Fate, Fortune, and Politricks

Fate, Fortune, and Politricks…

There’s a lesson in the Trump election that goes unnoticed … a game changer as it were.

Neither he, nor his gang of moral children, expected the win. There was no transition team, not even at least small and ready. There was no organized venue for a victory celebration. No sense of who to pick for the cabinet. Pure social/political chaos reigned for all Americans.

For a moment.

Nature abhors a vacuum we have been told. The ambitious started to dance near the fire, seeking places at the seats of power. Their prince was a man of few ordinary virtues, and a great many appetites.

Chaos still reigns, and one of the world’s most chaotic cultures became the US of A. Everything that we used to & want to get from our government fell apart. The leading author of the shared narrative – the holder of Teddy’s bully pulpit – was a certifiable madman. Like the mad queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass:

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

The manner of Trump’s fate and fortune in politricks is “intriguing”, as Spock would say in Star Trek, raising an eyebrow.

Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and in the States, where he gained his victories as needed for the Electoral College, probably less than a quarter million of his votes in the heartland were exactly in the right place at the right time.

Fortune and Fate indeed.

For a time the NFL quarterback Tim Tebow had a rise to fame, until his luck ran out. You know the guy … liked to get on his knees in the end-zone. Wasn’t really ready. Didn’t have the skills. Was soon gone.

If you listen to the never had a personal opinion they didn’t like political pundits, wondering if anything of value will survive their need to make this whole situation be a pivot in the apocalyptic future of the world, … someone has to be paying attention. The millions of monkeys and typewriters producing Shakespeare is an apt metaphor.

Wisdom by accident of emerging consensus. The following seem to be the main observations that to this pundit are worthy of mention, today being Oscar day.

The Country is deeply divided.

The apparent key to victory involves winning hearts, not minds.

Most everyone is afraid, and becoming more and more unhinged … subtly for sure, but sometimes if the right winds arise, sleeping embers can roar into conflagrations.

The big bogeyman for many used to be abortion. Then immigration started to join in the spreading crazy. Keep in mind that ordinary people were on the move all over the world, seeking a better place to live … on the other side of the fence among fast cars and shopping malls, and adolescent males on too many antidepressants – with too many guns.

Does the World Herself have a narrative, to which we might wish to pay attention?

Many ancient cultures were very good astronomers, in spite of not having a telescope. The major features of the starry world were obvious – movements and rhythm, that were observed to be connected to human lives … to Fate and Fortune.

The ancients also had a “map” of the meaning of human existence that included a Divine Mystery. Modern scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) disbelieves, at a cost of not understanding themselves. No free will!?! Sense reality an illusion produced by a meat organ we call “the brain”!?! The existence of everything is an accident!?!

Talk about six impossible things before breakfast.

People today read their horoscopes. They talk about “what goes around comes around”, and that “the universe” closes and opens doors and windows, almost as if our biographies were Art.

Spirit. Real. Intriguing.

Fate and Fortune … are they involved in who lives and dies during rogue weather, wars, and the latest germ radically reorganizing our need for less chaos not more?

A fun book on astrology, that I have had for years and still treasure, although I have never mastered its secrets: “Practical Astrology” by St. Germain.

It’s peculiar&mysterious virtue is that – apparently – the most ancient Egyptian magicians used a system of seeking an understanding of Fate and Fortune, that not only includes the fundamentals of astrology, but at the same time it integrates the principles of numerology and tarot.

I used it once to do what St. Germain called a: “horoscope of revolution”, that is to look to the present time, and see what is coming for the next year, for ourselves. I did. It said I would have a grave illness, which I did.

The book has diagrams and tables you have never seen before, and the whole picture-nature of the tarot symbols is unlike any you will have every studied.

My anticipation is that the fortunes of Trump&gang are running out. Will not be pretty, and we ourselves will have to choose a personal role – keeping in mind that Fate and Fortune are not fixed, being of a kind of musical notation around which we survive being ourselves.

What’s in your star-chart? I’m still optimistic, sort of … the vote this November will soon by history. Very little will actually change. Mark Twain is supposed to have noted: “if the vote had any real meaning, they would not let us have it”.

