lay the foundation for the blaze of Glory which was Sun?  Doesn’t it work the same way in real-time for each of us?

 “…as a consummation of the ages, the sons of men will once again find the daughters of God and will ascend to them.   …when human wisdom has been sacrificed for divine wisdom, for then we shall again find the daughters of the Gods, the divine wisdom.   Then will the sons of men ascend to the daughters of the Gods.  And with this begins the second half of earthly evolution.”
Which involves a developing a good relationship with those naughty lower chakras already mentioned several times.

Still, that archaic word: “ascend…”


In this penultimate section I continue developing my theme and bring together several insightful contemporary viewpoints.
First of all, the mighty Imagination and conclusive presentation by Jesaiah Ben-
Aharon (which can only be briefly mentioned in its salient points):

 “Then the Michael pupils could see how, out of the innermost core of the temple of the Earthly-Human Sun, a being comes forth, no longer an embryo of future human evolution.   Nurtured and matured through human acts of sacrifice, He made His way from the heights of His Revelation downward, crossing the Michael bridge from heaven to Hell.   As His pathway he used the etherized bloodsteams that ascended, spiritualized in the new heart center of humanity, from the evil abyss below.   They could follow Him with their spirit gaze.   He descended ever deeper, until He merged Himself completely with the evil being of humanity in the abyss, blending his downpouring life, soul, and spirit forces with that being.   In their upward striving sacrifice, carrying to Him the etherized pain of the nations of the world, they beheld Him sinking ever deeper into the core of burning human evil, uniting Himself with it and dying livingly into the densest point of its being.   They witnessed thus the second Mystery of Golgotha at the moment of its happening.” (This is within the context of the tribulations of the 1933 – 1945 time period)

 As mighty as the Imagination is, Christ disappears to his gaze at the conclusive moment– as He did universally two thousand years ago.  Is it possible to follow Him in His deed?   Yes.

 Mr. Ben-Aharon is fighting with one hand tied behind his back.  There are other truths that support his vision, a vision that bears the traces of its origin.
 He refers to Shamballa frequently:

 (beginning with a quote from Rudolf Steiner): ” ‘We must learn to understand…that in the future we are not to look on the physical plane for the most important events but outside it, just as we shall have to look for Christ on His return as etheric form in the spiritual world.’  This means that the visibility of Christ is to be experienced in a special supersensible realm, His own world.   In the lectures referred to here, Rudolf Steiner uses the oriental designation ‘Shamballa’ to point to this special realm.   For the initiates, he says, this land was also visible in the time of Kali Yuga: ‘It is the same land to which initiates again and again repair in order to fetch from it the new streams and impulses for all that is to be given to humanity from century to century.’ “

 (Quoting Steiner again): ” ‘Thus humanity is called upon to decide whether or not it shall allow itself to be led into darkness even lower than that of Kali Yuga…or it shall cultivate the new faculties by which it may find the way to the land of Shamballa…that Christ will once more reveal.
 ‘…They must decide either to descend into something that as a cosmic kamaloca lies deeper than Kali Yuga, or to work toward achieving what will enable them to enter the realm that is truly alluded to as Shamballa.’ “

 From his understanding of what is implied by these mentions of Shamballa, he says:

 “The second third of the century did begin with the Revelation of a new supersensible realm in that world that is nearest to our physical world.  The spiritual-scientific observation of this realm discovers that it is the result of almost two thousand years of hidden preparation.   Since the Mystery of Golgotha the Sun power of Christ has been working in the heart of humanity and the Earth….   Its Revelation shows clearly that, helped by the new Michael Impulse, the Christ could now gather its substance together and condense it to such an extent that a wholly Christ-Permeated sphere of human activity and life could for the first time be made a planetary reality of the Earth.   The Revelation shows the founding of Christ’s own new human land and kingdom, the true Shamballa, in which the life-giving source for all positive future earthly evolution is found.
 “…It was possible for Him to establish a new, germinating Earthly-Sun Kingdom in the Earth itself.   His Kingdom, which is not of this world, could strike deep roots in this world.”  (italics in the original)


“The result of what we lost sight of in the sub-earthly depths below comes back to us from above.   It appears in its pictorial reflection as light-radiating spirit holiness from the expanding circumference of the Earthly-Human Sun.   That is, at the unseen moment of the merging of Christ with the primordial evil being of Humanity, the upper kingdom of the Earthly-Human Sun, until now separated from its lower, demonized self, turned inside out and around and embraced its lost half of self.”  (Italics in the original)

There are some peculiar features to this Imagination.   I hasten to add that I concur in it completely – as far as it goes.  It can, however, be taken further.  Perhaps the discussion thus far has heightened sensitivity to several issues:

