the misadventures of Tiger-Saucy, the last Faerie-teacher of shamans

Tiger-Saucy is invisible. Everyone knows her, but the hard part is to see her. The background changes, and what does not change was always there already.

She has been known to answer questions, with questions, and dreams and riddles, and other odd bumps in your life.

Tiger-Saucy’s take on Liar, Lair, Hair on Fire … aka, Donald Trump

liar, liar, hair on fire is the middle figure, with the gnome in his now visible lower organism. to our left is the Mother, who rules the wild. to our right is the towering soul forces of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas

The Universe has rules. Gravity, for example. Takes two to make a baby, is another. We are born into the darkness of matter, only to end that trial by dying into the after-life of light. Destined to do it over and over and over again, until such personal art is done playing in the sandbox of time&space&matter.

From the stand point of the Divine Mystery (the makers of rules), the center of existence is the individual biography. What we’ve been accustomed to thinking/believing ~ about the primacy of the meaning of history, and the nature of events in which we live ~ is in error.

If you want to understand the order of existence, our thinking is best trained by working from ourselves as a center, and then outward in circles and spirals of connections: mother, father, siblings, aunts&uncles&cousins, grandparents, a place/land, a time, a language, a religion, and a culture.

Our cultures tend to train our thinking in the opposite direction. There are the great&powerful, and then there are “the masses”. We are tiny, the social world is great and its powers govern our lives.

Not true.

This can be known to your own observation. You look out at the world, through filters of learned experience, and a cultural chaos of what it all means, …. yet, inside you a fire ~!~!~!~ dancing spirit, trying to manage the day to day problems, needs, wants, joys, … the whole of one day at a time, one moment at a time.

We are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Even Trump.

It’s your life, and live it how you choose, learning to recognize in obstacles the invisible steel in which to sharpen your wits, and which opposition you really only get to know through your heart.

Let us get to what for some is the last lesson of shaman-school, but here Tiger-Saucy wishes to make it the first lesson. Make the beginning eat the end, while the end is feeding the beginning.

The main Law of Reality is this: if some thing/event/person/speck of dust exists, then this existence has been approved at all levels of the Divine Mystery, from your personal Angel, climbing up Jacob’s Ladder, with the complimentary necessary of falling ~ a darker journey in&through the roots&dark&dank caves of the Soul.

Consider the Divine Mystery … we are the heart of It. In our biography, from moment to moment we make decisions&take actions. The sphere of the reach of our mind and heart, in choices, choices, &choices, is the sphere where we are the Divine Mystery, doing our part.

Billions of us. All choosing. The distributed Divine Mystery incarnate in that place and time, in a world so full of daily miracles, we ought to be ashamed to hate so much of it.

Yes, karma’s a bitch. It is just that if you want to unfold ~ I ~ becoming according to your own choices, keep in mind, all actions – even thoughts – have consequences.

The world of human existence – the world of nature, of the stars&suns, and moons&planets – the world of our inner – invisible to others Way of Seeing All Our Relations – has potential ever~new. It is not a closed system, but rather the opposite.

The Mother understands our Woe. After all, She catches each one of us at the Gate of Death. The Mother – the Goddess/Many awaits our scientific realization that Faerie is real. Have to surrender though. Not easy that.

There are Eight Qualitative Gates to the personal encounter/understanding of Faerie. Attend to these moments at the threshold to eternity. Much comes to us at these crossing points.





The ninth gate is the interweaving of them all into a single whole – the natural state of our consciousness, of an individual Star weaving its own being&becoming.

Tiger-Saucy Writes an open letter to Greta Thunberg

These are dangerous times little one. So much passion, so much heart, so much will, but … you’ve become a public figure, a sacrifice for sure … but a target as well. Everyone wants to own and guide you, while some even want to bemoan and attack you. I recently read the idea that you are a reincarnation of Joan ‘d Arc.

The key question remains: Who are you to yourself?

Years upon years ago, there lived a Queen, married to a King, in a time in which a seer could know would end in bloodshed. “Let them eat cake” is a phrase commonly attributed to queen Marie Antoinette, although there is no record of her having said it. History took her head via a guillotine.

While these events unfolded, this Queen had a friend, a legendary wizard remembered as St. Germain. They exchanged letters. He would visit and do tricks at court, like taking a piece of coal, folding his hand closed, and then opened, to reveal a diamond to cheers and cries of delight.