I would like some help, for which I have no money to offer in exchange …

I would like some help, for which I have no money to offer in exchange …

What I want is to have a small selection of my recent work translated into German and made available to German readers, either on the Internet, or through magazines and such. What follows is what I want translated, which includes an introduction of myself and my works. Some of this below will be links (three actually) to short works that are on my blog, and were recently shared – on Facebook Anthroposophy-related discussion groups – in English. In addition to the introduction and title, it is my wish to see these three also translated, and the whole made available together.

Pagan Anthroposophy: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

My name is Joel A. Wendt. My body is in its 80th year, and I have been involved with Steiner and Company since 1978. The following is not so much a brag, but matters to which I have previously publicly confessed, and would prefer folks know this upfront rather than have some troll throw these stories into the mix for a kind of gotcha moment.

At the same time, keep in mind that to have spiritual experiences requires being with Beings Immortal, without whose grace we are … not the Author of what is seen, but rather only the one who gets/has to bring mystery into words on a page. Imagination is a process of sharing through symbols, and we are only part of what generates the symbols. Inspiration is a process of sharing through dialogue – through the Word. Still tho’ we are not as close as Intuition. Our souls are flutes which we mostly play, until an Immortal decides to play this very personal instrument. We become One by Their Grace, and this changes us.

The original spirit – my body-brother – that lived in the ethereal, astral, and physical bodies which I now occupy, gave them to me in his 31st year. So I’ve only been incarnate since 1971, while he was born in 1940. That fellow was remarkable, in a most unremarkable&innocent way. He ate the world of his time, felt its pains, and gave to me at the transition: three grave wounds to try to unriddle: What is the meaning of evil? Why is America so lost of its true spirit? And, what the heck happened to Christianity?

I’ve had various spiritual entities suggest the following prior incarnations (again, this is out there, so needs not to be denied): Socrates; St. Matthew; George Washington; and most recently Clara Barton. I was apparently at the gathering a thousand years ago, that Steiner speaks of when he refers to the Culmination, and karma between the Platonists (pagans in my view) and the Aristotelians.

This showing/revealing prior incarnations is not a blessing, by the way, but rather a curse. How do you find the true self that is unlike any of the costumes we wear in circumstances that too are unlike any other. Those prior lives are known only through pain of soul, not pleasure. I once wrote a poem: “the George Washington Blues” to both seek the aid of that Way of Being myself, and to grow it into what is needed Now. The era of Trump is like watching an end, perhaps, of something. A death, or a death and a rebirth. That remains to be seen.

I was initiated in the Mysteries of the Mother on Epiphany 2008 (I was physically and psychologically 69, spiritually 38) in such a gentle way I did not know it was She who did it. I met the Lesser and Greater Guardians over the winter of 2009 – 2010. That initiation – by the Son&a-friend – was not so gentle as regards the Lesser Guardian. After a rest of some weeks, the Greater left a physical imprint in the process of taking the seed organs of clair-thinking, that were in my astral body due to the catharsis induced by having succeeding in follow Steiner’s indications in his “science of knowing” (GA-2 to GA-4) … taking those seeds and laying them in my ethereal body, where further work then had to follow.

Follow these initiations I wrote several major works, including: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”; “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”; and, “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church”.

By 2017, my chronic knee arthritis became so painful that I took a chance on the ganja goddess (medical marijuana). A chance because I did not know what the effect would be on my inner life … on my personal relationship to the Source.

The ride was wild, resulted in two serious illnesses through excessive use, in both of which I almost died. The reason I nearly died was not my folly so much, as the inability of industrial medicine to listen to my efforts to describe my symptoms. I was put in “boxes”, and treated incorrectly. These were also deeply spiritual as experienced. In the second I was so desperate in the hospital as the treatment brought me to the Gate of Death, that when I felt Her I asked if She take me if I wanted. She said yes. I chose otherwise.

Intoxicants are not uncommon in pagan (Mother oriented) mystical and magical practices. Novalis and S.T. Coleridge were friends with the syrup of the poppy. I now take three doses of 5mg of sativa ganja daily.

In 1991 I was at an anthroposophical conference (one of very the few which I have been able to attend) where an American shared a vision/dream. He was encountering the spirit once known as Dwight David Eisenhower, who discussed with him the visions of Black Elk, particular Black Elk’s experiences of the Red and Black roads (spiritual ways) in America. Eisenhower knew it was he who had laid out the most recent Black Roads (the interstate highway system), which like the railroads were paths of Death across the Land, while the Red Roads were paths of Life. Eisenhower also told him that Americans would develop spiritual wisdom that needed to be shared with Europeans – a stream of inspiration that needs to go both ways.