1.  No attempt is made to include the fact of or the implications of the American Initiate Vitzliputzli, whose active presence in Mexico at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, and continuing on in manifold ways since, is marked by Steiner in one of his most singular indications.  Contemplation and research on the sparse indications given have resulted in the insights set forth in this work, which are complementary – not contradictory – to those of Mr. Ben-Aharon.
American Mystery Traditions are intimately conversant with UnderWorld realities, and intercourse with them forms the major focus of their scriptures and oral traditions, as exemplified in the adventures of the Mayan Hero Twins within the nine realms of Xibalba , and in numerous Hopi legends of the reclusive Spider Woman.

2. The location of Shamballa: Shamballa is not outside or around the earth, as a
mere celestial adjunct – although it participates in the formation and sustenance of the “etheric ring” – but is fully within the Earth.  This writer contends that the Sun-Kingdom of Shamballa is not only the “remembrance” of the “Ancient Sun” period of Earth-evolution, but is the home within the Earth-body of certain Beings creative at that time who have elected to stay with the Earth and unite with it; who have chosen to bind their evolution with that of the Earth.   They are the true origin of “Sacred Earth” sensibilities, and constitute a far more substantial reality than that of the “nine layers of subterranean evil”, which are only as turbulence in the flow. The American Holy Ones N. S. de Guadaloupe and White Buffalo Calf Woman are representative of such beings local to contemporary Sun and Moon realms. Shamballa is not a recent creation of anyone, either, although Christ does “make all things new”, but has a history as long as that of Earth itself.
Mr. Ben-Aharon looks at the events he describes from the Celestial perspective which has become the conventional wisdom of anthroposophy.  Celestial perspective cannot penetrate into the depths to follow a full cycle of events, as he himself acknowledges, but rebounds off the changeover boundary from Celestial to Chthonic consciousness. The ‘downward into the earth’ gesture is emphasized, but the continuation of the archetypal phases of the descent through the earth; the Easter Saturday period of entombment within the earth and the essential participation of the Mother in the alchemy of her Son’s Resurrection is missing.  Didn’t Christ experience the loss of the Father’s presence as He died on the cross and continued on in his passage to reunion with his Mother and reactivation of her reality?  A Chthonic perspective can see what happens with Christ in the Underworld, although it, in itself, cannot know from where Christ comes. The better part of a century later, essential Chthonic realities are still minimalized and marginalized, though it has become increasingly impossible to deny them completely.
 Mr. Ben-Aharon is led inevitably, by the truth and power of his perception, to acknowledge the reality of what is addressed directly in these pages by pointed, if still vague, references to “Earth Mother”, “Mother Earth”, and “Earth Spirit.”   Still, the subjective personhood of the actual spiritual beings who source this reality is not addressed.   The manifested activity of such beings is acknowledged, but while the necessary anthroposophical conclusion about their independent individuality cannot be denied, there is still resistance to embracing them.

3. Christ does not come to earth to “establish His Kingdom” but to serve and set
free the desires of the separated sisters of His family.  Yes, His Kingdom is not of this world, but there is another divine realm – not Kingdom, for that is of “above”, but Family; that is of “below” – which is the realm of the Mother.   It has been lost to us, and barricaded off by the exertions of patriarchal religion and spirituality, but Christ has burst those bonds asunder, and given His Bride the Magic Kiss.   For more on this, the fairy-tale “Snow White” is most succinctly relevant.

 In one of the uncanny circumstances involved in the genesis of this work referred to in the introduction, it was only after developing – in an independent fashion – the preceding Idea of the living reality of Ancient Saturn, Sun, and Moon evolution within the present-day Earth-body, and had gone publicly on record with it, that I received confirmation of my perspective from a friendly correspondent, who sent me the following:

