The Failed Nature of the Idea of “Mechanical Causality”.

The Failed Nature of the Idea of “Mechanical Causality”.

2001: A Space Odyssey: A Film of Music and Mysticism | 1989

Around the time of the failing Vietnam War, especially among those whose job was to spin the Narrative in a profitable direction, … they often thought that the international dangers (threats to American commercial interests) in Asia could be aptly named “the domino effect”. If Vietnam falls, the dread “communism” would overrun Asia, one domino falling against the next, and on and one and on.

In my view an honest assessment of what actually happened is that Capitalism won. Even dictators and drug lords have to deal with “money”, a main contributor to personal status and power. Money goes through banks. Even if you own the banks, governments and competitors have their fingers in the pie, each one wishing to taste their share.

This is the Capitalism described as follows: “Capitalism is the vain belief that the vilest of men, for the vilest of reasons, might accidentally benefit us all.”

The domino effect is an idea with the quality of “mechanical causality”. Social events running like some kind of program in a machine. In the Covid-Nightmare, we have a similar idea rooted in the illogical function “mechanical causality”. A tiny germ can invade your organism, and you …. opps, may, will, might, certainly, who the F knows, but at the least be scared stupid.

Most people in the world, even with this momentary spike in numbers, will die the usual ways: heart attacks, cancers, bad food, bad water, bad soil, bad air, impassable borders, and inadequate access to Walmart stores, or jobs at Amazon.

The new homeless … socially, in the sense of the insanity of government response, … being frightened to death justified dismantling the economic engine. The bottom turns out not to be the bottom. American cities yet don’t teem with millions living on bad water, and without other creature comforts normal to the middle class, like indoor plumbing, running water, and electricity. At the same time, the “lock-down” displaced workers (and their families), ruined permanently many small businesses, and … the new homeless. The dwellers in Nomadland. The Army of the unemployed.

What then would spiritual causality look like? What would the Covid-Nightmare look like if we could capture the “spirit” of it.

In shaman school the last lesson is the hardest. As much as you might like, you can’t fix the world. Fact is you can barely manage your corner of the collective sandbox. What purpose then the apparent madness?

Make a short mental list of what in your mind might be most missing. For example: truth, beauty, and goodness. Freedom, equality, fraternity. Or, what really are UFO’s and Crop Circles?

Imagine you are the star child, as pictured by Stanley Kubrick in the movie 2001. You are an empty seed, seeing the world from beyond the world. Everywhere life. Everywhere wonder.

Back on earth, in your own little corner, … torment? And joy? People and situations pulling at you. Demanding time. A house to clean. A diaper to change. Drugs to score.

There is grace there, which can be bestowed by you. Not grace in some abstract sense, but a participation in the moment. Can/dare we imagine someone in circumstances harsh, a drug dealer, for example? Still, there is a person there. Born, will die. Raised by wolves? Lost in a jungle full of vipers, and carrion eaters.

Modern scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) assumes that if we master the mechanical intricacies of the gray matter, the secrets of “consciousness” will be revealed. The mechanics of nerves and ganglia, which are biological, somehow secrete thought and perception. Mind, as an independent feature of the human creature, is/was supposedly completely engineered by a random and chance based “evolution”.

A main feature of the Covid-19 contagious plague is social – fear of death is heightened, in the extreme for some. Anyone you meet could infect you with a deadly disease.

News readers give us breathless warnings of the danger. Every day numbers going up up and away. Experts appear from the field of study called: epidemiology, … which is statistical analysis for purposes of predicting the further spread of an “infections” disease. Best guesses basically.

The Media asks the politicians why they haven’t fixed everything yet. Give me a minute to check with my experts, sings the pubic office holder. When the best guessers are asked, they must speak of the potential for this plague to be quite dire. Crucial to appear knowing, and make guesses as if the worst could happen.

Every institution, business, medical, governmental and media wants the same thing: find a way not to be blamed for the aftermath-mess. After all we warned folks, did we not?

The best that can be done, as far as materialistic medicine is concerned, is lock-down, social distancing, and masks. Followed by promises of vaccinations, and herd immunity to save us all from super-spreaders. Unless you are “essential”, which is going to be completely arbitrary, and just more best guesses.

A crucial factoid: I recently saw a major media news reader announce that the world had crossed a horrible threshold in numbers of deaths: three million. My heretic mind, checked some numbers, and found perspective (media never reflects).

In our Now, three million plague deaths out of seven billion population. In the epoch of the “Spanish flu”, there were 50 million deaths out of a population of 1.8 billion.

I suspect that in the future we will know that as this “plague” unfolded, a billion people lost their prior connection to the world-economy. The lock-down locked down the economic engine, of produce, distribute, and consume.

In the first world, folks got a time out … could not go to work. Could not leave the house. Delivery businesses did well. So did electronics, as folks turned to using live “video”, via the Internet, to maintain connections, and – in some cases – continue to work from “home”.

In the third world, a mother might still be walking ten miles everyday, with a tin can full of water balanced on her head, or back, or both.

The plague’s fears forced social changes, which social “new-rules” also resulted in psychological changes. Murders and suicides go up. Teachers point out that the lock-down is harmful to children. Jobs are lost as businesses fail.

Some people, having decades of good reasons, do not trust the government, the Media, and major corporations, all of whom routinely lie. In Media, major media like the evening News, flogs the official Narrative … without questioning any of the claims made by such wonderfully perfect institutions as the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the Food and Drug Administration.

There then arises a kind of “counter-culture”, on social media, that dissects the official Narrative. Meanwhile, the world – socially – invents some new ways to be against itself, be creating such ideas is “anti-vaccers”, for folk who think giving a child 50 to 60 vaccinations shots by the time they are three for four, might not be healthy for the child, however profitable it is for the pharmaceutical Goliaths.

There is no stopping a “plague”, for as much as it affects our biological – life or death issues – the plague’s primary effect is upon our psycho-spiritual existence.

In effect, the whole world of human beings is going through a spiritual Rite, whether we know this consciously or not. The Rite is internal to the individual, and has some rather complex factors if we want to get into details.

We are born, we die. Life passes by one day at a time, a repeating cycle of night and day. Yet, for consciousness, there is only the Now.

No individual biography is like any other. We are generally born into a “family”, a culture, a religion, a language. Many of us will have had mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins … endless blood relatives. Yet, only we have the specific composition of temperaments, karma, – even in the family, we are a “center”, and individual node of consciousness.

All of us are survivors. Just being alive is proof enough of that if we reflect on the places/times/and folk we don’t want to remember, whose influence we yet “survived”. Each individual has their own personal trials to endure. Life in this sense is an alchemical crucible, in which are true nature is being forged. We are clay, sculpting ourselves, one aspect at a time.

To the Mystery, we are Their children. The school of hard knocks and shared pain is individualized as well. She, via Her arts we label “divine providence”, touches us all, while Her Son helps us navigate the arts of karma. This is always true.