This is me trying to aid that process, of which I am not the only agency.

I recently wrote three short essays. These are their names (links below in English follow). The order is important, the visual art not so relevant for translation, but viable on my current web-presence, where I recently decided to describe myself (have to have fun in the second childhood, right?), as a: “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.” … the descriptors before “shaman” show for which folk the Mother trained me to be a shaman. A shaman trained by the Mother (there are many) have as their main gifts the telling of stories.

“The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World”

“Reality’s Open Secret”


“Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness”


Helping Boys Become Men, as Civilization Evolves

Helping Boys Become Men, as Civilization Evolves.

Women (the feminine principle, specific types of equipment not always necessary) need to help men (or the masculine principle) grow up. The masculine principle – in politics and religion – being out of balance with reality, for the reason of the loss of wisdom in our understanding of sexuality.

This next bit tries to make simple the loss of a true understanding of the nature of Eros, or erotic and sensual love.

The Cross of Love has four directions. On the upper vertical direction, selfless human love. Below – on the lower vertical direction, erotic and sensual love. The more feminine horizontal direction is nurturing touch – comforting and holding. The more masculine horizontal direction is comradeship aka: brother and sisterhood.

Love is the union of all four directions, which cannot be separated. Although, … immaturity of soul can stunt the ability of such a spirit to realize the full possibilities of their true nature. Our pragmatic knowledge of our lower vertical impulses is fallen. Fallen Eros. We live in a culture bathed in too much sexuality, in dress, in art, and even in the curves and shapes of an automobile.

It was Boys in the American Senate, that were cowards before a Bully, who is barely out of his infancy.

Our politics is fueled by semi-conscious appetites. Ambition being one of the more terrible. Ambitious folk can end up acting reasonably insane. The brain-bound intellect does not know how to connect to the heart’s mind. Again, a masculine and feminine polarity/imbalance.

The feminine principle has to be more aggressive in the psychological education of the male principle, beginning in youth and then also in adulthood. To do that, however, requires actually understanding/knowing something real of both natures, and being able to find the right stories. Many of these stories already exist, often in the form of what is abusively called: the chick flick.

Mothers please have your boys watch chick flicks, and then leave the fathers to explain it … if they can. I will give a couple of examples of some of the right/good stories. A mother’s/girlfriend’s heart will know the true tales of the meaning of love, in its wholeness … with adaptations for cultural distinctions and differences.

In “As Good As It Gets”, the Jack Nicholson character, melts the heart of the Helen Hunt character, by finding and expressing from out of himself: “You make me want to be a better person.”

Sometimes in the Trump debacle (aka – another folks’ problems with male leaders in politics and religion, the situation being similar all over the world) … sometimes we forget that behind the cowards in the U.S. Senate, and their President, are wives, mothers, daughters, and lovers.

Whose pain of soul is worse, do you think. For a wonderful (and frightening) tale, watch Showtime’s Homeland, and follow the daughter’s tale/thread as she watches the unraveling of her father, a soldier just returned after eight years of captivity by Islamic terrorists.

The feminine principle carries weights in its heart, that cannot be acted upon, in same way the male principle can pick up a gun (or a briefcase) and go into battle, thus releasing some of the weight in aggressive action. With blithe poetic horror, we have this word: “Worry”.

Clearly modern societies are up to their unwashed armpits in acting out male principle sexual aggression, pithily named: “#metoo”. A core problem is the male principle’s intellect-only assumption that we can fix such deep human needs with the passage of laws, or the application of dress codes, or the fully absurd preaching from academic or religious pulpits.

Only the individual can change their personal&intimate nature. By choice. Without compulsion.

All of us know how to be stubborn. Done rightly it is a wonderful character trait. The social element involves, however – to the dismay of the male principle – the arts of conversation we ridiculously reduce to the concept: “sharing”.

If we acquaint ourselves with aboriginal folk, we will find there community processes whereby the two natures (and their complex and various mixtures – no spirit has the same balance of fires) …these natures are discovered through the stories that are shared, and the examples lived – which tell the best tales of all.

We know the tragedy of overprotective parenting, as well as under-parenting. Both are child abuse, which comes from a person who is already wounded themselves.

All that exists is wounded. To heal these wounds of spirit is an art, such as the Blessing Way of the Navajo.