“I should therefore like to try to reproduce the conclusion reached by yet a third student of Spiritual Science, Dr Walter Johannes Stein.
“On 1st February 1947, Dr Stein gave a lecture on ‘Inter-relation of Man and Cosmos’, at which I took some notes and in which he put forward his own suggestion as to the nature of this third force. He began by speaking of modern science and its division of the atmosphere into the strata of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and sulphur, and its division of the sub-earthly into the three strata of silica, magnesium and at the centre the heaviest of all, nickel. The three strata could also be sub-divided into nine.
“Then, turning to Spiritual Science, Dr Stein said that these three layers are the Earth’s past, the relics of its past evolution still buried within it.   At the central core lies Old Saturn, above it the stratum which is the relic of the Old Sun and the outermost layer, coming beneath the mineral earthly surface, is the relic of the Old Moon evolution. He said that these are the ‘Mothers’ of Goethe’s Faust, the cosmic forces of which one is still unknown.  Mephistopheles spoke of the ‘Mothers’ with the greatest awe as goddesses unknown to man and told Faust that he must ‘burrow to the uttermost Profound’ if he would find them in the ‘ever-empty Far’.
“The three Mothers were to antiquity Demeter (Moon evolution), Persephone (Sun evolution), Rhea (Saturn evolution).  From the relic of the Old Moon we have electricity and Dr Steiner once described electricity as ‘the decayed sunlight of the Old Moon evolution’.   From the relic of the Old Sun we have magnetism and from the inner most layer there will arise the third as yet undiscovered force… The undiscovered force is to come from the backward Archai, the Asuras, Saturn spirits in the Earth’s centre.  Their realm is the realm of the negative of the Life Ether, could it then be also a death-dealing force? “

Here we have more concurring, if awkward, indications.   Undeveloped is the distinction between the evolved and the devolved aspects of Earth’s inner being.   The devolved aspects of subnatural forces and the beings associated with them are highlighted, but the still-divine beings that remain loyal to the primal vision of Creation are treated in a confused fashion, even though they are mentioned; Persephone, Demeter, and Rhea were in no wise ever considered as demonic beings, yet here they are associated with the subnatural forces connected with the “nine layers of evil” within the Earth.
(It should also be noted that there seems to be some confusion in the notes of Stein’s lecture, for Demeter, the mother of Persephone, would seem to have her closest association with Sun, whereas her daughter, Persephone, would be Sun’s offspring, namely Moon.  It is also this writer’s perception that Persephone, in accordance with mythology, is able to be “amphibious” in her ability to live in both surface and subterranean realms.   This would place her in the realm closest to the surface, and indeed, this is where she is found, whereas her mother, Demeter, does not seem to travel far from home.)
Dr. Stein seems to be having trouble reconciling his Intuition with his conceptual equipment – as has everyone mentioned so far.  Steiner even has this to say Goethe’s divided relationship to such matters:

“Goethe himself ominously called out in the cautious manner of the aged, ‘Nature!  We are surrounded and embraced by her; unbidden and unwarned, she received us into the circle of her dance.’  Goethe did not want to allow to enter consciousness what appeared as the call for nature among the Rousseauists.   If we try to imagine ourselves as the Goethe of the time, how he felt in relation to nature and how he approached the calls of others, we can still experience today something like a slight shiver running over us.   We can feel the shudder he felt in encountering this call for nature.  This call seemed to Goethe to be something that was itself unnatural, and he wanted to be received into the dancing circle of nature without being bidden; he felt that nature neither bids nor warns.”

In this, Goethe participates in the typically ambivalent attitude of the European towards Nature, one that has resulted in the demands of dominating, taming, and subduing the “wilderness”.

 The incomplete anthroposophical vision short-circuits.

Celestial cosmology and perceptual methodology cannot perceive the personal reality of Chthonic beings.

 This is why so many “Sophianic” philosophies cannot help but consider Sophia as an abstract quality such as “Wisdom”, or as a cosmic ghost of some vague sort.  In the Celestial regions, She is diffuse; “sobornal”, if you will.   At home, She is real.   The most correct intellectual precision will not force the beloved’s favor.

 Well, I’ve either made my case by now, or not.  This could go on for another 15 or 20 pages or so if I let it.  Appendix Two has my follow-up projects detailed, for those who wish to pursue these lines of inquiry.

There are others, who develop significant aspects of the preceding discussion in a most competent way.   R. J. Stewart, Henry Corbin, Valentine Tomberg are paramount.   The former’s work, if referred to in detail here, would take up the bulk of the extra pages forgone. The latter, in his Studies of the Old and New Testaments, has continual and profound observations on the spiritual context of subnature, and should be read in their original context.   For this additional reason, they are not utilized here.
Peter Kingsley has introduced provocative and convincing speculations about the pre-history of the European philosophic tradition which jibes well with the ones within these pages.


And as a final parting thought, countering Mr. Prokoffief’s initial raising of the standard of “the Name of Rudolf Steiner” (recalling the Bible-Thumpers’ battle-cry of “The Name of Jesus!”): putting a reverse spin on the matter would interpret the injunction as a plea for the dissolution of all that was associated with his name upon the dissolution of that name itself; i.e.: upon his death.

