Evil …

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Hymns to the Holy Mother

Evil …

The logic of “evil” is odd. Evil requires, for meaning at the conceptual level, Good. Each is married to the “other”. The next level of odd, has to do with the truth, which is that not only are Good&Evil married, that marriage is an embodied reflection of aspects of the Divine Mystery Itself.

In my book “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”, I write there, as part of the modern conception of God, the idea that observable reality reveals God is distributed, with the same virtues we notice in distributed computing. Keep in mind that distributed computing is useful both to solve certain mathematical/scientific questions requiring a lot of processing power, and it is also a fertile field for “bots” running/dancing to the selfish songs born in black-hat hacking.

If we are a sensible person, we also see how in life individuals make decisions, which decisions effect other folks as well. These “choices” (whether between good&evil, or some other duality) effect the world. We author the choice, and as an aspect of that it is the distributed god&devilwithin us, that chooses.

A sane understanding of Goethean science would cause folk to realize that spirit is everywhere right next to matter. Another married duality. Angels&demons. Men&women.

If we look within, at our feelings, that the properly chastised L. Ron Hubbard misnamed “the reactive mind”, we find another married duality, generally labeled: sympathy&antipathy. Here – in these feelings – is a tendency to move toward what we like, and away from what we do not like. This reactive feeling life, with its dual nature, has deep roots. In a certain Way, these feelings are “intelligence”, even if later we cannot articulate “reasons” for why we did what we did.

Rudolf Steiner described his view of the macrocosmic reality as containing another duality, which he named: Lucifer&Ahriman. The logos (logical) nature of such married dualities is that they are also united, and always a whole. There is no meaning if they are conceived as separate. Steiner taught that Christ was in between these two, and that Life was about our learning how to personally maintain the right relationship among polar conditions – we are the In Between that balances.

The use of the word Christ involves us with a more pressing problem, as regards the religious history of the world. To resolve this means first off to see the rise of the three patriarchal monotheisms as a reflection in the “earth” sphere of macrocosmic qualities – the Divine Mystery is not just Christ, but Allah and Jehovah simultaneously. All duality is in reality a trinity.

There is a social/spiritual set of observations called “Theory U”. It finds that if there is a descent, then there is also an ascent, again a duality. In the case of the Hebrews – who guided the spiritual descent into matter – they became people of the law. Very strict rules, which according to Steiner made possible the creation of a quite definite strain of genetic inheritance. Some work&order was necessary for there to be an avatar body, in which a God might be able to live for a time.

Rules and obedience. The Hebraic Divinity appears in multiple ways, including phenomena like burning bushes, pillars of cloud, and seas that obey the prayers of wizards. The old Testament is filled with dreamers dreaming, and poet-kings singing. Remnants of the goddess religions being slowly subsumed, as the three anti-feminine patriarchal monotheism began the work of imprinting themselves on the world.

Descent needed to followed by ascent. The earth-impression of the Divine Mystery is complex, and while on the one hand both the Hebrew – and already being born Christian religions – there also needed to be a balancing upward movement. Earth and Heaven being woven together, with the last “people of the book” – Islam, being deeply connected to the Mother, to the social heart – the family, and to the Idea of Surrender. We forget history’s song, when we judge Islam and do not recognize that during Europe’s dark age, Islam flowered with genius everywhere.

All three are being destroyed from within, through the advocates of my way or the highway, a common human foible that insures that social forms evolve. Another repetition of the primary marriage of polar states of consciousness.

Part of the current world situation is made especially acute, due to the fact that we feel we are a separate self, over here, while there is an outside/experienced world that is not us. Another duality, that is fundamentally a trinity, which totality itself is a unity, a marriage not in name only. No wonder Christ urges us to cleave to each other, and become again as little children.

Every human being is their own Path. Be yourself; and, I hope the above meditation on “Evil …” has been useful.

for a much longer contemplation: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”


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tales of the Fae

I have been in communion-with a number of Fae, both visible and invisible. Their interests and natures are essentially aesthetic. They helped me see beauty and truth and goodness in the Covid-Mystery; even though all the materialistic medical science has it wrong.

Obviously there are believers, even among “scientists”, and other well meaning folk. But a “belief” is not knowledge, or knowledge’s gateway: understanding.

There are very bad people in the world. They rise to power and wealth everywhere, by cheating and murder if necessary. As many have said; Property is Theft. For aboriginal folk – it is madness to believe one can own the Mother.

The Dramatist Supreme is that very Person. We are Her children, and She has the Whole World in His Hands. A marriage between the Art of Karma and the graces of Divine Providence.

The descent of the immortal human being into the world of Matter is spiritual ritualistic art, such as only Gods&Goddesses can Conceive. The most ephemeral and original Reality imprisons itself in a world of life and death. Of number and illness.

