A riddle of no little importance

A riddle of no little importance …

How can “Anthroposophy” help humanity in the circumstances of the present day?

One way is to recognize that the truth has a lot of friends. Even more crucial, it is essential to see/know the way the wind and tides of future history are in movement. We all ride seas of change, and if we can understand how to pull together, much can be accomplished that would otherwise fail. Divided we fall, united we rise … has never before been more true.

The underlying fact to appreciate is the role and nature of the Evolution of Consciousness.

Most of the conceptions we have about modern existence are based upon the idea that what the News, or scholars, tell us is going on at this time is the truth. Wars of conquest, famine, plague, and death, are everywhere; and, China and the USA are locked in an economic battle, which the former seems to be winning.

World leaders, whether in politics, or economics, or the arts, or knowledge, are the cause of much that happens – supposedly. Individuals lead and dominate, while the rest of us are reduced to workers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the endless wars over resources.

From a spiritual point of view, the actual essence is the individual biography of everyone, … famous, notorious, or otherwise unknown. We live in an Age, that Rudolf Steiner called: the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul. Each individual biography then is precious to the Mystery, such that what we tend to think of as important are secondary phenomena, not primary.

A wordless man watching life go by, while sitting on a stoop. An employee of a brothel in Thailand. An alcoholic singer, down on her luck. The postman that delivers your mail. The wasted crack-addict.

Each is a node of consciousness, living the experiences in this life, that will enable them to choose to develop this “consciousness soul”, which can be described as the awakening of the true and the good in the heart’s mind.

Each is born, only to die. Each will have circumstances of birth, some in wealth, others in horrible poverty. They all will live their life one day at a time, and each day, one moment at a time.

They will have an interior life of thoughts, feelings, and impulses of the will. They will have family and friends, and be part of a culture, a language, and a way of life. They will grow old, and suffer disease and disappointments. Perhaps endure children, a spouse, and/or an employer who abuses them.

Fundamentally, to the Mystery, each person is unique, and each biography is individual. So when the Buddha points out, in the First Noble Truth, that life is suffering, and Henry David Thoreau that most live lives of quiet desperation, … they are pointing to what is for Everyone something inescapable.

The details vary. What John the Baptist observed, that the One coming after him will Baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath, … this is the time in which we live. The Hopi call it: “The Day of Purification”,

Life is the forge and hammer, and the metal is the human spirit that is immortal.

The Covid Mystery a great Fire, consuming all Ways of life, and creating apparent chaos midst aged and sclerotic forms of order. The dreaded “Climate Change” is Her, the Mother, who is also Rogue Weather, the Four Horsemen, the magical Chaos (providence) of life, and the Gate of Death.

We have lost sight of the Divine Feminine, making our Gods mostly male. Father, Son, and ?Holy Spirit/natural science?. Nature has an interior sentient, self-consciousness, just as do we.

Most anthroposophists have friends who are not interested in Steiner. The Anthroposophical Society is itself divided against itself, over the true nature of the Covid Mystery. Many people don’t want to admit the level of evil in the world. Far too many people believe the human being is only matter, without spirit.

When you meet someone who looks to outer space in order to find amazing intelligence, … just ask them why they think/believe that the human being is the only self-aware sentient interior consciousness in the near-space environment?

Then point a finger at Nature, and say She Waits for us to see/remember Her. Just keep in mind that She prefers romance and courtship, to the rape and pillage of Her many Gifts.

Time for the human being to grow up. And, for Christians to remember to Wash the Feet of those in need.

To me the decision in Dornach, to ignore those voices that understood the medical realities of the alleged pandemic, is akin to the disciples that denied the Christ – the Truth, after the crucifixion. This refusal is everywhere in the world today, not just among Steiner folk.

It is an action/choice that we need to see through, by learning to Judge Not. So what that the official plague narrative divides us against each other – masked and masked, vaccinated or not, rich or poor, … each is forced to make choices, and the brutal agony of those choices is their personal anvil, fire, and quenching water.

This Dornach action is hauntingly similar to the Roman Church that made peace with Hitler and company. Like many institutions, the Anthroposophical Society was preserved, as were the jobs and the momentum, by bowing to convention and thereby avoiding trouble with authorities. This is especially curious, given what Steiner said about the mental/spiritual errors – regarding vaccinations and such – lurking in modern science, and society.

Again, it is the choosing that forges our metal, there actually being no right answers, … no moral rule that is to be applied to all.

Meanwhile, anthroposophical doctors, who saw through the noise and the falsehoods, are losing their right to practice medicine. In effect, the medical section will find in the future, that having taken this course, they are themselves on the wrong side of history. This is true today of most institutional leaders, in whatever field.

The social form we call hierarchy is broken. This Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch means to tear down pyramidal organizations, and replace them with circle-like, and locally ordered, ways of sharing responsibility. New tribes, not of blood, but of need.

Anthroposophical “leadership” is pointless, even for those who took the jab. The Society is the people, not the hierarchy. Discussions in study groups and Branches will not be easy, but facing the truth of our divisions is the only way to heal them.

The social structures of the Anthroposophical Society are dying. What was meant to be a free society, is being given order from above, not from below. Even such order as the Theme of the Year is not freedom. Each I is a self=forging sword the does not bring peace. Celebrate non-conformity. Parties not protests.

Via the tides and rivers of coming time, the hierarchical types of order will fail. Certain cultures, such as rules China, will murder in order to retain dominance. Not noticing yet that Mom is using weather to bring ruination and need. Can volcanism be far behind?

Anthroposophists have been gifted, and these teachings which we relate to Steiner, need to be preserved with the left hand, and sowed everywhere with the right hand. The Martha Impulse needs to keep the home fires going, while the Mary Impulse has to reach out. Waldorf, Bio-dynamics, Goethean Science, Anthroposophical Medicine, and last but not least: Steiner’s Science of Knowing, … all belong to the world.

Among some indigenous, or aboriginal peoples, the wealthier the individual, the more they gave away. Steiner folk hoard much needed spiritual loaves and fishes, that are also Ideas, which belong always to Everyone. How?

We can hide behind a Gate, which reveals: You must love Steiner the same way we do. Time to take down that Gate, and visit the world.

The Hopi Prophecy expected a white race to come to their lands, and bring destruction. Yet, among these white-folk would be a “true” white brother, understood as the Red Symbol, who would take command of the four forces of Nature for the benefit of the Sun. They would be Sun Clan, children of the Sun.

The world-wide environmental movement, rooted in many of Steiner’s Ideas, is becoming “true” to the Hopi Way. A Way that notices Spirit everywhere, and that ceremonial dancing to drums is a Way to balance & celebrate life and community.

People of the Cross, becoming united with People of the Circle, the spiritual wound of the broken “stone tablet” healed. The ancient Emerald Tablet awakening in the modern Third Eye of Anthroposophia, Itself a Foundation and Philosopher’s Stone. Community married to Individuality.

Who are mankind’s next best teachers? People and cultures, who remember how to live within the Cornucopia of Goddess Natura’s endless Gifts. Not experts in obscure Steiner sez, but individuals sharing what they have themselves learned, in a way in which ancient teachings are also sought.

Finding the Path to the future is through the Gateways of the Past. Faerie and the Fae are real, and we too are of the Fae, immortal moment to moment children/virgins all.

The world’s momentum, over its many cliffs, brings chaos; and, chaos makes possible new tribes of folk seeking to: tune in, turn on, and dropout. Many folk not working because of the Covid Mystery, are not going back to work “for the man”. One of the Mother’s greatest medicines, a magic mushroom, now becomes the healthiest Way to treat and survive life’s brutal traumas.

Each breath, a miracle. Each new thought, a prayer. Each next choice, a personal act of creation.

Anthroposophy and the Absence of Faith

Anthroposophy and the Absence of Faith

Rudolf Steiner, if memory serves, had on more than one occasion said something on the order of: Trust the Future.

This from a spiritual scientist, who often remarked about the horrible consequences that lurked ahead of humanity’s journeys if this or that didn’t get done properly.

For example, his remarks on the Culmination event: “Those who had come up to the spiritual world under the leadership of Alanus ab Insulis said to the descending Aristotelians: It is not our time to be present on earth now. We must first work out of the spiritual world. We cannot at all descend in some embodiments of the earth [in the nearest time]. You now have the task of coaching the intellect in the incoming consciousness soul age. The further development continued so by both those who were the leaders of the Chartres School and those who had senior positions in the Dominican Order were the head of those in the powerful transcendental solemn assembly who in the first half of the 19th century were preparing the later anthroposophical stream. First, they had to descend again, who more or less had worked as Aristotelians, because under the influence of intellectualism time was not yet ripe to deepen the spirituality of the first. But there existed an inviolable agreement. And from this it must from what is anthroposophical movement emerge something that must find its completion before the end of the current century. While there hovers a fate over the Anthroposophical Society that many of those who today are members of it must come down to earth before the end of the 20th century, but when united with those who also were either leaders of the Chartres School or students in it. So that before the end of the 20th century the Platonists of Chartres must interact here on earth with the recent Aristotelians, if civilization shall not get into a complete maturity. […] That this occurs, people in the 1900s must not forfeit! But since everything depends on the free will today, then this that it happens – namely, whether the groups which are allied with each other may go down again to do spiritualisation of culture in the 20th century – is additionally also depending on if the Anthroposophical Society understands nurturing anthroposophy devotedly in the right way.” free translation by Jostein Saether

Paraphrased here, by Stephen Usher: “Further, he [Steiner] states that a great Culmination of the Anthroposophical Movement should occur at the end of the Century, and upon this depended the fate of civilization. If the Culmination actually occurred, civilization would receive a new impulse that would lift it to a higher stage, but if it failed then a terrible and inevitable decay would result. The key participants in the Culmination drama are the Aristotelians and the Platonists. The former include Rudolf Steiner and most of the souls who established Anthroposophy at the beginning of the Century. The latter included the great masters of the School of Chartres in France who typically incarnate out of sync with the Aristotelians but who would incarnate in sync with them to achieve the Culmination.”

To repeat, for emphasis: If the Culmination actually occurred, civilization would receive a new impulse that would lift it to a higher stage, but if it failed then a terrible and inevitable decay would result.

Between the years 1997 and 2003, there was an Internet discussion group called: the Ark. It had originally been called: Anthroposophy, and then Anthroposophia, but the members found that dealing with flame wars and trolls (folk not interested in deeper discussions), the Ark was created giving a single individual full powers to maintain the integrity of the group, through kicking out any trouble makers, without the whole group needing to assent.

There were persistent individuals, who used anonymous email accounts to disguise their prior assaults, but their disruptive nature they could not contain, and so for the most part, Ark conversations were on a very high level.

It never occurred to any of us that we might be working on such a new impulse, especially one which had to do with the “fate of civilization”. It was only years later, in reading discussions on the “Culmination”, that my intuition was that the Ark gatherings was this event.

It was even more years later that I found out Steiner had been with us, under the name Harvey Bornfield. When I began to share that concept with others, the most frequent response was that this intuition was not true.

Fortunately, after Harvey died (we meet several times when we were both living in Arizona, I was inspired to make a book of his writings (1), using my saved files of the work from the Ark. I say fortunately, because that hard drive later died, and the rest of those discussions were, as far as I know, lost.

As is usual, when I write of something others do not like to hear, doubt is cast on those remarks. For me the matter was settled rather soundly, when I experienced, from the all surround everywhere-when, that Harvey had been Steiner, and during this Intuition-experience, I felt his joy at being finally recognized for that life of freedom, from having to be “the great initiate” – the object of so much dependency, and confusion living in others.

Besides Harvey, the Ark folk included me, Stephen Clarke, and Catherine MacCoun. All three of us have produced “gospels” of the Second Becoming of Christ [ see my recent works on these “gospels” (2) ].

Also in attendance was Bruno Abrami, the Italian master of The Philosophy of Freedom, and, via me, material from Barbara Gardner (aka: Elizabeth Mackenzie), some of which is here (3).

As I have indicated, the “Platonists” were devotes of the Goddess Natura (4), and the point here is to unite the Father and Son aspects of Anthroposophy with the Mother wisdom, as revealed by myself, Clarke and MacCoun.

MacCoun had united Tibetan and Christian Alchemy into a single whole. Clarke has united the deeper, and more hidden, wisdom aspects of indigenous peoples in the American southwest, with the ancient Hebrew Kabbalah. Out of me, comes the uniting of the Emerald Tablet with Anthroposophy, via studies of the works of Franz Bardon on the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians.

Please be mindful of the fact that the Americas are a special place, when it comes to Earth Religion, so it is no wonder that three Americans, a wizard such as myself, a shaman such as Stephen, and a magician such as Catherine.

It remains for modern Anthroposophists to integrate these “Platonist” gifts, with works of the Aristotelians, as led by Rudolf Steiner. This can be done on an individual level, and the official form-structures, such as the Vorstand in Dornach, or the Councils in America, are essentially irrelevant – their approval is unnecessary, and their opposition a sign of a lack of Faith.

The Mystery trusts us, to manage that which is in the reach of our own wills, and we need to trust Them as to the big picture. Faith also being Trust.

To repeat again, for even more emphasis: If the Culmination actually occurred, civilization would receive a new impulse that would lift it to a higher stage, but if it failed then a terrible and inevitable decay would result.