“My mission has come to an end.
What I could impart to the maturity in man I have given him.
I go away, for I found no ears which could perceive the spirit word behind the word.
I go away, for I found no eyes which could perceive the spirit-pictures behind the earthly pictures.
I go away, because I found no human beings who could bring my work to fulfilment.
The Mysteries remain veiled until my return.
I shall return and reveal the Mysteries when I have succeeded in building an altar, a place of worship in the spiritual world for the souls of men.   Then I shall return.  I shall then continue to open up the Mysteries.
They are to blame for my death, who have impeded the culture of the heart.
If people had delved deeply with their hearts into the depths, they would have found the strength to fulfil the tasks of the age satisfactorily.”

Hopefully, this essay has raised many more questions than it has answered.

Stephen Clarke
Santa Fe, NM
April 27 – 29, 1999

PS: spell-check gives “chokers” for “chakras.”   “Out of the mouth of babes…”  It also suggests “sunbathers” for “subnature”, indicating the possibilities inherent in accessing the “Midnight Sun.”

Appendix One

The sole formulation by Rudolf Steiner of the “Nine Layers of Evil within the Earth”, from At the Gates of Spiritual Science, GA 95, lecture of Sept. 4, 1906, Stuttgart.   Rudolf Steiner Press, 1986, pp. 138-140:

“The occult science of all epochs says the following about the interior of the earth…
1. The topmost layer, the mineral mass, is related to the interior as an eggshell is to the egg.   This topmost layer is called the Mineral Earth.
2. Under it is a second layer, called the Fluid Earth; it consists of a substance to which there is nothing comparable on Earth.   It is not really like any of the fluids we know, for all these have a mineral quality.   This layer has specific characteristics: its substance begins to display certain spiritual qualities, which consist in the fact that as soon as it is brought into contact with something living, it strives to expel and destroy this life.   The occultist is able to investigate this layer by pure concentration.
3. The “Air Earth”.   This is a substance which annuls feelings: for instance, if it is brought into contact with any pain, the pain is converted into pleasure, and vice versa.   The original form of feeling is, so to speak extinguished, rather as the second layer extinguishes life.
4. The “Water Earth”, or “Form Earth”.   It produces in the material realm the effects that occur spiritually in Devachan.   There, we have the negative pictures of physical things.   In the “Form Earth” a cube of salt, for example, would be destroyed, but its negative would arise.   The form is as it were changed into its opposite; all its qualities would pass out into its surroundings.   The actual space occupied by the object is left empty.
5. The “Fruit Earth.”  This substance is full of exuberant energy.   Every little part of it grows out at once like a sponge; it gets larger and larger and is held in place only by the upper layers.   It is the underlying life which serves the forms of the layers above it.
6. The “Fire Earth.”   It’s substance is essentially feeling and will.  It is sensitive to pain and would cry out if it were trodden on.   It consists, as it were, entirely of passions.
7. The “Earth-mirror” or “Earth-reflector”.   This layer gets its name from the fact that its substance, if one concentrates on it, changes all the characteristics of the earth into their opposites.   If the seer disregards everything lying above it and gazes down directly into this layer, and if then, for example, he places something green before him, the green appears as red; every color appears as its complementary opposite.  A polaric reflection arises, a reversal of the original.   Sorrow would be changed by this substance into joy.
8. The “Divisive” layer.  If with developed power one concentrates on it, something very remarkable appears.   For example, a plant held in the midst of this layer appears to be multiplied, and so with everything else.  But the essential thing is that this layer disrupts the moral qualities also.   Through the power it radiates to the Earth’s surface, it is responsible for the fact that strife and disharmony exist there.   In order to overcome this disruptive force, men must work together in harmony.
That is precisely why this layer was laid down in the Earth – so that men
should be enabled to develop harmony for themselves.   The substance of
everything evil is prepared and organized there.   Quarrelsome people are so constituted that this layer has a particular influence on them.   This has been known to everyone who has written out of a true knowledge of occultism.   Dante in his Divine Comedy calls this layer the Cain-layer.   It was here that the strife between the brothers Cain and Abel had its source.   The substance of this layer is responsible for evil having come into the world.
 9.  The “earth-core.”   This is the substance through whose influence black magic
     arises in the world.   The power of spiritual evil comes from this source.”

 The natural reaction to this is: “Why bother?”  If it weren’t that it was given by “der Doktor”, it would seem to be script notes fragments for a stupid 1950’s Hollywood science-fiction movie.   Pity on the person who stumbles across this passage as his or her first introduction to Steiner’s work!

Appendix Two

Other works-in-progress by the author:

1. Vitzliputzli: A Life for the Americas.   Investigation into the life, method, and legacy of
this mysterious culture-hero.  Meditational, cross-cultural, historical, archeological, scholarly resources investigated.  Original work emphasized.   Near completion
2.   Dark City: Adversaries.    Investigation into the sources of “progress”, as defined by
technocrats, naive New Agers, and subnatural enemies of the human spirit.   Near completion.

