Evil …

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Hymns to the Holy Mother

Evil …

The logic of “evil” is odd. Evil requires, for meaning at the conceptual level, Good. Each is married to the “other”. The next level of odd, has to do with the truth, which is that not only are Good&Evil married, that marriage is an embodied reflection of aspects of the Divine Mystery Itself.

In my book “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”, I write there, as part of the modern conception of God, the idea that observable reality reveals God is distributed, with the same virtues we notice in distributed computing. Keep in mind that distributed computing is useful both to solve certain mathematical/scientific questions requiring a lot of processing power, and it is also a fertile field for “bots” running/dancing to the selfish songs born in black-hat hacking.

If we are a sensible person, we also see how in life individuals make decisions, which decisions effect other folks as well. These “choices” (whether between good&evil, or some other duality) effect the world. We author the choice, and as an aspect of that it is the distributed god&devilwithin us, that chooses.

A sane understanding of Goethean science would cause folk to realize that spirit is everywhere right next to matter. Another married duality. Angels&demons. Men&women.

If we look within, at our feelings, that the properly chastised L. Ron Hubbard misnamed “the reactive mind”, we find another married duality, generally labeled: sympathy&antipathy. Here – in these feelings – is a tendency to move toward what we like, and away from what we do not like. This reactive feeling life, with its dual nature, has deep roots. In a certain Way, these feelings are “intelligence”, even if later we cannot articulate “reasons” for why we did what we did.

Rudolf Steiner described his view of the macrocosmic reality as containing another duality, which he named: Lucifer&Ahriman. The logos (logical) nature of such married dualities is that they are also united, and always a whole. There is no meaning if they are conceived as separate. Steiner taught that Christ was in between these two, and that Life was about our learning how to personally maintain the right relationship among polar conditions – we are the In Between that balances.

The use of the word Christ involves us with a more pressing problem, as regards the religious history of the world. To resolve this means first off to see the rise of the three patriarchal monotheisms as a reflection in the “earth” sphere of macrocosmic qualities – the Divine Mystery is not just Christ, but Allah and Jehovah simultaneously. All duality is in reality a trinity.

There is a social/spiritual set of observations called “Theory U”. It finds that if there is a descent, then there is also an ascent, again a duality. In the case of the Hebrews – who guided the spiritual descent into matter – they became people of the law. Very strict rules, which according to Steiner made possible the creation of a quite definite strain of genetic inheritance. Some work&order was necessary for there to be an avatar body, in which a God might be able to live for a time.

Rules and obedience. The Hebraic Divinity appears in multiple ways, including phenomena like burning bushes, pillars of cloud, and seas that obey the prayers of wizards. The old Testament is filled with dreamers dreaming, and poet-kings singing. Remnants of the goddess religions being slowly subsumed, as the three anti-feminine patriarchal monotheism began the work of imprinting themselves on the world.

Descent needed to followed by ascent. The earth-impression of the Divine Mystery is complex, and while on the one hand both the Hebrew – and already being born Christian religions – there also needed to be a balancing upward movement. Earth and Heaven being woven together, with the last “people of the book” – Islam, being deeply connected to the Mother, to the social heart – the family, and to the Idea of Surrender. We forget history’s song, when we judge Islam and do not recognize that during Europe’s dark age, Islam flowered with genius everywhere.

All three are being destroyed from within, through the advocates of my way or the highway, a common human foible that insures that social forms evolve. Another repetition of the primary marriage of polar states of consciousness.

Part of the current world situation is made especially acute, due to the fact that we feel we are a separate self, over here, while there is an outside/experienced world that is not us. Another duality, that is fundamentally a trinity, which totality itself is a unity, a marriage not in name only. No wonder Christ urges us to cleave to each other, and become again as little children.

Every human being is their own Path. Be yourself; and, I hope the above meditation on “Evil …” has been useful.

for a much longer contemplation: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”


I am a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and, professional heretic

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In my book: American Phoenix, I write about the collapse of civilization,

In my book: American Phoenix, I write about the collapse of civilization, followed by an interval, before a more steady-state “civilization” appears. This stead-state “civilization” is dominated by machine-like hives, of enormous scale. If seen from space it looks like a couple dozen huge spiders, ravaging the Earth, and devouring it to the core.

