some of Joel Wendt’s writings on the science of the future

“The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics, and the Age of Technological Chaos.

After the Creation, where did the Father go to Rest?

“The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”

A challenge to the Theory of Evolution, and the Big Bang, by offering A Theory of God and its details as a fully accurate and realistic Theory of Everything

Letters on Magic # 1- 12

this series of letters considers the relationship between the four classical elements of the ancient Egyptians (fire, air, water, earth), and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics (gravity, electo-magnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear interactions)

the Fermi Paradox resolved

(who, what, where, when, why … all those stars who don’t seem to remember to call their mother)

The Misconception of Cosmic Space as appears in  the Ideas of Modern Astronomy:

So, do astronomers actually know what they are doing?

a new physics: Ideas in the Light of Eros

… so time is not real, although change is … and meanwhile space is not empty – there is a lot of there there … for more, next below …

THERE IS NO “FREE” ENERGY Space and “field” phenomena; Nature and sub-nature

a quirky look beneath the veil surrounding electrical “physics”

Electricity and the Spirit in Nature

A more careful look at the role of electricity in Nature, from the point of view of “thinking in wholes”.

Sacramental Thinking    (a book)

What is thinking? Does it have any limits whatsoever?

I am not my brain: the map is not the territory

The title says it all, but the body/text kicks the philosophical acumen of brain scientists in their unjustified fantasies. “Cowboy Bebop and the Physics of Thought as Moral Art”

Healing the Insanity of Psychiatric Medicines and Practice

Most of us know the problems, here a solution is offered.

The Quiet Suffering of Nature

The environmental movement is urged to find an I & Thou relationship with a conscious Living Planet.

The Idea of Mind – a Christian meditator considers the problem of consciousness –

An early effort to raise questions about current thinking in the brain and psychological sciences.


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