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If a Corporation can be a person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.

!!! A Shaman’s Law Firm, … keep in mind that the terms “Law Firm” follow a possessive descriptive term. A “shaman’s” law firm is based on the higher moral principles, potential in the law, but not required. What is “legal’ usually has nothing to do with whether it is moral or good or right. A Shaman’s practice has deeper concerns, and an education not just in the law, but in the related spiritual disciplines and studies. !!!

[For a shareable updated letter and article, on this Rite:]

A principle activity of the Firm is to encourage the creation of a legal component to add to the usual Earth-Day celebrations. On that day, folks willing are urged to file lawsuits against apex-predator Corporations, for their rape and pillage of the Natural World. In these suits there is a unique “Idea”, where the named plaintiff is the Planet Herself.

The suits don’t have to be won, for the real purpose is to draw attention to the riddle: “Does Nature have Her own interior sentient self-consciousness”, and bring that question into the Court of Public Opinion.

The environmental movement needs to learn to serve & communicate with an invisible world — Who will provide legal (material-world) services to Mother Nature? A corporation is no less invisible, yet with a material-avatar body of its own.

Some details are here:

If you believe you might have a use for such a resource-Law Firm, you will need to have real legal background-experiences. Mine are as follows: Graduate of University of Montana School of Law J.D. 1967; At one time Admitted to the Bar in both Montana and Colorado; and, Worked as a clerk on the Montana Supreme Court (1969).

Liking lawyer shows on TV, or books by John Grishman, works just as well.
[The above book is a small collection of my writings. Fifteen long essays, five short stories and a poem.]

I am not presently licensed to practice anywhere, and pushing 80 have retired from working-for-the-man. Now I work for myself. By the way, my services as a consultant are free, although the administrator of these consultations may expect a fee for those services.

Being a shaman, also makes me a pro-bono advocate for the Mother. She is entitled to whomever She wants to represent Her before the Law. Volunteers are welcomed.

I am presently looking to find and help those working on Amicus Curiae briefs for both the US Supreme Court, and the International Court of Justice in the Hague, especially as regards the Covid Confusion.

I am also looking to assist law firms that specialize in environmental suits. I am not to lead or file any case, but rather simply provide services in understanding the underlying issues, If the reader here wants to work with me on this, send an email to “”, or “”

Imagine walking into a court of law to insist that the Planet is a Living Being, a matter that has been proven scientifically. Go here for details:

Yet, even this begs the deeper question: How can human beings claim to own their Mother? What enormous folly!

the Quiet Suffering of Nature

In addition to that question – of the personhood of the Planet before the Law – those individuals responsible for the attempted hoax-plandemic, a feature of the Mystery’s Pandemonium Reboot, need to face charges in the International Court of Justice, for crimes against humanity.

Some will doubt the existence of such a crime, forgetting history. As this is a crucial and timely question, let me offer the following metaphor …
Reality is a bit like a seven layer bean dip. Most of our ideas of social existence are in the middle, between supporting and resisting Ways of Seeing. In the middle we have to navigate life, and struggle to know what is right to do.

There is a darker set of concepts, in the first layer below the middle … the Narrative of the pandemic provided by the Major Media. Below that is the level of how corporations see and act upon the world. Beneath them is something that to a few seems base and undesirable. The true Dark.

That’s Her.

First above the middle is the influence of science, religion, and art … often not playing well with each other, and frequently making messes in the shared sandbox.

Above that layer is the truth of what is happening. At the highest level, Him. The source of light and truth.

Him ~!~ truth ~!~ culture ~!~ our personal spark ~!~ the bought and paid for narrative ~!~ the soulless corporation ~!~ Her

Consider this, … if we got such as Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates in a court of law, under oath and subject to cross-examination and impeachment, they lose. If anything, Big Pharma is a massive liar, who spends billions trying to hack the truth.

More complicated details here:

For details of my own research on the failing attempted hoax of wealth & power, via a fake pandemic, there is this:

I am presently drafting a general prototype form of an Amicus Curiae brief to be offered to the Supreme Court in environmental cases. Keep in mind that some folk these days are concerned with the fact that many current members of the court are – ostensibly – “Catholics”.

Why is this a good thing?

Because one of the true names of the Planetary Being, on which our lives depend, is: Earth Mother ~!~ Holy Mother.