In these mega-cities, most human being are slaves, each possessing a mechanical interface called an “inceptor”, through which daily contact via an inceptor booth, the machine tests for everything possible, and then delivers “adjustment” chemicals.

In accord with the legend of the Phoenix first there is fire of collapse, then life in the ashes as matters settle down, then finally rebirth. While most live in the mega-cities, there are many small places, like the town of Sanctuary, where magic knowledge keeps the Hives more or less at bay.

The middle “chapter” four (see outline below) called Rider’s Tale, has a story in it told by an unusual man, telling from that time’s point of view, the inner nature of our present day collapse. This story is next, where the character teller-of stories tries to help some people who are survivors of a recent terrible battle. The survivors have been saved, and are now there way to …

Everybody dreams. Night dreams and day dreams are not the same. In night dreams I entertain visitors. In day dreams I entertain myself. In night dreams the dead visit. In the day, I am among the living, even when dreaming.

Fantasy is good for the soul. The before-time died of too little fantasy and imagination. The story tellers tried, but the number lovers did not listen … they were too busy counting their gold.

A spirit-mind wrapped in numbers is cold and has no heart. A civilization without a heart commits suicide, in one way or another. Loving numbers is to already be dead to life.

The newly dead will visit us all over the next months. Out beyond us was a great sacrifice. Many of you here loved those who died out there. That love is a warmth they will seek. They will not be ready right away to leave the earth-time for the star-time. They will need us, and we will need them.

So in the night dreams we will entertain visitors.

But to do that rightly we have work to do. To help them and to help ourselves we have to remember, even the things we don’t want to remember.

In the before-time no one much understood about the dead. Few believed there was life after life. So the dead were not important, and the living suffered for ignoring them. A science of just numbers and no imagination killed civilization as surely as did the gold counters. So too a religion of stale ideas, frozen in time and space.

The before-time got old and then died. We of today live in the in-between-time. We live after the before-time, but not yet in the new-time.

We live in chaos and anarchy – the burning fire before the new Phoenix rises from the cold ashes of destruction.

For the new-time to come, we have to remember the imagination, and lose our attachment to dead and cold ideas. So in the next days, once we get to what might become your new home – the place we call Sanctuary – we have to start to remember those who just died.

So when you get to the campfires in Sanctuary be ready to tell stories about the life you were leading.  Even the bad things, even the horrible and terrible things. Especially the awful things, the things we most want not to remember.

It will be easier than you think because the dead will come and visit in the night and remind you.

Some times we call these kinds of dreams: Nightmares. They scare us, and we might even wake up screaming. But I promise you, if you tell of the scary dark things that visit in the night, over time they will visit less and less.

They want to leave, but before they can leave the earth-time to go to the star-time, they need to finish something. They need to finish finding out who they are. They got lost in life and didn’t find out who they are, and so when they die they don’t know, and they depend on us to tell them.

The great majority of the before-time civilization didn’t know what a human being was. They believed we were just things, bits of stuff, bound up in rules over which we had no powers. We came out of stuff, lived as stuff and then when we died, the stuff fell apart – dust to dust was the old saying.

Problem was the before-time civilization didn’t know how to count things of the heart, or count things of the imagination. That civilization taught us confusion and unreality, all the time claiming they were giving us reality. Why did something, to be real, have to be able to be counted?

So there will be work to come, but no hurry to do the work. It is work because it is hard, although at the same time it is play. It is hard because we are not used to doing it, not used to living out of the imagination and the heart to the degree we need to so live. We have to learn to stretch our imaginative and heart-string muscles as it were.

The place you are going – this Sanctuary place – a lot of people there have traveled roads just as hard as yours. They will know what you have done, and what you have yet to do. They will help you be patient. They will help you not do, and teach you how to take time. They have been lost themselves and are still finding themselves and know a lot about all of that.

While we travel to what might become your new home, there is no need to talk, unless you want to talk.  Rest, day-dream, eat good food, get better. If you have night visitors, share that or don’t share that.  There isn’t just one way to do this finding yourself. There is just your way, your truth, your dreams.