We all are the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Liviu Plesoianu wrote a book: “The Real Great Reset”.

Liviu Plesoianu wrote a book: “The Real Great Reset”. “The lighter the human, the heavier the System. The less conscious the humans are, the more tyrannical the System will become.”

He advertised it on the Anthroposophy Facebook page, and alleged a deep understanding of Anthroposophy. I noted his age – 43 or so, and remarked that I had been an anthroposophist” from before he was born. He replied: we are all anthroposophists before we are born.

I immediately bought his book, and loaded it into my Kindle. I am having a difficult time reading it. I went to the end of the book (a virtue of Kindle) and found no bibliography, or index. There is also no contents page.

The text consists of 500 sections of his analysis of what is wrong with the world, and how to fix it. It is very repetitive. Many of the ideas for solutions are quite idealistic, and seem to come down to awakening human beings to their own true nature as human brings. This awakening would require the kind of knowledge of how it is that the “the System” rules us, and that it – the System – is designed to react to keep us in its thrall. We see the System, and that seeing will lead to changes in the System as we awaken.

There are three levels of human beings involved. There is us, and above us the folk we identify as the masters, their being publicly known. The true Masters of the masters are “invisible”, unknown. He does seem to reference – vaguely in what I actually read – the existence of occult spiritual brotherhoods.

If certain assumptions are true, it is a remarkable book, although as a writer I felt it lacked a much needed aesthetic. I saw no evidence he knew much about the anthroposophy I know. The anthroposophy of the threefold social order, of Goethean science, of Waldorf, of Steiner’s science of knowing.

Many of us eventually find out how much our biases and assumptions generate misperceptions and misconceptions. The world of experience is a mirror of what lives inside us. The author sees a System designed to keep us prisoners, and lost to the truth of ourselves. As an idealist, there is a best or better human nature, which does not exist now, and he knows what it is.

In my experience of the science of knowing, this is a type of thinking I call “comparative”, or “discriminatory”: for example, “this is better than that”. This type of thinking tends to follow the arising of antipathetic feelings. Sympathy engenders “associative” thinking. “This is like that.”

The transmission of Anthroposophy, in most circles of Steiner-said fans, is laced with references to “evil”. Seeing evil in the “other” is a failure to practice “judge not”. A common failure. Yet, everyone “sees” Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorath, Azuras, and their human foils, and that they are behind every act witch/which the seer sees as evil.

These are features of reality, waiting for us to learn to love, and redeem the “other” in our own thought, … only then will we will to see.

Whatever aspect of evil – we see in the world – is at the same time: “She has the whole world in His Hands”. In Shaman School (1) the big lesson is to realize that if something “is”, it has been approved by the Mystery. The quality, then to manifest, is to learn to see/read the Signs on the Wall. We are surrounded with teachers, and trials, and lessons and portents.

Everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. For our politician, playing in that cauldron of artifice, I suggest he read a lot of Owen Barfield – and friends (2), and then get back to us.

World events are secondary effects of the need of billions of human beings (and a few truly strange “others”) to have in their individual biography an opportunity to come to the experience of what Steiner called “the consciousness soul” defined in Theosophy this way: By causing the self-existent true and good to come to life in his inner being, the human being raises himself above the mere sentient-soul.

A light is kindled in her, which is imperishable. In so far as the soul lives in this light, she is a participant in the eternal. With the eternal she unites her own existence. What the soul carries within herself of the true and the good is immortal in her. Let us call that which shines forth in the soul as eternal, the consciousness soul.

Keep in mind that during the Age of the Sentient Soul, no one needed to know this “name” in order to experience in their biography the relevant trials and lessons.

The best evidence is found in the Arts, film, tv, rock, reggae, hip hop and the like. In the Arts we find the human heart unbound. Try “One Step Into the Night”. (3)

A little from the Gospels can help as well. “I come not to bring peace but a sword. I am to set son against father … master against slave, etc etc.” John the Baptist said, … the One coming after me … He will Baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

I was taught, in the Dreaming, that the individual human being’s sense of truth, forged in the trials of life, is that sword. Where we are, They are.

Try to hold your breath. You can’t do it. That is Him, the vital power of life, as in “In It (the Word) was the Life and the Life is the Light of the World”

Try to lay down without falling over. That’s Her, … gravity. In my youth I climbed a cottonwood tree, about 25 feet up, egged on by my friends. A limb broke, I fell. On the way down I hit a lower limb of odd design, short thick branch, becoming dozens of individual tiny branches. It broke my fall. I did not have a scratch.

All the ancient Earth Religions see in the Tree the teaching of the Many, the Mother. Some in the light, and some in the dark. As below, so above etc.

I hope, mostly, that the author reads this and understands an elder speaks here. Make what use of these words you can. You don’t know everything, not by a long shot. You want to lead, start by learning something new everyday.

I also urge the author to make here no argument. You are certainly able to do video, should you wish. Back and forth here if you need to defend, just don’t expect me to play in that version of the Internet Sandbox.

Here’s the logic riddle of knowledge, … four questions: Do you know everything? Which as greater, what you know or what you do not know? Is it possible to take from the realm of what you don’t know, and add it to what you do know, improving what you already thought? And, last but essential: Are you willing to learn? (4)

(1) “Familiar Spirits, and the Education of a Shaman”




contents page of “the Way of the Fool”

Table of Contents


Moral Grace

 – the theme (song) of the central mystery of the modern age –

first stanza: Shepherds and Kings – a Temporary parting of Ways –

second stanza: the Evolution of Consciousness – the meaning of the historical differences between the time of the Pharaohs (the time of the Old Testament) and our present Age (the Dawn of the Third Millennium)

third stanza: the Church and the Body of Christ – being a discussion of the future of Christianity as that future development appears out of the Evolution of Consciousness.

fourth stanza: Moral Grace – a first iteration – being an attempt to describe and name something very many people already instinctively know


 – the theme (song) of the real challenge of modern life –

fifth stanza: Three New Ways – being an examination of the profound and surprising interrelationship between the What Would Jesus Do Movement; the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous; and, Rudolf Steiner’s book: The Philosophy of Freedom (also known as, The     Philosophy of Spiritual Activity,)  [which stanza also contains, the Shepherd’s Tale, the King’s Tale and the Healers’ Tale]

sixth stanza: in the Absence of the Good – in the Age of Freedom, and in the confusion of the weaknesses of traditional moral authority, what happens when Moral Grace is not present – the Pharmaceutical Industry as an Example

seventh stanza: the Seventh Day of Creation – the problem of freedom seen in the light  of the nature of evil, and its relationship to the course of individual human lives (the biography) [which stanza also contains the Fool’s Tale (part I)]

eighth stanza: the Gesture of the History of Civilizations as expressed in both Matter and Spirit – from whence comes technology and  where is it going, or, the entanglement of the i-AM in matter, its consequences and its meaning


 – the theme (song) of the deepest hidden potential of the human being –

ninth stanza: the Four Forms of Love – selfless love (Agape); nurturing love (Storge); brother and sisterly love (Phileo); and, erotic and sensual love (Eros).

tenth stanza: the Seventh Day of Creation as an Expression of Love – concerning the role of Divine Love, and human love, in the creation of new social forms, or what we usually call the Fall of one Civilization followed by the  Birth of a new one [also contains the Fool’s Tale (part II)]

eleventh stanza: entering the Narrow Gate – love as an act of inner husbandry, through the stewardship and discipline of the life of the mind

twelfth stanza: love and the gift of the word – a demonstration – being a deeper consideration of the relationship between our inner activity, and our outer acts in speech [also contains the Fool’s Tale (part III)]


 (some matters requiring a bit of detail,

but which really didn’t belong in the main text)

1) Prayer and Meditationcertain nuances connected to providing the i-AM some rest and time of reflection.

