advice for free and for sale

help finding out who You are, as an individual spirit, in a spiritual and material world, governed by spiritual laws …

The Pharaoh Foundation provides consulting and educational services, to individuals, businesses, and many other kinds of organizations. Our art, as it were, is that we include the spiritual in all our considerations.  Our effort is to enable all to find their own Way to the true, the beautiful and the good. Some samples:

​​​The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were priest-kings.  Later, Plato believed that the best social leadership would come from what he called “philosopher kings”  The Pharaoh Foundation, inspired by those Ideals, seeks to help individuals and communities provide wisdom to our shared social future via the Foundation’s services.

a path for individuals is below …

the Rising of the Sun in the Mind

next below a path for larger social forms/communities

surfing the coming tsunami of history

Joel A. Wendt is the Founder of the Pharaoh Foundation

The Rising of the Dead
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