3.   A Walk in Sophia’s Backyard.   A casual tour of the Mother’s home territory, with
links to venerable heresies of all sorts.   In progress.

4.   Native Pathways.   Examination of various Native American spiritual sensibilities –
ones idiomatic to this part of the world, and repository of sorely-needed healings.  The dilemma of changing times for Traditional cultures is addressed.   In gestation.

5.   Workings.    Meditational and prayer processes contributing to and developing out of
work into the preceding topics.    Ongoing.

6.   Essays.    Miscellaneous correspondence, book reviews, random thoughts.

Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This

For decades I’ve had the view that there were three “occultisms”, Eugenic, Hygienic, and Mechanical. Now I am not saying this is so, I am just stating my understanding – via Steiner obviously, and would be glad to be informed of mistakes.

The material I remember is from “The Challenges of the Times”, which was a context in which those terms were placed. That context (if memory serves), was the idea that occult brotherhoods were running a millennial long breeding program designed to enhance those (- essentially magical and mystical -) potential gifts latent in those matter-based hereditary biological streams concentrated in those three different areas of the Earth.

Also Steiner: the soul is built out of interactions between the spirit descending into material life, and the surrounding geology (the stuff). Not so much the geology of tiny visible things, but the arena of the ethereal world where incarnation is taking place.

If we borrow from the work of George Adams, we might come to understand that for any given point in space, there is a counter-spacial ethereal form made out of an infinity of planes, all of which share this particular point. The ethereal body of all matter is infinitely greater than the materialized space-bound point.

Yet, as long as we live in Matter, Matter matters.

In the East then, Eugenic occultism involved being able to call out of the spiritual world specific individuals into birth, at specific Times (Tibet). Hygienic, in the Center, then gives special capacities for healing Arts (and its opposite). In the West, Mechanical Occultism, aka: the Strader Machine. A child in a sandbox builds, and destroys, and builds again. To be human is to touch and be touched by the world of experience. It is natural to want to emulate our Creator, and become Makers on our own.

When I ran into works, such as Paul Emberson’s, I wondered if it might be crucial to have been born in the Americas, in order to be able to observe in the own soul such otherwise latent qualities. I was also disturbed by the tendency of those in Europe, working on the Strader machine, to rely on abstract quotes from Steiner, rather then from the Goethean scientists, especially George Adams and Ernst Lehrs.

Several year ago I made a study of Steiner’s use of East and West, on the one hand, and East, Center, and West on another. The difference between East and West seems to me to be on the level of the spirit, and East, Center and, West is about the level of soul differences. , for details.

In what ways are the Americas – the True West at the level of soul life – different from the Center and the East? Consider some phenomena: The Americas really don’t do much in the development of “Western” Civilization, except to be in the way of progress. Those who left Atlantis and went East, founded all those post-Atlantean Epoch civilizations … while at the same time the American “natives” …

“...America is the place at which races or civilizations die.” R.S. The Mission of the Folk Souls, lecture 6.

“The Indians then took over with them to the West all that was great in the Atlantean culture. What was the greatest thing of all to the Indians? It was that he was still able dimly to sense something of the ancient greatness and majesty of a period which existed in the old Atlantean epoch, in which the divisions of the races had hardly begun, in which men could look up to the Sun and perceive the Spirits of Form penetrating through a sea of mist. Through an ocean of mist the Atlantean gazed up at that which to him was not divided into six or seven, but which acted together. This co-operative activity of the seven Spirits of Form was called by the Atlanteans the Great Spirit…He clung firmly to the Great Spirit of the primeval past.” R.S. Lecture 6 above.

In the Hopi Prophecy, the coming True White Brother, aka: the Red Symbol, will/may take command of the four forces of Nature for the benefit of the Sun. They are Sun Clan, they are children of the Sun.

The West side of the Americas has a long mountainous backbone, born in the leaving of the Moon, which left behind the Ring of Fire. This event should also be understood, given the vastness of the non-material realm, as fundamentally not physical.

The first Atomic Bombs went off in and via America. Try to picture now the infinite non-material world, and its many Powers and Principalities, as the recipients of an event that could only be done in the world of matter in the first place. This Event also tore a hole into the non-material world, and from this wound came “living beings”, who were themselves still evolving, and curious to freely interact.

Where does America, the political State, fit within the phenomena of the Americas? [Chile is a very active place for signs in the sky.]