2) Sacrifice of Thoughtscleaning out the garden of the mind before growing new insights, and other unusual properties of our soul-spirit nexus.

3) Some further thoughts about finding a healthy relationship to the fourth form of love, UnFallen Eros.

4) A few words for those whose faith is in natural science, and/or might consider themselves to be secular humanists.

5) In praise of the virtues of ordinary mind.

6) Confessions.

7) In Joyous Celebration of the Soul Art and Music of Discipleshipsome more recent thoughts on the relationship between Shepherds (exoteric Christianity, or Faith) and Kings (esoteric Christianity, or Gnosis).

EpilogueConcerning the immediate future

End Story: Bicycles: a Children’s Christmas Story for Adults

With Fear Comes Hopelessness, with hopelessness comes Apathy, and following apathy … Despair of the Spirit.

With Fear Comes Hopelessness, with hopelessness comes Apathy, and following apathy … Despair of the Spirit.

The war over the Meaning of the Clovid-19 Event is the war over the future of humanity.

Recently I have had occasion to point toward the many falsehoods in the major Narrative, which has been presented to us by those who feed on our suffering.

The outrageously rich, and their legions of maniacal sidekicks the multinational corporations, aided and abetted in a heartless fashion by armies of well paid lawyers, lying public relations hacks, and dangerously experimental biologists, … these rich have raised the stakes, what with knowingly promoting false promises as regards the health of the ordinary people of the world.

The words: “Crimes Against Humanity” hardly begin to cover the suffering imposed in the name of profits, status, and wealth.

In the darkest parts of the Underworld, something waits for those who choose to be “inhumane”. The afterlife is real, and in certain circumstances exactly and scientifically as advertised. Hell, Purgatory, … eternal flames of punishment for our “sins”.

The process is simple, for Christ went there on a Saturday, to that world of the Dead. Why? Because, as captured in the Pieta, She catches us, calms our fears, yet reminds us of our life. Not in a judgmental way at all. A mirror of truth of who we were, in that latest life.

Initiation, sainthood, genius, satori, mastery, martyrdom, … as we face the mirror, we are not alone, just as we are not alone in life. Still, our choices, and we will have to judge ourselves in the End.

“There is no fate, but what we make”, sez Sarah Conner in the Terminator movies.

Among Rudolf Steiner folk, whether members or just friends of the Anthroposophical Society, is there something that could be done to serve the next phase of humanity’s development?

Seers see patterns, as much as static spiritual factoids. In my seeing, I notice a possibility, made all the more crucial because of how hard it will be. Most of us know this, either instinctively, or through experience. Doing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful is never easy. We have to step outside our own habits and patterns, and face the future on its terms, not on the basis of how we wish it would be.

This possibility I see is that there can be a reunification of exoteric and esoteric Christianity. Yet, the hard actions mean that the esoteric folk must wash the feet of the exoteric folk. Dornach is not that far from Rome, and it is all downhill.

Obviously there will those who are afraid of such work. Rome and Dornach are both locked in institutional prisons. The laity, of both kinds of spiritual practice (Faith and Gnosis) [1], can choose to meet anyway, not really needing any authority than their own conscience.

Tomberg built a bridge, with his writings that followed his joining the Catholic Church, at Rudolf Steiner’s request. I’ve been building a few others [2], since Christ asked me to join the Church, when I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta, in 1986.

Around 2011 I wrote this: “Saving the Catholic (universal&christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy” [3]

Through Steiner’s science of knowing (GA-2 and GA-4), was then birthed Goethean Science, which establishes scientifically the nature of the relationship between spirit and matter. These are modern gifts of the Magi, and belong to the religious all the world over.

Imagine the tools in those works, and in Waldorf, and Bio-dynamics and their kin, in the on the ground hands of “Catholics” all over the world who are trying to deal with the ongoing collapse of civilization.

Rudolf Steiner did not lead us to these gifts, for us to keep to ourselves. We are gates, each one on the threshold of the experience of the ethereal Christ, living in our own heart’s mind.

Steiner is the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ, … the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism. Who are we who would follow him?

The idea of the Second Coming is to many an expectation of a physical embodiment. Showing this is not the case is possible, but not without social resistance, requiring Michaelic courage and community building skills.

My guess is that the hardest act will be to stand with those who know the truths about the Plague, and its aftermath, which all are now experiencing. Not to say Dornach should take an “official position”, but rather that each individual is needed to carry some of the weight of helping create a human and humane spiritual vision for present day humanity.

When Christ, in the John Gospel, is quoted as saying: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, this is a literal statement. Where there is Truth, there the Divine manifests Itself.

This is not political matter, although politicians will have their pocket-hooks all over it. Rather, it is a human matter. It is about the dreams of children, and the nature of the social world that is to be born from these days of more and more social chaos.

What say the Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas: “We must base our actions on the consequences which will come unto the seventh generation from our time.”

Trust the Mystery, as regards the Big Picture. She&He are everywhere/when. Still, they leave us free within the reach of our own will, clearly trusting us.

Yet, is this to be hard? The reality is that we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We are also not alone – the Mystery is All. What is asked of us? Simple: Be yourself. Invent yourself. Be magic dancing with poetry, once again as little children.

“When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead
And the browns, reds and golds of autumn lie in the gutter dead
Remember then the summer birds with wings of fire flaming
Come to witness springs new hope, born of leaves decaying
And as new life will come from death

Love will come at leisure
Love of love, love of life and giving without measure
Gives in return a wondrous yearn for promise almost seen
Live hand in hand and together we’ll stand
On the threshold of a dream” [Moody Blues ]

[1] In 2004, I was 63, and started a fast to lose weight. I also started having visions about ten days in, and the fast lasted for 45 days. I took notes. Then , in the following year I wrote this: “the Way of the Fool – the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”

[2] In 2008, Epiphany actually, I was initiated into the Mysteries of the Mother. I was 67. Over the Christmas season of 2009-10, I was visited by the Lesser and Greater Guardians. I was 69. In the next few years I wrote a great deal, one of the more important works being: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”. In that book, which is essentially a spiritual social science text, I took the “religious” question, reformatted it as a theory, and then set it before the reader’s judgment on whether or not that theory more accurately explained real human life, than did the basic theories of scientific materialism, such as big bang cosmology, and Darwinian evolution.