It is the run-amok male principle intellect that has generated the idea that Nature has no interior life, and does not feel: The divine mystery also faces: worry, #metoo, and a need for “sharing”.

The turmoil and politics can’t be resolved (billions spent by ambitious folk vainly believing they should be in charge) without making the center of the conversation the relationship of the two natures.

Yet, we know they won’t dare discuss such “hot button” “issues”. In what venues then do we have the needed conversations?

Preachers, academics, politicians, newscasters, radio or podcast pundits, and all other opinionated assholes, can’t do what one person can do with kindness, and listening to other folks’ stories.

If you self identify with aspects of the “liberal elite”, in your worries about wars and other radical changes effecting all of us, find something to do. Same with the “Trump voters”, … everyone needs to find opportunities to be kind listeners, who do not judge, or explain, or tell others what they should do … we just offer comfort and sympathy.

Why do you think the Mother is going around the world sending in the ancient Titans we idiotically call rogue weather? In the aftermath of the Chaos of Her own Godzillas – which is the Mother’s male principle Rite, …

… that is followed up by its harmonizing balance (a feminine principle Rite), through what is happening in aid stations, school gyms, and places where folk gather to understand each others’ worry-#metoo-tales … by creating the opportunity – we have to choose – for People to begin to find out just how much they need each other, religion and politics aside. Mother always knows best, even when She sends children off to wars, social/community or otherwise.

How do we know how important it is for human beings to meet each other in circumstances of shared worry, #metoo, and artful – perhaps witty – conversation?

We know because it is frightening to be honest and vulnerable. In this we are wise to trust our instincts, and avoid what does not feel emotionally safe. Find/notice your tribe. Have a celebration with good food, dancing, and as personally needed: intoxicants. Celebrate what, some might ask.

Our shared humanity and the wonders the ancients mysteries had expressed this way: As above, so below. As below, so above, for the wonder of the one true thing.

Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness

Pain, Pleasure, Consciousness

In the Light of the Eight Gates to Faerie

We see. We hear. We touch. We smell. We taste. We balance. We think. We move.

Our senses are open wounds of the soul. What seems to not be us, invades our consciousness. Light hurts when we move from darkness into the light. An errant smell can be experienced as not only unpleasant, but go so far as to induce extreme reflexive actions.

Meanwhile, Christ tells us in Luke: the kingdom of heaven is inside you. Not somewhere else. Inside you, … in the deeps of your secret self … waits a gift …

Once upon a time, in the way back long ago when before, our ancestors spoke to fairies. Some times we spoke to thunder, or star, but that kind of communion is more about listening, than ourselves speaking.

Then we lost the Garden. We lost the capacity to listen to the winds. We forgot about the little people … the elemental kingdoms of salamanders/fire; sylphs/air; undines/water; and, gnomes/earth.

This – the loss of Faerie – was a birth, and like all births filled with pain and dangers, yet when the work is done, sublime pleasure.

It isn’t that Faerie ceased to exist, we were just helped to forget.

The whole of the eight wounds – our sensorium – is/has/been/and always will be Faerie. Faerie never left, we were just blinded in the realm of thought. Why? So that this most intimate I&Thou relationship could/might arise by our choice. By our effort. By our work.

In the way back long ago when before, living midst Faerie and the Gods&Goddesses was a given. A grace, over which we had no choice. So we travel into a kind of spiritual darkness, losing sight of Faerie, and the Gods&Goddesses, in order later to have a personal/individual choice about such matters of the heart.

This loss of the perception of the kingdom of heaven that is “inside” us, also disconnected us from the perception of the “inside” of the World.

To get back within this inside, we have Eight Gates, that come in four pairs.

Life & Death … Fire/Will

Waking&Sleeping … Air/Intellect
Sanity&Madness … Water/Feeling
Remembering&Forgetting … Earth/Consciousness

These words just point a finger. The reader has to look. The reader is already always looking. The world is looking back. Our sense reality is a wave form of two conscious entities meeting at the boundary, that the movie Annihilation so eloquently calls: the shimmering.

We look – via our will – out through the eye, and the light – via Its Will – looks into us through that same clear lens. Our spirit is touched through the wounds of earthly consciousness.

In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.

He also said: “Blessed are those who do not see, yet still believe.” Pay attention to the wounds and the Gates. Trust you ability to perceive the “meaning” of existence through the own sense of thinking&thought. The heart’s mind is a garden, and we get to grow there whatever we wish. There is even a place there for fungi, and rot, … living thought/thinking is a continuous process of dying and becoming.