As one kind of princess to another, I wish you good fortune, although … again … who are you to yourself, as against what other people want you to be?

There is a song being sung all through Faerie. The Son has returned as promised, and He has brought His Mother along for some help and guidance during this crisis of whether goes the weather. She has the whole world in His Hands.

You see, dear little one, She rides the Four Horseman, and plays the tunes to which Flood, Earthquake, Desert, Volcano, Hurricane, War, Disease, and Tsunami dance.

Yet, you are being feed ideas that are not good nutrition for the mind’s heart-soul. Not surprising in this time of the enchantment of the intellect by scientific materialism – all is matter there is no spirit.

I, Tiger-Saucy, introduces/offers gluten/poison free thoughts in which you may find your Way through the tangle of thorns, to the lost-castle of truth, so sorely needed. Science, as it is today, does guide us, for its believers think that the human being – such as yourself – is the only sentient consciousness in the Sphere of the Earth&Sun&Planets&Moons&Stars&Plants&Stones, including the four-legged, & the winged creatures …

Who are you to yourself, is not only a question humans must ask themselves, but the Nature we ignore is not just fully conscious, it is of the Super-conscious. You, as are all of us, born of Nature. You are, as the wizard Rudolf Steiner thought/knew: Nature becoming able to look at Itself.

Climate Change is a riddle, not a certainty. Care of the Mother must be done, whether the soulless multi-national Corporation/Egregore/Frankenstein plays fair or not.

Tiger-Saucy sends you to school, for heroes need the sword of knowledge as much as they need courage and compassion. Read books, for sometimes giants in the realm of thoughts leave behind a treasure it took their life&lives to discover and share.

There will be seven, in honor of the mysteries of the Seven Liberal Arts: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric are the Trivium, and Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy are the Quadrivium. You can begin anywhere, or not. Just know that these books are infused with the Spirit of the Son, and some deserve to become designated as “a gospel of”

A trinity, in accord with the Divine Mystery, and a four-natured manifestation, in accord with the Classical Elements of Antiquity, Fire (will), Air (intellect), Water (feeling), and Earth (consciousness).

Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric involve understanding the Use of the Word, in thought, and speech, and writing. They cannot be separated, anymore than the four elements can be separated.

These books are healing antidotes to the soul-poisons of scientific materialism. The wisdom is not in the words, but in the deeds these words call forth. The World Song sings to us, via a science in which spirit and soul matter.

[Grammar] a gospel of knowing: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”

[Logic] a gospel of the imagination: “Poetic Diction”

[Rhetoric] a gospel of the soul: “On Becoming an Alchemist”

[Arithmetic] a gospel of physics: Will – fire: “Man or Matter”

[Geometry] a gospel of organic chemistry: – Air – intellect: “The Nature of Substance”

[Music] a gospel of the nature of movement; Water – feeling: “Sensitive Chaos”

[Astronomy] a gospel of life: Earth – consciousness: “The Plant: vol I and II”

[the following definitions in italics are basically the first sentences/phrases from the relevant Wikipedia article. In the plain text, I have tried to adjust the definition-situation to include a spiritual/non-material quality.

In linguistics, grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases and words in a natural language. 

For an examination of what might be called the grammar of experience, and how to find the right clauses, phrases, and words by which to rightly join thought and experience, then read Rudolf Steiner’s: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, a gospel of knowing.

Logic is the systematic study of the form of valid inference, and the most general laws of truth.

Once we cross the threshold of thought and experience, we begin to find our own powers of imagination, inspiration, and intuition, … for aid in that journey read Owen Barfield’s: “Poetic Diction”, a gospel of the imagination.

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion. Along with grammar and logic, it is one of the three ancient arts of discourse.

For a good example/demonstration of written-discourse, that sees clearly the Way to Learn of Our-self, read Catherine MacCoun’s “On Becoming an Alchemist”, a gospel of the soul.

Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that consists of the study of numbers.

Is the world – in itself – describable by mathematics and numbers? Certainly not spirit. Yet, the natural science of today is not so much not-spiritual as it is merely concerned with the quantitative, rather than the qualitative.The will to know the world in the last five hundred years road in on a horse called “physics”. In E. Lehr’s “Man or Matter” we follow the history of physics in such a way that we do not loose sight of the spirit, e.g. a fiery will to see truly into the sacred secrets of the world of matter and spirit, aka – a gospel of physics.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

So, here we are, body and soul. From whence comes our shape, if the spirit is involved. The DNA? How about a gospel of organic chemistry, revealing the secrets of life in Ways yet to be imagined ~!~ Rudolf Hauschka’s “The Nature of Substance”, as the Air Element is the Intellect dancing.

