details on the Mysteries of the Mother

the Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount

Not a simple subject – we have to learn about the dark, about the threefold double complex, and how all this fits within the civilization in which we abide.

Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church

The Religion is simple. The mess in the Church leaves it compromised and unable to teach the religion. If the Kings and Shepherd’s streams of wisdom could work together, a lot can be accomplished for the future of humanity.

Sex, Porn, and the Return of the Divine Feminine

Lust, Eros, the hunger, … we live in a Civilization of Fallen Eros, … what can be done about that, and even more crucial, what is going on at a fundamental spiritual level.

Revisiting the so-called Mexican Mysteries
A healing of confusions about the nature of the inner earth, Mother’s Abode, which confusion came from Rudolf Steiner.
This was written – not by me – but by my friend Stephen Clarke, who visits Her&Company on a regular basis.


waltzing and weeping by the rivers of the holy grail

Sometimes deep realities are right in front of us.

Medicine Woman is Here

Visionaries, from Rudolf Steiner, to some basically unknown folk who made a movie called: “Moontrap: Target Earth”, are woven together – with the most ancient Hermetic Science (magic) – to reveal a very surprising future for all of us: basically Mom is back, and She is not taking any prisoners.

the Grandmother Tree at River House

Some observations related to my first interactive encounter with the living wisdom of trees.

another Grandmother Tree, at Forest Home

The Fundamentals of Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner created a science of knowing, permanently ending the confusion of duality (mind/body). Few of his students have bothered to follow where he went. I wrote this to save what could be saved of his deepest contribution to the future: What is thinking? Who is thinking? Where is thinking?

Commentary from various phases of my life, noting my at-that-time understanding of “thinking”. The latest contemplation – “Cowboy Bebop and the physics of thought as moral art”

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