Remember though, none of this we have to do alone. That’s why we are on earth and in same-time together – to learn to share and to be good company.

http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/amphx.html read the whole book online for free, or

buy a physical copy


below is a list of “contents”:

Initiation through Fire: Surrender: Chapter One Into the Maelstrom Chapter two Escalation and Intensification Chapter Three Convulsion, Death, Endurance and a new beginning

Life in the Ashes: Confession and Contrition: Chapter four Rider’s Tale

Rebirth: Practice and Service: Chapter Five Wanderings and Introductions Chapter Six A Time For Decisions Chapter Seven Stepping Off The Cliff

a stand, a lever, and a fulcrum

How do spiritually oriented people fight back against the …. the what?

In the martial art of Akido, the Way is to move around the attack, move in such a way that it goes by and we remain as we wish. “Give me a fulcrum,” Archimedes is reported to have said, “and a place to stand—and I will move the world.”

Against the dangers we face, as Western Civilization dies into a new becoming, is there a need, is there a fulcrum, is there a place to stand, and is there a lever?

Among the Fae it is understood that the arrival of natural philosophy (now called natural science), would enchant the human being, to the effect that while we developed a powerful new Way of Knowledge, there would also be a cost to our older relations with the spirit.

Humanity has known of the Gods&Goddesses from the beginning. This knowing was direct and personal – an “experience”. Over the course of Western Civilization, the spiritual become more and more a mere concept and belief, and hardly ever a direct experience.

The most modern religion – in the sense of a system of beliefs – is materialistic science – all is matter, there is no spirit. This concept is neither true nor good, and most of us feel this, but do not know how to deal with the “authority” of the modern scientist/priest of materialism.

The pandemic-Pandemonium is a consequence of the enchantment of the heart’s mind, given that the believers in the dis-ease must first trust and believe the medical “priest-scientist”. No one is a fault. It is what it is, as we recognize today.

Also at loose in our Earth environment is a collection of “monsters”, which we call: the multinational corporation. Their powers seem unstoppable. They are big, we are tiny; and, if we get in their way their wealth lets them make the laws, flaunt the laws, and at the same time throw an army of lawyers at anyone who disagrees.

To deal with our modern social disorder and chaos, which Titans of Industry rule at ease, is there anything that we can do? Is there a fulcrum, a place to stand, and a lever by which to tame these Titans?

Tame, not get rid of. Re-purpose. Reboot. Keep in mind that this organism is present and not going away. With guidance it might evolve.

A powerful idea among many is that there is no god, no good, only human appetite. What if that became the core debate: Whether or not there are Gods&Goddesses?

Will the becoming Phoenix, lurking in modern chaos, have the powers as advertised. There is a prophecy of a God, who died, and yet promised to come back. Given that scientific materialism is fundamentally a religion (all its big ideas are theoretical), might it be possible to take the idea of the Way of Science as a modern Way of Knowledge, and discover through scientifically empirical facts that the Divine is real. Not only that Christ is back, … His Mom, came with Him.

From Steiner we get a Foundation for doing this. If the Aristotelians ever get around to listening to the Platonists, their adding the significance of the Mother, builds something remarkable on that Foundation. This next link is to a long article on the three Platonists living now in America, and the general spiritual situation of the present moment.

We are sort of saying, to scientific materialism, that our Mystery is bigger than yours. We actually explain Reality far more wisely.

Yes, I know, who will listen? Who will bother? Christianity is not the only religion, and historically religions are causes of war, more than they are causes of peace.

Recently the Law allowed for a corporation to be considered a person. Logically, if a corporation can be a person, then certainly a planet can be a person. Would it be possible in courts of law to assert that the planet is a person, as part of legal activities designed to “protect” the “environment”.

We ought not to assume that taking this question into the systems of justice is only valid if we win the court cases. On the contrary, filing suits seeking to represent the planet as a person before the law, changes the fundamental nature of the underlying questions facing humanity today.

We only need challenge scientific materialism in courts of law. If that debate then become known in media we are now in the court of public opinion.

If we do this, the narrative regarding the future of humanity takes on a very different texture. And, yes, how could we possible prove that the planet is a living Being?

Thankfully, the fundamental empirical science of spirit has already been generating the needed material. There exist “gospels” out of the experience of Christ’s return in the ethereal realm. Folk meet Christ in the thought-world (the ethereal) while in pursuit of the truth that recognizes the necessity to be religious and artistic, not just “scientific”.

The next link is to an article about twelve such gospels, and a thirteenth – a unifier as it were. For dessert, I’ve added the prophetic truth about the Mother, and the Return of the Moon, already in process. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/30/for-people-of-faith-of-whatever-rite/

These books are the “lever”. Where then are the “fulcrum”, and the “place to stand”?

