ender's game

THOUGHTS WHILE WATCHING “ENDER’S GAME” (a meditation on war, enemies, and love)

Ender sez, as he considers the arts of war, and how to beat an enemy: “I think it is impossible to truly understand someone, and not love them the way they love themselves, but in that moment … you beat them.”

Is “anthroposophy” at war with materialism?

Why is Michael illustrated standing on the neck of the dragon, with a spear poised to impale it?

Steiner’s statue has Christ in the in-between a pair of extremes, … doing what?

Is the devil inside all of us, or just the world outside, such as another person?

Why do human beings hate? Fear?

Do we follow Steiner the way we would follow a military commander?

Christ?Our conscience? Is our conscience our commander? Is it “independent”?

Are we independent of Christ, Michael, Ahriman, Lucifer, the Holy Mother?

Are we at war with the darkness?

Do we understand what we like to call evil?

I had a vision from the Mother once, … It was at the End of more than we can imagine, and Ahriman lay at Her feet weeping, asking for forgiveness for all the awful consequences his nature had rained upon us.

Do we love materialism? Ahriman? Lucifer? The Dragon?

How can we understand what we do not love?

Bean to Ender ,,, remember, the enemies gate is down. Ender to his team, keep falling, let gravity do the work The way we win matters.

yule tide yearnings

In my spiritual research, into the social-spiritual history of human Earth existence, I discovered a harsh but recurring pattern. Often we do not have something, and then feel the suffering of absence. We yearn for what is missing, and this yearning is the very power by which social-spiritual life changes and evolves over time.

For some folk this sense of loss is more acute. We call them “artists”. Art requires something of the heart, and these feelings need to find expression, but are destined to not achieve completion. In fact, it is the living history of Art that reveals the most about humanity’s inner nature and life.

Over time Art grows and becomes, reflecting in each Age the yearnings that many feel but cannot express. We need the artist to expose their deeps, whether of joy or of despair, and which cannot be communicated in words.

The poet tries to use words, yet is doomed to a kind of failure – not of their own will or striving – but of the need for dissonance, in the sense of social-sandpaper roughing up delicate souls. The wrong note helps those who sense it find the right melody.

Yet, part of that melody is the lurking sense of something missing. The artist fills in spaces in the soul and spirit of us all, with the sweet smell of the future, at the cost of knowing more fully the pains of the present.

Hopefully, all will find their way, in one life or another, to art, for surely the Gods&Goddesses have blessed us all with the possibility of going beyond the what-is to the what-needs-to-become.

In an odd Way, the what-is is the stick, and the what-needs-to-become the carrot. People do live lives of quiet desperation (Thoreau), or as the First Noble Truth of the Buddha expresses with stark simplicity: “Life is suffering”.

It is pain of soul that moves one person from one state to another. It is dissatisfaction that breeds social dissent. If we hadn’t left the Garden, we would not try so hard to find at least a bit of it still within us.

Art is of the Garden, for while the offering/creation can be torture, and sadly sometimes include a cost of innocence, the resulting beauty reminds us of our dreams of Return, and the Feast that is laid out for us, that comes to all in their own time.

Sometimes we wonder about Love, a word/idea that seems fleeting and mysterious. A wile-oh-wisp hiding right in front of us.

Love has given us the Day. The primary cycle of existence, Night and Day. Yet, this can only be lived one moment of now followed by an infinite number of next-nows as Eternity Beacons.

A recent wonderful bit of Art is the movie Groundhog Day. Everyday is another opportunity for change, and the secret is to make tiny changes. A bit here, and a bit there. Dreams hungering to be realized are still built one bit of now at a time.

The Day is a recurring maze-labyrinth, which we solve moment to moment, while dancing to the lyre of experience. Appreciating this is why the ancient Mayans counted Days, as their primary sense of the cycles within cycles.

At dawn the sun rises, the stars recede, and the sky is ruled by fire and light. During the night, the sun sleeps, and its dreams are the moon and the stars. Wonder lives in the day by day tides and burdens in the souls of human beings.

We are all shamans and alchemists, saints and sinners, learning about Love.

morning ennui

I will be 79 on December, 23rd, 2019. Pushing eighty. Tired of war zones on the Steiner-net.

Ask myself why. The experienced truth, with a small “t”, makes for its own chaos. Love requires sharing, and all we really have to share is ourselves.

Winter is here, in New England. Something I wrote many years ago, when I was trying to write the book: Strange Fire, that dissolved into a dozen later books. The experiences, the related ideas and concepts, they don’t perish, although the form of representation varies:

Signs of Spring -a metastory


The grandfathers waited. So did the grandmothers, and the fathers and mothers, and the young men and women, and the children – the little boys and the little girls. They all waited.
Then Teller-of-stories began to speak…
“Sometimes in life”, he said, “sometimes people feel old, even when they are not. Even a child, who has had a bad shock, an injury or the death of a pet, or the loss of a favorite toy, even a child will for a time feel old. Tired. Worn down by life.
“There is nothing unusual here.
“It is like breathing. It is part of the whole. A natural pause, a small moment of Winter.

“Even so, this does not mean there is no danger. People die easier in Winter. Illness is stronger in Winter. When we feel the deep mood “old”, life does not hold us as tightly as it usually does.
“Today, we are all worried, as we have every right to be. For today, the whole people feel old, worn down. We, as a people, as a civilization, are in Winter. For a long time there has been no Sun; and our leaders give us little light or illumination with which to push away the shadows and the cold.
“Many are, because of this, tired unto death. So we hide, wrapped up in ourselves. We feel we have nothing to give. All our energies are spent, exhausted, in merely trying to survive.
“When this is so, when our civilization – our culture – is worn out, what do we do?

“This is not an easy question to answer It is not ours to make Winter go away. The seasons, the rhythmical movements in the lives of peoples and civilizations, have their own Time.
“When clouds hide the sun, who among us would claim to be able to make the Sun shine. Winter gives way to Spring when it is time, not when we wish it.
“So we are back to the question. What do we do?
“There is an answer to this. But it is an answer with two parts, because it is not only what do we do, but what, as well, do we not do?
“Now if your child is hurt do you kick it? If it has no hope do you give it more worries? If it has no faith do you feed it doubts? And, if it is lacking love do you give it hate?
“So our civilization is in Winter, and our people move through shadows and cold. Do we want to paint with only dark colors the world of words which we share with each other? I think we do not. I believe we do not what to do this.
“Yet, to not do this is difficult, very difficult. Why is this true? Why is it difficult?