(1) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/HarveyBornfield.html

(2) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/10/13/new-gospels-of-the-second-becoming-of-christ/

(3) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/bgae1.html

(4) https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA238/English/APC1957/19240912a01.html

Justice, Fate, and Fortune

Justice, Fate, and Fortune

Is not our time, this dying and becoming of “Western” civilization, perhaps a lot of karmic debts coming due? Can we understand that Divine Providence (the Mother), with the Artist of Karma (Her Son) are meeting out Justice everyday?

We can read all manner of News stories, about bad actors of various kinds, from politicians, to corporation officers and boards, to drug lords, to abusers, to your next door neighbor … the list is endless, and it might also seem hopeless. Where is the Justice?

If we are of a “spiritual” Way, we might believe in karma and reincarnation, and that the Mystery is attending to these matters, such as this from St. Paul in Romans12:19 “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

In the most ancient – early Egyptian symbolic book of wisdom, Justice, generally the eighth major Arcane of the Tarot in modern versions, is called “The Balance and the Sword”.

Its meaning is described this way: “At the top of three steps which represent the three worlds*, sits a woman, her brow circled with a crown of iron, the emblem of inflexibility: her eyes are bandaged, to indicate she holds no account of the social position of the accused ones. A sword in one hand and a balance in the other, she judges and she punishes. The lion by her side symbolizes Force ruled over by Justice, and the Sphinx next to it, the eye of God who looks into the souls of the wicked. The winged Turtle above symbolizes Repentance which may obtain forgiveness in spite of the greatness of the crime. Finally a divine messenger tells us that the justice of God will be the final judge of the justice of men”

*[the spiritual or mental world, the psychological or soul world, and the physical or material world]

[From St, Germain’s “Practical Astrology”, the only book which combines into a single system the esoteric arts and crafts of astrology, numerology, and tarot. This oldest Egyptian system was based on very carefully studies of the courses of Fortune and Fate in human biographies. Keep in mind that those priests/pharaohs were initiates in the Mysteries. Gods and Goddesses spoke through them.]

Justice, in this ancient view is a Woman, essentially a Goddess. In this picture/symbol the Scales are in the Left Hand, and the Sword is in the Right.

Self study of the own soul will reveal that the Right tends to be the outward gesture aspect of the Will. Often in film arts, for example, we will see that a punch or slap is generally made with the right hand.

The same self study will reveal that the Left hand/side is often the receiving gesture of the Will, which is why the heart leans toward that side.

Fate is the sword, and Fortune is the scales. Each day everyone gets bits and pieces of both, which belongs to them, via “She has the Whole World in His Hands”.

Part of the human dilemma is that each of us, almost everyday, play a local role in the enactments of the mysteries of Fate and Fortune. My Lady cooks food for the sick and ill members of her church. I write meditations to Facebook.

Yet, as S. O. Prokofieff said to me, at Ann Arbor in 2005, “None of us is perfect”.

Hopi call this time: “The Day of Purification”. Not one of us, from the poorest to the richest, escapes what we have sown. John the Baptist describes the One coming after him as Baptizing us all, in Fire and Holy Breath.

Aspects of Fate and Fortune launched the Third Millennium with a Plague of illness, which ought to give us pause if we see in this Mystery: Justice everywhere.

Christ spoke simply, in the Sermon on the Mount: Judge Not. Easy to say, seriously hard to do.

Masked or Unmasked. Vaccinated or Unvaccinated. Billionaires or Poor Folk. Each of us a dark sea of likes and dislikes, many unrecognized.

One of the most amazing teachings of Rudolf Steiner, for me at any rate, was his advice to teachers to put all the cholerics in the same corner, so that they can knock the edges off of each other. There is good reason to recognize that the Mystery is even more skilled in how we come to live together.

On occasion, in this reflective anthroposophical environment, there appears the idea of three steps in moral/character development, for each step in spiritual development. Moral/character development has to do with learning how to read the book of life, and the book of the own soul.

While we all are the right people, in the right place, at the right time, … not one of us is the same. All unique. Existentially as it were: We cannot escape our many selves, nor the now in which we live each day.

That gift that comes with a curse. Debts are due. Life is suffering. Most live lives of quite desperation. Opportunities abound. Choices present themselves. The manifestation of the Baptism by Fire illuminates and warms us all.

The Mother’s Pandemonium contribution, to the Plague that wasn’t, included a time-out for nearly everyone – the rush of modern life grinds to a halt, and we would do well to notice the Miracle of the gift of time for reflection.

Meanwhile, Trust your intuition. That’s why you have it. The baptism of Holy Breath is the heaven within, … a wonder that is yours to awaken. Christ’s Second Becoming, in the ethereal, or thought, world. “Not I, but Christ in me” needs to be understood as an already given. We are all called to be Mother and Son, for as the microcosm They are our true nature.

Having choices, the human being has become the leading edge of the Creation. Keep in mind that the Spectre of the Beast from the Abyss is our freedom of choice. Choices we create that never before existed, the Abyss being the realm of the Uncreated and Yet to be Formed.

To the Mystery, this human freedom is an endless source of Surprise! They don’t know what we will choose. They just know that it will be remarkable and unique, worthy of love, and on occasion: Justice.

New Gospels of the Second Becoming of Christ

New Gospels: Part One

In my book: “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos”, I refer to various gospels of the Return of Christ in the Ethereal, or as I like to write: the Second Becoming of Christ.

From a certain point of view, Christ is currently being crucified in the ethereal, or thought word, where the religion of scientific materialism resides. These books are quite suitable for study groups that want to expand their areas of discovery.

What makes something “a” gospel in the sense I am using, is that the author has evolved their thinking in such a way that they meet Christ, as Truth, in their cognitive life. Links to places the books can be bought will be included with each commentary.

Each book’s description/commentary will also be posted to my blog, and the whole will appear here, over time:

I am going to start with Steiner’s Science of Knowing, as first presented in GA-2: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”.

Owen Barfield has called this book: the least read most important book, Steiner ever wrote, in answer to the question of whether there was one book of Steiner’s he read many times. My article on this is here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/lrsew.html

Table of Contents

A. Preliminary Questions
I. The Point of Departure
II. Goethe’s Science Considered According to the Method of Schiller
III. The Function of this Branch of Science

B. Experience
IV. Definition of the Concept of Experience
V. Examination of the Content of Experience
VI. Correction of an Erroneous Conception of Experience as a Totality
VII. Reference to the Experience of the Individual Reader

C. Thought
VIII. Thinking as a Higher Experience within Experience
IX. Thought and Consciousness
X. The Inner Nature of Thought

D. Knowledge
XI. Thought and Perception
XII. Intellect and Reason
XIII. The Act of Cognition
XIV. Cognition and the Ultimate Foundation of Things

E. The Science of Nature
XV. Inorganic Nature
XVI. Organic Nature

F. The Spiritual, or Cultural, Sciences

XVII. Introduction: Spirit and Nature
XVIII. Psychological Cognition
XIX. Human Freedom
XX. Optimism and Pessimism

G. Conclusion
XXI. Scientific Knowledge and Artistic Creation

Some years ago, Jeff Falzone argued with me that the book had a fundamental defect, in the sense of what we experience if we self-observe, using this book as a map to the territory of our own inwardness.

The riddle is whether or not – to experience – the “I” is singular in nature, or “we”, that is a multiplicity. Walt Whitman puts it this way: “I am multitudes”.

The reader will have to decide this puzzle for themselves.

New Gospels: Part Two

In New Gospels Part One I referenced Owen Barfield. From him, a gospel of the imagination: “Poetic Diction – a study in meaning”.

For those unfamiliar with him, he was a member of the Inklings, a study group in the ‘20’s to ‘30’s in England, that included C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Inklings

Without doubt he was a premier philologist: “the branch of knowledge that deals with the structure, historical development, and relationships of a language or languages.” Google. He earned a living as a “country” solicitor, an English lawyer who never goes to court (a barrister), dealing with wills, property rights and such. “County” is his word, and distinguishes him from City lawyers.

He wrote many books, such as: “Speaker’s Meaning”; “What Coleridge Thought”; “Saving the Appearances – a study in idolatry”; and, “World’s Apart”, which T. S. Eliot described as: “An excursion into seas of thought which are very far from ordinary routes of intellectual shipping.

He was also became – apparently – an initiate, a matter he seldom mentions. A principle thread in his work involves the evolution of consciousness, as can be discovered by following that changes of the meaning of words over time (“History in English Words”).

While he clearly considered himself a student of Rudolf Steiner (“Romanticism Comes of Age“), many who study him tend to have little to do with Anthroposophy as such. https://www.owenbarfield.org/.

He lived from 1898 to 1997, essentially the whole of the 20th Century, and my view is that he was one of the greatest personalities ever inspired by Steiner.


I Definition and Examples

II The Effects of Poetry

III Metaphor

IV Meaning and Myth

V Language and Poetry

VI The Poet

VII The Making of Meaning (I)

VIII The Making of Meaning (II)

IX Verse and Prose

X Archaism

XI Strangeness

XII Conclusion.

New Gospels: Part Three

In Steiner’s science of knowing, especially “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, we are led to the practice of phenomenology, or the study of changes over time. Barfield, who said that book was the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote, in his books frequently studied changes over time of the meaning of individual words.

This next New Gospel is a Gospel of Physics, Ernst Lehrs’ “Man or Matter”, whose subtitle is: “Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe’s Method of Training Observation and Thought.”

When I was first meeting actual anthroposophists, after over two years of reading Steiner, I ended up going to study groups at Herman and Mary Rubachs home in the Berkeley, California, hills. They had a large library, among which was Lehrs’ book. I borrowed it for a while, but knew that I had to get a copy of my own.

The restaurant where I was working closed its doors, and the woman who I was the living with (I had met her at the Rubachs), celebrated my birthday by giving me three twenty dollar bills, and telling me to go visit my brother in San Francisco. On my way to my brother’s, I stopped in at Field’s Bookstore, on Polk Avenue, a place filled with all manner of spiritual and occult works. There I discover two used books: Lehrs book, and the book we will examine next: “The Nature of Substance”, by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka.

In a certain sense Divine Providence was also celebrating my birthday. The contents pages of Lehrs’ book is lengthy, so I will not offer it here.

Lehrs begins by describing his early interests in science, which had been interrupted by World War I. Following that he returned to his studies, especially being interested in electrical high frequency phenomena. There was a poster advertising one of Steiner’s lectures, as well as the works of others, and Lehrs was intrigued by the title of one of them: “Overcoming Einstein’s Theory of Relativity”.

While he did not attend that lecture, he did meet Steiner personally, who asked Lehrs questions about his academic pursuits. Lehrs was surprised at how familiar Steiner was with the work Lehrs was doing. “… he (Steiner) took out of his pocket a note-book and a huge carpenter’s pencil, made a sketch and proceeded to speak of the problem as one fully conversant with it, and in such a way that he gave me the starting point for an entirely new conception of electricity.”

Myself, I have often been troubled by the lack of familiarity with Lehrs book, among anthroposophists, who love to read, and quote, Steiner’s lectures on electricity, but seem completely immune to the studies of Goethean Science.

Given the dominance of scientific materialism in our time, this book, “Man or Matter” takes us through the whole history of physics, correcting at each stage, where an error of thought or observation misled the march of science into the confusions we are immersed in today.

If the Anthroposophical Society wishes to join the world, these New Gospels need to be the starting point for all newly interested folks, given their illumination of riddles of great importance for the future.

Alas, there is no evidence that the leadership in Dornach, or elsewhere, has the least idea of the importance of Goethean Science.

New Gospels: Part Four

As I mentioned in the article on New Gospels: Part Three, we next take up Dr. Rudolf Hauschka’s (hereinafter DRH) book: The Nature of Substance, which can be called: a gospel of organic chemistry.

We started with the study of Steiner’s book on Goethe’s Way of Thinking (something Goethe never wrote for himself), which points the way to using the picture thinking (imagination) of mind as a means of knowledge. We then went to Barfield’s Poetic Diction, a gospel of the imagination. That was following by a gospel of physics, and now we have a gospel of organic chemistry.

This order of study is done with a purpose of building up in the mind of the reader of these New Gospels a somewhat logical path. The next New Gospel will be a gospel of the Green World, the two volume “The Plant”, by Gerpert Grohmann.

DRH did a number of experiments, a few of which later could not be replicated. In the early years of the Steiner Internet (many groups of different purposes, some open to flame wars, and other Internet troll opportunists), this replication problem was discussed, and for me at least, the most cogent observation was that the world of matter had itself continued to become more and more dense, so that it was substance itself that altered, between the time of the original experiments, and the later attempts to repeat them.

One of DRH’s ideas that led me to further implications, was the when we attack water, via harsh chemicals or electricity, thus separating hydrogen from oxygen, what we had done was kill something living, and the single molecules needed to be seen as a kind of corpse of the living gift of the Creation.

Rudolf Steiner had warned that the idea of the Atom was evil … the “Idea”.

Most of the substances of Nature are already complex molecules, such as the carbohydrates. When we take them apart, we leave the land of Life, and enter the realm of Death. Steiner had characterized modern science as a science of death forces.

