the moral aesthetic – the reason the world is full of woe and drama

The outer sense world, of wars, crimes, divorces, and other common horrors, is not the reality of our shared Earth Existence.

Thoreau remarked that most men lead lives of quiet desperation.  The first Noble Truth of the Buddha is; Life is suffering.

Oddly, our News sources mostly oversell the worst of the worst.  Yes, all manner of bad news, but the reality is that most people did not go to war, did not starve to death, did not have their house burn down, or their car towed away, because they can’t’ keep up the payments.

Most people muddle through.

Our historical perspective is what is out of balance.  We don’t see that to the gods&goddesses each individual life is adored, cherished, and wondered over.

This is due to Western Civilization’s unnatural science having asserted we are only matter, without a hint of spirit.  An outside without an inside.

They are wrong.

The human truth is that we have unique souls (consciousness) and individual spirits (self-consciousness).  Our biographies are woven with mysteries of illness, labor, striving, succeeding, failing, birth, aging, and death.

Only we see our personal inside, and it is there where the problem we call good&evil comes to rest.  We have to decide, and every individuals’ moral aesthetic belongs to them alone to determine.

In order for the gods&goddesses, and all their helpers, to lead us to finding the treasures inside us that are born and come from  realizing our own moral freedom and  autonomy, … this metamorphosis of the soul&spirit requires a deeply troubled world – a world on fire.

Conflict is necessary for moral dilemmas to arise.  Each biography is designed to help us work out what we – in that life – can gain from suffering, and desperation, of such a nature that just for us fate and destiny arrives to deliver choices unique to us.

No abortion is like any other abortion.  No murder like any other murder.  No life in prison, work place, or monastery is the same.  We are different.  As a consequence the moment is always unique.

Our artists see this, and it is a core element of our best television and  film dramas.  Rule free life choices are the suffering of the day, and this inner act then becomes something effecting the whole of the creation.

Human fire-of-will-created free moral thought is the substance from which the world of the New Jerusalem arises.  Thinking-Thought – spirit – is more real than matter.

The world burns so that we can have existentially real&awful choices … choices for which  our former moral codes no longer provide answers.

The world burns for us, so that our souls&spirits can grow&become.

Sweep before your own doorstep first, before judging others, … would seem to be good&cautious advice.

Extensive details here: The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything. 

 Rudolf Steiner wrote of this in his youth, in A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception:

Man is not behaving in accordance with the purposes of the Guiding Power of the world when he investigates one or another of His commandments, but when he behaves in accordance with his own insight.  For in him the Guiding Power of the world manifests Himself.  He does not live as Will somewhere outside of man; He has renounced his own will in order that all might depend upon the will of man.

Some practical advice from my own practice:
pragmatic moral psychology

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