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.

Living substance, whether of matter or soul&spirit, follows laws that are the speech of their own nature. Thus Theodor Schwenk’s: “Sensitive Chaos: the creation of flowing form in water and air”. where the outer world reveals its hidden shape creating powers, a gospel of movement, apt for our own self understanding. We are also of the Element Water, aka “feeling’ in the secret sacred language of the ancients. Our feeling life is itself: sensitive chaos.

Astronomy is a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena.

We loose the spirit of the stars if we see them as separate from the Earth. Flowers and Trees are the Stars manifesting endless diversity. A true astronomy needs to notice the life of the green world, as a kind of picture speech of the stars themselves, the flowers and trees of the night sky. Learn by reading the quiet mind of Gerbert Grohmann’s “The Plant, vol. I and II”, a gospel of Life, of the Earth and Consciousness.

For dessert, you can do some bit of extra work, so do not miss out on Tom Cowan’s works, a gospel of healing medicine: “Human heart Cosmic heart”; “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”; and “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”.

All this work, in support of a spiritual understanding of human existence, is a gift from folk who themselves tried to be who they were – to themselves. That is where He&She are, by the Way. In us, via us, we change the world one precious moment at a time. We get to choose, right? In the sphere of the reach of our hearts, we are a manifestation of the divine, which is distributed in all that is, in All Our Relations, each according to their nature.

We are all singers of songs of joy and woe, and nothing – no king, president, scoundrel, thief, jailer, can take our songs from us. Sing little one, sing … be who you want to be …

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Tiger Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions.

The wizard Rudolf Steiner spoke wisely when he wrote/and-or said: “the religion of the gods is the human being”.

In the way back long ago when before, sometimes remembered in the Fable of the Garden in the Hebrew Bible, there were two trees in that innocent place&time: 1) the tree of knowledge of good&evil; and, 2) the tree of life.

That story does not seem to end well, and it is a reasonable caution to wonder whether or not the Hebrew Bible (the old testament to Christians, which can’t be fully understood without knowledge of the Torah, and the Sepher Yetzirah) … which itself has been framed according to the world view of males, asserting some sort of “dominion over” the females, not just the beings of Nature.

How do we know this?

Because the female – in that tale – is the one who hears the snake and urges the man to violate the rule of Stay the Fuck Away from the tree of knowledge of good&evil. Because of her we humans violate divine law, and somewhere in all the resulting theology we get the idea of “original sin”. Not much of a loving god that makes us sinful from birth.

In the Sepher Yetzirah we are introduced to the idea of the “mothers”, no less. Who manifest in the vowel sounds, while the fathers manifest in the sounds of the consonants. The tale as told to me is that Hebrew, as a “written” language, is only consonants, and the vowels have to be added in an interpretative gesture, ruled by scholars of the Torah, also only males. Again, the feminine in the language is ruled, in a kind of odd way, by the masculine structures of the language.

Sacred secrets, and only the “initiated” need knock on the doors of that mystery.

One consequence of this masculine force is that the Hebrew language – that could (and apparently was meant) to be understood as revealing how the human being was to enjoy “communion with” the natural world – those terms became “dominion over”. Communion With being a feminine virtue, and the modern Gate to knowledge of Faerie.

This happened – historically – around the same Era as elsewhere the Goddess religions of the ancients, were more and more being replaced by a male-god dominated theology.

In a sense, and from a perspective taking in the right scale of the situation, humanity was falling into the material world, from a prior spiritual state. This spiritual state is remembered as the Garden to the Hebrews, and in myriad other ways in “religions” all over the world, such as the Satya Yuga of the Hindu folk.

Human beings, having entered into “matter”, were now learning from the tree of knowledge of good&evil, at a sacrifice (forgetting) of the older female (communion with) knowledge of the tree of life. Matter is “darker” than light*, and in such darkness we have a hard time seeing. In social existence, power over others is wanted, and this breeds the many evils the modern world knows far too well.

*[In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World]

That said, there also came to be a counter-impulse to the descent into matter, and for aid in this work the three patriarchal monotheisms were born, in order to provide guidance as best they could. For the Hebrews their main helper was the Burning Bush, with an affection for Law. Many rules were laid down for the Hebrews to follow.