If we follow the implications of this observation, the deconstruction of complex matter into the individual molecules is then followed by the taking apart of the molecule into protons and neutrons and so forth. In effect, what is in play with Cern’s Hadron Super Collider is a process of taking corpse material to produce ever more fine corpse material. The ultimate illusion is to imagine that the tiny particles made by the use of huge magnetic and electrical “beams of light”, which produces motes of stuff with an almost infinitesimal half-life, is what the Universe is Made Of.

Using pure number relations, this fascination with the non-living aspects of the Creation is run backwards, and then we get the Big Bang, which generation/makes appear all the tiny bits we believe in, thus justifying a completely mechanical idea of the Creation, created out of corpse materials.

For a wonderful examination of the Periodic Table of Elements, get (if you can) George Blattmann’s: “Radiant Matter: Decay and Consecration”. Next is the lengthy contents page of Hauschka’s book:

I Theories of the Natural Scientific Ages on the Primality of Matter. II Ancient Ideas about the Nature of Substance. III New Ideas about the Primality of Spirit. IV The Plants. V The Carbohydrates. VI Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. VII Scents (Etheric Oils) and Resins. VIII The Fatty Oils. IX Protein. X Nitrogen. XI The Cosmic Nature of Earth’s Substance. XII Star Patterns and Earthly Substance. XIII The Animals. XIV Plant Poisons (Alkaloids). XV Vitamins. XVI Coal Tar Chemistry – a Realm of Mirror Images. XVII High Dilutions and their Effectiveness. XVIII Minerals. XIX Limestone and Silica. XX Aluminium and Phosphorus. XXI The Mineral Cross. XXII Alkalis and Halogens. XXIII Magnesia and Sulfur. XXIV The Oceanic Cross. XXV The Metals. XXVI Copper. XXVII Tin. XXVIII Lead. XXIX Iron. XXX Quicksilver. XXXI Silver. XXXII Gold. XXXIII The Brothers of Iron. XXXIV The Childhood of Metals. XXXV The Spiral of Creation. XXXVI Conclusion.

New Gospels: Part Five

The sequence knowledge, imagination, physics, and organic chemistry now leads us to the Green World, in the form Gerbert Grohmann’s The Plant, two volumes. Vol. 1, has this subtitle: A Guide to Understanding Its Nature. Vol. 2: Flowering Plants. Both are full of wonderful drawings, and even a few photographs.

Following this we will look at Theodor Schwenk’s “Sensitive Chaos – the Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air”.

The sections as listed in the table of contents in volume 1: I. Looking at the Flowering Plant; II. The Living Face of the Earth; III The Threefoldness of the Plant and the Image of Man; IV The Ladder of the Plant Kingdom; V Evolutionary Considerations.

In vol 2, we have 16 chapters: Ranuculaceae – Buttercup Family; Cosmological Connections; Rosaceae – Rose Family; Luguminosae – Pea Family; Crucifeae – Mustard Family; Papaveraceaes, (including Fumariaceae) – Poppy Family; Libiatae – Mint Family; Liliaceae; and Amaryllidaceae – Bulbous Plants; The Onion, a Metamorphosis of the Lily; Gramineae – Grasses and Cereals; Orchidaceae – Orchard Family; Solanaceae – Nightshade Family; Rubiaceae – Bedstraw Family; Umbelliferae – Carrot Family; Comositae – Daisy Family; Lorantheaceae – Mistletoe; Conclusion.

These books are detailed, yet as some say: God is in the Details. Next I want to add certain ideas of the Magical Lore, as it were.

The “Tree” has been since ancient times a powerful symbol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_tree

The fact of their being a visible part in the air and the light, while an invisible part is underground and hidden.

I have been talking to (communing-with) what I call Grandmother Trees for about twelve years. It is not so much an individual that we meet, but rather a locus of more complex nature beings, themselves connected to the whole. Tolkien’s idea of speaking creature Tree-Beard, whose speech is slow, each thought requiring some contemplation, is accurate. Although, these Queens of the Dryads are wise, the wisest always look “dead”, leafless, and stark in form. Learning to listen requires a quiet mind. And, prayer-like patience. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/GrandmotherTree.html

The American writer Ursula K. LeGuin wrote a book: The Word for World is Forest. A few students of biology consider the darkest regions of old growth forest – never harvested and then replanted – to be a place where the Goddess Natura, as Alchemist, creates such wonders as micro-organisms that digest spilled oil, and take apart such horrors as nerve-gas, leaving living soil behind.

Another American author, Orson Scott Card, in his Maker series, imagines that the relationship between the green world and native peoples in America, is such that they could silently run through a forest, at one with this world, never getting a scratch from a tree, or missing a nice soft place of grass or earth in which to place their feet.

Six or seven years ago, I moved with my Lady, to a place where I had a private study, whose main ten feet by five feet window was ten yards from the forest, on the edges of which this home exists. This being mid-October, in the early morning light from the East, it is like looking at and into and through slow-dancing living fire. Faerie and the Fae live in the light and dark, the color Goethe might say.

Everywhere in the world, where we can have a “vista”, whether small or large, the stillness calms the soul. Sunrise and sunsets, sea of ice and snow, of desert and wind, or of noisy canyons of street.

Yet in writing of this gospel of the Green World, The Plant, I am reminded of a certain “Idea”, which is that there is only One Plant, expressing itself in an infinity of places in the Life Sphere, where everything is Breathing and Breath. My lungs are inside out empty spaces, of the same shape and form of the filled space that is like a tree.

Some folks see the great forests as the lungs of the world, yet there are contrarians who insist the algae of the sea is even greater.

The Planet, as an interconnected Whole, teeming with life, all exchanging needed nutrients … each part food for the other parts, even in the smallest of ways. The World a Divine Womb for Human Becoming.

Even Water and Air are everywhere. What role do They play? Human beings need both for life. Which is why we next will take up: Theodor Schwenk’s “Sensitive Chaos – the Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air”.

New Gospels: Part Six

The book: “Sensitive Chaos – the creation of flowing forms in Water & Air”, was the first Goethean Science work I bought, not even knowing such a discipline existed. I was living in the area of Berkeley, California, and found this bookstore: “Sunrise Books”, on Telegraph Avenue, on the first parts of the Oakland side of this long long street. It ran from downtown Oakland, through Berkeley, and ended abutted to the University of California at Berkeley, at the entrance to Sproul Plaza, a place where such events as the first aspects of what became the free speech movement began.

The owner of this small store had a deep affection for his clients, and would order books he knew we might like, even before we came by. When I had money for books I would go there to be surprised. I met Owen Barfield there. Obtained Olive Whicher’s beautiful “Projective Geometry: Creative Polarities in Space and Time.”, itself worthy of being called a gospel of the Second Becoming of Christ.

The cover of Sensitive Chaos has this quote from The New York Times Book Review: “Were he alive, William Blake would have loved this book – It is a ghostly, utterly additive work” The Preface is by Commandant Jacques Y. Cousteau.

Major sections:


Archetypal Movements of Water: Circulating Systems and Spiraling Surfaces; The Wave; The Formation of Vortices; The Vortex; Rhythmical Arrangement of Vortices; Vortex Rings; The Resting State originates in Movement.

Water, Nature’s Sense Organ

Water as Mediator between Earth and Cosmos

Water in Conflict with the Earth.

Three Characteristic Features of Water: The Ear; The Intestine; The Heart.

Streaming Wisdom

On the Spiritual Nature of the Liquid Element

Water and Air

Water in the Atmospheric Mantle of the Earth

Air: Sensitive Streams of Air; On the Spiritual Nature of the Air.

The Creative Word of the Universe

Afterword – Forms of Flow in Art

Beautifully illustrated, with great attention to detail. Bibliography. And at the end, more than two dozen photographs. Once you understand the ideas of source and sink, you will never look again at the bark of a tree, where it clearly “flows” around the space where the branch appeared.

Having followed these boulder sized bread crumbs, the gospel of the science of knowing, the gospel of the imagination, the gospel of physics, the gospel of organic chemistry, and the gospel of the Green World – The Plant, we have here added another dimension for the imagination, where the rivers and whispers of life, connect all to all, everywhere.

Coming Next: “Man and Mammal – towards a biology of form” by Wolfgang Schad.

New Gospels: Part Seven

Many, familiar with Steiner’s works, will be aware of the idea of the threefold form of the physical human being: Nerve-Sense system; Heart and Lung Rhythmic system; and Metabolic Limb system.

The story is told that this idea was clearly so important, that Steiner worked on it for 17 years, before beginning to mention it in: Riddles of Philosophy.

In the book “Man and Mammals – towards a biology of form”, we have beautiful and powerful examination of the details of this idea. Schad begins by introducing that idea, and then slowly reveals that in the animal kingdom, each “type” is woven from the domination of one system over the others – a gross oversimplification on my part.

After laying out his observations, he returns to the idea of the threefold human being, as the one creature that is so balanced that we become not specialized at all. Fish swim, we swim. Monkeys climb, we climb. Lions roar etc etc etc – we can do all, not being burdened with one system dominating any other.

I love how in describing each sub-category, he always ends up with the “teeth”, which verify all the prior observations. I am also amazed by the fact that he has observed many mammals in the wild, and can describe not just the form, but how they are integrated into their environments.

Mice are so “nervous”, they can die of fright. Elephants have only four actual teeth, very large molars to grind what they eat, the tusks just being extreme incisors.

Then there is the idea that the most important feature of the human is the feet, which allow uprightness and frees the hands to touch and modify the world.

Contents: I Method and Theme; II The Human Organism as Threefold; III Threefoldness in Mammals; IV The Carnivores and Whales; V The Rodents; VI The Unglates; VII The Horned Animals; VIII The Antlered Animals; IX The Giraffes; X The Shape of Time: Reproduction and Death; XI The Shape of the Environment; XII The Soul Life of Animals; XIII Some Additional Groups of Mammals; and, XIV The Threefoldness of Man.

Having now pointed to seven New Gospels, I should point out that Sensitive Chaos was placed before Man and Mammals, so that we would have some sense of the powers of the formative forces, born in Chaos, to engender order.

Having arrived at the human being, these next New Gospels will deal with that. Having placed two of my own works on this list of New Gospels, I’ll go to the first to appear in time: “The Way of the Fool”, which is a gospel of the experience of the Second Coming.

This book is expensive, and my copy did not include Schad’s discussion of embryology. There is no excuse for this book to be so costly. Maybe a reader of this will know of better sources.


New Gospels: Part Eight

I have two new gospels on the list. Today I share “the Way of the Fool”, http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/twotf.html which was born in inner work magical and mystical at age 64, and before my later meeting, at age 70, with the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold (http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/threshold.html After that rite of initiation, I wrote: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, which will discussed later down the list. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgod.html

I had just retired at 62 on Social Security, and was living in Prescott AZ, in a tiny efficiency apartment built in a converted garage. I was doing Franz Bardon work on a daily rhythm, as well as deepening my studies of the nature of “thinking”. Mornings were prayer and meditation and then writing.

The Internet discussion group: the Ark, was ending its service to the personalities gathering there. It was over a dozen years later before I connected that work to the Culmination. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Culmination.html

I was morbidly obese (the doctor’s term), a weight of about 310, on a 5’11’ frame. I decided to fast (at age 64), to see what that could do. I ended up fasting for 45 days (thus the magical and mystical connection), during which each morning new ways of seeing were presented to me. Often, because of the more conscious thinking, many of these inspiration were in the form of pure ideas.

One very “fun” one, which was more visionary, involved me seeing all the women in my life, as a kind of images in a series of individual “cards” (had been working with the tarot for around three decades), beginning with my mother, then girl friends and wives and daughters – each an individual teaching of the nature of love, from which I had learned, yet I still needed to do that reflection more consciously in order to truly appreciate these lessons.

The Sendings did not appear until after about ten days into the fast (which, on reflection, the fast allows a release of the will forces, usually spent on digestion), then continued daily until I de-fasted carefully. I took about forty pages of notes. Then the following year I did the main writing of “the Way of the Fool”, although I continued to revise it, until needing to stop – art has to let go before its ripening becomes decay, … so I finally published the work in 2007. The subtitle is next below:

the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”

A fundamental idea, born in the Sendings, was that an aspect of this work was to build a bridge between esoteric (gnosis) and exoteric (faith) Christianity.

*The first biblical quote, before the table of contents: Regarding the future of Christianity, here is John 16: 12-15 “I have much more to say to you, but you can’t bear it just yet. But when the other comes, the breath of truth, he will guide you in the ways of all truth, because he will not speak on his own, but will speak what he hears and announce to you what’s coming. He will glorify me, because he will take of what is mine and announce it to you. Everything the Father has is mine: that’s why I said he will take of what is mine and announce it to you

Abbreviated version of the table of contents, many of the more descriptive phrases have been left out.

MORAL GRACE (the theme – song – of the central mystery of the modern age). First Stanza: Shepherds and Kings. Second: the evolution of consciousness. Third: the Church and the Body of Christ. Fourth: Moral Grace: a first iteration.

FREEDOM (the theme – song – of the real challenge of modern life). Fifth: Three New Ways (the shepherd’s tale (the what would Jesus do movement), the kings tale (Rudolf Steiner), and the healer’s tale (the twelve steps). Sixth: in the Absence of the Good. Seventh: the Seventh Day of Creation. Eighth: the Gesture of the History of Civilization as expressed in both Matter and Spirit.

