Why the Trump Voter is the Single Most Crucial Political Phenomena of Our Time

If people want to be awake, there is no other field of human activity where people are more asleep as they are in their political life. This sleep comes from multiple sources … not just ourselves …

There is a lot of blame for that condition, and I’ve tried to keep it simple for those not already too bored to wander onward.

Public Life in America is a kind of religion. George Will wrote a wonderful book: “Statecraft as Soulcraft”.   Getting to make a free secret ballot is a kind of religious rite for many. We feel called to “do the right thing” when we vote. Yet, we are so different, and still polls don’t know what is in the heart, only the head … and that not too well either.

Do we really know each other at all?

We live in a time of crisis and pending chaos. Whether it is weather or fools in Washington D.C., or Wall Street & the Pentagon, our lives are getting more and more at risk from … from what? There lies the tale.

a Most Wanted List of folks making life harder

1) least responsible, the citizen … but needs to improve – especially at grasping the “We” aspect of We the People. Its not we the black or brown or red or white or blue or green or rich or poor … just “We”.

2) next up the chain of social-dysfunction-causality are the weak-minded soulless idiots we know as: Politicians.  They have always lied, for that is what running for office requires – a great deal of flexibility with the truth, and a willingness for hidden from public sight deal making.  All Trump has done is make more obvious these human failures that have already corrupted our public life.

Trump, a kind of “Swamp Thing” himself, is after all – as revealed in the comics, which life too frequently imitates – a hero fighting evil beings.  His inner child actually believes he is draining the swamp.  That’s the rub with Trump, … we think he is lying.  We’ve just not really bothered to walk in his shoes, so we are stuck with the conundrum: Is the Universe Completely Insane, Letting this Clown run the Country?

So, … who do we want (need) to face down scary people?  Are the gods&goddesses that wrong to lend such a fate and destiny to the Donald?


3) the financial folks are next among the most wanted felons – parasites on our way of life, for they further corrupt the already self-corrupted/politician, … I usually call them the Lords of Finance, for their rule is just as autocratic as the blood aristocracies we believe we got rid of in the Revolutionary War.

Although, … these Lords of Currency are better at hiding … a politician at least has to publicly run for office and submit to media scrutiny – what there is of it. Those on the boards of directors remain nameless. Would that the #metoo movement would catch fire at the tops of financial corporations …

[there is also this:  Counting Coup – a Rainbow Warrior story]

4) ultimately the most responsible is the press … they don’t so much pursue a “story” to provide illumination and truth, but only to grab our attention so we can get nipped in the head by the advertising. Not knowing much, they can offer only limp confusion, and announce their “breaking news” = watch us pontificate on the meaning of all things … most of us get our news from comedians, … See HBO’s Newsroom for what’s missing in reporting without risk taking.

the upside of this is that those roles in our public life (politicians, financiers, & media) don’t have to rule our – the citizens – civic understanding. Hopefully I will be able to improve our shared situation by explaining: Why the Trump Voter is the Single Most Crucial Political Phenomena of Our Time

Wally Wendt, my avatar body’s father (my male-DNA), as well as being my spiritual social model of how to be a father, was a Republican businessman, raised in Montana, went to church regularly, a Mason, and an actual pillar of the community of Great Falls. 600 people (some from DC, NYC etc) came to his funeral (he died in May 8th, 1968, a rare vintage that year – in the company of MLK and RFK).

He would have understood the Trump voter, because he knew that life. He and his friends lived through the Depression, WWII, Korea and the Cold War.  He was married to a woman that had been raised in the back of a one room school house in the windy plains of eastern Montana.

These so-called Trump voters are the survivors of savage/relentless/grit-dirt aspects of America.  They are mostly Christian family people … who gave birth to the baby boomers (all those post WWII pregnancies).  Their hard work in raising families, working in factories and on farms, … a life spent to do what they had been taught was the “right thing” to do.