Our human freedom is a splendor of becoming, Seven times Seventy trials in Matter. The turning point involved the Mother being forgotten, and the Father and the Son turned to pious abstractions.

All that exists tells a story. Seven Billion fiery sparks, each one’s freedom the legendary Beast from the Abyss of the unknown, unformed, and yet to be made.

To abstract this beauty into the words “the evolution of consciousness” is understandable, yet to fancy these concepts as knowledge is folly.

I read today that bees (apparently) stung a large group of penguins to death. Those fleeing danger pile up against the borders everywhere, not just humans at the Texas-Mexico “fence”.

Seven billion stories, if we just count the humans. A world full of ugly horrible terrible selfish seas of troubles, and the Mystery does not just go along with our follies, They actually encourage them.

Each individual biography a holy work of art. Living art. Passionate art. We are all unique, our personal madness ours to invent. Oh, yes, of course … there are rules: What goes around comes around.

The Expanse

0ne aspect of working up a phenomenological picture of social-political events is to follow the arts. These arts change overtime, yet a core remains: we love stories.

I wrote some years ago about how the archetype of the American soul was captured in the “Western” (1).

Today I want to offer some remarks about the remarkable television show: The Expanse. First perhaps, a few words about how and why I inquire into the Collective Imagination need to be offered.

I was raised on movies. Love television, especially science fiction. Can hardly wait for the new Dune to appear this fall – or rather half of it.

I can recreate in my mind’s eye 80 years of trying to sort out the nature of women, from Dorothy my mother, through Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe, to modern women warriors in rage against injustice. In the ‘70’s we got Princess Lea, Ripley, and the terminator killing machine, Sarah Conner.

The dramatic arts are woven of tradition and mystery wisdom. I once read there were only seven possible types of drama and comedy … all of which begins boy meets girl, girl knows he’s an idiot, plans and dreams are laid, fortune is fickle, conflict arises, … I read in Tomberg’s Early Writings that Americans need a happy ending, and Russians need tragedy and suffering.

The TV show The Expanse is exquisite. Yet, the archetypes of wars, conquests, plagues, and famines remain. Imagine the Solar System 250 years in the future. Humanity has spread to the moons of Jupiter, and some are transforming Mars. We wreaked the Earth, and then took all our human dis-harmonies out into the Expanse.

Mars had broken away, declared independence, and attracted a lot of cutting edge scientists. The Earth is burdened with billions, a quarter of them on basic assistance. Still, billions can make more war stuff, even if the other guy is – a culture of creating warriors – and in our case in the Expanse, women … still the unpredictable fire and the rest …

Yet, a third “culture” exists out there. The Belters who make home among the asteroids, not knowing the heavy gravity of Earth, or the too light weight of Mars …. trapped in living environments completely dependent on air and water.

Slaves of a sort, who are fighting back.

Visually amazing. You’re there. On Ceres. Or Phoebe. On Eros. Belters are often out-castes and criminals. As well, there are the usual evil doers: corporations, the super-rich, and bent politicians playing games.

Into this mix, something alien is discovered on Phoebe. They call it the proto- molecule. Proto as a prefix means “first”.

Secret wars erupt. Belter ice-haulers are shot out of space, through stealth spaceships nobody knew existed. The whole solar system is on the brink of war.

I enjoyed the subtlety of the CGI sets, such as showing cities on earth surrounded with high walls keeping out the rising seas. And yes, the story follows heroes, and of special import is the take no prisoners attitude of many women characters.

The Tale is an adventure of our future. One quite possible.

My present theory is that yes, the television is talking to us. All art is inspired, only the means of expression varies. This means the artists are connected to the spirit-world, or thought world, which includes invisible beings inspiring in them (the artists) glimpses of truth.

Is there a message in the noise? Drama teaches, we just have to participate in the reading of the handwriting on the wall of modern film and television arts and crafts. My book “The Father at Rest” (2) includes many references to artistic film expression, which by their very nature include archetypal meditations on the human condition.

The collective works of such as Clint Eastwood, Stephen Spielberg, and David E. Kelley (America’s Shakespeare), are deep and thoughtful examinations of “being human”.

In the way back long ago when before, magicians created means to transport their mental consciousness anywhere, while sitting still. Now technology blossoms, and I have a window on the world, yet once more sitting still.

Artists paint in my TV window. I have watched seas of change on this magic tool, although so far I have not succumbed to owning a cell phone. I like being hard to reach.

Film artist’s works are messages in a bottle, thrown into a sea. We still have to take hold of them, and seek inside a hidden message, that which just might inspire our own thinking to be more and more open to the future mysteries of human existence.

The times have only begun to change.