“One real obvious reason is, that it is no help whatsoever to lie, to pretend it is not Winter. There is darkness and cold, worry, doubt and callous indifference.
“Homelessness is real. Greed is real. Racism is real. Violence is real. Abuse of women and children is real. Pollution is real. Evil is real.
“Lies are not real. To lie is real, but what the lie is about is not real!
“Half truths are not real either.
“To the extent that politicians, corporate leaders, media personalities, scientists, the religious, gossips, or anyone else lies or tells half truths, they create shadows where there is no true darkness.
“The result is that, while we live in Winter, many of our leaders pollute the communal world of words and ideas and dreams, in which we all live, with empty ghosts and deceptive shadows that leave fear and mistrust and doubt and hopelessness behind.
“We need hot tea and company, while they give us cold and bitter thoughts instead..
“This is all I know to say about what not to do.

“What to do is different and no less hard.
“In Winter it makes sense not to make things colder or darker, but when Spring has not yet arrived, when the stark reality of unchained evil seems to assault our souls daily, how do we find balance while we wait for the changes that are certain to come in spite of our doubts?
“We tell stories. Yes! We tell stories.
“We come together, we share a meal and we tell stories.
“Oddly enough, it is just here that we first sense Spring. When a people, when a civilization begins to renew itself, to find the forces of resurrection, after living through the death forces of Autumn and the waiting that is Winter, when this happens, stories appear.
“Winter is already the time of stories. Stories of remembrance. Stories of the past which bind the people and make them whole. These are crucial and we have these today. We remember when it was better and not so dark and cold.

“But how do we tell stories of the future, stories of the true yet-to-be. These stories have been missing. These are harder to tell. Those who would tell these stories, they must first confront the Mystery. For the future is born out of the Mystery.
“The remembered past dies into the present. Autumn gives way to Winter. But Spring is not a continuation of the movement which is the dying into rest that is the fall into Winter. Spring is not born of rest.
“Spring is New. What becomes the New is hidden in Winter. Winter is its absence.
“So to seek the stories of the New, of the future, the stories of Spring, is to go into the Mystery.
“There is no other way of it. That which is to become is born in the Mystery and those who want to tell of it must go and find it there.
“This is not easy.
“In life we are accomplished. We are often fathers and mothers and holders of professions and status. But to go in to the Mystery means to surrender these things.
“The Mystery is more Real than the real, and before it we become again little children.
“Only empty can we be filled. Only ignorant can we learn. Only silent can we hear the songs of the Mystery.

“When Winter ends what is the first sign? The song birds return. Even before the snow melts, trees bud or days lengthen, the song birds return and express their joy at life.
“So come the story tellers, the singers of Mystery.
“In the beginning just a few. Here and there. The people waiting, perhaps napping as a way of passing through the long pull of Winter, then hear something new, something different.
“The old stories, the stories of remembrance, the songs of the birds who stayed throughout Winter, these continue still.
“Not all the past is meant to die. The snow covers the ground, but seeds lay there warm all Winter long under their pure white blanket. Seeds of the past remembered, waiting to be awakened and to bloom anew in the Spring.
“But the Mystery also gives forth the New.

“And, when it is a civilization, a people, that is to be renewed, what has truly died is reshaped, given new forms, new names, new meanings and new purposes.
“Think deeply on this, for here is a great secret from out of the Mystery. Homelessness, racism, greed, abuse, evil, these names refer to the real but not to the Real. They are not the true names, but are instead the half lies, the confusions of the long Winter just passing.
“You think not?
“Consider this fact, a most recent melody in the World Song. When a certain people awoke recently from their Winter’s nap, they threw off the names “Negro” and “colored” and gave their own name to themselves: “Black!” And, intended, not just a new word, but a new meaning as well.
“Lead by a great story teller, a man who touched the Mystery and who was Touched by the Mystery, this people sang a true Song of Spring and dreamt the Great Dream of human freedom and dignity.
“So has come already a Sign of Spring, if one has the wisdom to see it.
“But a people, a civilization, is a complicated symphony in the World Song. There are many stories to tell and many songs yet to sing.
“So I say to you with all my heart. Do not despair, or be any longer frightened at shadows. Listen carefully instead.

The Mystery comes, carrying just that hoped for Spring which our long Winter’s wait has foretold. Have you heard it yet? Others have. What do you think the environmental movement and civil society are about?
Let me end these words, with these most beautiful thoughts from the English rock group the Moody Blues:


“When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead,
The browns, reds, and golds of Autumn lie in the gutter, dead.
Remember then, that summer birds with wings of fire flaying
Came to witness spring’s new hope, born of leaves decaying.
Just as new life will come from death, love will come at leisure.
Love of love, love of life and giving without measure
Gives in return a wondrous yearn of a promise almost seen.
Live hand-in-hand and together we’ll stand on the threshold of a dream.”

unasked for advice

Dear Steiner fans,

One-sidedness always harms. Reality is not one-sided, … it is multi-sided.

The reliance on Rudolf Steiner’s words is a classic one-sidedness. There is no way to opening/have a dialogue/debate with a dead man, or his unquestioning acolytes.

In the writings of those I have read, who admire Steiner – when the questions of the nature of “electricity”, or “subnature”, or the “moral”, or “Ahriman” comes to the fore – there seems no question as to whether or not the common shared understandings/ideas/concepts related/connected to those words is a representation of the true nature of reality.

Collectively Steiner-speakers weave an illusion, that will harm the future if they do not wake up to the “problem of knowledge” as solved by Steiner in GA-2, GA-3, and, GA-4.

The relentless passion toward the words of a dead man is not healthy for anyone. But, someone might ask: what about Christ? Don’t we rely on His words?

In practice, no. Here is what He said near the end of the Sermon on the Mount:

2  “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.26 And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

The key words are “does” and “do”. What happens when Steiner-sez lovers don’t do what Steiner said to do in their development of the new “living thinking”. In fact, when the mind turns to Steiner-said, it turns to memory, not to the present moment in thinking which lives.

Steiner cautioned against the “intellectualizing of the cosmic Michaelic Intelligence”. Steiner-sez speakers do exactly that … they move the memory of Steiner-thought into their intellect, conceptualize it, and from there treat these concepts as if they truly represented the underlying spiritual reality.

This is made worse by the fact that the error of intellectualizing became so widespread among Steiner’s students, that these folk – for decades now – have been taught to do just that when they meet anthroposophical thought. When it is presented as a system of thought, we are no longer teaching Anthroposophy, but rather a religion of Steinerism.

Now I could challenge, for example, Andrew Linnell and Rosemary McMullen to a discussion/debate on the truth value of much of what they suggest as true, but we all know that will never happen. In fact, it has become clear to me that my presence – in certain venues on Facebook – is avoided if at all possible. Nobody likes to be challenged on their pet theories. Yet, if we are doing Spiritual Science, then where are the discussions and debates that are characteristic of scientific activity?

For example, outside of their reading Steiner, I’ve seen little or no evidence they actually study directly the phenomena of “electricity”, or “subnature”, or the “moral”, or “Ahriman”, or “social threefolding”. They just take their conceptualizations as the truth, and go from there.