Yet for all that sacrifice – they are, in their elder years, devalued by their children, who fled into the cities with their sin-filled dark alleyways. Sin at the least is a name for dangers, which youth always wants to taste – being forbidden.

There is no famous 1960’s without this social glue – the steady-state foundation of the 1950’s, created by folk to whom the social contract reads:  Work Hard; Play by the Rules; and, Mind your own Business.

Meanwhile the ruling Oligarchy, from hidden heights, made money from wars upon wars, so there is continuously needed to be a lot of human fodder for the Military Industrial Complex.  We now know that from Truman onward, through Nixon (and still the fall-back practice), Presidents and their cronies lie, easily.  Vietnam blew a hole in the walls between generations, and all to serve the vain hungers of the rich and the powerful.

Yet faithful of heart, these plain hardworking folk trusted the politicians, and their church leaders, only there to be betrayed as well.  They rebelled.  It was called the Tea Party, although the Oligarchy was quick to throw massive amounts of money around, and was again seeking control of those faithful  sacrificing American’s “understanding”, with the result that …

Aging is a peculiar path to walk.  Not for sissies say some.  For a deeper spiritual meditation on aging, this: Dragon Riders: the human being in maturity

Well, what do human beings do in times of great social stress?  They are on the  lookout  for an answer, as to why politicians keep screwing them.  The only non-politician fool-tool around was Trump.   Remember, to the aging white elderly the voting booth is part of their religion.  They do not forget to go to that  church.

People, who were tired and afraid, found a savior for their religion, not noticing the irony of thinking a billionaire would be able to throw the love of money folk out  of the swamp.

By nature, white people are insular. It is more of a cultural situation, than a racial situation. That culture is itself dying.

As Western Civilization crowned, during its intellectual achievements in science in the 19th Century, this same civilization became one-sided – over run by the successes of economic enterprises in the wake of the industrial revolution. Enormous amounts of wealth came with colonial empires, and the controls asserted over peoples and land by the ruling elites of the West.

An endless supply of mind-controlled workers and consumers is required for industrial capitalism to work, at extracting the Mother’s wealth upward, to their imaginary heaven in the sky.

White skinned people were not on top because they were white skinned, but because that culture, originally Roman and Greek, was meant to unfold the intellect – often at the cost of the heart – beginning with Greek philosophy, and then culminating in the great European universities.

In the wider history of the world, Western Civilization is only the latest civilization, and it is on its way out of phase with humanity itself.   We – human beings – are evolving beyond that, and change on that scale is never easy.


The generations separated, and lost the ability to understand each other.  The dominant intoxicants start to shift, ganja replacing alcohol, a too slow process, but still a sea change for folks whose main virtue is not changing – that is, those who spent their lives doing that “right thing”, and did a pretty good job at it.

All of America, and the  world, benefited.  Yet, why is this tale of woe upon woe  meandering in American heartland, … as our world divides itself against itself, and thus  fractured we are easy prey for the  lovers of money and power, … still faith suggests there may be a reason, or better said, an opportunity.

The Hopi Prophecy speaks of our time as: The Day of Purification. Christ said: “I come not to bring peace, but a sword”. The world burns. Why? Why … and of what does the world burn?

Catherine MacCoun wrote – at least for the individual biography – that at any given moment we can know how we got to that point, but not why.   The Why is in the future … constantly coming at us as choice follows choice, a flowing stream of consequences.

Does this apply to a civilization, this knowing how, but not yet the Why of the Trump Era?



told a story I heard.   I will not get it quite right, but in my mind’s eye it goes like this: Some tribal spiritual leaders of certain peoples in the vast lands of Africa taught that if war impends, those who want peace might do best by asking their unhappy neighbor what it was that they needed. Having identified this need then those wanting peace seek to provide it.

Trump voters are our neighbors. They earned the hard way the right to be cranky about all the changes that are too fast for them to process. If America wants to act civilized, the best way to woo – [rather than to generate more and more woe] – the so-called Trump voters is not by arguing with their understandable sense of things (by walking in their shoes), but by finding out what they need (something the Oligarchy has studiously not been providing) and provide it.