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Intoxicated Anthroposophy Made Simple

Sometimes some of us might forget,

or have never really understood in the first place:

Conscious life is a gift, a miracle, …

Mothers and fathers know this without a single doubt.

Living a life, day to day, moment to moment … is hard work,

and ours to weather and wonder …

Choices pile up behind unresolved conflicts … make a choice … be flow

be you

join the mystery that has no limits

all are children of the Makers of consciousness,

and the riddle/truth of death comes to everyone, even Them …

breathe … feel weight … see … know ,,, sing

Stupid-News, Item

Stupid-News, Item

Its common today to hear on the News, in America, that hospitals are stressed to their limits, because of the pandemic. These overflowing ICU environments have no room at their Inn.

In fact, the medical delivery system is being worn down, by months and months of too much too fast for the doctors, nurses, and support staff to keep up with demand.

This “system” doesn’t work without the people, and when we task them to the degree happening today, I do not doubt that in the aftermath many will be diagnosed with some type of PTSD, due to psychological trauma.

That the Covid Mystery is at fault is a dangerous assumption. America is a place where illness is a business, and corporations own most of it. Doctors don’t have individual practices anymore. They work for an HMO, which organizes the treatment of illness something like how factories are managed.

Between the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies and the HMOs, most of the wealth produced by this for-profit health shitstem goes up and out, into high executive salaries, and shareholder value.

Only part of this wealth goes to actual direct care. The patient is a line item on a spread sheet for the accountants, and a near impossible trial for the care givers.

It is not that the pandemic is growing faster and faster, but rather that in America we have met the natural limit of healthcare capacity. Our hospitals are full, not because of the extreme nature of the number of illnesses, but because the profit motive didn’t care to be more than a business, and not a real service to people in need, for which “our” government should be responsible. Government too is ruled by wealth, and wealth – obviously – doesn’t care.

A similar social disaster happened when Chaney, Rumsfeld, and Bush started sending our warriors overseas into two wars. A lot of warriors were needed as cannon fodder, in order to protect American financial interests. Yet, the three stooges knew the public would not accept a draft.

So they start taking America’s national guard folks, weekend warriors that kept up with their skills. If you are in the National Guard you made a promise. If you are in the National Guard you likely were fully enlisted at one time, and may already have seen “combat”.

Out of fear of the political reaction to a draft, these warriors keep being asked/forced to go back, once the initial tour was over. Back, and then back again … two wars chewing up and spitting out warriors dead, warriors crippled for life, and warriors extremely psychologically damaged.

That’s what our “government” and its owners are doing to the heroes of the current health crisis.

Watching the Evening News on PBS

Watching the Evening News on PBS

I was bored almost immediately. I felt like I could write what is being said while sitting on the “(((”. Bernie Sanders told his story about raising the taxes on the unseemly rich. Fat chance that.

Not that his hopes and dreams fail to be on point … While the two parties play their games, wasting time and serving their masters, … because of the Covid Mystery the whole economic engine is collapsing.

We took huge numbers out of the work force all over the world. For the wealthy and powerful this looked good, then the whole flow of goods and services starting breaking down.

As usual government wants to spend money, which means borrowing money. Then inflation because to cover the borrowing the Fed has to make “money” out of nothing.

No effect on the rich, though. They keep doing fine.

If you want to scare your own pants off, study up on recent history in Venezuela.

Linda and I are recovering from illness, a seasonal flu has been about. She’s twice vaccinated, and I will not be vaccinated . As a vaccinated person she has faith that somewhere in all this fuss, good things are being done. I agree, with the caveat that the science alleged to justify the restrictions has great weaknesses, which are not being allowed to be debated in public.

I’ve not been vaccinated in the last twenty years … except … about four years ago my primary care physician really wanted to keep me healthy, so I agreed to let her give me that year’s “flu” shot.

That night I had the worst case of the chills I’ve ever had. No fever, just all the long muscles on the arms and legs shook and shuddered. I did not sleep. I did however trust the wisdom in my body.

I understood that the shaking was driven by the miracle of the “immune system”, which was generating and directing a lot of heat/energy. I feel cold, because the body wisdom is busy eating an invader. Although tired, the next day I felt fine.

When I told my doctor this story, she insisted that there was no live virus in the vaccine, so my experience could not be explained by the shot. Sure.

The Covid Mystery has made me more aware of certain differences, among the general public, about what “illness” is. Mostly being ill with the flu is bad, and we need drugs, over and under the counter. Socially, go to work if possible in spite of how we feel.

For years we have had seasonal flu. The seasonal flu is not an illness. It is the wisdom of the body throwing off toxins. We are not getting sick, we are getting well. Still the elimination processes are often painful and dramatic.