The religions of the Americas are Earth religions, mostly. Father Sky, Mother Earth. The Mother’s wisdoms are Moon wisdoms, and with the pending / already ongoing return of the Spiritual Sphere of the Moon Beings, magic will be remembered, and Steiner was hopeful that by that time people will have achieved the sufficient moral qualities, for which these gifts/curses have been given.

The Mother is of the Wild. We are dangerous to ourselves, and others, if the Tech masters us instead of us Mastering the tech. Yet magic knowledge cannot be avoided, and will be capable of being added to the “tech”.

Talismans are real. Through ritual, objects can be created in the physical world to effect the material matrix of the earthly. Imaginative objects can effect the general ambiance of the astral world, with the right training. The forces of the spirit are the most powerful, for there we decide meaning.

An impatient child says: oh goodie, magic powers fun. A scholar, who values the works of others, will know that the highest magical power is knowledge itself. Knowledge of how to make truly useful machines is also of great value.

There are secrets, hidden in plain sight. Everything is there in our own consciousness. Behind all “matter” are invisible beings, of a variety of natures. The littlest ones, the beings of the four elements, have sacrificed free will, to be of service to laws which underlies material reality.

The science of magic is about learning how to commune-with the invisible world hidden behind the surface of Nature, … Herself … a Way of Speaking, which Goethe called: Learning to Read the Book of Nature.

Millennia ago, human kind took dominion over the kingdoms of nature, and slowly lost over time the capacity to speak with various Beings who organize the Elementals into works of Art. Oddly, it is only through our eyes and hearts that They get to see the materialization of Their remarkable natures.

Steiner’s Third Force is the return of effective ceremonial magic rites through which we learn to be in communion-with, once more, these wondrous Nature spirits.

Use of a Strader “machine” is basically a ceremonial act. The gesture, which Steiner elsewhere sez sets elementals is motion, is repeated with Rite-like reverence. Tesla came to America, to try to build his design for “a self acting engine that extracts power from the ambient medium”.

Keely and Russell shined brightly as well. On the West Coast of America, the US of A, there is produced: The Journal of Borderland Sciences. Remarkable investigations into “matter and energy” (whatever those are).

It is of no little effect that Tesla, Keely, and Russell self-built their “machines”. A love affair if done rightly. Parts personally machined into existence, yet seen inwardly to the mind as something whole. The whole device a talisman for the Idea, itself a “mechanical” gate way to primeval powers such as we encounter in electromagnetism and music.

Again: “Tesla came to America, to try to build his design for “a self acting engine that extracts power from the ambient medium”: aka: a Strader machine.

Borderland Sciences published one of my first articles on “electrical engines”, which was called “there is no free energy”. What happens to our electrified civilization if we continue to “take”, without gratitude?

Any sensible person knows the world is falling apart. This condition of increasing chaos is a situational virtue. Disorder precedes the possibility for fresh order. “Things fall apart. The Centre cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”.

In my biography, my “youth” could be seen as creating a “son of Montana”. Unwritten and yet sensible social rules: Work Hard, Play by the Rules, Mind your own Business, yet be a Good Neighbor.

Such folk are called: the Salt of the Earth. Today, too many outsiders are putting too much pepper into the social mix, trying to ride us like a well broken horse.

As an American citizen, I have/share various common troubles. Some fancy being rich will take care of a lot of woes. Others believe they need to be better “looking”.

Also as an American citizen I am the Sovereign Power. Government is supposed to work for me, not me for it. Alas … there is no fate but what we make. The idea of linear time stops in the IDEA of the Now. The Future?

I am working on an essay on magic and things, lifeless, inert, lacking consciousness ? Things ?

“Mechanical Occultism” could also be called: “Magical Technology – and the Spirits of the Moon”

[Some Notes on Rudolf Steiner’s conception: “Mechanical Occultism”,
and its relationship to The Second Becoming of Christ in the realm of Living Thought, as well as the Remembering of the Holy Mother, aka: the Goddess Natura … all of this in the Light of Franz Bardon’s epic modernization of the magic science/ideas of the ancient Egyptians.]

[this essay was begun after reading Georg Unger’s “On Mechanical Occultism”: ]

[ … a recent article on Are Thoresen’s travels in the Americas … ]



In Star Wars, chapter four, Obi-wan Kenobi suddenly becomes very faint, with a look of horror upon his face: “I feel a great disturbance in the Force.” That is the moment the Death Star is first used to destroy a whole planet, in a single “blast”, from the Death Star’s chief weapon.

