wand’ring in wonder

minor and major notes in the rules of the wand and the ring, otherwise known as magic

a path walker’s notebook

I studied Enlightenment, Discipleship, Initiation, Shamanism, Wizardry, and most crucially: Foolishness.

writings less limited to reason, and more at play with thought

I write a lot of non-fiction. Fiction is another … Way, more free as it were, and for that more magical. These are for those who like short stories, a novel, a screen treatment, and poetry.

Americans, … among the Lost – notes from inner-space, … the true Final Frontier

America is a land of density and weight, and will and imagination. What kind of spiritual life is “natural” to those living in a place where the aboriginal landholders (and their spirits) hold sway in all the invisible places.

Lazy Bear’s Wizardly Emporium http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/lzbwe23x.html

Letters about Magic #1 through #12

A long poem about how to integrate the Doctrine of the Four Elements with modern theoretical physics, thus creating a physics that teaches how to meet and interact with the Kingdoms of Faerie.

Rudolf Steiner on Elemental Beings, Karma & Ceremonial Magic


Open Secrets – connectivity and intersectionality = The Cross inside the Circle:

Hopi Symbol, means: “Together with all nations we protect both land and life and hold the world in balance.

Divine-Power / playing-cards / tarot-cards / element / soul-force / time&space /temperament / personal power/gifts

Emanation / Clubs / Wands / fire / Will / Saturn / Choleric / living and dying

Creation / Spades / Swords /air / Intellect / Sun / Sanguine / awake and asleep

Formation / Hearts / Cups / water / Feeling / Moon / Phlegmatic / sanity and madness

Existence / Diamonds / Coins / earth / Consciousness / Earth / Melancholic / remembering and forgetting

Four Circles inside One Circle, framed by a Cross

two crossed Wands and five Rings, four sevens of tales, governing eight human powers

Older Materials:

On Becoming a Real Wizard”

Thirty-one videos on Youtube, over ten years. A maze left for the Harry Potter generation, to show the Way clear … leaving behind fantasies, for the reality of learning how to have a wise head and wise heart.

“Lazy Bear’s Wizardly Emporium”

From 1997, I had been studying and practicing since 1973. Two essays on Franz Bardon, and related introductory materials.

Lazy Bear’s Spirit Song – a visionary poem from mid-1970’s.

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