If we want at the same time to connect to the deeper aboriginal spirit in this Land, we do this as a gift, no money involved. Just the free deed, freely given and freely received.

Still, the Land remains. Not well managed anywhere in the world, except where the wild still gets to rule itself. The Land gives. Are we grateful enough? If we cannot treat our elders with their deserved dignity, how are we fit to seek to save the Earth … to support Her in the dignified retirement which She too deserves?

The times have made us citizens of the world, and that world is full of unknowns, therefore often scary. Or, at least the News says that’s true, but the tales of moving peoples does not just speak of desperation to save the children from the crazy, but of the strength of character such an act requires.

None of this will stop the politicians, the lords of finance, and the media from continually lying and taking advantage, but there are actions that might make better the lives of a generation of elders, who just by surviving what they have survived, have demonstrated maybe the knowing of a useful thing or two.

We need each other to make civilization work.  Do we want, or can we handle, the “new” civilization that  is already growing out of the old?  Do we dare make friends with stranger-others?  Have we the courage?

Scarcity is on the rise, everywhere in the  world.  America is not the only culture in the world where the re-connecting of the generations is needed.

Flint is not the first place in America to have a failure of water stewardship by mostly self-interested political and financial leadership. It will not be the last, either.

Do we wait around expecting a government ruled from above by money to take care of our needs, or do we get together with each other … in order overcome the forced differences?

The media categories (and too many cultural categories) give us names/concepts/ideas – about what is going on in the world – that are far from useful. So there is a far right (and far left) liberals, conservatives, skinheads, blacks, whites, complainers, … a whole lot of throwing names about –

… our public life is too much the schoolyard from when we were all 12, and not enough a celebration of living in a country where the revolution is apparently not over, and truth to tell most of us have indoor plumbing and electricity – first world privileges of this kind are sourced in failing systems, both physical and institutional. The center cannot hold, as Yeats saw a hundred years ago.

Citizenship on the Earth is meant to have only one requirement: Not just being human, but all our relations, visible and invisible are Citizens of the real. Every aspect of existence is the right “that” in the right place and the right time.

Our political life lives. It is an organism, that is part of another organism. In the social it is possible to discern all manner of changes that occur over time, which changes can be read like a story. Human social life is remarkable and spirit-filled everywhere. The Intelligence that all religions rightly honor is still with us.

One aspect of this living nature is that the very existence of political parties is unworkable.  It has demonstratively failed.  The Trump Event is wrecking both major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans.  Change changes stuff, and history reveals that this  is seldom (if ever) pleasant.

In America, as part of the failing of Western Civilization, our public life became ill to the point of a kind of toxic corruption. The soul&spirit of public life is not being realized. Those we put in charge have failed in their trust, and this has consequences.

At the same time, just as the individual is the right person in the right place and the right time in their biography, so can a People be the right People in the right place at the right time.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.   We.

The elite oligarchy has looted our children’s lives, and their rightful inheritance, and only we the people can put a stop to this fraud and theft.

This is simple to conceive, but in practice will be met with great opposition. First from naysayers who opine about how this is impossible, and then from authorities who believe they have any business whatsoever telling the American citizen what to think and what to do. We – the citizens – are the Sovereign, not the banks, or political and military hacks.

A very simple revolutionary in-your-face plan in three parts: 1) Declare Victory. 2) Throw a lot of parties. 3) Take care of your neighbors.

The banks and the folks in politics are too busy telling us what a shit place the world is. So, lets just unshit it, at the least as much of it as possible.

Will it be hard? When was such a process ever not hard? Read about “The Grandmother War”. For a movie version to be made of these ideas in action, visit here: http://www.thegrandmotherwar.com/

See the book: “Economic and Social Rebellion in an age of social political chaos” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Rebellion.html for an explanation of the third war of self-understanding for America.

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