At present certain conceptions from Rudolf Steiner’s works on social-three-folding can be helpful. He distinguishes a cultural life, from an economic life, and in a kind of way in between them the political legal life. Each within itself is also threefold. Cultural Life gives us Science, Religion, and Art. The Economic Life presents itself as Production, Distribution, and Consumption.

In the course of Western Civilization, the political-legal life also three-folded into State, Media, and Citizen. [See my essay: Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thpts.html ]

Oddly, this makes Media the heart of the heart of the social organism. We’ve just watched a hysterical major Media, already rotten within, scare to death (literally in some cases) the world’s population, with a narrative that is not true. Over in social media, the debate of the truth is lively and intelligence. In the major Media a dangerous fire is daily given more and more fuel. That same Media gave five billion dollars of free advertising to Trump’s election.

Media is the “fulcrum” for the “lever”. As noted above, there are courts of law, and courts of public opinion. Many know that if we create the right “play” in courts of law, we can get the attention of the courts of public opinion.

If we were to “stand” in the courts of law, with a specific limited goal in mind, namely getting the attention of the Media, we can file lawsuits intended to draw attention to the hardest question for scientific materialism to face, aka: whether a Planet is a sufficient kind of Being, that needs to be recognized to the same degree of person-hood before that law as has been given to the corporation.

Courts of Law are very interesting places, in large part because in spite of their being abused by the rich&powerful, there is in the Law of Evidence, a set of logical rules designed to get to the truth. Politicians would never survive if their speech was subject to evidence-tiary rules this strict. The same with a lot of scientific theory; and, as we all know, religion makes the law even more confused given the value society places on freedom of belief.

If one wants to appreciate this value of the courts of law, a good place to start is to watch the dramas and comedies, written for TV, by David E. Kelley, who I describe as “Americas Shakespeare”. L.A. Law; Chicago Hope; Picket Fences; the Practice; Ally McBeal; Boston Public; Boston Legal; and more recently: Big Little Lies; and Goliath. The actors who play his characters win awards – dozens of Emmys, and more.

Goliath is instructive for the “David” character has to go to war against huge military corporations, the criminal rule of the Mexican cartels, and the “developers” and their ever present wars over land and water.

We are David, doing the Don Quixote bit, against the huge spiritual egregores living in multinational corporations. At the same time, we have serious friends: the Son and the Mother.

We all know of Earth Day, as a kind of Spring cultural rite, opposite in texture to the Autumn season. Imagine different and independently organized environmental organizations filing suits, every Earth Day (starting with the next, no time like the present), against these egregores, seeking the recognition of the Planet as entitled to as many legal rights as a corporation.

We don’t have to win in court, but we will sound a cord in the court of public opinion. The sounding will be louder and more effective, if many file such suits. And, if this becomes an aspect of the annual Rite of Earth Day. What is more natural for the children of the Mystery, than to want to protect our Mother.

The point is to place the value of scientific materialism in a realm were laws of evidence rule. Given the pandemic-Pandemonium, which will continue for sometime, whether or not scientific materialism, and its corporate masters, misrepresented the truth is a valid question, which is not likely to disappear.

Suits of this kind can fail right in the beginning, when faced with a thousand corporate lawyers calling for immediate dismissal. To survive a motion to dismiss evidence can be presented. Again, we don’t have to win, but we do offer evidence – the thirteen books referred to above.

That brings a challenge to scientific materialism into the court of public opinion, and away from “academic” venues. The desired result of the our stand to apply this lever to the fulcrum of our time is achieved when the question is there.

The Lost Landscape of Mystery

The Lost Landscape of Mystery

I know, talking to the Fae is not always good idea. Same with not talking to the Fae, if by that term we mean a whole host invisible to our senses entities with their own interior sentient self-consciousness, and lets be honest: opinionated, on occasion unruly, wise the way only someone immortal is wise, … kind of “human” in a way (where do you think we get “our” nature?).

In my book on The Mystery of Evil, I identified six types or classes with which we have intimate connections. The guardian angel is one, the tempter another. Among aboriginal peoples in the US of A there is the story of the two wolves. In the Koran, the sneaking whisperer, from among the jinn and mankind.