It is crucial to realize (details in links above) that it is not necessary to “win” in a Case before a Court of Law. What is wished is to place the Case before the Court of Public Opinion, via the interest such Amicus Curiae actions will inspire. The point is to raise the question, and change the conversation about the wisdom needed for a true human future.
… a help here, considerations of the cross examination of “experts”

Invitation to become a Trustee for the Law Firm letter:


You are all being invited to be on the Board of Trustees of the Shaman’s Law Firm, where we take up the question: If a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law.

Years ago, when I was being introduced into this form of association, where there was an individual activity that wanted to be helped and guided by such a group, … it was explained to me that this concept of what a Trustee does, in such a situation, is be available to listen, and perhaps on occasion offer one or more of: wisdom, wealth, and or, work.

As we all know, this is a time of grave social-political chaos. From a social-spiritual point of view, the general breakdown of order is a necessary phase of something living – a dying into new becoming. The chrysalis, created by the caterpillar, must do its magic before the butterfly emerges.

Our Earth-World is Herself authoring a Sacred Rite, for this event. Many will be unwilling participants of a sort, yet all the same Loved.

The Rite is individual. It is the latent divine in the individual that seeks to be born into full self-consciousness. Still, even true heart-minded folks are caught up in the Enchantment of the God of Number, i.e. many are unconscious materialists.

We live existentially in a world of “things”, and deny to the Natural World, both Cosmic and Earthly, the same self-aware sentient consciousness we possess.

That view is a prison, for all of us, even the true believers in big bang cosmology, and Darwinian evolution.

An important aspect of these changes concerns what we call the Law. The Law too is old, and frail. The corruption goes all the way into the foundations. Courts which cannot (and/or refuse to) deliver justice, and a world-wide social order that is dominated by gangsters, such as dictators, drug lords, multinational corporations, political parties, terrorists, and folk who seem to have lost their humanity before they were born.

I have recently finished a work, that is the culmination of decades of research activity: “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in the Age of Technological Chaos”

I have a law degree, by the way. Details, in a certain sense, are at the Shaman’s Law Firm page.

From a spiritual social/political science point of view, there is a kind of opportunity that has presented itself. Without going into details, part of the Rite we now experience involves the systemic failure of materialistic industrial medicine. Modern “Western” civilization doesn’t see the “spiritual” element, and this ignorance has consequences.

Another critical factor is to realize that in our world-wide cultural life, we have the expression of remarkable dreams, which involve human’s going out into Cosmic Space, to adventure, learn, and confront mysteries. A far-away want is instilled. Earth existence is hard, and maybe technology will let us escape our own weaknesses and folly.

That “intelligence” we imagine is “out” there, and far away in space and time, is right in front of us, living within the forests, seas, mountains, and wild places. We don’t need to wait for a technological future, when a living biological mystery awaits in all the trees, and birds, and clouds.

We can dismantle the cities, and go home, back through the farms for some, and for many others straight into the wild. Still, the rush forward, the momentum of history, and powers of our appetites, have to be overcome, not just physically, but more importantly in the World of Ideas.

The Shaman’s Law Firm is dedicated to helping birth an annual Earth Day Rite, in which all over the world “environmental” law suits are filed, with the named plaintiff being the Planet. A win in the Law Court is not the point.

Such law suits, by their very nature and objectives, will draw attention in the Media (a good story can’t be resisted, if say anywhere from 33 to 108 law suits are filed world-wide on the same day, with the same named Plaintiff.

The Defendants will be the demonic, anti-human, multinational corporations, and via the publicity around the suits, we move from the Court of Law, to the truly more crucial: Court of Public Opinion.

In support of this process, I recently created a Facebook Page: Shaman’s Law Firm. The purpose of this page is not to debate anything. If our heart is with the Planet, that is all we need to share.

Still, there needs to be those who do practical work, where they live. Practical work in the sense of reaching out to environmental groups, and encouraging them to consider joining in this Rite, on the next Earth Day.

So the Facebook page is yours, to use to support each other engaging in this activity. Each effort at contact will be a learning experience and there is – especially in this, the rule that many hands make light work.


It is a matter of updating your maps of reality. I’ve pictured many choices, and folk interested in working with the Shaman’s Law Firm should have some familiarity with at least three of these books [helping us find shared metaphors, in order to make the conversation more alive with pictures, and less lost in abstractions].