That said I will next offer a few other kinds of words to provide some help on those themes, from other parts of the multi-sided reality.

Electricity: After the creation began, from the moment of a realized “material” state, the Father rested, but did not cease participation. What we have come to call the realm of electricity and magnetism, and which modern physics recognizes as fundamental forces, is something that is not made up of parts.

It is/was/and always will be a whole, and a manifestation of the Father resting (nested in the loving arms of Christ’s Mother). To struggle to form in the imagination this picture of electricity and magnetism everywhere being a Unity, just the One, is a real cognitive yoga.

“Sub-nature”: The Realm of the Mother has nothing whatsoever to do with evil, nor it is the opposite of “supernatural”. Why Steiner didn’t get this right could be debated, but since one cannot debate a dead man, there is little recourse for those of us who know his wonderful and human imperfections.

“Moral”: this is a problematic term, given how many different ways folks use that concept/idea, and how often it is not the same from one person to another. Nevertheless, the underlying assumption of “moral technologies” is that there is both a right way to be found, and that it will be the best way for ourselves and others.

Steiner in GA-2: “Man is not behaving in accordance with the purposes of the Guiding Power of the world when he investigates one or another of His commandments, but when he behaves in accordance with his own insight. For in himthe Guiding Power of the world manifests Himself. He does not live as Will somewhere outside of man; He has renounced his own will in order that all might depend upon the will of man.

Ahriman” One of the effects of the “intellectualization” is to write and think as if Ahriman is outside, in a mysterious there, somewhere “spiritual”, and that is the source of our technological worries/problems.

In the current phase of the evolution of consciousness, each biography is faced with choices, designed just for them. A kind of rite of initiation is in each life, not just those who define themselves as spiritual seekers. Most of the modern world will not hear of Steiner, and nor be harmed from this lack.

All of us bear an “Ahriman” within, … essentially those moments when the intellect’s calculating view is not tempered by the heart. In Lucifer and Ahriman Steiner writes: at page 21: “…the very purpose of our Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch is that man should become increasingly conscious of what takes effect through him in earthly existence.”

through”,“through”,“though” We do it to ourselves, it is not something done to us by some imaginary dark god.

“social threefolding” means what? There are basically two questions that can be asked about the social. The one Steiner’s friends are most aware of is the question: What is the best Way (or star) by which to move the social organism into a more balanced and harmonious condition.

The other question has to do with asking, of the living social phenomena themselves, what are you doing? Not what I think you (social life) should do, but what are you actually doing?

I spent over three decades working that riddle, and was greatly helped by learning of Goethean science, and through reading the writings of those who practiced those arts. It was after my spiritual graduation ceremony (meeting the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold), which takes months to unfold by the way, that I was able to create a spiritual social science text: “The Art of God: and actual theory of Everything.” In Steiner speak, an initiate wrote that text, based on years of research into the phenomena, which activity I called: Listening to the World Song.

Now I have a great deal of affection for those working the riddles of the Mysteries of Technology. Been doing that myself, for a long time. Yet, we seem at cross purposes, although this was not to be unexpected, given that Steiner warned folk of the Culmination, and the return of the Platonists, incarnating at the same time as Aristotelians were incarnating. Karma Steiner called it.

A Platonist is a pagan, although that is a mean word, invented by the Church, to disparage the Goddess religions, which the three patriarchal monotheisms sought to control. Celebrants in modern goddess religions are devotees of the Mother. That’s what a Platonist, in the sense of anthroposophical jargon.

Consider the beauty of this “karma”: Devotees of Christ, in the esoteric sense (that is Aristotelian anthroposophists well aware now of the Return of Christ) needed to be reintroduced to Christ’s Mom, by initiated/shamanistic folk into Her deeper Mysteries (aka: magic and mysticism). As with Christ, She never went away, She was just lost sight of as scientific materialism became the leading religion of the humanity.

For the Mystery of Technology folk, I offer a prize, which is a writer to read whose Way is total immersion in the field of tech, and elevating (redeeming) that world via the gifts of a story-teller. I wrote this for my blog, …


Want to know – in a healthy imaginative way the social future, read his book: Snow Crash. Want to see a redeemed picture of nano-technology, read his book: The Diamond Age.

In community, your friendly neighborhood white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

introducing ~!~!!~? Neal Stephenson – the smartest writer I know


Image result for neal stephenson"

Some minds are giants. Not all will get to know this savant, yet … I will join the parade of: Read This Man’s Books.

For the reader of this essay, think about this description in Wikipedia [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neal_Stephenson ]:

Neal Town Stephenson (born October 31, 1959) is an American writer known for his works of speculative fiction.

His novels have been categorized as science fictionhistorical fictioncyberpunkpostcyberpunk, and baroque.

Stephenson’s work explores subjects such as mathematicscryptographylinguisticsphilosophycurrency, and the history of science. He also writes non-fiction articles about technology in publications such as Wired. He has also written novels with his uncle, George Jewsbury (“J. Frederick George”), under the collective pseudonym Stephen Bury.

Stephenson has worked part-time as an advisor for Blue Origin, a company (founded by Jeff Bezos) developing a spacecraft and a space launch system,[1] and is also a cofounder of Subutai Corporation, whose first offering is the interactive fiction project The Mongoliad. He is currently Magic Leap‘s Chief Futurist.”

He doesn’t just write about science and social issues, … he tells tales about them. He teaches through remarkable imaginative story telling. The reader not only gets a great yarn, but knowledge, and wisdom.

Let met tell a story, one I often use to introduce to others this gifted man’s works:

In the third volume – the System of the World – of his 2700 page Baroque Cycle, he brings four characters together for an imaginary conversation taking place in England around 1730.

Newton and Leibniz many will at least been heard of, as well as – perhaps – princess Caroline, soon to become a Queen of England because her husband is about to become king – neither of which were born in those islands, but rather were a royal linage that could be “used” by other aristocrats and bankers as an acceptable anchor in attempt to avoid future wars.

In these books we will see many arts of statecraft illuminated, … but here princess Caroline has called – to her sitting room – the two European savants, along with a fictional friend: Daniel Waterhouse. She wishes to see hear their thoughts concerning deep matters, ideas for which she , as Queen, might have some responsibility to encourage.

The dialogue is given about twenty pages, and is lively with even a bit of wit, as well as rancor, for Leibniz and Newton were at odds about a fundamental question.

Is matter a lifeless “thing”, this “atom” Newton wants to describe as the smallest bits of matter; or, … is the “monad” (Leibniz’s name for the smallest) living, willful, and conscious.

This is a question which – as scientific materialism unfolded – went in Newton’s direction, and we live in that world. Yet, many moderns are beginning to find that Nature is – factually – conscious and living and watching us with more care than are we watching Her.