Reality’s Open Secret

Reality’s Open Secret

The Labyrinth of the Day and the Maze of the Spirit

We associate the idea of a labyrinth as something that is walked, and can be walked again, and each time is its own teaching.

We associate the idea of a maze with the solving of puzzles.

There are what might be called laws. For example, we are always in the Now – the moment. Yet, that moment, while always in movement, has regularity as a given. Day and Night. Breathing.

Spirit is everywhere/when, and we are spirit. We cannot escape ourselves, …. another law.

Both the Labyrinth of the Day and the Maze of the Spirit are unique. The totality of these is individualized. Nothing in the whole of Reality is the same as us. Each different.

In the labyrinth of the day there are multiple individual and unique natures seeming interlocked in the same place and time. Seemingly.

We can’t get away from ourselves. We seemingly can’t get away from each other.

The movement of change – which we believe is what is called time – is endless.

Because of the Word we have language. Because of the Word we have breath. Because we are all “the Word”, we have meaning.

One of the riddles of the maze of the spirit (the heart’s mind), is: Am I supposed to be something else / or somewhere/when else?

In the labyrinth of the day, the maze of the spirit can believe much that is not true. The surrounding life we call culture and language, tells us stories, and we are/can be coerced to believe a story that is not true.

We are asked sometimes: Who are we? The better question is: What are we?

What we are is the Whole learning about Itself.

In the modern Age, on the cusp of the Third Millennium,

the Day of Purification,

our Baptism – by the Source of the Word – in Fire and Holy Breath,

during the dying and becoming of Western Civilization,

midst the debris of the last days of the Kali Yuga,

where things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

we face our freedom as the Beast from the Abyss –

the Abyss of the Unknown and Uncreated formless chaos which is our Mother and Father.

The worry we have about “climate change” is just a foretaste of something much greater. History is disappearing. We are less and less bound to the past. We are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Among the ideas that are present to us, and perhaps not Reality, are the ideas of who or what we should or ought become. Seek enlightenment sings a great part of the world. Crave power and wealth roars another.

The underlying confusion is that we are not yet enough, or at all in charge.

Look around. All our boats – our ways of living – are riding the same dangerous seas.

The real secret?

We are all already shamans. Surviving our life is shamaning/wisdom learning. The sages – who we do not honor by trying to be what we suspect they were like – tend to agree: Trust Yourself.

Name yourself. Change nothing, because change is already a constant. We all leak it into our lives, and are surrounded by it.

We are magic. Our daily routines are spiritual rites of our own making. We are artists in the labyrinth of the day, for each day is itself unique. The maze of the own mind is mystery as well. The heart’s mind itself is wonder procreating. There are no limits to the Imagination.

The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World

The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World

musings out of Pagan Anthroposophy

Easily the most important way to study is to look at trees themselves. Spiritual literature is full of names given to this expression of the divine in the material world, but words are not the same as seeing, touching, planting, harvesting, taking shelter, home for critters, … the endless Way of the Tree to Speak/Sing without words.

The Mother of All does not need words to Tell Her Stories. She is a Source of the Word. As in, “She has the whole world in His Hands”.

The first grandmother-tree I learned to converse with (see picture one) was often a help. A tree is – in a way – a thought of the Father manifested by the Son. In this link I tell my story of this encounter http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/GrandmotherTree.html [a grandmother tree appears “dead”, which allows it to be a locus of spiritual beings – no longer having to “grow”- but rather they just get to Be.]

She “worded” very slowly in that aspect of the garden of the heart’s mind that learns to listen to the speaking of trees. Tolkien’s Ents were slow thinkers, taking long pauses between phrases during the Entmoot in Fanghorn forest, initiated by Treebeard.

Tree huggers, druids, … in Star Wars VIII an ancient tree is set afire, the fire a sign of something ancient dying, on its way to being reborn

Trees bridge Sky and Earth. The Tree itself is part of a larger organism, which Gelbert Grohmann called: The Plant, in his two volume study. Link to those books here: https://www.amazon.com/s…

The “Plant” is a kind of life-process, manifested by entities out of Faerie, as are the Stone People, the Winds, the Four-legged, and the Winged. Whether an ancient wind-formed pine, or what grows on cheese, and from which we made penicillin, the Plant is not just beauty, but medicine as well.