[3] This work was written in the next couple of years. The day I finished it, and posted it to my website, I was walking down my driveway to mail a Netflix DVD. The driveway at that end is feasted with trees and such, and as I walked toward them, from both sides squirrels erupted, dancing and cavorting, chirping and jumping over and around each other. A river, sixty or more, stopped me in my tracks. Lasted about two minutes. I had the idea that maybe what I had written pleased Her.

From the book: “The Contagion Myth”

From the book: “The Contagion Myth”


preface xi

introduction xv

Part 1: Exposing the Germ Theory

Chapter 1: Contagion: The ping-pong ball, and the wall; Koch’s postulates; River’s postulates; Louis Pasteur and how he cheated. p-1

Chapter 2: Electricity and Disease: Early electrical experiments; global electrification and influenza; world-wide radio and the Spanish flu; the Spanish flu was not contagious; cell phones and increased death; 5G implementation and the spread of Covid-19; symptoms of electrical sensitivity; evidence of harm from millimeter wave technology. p-9

Chapter 3: Pandemics: Comets and the Black Death; insect poisons and environmental toxins; Dr. Charles Campbell solves the riddle of smallpox; bats against mosquitoes; Robert Koch on TB and how he cheated; Dr. Weston Price’s observations on TB; polio and DDT; vaccine-induced paralysis; Native American diseases; Stefan Lanka and the measles virus. p-21

Chapter 4: From AIDS to Covid: From the War on Cancer to the war on AIDS; AZT for AIDS patients; outbreak of Covid in Wuhan; Chinese research does not find a virus. p-45

Chapter 5: Testing Scam: The Alice in Wonderland world of coronavirus testing; the story of Stephan Lanka; the failed hunt for the coronavirus; the PCR test versus the gold standard: antibody testing. p-55

Chapter 6: Exosomes: Louis Pasteur and the contagion theory; social Darwinism; microscopes and germs; exosomes are viruses; fear and stress produce exosomes; nature a cooperative venture. p-67

Chapter 7: Resonance: Virology and the fork in the road; the nature of life; the discovery of resonance; resonance and childhood diseases; resonance and evolution. p-73

Part 2: What causes disease?

Chapter 8: Water: The work of Gerald Pollack and Gilbert Ling; the four phases of water; water and electrical processes in the cell; the characteristics of life-giving water. p-81

Chapter 9: Food: Vegetable oils; animal fats and cell membrane integrity; 5G and niacin depletion; the displacing of foods of modern commerce; plant-based diets; raw milk; bone brother, fermented foods; salt; the microwave oven. p-89

Chapter 10: Toxins: Toxins in the ancient world; modern toxins; toxins in food; modern drugs; glyphosate and biofuels; aluminum age; toxins in vaccines. p-99

Chapter 11: Mind, Body, and the Role of Fear: The most widespread and pervasive toxin of the modern age; creating our world out of our consciousness; how fear and lies lead to illness. p-107

Part 3: Choices

Chapter 12: Questioning Covid: The numbers—Is Covid underestimated or overestimated?; alarming symptoms; treatment; masks; social distancing; 5G and the appearance of contagion. p-113

Chapter 13: A Vaccine for Covid-19: Jenner and the smallpox vaccine; Pasteur and the rabies vaccine; the doctrine of immunity; making modern vaccines; problems with the vaccine; a new etiquette: cleaning up electro-smog. p-125

Chapter 14: 5G and the Future of Humanity: What is man?; 5G and the future of the Earth. p-137

Epilogue p-141

Appendix A: Water p-145

Appendix B: Bio-geometry and EMF mitigation p-149

Appendix C: What to eat? p-153

Addendum p-158

Endnotes p-163

Acknowledgments p-182

Other Books by Authors p-183

Index p-184 to 194

Psychedelics and Anthroposophy

Psychedelics and Anthroposophy

getting “stoned”, as a form of meditative investigation of consciousness

a wise man once indicated that the “cure” for too much of the ahrimanic, was a healthy dose of the luciferic …

to my experience taking an edible potion of Sativa THC is a reasonable step, especially if the pharmacy can give exact dosages … should we wish to use this medicine with any regularity

the importance of these forms of consciousness-altering medicines is more and more being recognized, as an antidote to trauma … especially of the soul/spiritual life.

Covid-madness … this too shall pass away, leading to celebration, moments of intoxication, carnival and whimsy -… – much needed … dance like no one is watching, while wearing funny clothes, and a mask for just your eyes …

Folks in pursuit of purity have a problem. There is no perfection. Even the gods are insane … after all, we are Their children. All of us are dark and light, and the real alchemical marriage is of the appetites and the self consciousness.

To make ganja intoxication a sacrament has given us some of the greatest musical art of the 20th Century …

… a musical conversation began in the 1950’s in America, when the unfolding fusion of African heart-music, mostly blues, was joined to American white people’s “tin pan alley” romantic love songs. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll, … a storm of musical energy that sang its way around the world, to come back as the musical fusion form, known to aficionados as: World Beat.

Among those treasures was the Reggae, out of Jamaican hill country, where a community of free Africans found a counter-beat to R’nR. First noticed in England, as Ska, the near violent exaggerated movements induced by Rock, slows down, the rage and sorrow are mellowed, with the help of the sacrament with Goddess Ganja.

This churning of the world’s musical conversations touches all cultures, and the variety of unique rejoinders is remarkable. When those waves lapped upon the shores of the inner cites of America, music was reduced to rhyme and beat, aka: Hip Hop.

Don’t need an agent, and an army of roadies, just some friends, an upturned five gallon plastic can, and a stick or two.

“Western” civilization dies. The arts of the elites, opera, symphonies, and objects valued in the millions for no reason other than pride of ownership – it’s mine, and what else is money for.

While down on the street corner a revolution brews.

Mystical trance states can be induced via natural and synthetic material agents. To my experience of the Sativa THC, one effect possible is sitting very still,… be as a stone. An edible takes about an hour to manifest, and the effect varies. The moments of coming on, allow for some inner examinations.

Who am I? What am I? If we let our attention focus on the “feeling”, we begin to notice what Franz Bardon called “the four pole magnet”, or the union of fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and earth/consciousness.

Some will say this is an addiction, meaning something harmful. The only persons that really know are the true friends of the addicted. Because we ostracize folk for having habits we believe are wrong, we erroneously think their context is irrelevant.

A first rule of society needs to be that each individual is entitled to self-determine their own substances – (sugar, salt, caffeine, … many ways of effecting mood and mind) – to achieve the required psychological balance. Only they know their own consciousness. At the same time, consequences follow, as ice becomes water and then gas. So, … if you can’t keep your hungers private, then don’t be surprised by the feedback.