My experience of the last couple of days was one night where some pain in the gut made it hard to sleep, and the next day I realized I was bloated, as happens when I eat wheat/poison.

When I reviewed everything I had eaten last 24 hours, it was clear it wasn’t “gluten intolerance”. I was careful with my diet, and noticed a lack of appetite. I feel quite normal now, although as expected the change in “diet” influenced elimination processes.

My Lady – the day after I started to deal with the bloating – felt tried in the morning and laid down, before engaging the ritual of successfully throwing up.

When I visited in the midst of this dance she wondered if she was feverish. I palm touch her forehead and the back of her neck. Warmth was normal, although she was sweating.

She entered a nap and slept for several hours, waking feeling quite well, yet didn’t mind being encouraged to not be too active.

Both of us are tired, yet symptom free. Sort of.

For Linda the psychological aspect was ridden with fears and worries about Covid, and could she infect me. Ought she quarantine. Go take a test. Who should she tell.

Having a seasonal flu (toxin elimination) is not an illness. Its the magic wisdom of the body we lamely call – because its mysteries remain unseen – the immune system.

I recently read, again, that we live in a sea of germs and viruses, and some of those go from one variant to another every ten hours. Our bodies have lived in such seas for uncounted millennia – might be reasonable to believe that the science asserted god-like magic of the DNA has learned a thing or two.

At one point as Linda was resting, just before her healing long nap, I was inspired to suggest that she surrender to the process.

The Rose Cross, the Sacred Heart, the Hopi Prophecy, and the Spirit of America

The Rose Cross, the Sacred Heart, the Hopi Prophecy, and the Spirit of America

Among students of Rudolf Steiner, the Rose Cross Meditation is a ritual of unique potential. Not everyone is drawn to it, but those who do report many benefits.

Among Catholics, the symbol- the Sacred Heart – has deep meaning as well.

The Hopi Prophecy and Oral History remembers Atlantis. They expected this time to come, this Day of Purification – a world-wide Event. A Christian might recognize this “Idea”, in the remarks of John the Baptist, that the One coming after him would baptize us all, in Fire and Holy Breath.

The Hopi Prophecy expected a white race to come and claim the land as their own. This would bring destruction to the Hopi Way of Life, yet … the prophecy also said there would be a “true” white elder-brother folk, who came from the East. These folk would help the younger brother-people, which we know as the aboriginal peoples of the Americas.

The “True” White Brother would have the life plan for the future. They are Sun-Clan, they are Children of the Sun.

I have been studying this prophecy for decades. I originally thought that the elder brother people were anthroposophists. Although, a key riddles is: to what is the elder brother “true”?

The wonder is that the Prophecy has this language, as to what will happen when the Day of Purification begins. The whole world will be rocked into war, twice, and then might come the third event: “This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun”.

I originally thought that the Red Symbol was the Rose Cross, until Christ encouraged me to join the Catholic Church. There I came in touch with the mystical element in meditations on the image of the Sacred Heart.

At the time of Atlantis, the Christ was the Sun Being, yet not yet on the Earth. What the Hopi were “true” to is that all existence is living, including the Planet and the Stars. The Hopi also have this idea: that their Ceremonial work helps keep the world in balance.

Both esoteric Christianity (Anthroposophy is an aspect), and exoteric Christianity (the explosion of different Rites), are filled with ceremonial activity, with a common thread being the Eucharist – the Body and Blood of Christ.

We must not imagine these Rites have no effect. Whether it is the first mass, or the moment we stood up in church, to be saved.

Elsewhere I have written about the spiritual potential of the folk of the Rose Cross, to wash the feet of the folk of the Sacred Heart – for the unity of Christian depth is real, in spite of doctrinal confusions.

Among the elements, of the Hopi understanding, is the idea of the two brothers, and a broken stone tablet. Those who went East out of Atlantis had a different task then those who went West. The Western migrations led to aboriginal cultures in the Americas, that were of the nature of Earth Religions. In such Rites, the human being is an integral part of nature, not someone separate.

My meditations led me to seeing that the half of the stone tablet, held by the Hopi and their brother and sister Nations, is how to maintain a spiritual life as a community. The other half of the stone tablet was about individual development. The migrations to the East led to the founding of Western Civilization, and to the profound individualization we see everywhere today.

The idea of community can be expressed by the symbol of a Circle, while the idea of the individual can be expressed by the symbol of the Cross. Among aboriginal lore in the Americas is the idea of the coming unity of the Circle and the Cross.

This should be done openly and on purpose. The warriors at Standing Rock apologized for our abuse of native cultures. Yet to be done, is for the priests and initiates of the two aspects of Christianity, to do the same, for without a doubt the crimes in the Americas were promoted by the Catholic Religions.