LOVE (the theme – song – of the deepest hidden potential of the human being). Ninth: the Four Forms of Love. Tenth: the Seventh Day of Creation as an expression of Love. Eleventh: entering the Narrow Gate. Twelfth: love and the gift of the word – being a demonstration (a deeper consideration of the relationship between our inner activity, and our outer acts in speech).

Appendices: Prayer and Meditation. Sacrifice of thoughts. Some further thoughts. A few words. In praise of the virtues of ordinary mind. Confessions. In Joyous Celebration of the Soul Art and Music in Discipleship.

Epilogue: Concerning the immediate future

End story: Bicycles: a Children’s Christmas Story for Adults.

I published the Meaning of Earth Existence in the Age of the Consciousness Soul

and In Joyous Celebration, … in a little book: Living Thinking in Action: In the following material I come at Living Thinking from two different directions. The first (The Meaning of Earth Existence in the Age of the Consciousness Soul) is from the outside inward, that is we work from social phenomena and then into the inner life of the human being. In the second (In Joyous Celebration of the Soul Art and Music of Discipleship) we work from the inside outward, from actions taking place entirely within the soul as these lead toward its latent potentials from which we are then able to stand on firm spiritual ground as an actor in the Creation.

In the Way of the Fool, “Meaning…” is the last words of the basic text, which begins: “There yet remains an effort to make a little summery of this book … “ These two represented an attempt to express the experience of the Return of Christ in the Ethereal, a kind of map as it were, which now brings me to describing this work – the Way of the Fool – as a gospel of the Second Becoming of Christ.

Given that we now come to types of gospels of inner work, we will next take up the study of a gospel of soul, Catherine MacCoun’s “On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician.”

New Gospels: Part Nine

Catherine MacCoun’s book: “On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician”, I have called a gospel of the soul. She, with true modesty, describes this work as a fusion of Christian and Tibetan Alchemy.

For example, before finding and examining Steiner’s Anthroposophy, she was a student of the Tibetan Lama Choygam Trungpa for fifteen years. We meet, via the electronic ethereal, on the Ark. Along with myself and Stephen Clarke (whose “gospel” level work we will look at next), the three of us, from the point of view of today, were among those personalities destined to experience the Culmination. http://ipwebdev.com/hemit/Culmination.html American Platonists in the sense of Steiner’s ideas about this gathering.

I had actually read several of Trungpa’s books, and seen him lecture during my Berkeley years. I was – at that time – personal friends with several of his student.

Among all the personalities on the Ark, she had the sharpest mind, and the most pointed wit.

At one point the Ark-folk were considering Steiner’s ideas about the Jesuits. In a fashion that was typical for her, she dropped out of the Ark for a while, and personally practiced the Meditations of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.

After some discussion as regards Steiner’s indications concerning this group, some of us concluded that the Meditations practice by modern Jesuits, had lost some of the original meaning, a fate common to many of the purposes of founders of Catholic religious orders. The “Roman Church”, in a sense, warped the real works of many such “saints”. St. Francis, for example, while he was quite correct as to the weaknesses, his teachings are ignored by the institutional hierarchy.


Catherine had her first direct experiences of the spirit at age seventeen, shorty after her mother died by suicide.

I have known two very intelligent women, who were raised in the Church, and both of them revealed that while you can get the adult out of the Church, the child remains attached, and can often be very judgmental. Catherine, for example, liked to use the indefinite term “inappropriate”, in describing the behavior of others on the Ark.

In the late summer of 2000, she advised is that she was going off-line, in order to go the Morocco (she speaks French) and seek to know the experience of the Muslim Rite of Ramadan. She also said the Christ had asked her to do this. Having been “asked” myself by Christ, on occasion, what He does is show you something, which then becomes personal knowledge, … knowledge which our character cannot but act upon.

She was able to spend that period, inside the woman’s compound, of a large Muslim family.

On her return to the Ark, she started writing her Ramadan Diaries, which included this set of concepts. Certain social aspects of Christ’s message, could not be received by the Greeks, the Romans, and the Hebrews. To her “vision” these teachings remained in the world of spirit, and following a kind of hyperbolic arc, descended via the angelic inspiration gifted to Mohammad.

This work of hers, prompted by Christ, became a crucial background a year after her journey to Morocco, when 9/11 happened.

My own research recently led me to seeing that the three patriarchal monotheisms, were one religion, not three. Law from the Hebrews. Love from the Christians. And, Surrender from the Islamic teaching.

Catherine wrote a stinging, yet deep, essay on the sex-scandals that erupted in the A. Society around 1915. “Work on what has be spoiled” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/ktmc1.html

I wrote a review of On Becoming an Alchemist here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/CatherineMacCoun.html

One way to appreciate her brilliance is to understand that she made her living helping other writers work out how to write their books. From these experiences, she came to know a great deal.


Part One: Principles. 1 In the Quest of the Philosopher’s Stone. 2 Unlocking the Secret Codes. 3 Separate the Subtle from the Gross. 4 Levity and Gravity – navigating the vertical world. 5 Living Backward – time, freedom, and magical intuition.

Part Two: Procedures. 6 Commencing the Great Work. 7 Calcination. 8 Dissolution. 9 Separation. 10 Conjunction. 11 Fermentation. 12 Sublimation. 13 Radiation.

Appendix 1: How to Meditate. Appendix 2: Night School. Further reading.

New Gospels: Part Ten

Our path so far: 1) Steiner’s Gospel of Knowing, “a Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception; 2) Barfield’s Gospel of the Imagination, “Poetic Diction”; 3) Lehrs’ Gospel of Physics, “Man or Matter”; 4) Hauschka’s Gospel of Organic Chemistry,“The Nature of Substance”; 5) Grohmann’s Gospel of the Green Word, “The Plant, vol 1 and 2”; 6) Schwenk’s Gospel of Order from Movement: “Sensitive Chaos”; 7) Shad’s Gospel of Form: “Man and Mammals”; 8) Wendt’s Gospel of the Second Coming, “the Way of the Fool”; 9) MacCoun’s Gospel of Soul, “On Becoming an Alchemist” And Now Number Ten …

Stephen Clarke, who I named in “The Crack in the Foundation of the Castle of the Dragon” the Scholar Seer, ( http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/confstory2.html ) gives us a monumental cascade of works: a Gospel of the Mother.

We knew each other from the Ark (1997-2003), and then met in the physical just after I moved to Prescott AZ, as he was a neighbor of sorts, living at that time in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When we got together in Santa Fe, I got to see “Mozart’s Garage”, where Stephen labored at keeping high-end German cars rough and ready. The building was the cleanest auto repair place I had ever seen.

In one corner was a large room. It was filled with shelves and shelves of books. At one point he commented that he sometimes spent as much as five or six hundred dollars a month on phone bills. He liked to reach out.

From that touch stone we got in a BMW (I think) with a completely rebuilt engine, heading in the direction of Detroit, to attend a meeting where ….. was speaking. At one point he placed into the “glove” box three plain wrapped packages, with some string as a tie. Inside each was an America Spirit tobacco pouch. These were to be gifts to be given to native elders he wanted to meet, as we traveled through their reserve.

Usually we would go to the main offices of the Tribal Councils, which some readers here may know is a form of order forced upon aboriginal Nations, by the occupying U. S. Government. I remember we made just one stop, and I can’t remember the result.

Then the fun … Stephen’s car broke-down. Embarrassing, sure, but we were on a road trip after all. He urged me to get on a bus and continue onward. I firmly declined. He should not be alone. We ended out camping in a nearby cafe, while he lined up a vehicle with a hitch, and the auto-trailer to go with it.

I asked him what had happened, and he took a napkin and a pen and with a few stokes and comments he taught me something I had never known, about the circulation of fuel and water in the block, for there were two systems. Except in our case, the water system leaked into the gas, and then the engine stopped.

Too me he was the teacher that opened my eyes to the Mother. I had read a copy of his “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, where he describes fear filled alien encounters, where after some repetitions, he chose to love these apparitions.

For him that was the gateway then to the Underworld (Stephen at that time was waxing poetically about the English Nature savant: R. J. Stewart). His art he called “belly clairvoyance”, and spoke of regular visits to have Tea and Company with the Mother and Her Court.

The book above is not in print, although I have a xerox copy. I also have another masterpiece, … his concepts as regard the “anthroposophical”, called: “Short Circuit”. I also have a earlier section of his work and researches on America Mysteries ( http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/clarke4.html ), such as: “Sorry can’t do much more than hint – how about mesoamerica, the bomb, the divine feminine, mysteries of the underworld, close encounters and more.”

Stephen gave up on the Anthroposophical Society, when they held a conference of “world spiritual leaders”, and despite his urging and offer of help, no indigenous spiritual leader from the Americas was invited. A whole couple of continents ignored, by people in high mountains, perhaps afraid of caves, magic mushrooms, and moonlit nights.

I have, no doubt influenced by Stephen, decried the use of the term “evil” in connection with how to see reality. He wrote two scholarly articles on these problems in the A. Society. By scholarly I mean carefully and precisely reasoned, and well footnoted.

https://www.rsarchive.org/RelArtic/ClarkeStephen/Dilemma.php “Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma – in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth”; and, “Rudolf Steiner’s Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined” Introduction, 2017. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Clarke5.html

These next three he sent me, after I asked for works to but on my blog. The titles suggest, and are full of scholarly wonders of insight.

Lately he created a Facebook page dedicated to Bach: https://www.facebook.com/groups/615895712730639

From Stephen Clarke’s “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”

Table of Compliments

God the Mother God the Father

multifarious unitary

luminous darkness blinding light

questions answers

spontaneous playfulness fixity of purpose

fractal centripetal

below above

grief bliss

relaxation striving

immovable irresistible

forms life

mercy justice

chaos logos

New Gospels: Part Eleven

This Eleventh gospel, is my book “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”. It is a gospel of human social and political life. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgod.html

Some of the back story goes like this:

In 2007, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. The cardiologist talked me into becoming a part of a study drug, that was meant to replace warfarin, aka: rat poison, for diluting the blood’s clotting factor and thereby make less likely that the a-fib would throw off a blood clot, which could cause strokes and such.

There was, for me, a “side-effect” on a physiological level, in that my emotions became very labile (prone to ups and downs). This brought about tension in my primary relationship, with Dr. Kelly Sutton. That is we started to fight a lot.

The company managing the testing was only interested in measurable physical effects.

One night Kelly and I had a fight, and in the morning we decided to break up. We did, although about four months later we had a phone conversation in which we discovered that each of us thought the other wanted out, and because we loved them, we would agree, even though ourselves we wished to stay together.

This confusion was brought about by the respective threefold double complex, for our karmas needed to diverge, and we would have failed in those tasks if we stayed together.

After we stopped living together, my doctor gave me a stress test – on a treadmill, being asked to over exert myself, so that the doctor could get some numbers. Three weeks later I had two heart attacks on the same day, about an hour apart, yet fortunately I was in the ER having woken up feeling seriously odd, and got Kelly to drive me there. It was September 19th, 2007, an odd taste of the Season of Michaelmas.

During this phase of my biography I was beginning to write: American Anthroposophy, and had in fact opened my heart to Ahriman, knowing that real knowledge required we love the object of thought.

I was mostly unconscious, in the hospital, for about two and a third days, waking up to three of my five children looking at me with great concern. I had seen no white lights, but my will was stronger, and more determined to do now, instead of later.

After my heart attacks, I was attending a gathering in the Faust Branch in Fair Oaks, California. They were reading aloud Paul Emberson’s “From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley”. I knew this work, and had written a critical essay about it: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/counter-silicon.html

I felt the darkening in the room, due to the presence of various undesirable invisible beings, interrupted the flow of the conversation, to warn them, and to reference Tomberg’s admonition in his Tarot book, on Arcanum 15, the Devil, that to meditate/contemplate evil (a common failing among Steiner students), leads to a loss of the soul’s vital `elan.

I was yelled at, and told, by two of the most respected local anthroposophists: “That I knew nothing about Anthroposophy.”

I had been renting a room, and in December, the home’s owner decided to live with a Persian woman, who needed an environment in which no unattached adult male resided.

So, 2007, while beginning the work on American Anthroposophy, my body rejected me, my lady rejected me, and the Society that I loved rejected me. As if by magic, an old friend – a Mohawk shamaness – invited me to live in her little efficiency apartment, built in one half of her garage. She lived in New Hampshire.

Plans were then laid for me to rent a car, and drive across American, in January, from one coast to the other. I worked out a long list of multiple locations of a cheap motel chain, so that whenever I needed to stop, I knew the closest one.

I also tracked the winter storms, that drove across America, also West to East. There were little gaps in between them, so I made an effort to drive in this moving zone. Ice storms had proceeded me, however, and the roads were very treacherous. I spent a day in the middle of a group of very large trucks, driving through fog at about ten to fifteen miles an hour. In some places, traffic had left troughs in the ice and snow, that grabbed at the wheels of all of us madmen, who dared to wander the curves of the continental divide, a bit of interstate above seven thousand feet.

In Nebraska clear skies and sun, and then I had a flat tire. I called the rental company, and he suggested I unpack the car of everything I owned, that I could not send by media mail, and change the tire. I – politely – explained that I was 67, had recently had two heart attacks, and it was clear that looking at the tire, the mesh was already exposed, so why did they rent me a faulty car.