THC gets metabolized in the lungs (quick, witched-up and then down), or the gut (slow, mellow come-on and fade away). As an edible, it magnifies the fire aspect of the nerve sensations. Not just our outer senses, but all the inner senses of which Rudolf Steiner spoke. [perception of the immaterial spiritual world: hearing, speech, thought, ego]

This transmutation of the fire/will aspect uses water/feeling aspects to balance the change. We end up thirsty, although mistake the thirst for hunger, aka: the munchies. The sensations inside the mouth are stronger, which then makes binge eating possible, but avoidable, by drinking a lot of water, which itself is generally helpful in any event.

When “stoned” we can become immobile. Yet not sleepy. The high, or heightened sensations are a field of experience, … a microcosm resonating exactly with the macrocosm. The body rests, the inner-immaterial life enters the dreaming, and we then surrender.

Let yourself be breathed … that’s Him. Let yourself feel weight, that’s Her. Think, as in generate meaning from the field of experience, which includes that wandering of the attention and the intention (the will in thinking) that helps us listen to our answering our own questions.

There are Eight Gates to the land of Faerie, and the Fae, which come in pairs: living/dying; waking/sleeping; sanity/madness; and, remembering/forgetting.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You”, He said in Luke.

That we have an interior self-conscious sentient awareness happens because of the primal song, “iwegodlovechaos”. (i) one letter fire; (we) two letters air; (god) three letters water; (love) four letters consciousness; and (chaos) five letters akasha, or causal realm.

“I” is everything, of everything, in everything, before and after everything. Unity.

“We” is the Many. When we look at clouds, and forests, and even floods, there is intelligence therein, looking back at us.

“God” is a word, a hint at mystery, a caught moment of loss and love for which the poet vainly reaches …

“Love” I exist, among all the other IWe’s, balanced by the transcendent whimsy of “God”, … in the face of the fact of my own self-becoming, how is existence not love?

“Chaos” plague anyone? She is Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death. He is the breath of life, the lightness to Her gravitas.

Welcome to the “iwegodlovechaos”, and this shaman prescribes indica cannabis, described in “Essentials of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by Henry Morris M.D. published in 1910, noting this medicine as a “hypnotic”, and reports that “No fatal case from its use is recorded”. A few of its virtues: helpful in mania, migraine, rheumatism, gout, tetanus, chorea, hysteria, dysentery, and sexual impotence.

It is manufactured by the doctor, as two kinds of extractions (evaporated solutions of plants), and one formula for a tincture (diluted alcohol, used as a solvent). It is alleged George Washington drank some in his tea, during the madness of the Constitutional Convention, using a formula provided by St. Germain, then known to the Freemasons as; “the professor”.

His farming records apparently do record that he saved the seeds of the right version of cannibus, that could be used for getting high. The other version (hemp) is not an intoxicant, and is very useful in many ways, from rope to clothes to building materials.

The tale is told that William Hearst set about using his newspapers to make cannibis (both kinds) illegal, because hemp – which can’t get you intoxicated – competed with newsprint made from all the redwood forests Hearst owned.

Anthroposophy and Politricks

Anthroposophy and Politricks

Can anything be thought, and said – about public life, that is well rooted in the truths of Spiritual Science? I am a writer, who thinks about the social/political in a Goethean fashion, with a bit of fairy dust as to the history of romance, and the ways of the heart.

Socrates, Bruno, Steiner, lived. They understood that the fires of division touched everyone, unless we want to live as nuns and monks. RS discouraged the members and friends from themselves forming a political party. To link Anthroposophy, to this underworld of knowledge, wealth, and power, is to lose sight of the goal, which is described in the first sentence of the First Leading Thought (more or less). “Anthroposophy is a path of cognition from the spiritual in the human being, to the Spiritual in the Universe.”

Yet, we cannot hide, either. No so much our association, but something harder, more authentic, a setting aside of the habitual mask. The madness brings fires to the temple to the memory of existence in Dornach, then poisons the lead magus, … and Europe burns with authoritarian rule, which lets loose the dogs of war.

A couple of days ago, wearing the mantel of President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, an allegedly Washington Liberal Insider – standing in the face of the madness of plague – asserts it is our patriotic duty to get vaccinated.

For those concerned with bringing in a name or two, I recall that Steiner his-self had a few choice words to say about Woodrow Wilson, and his “ideas”.

This is just one aspect, … if we take a look at the symbolism and words of the flags of the different States. Live Free or Die. Don’t Tread on Me. Governors and Mayors are making local decisions, and defying the power of the State to force that level of compliance.

Meanwhile, Europe advises there will be no movements there by folks from America if they are unvaccinated. Yet, defiance everywhere on their local level. People are out in the streets, marching, shouting slogans. Some justly worry that these social restraints may become a permanent new world order. The truth is that the moves of such as Putin, while unnerving, are mostly cosmetic.

It is a remnant of Steiner’s third post-Atlanean Epoch, such as the most wise and ancient Egypt, that top-down hierarchical organizations arose. Something / being / idea / want-need at the top, and social order follows.

Sort of …

Sometimes disorder is the point of a Now. The plandemic-Pandemonium is chaos, where some of those surfing the coming tsunami of future history, believe they are the cause of the wave, and not its playmate.

The Pope continues to Pope. Dictators continue to dictate. Liars continue to lie. Drug Lords are nearly just as smart as the Lords of Finance. Mothers and fathers of children flee – hearing the siren song of the American Dream.

Anthroposophists do what?

Be human, or at least try.

… next, a bit of RS, and the mysterious nature of things and stuff, aka: matter.

There is the riddle of words he used when referring to various tiny tiny things, for which natural science had generated these terms: molecule, atom, germ, and virus. Yet, to my reading, he makes a distinction between the idea of the thing, and the actual thing itself. Etheric formative forces he taught, pointing a finger at the idea that there is being/consciousness/spirit everywhere.

Magicians and mystics know well, the existence of the “little people”. Many people experience the dead, either relatives, or lost souls haunting. Yet, at the same time we – in materialistic science – deny the existence of the Father and the

Son, aka: the anti-Christ spirit (see Letters of John, I and II) lives in materialism.

The ideas of molecules, atoms, germs, and viruses, are the names of the first stage of debris that arises when un-natural science dissects what is living in nature, in a laboratory, only finding smaller and smaller parts, until the whole style of thought imagines the stuff-ness disappearing into a ghostly imagined world of untended and random “quantum” choices.

Theoretical physics walked all over the Elemental Kingdoms, believing more in parts, than in patterns. The grains swoon, and dance: look, the Fae sing, everywhere beauty and mystery.

The true harm of this time concerns the ideas about health and illness, where a very much not living thing is urged as a solution to physical and mental pain. Put this dead synthetic bit of stuff in a liquid in a needle, and get it inside the protection of the skin, while at the same time dressing this “medicine” up in the garments of scientific truth. You want to know about the million monkeys typing 24/7? Enormous wealth is at stake in the casinos of research laboratories, that often have little respect for the true miracle of conscious life.