A recent addition to the lore of trees came through the character Groot (see picture two), as revealed in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Also the fearsome teaching Tree voiced by Liam Neeson in “A Monster Calls” (see picture three).

“Stranger Things” involved dangerous tunnels, full of roots, and darker creatures. “Annihilation” involves the “shimmering”, and a passage through that “barrier?” into a world where chaotic growth was fueled by other-world entities.

The collective imagination is haunted by premonitions of the return of the magical and mystical gates to the Underworld, to Faerie.

Then there is “climate change”, rooted in fears, themselves rooted in human history, that can be expressed this way: Human beings will fuck things up. Guaranteed. While this will not calm all souls, the fact is that the Mother rules all weather, as She does the four horseman, and, the gate of death.

All over the Mother (our Planet) then is a sphere of growth, from seed, to root and stalk, and flower and fruit. Below is the realm of the Stone People, then the Tree/Plant People, wherein are places for the four-legged and the winged to frolic and be cared for.

We are to be the stewards of this sphere of life. Why? We were given hands, uprightness, and speech. We too are a “shape/sign” in the wordless Speech of Existence.

I have been blessed for the last seven years to have a forest begin just twenty feet outside my study window. Since moving here I have been aware of a local grandmother tree (seemingly dead, stark of leafless limb, glorious in pose). Mostly she (Dryads, are the traditional name, and imply a feminine nature) can barely be seen.

One late afternoon I was sitting in my office, and felt the want of going and taking a picture from the deck, and there she was, illuminated in the sunlight of a sun heading for rest. (see pictured four). In picture five we see her in darkness and shadow.

In the totality of the yard and forest, she stands in between the arbor-vitae trees planted by the developers, and the forest. A kind of bridge between human activity, and the Mother’s Way of doing things when left to Her own devices. Note the expressions/gestures of the limbs.

Trees are very good friends, and miss our conversations. Yet, we have to be the ones that reach out. We have to want to go Home, back to the Garden, … the prodigal children on their way to a fairy feast.

For a much longer dissertation on humans and the world of the Plant, there is this: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/…/the-return-of-the-w…/Like

the Judith von Halle Mystique-Mistake

The Judith von Halle Mystique-Mistake.

When Rudolf Steiner died, the core folk leading the Anthroposophical Society and Class fell into conflict. Within ten years folks had been booted out of these communities, and National Societies had left/been forced-out of the dying social form.

The is no greater fact revealing the failure of the Christmas Conference than this.

Following World War II, the National Societies reunited, and recently some of the folk official excluded have received apologies (although being already dead doesn’t make this act particularly meaningful). A special point of fact that needs to be noticed here is that these past confusions still have advocates saying that matters done in past have left lingering undesirable effects (e.g. the Constitution crisis, and the lawsuits in Swiss Courts that the Vorstand lost).

This reunification has more to do with “office politics” than it does with spiritual inspiration.

In the intervening years two spiritual tragedies befell the Michael Impulse at the level of the Society. One involved the degradation of the meaning of the term “Anthroposophy” from its essence concerning developing our own spiritual freedom before the concept/idea; and, the second the breaking down of the social barriers that needed to exist between the Society and the Christian Community. For details see Lecture Six, Awakening to Community, and therein the significance of the Reverse Cultus.

Today Anthroposophy is treated and spoken of as a “spiritual philosophy”, which means a point of view whose components are the writings and lectures of Steiner. This content we call Spiritual Science comes from a method of thought, and that method is itself what Anthroposophy is. Method (How), not content (What).

Ahriman&Lucifer won the spiritual war in Europe. In the debris of that war there arose, as the Millennia turned, various cults of personality, whose adherents often would not and could not talk to each other. Prokofieff, Judith von Halle, Ben-Aharon, Tomberg, and right now Are Thoreson.

This has little to do with these individuals and their spiritual gifts, and more to do with folk who – having given away their free-thought to Steiner-said – now replace that confusion with an unquestioning belief that their current hero has it right.

Again, this is understandable. Perhaps even a natural necessity in the growth of anthroposophical Spiritual Science on its way to truly becoming a participant in the dire events connected to the passage from the 2nd to the 3rd Millennium.

We lose sight of method, and look to others for their gifts to feed our need for spiritual knowledge and understanding.