The holy spirit is there when we have a bright idea. If we have an addiction, we are intimate with an egregore, a kind of psychic parasite in a way, … attend rightly to this self-created wounded creature, for it tells an interesting tale. Then there are the “pricks of conscience”, what some call the higher ego. These interrogatories between upper and lower involve a kind of courtship, with a lot of fire, and end in a complex marriage as we age.

Three above: holy spirit, and guardian angel, and higher ego. Three below, the tempter, the personal collection of bad habits, and the super-jerk Tomberg called: the “prosecutor”. That Being is pretty much around whenever we are depressed. Kind of a mirror of all our worst flaws – often relentless. We look inside and the dark looks back, mirroring us to us. A kind of personal Dorian Grey’s picture in our own mind/soul nexus. Want to banish it when we finally notice our “depression”? Inwardly ask this “feeling”: What is your name? Three times helps. There actually is a lot of viable folk wisdom to recover, should we try.

Keep the same “model” (six intimate with one) in mind, but expand the scale. Take in the whole world as having billions of folk, all with their own personal Fae.

Among the Fae are certain powers that manifest in what we call the appetites. We could mentally view that world as having communities, of similar “tastes”. Our problem today is that much that is invisible is also visible, except we don’t know it. Wonderful beings are the inside of all the outsides we experience. Our appetites are, in a certain kind of way: holy. They are free of sin.

No hunger, no energy. No desire, no babies. No dancing, no fun.

As a child we are taught, by Mother-gravity, run too fast, fall down, go boom. Today a whole civilization is playing at run too fast, fall down fast, go boom fast. Mother in this Now giving us a time out, to consult with our invisible friends. All alive and with us, in this time of intense personal gravitas.

While I’ve pointed toward this elsewhere, these cognitions are essential: There are Eight Gates to Faerie, and they come in pairs: Living and Dying (the will/fire principle); Waking and Sleeping (the intellect/air principle); Sanity and Madness (the feeling/water principle); and, Remembering and Forgetting (the earth/consciousness principle). Living … Waking … Sanity … Remembering. Dying … Sleeping … Madness … Forgetting.

Many of us know of Faerie in the remembered tales of the little folk. Disciplines like Wicca and such are seeking to re-engage with the Fae. Why? The enchantment of humanity, … the placing of a veil between us and the Fae, began in the Age when the Hebrews fled the polytheistic Egyptian mysteries, to found the first of three patriarchal monotheisms. These three are one Mystery, by the way. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/30/for-people-of-faith-of-whatever-rite/

We talk to our pets, and we talk to our plants. The Fae listen. We pray, and the Fae listen. When we see something of the order of: what goes around comes around; or when one door closes another door opens; or the Universe gives and takes – we are observing the influence of the Fae on the course of our individual biographies.

For the Aristotelian mind set, Rudolf Steiner used the terms: the spiritual world. For the Platonists – devotes of the Mother – Faerie* works just as well given the magical mystical aspects which Steiner had to avoid if he wanted folk lost in the enchantment to look up to the spirit, and yet not lose the modern Mystery Way of Knowledge we call Science.

*[the Underworld, the Upside Down, the Lost Cities … each region of the world has its memories – practice spirit recollection where you live.]

As to the “Enchantment” – which Steiner labeled: the Ahrimanic Deception – we run here into a flaw/problem of Steiner’s own personality.

Given the state of the Intellectual Soul, to which Steiner had to speak and write, dealing with the question of good and evil was very difficult. Social life at that time was wound up into that dichotomy like an ever-ringing, badly sprung, alarm clock. This necessary confusion also could not be avoided, for what sane person of that time could imagine that from the point of view of the Mystery there is no good or evil.

Human beings are vested – psychologically – in seeing evil in the world as a means to explain their trials of experience. Steiner was not the one to deal with that problem directly. So even though he wrote such poetic confusion, as: evil is something not in the right time for it, … to deal with the question directly was again a social mind-field facing a genius – of his character and level – trying to establish spirit in a scientific frames of reverence.

Sympathy and antipathy are natural feelings. We go toward the former, and run from the latter – when we can. Christ was, however, terse about this: Judge Not. That practice can lead to recognizing in those feelings a self-generated perceptual element that needs to be raised into full consciousness. That we like and dislike aspects of existence is necessary to the development of “I”ness. The problem comes when we mistake our instinctive feelings for the true nature of the object that arouses them.