In describing the threefold social organism, Steiner wrote of three spheres, and that each sphere was enlivened by a certain human quality: liberty (cultural sphere), equality (political-legal sphere), fraternity (economic sphere).

Is it possible here – on Facebook – to discuss the middle sphere in a sane and non-partisan way? More than possible, … perhaps even likely necessary.

“Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order”

Seeing by Moonlight

Seeing by Moonlight

Andrew Linnell, a true expert in Steiner’s far reaching ideas regarding the future, often writes of the return of the Moon (idea) as a few thousand years out, from our Now.

I want to offer evidence, some secondary, some direct experiences, that this Return of the Moon is happening now – during the unfolding metamorphosis of “Western” civilization … where our current massive social chaos shows no suggestion that rapid change is ending. In reality, these events, when viewed as the Arts and Crafts of the Mother (Divine Providence) and the Son (the Artist of Karma), … these views suggest remarkable opportunities rush towards us, via the tsunami of future history.

Climate change is a materialistic abstraction. People are traveling together on a special road, fully spiritual in our own individualized trials of conscience and consciousness. Each biography existentially embraces the personal transformation of the stuff of human and spirit and soul. We can, to a degree and in the non-physical, … we can on purpose change our individual self.

However, the Architect of time in space … rests. His labors done. We are now on our own paths. Still, life and death exist, the blessed death of sleep, and the blessed birth of forgetting. There are “laws” of “nature”.

Each “law” of “nature” is a reflection of something in us. RS recommended taking a look at the riddle of how it is that the outside teaches me about my inside, and paradoxically – the reverse.

Humans are evolving rapidly, which is why the misread phenomena of the “population explosion” speaks otherwise. With spiritual, social / astral / desire / body / and other sensual fields to cultivate, in the avatar body of inheritance, … the i-AM’s opportunity to work in physical matter, seems destined to pass away as RS saw. Nobody – excarnate – who can drop in for this Event, is going to miss the party.

As the Mystery of Technology tribe observes, for all our advances-technological, it is obvious that the “machine” is essentially anti-human (spirit and soul), a vehicle of death, not life. Perhaps. Ancient wisdoms suggest that the physical aspects, and the various energy movements, require the presence of the consciousness of the elemental kingdom. Magic happens when an individual has communion-with experiences of the invisible to the senses smallest folk, ill described by such ideas as molecule, atom, higgs-boson, germ, virus, and so forth.

Many people talk to physical objects, begging foreignness for having dropped and broken a “glass”, or slammed a door too hard. The “noise” of breakage is not liked, and the wisdom of the ear sees, what the wisdom of the eyes does not.

Central Europe has birthed profound genius in the last couple of hundred years. Issac Newton, Issac Asimov, … Nino Baldachi. Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Valentin Tomberg, and Franz Bardon.

Two sciences … one of matter, and one of spirit. Practice spirit recollection sez R.S. He goes on: Our time – the Fifth Epoch – is qualitatively related to the Third post-atlantean Epoch.

Those mysterious centuries, in which the knowledge of ancient Egypt flowered, knew magic, knew fundamental laws of reality, connected consciously with the Beings of a Cosmic Order, – that modern humanity does not see rightly. A deception, an enchantment, the God of Number runs amok in the minds of savants for a time. In the realm of unintended consequences, in the sense of linear causality, atom bombs – too much Artificial Sun near the life sphere of the Earth – tore a whole between the material and non-material realm – each the inside =outside of the other.

Beings of unimaginable natures were sucked through these holes in the whole. They had never lived in “matter” before. Having scientific curiosity, and a Way of Knowledge that transcended space and time, sages of the Fae, some of the brightest and yet most dangerous folk in Faerie, enter these rifts in our time in space.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? The first Noble Truth of Gautama Buddhas is: “Life is suffering”. I was raised on the idea of the school of hard knocks, and it took me a while to begin to appreciate the blessed wonder of “shared pain”. HDT’s bit about most men live lives of quiet reparations, also takes a bow.

We are in a Second Spiritual Social Movement, the equal of the “60’s”. Tidal psychological waves are at work. Fear of Death, weighing on too many hearts. Loved ones ill and dying. Anger smoldering for the seas of injustices.

The Seas are Rising. Take Joy, and dance among the waves and shards of light. Look at where the waters kiss the horizon of clouds. Art appears in the near infinite distance … sunset, sunrise, moon set, mood rise, for we observers are the eyes of the mystery, and the poets of magic and dance.

Yes, the Moon is there. The Earth is there. Knowledge of practical magic is everywhere. The Mysteries of the Mother return in the form of memory, the oldest tales and fears shape the imaginations of the Artists in film and television, whose palate is the world.

I watch movies and tv for a hobby, and as a window onto what I call “the collective imagination”.

These arts mostly require a large community to generate, and certainly a great deal of money. The social world I was born into had “movie stars”. I only knew I liked the stories, the actors, and as I began to know better what was behind the camera, I learned about writing and directing movie and television films. Even wrote a script. (1)

Fate is a wonder, for my first born worked within George Lucas’s companies, for about twenty years. If I recall in my mind, changes over time of what those arts portrayed, there is a story – a great deal of which the young have no memories, only artifacts and tales.

Around 1955, I was fifteen at the time, on the horizon of culture there appeared remarkable personalities, not so much a leader, as a forerunner … these were: Hugh Hefner – the king of porn, with his playboy mansion of liberty; Elvis Presley’s Graceland dreams – the king of rock; and, Dr. Martin Luther King’s “marches”.

One of the first spiritual social papers I wrote, was called: “Listening to the World Song”, and discussed these three individuals has having changed our public imagination of human sexuality, the sensuality of dance, and the passion to put your body in the dangerous gears of social injustice.

Front runners of waves of change that circled the world. Then/now there is Our Trial Of Plague. Human freedom, the Beast from the Abyss of the Unformed and Uncreated. Individualized. What Arts weave that?

We have history books of stories, and we now can see daily on the television, or in other visual media, the face of plague. Plague also is always personal. I cannot go out without a mask, although my view is that a masque will be more healing. I wish for fashion to steal the thunder, with varieties of masks, even when a mask – like today – was manifested, are we all soon to be foreseeably masked, The Handmaids Tale, and 1984?

What must our grandchildren think, wrapped in invisible cloaks of fear of Other?

My president said a few days ago that getting a vaccination was a patriotic duty. That is fascism, plain and simple. Every poor soul, whatever color, who died in the wars over such once upon a time gardens as Vietnam and Thailand, just turned over in their graves.

“I died for this crap!?!”

We, who are not ill, should be grateful. I think that those who think I should think like they think, have another think coming.