They sent a guy. He pointed out that both front tires had exposed mesh, and the rear tires looked like they were next. I drove fifty miles to a truck stop as advised by the guy, and played the game: when will the rental company pay in advance the tire folk, for the two new tires.

About twenty hours lost there, and the tire people had said you have to do something about the other two, so the rental guy sez, a day or so ahead, they have a guy at an airport, that takes care of their cars. When I found him it turned out he had no new tires at all, but gestured to the acres of semi-broken rental cars, and said he probably could find me two good ones. In spite of the bleak ordeal, I was benefiting greatly from the kindnesses of strangers.

About two hours after I left that wonder, the storm that had been chasing me had finally caught up. Fortunately, it was by then just cold rain and wind.

I drove eight hundred miles the next day, surfing the wave front of the following storm. At one point the lightening dancing was so amazing, that I pulled off the road, into an empty parking lot, turned the car so that I could lower a window, yet escape the water and winds. I was there about fifteen minutes when lightening struck a big garbage pail sized transformer, atop a thick wooden pole.

It exploded, and lights went out for blocks around. From the list I found a nearby motel, picked up some fried fish and chips, which I ate at the fast food, and then rented away, finally lying down on the bed, spent, psychologically exhausted. Empty. I not only did not care whether or not I died, but felt it pointless to even continue to exist as spirit.

It was Jan. 6Th, 2008, Epiphany. I had been doing a Holy Nights routine, which consisted of the Lord’s Prayer, a self-created prayer of gratitude, and the first 14 verses of the John Gospel, as urged by Steiner in: Gospel of John: Lecture XII: The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit.

Lying there, sans anchor, I thought why not, and began to speak aloud “Our”, to discover that I was not in Kansas anymore. I did not yet know the name: luminous darkness, but that was what warmed me, as with the first word “Our” I was introduced to the Idea Beings for both prayers and the verses.

For example, what “Our” felt like was feeling of gratitude, a participated state of consciousness of the whole of the creation, for the Father’s gift of being.

This initiation experience, I later understood, was to the Mysteries of the Mother.

In New Hampshire, in that tiny studio, I finished writing – and self published – “American Anthroposophy”. By September I was in Concord Massachusetts, where I met and then wooed my Lady Linda. We are thirteen years this Autumn.

Over the winter of 2009/2010, I experienced the meeting with the Lesser and Greater Guardians.

Subsequent to that, while watching my youngest get caught up in the wave of anti-religious thinking, that produced such works as Sam Harris’s “The End of Faith”, I took up the writing of The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything, which had the subtitle: “A challenge to the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang”, by offering A Theory of God and its details as a fully accurate and realistic Theory of Everything

My idea was to take the spiritual aspects of the Creation, transpose them into the form of a Theory, and show that a spirit-theory was far more superior in explaining human existence, than was scientific materialism.


“(This vortex-like structure is very fluid and in constant movement, such that we will come around to the same general conceptual area over time, seeking with each new experience a deeper examination.  In a way a kind of new conceptual vocabulary has to be prepared, such that over the period of the different experiences, all will hopefully become more and more useful. Simultaneously, as we build new concepts, we will in the same gesture have to dismantle others.

Page numbers are not given, although I can understand why someone might want them. They are in part technically a problem in internet self-publishing because of the conversion of an rtf. file to a PDF document, which conversion alters the paging considerably. But the main reason is that this book is not written like a scholarly work it all. It is written to be experienced, and the reader is free to organize that experience in any way they see fit, and should not be confined to any arbitrary scheme of mine. The titles below simply represent where in a certain mood I felt like delineating a change of theme, and these titles then have more of a relationship to artistic musical and poetic notation then any more academic or conventional system of order.

Once more, as regards the vortex metaphor: the upper boundaries of a vortex are wider, and the speed of circulation slower for those objects caught up in that aspect of its nature. As the vortex-tornado deepens it narrows almost to a point, where the velocity and force which is active there is at its maximum. So also then with the journey through this book – a gradual intensification is intended in terms of the application of this books nature on the processes of the reader’s mind.)”

– dedication / – introduction/ – beginning with a theory of God/ – the Shaman sees Wholes/ – back to our pursuit of a theory of God/ – the Idea of God/ – the shape of the social political world of humanity/ – some limits to natural science/ – a transition/ – the questions of Why and Time/ – the Mystery of Evil as aspects of How and Why/ – some thoughts on the necessary, yet temporary, superficial nature of these discussions/ – God in Time and Space/ – the totality of the order of the macro-social world as an Embodiment of the Word/ – further limits of the present truth-structures in natural science/ – the problem of human freedom/ – the conflict itself has meaning/ – … and make an evolved synthesis of the previous thoughts/ – a slight shift of emphasis/ – time, space and spiritual causality/ – the Theory of Evolution, its limits and biases/ – the bones … an alternative explanation/ – … some aspects of a real science of the mind/ – the appearance of the free moral individual in human social-political life/ – interlude and recapitulation/ – additional aspects of the nature of thought and thinking/ – social life, in the biography, as a creative invention – the self-conscious spirit as an artist in life/ – evidence and proof of God, as well as some proposed experiments and tests … or, the now we’ve got him section,’cause he is never ever going to be able to do that/ – indirect evidence of God/ – direct evidence of God/ – a new path to the spirit, elaborated in three parts: 1) “The Misconception of Cosmic Space as appears in the Ideas of Modern Astronomy”; 2) “The Meaning of Earth Existence in the Age of the Consciousness Soul”; and, 3) “In Joyful Celebration of the Soul Art and Music of Discipleship”.

New Gospels: Part Twelve

If we just ask, are there more such “gospels”? On the macro scale we will touch the heart of it in recognizing that always with the Twelve, there was also the Thirteenth. That poem is for tomorrow. Here I wish to add certain other personally verified “gospels”, as well as mention/recognize that Bob Marley and the Moody Blues are personal favorites.

We all have our loves, and even if love is not returned, She still has the whole world in His Hands.

Of special mention, for the library, are the works of Thomas Cowan, and his friend Sally Fallon, gospels of healing medicines and thoughts.

Tom Cowan: “The Fourfold Path to Healing”. Four: nutrition; therapeutics; movement; meditation. My favorite myth breaking step is his presentation of the nutritional value of a Fat Pyramid.

Same time purchase: Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions.” People from our heritage know a thing or two about growing and making living food.

Thomas Cowan: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”; Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood illnesses”; “Cancer and a New Biology of Water”; as well as the most recent: “The Contagion Myth”, with Sally Fallon.

Except for “The Contagion Myth”, all are available on Amazon.

Next: George Adams Kaufman, and his aide and student, Olive Whicher.

In his little book, “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”, Adams points to Rudolf Steiner for indicating that with the living we need a living mathematics. The mind of the doctor is evolved when they can think in mobile pictures the transformative/shaping relationships/forces.

Whicher, in her introduction, adds that Steiner also indicated that the same living mathematics would be quite helpful for any student interested in spirit.

The name of this mathematics is Projective, or Synthetic Geometry. The “Synthetic” aspect means all other geometries are derived versions of Projective Geometry, such as Euclidean and Reinman.

Projective: think of the cone of light that enters the eye, and turns inside out in a kind of way. A geometry without measure, built out of points, lines, and planes, … infinite points, lines, and, planes … a line of points and a plane of points; a plane of lines and a point of lines; and a point of planes and a line of planes.

Whicher’s “Projective Geometry and creative forms in time and space” (a nice companion to Sensitive Chaos) helps the reader learn by making drawings. Only need a few pencils, a good sized ruler, and some large sheets of paper.

Adams wrote some books that ought to be still be in print, and studied. They are not easy: “Space and the Light of Creation – a new Cosmic Theory” 1) Radiation of Space; 2) Music of Number; 3) Burden of Earth and Sacrifice of Warmth. Published in 1933.

Adams, with Whicher, wrote: “The Plant Between Sun and Earth – and the science of physical and ethereal spaces.” Wonderful drawings, and at one time beautiful with color.

Adams: “Universal Forces in Mechanics” When we bend that wire hanger back forth until it breaks, we see the release of the “gravity bound light” (Man or Matter) in the form of heat and changes in color.

Most everyone who warders into Anthroposophy, either wandered before, or after, into the living thought of Valentin Tomberg. There appear to be three phases in his biography. Most of us know the poles: Anthroposophical Studies, and then the switch to Catholicism and the writing of “Meditations on the Tarot – a journey into Christian Hermeticism”

In the middle between those poles, he spent 1944 hanging out in the Hague, while the world crashed and burned in a horrible war, for which there were too many daily reminders, and dangers as well. He met some students and teachers of Jurisprudence, and then mastered the higher ancient origins of Law, and the degeneration that followed.

As only Tomberg could, he refused to abandon the Latin in which the thought of the Law was cast, from Roman era, through the scholastics, and into modern times, where we today find that money and power are effectively the Law, which is a mere ghost of what it once was, and might yet be.

It is a challenging read. I’ve spent bits and pieces of hours rereading certain paragraphs, so as to not loose the thread.

For the Steiner fan, notice the threefold nature of Tomberg’s path, and Steiner’s ideas of head, heart, and hands, as translated into social order: Cultural Life, Political-legal Life, and Economic Life.

What is absent everywhere is Justice. We all know this. If you want to become part of the law-creation process, you will not find a more inspirational&deep book as: “The Art of the Good.”

I now want to add the gospel level works on “economy” by Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie M.A.

We meet during my time on the Ark, but she was not a member. She had contacted me from discovering my writings, and during our exchanges she sent me a copy of Irina Gordienko’s “Sergei O. Prokofieff, Myth and Reality”, a discussion of how that much of his works warped and distorted Steiner’s actual message. Of course, the Gordienko event passed unnoticed by most believers in his work, and the publishing of a review of that book, in the New Review, led to the editor’s sacking.
The following link is to her work: “Aesthetics of Economics and the Scottish Masonic Tradition, in the Light of the Folk Spirits” ipwebdev.com/hermit/bgae1.html

I recently discovered a lost file of her related book: “the shepherd’s fire” and posted that here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/11/08/the-shepherds-fire/

The formatting on that book is a bit clumsy, for which I apologize. These works are remarkable, deeply into the mysteries of Anthroposophia and other sources of understanding this two part gospel of the spirit of “economia”
Here are two additional links to the contemplations of Elizabeth A. MacKenzie: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgodreview.html and: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/liz_wetmore_e-mails.html

New Gospels: Part “the Thirteenth”

Rudolf Steiner suggested that the reason Judas had to kiss Christ, was that when He and the Twelve where “teaching”, the “stories” could come though anyone, making Christ invisible to observing Centurions, and/or Hebrew religious zealots.

What if the Whole, from the Order on the other-side of the starry wonders, to the deeps of the unknown and unformed Chaos … what if the-what-It-is (the phenomena) is Its own Gospel?

Can we listen to the World Song?

As above, so below, for the miracle of the One … which begets mother and father, or the Two, who begat father son and holy spirit into a primal male Trinity, needing its reflection in a female Trinity, with the two forming the Seal of Solomon, … male – fire principle = triangle pointed up, and female – water principle = triangle pointed down.

… which leads to the Mystery of the Thrice Blessed Sphere, aka: the Material World.

Imagine a sphere as large as the size of the room in which you sit reading …. Next, imagine another sphere, a cosmic hand’s breathe apart … two boundaries … go out too far, die of cold … go in too far, die of heat …

The Third Blessed Sphere is through the gateway of the own heart’s mind. Look within, and discover the truly endless universe, we lamely call: spirit.

If we understand the Law, which is that everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time … if we then add to that Love, generated in our own spirit-hearts, or heart’s mind, after which we Surrender to the inescapable community of Endless Becoming ….

every human being lives and dies to the extent they occupy a material body … a temporary residence … Where the secondary primal Two – Mother and Son – unite into the Mystery of the blossoming within the two material aspects of the sphere – the upper and lower physical limits, transcended each and every moment We sleep, and step out of time and space altogether …

The Music of the Spheres is already here, each spark an arc-light of fire into the social-political world. Reality is fully participatory. Is there a quality akin to a book, latent and obvious in the It-is-what-It-is?

Stories … everywhere-when, … a few … with encouragement to sing your own

Some clues, found along the Way. The Hopi Prophecy and Oral History remembers Atlantis. There is a song, of two brothers, each to be the guardian of a stone tablet, broken into two halves. In the mystical magical lore of humanity we dream of Shamballahs, where all is in balance, while on the Way we seek a Philosopher’s Stone, and an Emerald Tablet as well … perhaps recognized as the hearth place where all such stones … can today, rest upon a “Foundation Stone”, our individual fire warming all …

What is America, in this newly revealing social zodiac? A book is named: “the People of Plenty”, certainly true … just wander in the carnival of an American grocery story – the world feeds us. I have used the idea, with some success, to temper that lable, with the recognition that Americans are also a People of Peoples.

Then there is the Dream, shared by many sparks world-wide, that imagines moving there, seeking stardom in Hollywood, or obscene riches, or both, … or maybe just a less dangerous place to raise a family

Civilization dying into a new becoming, heavily armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction, needs a reminder, so the Mother times-out the whole world, via a Plague (one of Her Four Horseman). During which forced monastic reflection, many out of work people decided not to go back to that senseless and meaningless job.

