Video Sequences

Caveat: these videos were made from about 2009 to 2013. Some material is then dated.
At the time made, YouTube only allowed videos of this sort to be 10 minutes long, although later were able to be 15 minutes long. This was a good discipline which forced me to keep the talking within limits …

Misery Loves Company: on the Redemption of Eros [34 videos]

A 68 year old man, reflects on what women taught him about love.

On Becoming a Real Wizard [32 videos]

When I created the above videos, I had in mind the Harry Potter generation, and wanted to offer the idea that wizardry was about wisdom, not waving a wand and uttering nonsense.

Of all my videos, this group has been the most popular. Over 41.8k have view the first one. have watched the first one, but since no miracles are being offered, only 26,000 dared going further. By the last – of 32 -, only 1400 have hung out to the bitter end. I have 3700 subscribers.

The remaining videos were attempts to take written materials and give them video form.

The Coming Metamorphosis of Christianity [26 videos]

Songs of a True White Brother [34 videos]

Real Anthroposophy [52 videos]

In Praise of the American Spirit [23 videos]

Saving America from Ourselves [15 videos]

Welcome to the Second American Revolution [17 videos]

Philosophical Ruminations [27 videos]

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