Are Thoresen (he had a “vision” during a difficult Covid-trial) is in America, giving lectures, and the Idea of an annual Vidar Rite for August 20th emerges. I have even read that Vidar has replaced Michael as time spirit, or some such looks like Loki inspired “new revelation”.

The Steiner quote on Vidar, offered by Andrew I believe, does not suggest such ideas. Where are they coming from?

My view is who cares? There are all these spirit beings, some of them have more than one name. Big deal. I need to hear some detail as to why this is important to Americans, and those concepts need to be from a source better than a fever dream.

Why? Good question.

There is a tale, about RS, where he was asked why he never came to America, and the alleged reply was: “I’d have to be silent for five years, before I could speak”.

I had an Imagination, almost four decades ago, where I was helped to see that when the European soul comes to America, its astral nature is such that it can’t become grounded – connected as it were. In Geographic Medicine, Steiner points out that the double of Europeans is not as strong as those who incarnate in America, which is why Druid’s and other Celtic priests journeyed to America to study the effects of the double on illness.

One effect, of this inability to become grounded in the geology of the region, leads to folk who are aptly in adoration of all things Steiner, yet who knows – we were encouraged to feel – we would learn more about being an “anthroposophist” from the Europeans, who helped found the A. Society in America. The Imagination showed a leading European teacher, well off the ground, and in a kind of vortex movement, the adoring ones too became disconnected from their roots.

Some years ago I helped put together a conference – in Concord MA – “Conversation in America”. I wrote to Marjorie Spock, who lived in nearby Vermont, and invited her to come and speak. She declined, pointing at the Europeans giving lectures all over the place, about the genius of Herr Dr. Steiner.

She agreed this countless lecturing was not a goodness. [In America the social happens in the circle – sun-sun – each individual voice important, not sun-moon (lecturer and audience)]. She quoted Steiner from the Lectures East and West (or West and East), that Central Europeans have no business doing spiritual teaching for any other folks, given that they lack the ability to enter into the inner life of any other people.

A lot of anthroposophists are encouraged – by example – to be addicted to “authority”. Obviously RS was … well, he just was, and there is no getting around being impressed. I wrote the first sentence of this paragraph in order to point to the social phenomena, where we can observe the generation of cults of personality. Are is magical. JvH is mystical. Prokofieff has many fans, as does Ben-Aharon. Steiner is a Jupiter Sun. Draws the attention of some, such as book readers, and lecture goers, mostly. A world of elite minds in the blossoming of scientific materialism, enchanted by a guy who was the most selfless smartest person in the room.

I met him, when he incarnated for the Culmination. This meeting was on an Internet conversation list, called: the Ark. None of us suspected, and he didn’t know either. Such knowledge would have been impossible to bear. Forgetfulness is truly one of the higher powers.

Harvey had a family. He followed deeply more that one religion. Spoke and wrote in more than one language. A learned man, we might otherwise say. Played classical piano, I believe. I met him three times, when we were both living in Arizona. At that time he had a job teaching English to students of a special high school for the pregnant and delinquent.

He didn’t talk like he wrote, though one time he almost let that out … a gift, and a curse of sorts, … to feel enraptured with the beauty of the world of ideas. I saved a bunch of his emails, and recommend they be read aloud.

Emerson, with his wonderful artistic prose, urges we not put our own heart’s mind, in orbit around that of another.

According to Andrew’s advertisement for the Are talk and stuff: “He has published over 25 papers and 10 books and … “ among other evidence of obvious qualifications. I’ve written over three dozen books, 400 papers, 270 videos, a novel, some short stories and poetry, as well as a film treatment. I have a degree in pre-seminary, as well as a law degree. I’ve been initiated in the Mysteries of the Mother, and met the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold, as well as having had a modern Pentecost experience. I wrote a book called “Sacramental Thinking”, and another called “American Anthroposophy”.

And nobody invites “me” to give workshops and lectures. I don’t blame them, given that on a number of crucial points I have strong disagreements about the real issues as regards technology and the spirit, as well as the nature of the practice of Anthroposophy. My first publication to the Internet, in the late ‘90’s: “Outlaw Anthroposophy”.

[The Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Cycles, and the Problem of Cognition – musings on the epistomological swampland of the Anthroposophical Movement

The Anthroposophical Society: Is it a living social form?]

Some folk claim we do spiritual science, but there is no science if one particular set of ideas controls all the media outlets, … a self-perpetuating “in-group” guides, publishing – now weekly – what is approved. Scientists, as we have just observed, don’t agree with each other, although it is possible dominate the media realm with enough money, and/or editorial power.

Next some stuff you won’t hear from Are … or his fans.