The Official News Narrative is propaganda, willfully useless, and driven by the need of most television stations to make money via commercials, … meanwhile in America, the People of Peoples of Plenty watch their capitalistic medicine fail, at human costs incalculable.

She, of Divine Providence, Rogue Weather, the Four-Horseman, the love from which the holding dear of “gravity” springs, and the Gate of Death … She holds the Whole World in His Hands.

The world burns because the Son is baptizing us with Fire and Holy Breath … the fires of the trials and tragedies of life and living, and the miracle of inner strength while each spark’s heart’s mind grows daily something new. Old patterns fail, and new maps are generated.

We all live the School of Hard Knocks and Shared Pain. Our time is a thirteen level game, with death real.

Why did He say that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven? Wealth and Power are the two greatest addictions.

Nigerian fake princes, ransomware cracker hackers, every one running this way and that … what happens when 7 billion people decide to no longer give-in to this awful?

One of most remarkable aspects of the January 6th attack on the American Capital Building, is when a minister sympathetic with the rioters, finds himself holding a bullhorn, and looking down on the chaos below, perceives a “fortunate” moment of silence and then asks everyone who can hear to join him in prayer. Healing waters for tired and frightened hearts.

Everyone needs to feel special, for with certainty, that is how the Mystery knows us.

There is a quality to this time, which is that as we endure the trials together, some needing help and others needing to be helpers – both roles in which each of us will participate, … this Kindness of Strangers is a Social Eucharist, givers and receivers of both the wine of being seen, and the host of compassion, spiced with love.

– all that chooses is of the thirteenth —

Humanity is already United via the Covid-Mystery

Imagine that the mycelium networks that everywhere are physical/material … these are manifestations of the simultaneously interconnected world of thought. As Above, So Below.

When the Mystery ignites this order of Shared Trial, while this Rite is common in general form, for each individual It is Unique.

The Path to the Future is through the Gateways of the Past. Each evolving spiritual spark has their own destiny, and the Ancient Earth Religion of where spark was born, and/or lives now, has all the needed stories.

A Christian Shaman sings this Way:

The Mother has the Whole Word in His Hands. He of not-Peace, but a Sword, Who is presently baptizing all through fire and holy breath. He lives in the thought world, today, being crucified on the cross of the religion of scientific materialism.

Each Spark is a manifesting locus of the Mystery. We generate the thoughts with which we burden ourselves, through not understanding – in practice – Judge Not.

Every nature that exists, exists because the Mystery has blessed it into continual becoming. Law sang the Hebrews. Love sang the Christians. Surrender sang the Muslims … one religion, not three.

The previous world disappeared in Water, and this world will disappear in Fire. Living through the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization is not for the faint hearted.

If there is to be wonder, grace, comradeship, and understanding, that Garden belongs to each spark to cultivate within the reach of the own will.

The Globe of Existence is alive everywhere. What we dream to find in the stars, is right next door, … a path back to communion-with the wild lands, of Faerie and the Fae.

The Mother loves into being what we call gravity. A minor matter of She Who is also Rogue Weather, The Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death.

The Son loves into being Life, Light, and Breath. Mother moon-magic, Son sun-magic. Father, the Original Maker, is Matter: It matters to me for Matter to be, and that I to Matter do matter.

That aspect of our lives, which we might call Divine Providence – there being nothing random in the Great All – is continual personal teaching. While we are all the right people in the right place at the right time, each act of kindness is its own original flower.

Trust the Mystery, They trust us.

Humanity is already United via the Covid-Mystery

Imagine that the mycelium networks that everywhere are physical/material … these are manifestations of the simultaneously interconnected world of thought. As Above, So Below.

When the Mystery ignites this order of Shared Trial, while this Rite is common in general form, for each individual It is Unique.

The Path to the Future is through the Gateways of the Past. Each evolving spiritual spark has their own destiny, and the Ancient Earth Religion of where spark was born, and/or lives now, has all the needed stories.

A Christian Shaman sings this Way:

The Mother has the Whole Word in His Hands. He of not-Peace, but a Sword, Who is presently baptizing all through fire and holy breath. He lives in the thought world, today, being crucified on the cross of the religion of scientific materialism.

Each Spark is a manifesting locus of the Mystery. We generate the thoughts with which we burden ourselves, through not understanding – in practice – Judge Not.

Every nature that exists, exists because the Mystery has blessed it into continual becoming. Law sang the Hebrews. Love sang the Christians. Surrender sang the Muslims … one religion, not three.

The previous world disappeared in Water, and this world will disappear in Fire. Living through the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization is not for the faint hearted.

If there is to be wonder, grace, comradeship, and understanding, that Garden belongs to each spark to cultivate within the reach of the own will.

The Globe of Existence is alive everywhere. What we dream to find in the stars, is right next door, … a path back to communion-with the wild lands, of Faerie and the Fae.

The Mother loves into being what we call gravity. A minor matter of She Who is also Rogue Weather, The Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death.

The Son loves into being Life, Light, and Breath. Mother moon-magic, Son sun-magic. Father, the Original Maker, is Matter: It matters to me for Matter to be, and that I to Matter do matter.

That aspect of our lives, which we might call Divine Providence – there being nothing random in the Great All – is continual personal teaching. While we are all the right people in the right place at the right time, each act of kindness is its own original flower.

Trust the Mystery, They trust us.

the indictment for crimes against humanity

the following document examines this moment in the history of humanity, which is called, in some circles, the Covid-19 Plague. The author sees the world as filled with spirit, not just matter. He also sees the world as having many people for whom the word evil fails to grasp their essence … alien and inhuman gets closer.

there is below a lengthy discussion of the Official Narrative as to the causes of this plague, and this seeks to disenchant them of their lies and falsehoods. In some places on the Internet and elsewhere, folk caught up is this are falsely described by others as “sheep”. Ordinary people, who seem to be submitting to a kind of tyranny, really have complex day to day lives, full of woes of various kinds, and have no time to work out the kinds of thoughts and ideas to be found below ….

from the stand point of the Divine Mystery, we are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. In our biographies then, the reach of our individual will is to be definitive. The Mystery trusts us, and we might consider trusting Them back, as to the Big Picture …


for crimes against humanity

Whereas the Peoples of the World are suffering grievous harm at the hands of Multinational Corporations, which are enabled to do so by the failures of various Heads of State and other politicians, who also gain personal wealth by their oppression of the human beings over which they claim the right to control, imprison, and kill, …

We the People of the Earth assert our power to try in the Court of Public Opinion such immoral actors for these crimes.

This is a simple matter of Justice, which neither the Corporations or various State actors pursue, given that present day legal tribunals have also failed to guard the People of the Earth from the overreaching of these entities into their personal lives.

The Rights of Humanity, as developed in the Hague follow World War Two, and expressed in The ten points of the Nuremberg Code concerning “permissible human experiments” (1) … these Rights are being violated right now in the actions leading up to the worldwide social crisis we label: the Covid Plague.

True Justice is the Right of each Individual human being, given that the human being is a divine emanation of the Mystery Itself. The ancient priests, of the early stages of Egyptian civilization, understood that the human being was the microcosm, an exact analogue of the Microcosm, formulated sometimes this way: “As Above, so Below; and, as Below, so Above; for the miracle of the One”.

Fundamentally the individual human being is to be both the trier of fact, as well as the enumerator of the law … in this case, Divine Law. We are prosecutor, judge, and jury, and we call before the Bar of Justice, in the Court of Public Opinion, these State and Corporate actors to be judged for their crimes.

The following facts can be established, for each individual, through becoming familiar with certain writings concerning the lies being told to the public. What is being challenged here is the belief in the Official Narrative as to the causes and meaning of the pandemic.

Certain lies have been in existence since just after the 1918 flu epidemic, where the scientists of that era established as fact, that there was no contagious illness at play. These observations have since been covered over with propaganda that benefited the big pharmaceutical companies.

The scientific examination of the actual reality revealed that the five so-called centers of contagion were in fact so far apart from each other that it was simply not possible to claim that any one center of alleged contagion had spread disease to the whole world.

In looking for a common factor to explain this mystery, it had been discovered that each of the five major “sources” had recently been exposed locally to new electronic radiation in the atmosphere, from the first five powerful radar installations of that era. (2)

Essentially, humanity was becoming exposed to even more illness generating pollution, than was already present everywhere in the soil, the air, the water, the food, and our medicines, since the mid-19th century when industrial civilization began to rule. What can be called “scientific materialism” had become a kind of pseudo-scientific religion, where modern scientists claimed that the human being was only matter, and without an interior life of spirit and soul.

Today this riddle has come down to an argument about whether “qualia”, such as the smell of a rose – which cannot be measured, is of equal importance as what today’s science discovers in it investigations of “quantities”, which can be measured. Every ordinary person can self observe that our conscious experience actually consists primarily of qualia.

Without doubt people are suffering and dying everywhere. The underlying question is whether or not the Official Narrative actually explains Why.

The general false assumption can be called: the germ/virus theory of disease. To understand this riddle, it is necessary to appreciate the history of natural science, no small matter. (3) At the same time, for the purposes of this Indictment, this theory asserts that a very tiny piece of semi-organic material can invade the human biological organism, and “cause” illness.

Is that true?

The phenomena observed by the priests of the religion of materialistic science is that there comes to be a massive proliferation of these organisms in various regions of the physical body, and this is a sign of causality – although even doctors know that “mere association does not establish causality”.

Among more rigorous thinkers, it is clear that this proliferation is not the cause, but just another symptom of illness. The reasons the body serves as food for these organisms, is because the Whole Itself is Out of Balance. In our present situation, this lack of balance is an effect of long term industrial pollution.

As our bodies have had to deal with illness producing toxins and poison, even the DNA has been weakened in its ability to transmit health from parent to child. We, at birth, already have compromised immune systems. When you add the number of “vaccines’’ being given to children these days, … these weaken the immune system as well

An important phenomena is the appearance of “seasonal flu”. We are taught to believe the “flu” is a disease, when in fact it is an effort by the body’s immune system to throw off the toxins and poisons encountered every single day of our lives.

We live in a sea of anti-life manufactured and synthetic chemistry, and it is no wonder that we are chronically ill. The appearance today of the phenomena called “long Covid” is further proof. People who have had this “flu-plague” and “recovered”, continue to be ill, and in some cases die, even though “vaccinated”.

To appreciate this, we need to look at the four major soul and spiritual aspects, which materialistic medicine doesn’t know what to do with, because they can’t be measured: Stress, Sensitivity, Will to Live, and the true mystery of the Immune System.

Quoted material just below is without a footnote link, because anyone can Google for these definitions – they are everywhere, and well known, yet now forgotten in our panic responses to this crisis.

People are under a great deal of Stress in their normal lives. “The body’s autonomic nervous system controls your heart rate, breathing, vision changes and more. Its built-in stress response, the “fight-or-flight response,” helps the body face stressful situations. When a person has long-term (chronic) stress, continued activation of the stress response causes wear and tear on the body. Physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms develop.”

The pandemic the political responses increase Stress, … they do not alleviate it.

In normal life we hold each other for comfort, touch being essential to health. “When you don’t get enough physical touch, you can become stressed, anxious, or depressed. As a response to stress, your body makes a hormone called cortisol. This can cause your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and breathing rate to go up, with bad effects for your immune and digestive systems.”

The erroneous idea of contagion has caused officials to require social distancing, masking, lock-downs, and in the worst case hospitalization, where both caregiver and patient are completely physically isolated from each other – no comforting contact allowed.

Sensitivity has been well known for a long time. With regard to our medicines, this phenomena is called by the useless euphemism: “side effects”. In the book The Invisible Rainbow it is pointed out that when electricity was first discovered, people gathered at “parties”, to hold hands in circles through which a mild electrical current was run. When “Sensitive” folks began to faint and/or have nosebleeds, this “fun” ceased to be attractive.

Will to Live – Wikipedia: “There are significant correlations between the will to live and existential, psychological, social, and physical sources of distress. Many, who overcome near-death experiences with no explanation, have described the will to live as a direct component of their survival. The difference between the wish to die versus the wish to live is also a unique risk factor for suicide.”

Here we come to the phenomena of so much death among elders enduring nursing home care. Touch is lost. Masking confuses. Social Distancing is crazy. Most of these elderly already have chronic “diseases”, and are being treated with side-effect producing “medicines”. When their “immune system” tries to throw off toxins, these flu symptoms are seen as a result of the Covid-Mysteries, and their letting go of life is “counted” as due to the plague, when this “plague” has very little to do with it, other than add stress, and ignore sensitivity. When they have their personal near-death experience, they accept the opportunity to let go of the physical body and be welcomed into the afterlife by family.

The mysterious “Immune System”: “The immune system protects your child’s body from outside invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins (chemicals produced by microbes). It is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together. There are two main parts of the immune system: The innate immune system, which you are born with; and the adaptive immune system, which you develop when your body is exposed to microbes or chemicals released by microbes. These two immune systems work together.”

In the jungles of Major Media, we have the terms: anti-vaccers, and conspiracy theorists. Keep in mind the common quip, … If there actually is a conspiracy, you are not crazy, or paranoid.