The Baroque Cycle (a three volume, 2700 page yarn, with amazing heroes and heroines), also concerned itself with the historical aspects of finance. He imagines into living existence what was thought when lenders could sign a note that would be honored someplace else, many weeks later, to someone who arrived by ship and/or carriage, and presented the “agreement” or “promise”.

A few years back I got to ask a question of Neal Stephenson, who was doing some kind of call in show, which my eldest son was connected to, and had offered me by phone what question would I like to ask, … so I got my son to ask where Stephenson himself stood on the question debated by Newton, Leibniz, Waterhouse and princes Caroline: Newton’s or Leibniz’s idea of the nature of the smallest – and Stephenson said he sided with Leibniz and threw out a half dozen names of writers and their books, none of which I had heard of before, although I had no doubt there discussions would be scientifically based. Just not yet “popular”, for science has fashions, does it not?

Another story ….

Wired Magazine, some years ago, asked Stephenson to write an article about the undersea cable infrastructure, to which most phone and internet lines are connected.

He then spent several months travelling the world and meeting the builders, and sailors, and technicians and bureaucrats, of all manner of nationalities. That’s an example of the degree of his immersion in technical and social questions. There are books of his non-fiction works.

His latest novel: “Fall, or Dodge in Hell”, which I’ve just started reading, begins with a main character’s introspective thoughts about his experience, and the stuff he has been taught – and mostly believes – connected to his brain. Asking, where does he go when he sleeps and what is happening when he wakes up?

To that riddle he adds another, by referencing the current debate between physicists and philosophers about “qualia”, and such ephemeral experiences as the taste of a tomato. Are our qualitative experiences real, or only a fiction created by the “brain”?

A report in 2015 said he had sold over 300,000 books. I suspect it was far more than that who have been influenced by his thought – millions perhaps, for as I have done, many no doubt give away copies to others at every opportunity.

I honor him as a gifted teacher who illumined much about the world, all the while wrapped up in the music of the imagination.

Here is a shorter book, which I have read multiple times: “Snow Crash” https://www.amazon.com/Snow-Crash-Neal-Stephenson/dp/0553380958/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2WFOENAH4H6Y5&keywords=snowcrash+neil+stephenson&qid=1575822250&sprefix=snowcrash%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-2

Image result for snow crash

It is about our social future, and one of its main characters, born of an “Asian” woman and a black America soldier, is named: Hiro Protagonist.

The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer (Bantam Spectra Book)


The full title of the book is: “The Diamond Age – Or a Young Ladies Illustrated Primer”. In it, using nano-technology, a skilled artisan designs a little book, which is also a massive computer, with AI like functions. The Book presents a persona that changes as the child grows. A spirit-friend who gives advice, tells stories and otherwise helps keep safe a child pursued simply because she has a copy of the book, that was to have belonged to a ultra rich individual, who asked it be created for his grand-daughter.

Neal Stephenson is a natural savant, skilled and learned in matters few of us would even bother to tackle. If you like to read for pleasure, and to learn at the same time, he’s one of the very best writers around.

film laments

I tried to write a comment for the New York Times, and there were mysterious electronic issues. I was writing to this column, … https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/04/movies/best-films.html

Here is what I wrote:

We live in a post-literate future. Film seeking to emulate the same arts as novels are excellent at that, especially given the right material. Director’s who go for blockbuster CGI fun games are doing something the “literati” don’t even understand.

Modern education fails on multiple levels to teach, what is being taught by mass media, in a non-literary visual form. It is the modern imagination that needs to be seen by cultural critics, for what it is, not what it is not.

People are right to want dreams, and superheros, given the absence of suitable models among athletes, business leaders, and politicians.

An eleven year old wanting to be Thor, goes to his tablet and starts to read about Norse and Greek mythology. Harry Potter raised a generation of readers, while their schools were designed to make good consumers, workers, and cannon fodder.

Magic was in the air. Superhero movies make people believe we just might help each other against the so very hidden, and creepy, and far too rich and powerful.

The world burns and another auteur delivers another romance about professional bullies and gangsters. Meanwhile, on USA we get Mr. Robot, which is far more acutely aware of who is running and ruining our world.

The dying past in the Arts always hates the fresh imagination, for it has the life they knew in their youth. Tragically, they have forgotten what it feels like to believe in the unbelievable.

joel a. wendt, shaman and professional heretic.

the polarities of intimacy

A Meditation/Contemplation on The Polarities of Intimacy

spiritual (erotic) and physical (sensual)

There is probably no better direct experience of the Divine Mystery than learning – through that personal experience – about the reality of Intimacy.

Recently a very ancient understanding of existence has become mentioned/used in a television car commercial, where it speaks of the law of threes. Take, for example, the ancient idea of “as above, so below; and, as below so above”. “Yin and Yang”. “Macrocosm and microcosm”. “Inside and outside”.

Notice the essential conjunctive: “and”. Where there appears to be opposites, or “two”, such as “male” and/or “female”, they remain a unity, i.e. the classical thought: “two sides of one coin”.

Human procreation involves desire between two, to be united with a third desire, … of the spirit seeking incarnation.

Between our individual consciousness and the rest of the world (another intimate polarity) there appears a gap. Us, and the “what is/appears to be – not us”.

We pet pets. We touch the material of rocks, snails, wind, … and they touch us. The pet experiences our touch, … does a rock experience our touch? Is what is not human, having – or not – interior self-aware experiences?

We, as we grow into our own soul/being, feel disconnected, and then seek reconciliation … via intimacy. What is our intimacy with the material world of “things”?

Do we morn the loss of a book? A pet? An idea?

The ancient earth religions knew through direct experience that the world, which to us is of “not-us, was to the ancients an Intimate marriage. No parts, not separate. “Be at one with nature” remembers The Tao.

At the end of the day, one human may lie inside the arms of another, there to find/seek comfort and emotional intimacy. This is not found via sex or fucking. Sex and fucking are “using” each other to try to go beyond separation, via an elusive moment of near mutual release into “orgasm”.

“Using” is not immoral, or moral. It just is, and fills a real need, so sharing this hunger in one night stands, or other “casual” encounters is like the cycles of the moon. Full, fading, disappearing, reappearing. We are suns and moons in orbit around each other.

Intimacy is not orgasm, or sensual release, without there also being a spiritual/emotional erotic element.

One aboriginal understanding sees the polarity of dominion and surrender. One partner more active, the other more passive. Men have erections, and that wants release in penetration and the spending of seed.

Women want/need sweet songs to warm their hearts, for to lie on one’s back and open to receive, is an act men often to not appreciate, and mostly can’t even imagine.

At this point the readers should be appreciating that male (active) and female (passive) is only marginally related to equipment.