Christianity flowed out of Europe, and murdered the stewards of the land, while claiming ownership of all. To aboriginals, the obvious question is what kind of dumb ass idiot thinks they can own the Mother.

Part of the wave front of this flood into the Americas was the appearance of materialistic unnatural science. The white races lost the Mother, and decreed the Son a fiction.

Yet, in Europe as these crisis of the opening music of the Day of Purification unfolded, the world began to receive new revelation, of which clearly Rudolf
Steiner was one “prophet”. Tomberg and Bardon are players as well, revelation tending to threeness.

Recent world-wide events, for example the plague that wasn’t, … yet still the Mother allowed for our foolishness to fester. She helps us, via Her role as Divine Providence, to experience a collapse of the insane rush of history towards the cliffs of stupid, … everyone got a time out, to reflect upon what’s next for them personally.

Keep in mind that this unfolding meeting of the younger and elder brother peoples is happening most intensely in the Americas, and particularly in the Nation we call; America. The Hopi are here. Standing Rock was here. The “Bioneers” (biological pioneers) are here.

America, the Nation, is something new, something never before. It is a developing People of Peoples, given that most of the whole world dreams of America as the better place than where they are.

Yet we live in a world where the conscienceless egregore of multinational corporations have freed themselves from the rule of nation states; or as Harvey Bornfield puts it: these entities are effectively nation states unto themselves.

These organizations are anti-life, except as the poor continue willing to serve/slave as workers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the corporation induced insanity of modern existence. They have their own armies, and seem to own the Courts of Law.

All the same there is a reason – no doubt known to the Steiner’s dreaded “occult brotherhoods” – to cripple America, and deaden the spirits of the America People, the People of Peoples. Why?

Because America was founded on the idea that there is no other sovereign but the citizen. This makes it possible for people in America to thwart the multinational titans of evil, if they can wake up to there own political/cultural riches.

America belongs to the world. The world needs to contribute to our healing. Americans cannot do what needs to be done spiritually, without the help of other citizens of the Mother. This is so crucial, that the opponents have driven us into our current social state, in order to weaken what lives in the Spirit of America, a Spirit Transcendent of all the ordinary foolishness.

Among the gifts of the “true white brother”, in sense of RS, is the science of knowing he developed, and the Goethean science he inspired. Unnatural scientific materialism has been overcome.

Tomberg with his Meditations on the Tarot, gave to laity and religious in the Roman Church a Way to unite Christianity, with the oldest forgotten Way – the Emerald Tablet, and the Tarot.

Franz Bardon teaches the intricacies of Ritual Life, that are in tune with the Emerald Tablet and the Tarot, and enable the modern human being to rediscover the possibility of rites of communion-with, instead of dominion-over.

Recall above the idea of the Hopi that their ceremonies help keep the world in balance. What would happen if some anthroposophists got together with a few free thinking practitioners of the Catholic “Religion”, and the both of them accepted the need to go to the Native peoples of the America, and apologize for all the evil that has been done to them in the name of Western “religion”?

The Emerald Tablet, the broken stone tablets, and the Foundation Stone united, through a ritual that recognizes prior responsibility, and blesses a new and much deeper connection – Circle and Cross made One.

“Nobody is Perfect”

“Nobody is Perfect”

Said to me, by S. O. Prokofieff, at Ann Arbor in 2005. I had been speaking to him about the book by Irina Gordienko, which asserted that he (SOP) had missed out on the Consciousness Soul experience, having been born into social wealth and power in Russia.

She had also said that he did not know The Philosophy of Freedom in practice, an observation with which I could concur. His reply said more than “Nobody is Perfect”, but for purposes of this bit of writing those matters are not relevant.

One consequence was that Prokofieff did – shortly thereafter – write a book about The Philosophy of Freedom, which was reviewed here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Prokofieffbookreview.html

All the same, this idea of “Nobody is Perfect” is wisdom. See my short story “the Zen Potter” for details: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/zenpotter.html

I was reflecting on this idea this morning, and this thought followed: “But everyone is unique”.

I read once in Steiner that the differences between individual human spirits were vast, … we being as different from each other as is an ant from an elephant. Multiply that idea by 7.7 billion, and the world acquires some remarkable qualities.

None of us, for example, are meant to even be mini-Steiners. Although our affections for his works does become decoration in the temple of the heart’s mind. There is a danger, as Emerson pointed out, which is that we must not place our mind in orbit around another’s mind. To much fascination with other’s thoughts can lead to inhibiting the development our own uniqueness.

Books, said Emerson, have one purpose only: to inspire.

For Steiner, knowledge was not a content, but a scientific method or Way of cognition. He practiced it, and wanted us to learn how to do the same. Prokofieff’s subtitle for his book was: Anthroposophy and its Method of Cognition.