In the late 19th Century a man by the name of Rudolf Steiner began the work of seeing past scientific materialism, and becoming able to observe phenomena revealing the inherent spiritual aspects of the human being. From this was birthed what is called Anthroposophical Medicine. Those, who practice this more evolved kind of healing practice, are required to first obtain the necessary degrees and such, to become licensed to practice medicine, before they study Steiner’s indications. This generally involves an apprenticeship with another doctor, already experienced in this more spiritual approach.

A friend of mine, a family doctor board certified in internal medicine, was attracted to Anthroposophical Medicine, when she realized conventional medicine payed almost no attention to nutrition as a factor illness. This evolved “Anthroposophical” medicine knew that the nature of what we eat is crucial to health.

This advanced form of medicine observes that “vaccinations” for childhood illnesses impede the needed effect of theses “diseases” in developing the immune system, through its exercise in meeting and dealing with these kinds of “illness” producing organisms. Just as we fail a child, when we restrict play, and running around learning how to use their physical body, we also fail the child when we inhibit (suppress the symptoms) of illness as are needed to give the mysterious immune system the opportunity to develop in a normal way.

At this point we have gotten deep into advances in medical science requiring specialized knowledge. I must insist that anyone wishing to argue with these aspects become familiar with the works of the healer Thomas Cowan. He used to have a medical license, but as with most doctors who disagree with the Official Narrative, the AMA has taken the right to practice from him.

He is, essentially, the Einstein of modern medicine. Just as Einstein broke with Newton’s thought, which allowed great advances in physics*, so does Thomas Cowan’s work greatly advance medicine. What is also of note is that while Einstein’s work is obscure to most of us, Cowan wrote four books, quite accessible to ordinary educated people. Sally Fallon has also worked with him on these tasks. These should be read in order of being published, as each is the necessary foundation for the next.

*[Physics, as we know, is highly involved with the measurable quantitative to the exclusion of the immeasurable qualitative, such as: Stress, Sensitivity, Will to Live, and the mysterious immune system, which is mysterious to present day thinking because it can’t quite figure out with numbers how the Whole works together.]

(1) “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.” (2) “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.” (3) “Cancer, and the New Biology of Water.” (4) “The Myth of Contagion.”

As we know, modern medicine has no cure for heart disease or cancer, and even the “vaccines” presently offered do not cure, … they only suppress symptoms. “Suppress”, by the way, is medicine that “Forces” the bodies natural wisdom to react is specific ways. In evolved medicine we work with the body, not against it – which failure via materialistic medicine is a source of even more stress.

There are many factual and logical reasons for seeing the Official Narrative is a work of fiction. (4) The following are the two most obvious. Just keep in mind that Big Tobacco stood in front of the American Congress, under oath, and said they did not know nicotine was addictive; and, one of the members of Big Pharma claimed for years that oxycodone (a synthetic opiod) was not addictive, and is now paying billions of dollars in damages to the States that have sued them for the illnesses and deaths they caused in the name of unmitigated profits.

Reason One: It is guilty mind that stands behind the achievement of Big Pharma to get the American Congress – in the late 1980’s – to save them from any liability for illness and death that flow from their “vaccines”. (again, keep in mind that vaccines do not cure, they just reduce symptoms). Big Pharma can employ armies of bent scientists, and without a doubt knows exactly what is going on, just as did Big Tobacco. (bent: morally compromised and extremely well paid).

Reason Two: Real science consists of arguments, as different thinkers and researchers battle each other in publicly accessible forums over what is the truth. In the present, such debate is completely censored by the control just six major corporations have over what gets into the News. We get one Official version, and the contrary findings and ideas are forcibly suppressed.

A recent meme on Facebook tells this story: A westerner was in China, and noticed that his friends did not watch the news. He asked why, and was told: We know that the News is propaganda, and therefore useless. Why do you westerners believe your News is any less compromised?

Let us now consider numbers, which are put forth on the Evening News with a kind of Blythe Abandon (seemingly joyous freedom).

When I was growing in Montana, in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s, the following folk wisdom was taught: How do you know a politician is lying? His mouth is open; and, there are lies, damn lies, and then statistics.

The News makes a great deal of numbers and statistics. All the material about the peaks and valleys of the course of the faux-pandemic – that comes from the epidemiologists – are guesses based on statistical analysis. Depending on the basic assumptions, it is possible to make statistics say anything.

Peaks are only what we see on the News. For example, we are told that a high number of cases, and so forth, happened a few months ago, and today those numbers are even higher. Factually, if the real graph was displayed, instead of a high number, it would be clear that between one and the other, is a long valley, where the numbers of cases is almost zero. This is, of course, normal to annual flu seasons: spikes separated by long weeks and months of little or no flu “outbreaks” at all.

Those who follow carefully the Official Narrative have observed a kind of constant readjustment to its content, as what was predicted to happen, didn’t quite fit what was actually happening.

A category called “cases” appeared, which category had not been there in the beginning. As matters unfolded what was a “case” depended upon whether a certain test had been done. This test is not for the alleged Covid micro-organism itself, but for remnants of the “strain”, of which Covid is the newest variety, thus the early name: Covid-19. Most everyone given a flu vaccine in the last ten years will have Covid strain debris in their body.

The scientist, who invented the test – as part of a search for answers about AIDS, later declared that it didn’t really work. For this confession his life and career was ruined.

Another word, with some inherent confusion, is: symptom. You could be a case, but not symptomatic (fever, achy, and other symptoms common to the ordinary flu). If those showed up you had to be “quarantined”. More Stress. Just call to mind the long lines of cars, filled with scared people, waiting get the test the “authorities” assert will show they have been “infected”. Followed later by more long lines to receive vaccines, which then needed booster shots, and for some today, a third is urged.

So, … we get ill, then come the forced suppression of symptoms, which apparently don’t work well unless we add more force. Can the reader remember when Big Pharma was just satisfied with an annual flu vaccine, … an odd situation given that many vaccinated people still got the “flu” (which, remember, is not a disease, but the initial efforts by the immune system to heal us from the ravages of industrial pollution).

Many such symptomatic cases included people who already had some form of chronic disease, from alcoholism to heart disease, and one or another stage of cancer. Some were lifetime smokers as well. Others obese.

In “normal” flu seasons, the course of the flu for people with these kinds of health issues can be quite difficult, even leading to death. The Official Narrative stopped making any of those distinctions, so that if you were hospitalized, and/or died, the responsibility was laid at the feet of the alien virus, and generally almost no autopsies to determine the actual cause of death have been undertaken.

Basically the real meaning of “number” of cases, and numbers of deaths and hospitalization, has been greatly exaggerated. Apparently this was done to convince the public that this was not a normal flu season, but rather a plague or pandemic as was alleged to have happened around 1918, which the book The Invisible Rainbow proves false.

As a final comment on this theme, it can be stated that when the News – as it is doing today – asserts that America, for example, is experiencing a far greater number of deaths than since 1918 – this is a complete fabrication as anyone with Google can establish.

Contrary to the Official Narrative, if folk were dying in America at the same rate as in 1918, instead of 670,000 deaths (as of the day I am writing this), we would have now had over two million.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

When this idea of the arrival of the “pandemic” happend, a short video of Judy Mikovits (a research scientist) – “the Plandemic” appeared in social media. What struck me the most was how quickly this individual was attacked in the same “social media”.

Wikipedia describes her as discredited, and a conspiracy theorist.

The attacks were personal, and appeared by the hundreds over the next few days. Nothing of the underlying scientific questions were discussed … she was just declared to be an outlier who didn’t know what she was talking about, who was not qualified to judge, and in addition was a person of dubious character.

I wondered what did she say that caused such a crucifixion of her person. If she had zero credibility, why bother.

The video had been removed from Facebook and YouTube, but was saved in other less controlled social media. When I read it, the basic point was clear: a very great deal of money is to be made by those who hold the numerous “patent” rights, for the soon to be sold “medicines”.

She also had previously published a book,“A Plague of Corruption”. At issue, for purposes of the Indictment, is whether or not, such media darlings as Dr. Fauci, were free of conflicts of interest, given their ownership of many of these medical patents.

We have been taught to trust “the science”. Is it actually trustworthy? Even the most casual observation of the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the U. S. Food and Drug Administration reveals the too close relationship between officials in those agencies, and large corporations. Like former military officers, who leave that service and get high paying jobs in the Military Industrial Complex, so officials in the above organizations go on to lucrative positions in large corporations.

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, with the warning about the influence of the military industrial complex, also gave a warning, that to his observation a great deal of money was invading our colleges and universities, causing receivers of grant money to become more beholden to the source of the money, than to the truth. This money was not for pure scientific research, and a scientist who did not support the needs of the giver, would not continue to receive grants.

My older brother – a brilliant and sensitive soul, who had a PhD in microbiology, left this field in despair, mostly because the students attending his graduate seminars were more interested in being fed answers for tests, then in doing actual science. Somehow they had gotten their first degree, without understanding the ideal of real scientific work. This, to my brother, meant that something had broken down in undergraduate studies.

A few years back, the twenty-year editor of the English scientific Journal, the Lancet, admitted that as much as half of all articles were not peer-reviewed, many lacked a viable sample size, and/or exhibited faulty reasoning as well.

My first blog observations, of the arriving of the idea of a full blown plague, wondered why did we trust: News media, politicians, and pharmaceutical corporations, as all were well known, to anyone who cared to know, to be professional liars.

I also pointed out the illogical process by which News media were beginning to go to politicians, and ask this silly question: What are you – politician – going to do about the plague?

To expect good decisions from professional liars was idiotic. To demand that they take a position (on stuff about which they have no personal knowledge), just enabled a lot of actions, whose soul purpose was to make the politician look like they did know. If we follow the actions of many governors, and even higher officials, they bend with the winds of “what makes me look good”.

Needing experts, and given that the compromised Media was quite willing to let Dr. Antony Fauci be the main spokesperson, the Official Narrative had a face, but only one face. In actually science there are serious disagreements. Where were the dissenting points of view?

Both the assassination of JFK, and the falling of the Towers in 9/11, produced considerable arguments against the Official Narrative.

I even wrote that with certainty, when the dust settled, and the pontificating experts had to give their opinions under oath in a court of law, their lying would be exposed. The reader should know that I have a degree in law, graduated with the high A in Evidence, was a clerk on the Montana Supreme Court, and was licensed to practice law in both Montana and Colorado.

I presently have an organization called: Shaman’s Law Firm, which was originally dedicated to the idea that: If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law. (5)

Presently, uncensored social media is full of memes challenging the lack of logic in the Narrative:

“The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected”

“Hey stupid, if you don’t use your umbrella mine won’t work”

“At no time in history have the people who force others into compliance been the good guys”

“Please wash your hands regularly. Don’t worry about your brain, we’ve already done that for you”

“The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous, rather than cowardly” George Carlin

“Trust the science? Coercion is not science. Withholding data is not science. Manipulating data is not science. Cherry picking studies is not science. Fear-mongering is not science. Pharma propaganda is not science.”

A frequent type of meme quotes George Orwell’s 1984.

However, … my view is that ordinary people, basically scared witless, are not really sheep as some imply. Most everyone has a lot on their plate, and navigating the confusing messages takes up too much time, when they are immersed in the stuff of life: involving their regular illnesses, their terrible bosses, their ungrateful children, and never ever enough money.

Would that this was all that needs to be said, so if the reader wishes, take a break, … when you come back I’ll try to unravel certain ideas that come in words:

Super-spreaders, and herd immunity: The theory of contagious illness, when applied to flu and such, runs into problems when we examine the facts on the ground so to speak.

As back ground, let me relate a story from ten or so years ago.

An “outbreak” of measles appeared in a small city, which caused consternation reported in the never ever wrong Media. Measles, we were told, had been eradicated.

In the community where this happened was a Waldorf School, and folks there did not vaccinate their children. These being then the dreaded anti-vaccers, blame was laid on them for the outbreak. The problem was that none of the unvaccinated got ill with the measles. Only vaccinated children did.

As the Media Noise lessened, an expert in these diseases explained that measles cases appear every year, with generally less than two hundred children involved, although sometimes death was a result. The causes of such outbreaks were unknown, although in the above material I have explained that these illness do not mean a bug is on the loose, but rather such aspects of health as too much vaccinations and such, harm the immune system, and matters of stress, and sensitivity need to be factored in.

Such clusters appear every flu season, and in order to maintain the fiction of contagion, there arose the idea of the “super-spreader”, and the need for “herd immunity”. Wuhan, an alleged contagion source in China, has some of the worst air pollution in China, … is a place with many elderly workers who are lifetime smokers, and had just been invaded with 5G, a very intense uptick in atmospheric electrical irradiation.

Efforts at “contact tracing” fail, because of the false assumption of contagion. As applied to the current “plague”, we have a problem well known where issues of the philosophy of science are discussed. If we already think we know the cause, all the data is predetermined to fit into the existing model.

Currently we have the “fast tracking” of these new vaccines. This a terrible mistake. Vaccines usually undergo intense research scrutiny, for there are around ten categories of types of folk, that each need to be tested independently, so as to insure the vaccine will do no harm, such as pregnant women, young children, adolescents, the aged and so forth.

Right now only three of the most basic categories of human beings have had their potential for possible harm tested. Permission needs to be had if the other groups are to be ignored, so the CDC and the FDA can authorize skipping several steps of complicated and expensive testing, typically required of a new medicine or vaccines.