The Burning Bush of Law was followed by the Logos of Love, who became human and died, just like human beings, We have fallen into matter, must therefore encounter: Death – itself being a Gate, for moments of rest between incarnations. In this Way the Divine Mystery lent its most creative genius to live for a couple of years, the Word among us – and tell some stories, while enduring what we endure. Not to save us, but to imitate us. The Highest seeing no reason (Logos of Love) to task us with a work/trial He/It would not personally undertake: the work to live in a physical body and then to die.

For some, their religion had them believing we only live once. Only this chance to play with the wild, and color outside the lines, … if done wrongly sends you straight to hell. Law or spontaneity.

Like the masculine nature of the Hebrew religion, the newly birthing-themselves Christian Religion was – as well – being led by forces not at ease with the feminine. In the chaos facing modern Christian faiths, over sex mostly, we see the loss. Yet, the mystery has a tendency to threefold itself, such that the fertile crescent was to birth one more male dominated religion, Islam, with something rather remarkable hidden inside it.

The fall/descent into matter, aided by the Hebrew male judgmental approach to good&evil, births a middle arc, … the descent is a kind of curve, turned upward by the One who said many words of import, that were later often abused, for the same reasons as did the Hebrew patriarchs: namely social power.

He/It/She/They, of the I come not to bring peace but a sword song, also said: Judge Not. The Logos of Love is that simple.

What had gone down, and then sought to follow an arc upward, must eventually then succeed in falling up, avoiding losing our way into darkest deeps. The Fall into matter – requires for balance and aesthetics (reality being mostly Art) a corresponding Falling up. From whence and where does this power of resurrection arise? You see, dear shamans in training, even if you fall to perdition, that is not the end, for there at the bottom is the Last Gate to Faerie – to a return to the Garden, via the Day of the Last Judgment.

Outside the precincts of preachers of doom and woe, there is whispered this: On that Day, we will judge ourselves, and choose whether or not to seek redemption, with our own self as the chief source of forgiveness.

Hebrews, Christians, and Muslims are all known to the latter as people of the Book. The three make for one gesture out of the same Mystery. Old Testament. New Testament. Koran. One communication, not three.

How do we “fall” upward? And, toward What?

The teachings of Islam have two core principles (remember … religious practice is meant to be easy – theologians just mess things up). The first core principle is service to the family, and in particular the children and women are to be protected at all costs. The later divisiveness is again a function of maleness out of its right place, and a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks the Mystery has spoken forever via a book, such that humans need no more look elsewhere for wisdom. The rule of male religious scholars is a tyranny of the heart.

The second core principle is “surrender” expressed in “Allah is great”, and “As Allah wills”. Jehovah – follow the Law; Christ – learn to love instead of judge; Allah – protect the future, and surrender to the truth of the Divine, for that is the way out of matter.

As with the Old Testament, and the New Testament, the Koran gets interpreted by maleness. Basically this has more to do with karma, than with truth, for the other – lesser known spiritual factoid – is that in the last three centuries the divine itself has begun to manifest from within the human being.

Everyone in Faerie knows this because children tend to being very messy, and someone has to pick up after them, for a little while longer anyway.

The human being is now his/her own lawgiver, creator of love, and able to surrender to the return of the Mother/with Father, of which Islam foretold.

They’re Back! And, … welcome to the age of human responsibility for the future. We’ve been given decisive power, in the immediacy of our personal biography. We’ve also ridden in on a dragon’s belly full of karma. Do not doubt, but each life is a puzzle, for which we are to become the sole solver&author.

That’s why seer-Steiner said: the religion of the gods is the human being.

As to the many questions, it was made possible for my – communion-with a savant – to help the writing a book, which placed the religious question, inside the scientific path, as a theory contrary to species random evolution, and big bang cosmology. “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything.”

That book is a spiritual social science text, which includes the idea that the Divine Mystery is distributed everywhere within the Creation, with the human being leading the rest into the future.

Don’t like this idea of human freedom – from divine control? Here’s the riddle: If the human being is not free and not divine, then the whole of experience is a fraud, … or not. Actually, each person gets to choose and gestate their own “religion”. Error is possible, and karma then a necessary corrective.

For a relevant story, ask the preacher of a mega Christian church, who spoke against gays, only to be caught with a male hooker. What goes around comes around.

Tiger Saucy has words with Native Americans

Tiger-Saucy contemplates the Quantum nature of the Orgasm

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