One bit of wisdom I have learned, that belongs with this stream of thought, is that what we are in any given Now is what we need in that Now to be. We can’t get away from the Now, or from our many selves (Whitman’s “… we are multitudes”). Like the tip of a leaf or a root, we are a spiritual growing point. What is manifesting with/through us is not just unique, but very special. We can frown (and or scream), but to the Mystery all are important, whether or not we might wish they never existed.

From the Mother&Friends, I learned to write/think this: we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

And yes, none of us are perfect, each day a fractal poem of minor and major choices, as we endure Christ’s Baptism, through Fire and Holy Breath, during the Epoch the Hopi name: The Day of Purification.

A world full of spiritual adventurers. Fundamentally foolish what with the risks taken. To the Mystery: Art … ever changing, ever evolving, human and imperfect, generating choice-moment to choice-moment the unexpected, even often unanticipated to our own many selves. Spontaneity rules. Even if we planned the whole thing out in our minds, … the Now – when the Doing is – however good our treasure map, the Deed flies in unpredictable seas of chance.

We call this being in a “mood”. That “mood” is our feelings, and they give to the birth place of choice – in the own heart’s mind – its depth, height, and breadth. “In self trust all virtues are comprehended” Emerson, again.

Be remarkably unknown – even to your selves. That is why you joined us for the Party at the End of Western Civilization. Surrender to the future, it tends to jar loose all the tight parts of the soul, and can lead to laughter in the face of chaos and depair.

The wonderful cliché is: “Bring it on”.

Spiritual Research and Pain

Spiritual Research and Pain

At various time, Steiner spoke of the 5th, or Consciousness Soul, Epoch as a prelude to the 6th Epoch.

There is lacking in human society nowadays a quality that, in the sixth epoch, will be a characteristic of those men who reach the goal of that epoch, and have not fallen short of it. It is a quality that will not, of course, be found among those who in the sixth epoch have still remained at the stage of savages or barbarians. One of the most significant characteristics of men living on the earth at the peak of culture in the sixth epoch, will be a certain moral quality. …

In the sixth epoch, the most highly cultured will not only feel pain such as is caused today by the sight of poverty, suffering and misery in the world, but such individuals will experience the suffering of another human being as their own suffering. If they see a hungry man they will feel the hunger right down into the physical, so acutely indeed that the hunger of the other man will be unendurable to them. The moral characteristic indicated here is that, unlike conditions in the fifth epoch, in the sixth epoch the well-being of the individual will depend entirely upon the well-being of the whole” https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/19150615p01.html

Personally, I find a foretaste of this in my inability to halt the suffering in the world, visible everywhere. I become aware of all the awful, … I can feel sympathy or empathy, but I can’t change the course of any individuals biographical/karmic tasks.

One of the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ is: the Entombment. It lies in between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. In my own life I have come to know this Stage too frequently. My soul is still full of a fire of will to change what is around me, and completely powerless to act.

How I’ve learn to deal with this is to seriously ask myself why I should be assuming that what is needed is for me to fix something, whether a way of life, or an individual’s soul life. I’ve learned to respect the biography of others, in fact to be amazed with the knowledge that the Mystery loves all of us equally.

The Entombment is then a kind of self-generated illusion. We task ourselves beyond what is needed. This does not mean to not be a helping stranger. It just means that there is a riddle in the soul when the spirit feels impotent. An energy wanting release can serve another purpose.

The passage from Death to Resurrection is one of Surrender to the Unknown. The wanting we feel to fix things is the last gasp of the lower ego’s habit of seeking to fulfill these wants and needs, … By changing/controlling the world, instead of changing/mastering ourselves.

Each human being is a song authored by The Author. Do these songs exclude: “those who in the sixth epoch have still remained at the stage of savages or barbarians.”.

My anticipation is that the immediate future (next two hundred years) will see a mass movement of folks from cities, towards and through the farmland, and back into the wild.

This will not happen so much by intelligent choice, as by necessity. “Savages” was a word Steiner used to describe aboriginal culture in America. Yet, it is precisely, in an Earth-Religion sense, that the spiritual way into the future is to be found by us reacquiring the ability to live once more again in Communion-With the Goddess Natura.

Reversing the Direction of Evolution

Reversing the Direction of “Evolution”

Modern materialist science (all is matter, there is no spirit) posits that we once were ape-like creatures, living in vast African savannas. There are variations in the details imagined* to be involved, but for our purposes here, we only want to note the most “general idea” – the ancestors of human beings are animals.