What this means is we really do not know if there will be problems, although the reason these groups are tested, in a laborious and costly process, is because history has shown different types of folk have different sensitivities, which if not accounted for can cause members of that group much harm, such as the horrible consequences of thalidomide.

Because of these types of problems VAERS was invented. “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is an early warning system that helps CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitor health … “

People, who follow the details of this “plague?”, observe that there is a lot of under-reporting going on. Vaccine manufacturers benefit if adverse reactions get lost in the mass of data, now being accumulated.

In the beginning of the “pandemic”, there were questions of how transmission occurred. Air born? Physical contact? These worries gave birth to masks, social distancing, washing every exposed surface, and the ultimate assault: quarantines and lock-downs. Over time, even the efficacy of masks came in doubt, and the CDC and friends declared (after the fact) that better and more costly masks needed to be used.

This world-wide confusion then led politicians (who depend up experts, who often do not agree) to create – through lock-downs – a removal of about a third of the world’s workers from the actual economic processes. It was obvious, to at least a few, that the world’s economy would never recover from this catastrophe.

Today the flow of goods has collapsed. Cargo ships wait outside ports, unable to off load needed containers. Semi-conductor and transistor manufacturers are not producing enough so as to prevent automobile production to normalize. As people traveled less, car rentals at airports tanked, and those companies had to self off inventory to compensate, which they are presently unable to replace.

The Evening News is reporting that we should buy our Christmas presents now, for later there will be great scarcity. Restaurants can’t find enough labor, at the old pay rates. Health care givers are traumatized, just as soldiers in war suffer from PTSD.

In the beginning, “conspiracy theorists” warned that social controls would arise, greatly reducing human freedom, ultimately producing political and economic tyranny. They were right.

Enforced masking, mandated vaccination, and documentary proof of the same, are totalitarian. People leery of the real effects of these untested vaccines are being shamed by the fearful, as the idea of “herd immunity” still retains its magical unscientific meaning.

As these maters unfolded, I bought a book on epidemiology, that gave simple explanations of this statistic based “science”. Between about page thirty to forty this problem of “association does not prove causality” was discussed, in some detail. It would go to far afield for our present purposes, but the curious reader might look to the tortured reasoning used to avoid this serious logical problem.

As I said above – which does deserve repeating – if science thinks it already knows the answers, new facts highly tend to be made to conform to existing theory. (6)

There is “scientific” work, using an electron microscope, that asserts it can “see” precisely how the micro-organism causes the infection (remember the flu itself is the body beginning to heal). The problems with this technology is complicated, and a long essay of mine on the deeper questions can be found here (7)

From the beginning of the “pandemic”, a kind of war broke out on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. The complaint was made, by the powers that be, asserting both places were hotbeds of false and misleading information, contrary to the Official Narrative. A great deal has been out-rightly censored in these venues, and as we know today Facebook, for example, puts profit before any effect on people or the culture at large.

Something that is helpful to realize is that we are in a vast historical process, I call the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. Most large institutions, such as governments, and even corporations, going into failure mode. They are fragile because they have become full of too much order. (8)

Yeats had it right … “things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”

How to take part in this Justice Creative-Activity as an Individual:

In the most ancient – early Egyptian symbolic book of wisdom, Justice, the eighth major Arcane of the Tarot in modern versions, is called “The Balance and the Sword”.

Its meaning is described this way: “At the top of three steps which represent the three worlds*, sits a woman, her brow circled with a crown of iron, the emblem of inflexibility: her eyes are bandaged, to indicate she holds no account of the social position of the accused ones. A sword in one hand and a balance in the other, she judges and she punishes. The lion by her side symbolizes Force ruled over by Justice, and the Sphinx next to it, the eye of God who looks into the souls of the wicked. The winged Turtle above symbolizes Repentance which may obtain forgiveness in spite of the greatness of the crime. Finally a divine messenger tells us that the justice of God will be the final judge of the justice of men” (9)

*[the spiritual or mental world, the psychological or soul world, and the physical or material world]

A very important book on Jurisprudence, by Valentin Tomberg: “The Art of the Good – On the Regeneration of Fallen Justice”, lays out in detail how, over time, the nature of the higher ideals of Justice and Jurisprudence fell into their present state of decay. This book should satisfy any legal scholar interested in the details. I will not pretend it is an easy read, and here I just point in the direction of such ideas as: The Ideally Good res divnae, on the upper axis of a cross, and The Ideally Evil below; while on the horizontal axis – to the left, is Factual Knowledge res humanae, and on the right The Norm.

When transformed, The Ideally Good res divinae becomes divinarum → justi, and the Ideally Evil becomes humanarum →injusti. Factual Knowledge becomes res humanae jurisprdentia, and the Norm becomes rerum notitia → atque scientia.

The Latin is crucial as during the time of Rome and into the middles ages, before scientific materialism, the scholars of Jurisprudence wrote their erudite and careful studies in Latin. The fallen Law of today still includes many Latin phrases.

For the current reader of this Indictment, we are simply pointing out the fact that moral thinking, in our time, has been replaced with the values of economic and political interests. Our modern laws are born in a tyranny, a rule of money over common sense, that serves the few, at a serious cost to the many.

I do not apologize for the length of this essay. The subject itself demands it. For the individual who made it this far, I urge that you share it with others. Again, the point, as it were, is to get these horrible events before the bar of the Court of Public Opinion, so that individuals can find their way to dealing with the terrorism of modern corporate and political ambition.

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tales of the Fae

I have been in communion-with a number of Fae, both visible and invisible. Their interests and natures are essentially aesthetic. They helped me see beauty and truth and goodness in the Covid-Mystery; even though all the materialistic medical science has it wrong.

Obviously there are believers, even among “scientists”, and other well meaning folk. But a “belief” is not knowledge, or knowledge’s gateway: understanding.

There are very bad people in the world. They rise to power and wealth everywhere, by cheating and murder if necessary. As many have said; Property is Theft. For aboriginal folk – it is madness to believe one can own the Mother.

The Dramatist Supreme is that very Person. We are Her children, and She has the Whole World in His Hands. A marriage between the Art of Karma and the graces of Divine Providence.

The descent of the immortal human being into the world of Matter is spiritual ritualistic art, such as only Gods&Goddesses can Conceive. The most ephemeral and original Reality imprisons itself in a world of life and death. Of number and illness.

Our human freedom is a splendor of becoming, Seven times Seventy trials in Matter. The turning point involved the Mother being forgotten, and the Father and the Son turned to pious abstractions.

All that exists tells a story. Seven Billion fiery sparks, each one’s freedom the legendary Beast from the Abyss of the unknown, unformed, and yet to be made.

To abstract this beauty into the words “the evolution of consciousness” is understandable, yet to fancy these concepts as knowledge is folly.

I read today that bees (apparently) stung a large group of penguins to death. Those fleeing danger pile up against the borders everywhere, not just humans at the Texas-Mexico “fence”.

Seven billion stories, if we just count the humans. A world full of ugly horrible terrible selfish seas of troubles, and the Mystery does not just go along with our follies, They actually encourage them.

Each individual biography a holy work of art. Living art. Passionate art. We are all unique, our personal madness ours to invent. Oh, yes, of course … there are rules: What goes around comes around.

The Expanse

0ne aspect of working up a phenomenological picture of social-political events is to follow the arts. These arts change overtime, yet a core remains: we love stories.

I wrote some years ago about how the archetype of the American soul was captured in the “Western” (1).

Today I want to offer some remarks about the remarkable television show: The Expanse. First perhaps, a few words about how and why I inquire into the Collective Imagination need to be offered.

I was raised on movies. Love television, especially science fiction. Can hardly wait for the new Dune to appear this fall – or rather half of it.

I can recreate in my mind’s eye 80 years of trying to sort out the nature of women, from Dorothy my mother, through Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe, to modern women warriors in rage against injustice. In the ‘70’s we got Princess Lea, Ripley, and the terminator killing machine, Sarah Conner.

The dramatic arts are woven of tradition and mystery wisdom. I once read there were only seven possible types of drama and comedy … all of which begins boy meets girl, girl knows he’s an idiot, plans and dreams are laid, fortune is fickle, conflict arises, … I read in Tomberg’s Early Writings that Americans need a happy ending, and Russians need tragedy and suffering.

The TV show The Expanse is exquisite. Yet, the archetypes of wars, conquests, plagues, and famines remain. Imagine the Solar System 250 years in the future. Humanity has spread to the moons of Jupiter, and some are transforming Mars. We wreaked the Earth, and then took all our human dis-harmonies out into the Expanse.

Mars had broken away, declared independence, and attracted a lot of cutting edge scientists. The Earth is burdened with billions, a quarter of them on basic assistance. Still, billions can make more war stuff, even if the other guy is – a culture of creating warriors – and in our case in the Expanse, women … still the unpredictable fire and the rest …

Yet, a third “culture” exists out there. The Belters who make home among the asteroids, not knowing the heavy gravity of Earth, or the too light weight of Mars …. trapped in living environments completely dependent on air and water.

Slaves of a sort, who are fighting back.

Visually amazing. You’re there. On Ceres. Or Phoebe. On Eros. Belters are often out-castes and criminals. As well, there are the usual evil doers: corporations, the super-rich, and bent politicians playing games.

Into this mix, something alien is discovered on Phoebe. They call it the proto- molecule. Proto as a prefix means “first”.

Secret wars erupt. Belter ice-haulers are shot out of space, through stealth spaceships nobody knew existed. The whole solar system is on the brink of war.

I enjoyed the subtlety of the CGI sets, such as showing cities on earth surrounded with high walls keeping out the rising seas. And yes, the story follows heroes, and of special import is the take no prisoners attitude of many women characters.

The Tale is an adventure of our future. One quite possible.

My present theory is that yes, the television is talking to us. All art is inspired, only the means of expression varies. This means the artists are connected to the spirit-world, or thought world, which includes invisible beings inspiring in them (the artists) glimpses of truth.

Is there a message in the noise? Drama teaches, we just have to participate in the reading of the handwriting on the wall of modern film and television arts and crafts. My book “The Father at Rest” (2) includes many references to artistic film expression, which by their very nature include archetypal meditations on the human condition.

The collective works of such as Clint Eastwood, Stephen Spielberg, and David E. Kelley (America’s Shakespeare), are deep and thoughtful examinations of “being human”.

In the way back long ago when before, magicians created means to transport their mental consciousness anywhere, while sitting still. Now technology blossoms, and I have a window on the world, yet once more sitting still.

Artists paint in my TV window. I have watched seas of change on this magic tool, although so far I have not succumbed to owning a cell phone. I like being hard to reach.

Film artist’s works are messages in a bottle, thrown into a sea. We still have to take hold of them, and seek inside a hidden message, that which just might inspire our own thinking to be more and more open to the future mysteries of human existence.

The times have only begun to change.

(1) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/learning.html

(2) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/07/15/the-father-at-rest/

Intoxicated Anthroposophy Made Simple

Sometimes some of us might forget,

or have never really understood in the first place:

Conscious life is a gift, a miracle, …

Mothers and fathers know this without a single doubt.

Living a life, day to day, moment to moment … is hard work,

and ours to weather and wonder …

Choices pile up behind unresolved conflicts … make a choice … be flow

be you

join the mystery that has no limits

all are children of the Makers of consciousness,

and the riddle/truth of death comes to everyone, even Them …

breathe … feel weight … see … know ,,, sing

Stupid-News, Item

Stupid-News, Item

Its common today to hear on the News, in America, that hospitals are stressed to their limits, because of the pandemic. These overflowing ICU environments have no room at their Inn.

In fact, the medical delivery system is being worn down, by months and months of too much too fast for the doctors, nurses, and support staff to keep up with demand.

This “system” doesn’t work without the people, and when we task them to the degree happening today, I do not doubt that in the aftermath many will be diagnosed with some type of PTSD, due to psychological trauma.

That the Covid Mystery is at fault is a dangerous assumption. America is a place where illness is a business, and corporations own most of it. Doctors don’t have individual practices anymore. They work for an HMO, which organizes the treatment of illness something like how factories are managed.

Between the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies and the HMOs, most of the wealth produced by this for-profit health shitstem goes up and out, into high executive salaries, and shareholder value.

Only part of this wealth goes to actual direct care. The patient is a line item on a spread sheet for the accountants, and a near impossible trial for the care givers.

It is not that the pandemic is growing faster and faster, but rather that in America we have met the natural limit of healthcare capacity. Our hospitals are full, not because of the extreme nature of the number of illnesses, but because the profit motive didn’t care to be more than a business, and not a real service to people in need, for which “our” government should be responsible. Government too is ruled by wealth, and wealth – obviously – doesn’t care.

A similar social disaster happened when Chaney, Rumsfeld, and Bush started sending our warriors overseas into two wars. A lot of warriors were needed as cannon fodder, in order to protect American financial interests. Yet, the three stooges knew the public would not accept a draft.

So they start taking America’s national guard folks, weekend warriors that kept up with their skills. If you are in the National Guard you made a promise. If you are in the National Guard you likely were fully enlisted at one time, and may already have seen “combat”.

Out of fear of the political reaction to a draft, these warriors keep being asked/forced to go back, once the initial tour was over. Back, and then back again … two wars chewing up and spitting out warriors dead, warriors crippled for life, and warriors extremely psychologically damaged.

That’s what our “government” and its owners are doing to the heroes of the current health crisis.