If we have a long term partnership, we learn about emotional (spiritual/erotic) intimacy, which is not so easy as physical (sensual) intimacy. Taking off masks is harder than touch. Sharing feelings and being heard, that is a whole other level of “caress”.

In a world where there is only matter, and no spirit, – according to science – it is no wonder that all have become confused over the invisible aspects – emotions, thoughts, spirit – and see only the physical/sensual, but not the truly erotic.

Are the beings of the Air, the Sylphs, being “intimate” when they caress are faces with a breeze? Why does it feel so good to walk barefoot through dew wet grass?

Is it possible that the Heart of Nature is not far away over there, but via the “lyre of experience”*** we are all united, whether we humans – lost in the illusion of separation – know it or not.

The world looks back at us, bearing in itself the Intimacy of Her super-consciousness, knowing and seeing us, the lost children, who know that going back to the garden is a very good star to by which to navigate the unknown future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3SjqGfe-yM [Joni Mitchell: Woodstock ]

Yes, today has many woes, too many perhaps. Still, in spite of our doubts, should we seek to connect with experience in a more intimate Way, we will discover that: She has the Whole World in His Hands.


The Magic of Individual Political Spirituality

The Magic of Individual Political Spirituality

In the Light of Rudolf Steiner’s Teachings Regarding the Threefold Social Organism

The first key-idea is “threefold”. The story is told that once Steiner began to see threefoldness everywhere, he waited seventeen years before first beginning to publish this material in the book: Riddles of Philosophy.

Primal phenomena follows these laws. In the most ancient times the world was seen as Father and Mother and Son, yet all one … a Unity. The names varied all over the world, but the principle (see next) was the same.

Christian tradition speaks of the Holy Spirit as an essential part of the Trinity, but this was a mask over the more fundamental role of the Mother, who is the Many, while the Father is the One. The Mother – as an Idea in the cultural West – has gone into … waiting, for when the three monotheism buried/ruined/destroyed the Goddess Religions, with Grace She Surrendered. The Earth Religions were being subsumed everywhere, and their pagan, magical, and mystical natures grew mostly silent and hidden, for these were powers that in the coming Age of Science&Technology would have overwhelmed the world, if rediscovered in/via the wrong hands.

According to Liz MacKenzie’s spiritual research: Ahriman’s “success with Nietzsche prompted an attempt to incarnate in the Centre within the German language where he would have appeared as the Double of Christ, that is to say, humanity would have experienced him as Christ whilst Sorat replaced Lucifer. To be more spiritually scientifically precise, Ahriman, Lucifer’s karma, tried to free himself from Lucifer and hence from Christ, the Lord of Karma, and incarnate as a pseudo Lukan child. He would have possessed extraordinary magical powers so that it would have been virtually impossible for any majority to have distinguished him clearly and, given that the Theosophical Society was confused on this issue of The Second Coming, very great danger for humanity was in process. This attempt in the Centre was prevented by RS incarnating Anthroposophy into the German language through the German language Archangel and Michael, the Time Spirit.

… “Since he had failed to conquer the world from the Centre, he would have to now work from the West, the only unconquered directional. Spiritual/cultural North, South, East and West (represented by RS. Marie Steiner. Ita Wegman and Elizabeth Vreede in this undertaking) had prevented his incarnation in “magical/religious/spiritual form” in the Cultural Centre; he would have to incarnate in politico/economic form, that is to say he would have to work from out the politico/economic spheres from the West since he was prevented from working as a Mystic from out the Centre.”

Ahriman then appears as the American Karl Rove. See “Rovism” https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/19/rovism/ and “Overcoming Rovism” https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/22/overcoming-rovism/ for details.

Many people are justly worried over the effects the American Empire has had upon the world, and as the Third Millennium began, Rove/Ahriman was resting comfortably in the White House, as an aide to George Bush.

As a natural outgrowth of Rovism, we get Donald Trump, and the politics of lying becomes farce. What is true? What source can be trusted? Are Facebook, Google, and the NSA helping or hindering humanity?

If we understand Steiner’s Threefold Social Organism idea, we have in the upper vertical of the totality, the Cultural Sphere, and at the opposite pole, the Economic Sphere. In the middle then is the Political-Legal Life. In my work: Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order, [ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thpts.html ] I develop the idea that similar to the sub-threefolding of Cultural, which is Science, Art, and Religion, and the sub-threefolding of the Economic Life, which is Production, Distribution, and Consumption, the middle Sphere also has a sub-threefolding: State, Media, and People.

We can make a venn diagram of the three spheres, in a kind of triangular form, with the three overlapping in the center. The individual human being is in the “center” of that idea/relationship, given that we participate in all aspects of the social organism

Why then a form of upper, middle, and lower – the three spheres one on top of the other? Theses features are mirrors of the organic nature of the human organism. The realm of thinking, in the nerve-sense system, the realm of will in the metabolic-limb system, and the realm of feeling in the heart/lung rhythmic system.

We can now see three reflected analogues, this way:

Science ~!~!~!~State ~!~ !Production;

Art ~!~!~!~!~!~!Media ~!~!Distribution

Religion ~!~!~! People ~!~!Consumption

To feel/see/know this organization of phenomena in the right way … that is to sense the Art of it, we could see Media, as the heart of the heart of the social organism.

Trump, Rove’s Rosemary’s baby, is giving the heart of the heart of America, a heart-attack, through seeking to drive the truth from Media.

Not many read my article on Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order, but Terry Boardman did, and he wrote this, in an essay called: The Idea of the Threefold Society at the Dawn of the Third Millennium, which was first published in the book: The Future is Now: Anthroposophy at the New Millennium.

In his lectures to the West-East Congress in Vienna 1922, Rudolf Steiner spoke of Europe-Asia as ‘the problem’ of modern times and Europe-America as ‘the solution’. By this he meant that Europeans were preserving the dessicated remnants of an ancient Asian spirituality in the dusty abstractions of their intellectual, political, and religious systems. The future lay rather with the will to create out of nothing. And this willingness he saw in the youthful energies of the Americans. It is no surprise therefore to learn that it is an American anthroposopher, Joel Wendt, who has articulated best this need for Anthroposophy to enter the belly of the Media. Wendt has written: (13)

“What else have politicians, terrorists, single interest groups, businesses etc. been fighting to control and manipulate? Within Media the People come to common (equalized) self knowledge and mutual understanding. Within Media the idea of the State and of the rights and duties of citizenship come to common form. Media shines light on the activities of the State, and media personalities (with varying degrees of consciousness and moral integrity) believe they act thus for the People. However we turn our thinking, if we remain pictorially descriptive of the dynamics of social life as these actually play themselves out in the political-legal sphere we will come to the perception of the threefoldness of State-Media-People.