Sadly, in raising them up, we put ourselves down. We make others be a needed living connection to the Divine Mystery, at a cost of ourselves finding Our Way to the Source Itself, via some understanding of the inherent music scored in words: The Philosophy of Freedom.

People eating the thoughts of others, without the right methodological tools, tend to find another mind to adore, rather than their own.

Thomas Taylor, a neo-platonist savant of the romantic period of recent European culture, wrote a book: “The theoretic arithmetic of the Pythagoreans”. He argued that our systems of education, in emphasizing the use of “arithmetic” for accounting and surveying, without some time spent in the “theory” aspects, disables students. How? By not letting the student realize inwardly the nature of number, geometry, and beyond, they keep from their students the understanding that:

These lofty ideas come from the human mind. The human soul generated them, and through the study of these lofty ideas the student begins to recognize in their own mind its natural wealth.

A similar symptom is found among anthroposophists, when they mistake the content as the essential matter/riddle, … whatever. The method gets lost mostly because the social leaders of the Society and Friends don’t practice, or attend to, Steiner’s first four books: GA-1 to GA-4.

The word Anthroposophy losses its central meaning as method, to become the content. In the absence of folk who succeed in this practice of Steiner’s science of knowing, the hunger for more of the product finds what appears to be living sources. At which point these folks gather around a personality that either has actual special talents, or at the very least these personalities have a “following” that believes so.

Adherents become preachers of the new truth, as it comes from books – mostly. Like St. Paul, they teach of the teacher, and assert their capacity to know the teacher is right. Important. Almost not human, such as the idea/pedestal – of her stigmata and not needing to eat – are signs from God’s Grace, that surround JvH, making H(sic)er, worthy of unquestioning belief.

That too is a habit rooted in the similar worship of RS. All that has changed is that a more contemporary personality has become the axis of fixation.

Suppose, for the moment, there exists among the anthroposophical folks and friends, an oddity. Someone who refuses to accept the general failure among Steiner-speakers to know that the essential of Anthroposophy – its core/ground – is of inner freedom before the concept/idea.

Not just that, but that same someone has a life also marked with talent-signs. Some Thrones once told him he had been St. Matthew at the time of Christ, and George Washington more recently. An angel dropped in the name of Clara Barton during an all night session of dialogues.

After the 6th Buddha dies, his/her first incarnation – one of 49 coming incarnations – nearly one each Century over a 5000 year period – this first incarnation is as Socrates.

Folks have wondered about St. Paul, and his story of being blinded on the Road to Damascus, where he came then to direct experience of Christ. A rather remarkable sign.

In this other persons case, there are more than a half-dozen such events, on the “Damascus” scale of being “touched” by the divine. It is more like our soul is a kind of flute, and on occasion an Immortal plays tunes on it.

Obviously I speak of myself, while wondering where is my cult of personality?

Steiner said he would be followed by another, who would become the great teacher of the Christ Impulse in the epoch of the Consciousness Soul. In point of fact, I incarnated in this physical/astral/ethereal body, when it was 31 years old. I’m volunteering. Where the fuck are my acolytes?

Truth to tell, most of them are invisible. Being as I am among those on the leading edge of the current stage of the evolution of consciousness, other-presence likes to be with me when I write. Has for years. Interestingly enough they are here now, mostly wondering what the heck is this dude going to say or do next?

At least folks can buy my books. Or not. You can visit my: “Aethereal Cave of a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and, professional heretic”. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/

Or, read the writings on my CV: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thetree.html

Yesterday was Jan. 22, the 278th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. A few years ago I wrote a poem: the George Washington Blues http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/gwblues.html

the undertow of great events

The addiction to wealth and power leads to madness. To want to travel in those circles is also madness. To be born to wealth and power is a fate worse than death. How do you learn to strive if everything is given?

Families swimming in the seas of wealth and power are in shark filled waters. Their best friends and neighbors often covet what these families have. Every servant is untrustworthy. Danger lurks in all places of shadow.

To live in this world – as the “poor” live – is to live in a place where the insane “seem” to be in control. Kings, queens, presidents, sheikhs, CEOs, … to rule is a trap, because these mad ones can never slake their hungers.

Be thankful for your seemingly mundane and boring life, with its illness, ungrateful children, difficult lovers, and unappreciative bosses.

Down at the bottom of the money ladder there is mystery.

The poor shall be with us always, He said. And, then there is the Beatitudes … which does not say blessed are the mad. Plus, something about how it is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven.