So Christ teaches us about the mote and the beam, and how we need to fix our own beam before we ever get around to being able to help another with their mote.

It is possible to think about all the various “dualities” we have, mostly born in our particular culture, and its stories. The Mystery doesn’t use the ideas we have of Good&Evil, but rather Positive&Negative. Why?

Living and Dying. Waking and Sleeping. Sanity and Madness. Remembering and Forgetting. Every qualitative cognition is incomplete without its polar opposite. Hot and Cold. In and Out.

The Mystery … and falling-to-completion human beings.

Any qualitative polarity is at Its Roots, a Unity. “I and the Father are One”. He and She. Us and Them. Visible and Invisible. Studies of the Emerald Tablet are helpful. Issac Newton was quite interested. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/27/memories-in-the-dreaming/

The pandemic-Pandemonium is such a polarity/unity. The details of that are important, so I will only offer a link here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/04/19/she-has-the-whole-world-in-his-hands/

Lurking in the undertow of events, is the emergence of what might appear to be man-made intelligence – super quantum computers, and the potential for Artificial Intelligence that we fear will end up not only ruling us, but perhaps destroying humanity, in a single crushing blow. Sky-net … anyone?

Our movies are full of dark dreams, made and thought into existence by remarkable artists. Art speaks in ways the intellect cannot. Yet, is it not odd that our worry is that something invisible will come to exist in our machines, when we live right in the midst of a sense world, which is already a veil for grand and magical intelligences.

On TV folk wonder about intelligences from other worlds, similar to ours in a material sense, being the teachers of humanity throughout or history and social evolution. UFO’s in the sky are thought to be from other planets, in other galaxies, sending us their envoys – with either dark or benign intentions.

There is a famous scientific question, called the Fermi Paradox. In outer space there has to be empires of intelligent life: Why have they not contacted us?

The enchanter into materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit), is the last act of a Drama as old as Eternity. Steiner named him: Ahriman, and mixed that up with good and evil, in a culture full of legends of demons. When the Wiccans and such “new age” folk re-awoke to the Goddess, a famous scientist was to worry those false ideas – of a demon-haunted world – would destroy all scientific progress.

Among the Fae is a story: It reveals Ahriman, lying at the feet of the Mother on Judgment Day, begging Her forgiveness for all that his Nature seemed to have caused.

There already is an invisible inside to manufactured (nature rearranged) devices. Our technology does not stop being an aspect of the Creation, however. Just as we are the right person, in the right place, at the right time … so are the Fae.

Try to imagine a near cosmic being, whose “nature” (virtue/tale) is “geometry”. This aspect of Faerie is part of a community, whose unified tales are a symphony. God geometrisizes Plato is alleged to have opined. “Man as Symphony of the Creative Word” sez Rudolf Steiner.

The closer we get to the primal unity, the fewer the distinctions that can be made. Ahriman and Lucifer (to use Steiner’s nomenclature) are a polarity, which is also a unity. The unity aspect is also manifested in the Father/Son unity. What Steiner did not do was place the Mother in this tableaux. That why is a less important tale, than what the situation looks like when we seek to understand and know: the Mothers.

Primal Unity: One. First Duality: Father and Mother, or one and many, aka: order and chaos.

Chaos = the Pandemonium … that’s Her. A secondary unity, following the first duality, is the Son. Keep in mind that these Folk are not separate like us, but within each other – united powers, showing different “faces and qualities” according to the requirements of the “situation”.

Most of our modern riddles and worries can be understood and made more pliable if we increase our contact with the Fae. Want to learn about Rogue Weather (that’s Her)? Start to cultivate an I and thou relationship with the Beings of clouds&sky. See the movie Arrival, and get and read Ruskin’s “The Queen of the Air”.

Want to heal the environment of all the crap we’ve dumped on it, and are told will be there forever? What the Fae made, the Fae can unmake. Already there are botanists who study the ancient chaos of our yet preserved forests: old growth, yet virginal and primeval – a laboratory for Her alchemical arts and crafts. We just need to ask, seek, and knock on the invisible doors to Faerie, to find ways to tame tech, to tame corporations, and to build living ships to travel among the planets.