It is a risk, Wendt says, to enter this realm, but a risk that should be taken, a nettle that should be grasped if the Media serpent is not to continue merely to slide in the dust.

From Malcolm X

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. …This is the press, an irresponsible press. It will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

For students of Rudolf Steiner there can be a dilemma, given that he said that politics is not the business of the Anthroposophical Society. This meant that the Society was not to form a collective political decision about anything, … to not take “positions”, or appear to the public to be partnered, with any political party.

In practice this has caused a number of people who know Steiner to become parts of various “green” or environmentally favorable parties.

Then there is the threefold social order Idea itself, … how is that Idea to be brought to the world?

Here is Steiner from one of the lectures collected under the title: “Threefolding as a Social Alternative”, given in Oxford (here I am paraphrasing): that the time had passed for the application of the threefold social order in central Europe, but that even so, this idea could still be fruitful in Russia and America (if appropriately restated), and that for the West, time did not matter so much because much could still be done for the right ordering of the three spheres.

What did he mean: the time had passed?

If we remember the historical context for these Ideas to appear, they were laid out after World War I, in a brief moment when there was a lot of social chaos. Once the old ways had reasserted themselves, the ripe cusp had passed by … for Central Europe.

If we think into this situation in a living way, we might begin to realize that social life has many organic qualities. It is essentially alive. As something alive it is born, grows, becomes, undergoes metamorphosis, and dies.

In my long long essay (offered in the mid-90’s in five parts to the American Newsletter, with no reply that it was even received) “Waking the Sleeping Giant – the mission of Anthroposophy in America” among other kinds of living thoughts, I offered the view that if we look at history in the right way, we can see the slow&natural emergence – of the Threefold Social Order/organism – over time.

This capacity to appear, and grow and change, has to do with the effect of the human being naturally imposing his own soul nature on the life that surrounds him. In point of fact, the appearance of Media as the middle of the itself threefolded political legal sphere, most dynamically came about when the printing press arrived, and oral culture began transforming on its own, as more and more people became able to read. An instance worth a thousand (after Goethe) is what happened when the Bible was translated into various languages other than Latin. There is no wider awareness of Luther’s 95 Theses (in 1517), without Gutenberg’s Bible (1450, more or less).

The State, at the time of the founding of Western Civilization, was originally twofold, for only back then did the idea of the “citizen” arise, … details are in the long long essay: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/wkslg.html

The point for us moderns is to realize that the era of social chaos, into which we now descend, is ripe with opportunity to take the next step – in the growth of the social organism – consciously. The question is “how”.

Remember, much can be done for the right ordering of the three spheres. What does this have to do with the situation in America?

One of the actions, ordinary thinking finds hard to do, is to set aside antipathy and sympathy, so as to be able to think phenomenologically. We observe what the social is itself doing. We listen to the song of the world, and do not judge it. True knowledge requires love of the object of knowledge.

In shaman school (I was led there by the Mother&Son), we learn that if something exists, it has been approved all the Way up Jacob’s Ladder, and all the Way down into the oldest powers of the Earth. Not liking something, in the sense of wishing it did not exist, doesn’t work. Looking more carefully at what we do not like in the social, offers an opportunity to make a conscious effort to redeem what appears there in thought. An act that has to be done on purpose. See my “pragmatic moral psychology” [ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/stgfr5.html ]

Trump exists, and that event demands our careful consideration.

To Socrates (one of my spirit guides) the situation is farce, for the Gods&Goddesses always interfere, generally for our benefit (we being children of the divine). They multitask on levels we can not imagine. There are no accidents, and everything has a purpose, or better yet: it’s story.

In my political works I describe the situation in modern America as involving the natural death of the system of political parties. They have no viability anymore, being filled from within with the forces of death, that arrive as the fruit of an intellect untamed by the heart.

Now America is a place not much understood among the Steiner folk, who quite naturally (themselves), like to hate the evil empire. During this cusp – on the birth of the Third Millennium – that has to go with the dying into a new becoming of Western Civilization, most folk will be looking to see who to blame. There is a saying out of Japanese culture: “Don’t fix the blame, fix the problem”.

Stop complaining. Read the Signs of the Times, and Act.

Mass media is owned by the dark, body and soul. What the world’s peoples need is better stories, stories that help them see what is going on, in a spiritually more healthy way. At the same time, they have no desire to be told to think Steiner. Their problems are far more immediate.

Here’s what I wrote at the end of my: “Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Orders”:

“Recall that when the civic form at the founding of the Greek civilization began to relieve the cultural life of certain social-order responsibilities, the forces formerly devoted to this task became freed, and the cultural life flowered with great creativity. In the present moment the economic life, formerly carried more within the political, is now outside it, in fact infecting the political-legal dynamics and distorting them. There is of course no predicting how events will proceed, yet it seems clear to me that this historic moment is pregnant with certain kinds of potential. Just as there is great risk of a further fall into materialism, so as well there is much possibility for spiritual transformation. If we do not blind ourselves with a kind of threefold dogma (for example, that the first need is to free the spiritual cultural life), but instead truly perceive the actual dynamics. then as far as I am able to hold in pictorial thought, the ripe moment lies in bringing moral trans-formative forces to the thinking active within the Media, to bring a song to life just here in the heart of the heart of the social organism.”

Not the song of Steinerism and threefolding, but the song of the world itself, mirrored back to it, through the medium of stories that redeem all, and yet touch the heart without judgment. The A. Society membership has a lot of potential, but only if they learn, as Steiner himself advised, in “Inner Aspects of the Social Question”: “ … to listen to the Christ Impulse in the Thinking of the Other”.

Even Trump has a human story. Who will dare to tell it?

Still, … the title used the word Magic

The Magic of Individual Political Spirituality

In the Light of Rudolf Steiner’s Teachings Regarding the Threefold Social Organism

… why is that?

Steiner predicted that not only would folk begin to be able to meet Christ in the Ethereal (the realm of thought) starting around 1933, he also predicted that at the end of the 20th Century, some individuals he described as Platonists would gather with folk – including Steiner – who had been around at the beginning of the Century, and were to return at the end … these folk double-dipping incarnations in the same Century, … Steiner called them: Aristotelians.

He said that the two groups had “karma” to work out, and that this gathering (which he called the Culmination) needed to go forward in the right way, otherwise the Third Millennium would be a disaster. My article on this is here: [ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Culmination.html ]

I was there, so was Steiner wearing a different name, and enjoying a biography of quiet pleasures … family, children, aging, and the normal ups and downs in relationships.

Basically there was an internet discussion group, the Ark, which lasted from about 1997 to 2003. The group had been originally called: Anthroposophy, then Anthroposophia, However, those venues suffered from flame wars and trolls (folks who show up just to make havoc – often posting well intoxicated), so the Ark was created, and had a moderator with absolute power to boot anyone who did not want to take the questions being faced seriously.