If we attend to the major narrative about the Trump-mess, we might notice that nobody who is in service to the rich and lordly, is going to be called to testify in the halls of madness and fractious lies.

We watch a sad play, only really epic in the minds of the contestants. Meanwhile, when does the evening News remind us of all the teachers, police officers, health care workers, soldiers, and parents, who went to work – whether sick or not – during the hearings, to keep the Country running.

If it wasn’t for the folks on the bottom, the ones on the top would have no one over which to feel superior.

wandering in the conceptual jungles of psyche-speak

There can be serious misconceptions held by the person whose “feelings” are the core “symptom”. So when someone describes themselves as sad, glad, mad, or bad, what the actual objective state of the psyche is may be infected with how our culture has taught us to see ourselves.

Modern folk have – to speak kindly of the effects of scientific materialism (only matter, no spirit) – psychological unhealthy stories.

Resolving that complex knot of thought, which views the brain as the vehicle of agency for example, is not easy. Having personal empirical knowledge of our own psyche is essential, but the materialistic tales have to be metabolized as it were. Our culture needs to digest scientific materialism, and wonder at the wisdom of aboriginal peoples, and their healer/shamans who know the spirit is involved, and … and what?

We have to up our game in terms of allowable metaphors for our inner life. Art actually is best at this, bridging as it does the assumed chasm between science and religion. The task is not about returning to old myths, but about finding the new explanatory myths, belonging to the age of scientific materialism and technology.

Having worked for over 18 years in the trenches of mental health, and having many inner states, including “depression”, to wrestle with, I ended up writing …. a lot.

Lets just say that the battle of little red riding-hood, with respect to wolves and grandmothers and deceptions can all be applied to aspects of psychological growth and trials. I’ve also found reading “the Sibling Society” and “Iron John”, by the poet Robert Bly helpful.

then there is this: “The Slow Regard of Silent Things”, a serious wonder by a great writer of so-called “fantasy” fiction. Amazon carries it in paperback, hardcover, kindle, and audio.
Here are some links to too much to read, but just in case …




after nap musings

in the way back long ago when before … before when-ago’s longed to run the back way into the infinite … spirals in mobius strip time, flowers in space, and trees made of light, all dancing to the music of existence, the one (Father) and the many (Mother) were always a whole (Child) …. the childhood of humanity is endless …. do we think gods want to grow up?

In my second childhood now, always a kind of myth, but no longer … didn’t you want, in the past, to have your former self know what your present self did then … second childhood is like that, we live, and we know a lot of stuff …

we ignore social rules, for they remain just as vacuous as we knew when we were eleven ….

we become highly skilled in avoiding work, and all manner of illnesses and weakness become a virtue for the excuses they offer …. lazy is an art, and a kind of play …

we have learned how to be affectionately crabby, without creating chaos, … a few what the fucks and/or god-damn-its usually brings a want in folk to quiet us, and sooth us ….

and, we know we deserve it, we earned it the hard way, having survived having children … in my case five, and even a dozen presidents …

a hobby is a good way to create a space no one dares screw with, and it is easy now to look like we are busy … with luck we might choose a hobby that lets us play all the time ….

head phones even can get rid of noise, not just make it … Amazon delivers … wonderful chairs have motors … electronics have remotes, we – with some justification, can just laze around, nap when we like, and even fart and not have to apologize ….
Yes, it can be worse, .. illness may reduce us to such dependency that we might wish to die … that choice should be ours and no one else’s … we earned it …

we also earned our politics, our religion, and our loves&hates … I don’t like fruit … beansprouts …. pointless conversation, modern music or fashion … I think we need to kill the bankers first, and watch the lawyers then run around trying to look useful instead of always in the way …

there is a texture of the end of the world to our time … I don’t buy it, having seen worse … if fact, in my not so humble opinion, there are a lot of stupid people, who might be less active and menacing if we just let they have the drugs they want as long as they leave the rest of us alone …

if we have problems that are collective, the main one – to any sane survivor to old age – is the war between the sexes. Doesn’t make what your race, religion, level of wealth, or even your newly discovered beyond female and male sexes, … everyone wants love, and love is easier to give … and hard to accept …

besides the complete eradication of bankers and lawyers and politicians and preachers, we mostly need to party …

in the time of lurking chaos, eat, drink, and be merry seems a most credible philosophy of life