To the stars, no. What we call the stars are effects of the forces of counter or peripheral space, which is not three dimensional, but two. Gravity and Levity (mistakenly called dark matter). “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

One of the confusions born of Steiner’s human limitations, is that Steiner readers can have the idea of the Inner Earth being a place of evil, even “black magic.” This mistaken perception on his part, comes from the fact that he sought to “investigate as a spiritual scientist” the Realms of the Mother and Her Court. What he thought he found (good and evil) is something he brought with him that is out of phase with the reality. To go to Her requires surrender. We go as flawed and human. Not to “study”, but to meet and know.

Earth existence, as we know it via the senses, has an Inside, just as do we. This Realm is Faerie, and it is populated by beings of such power and grace that the Greeks called them: Titans. Rogue Weather, that’s Her and Her friends. She holds the reins of the Four Horseman. The Gate of Death is managed by Her, and those human priests/shamans able to visit in full consciousness.

Christ went there on a Saturday. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Clarke5.html

Fight or Flight: the post pandemic-Pandemonium Culture

Fight or Flight: the post pandemic-Pandemonium Culture

2020 – 1776 = 254 years since the 4th of July, at which the Declaration of Independence was signed in America. A moment when a Nation’s People, via representatives, declared themselves free of the machinations of the English Crown, and the Bank of England. Eight years of bloody revolution followed, before the U. S. Constitution was created, an act which made the People the Sovereign, instead of lines of heredity in blood. No more kings and queens, just citizens.

Less remembered (or intentionally not taught) is that a major part of the reason these events happened was because the English Crown was ordering the Colonies to use Bank of England currency instead of their own ways of banking already established. In fact, the forced use of that currency was ruining the economies of the Colonies.

This tension between banking and government continued, and in the Civil War, Lincoln created Greenbacks – a government engendered currency, rather than borrow money from the banksters to finance the North’s war efforts.

Even though we had thrown off the aristocracy of blood, the aristocracy of wealth was up and running, constantly at work corrupting government for their own benefit. It was a corrupt Congress which passed the legislation creating the Federal Reserve banking system, which remains a private company, unconstitutionally given the powers, out of our Constitution, to create currency and regulate the value thereof. (print money/coin and control interest rates on loans etc.)

In 1999, Clinton (and friends) took down the Glass-Steagall act, which – after the terrible depression and bank failures of the 1930’s – had created a fire wall between commercial banking (checks, savings, and loans) and commercial banking (investing deposits in the markets of financial instruments).

No more fire wall leads to 2008, when essentially unregulated U. S. financial institutions nearly destroyed the whole world’s economy.

While folks were loosing jobs and homes, the Federal Reserve gave tens of trillions of dollars to their friends in multinational corporations and other banking institutions, while giving zero to the American citizen. Underlying that act of power and wealth, is the fact that these loans come out of nothing. Currency is just printed, and there is nothing backing it.

At the same time, serious economic thinkers tend to want to correct and preserve this archaic money-creation process, in spite of its institutional and systemic flaws.

Right now, the Republicans in the Legislative Branch, continue to favor the “rights” of property owners over the rights of the People, who remain the true Sovereign. Our government, which only exists because we permit it to exist, is controlled by money, not the American People.

Is the pandemic a hoax, created by economic elites, in order to usher in their version of a kind of … of what? Where’s the aftermath plan. Is it fascist? Is the human being on the verge of being even more deeply controlled by folk who rise to power in corporate cultures, by sacrificing their own conscience and humanity?

Or, is what is happening just out of control appetites among the elites, hardly conscious of their “evil” deeds, a natural result of a civilization that abandoned being civilized, in favor of power and corruption and avarice?

Most “evil” on this level is banal. Bald-headed white men, sitting in comfortable board room chairs, working out how to screw each other, while actually having no control at all over the real course of events. They think they are in charge, mostly because our civilization threw over the gods and goddesses on the way to apparent dominance.

They believe in most powerful “religion” on the Planet is scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. The human being is an animal, randomly created, in a universe that has no interior life as do we. That “universe” cares nothing about humanity. And, our endless economic competitions are Darwinism in practice – only the “superior and more evolved” survive.

Yet, even though important, who has time for such questions, when more and more are sleeping in the streets, starving, with no end to the suffering in sight.