*[It is important to keep in mind that the idea “evolution” is a garden of guesses. If our standard was that we be empirical, … that means we need to see directly these changes and developments. Yet, we don’t. We see bones. Not conscious experience, … we don’t know what the inner nature of our ancestors actually was. The rest we make up, and that with a particular bias – no spirit anywhere. My “The Father at Rest” deals with that – understandably – flawed thinking.] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/07/15/the-father-at-rest/

If we use cultural memory – rather than allegedly scientific guesswork – such as the tales most aboriginal cultures have not forgotten – we have a much more living picture. First hand. Of course, those mysteries are denied reality by modern science, that asserts ancient man made up fables for matters we brilliant moderns have proved need only material causes.

Again, no scientist was there to observe, and denying reality to these “tales” is mostly motivated by the materialistic resistance to any ideas of spirit, or gods and goddesses.

Let us stop resisting, and start believing. Goddess Natura is still there, … Nature has an inner self-aware sentient consciousness, just like we do.

Archaeologists, tend to assume the evolutionists are right, but still the interpretation of the languages – adorning megalithic structures everywhere – speaks of gods and such. The anthropologist, Margret Mead, holds that the first sign of civilization is found in bones that clearly were broken, and then set right. Do “animals” do that?

Yet, it is only in stories that we remember what kind of societies the ancients created, and these stories share a great deal.

For example, according to aboriginal lore in the Americas, early man lived at one with the natural world. Yet, not up in trees, … instead among Them. The Plains Indians called the human being the dominant determiner. We could ravage, or take care of Her, the living environment which also cared for us. At this stage, the human did not “work”, but participated as a needed part.

There are certainly folk who would like the Earth to return to its original garden-state. After the “garden” then was a passage from the wild lands, to cultivated lands, to cities and trade and crowding and work. Is this passage available to be reversed?

To go from cities, back through farms, and then back to the wild?

Right now modern Earth civilization is a place where the life-element is dying. Our institutions are failing, and fragile. The C*o*v*i*d Mystery is exposing the dark underbelly of the world of profit margins. Actions taken for the purpose of obtaining wealth and power. Actions not serving others. Actions using others.

“Life out of balance” say the Hopi.

As my few readers may be aware, I have taken to using various aesthetic aspects of modern films – the link above discusses the Godzilla franchise, as a kind of vehicle for the Muses to teach us – I’ve been calling this handwriting on the wall of modern culture: “the collective imagination”.

The latest Godzilla film was Godzilla vs. King Kong. The following should not actually “spoil” the watching of this film, yet one or two details below reveal something worth noting. We are here seeing an aesthetic dimension that comes from the “accidental, yet Muse-inspired synthetic unity”, of the work of a wide range of artists: actors, writers, directors, costume designers, CGI creators, and – of course – the participatory imagination of the “customer”.

Godzilla is a creature of the Sea. King Kong a creature of the Jungle. What starts out as a kind of war between the two, becomes a co-working against a common enemy – human cupidity, and a giant mechanical creature – symbolizing technology versus the natural organic.

The writers had some fun with the strange idea of there being an inner earth. This inside the planet world, in which gravity reverses as we enter its realm, is depicted as a world of nature primeval. A hint of Faerie and the Fae?

We already know (in the Godzilla mythos) that beneath the surface of the land, and the waters, are vast watery tunnels connecting one place to another. He zips around the oceans, using these unknown short cuts. This enables him to appear as if out of nowhere, and as is usual he begins this most recent emergence from hiding by attacking the institutional and scientific centers, devoted to creating the giant technology needed for a few to rule, and the rest to slave.

This has always been Godzilla’s role. To defeat the monsters generated by human excess, whether biological or technological.

Beneath the oceans and the pathways by which Godzilla travels is a forgotten virgin world of rocks and plants and waters and critters, undamaged by unbalanced human occupation and claims of “ownership” = the flaw of dominion-over, as against communion-with the “natural” world.

There seems to be some “truth” to the idea in human biology, that distinguishes a reptilian brain and a monkey brain, both lurking in the hind-brain physiology of our nervous system. At present, these “brains” serve the unconscious, while the fore-brain allows for conscious thought.

Is it possible that our collective Muses unconscious symbolism – of reptile and ape – refers to this aspect of our nature?

Our seas appear to be rising, rapidly. Many large cities are on the coastlines. Short term profit driven motives generate most government/business choices. Not among those plans is the quite predictable What’s Next? While we turn the life sphere of the Planet into a garbage heap, the rich seek mine now, regardless of the consequences.

People will move or die. Some people will die while moving. Why is one of our main ideas to flee the coastlines?

Why not go the other direction, and toward the Mysterious nature of the ocean wilds? Is there a latent intelligence, in the reptilian brain, that can be brought to the surface, in order to generate a civilization in the oceans?

Or, in the wilds of real nature, where the ape instincts might be valuable, … again if raised into full consciousness.

