Avatars and Masks

Avatars and Masks

The hidden immortal human being riding each physical avatar (we are not our flesh), is complex …

I heard a story, … that the Japanese language/psychology recognizes a public self, and private self, and a secret self. I believe this is true for all of us.

At the same time it is an existential fact that we do not actually have a completely closed off inner (private) life, unseen by anyone, although many others of our kind – they are also wearing avatars of all sorts – and often trying/hungering to see past our public mask, which has a public side (how we let/design personality&appearances) which is not our private side of the mask.

Home is where the public and private masks can come off. The secret self is to be respected and excessive curiosity of whys/wherefores/ and Whatthefucks, often asks the mystery there to dance naked, but really folks … it cannot, being invisible/infinite&eternal. =

Hungers try to stake a claim in our souls, which we are right to resist, until Mutual Surrender is seen as the magical incantation that it is.

Even among friends and lovers the secret self is required to create for itself a sphere none can penetrate, not even gods&goddesses, or the various first-level-invisible-folk we encounter when we investigate the seemingly private world of soul (consciousness).

Although the mad find it hard to manage this menagerie of the Six that surrounds us = the seventh and the secret. What we call a catatonic has walked behind the door to the secret self and closed it.

The Six Invisibles in the Private Sphere of the Soul – friends we very much need, daily:

Above: the Holy Spirit, the Conscience (higher ego), and the Guardian Angel have access to our private seeming soul life, although not to our secret spirit life;

&, Below: the Tempter (Lucifer to some), the Prosecutor (the cold & uncaring caress of Ahriman) and various Self-Generated Wounds, who unhealed and allowed to fester acquire a kind of independence in the private soul-sphere.

During soul growth and emancipation from the limiting forces of others – family, etc, the private self multiplies into many – some habitual, many necessary, … the private self is a zoo, which Whitman spoke of this Way: I am Multitudes.

Addicts fight their battles in the private soul world against creatures – the zoo of Multitudes, some of whose older names included such “bad” habits as demon rum and the monkey on our backs. Just keep in mind that addictions we all have, places inside where the private is – or can be – a war zone, in psychology we sometimes call this: being conflicted. Shopping, TV, loving Trump&Money&Power, sex, … anything can be an addiction – that is, … be a creature of the soul/private world whose independent existence is rooted in our wounds, both in this life, and all the others before and after.


There are Gates in the decorated walls of the private life. A narrow gate is one. Falling down effortlessly is another. Words like will&fire, and feelings&water; and, intellect&air; and, consciousness&earth = reveal we are elemental creatures, creating stormy social weather, for which our shared climate woes are merely forgotten signs in the SKY.

The world of the senses is imagined into existence, and our personal private soul imagination is a map, where the unknown (there be dragons) is feared. Fear is to be embraced. The world of The Mother is rich with faeries and other wondrous folk, some of whom deserve their darker reputations. For at the edges of the unbound imagination can be found a place/condition, where there resides resplendent the borderland-threshold existing between the private imagination and the imagination of the gods&goddesses. Colliding worlds. Clashing civilizations.

The private life is a garden, often not well tended, since unnatural science denies its existence, and most religions are lost in the Mote&Beam of good&evil.

It is the secret self that opens the door to the Divine Mystery, when we pray in secret&alone. Otherwise, without prayer the door remains closed. Otherwise, without humans being able to close that door, any hint of a promised spiritual freedom is a con job.

The narrow gate swings all Ways …

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