Some of us had been (and still were) involved in the anti-Waldorf wars, such as Dan Dugan’s “Waldorf Critics” discussion (use the term cautiously here) group.

Many people there on the Ark were having direct spiritual experiences of one kind or another, and these are fundamentally intimate, so having a venue where it was safe to speak from the heart was essential. At the same time, we had no idea that this was the “Culmination”, and that if it did not go well, then the consequences for humanities future would be dire.

Many there loved Steiner and Anthroposophy, while at the same time not finding the Anthroposophical Society to be anything other than people who gained prominence via their ability to quote Steiner, as well as the “political acumen” to win friends and influence people. At one point I compared the A. Society to a department in a University, with all the normal infighting and struggles over who gets money for what pet-project of theirs being put forward. All very polite on the surface, but very messy and territorial as well. Mostly, just human.

On the Ark we shared deep and provocative thoughts, all the while struggling with the world conditions of decay that were everywhere. A story …

Catherine MacCoun, easily the most gifted in a certain way, shared with us in the fall of 2000, that Christ had invited her to go to Morocco (she spoke French), where she was to experience Ramadan among the Islamic folk there. When hanging out in cafe’s, she took up conversations with many men there, for she was a striking blond American. Eventually they saw how sincere she was, so invited her to spend the month of Ramadan in the women and children’s compound of a large extended family.

On her return, and reconnecting to the Ark, she began to write what she was calling her Ramadan Diaries, which included this remarkable idea. Christ’s social teaching had not been able to incarnate when He was here in the physical (Greeks, Romans, Jews didn’t have the right stuff, yet), so this work rose in a kind of hyperbolic arc with Christ no longer incarnated, … still these social Ways were then able to come down via the Archangel that inspired Mohammad.

I have written – in detail – elsewhere, of the underlying truths that generated the three patriarchal monotheisms, which are not separate events, but parts of a single whole. See: “Tiger Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions.” [ https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/11/08/tiger-saucy-tells-of-some-overlooked-features-of-the-true-story-of-religions/ ]

Anyway, when 9/11 happened in 2001, we on the Ark understood why Christ encouraged Catherine to make her journey. Having also been “encouraged/asked” myself by Christ on more than one occasion, let me say He just shows you stuff. Stuff in you, stuff in the world. This knowledge becomes part of you, and then you have to freely choose to follow a trail of spiritual breadcrumbs, that has you going off into territories unknown and unpredictable.

The Platonists – at the Culmination – were folk to whom the word pagan could be applied. Their Ways including the magical&mystical sides of spiritual development, which Steiner – with good reason – had discouraged while he was alive.

The “Magic of Political Spirituality” is about what those – who were devotees/shamans of the Holy Mother – can offer to the further understanding of the dynamics of social threefolding in an Age of Social Chaos.

Ceremony&Rite. In his lectures in Awakening to Community, in #6, Steiner speaks of the “reverse cultus”, which is a Rite where the group ascends into the world of spirit together, through living conversation. The opposite kind of Rite is what is in the Christian Community, where the spirit is invited down into the community.

Human political life has a tendency to rhythmic processes, such as regular elections. In effect these are Rites in which the Spirit of a people&nation can be renewed. That said it is necessary to focus on the situation in America, because the empires of heartless commercialism (multi-national corporations) have there – in America – a weakness: This is the idea which was born when the Colonies threw over the English influence, via a bloody war, that ended up with a document that begins: “We the People … do ordain and establish … “, and which ends, in the 10th Amendment: “Powers not delegated … are reserved … to the People.”

In America the citizen is the sovereign. The means the Americans have the potential to drive a stake right through the heart of the social vampires lurking in the Halls of Commercial Banking.

To the extent that the Divine Mystery guides historical events, They do not make matters easy. In the Age of the Consciousness Soul, where people are learning how to bring alive the moral out of themselves, this crash and burn of Western Civilization is a stew pot of crisis and choice.

That’s how it works in the Fifth post-Atlantean cultural Epoch. That’s why there are billions who have chosen to incarnate at this cusp. That is why America seems to so many to be horrible dangerous on the one hand, and a place of dreams where one is free from the chaos elsewhere.

There is a tendency, for abstract thinking driven by antipathy, to mistake the noise for the music.

Each single biography is the focus of Love, which is able to work from outside of time and space. The times reek with hard choices, for real spiritual growth is neither easy, nor universal. There is only the individual’s Way.

Anthroposophists have been gifted with much wisdom. They/we are the stewards of this wisdom. At this moment the Aristotelians (who value the names and categories of all the parts – witness Steiner’s 6,000 lectures on many single aspects of the Divine Mystery – a necessary task on the cusp between the Intellectual Soul and the Consciousness Soul) … these speakers of Spiritual Science, are being asked by the Platonists (who are devotees of the Mother), to notice that one effect of Steiner’s works, is to establish Goethean Science.

The presently existing texts of Goethean Science, if viewed as a whole, establish scientifically that the Earth-planet is a living Cosmic Being, known to antiquity as “the Mother”.

Tragically, through an excess of Steiner-said, the Anthroposophical Society is frozen in time, in the past of when there was the great teacher – the amazing wizard Rudolf Steiner – that lived among us. Who, by the Way, pointed a serious finger at Goethe (his first two books were about Goethe), pointed a finger at the Return of the Christ in the Ethereal, and pointed another finger at the Platonists, who would add to the Return of the Christ, the understanding that the Mother is/has always been among us as well.

She has the whole world in His Hands.

Some years ago, Stuart Weeks asked me to do some research on Dennis Kucinich. In the thinking that I did, inspired by this work, I wrote: “Celebration and Theater – a People’s Art of Statecraft” [ http://ipwebdev.com/celebration/ ]

All over the world, folk are divided, in large part because it is advantageous for power&wealth to keep us weak and divided. In America, this situation has become very acute given the arrival of Trump&Friends. Yet, that very fact leads to noticing that the power of the sovereign citizen in America is to use arts of Celebrate and Theater to end the divisions. How?

In my Social and Economic Rebellion***, I describe how we gain “separation” from the influence of the selfish, by throwing a party and inviting our neighbors whose life trials are exactly like ours, in spite of whatever political theology within which we have become entangled. We have children. We have poverty. Our marriages are at risk. Our health issues are severe. We have real life issues in common. For some details: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/why-the-trump-voter-is-the-single-most-crucial-political-phenomena-of-our-time/

Yet, there has to be the choice to step across the divisions. Again, leave aside the noise and listen to the actual music of the World’s Song. Or as Steiner might have put it: leave aside the non-essential for the true essential.


Tiger-Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions

Tiger Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions.

The wizard Rudolf Steiner spoke wisely when he wrote/and-or said: “the religion of the gods is the human being”.