The Firm means to change the conversation, radically. I anticipate an increase in social chaos, and we need a better understanding of the Spirit of the Law in order to help the Idea of Law itself to evolve during the ongoing Rite of the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization.

Another attribute of the Firm is the Pharaoh Foundation. This is a Zoom based opportunity to discuss modern life: “The Pharaoh Foundation provides consulting and educational services, to individuals, businesses, and many other kinds of organizations. Our art, as it were, is that we include the spiritual in all our considerations”

Books are journeys into the galaxy of another mind …. I’ve included some introductory remarks as an aide …

I met Catherine several years ago, on an internet discussion group called: the Ark, from 1997 to 2003. I wrote a review of this book, which was published in 2007. She modestly remarks that her work is a fusion of Tibetan and Christian Alchemy. You would not find a more beautiful and practical book on conscious self-transformation.

Hauschka points out, near the beginning of this transcendent version of “chemistry”, that when we apply electricity (and or powerful chemicals) to water, generating oxygen and hydrogen, … what we have done is killed something living, and the “molecules” are essentially pieces of a corpse.

Dr. Cowan is a controversial figure in the Covid mess/mystery, being a medical genius and a heretic. I wrote this on my blog recently:

Most of us know of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. Marjory Spock is one of the behind the scenes helpers of that work. For details, this book:

Dune was at one time (2007, or so) the most sold book in the world. Herbert’s genius was so large and ahead of his time, that the whole series includes six novels, describing a remarkable vision of the potential relationship of science, art, and religion; and, the seeking after personal development … using a drug called spice.

This next book is just an arrow pointing. I mention it, because as a “white-man” I had no idea of the depth of aboriginal cultures, and this one brought me to tears at the loss. Each of us should familiarize ourselves with the local earth religions of where we live, and where we were born, if different. As I assert on my blog: the path to the future is through the gateways of the past.,online_chips:hyemeyohsts+storm&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-5b_n89DtAhVOXawKHX7EC38Q4lYoBnoECAEQIA&biw=1082&bih=459

Changes, in language usages over time, has a lot to teach us about the nature and evolution of human consciousness. Barfield has written dozens of books on this subject, and all its implications.

This book helped me see the world of clouds and winds and storms in a way no other book has … as something living.

William Gibson invented the word: cyberspace. His visions of our future are remarkable studies of human nature, and emerging technology. There is a odd characteristic to his writings, for as they evolved they became closer to our time, instead of more distant.

Taylor argues that the laws, known to ancients regarding the natural number systems, reveals the divine potential of human thought – given that we humans have generated this type of understanding. Children should be taught they too have a remarkable spirit in their own minds. Alas, his contemporaries taught surveying and accounting, not theory of numbers.′

An expensive book, frequently out of print. Has the subtitle: “toward a biology of form” You will never see the form of the human being, and our nearest cousins the animal kingdom, the same.

If there could be a book we might call “a” gospel of physics, this would be it.

LeGuin is unique. She has two books on this list. This first one is about how a society might evolve, where the foundation was the ideal of individual’s freedom – i.e. a functioning anarchy.

Emerson is …. Emerson. In his time the term “natural history” meant what we today call: “science”. The term “intellect” meant to him: “spirit”. A science of the spirit.

LeGuin wrote the first three (sold below, including the fourth), at a time when our writers were beginning to take up more deeply the meaning of the “feminine”. She wrote a great deal in that realm, fiction and fact. Twenty years after the first three, she added the fourth, which was a tale about women, set in the same world and after the events of the previous stories. Dragons and Wonders – male wizards learn to speak to, and on occasion get to ride, the great Dragons of EarthSea. Women’s magic includes the ability to transform into a dragon.

Everyone in the World has been chased off of the Cliff.

A courageous few jump off on purpose.

appendices, i.e. background details for the serious reader

ONE: Some explorations of reconsidering the U.S. Constitution, especially in the light of the Ninth and Tenth amendments.

TWO: Links to prior considerations on the nature of law and politics.

Above is the cover of my novel about end times, intervals of chaos, and efforts at order: “American Phoenix”


FOUR: “The Art of the Good”, by Valentin Tomberg – a deep examination of the past, present, and future of the Law.

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