The dominant religion of this time in space is scientific materialism, aka: there is only matter, there is no spirit. It’s big ideas, such as big bang cosmology, and Neo-Darwinian evolution, remain mostly theories. Only around 5% of modern big theoretical thought is empirical.

We actually don’t see the past at all, but only debris. The rest we make up, in a fashion that denies the views of the Ancients of their being Gods and Goddesses behind Moons and Thunder.

The Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation wonder why the – they have to be there geniuses among the stars – have not make contact? Are we worthy yet?

In order to set the human being free of the Divine Mystery, there needed to be a wrinkle in time, where the obvious spirit within Nature was forgotten. An age of the male-gods of the ego and the forge. Dominion-over, not communion-with.

Meanwhile, on the macro scale materialism assumes that the three dimensional conditions we experience on earth will be true way out there and then, a sphere of mysterious riddles, where stars have planets, and gravity nodes, although … wait … Gravity does not explain stellar motion. About 90% of the needed mass is missing.

On a micro scale materialism spends billions of dollars on the idea that there actually are fundamental things/fields-of-force, quantum ghost lands, of a very tiny nature and the emergence of sentient human consciousness is an accident.

Every major idea out of Cern, and theoretical experimental physics, isn’t being proved whatever high-energy stages Cern’s acolytes raise/raze the state of “matter” and stuff. Might work better were Cern to gather shamans and poets, from all over the world, to discuss the whole of reality, not just the numbers of the parts.

Related ideas/theories abound in modern materialistic medical sciences. It asks for Faith, yet seems helpless and worn down – our institutions are not up to our needs. This massive intellectual, commercial, organized for profit, health-adventure hasn’t worked, or we would not be – at the beginning of the 21st Century – in such a crisis.

Over time, the film arts have made near-real the previously unimaginable. From dinosaurs to warp speed. Of late there were an increase of particular aspects of visual media as regards the dark. Dark are the Gates to Faerie. Dark and dangerous. In Star Wars V, Luke is underground, seemingly fighting Lord Vadar, who when the mask comes off Luke is looking at his own face. Or Star Wars VIII, where Rey falls underground, she ends up looking at an endless reflection of her self. In the 60’s The Prisoner, when #6 finally gets face to face with #1, he meets himself.

In the TV show “Stranger Things”, dark beings amidst roots and tunnels, attacking humans, because mad scientists experimented on children trying to force open psychic gates into the unknown.

In the film “Arrival” clouds materialize into beings of gravity and light, hovering. To get into their “ship” requires a very dislocating momentary experience of what is up and down. Here, the militarism of the world near went to war over who would control one or more of the obviously dangerous spectres.

The physicist thinks the prime language is numbers. The linguist avoids assumptions as much as is possible. “Words” inscribed appear as living inks, circular and fractal. They manifest, they fade away.

Over in … fields of grain, the Fae dance, and leave circles and geometric patterns each unique. Sitting on my deck, I see a row of tiny circular clouds, wispy with wind filled tails, … is it language? Am I paying attention?

In the movie “Annihilation”, the military, following a strange explosion, finds a barrier, of sorts, called the “shimmering”, challenging them from going to where the “event” happened. The military send in squads of men, which do not return.

Then the wife of one of the missing men is visited by a materialized phantom of her missing husband, yet his personality is absent. She, along with some women solders, and a female scientist, armed and prepared, move through the shimmering, and soon loose contact with this side.

A land a bit like ours is visited, yet everywhere the growth is outrageous. A living chaos experimenting with form, and ultimately mirroring back to the visitors something of the own fears and needs. Visually stunning.

On Amazon it is possible to get fully tricked out in the latest publications and gear of practical wicca, magic, and such. Having some extra money, which my government wishes me to circulate, I play with strange objects, an ambiance art, to let them lurk in odd places, within my study.

A small crystal skull, dark caramel and black. A small “eye”, one of the seven infinity stones, worn by Dr. Stephen Strange in the Marvel worlds. Has a name, and rules time. A statute of a Hindu Goddess. A Ouija board. A nice wall hanging/tapestry of the Tree of Life. A pendulum, and a circular cloth base, filled with letters, numbers, and signs for planets and the zodiac – a map for pendulum work. Two three inch tall plastic skeletons, with flexible joints.

Rich with unexpected cash, I also purchased an out or print book for just under $150. “The Plant Between Sun & Earth – and the Science of Physical and Ethereal Spaces”, by George Adams and Olive Whicher [SHAMBHALA, Boulder, 1982]

The magic and mysticism of the word, mathematically speaking

The magic and mysticism of the word, mathematically speaking

En-soph, the Zero. In Franz Bardon’s remarkable “The True Key to the Quabbalah”, he remarks on the Zero, as follows: “, but this is incomprehensible, unimaginable for man and only serves as a hint that apart from the One nothing else and nothing higher can exist that would be comprehensible to a man’s spirit.”

Memory’s idea of a warning, from the sage, Georg Kuhlewind: “ … it is dangerous to meditate on numbers, because of all ideas they have the most power.”

I also liked, and profited from, his indication to meditate on the nature of the parts of speech. To think and inwardly feel the different textures in words, which many have given such names as: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, and articles and friends.

From me: study projective geometry. Shape and form liberated from numbers.

Both small books below are out of print, which is a sign that Ahriman abhors them, … by George Adams, … >-{a fellow who often listened to RS lecture in German, while in England, and after about twenty minutes, tells the words used in English. They were a pair.}-< … “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”; and, “Space in the Light of Creation”, whose three chapters are: “Radiation of Space”; “Music of Number”; and The Burden of Earth and the Sacrifice of Warmth” an essay in mathematical physics, published in the magical year (for RS), 1933.

Why are they not discussed where RS students gather? I’d guess because the current “leadership” never read them. This is neither bad or good, just “situational”, as the wise coach Bill B., thought.

En-soph: Zero; and One = 1 = unity, both causal and relational. “I am multitudes”. sang Walt Whitman. And here we are in this age of number, having a love affair with a device that bleeds ones and zeros into form in space and time. Let us transport/teleport in the twelve year old Jesus Child – that lives in all of us, and give them a smart phone. This happened. The Mystery participated. Even in the chapter: Covid-Nightmare on Wall Street dust ups insanity.

Touch. Carnal and otherwise. From the upper chakras we have rhythmic massage and Eurythmy. The more base movements, as arts and crafts, … for the connoisseur a DVD called Rumble, about the Native American influence on Rock ‘n Roll.

For any blooming Franz Bardon fans (obviously he would love): Goethean Science, a twist of after burner for me, juiced up as I was on magic and wizardry over 40 years ago.

Still, magic and mysticism thrive in the Moon light, and I mean this, with full appreciation of their gifts, that Are Thorson, and Judith von Halle are as much Moon as Sun. Want to shake things up in Dornach, send those two, and Ben-Aharon, on a mission from god, like in the first Blues Brothers film.