In the way back long ago when before, sometimes remembered in the Fable of the Garden in the Hebrew Bible, there were two trees in that innocent place&time: 1) the tree of knowledge of good&evil; and, 2) the tree of life.

That story does not seem to end well, and it is a reasonable caution to wonder whether or not the Hebrew Bible (the old testament to Christians, which can’t be fully understood without knowledge of the Torah, and the Sepher Yetzirah) … which itself has been framed according to the world view of males, asserting some sort of “dominion over” the females, not just the beings of Nature.

How do we know this?

Because the female – in that tale – is the one who hears the snake and urges the man to violate the rule of Stay the Fuck Away from the tree of knowledge of good&evil. Because of her we humans violate divine law, and somewhere in all the resulting theology we get the idea of “original sin”. Not much of a loving god that makes us sinful from birth.

In the Sepher Yetzirah we are introduced to the idea of the “mothers”, no less. Who manifest in the vowel sounds, while the fathers manifest in the sounds of the consonants. The tale as told to me is that Hebrew, as a “written” language, is only consonants, and the vowels have to be added in an interpretative gesture, ruled by scholars of the Torah, also only males. Again, the feminine in the language is ruled, in a kind of odd way, by the masculine structures of the language.

Sacred secrets, and only the “initiated” need knock on the doors of that mystery.

One consequence of this masculine force is that the Hebrew language – that could (and apparently was meant) to be understood as revealing how the human being was to enjoy “communion with” the natural world – those terms became “dominion over”. Communion With being a feminine virtue, and the modern Gate to knowledge of Faerie.

This happened – historically – around the same Era as elsewhere the Goddess religions of the ancients, were more and more being replaced by a male-god dominated theology.

In a sense, and from a perspective taking in the right scale of the situation, humanity was falling into the material world, from a prior spiritual state. This spiritual state is remembered as the Garden to the Hebrews, and in myriad other ways in “religions” all over the world, such as the Satya Yuga of the Hindu folk.

Human beings, having entered into “matter”, were now learning from the tree of knowledge of good&evil, at a sacrifice (forgetting) of the older female (communion with) knowledge of the tree of life. Matter is “darker” than light*, and in such darkness we have a hard time seeing. In social existence, power over others is wanted, and this breeds the many evils the modern world knows far too well.

*[In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World]

That said, there also came to be a counter-impulse to the descent into matter, and for aid in this work the three patriarchal monotheisms were born, in order to provide guidance as best they could. For the Hebrews their main helper was the Burning Bush, with an affection for Law. Many rules were laid down for the Hebrews to follow.

The Burning Bush of Law was followed by the Logos of Love, who became human and died, just like human beings, We have fallen into matter, must therefore encounter: Death – itself being a Gate, for moments of rest between incarnations. In this Way the Divine Mystery lent its most creative genius to live for a couple of years, the Word among us – and tell some stories, while enduring what we endure. Not to save us, but to imitate us. The Highest seeing no reason (Logos of Love) to task us with a work/trial He/It would not personally undertake: the work to live in a physical body and then to die.

For some, their religion had them believing we only live once. Only this chance to play with the wild, and color outside the lines, … if done wrongly sends you straight to hell. Law or spontaneity.

Like the masculine nature of the Hebrew religion, the newly birthing-themselves Christian Religion was – as well – being led by forces not at ease with the feminine. In the chaos facing modern Christian faiths, over sex mostly, we see the loss. Yet, the mystery has a tendency to threefold itself, such that the fertile crescent was to birth one more male dominated religion, Islam, with something rather remarkable hidden inside it.

The fall/descent into matter, aided by the Hebrew male judgmental approach to good&evil, births a middle arc, … the descent is a kind of curve, turned upward by the One who said many words of import, that were later often abused, for the same reasons as did the Hebrew patriarchs: namely social power.

He/It/She/They, of the I come not to bring peace but a sword song, also said: Judge Not. The Logos of Love is that simple.

What had gone down, and then sought to follow an arc upward, must eventually then succeed in falling up, avoiding losing our way into darkest deeps. The Fall into matter – requires for balance and aesthetics (reality being mostly Art) a corresponding Falling up. From whence and where does this power of resurrection arise? You see, dear shamans in training, even if you fall to perdition, that is not the end, for there at the bottom is the Last Gate to Faerie – to a return to the Garden, via the Day of the Last Judgment.

Outside the precincts of preachers of doom and woe, there is whispered this: On that Day, we will judge ourselves, and choose whether or not to seek redemption, with our own self as the chief source of forgiveness.

Hebrews, Christians, and Muslims are all known to the latter as people of the Book. The three make for one gesture out of the same Mystery. Old Testament. New Testament. Koran. One communication, not three.

How do we “fall” upward? And, toward What?

The teachings of Islam have two core principles (remember … religious practice is meant to be easy – theologians just mess things up). The first core principle is service to the family, and in particular the children and women are to be protected at all costs. The later divisiveness is again a function of maleness out of its right place, and a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks the Mystery has spoken forever via a book, such that humans need no more look elsewhere for wisdom. The rule of male religious scholars is a tyranny of the heart.

The second core principle is “surrender” expressed in “Allah is great”, and “As Allah wills”. Jehovah – follow the Law; Christ – learn to love instead of judge; Allah – protect the future, and surrender to the truth of the Divine, for that is the way out of matter.

As with the Old Testament, and the New Testament, the Koran gets interpreted by maleness. Basically this has more to do with karma, than with truth, for the other – lesser known spiritual factoid – is that in the last three centuries the divine itself has begun to manifest from within the human being.

Everyone in Faerie knows this because children tend to being very messy, and someone has to pick up after them, for a little while longer anyway.

The human being is now his/her own lawgiver, creator of love, and able to surrender to the return of the Mother/with Father, of which Islam foretold.

They’re Back! And, … welcome to the age of human responsibility for the future. We’ve been given decisive power, in the immediacy of our personal biography. We’ve also ridden in on a dragon’s belly full of karma. Do not doubt, but each life is a puzzle, for which we are to become the sole solver&author.

That’s why seer-Steiner said: the religion of the gods is the human being.

As to the many questions, it was made possible for my – communion-with a savant – to help the writing a book, which placed the religious question, inside the scientific path, as a theory contrary to species random evolution, and big bang cosmology. “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything.”


That book is a spiritual social science text, which includes the idea that the Divine Mystery is distributed everywhere within the Creation, with the human being leading the rest into the future.

Don’t like this idea of human freedom – from divine control? Here’s the riddle: If the human being is not free and not divine, then the whole of experience is a fraud, … or not. Actually, each person gets to choose and gestate their own “religion”. Error is possible, and karma then a necessary corrective.

For a relevant story, ask the preacher of a mega Christian church, who spoke against gays, only to be caught with a male hooker. What goes around comes around.