The Americas are not like the rest of the world. We got the Western migrations from Atlantis, asserts RS. He also sez that the soul of the human being, during each new incarnation, involves an interaction between the incarnating spirit, and the local geology. Think of geology in its ethereal sense.

Each point of “space” is a material realm joined to a non-material realm. This next is worth the trouble: a point can be made up of an infinite weaving of planes. This infinite weaving of planes is the ethereal, and is essentially larger than the point manifested in the material. So, when Are touches, what he sees as the elemental kingdom, that which stands hidden in the point of touch is infinite in It’s Nature. She has the whole world in His Hands.

“In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

The Hopi oral history speaks of their migrations ending, at a place that they named: “the place the world was first made solid”. Their prophecies spoke of a coming time, marked by three great world-wide catastrophes, of which modern Hopi believe that the first two crises were the two world wars of the 20th Century.

The third, according to their Lore, will involve the appearance of the Pahana, or the “true” white brother. They had been told to expect a white race that would come and claim the land as their own, and that this might mean the end of their way of life. If, however, if … the Red Symbol takes command of the four forces of nature for the benefit of the Sun.

The Red Symbol is the Rose-Cross, which needs to join with the Sacred Heart, (that is, the Way of Gnosis joins hands with the Way of Faith). This combination will then make possible the remembering of the Mother (the Four Forces of Nature), and the relationship of Her to Him (to the Hopi, Christ was still a Sun-Being).

The above inner act (the remembering of the Goddess Natura) is what it means to be a “true” white brother. This is both easy as pie, and worth attending to on purpose. The tricky part is to realize we have to go down, into the true dark of the own soul.

We all have wounds of soul. We have a world today full of walking wounded. There is a brotherhood and sisterhood of living in the school of hard knocks and shared pain.

Hopi Lore speaks of there being a Red Kachina, and a Blue Kachina. Hot and Cold. Lucifer and Ahriman. Too much anthro-talk seems to put it that we are on the Path, if we can somehow banish L and A. Marriage is the truer Way. Have to own that we are not just of the “good”, but simultaneously of the “bad”.

This Americas’ shamanistic rite of passage involves going to the Underworld. Where Christ went on Saturday of Holy Week. Some Earth Religions (of the Mothers) speak of the Lost Cities, or of Faerie and the Fae.

In Star Wars chapter Five, Luke is being trained by Yoda in swamp filled jungle. He finds himself in a large earthy cavern, with roots and such in the way. He fights what appears to be Darth Vader (Vidar?), and knocks him to the ground. Upon taking Darth’s mask off of his face, it is Luke’s face looking out at him.

In chapter Eight, Rey (the hero is now a young girl), seeks instruction from Luke, who has disappeared. She finds him on an isolated island, and has a dream where she falls into water, climbs out into a cave, and runs into the double mirror out to infinity images of herself.

The Paths in the Americas are not like either systems of initiation, or enlightenment. Shamanism is very much a Moon Wisdom, but all the more important because we humans are both Sun and Moon.

Certain powers of the Beings of the Moon Sphere were so great, They had to build Their own realm, along side ours. Steiner’s return of the Moon is a spiritual event, already ongoing. Steiner, like all of us, didn’t know everything, and when you learn mostly (perhaps too much) Steiner, you’ve harmed yourself, and us as well.

I am more interested in what you think yourself, then in what you read in Steiner.

The Return of the Moon is ongoing in the present. Ancient Rites for evoking the Goddess remembered (Wicca and Class Lessons – Ceremonial Magic Arts and Crafts). Carl Sagan’s “Demon Haunted World”, and we Steiner fans dance all time with the minions of Lucifer and Ahriman.

What does a Coven do? Naked folk getting intoxicated, and dancing in circles by the light of the moon. All in a ceremonial fashion, which most often in ancient times actually resulted in communion-with the realms of the invisibles, especially the limitless wild of the Mothers.

We all need to be known. Expressing our individuality, and accepting the individuality of others gives riches, and That is a given wherever two or more are gathered.

As to the World, … we jumped off that cliff a long time ago. All are now in free-fall. And, if we look around us there are still some forces of life. A baby, a sign of future becoming. Justice slowly grinding towards certainty. What individual changes in soul and spirit come with the Covid-trial?

Eight Billion sparks, dancing to their own music. The Hopi call this time: “The Day of Purification”. John the Baptist said that the One coming after him would baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

Is there cause for Hope? I have it on Good Authority that everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. I personally trust the Divine Mystery, and They seem to trust us.

Some times various fans of Steiner sez, will evoke Michael … as an authority. Unless I misunderstand matters of spiritual hierarchy, the Mother and the Son, who I “work” for, are Michael’s bosses.