The Mystery is unmaking the no longer viable present. What we can do is the making of something new and never before, from seeds to be found in the long ago memories of Atlantis.

When Atlantis fell, there were migrations, as well as chaos and death. As I write this, a new hurricane bears down on the shores of Louisiana – on a twenty year anniversary of Katrina. Why are people still living on those coasts?

One reason, less conscious but all the more crucial for that feature … human beings believe they can rule nature, while forgetting that their “nature” too needs to be “ruled”, or even more terrible events await on the horizon, post C*o*v*i*d.

Truly mad scientists, working for earthly powers, alter the world at the level of genes, and have no clue the whole is as important as the parts. Materialistic science sees “global warming”, and knows we are powerless to “fix” it, the crucial tipping points now past. An inconvenient truth for the rich and powerful. A warning sign for the sane.

We need to have a conversation with Her. We need for institutional science, and business, and politics to be humble. I know, fat chance that. All the same, it doesn’t mean individuals can’t find a Way, through the own heart’s mind.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

There are many people, even scientists, that believe there is more to life than the ideas of big bang cosmology and Darwinian evolution would suggest. They have faith that existence is something more wonderful.

The idea of God, in some form, is common. This God is beneficent, perhaps all knowing and all powerful. If folk are involved in “religion”, there is then a kind of dogma of what is this “God’s” relationship to life.

The God of the Old Testament, in some instances, was not always beneficent. The ancient Greeks saw the Gods and Goddesses as something like a powerful dysfunctional family, arguing, killing, and spreading the god-seed among the mortals. All the same, these Greek tales tended to have a lesson attached.

Part of the riddle of the “Gods” has to do with why do humans suffer, and die. Would not a beneficent God take better care of us?

It appears that, in spite of modern materialistic science, and the various religions with their ideas of sin and hell, the human being might be immortal. Karma and reincarnation might be real. In which case, the world is something quite other than how we tend to see “It”.

In fact, “It” – the world – must itself be an immortal being. How could we be immortal, and not be living of and within an “environment” which is “Itself” immortal?

For me, the implications for how to “interpret” the Covid Mystery then alter/altar significantly. Eventually the only logical social-aspect I could see – if we are actually already immortal – is that: everybody is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Yet, there is so much I don’t like. People whose nose I would love to break. Newsreaders, on major media, using sentences that barely are logical, or informative, while at the same time being extraordinary inflammatory. Politicians telling tall tales, while all the “business” of government is carried on in smoke filled rooms, out of sight, and in secret.

Then there are the spiritual teachers, like Rudolf Steiner, who suggest we should somehow wrestle antipathy, and sympathy as well, out of the picture – something that makes me wonder what the Gods were up to in the first place, giving us such emotional “potential”, hidden in our likes and dislikes.

There is also a crazy Christian ideal from childhood that I am supposed to love my “enemy” as myself. That sort of works, unless you start to face just how I go about loving myself. “Enemy” is a word that can confuse. What if I have an enemy, who is out to murder me and my family?

The above turns out to be prelude to the question of how far can I, or should I, go as regards the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. Violent revolution?

Of course, different people will have different ideas about who is the criminal. If you are an anti-vaccer, and a conspiracy theorist, or someone who wants the government to force people to get vaccinated, … whatever “side”, someone else is the criminal, and you are good and just.

If this is God’s Plan it seems to me to be to be kind of mean.

If I work it out another way, such that … in the legendary midnight hour, when we choose to incarnate, the rumor is that we choose to live the anticipated suffering, believing that this is going to be Justice (in part) for our past transgressions.

When I get into that Idea, I am convinced we are all mad – what sane person would voluntarily decide to live today?

This has led me to the curious question: Are the Gods Insane? In fact, if we are
Their children, They must the Source good and evil, and insanity. Why would a God make something imperfect and flawed? What purpose is served?

In most religions, this riddle is meet with a bunch of tales, whose weird logic is to blame the child for the God’s failures. What good maker, creates something intentionally defective? Not just defective, but we seem meant to feel/know such pain and terror, that many of the normal-minded folk prefer addiction and insanity to our “usual” existence.

I am beginning to suspect that the needed revolution must see God as the enemy, … dangerously fickle, weak, careless, … OMG, human!?!?!

We are the tail the snake eats, and the snake that eats the tail. Kind of ugly that metaphor, yet seemingly true to observation. We are the ice cream that gets eaten by the cow … here a little silly can help.

Yet, there is this odd “potential”, which leaves us free to decide what It All Means. Or not. Good drugs, nice music, someone to hold in the dark of the night. I think Gods love life, yet can’t seem to stop messing around with the details. That job They leave to us, and there are actually no rules at all … sort of, Gravity, stuck with that. Stupid, in good supply. Fun and dancing, can’t ever have enough of that.