My vision for the film has Are driving a gypsy caravan, gaily decorated, pulled by beautiful horses, and children chasing each other, with dogs underfoot. JvH, sitting besides, a garland in her hair, reaching for an umbrella as rain blesses this passage. In the back behind the two of them, JBA, a forger of souls into … what? A blacksmith of sorts, sent by the mystery to help folk hone sharp their sword, an ethereal form only word-able in this: “I come not to bring peace but a sword”.

An obvious secret to go with the spiritual fact that human freedom is the Beast from the Abyss … the Mother wastes nothing. She loves Chaos, and certainly the concrete wonder on a hill, ought to throw a party, in the moon light, intoxicated, let your hair down … in wine, the truth … invite a gypsy or two …

For those with an affection for interesting books … “Practical Astrology”, alleged by: Saint Germain. I was in a huge second hand book store, across the Bay from San Francisco, and nested in the neighborhood of the nexus of Berkeley, North Oakland, and Emeryville.

I was deeply into Bardon, and looking for an astrology text. He suggested much could be gained in that realm, and that any real scholar of magic would have copy in their library. We had not yet met, this book and I. Nonetheless, there I stood, staring at a wall of shelves of used books on astrology. A familiar spirit directed my attention to a tiny cloth-bound, a bit orange-bronze, book. I looked through it, and bought it.

It has been a friend for years, and has proved through practice that it is the genuine star wisdom of the ancient Egyptians … text in which astrology, and numerology, and tarot, are woven into a single whole. As should be true, if we sense the poetry and romance the Mystery weaves, the book is plain, straight forward, each section being required to be mastered … a worthy science at every turn.

The best use of it is to truly appreciate the way those elder priests related to their world, through principles of observation, principles of enumeration, and principles of visual symbolism.

The Art of the Major Arcana is extraordinary in this book, … there is nothing like it anywhere else. A mystery the reader of this will have to solve on their own, is:

Where does this book place the Arcana we know of as the Fool, and which Tomberg called: Amor (or Love). At the end of 22 major arcana of this book? Near the beginning? By itself, with no number yet for the symbol Zero. What does the image look like? For a hint, the name of this chapter is called: the Crocodile.

W’Rites of Spring

W’Rites of Spring

Years ago I tried to write some erotica. It was chapter-esque, seven tales, seven dates, … verbal porn on later reflection (1). I did not doubt that there were/are-will remain – magical&erotic written works, … I had no gift there, …

Still, in my life sex (the erotic&sensual) has often been on my mind. I was fortunate in meeting a Mohawk shamaness, who called me an anglo, and told me that my people don’t know anything about sex. Not a thing. You’ve covered your natural appetite with the religious idea of right and wrong. Throw off the chains, look within, seek the secrets of the appetites. The Mystery has not done any action that is not love, …

The Amish (according to social legend) have a name for when they send their youth out into the world of appetite, for its lessons.

The term “lower ego” wanders bye. Appetites vs. Conscience? Yet, we are not meant to avoid rites of passage. If you believe there is something wrong with the world’s youth being in rebellion, you have completely forgotten your own onset of hormones.

Diagrammatically, … ~~~~>>>>> magic goes with the symbol of the Cross, of four-foldeness, … with a vertical gesture, joined to a horizontal level. On the upper vertical gesture is selfless human love (Agape), and on the lower vertical gesture is erotic&sensual love (Eros).

The horizontal gesture is likewise paired, yet is balanced – it can be on either side: there is Phileo, which is brotherly/sisterly love, and Sorge, or nurturing love.

If we add to the Cross, the Circle, we get an image reflective of wholeness. Not parts in opposition, but a workable synthesis.

Intoxicants help the “socially induced restraints” on appetites gain their needed freedom. Celebration and Carnival, dancing around the May Pole, naked if you are pagan/Wicca/goddess-seeker. Night of a Full Moon helps, because of the forces connected to the daring required.

The trees, outside my fortress of solitude, are in bud. A wide variety of color explodes from Her Juices in the Spring, and we should let ourselves feel that within as well.

We get all lost in the dominant News Narrative of “what it all means”, which hysteria finds a leading news reader opinion all wide eyed and amazed that the “numbers” of deaths from the pandemic had reached there terrible level of three million dead. One minute on a search wizard, the blue-light magic mirror fetches this factoid of forgotten significance: The “Spanish” flu pandemic killed fifty million. The scale gets even bigger, if we realize that what with the population explosion we use to just be, around that time, one point eight billion, yet are now pushing 7 billion.

Using calc: 1.8 billion divided by 50 million is 3.6%. 7 billion divided by 3 million is 2.3 %. I could be wrong. If someone want to check this, go for it.

Are draconian remedies necessary? Our youth say, screw it. Other’s, still giving room for soul-youthfulness, have even more choice words.

The real war is between the rich and the poor. A pandemic is distracting from real economic news, … just how big a hit did the Chinese economy take when a huge percent of their customers lost jobs and homes, perhaps to some degree permanently?

That the world at a state of war is not news, just “ssdd” (same shit different day).

Tough Love from the Goddess, and Her crew. Fear of death is coupled to fear of never having lived at all. Appetites suppressed explode.

In the world of modern spiritual understanding, there is some disagreement as to how to deal with these “hungers”. “Lower ego” works as a first level conceptual filter.

If we meditate on the system of energy centers – the chakras – there appear to be three above the heart, and three below the heart. Deeper reflection might see that both the upper and lower poles have their own inner threefoldness. In between Crown and Throat, there is the Third Eye. And, in between Solar Plexas and Base of spine, there an explosive generative power.

All of these arrangements relate, for example: the imagination of the Third Eye, is linked to the generative principle. Without the generative principle active, no babies get born. Seed and egg separated, a joining making a new avatar body for another individualizing actor on the stage.

To keep the avatar body alive we need food. And the need for participation in the generative rites, coupled with the what for food, the fashioning of action takes hold of five limbs, many folk not noticing the “jaw” bone as a limb.

We digest the Earth-Home, as a gift of Life. Although we no longer celebrate the Rites of Spring properly.

Years ago I wrote: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount” (2). It was a kind of essay on the appetites, and the three creature which seem to surround the i-AM, that I call the three-fold double-complex: such as the luciferic aspect, which stands between our i-AM and the world of spirit, aka: the tempter.

Between the i-AM and the sense world is an ahrimanic spirit, a world of lies about matter, including our own nature, aka: the prosecutor. A veil, an enchantment, a deception. Then there are our favorite collection of bad habits, self-inflicted wounds of soul I call them.

Their true nature to be discovered by awake inner exploration, being as we are individualized, and the Ways we are different far outweigh the ways we are the same.

Each of us our own riddle, maze, and labyrinth.

Then there is the Great Marriage. Appetites and conscience become lovers. Not easy to express, … I wrote a tale of how such a balance of upper and lower emerges in each biography is unique Ways. “Dragon Riders: the human being in maturity”.

My hands itch for the sensuality of digging in the earth. Does the earth yearn as well?