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  • the gift of the word

    June 6, 2021 by

    the gift of the word [ best results if read aloud, with an occasional rush of words, or have someone else read, and listen only ] Speech, / Words, letters, sounds, / heard by both the inner ear and the outer. Letters, sounds, words, / linked invisibly to ideas and thoughts. Ideas, thoughts, letters, sounds, words,… Read more

  • Ark ii … me and Trungpa …

    June 5, 2021 by

    Ark ii … me and Trungpa … Catherine wasn’t the only one on the Ark who knew of this Lama. I had seen him teaching during my years (1969-1982) attending the magic school that was the San Francisco – Berkeley – Marin County – Bay Area. Two of the people that taught me some eclectic… Read more

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