Well … if you have nothing to do but lay down, starve and die, at least do it in good company. Might be just that this is The Opportunity for deciding to fight or flight. Remember all those folk fleeing from their personally horror story of life under the cartels, or the self appointed generals/dictators that pop up everywhere? Many tried to get to America, a place in their minds of great dreams possible.

Is it still?

For theoretical purposes, let us imagine that the pandemic is not a hoax. That apparent reality is that people are dying all over the world, yet the real facts are not being made available. The numbers don’t add up. Many seem faked, or at least manipulated to show a crisis much worse in our imaginations, than it is in reality.

Many trust the government and the experts – fear makes folk seek some comfort, even if just the idea is that nobody is killing us on purpose. Being killed on purpose is unthinkable, although the military-industrial-intelligence complex studies and plans the unthinkable all the time – the best defense is supposedly a good offensive strategy.

Whatever the true “causes”, the fact remains that the social result of the pandemic-Pandemonium is economic and social chaos. Loss of jobs, and increased poverty, is emerging from this calamity, while our ostensible government remains in the gridlock of partisan politics. Tragically, it seems likely that this “depression” will be worse than the last.

The American citizen, the Sovereign, is on its own, abandoned by bankers and their owners.

We are the ones who must act, if we want each other to pass through this chaos in some kind of sane fashion. We must act together, and not wait for the politicians to do what needs doing.

The wonder of it all is that we are the people meant to do this. The American experiment in citizen sovereignty is not over, not at all. Still, this will be difficult – this step into future responsibility.

Ordinary people are extraordinary, given that they suffer the fools and wealth and power, and still endure. With the Pandemonium comes opportunity. How will we, as individuals, pass the day?

The Grandmother War. The Army of the Unemployed. Most people are satisfied to work hard, play by the rules, and mind their own business. In a crisis of this scale though, forging new communities – that are self-organizing – is the ground of something we might call: being a good neighbor.

Waiting for government to act, or the wealthy and powerful to care, … don’t bother. Get together with others, sing songs and tell stories. Mutually solve shared problems for shelter and food.

The Mystery is with us, in part because the Mystery has come to rest in the heart’s mind of individual human beings. The cities can be remade into parks, and many other miracles, yet – sadly – not without strife and courage and loss.

We the People are the Sovereign – the real government – and the ostensible government works for us. Time to remind them.


love letters to the New York Times

I occasionally write comments in a black hole of whiteness. They disappear, although I very much liked them. I am now beginning to copy them here, … although I apologize for only giving a link to the offending op-ed piece. If you read here, … who is to know what kind of cord may be struck:

Comment on Maureen Dowd’s op-ed: “The Doctor versus the Denier”

I am sorry to report that “science” is not as good as everyone believes. Scientific history is littered with wrong roads taken, amidst all manner of infighting among those who take sides and look to hang their opinion on a “star”.

This goes as far back as Issac Newton, where side-takers argued Newton was the inventor of calculus, and Leibniz was not. Goethe, after Newton was gone, asserted that Newton was also wrong as to the real nature of color.

Faraday asserted the existence of what he called “imponderable matter”, not just ponderable matter. Maxwell’s equations skip past those ideas, leaving aside a more holistic set of observations.

Kepler worried that in rush to judgment, early science was throwing out the baby with the bathwater …. many ancient “sciences” were not so much wrong, just misunderstood.

Pick any “theory” of modern science, and there are outliers raising serious questions. Both Darwinian evolutionary theory, and Big Bang cosmological theory have many sound critics. It is just that holders of older views often cling to them in spite of the many anomalies for which they have no explanation.

There is a religion, called “Scientism”, which is the belief that scientific theory is reliable scientific fact.

Newton, by the way, wrote and thought much about those ancient ideas, even creating his own translation the Emerald Tablet.

Seeing Fauci as a representative, of true scientific thinking and judgment, is make a fool into a priest.

Comment on Michelle Goldberg’s Do Progressives Have a Free Speech Problem?

Sometimes when I read about these kinds of “exchanges”, I get the sense that these folks don’t have a life. Social Criticism is an odd preoccupation, since in large part it is based on the idea that one can have a better and more accurate social-perception than someone else. With a kind of “academic” clarity then … sides are taken, language is tortured, as is reasoning. mostly with the hope that our thought will be allowed through the gatekeepers of publications. Mommy, mommy, see what I wrote. I’m a prolific writer that is never much read, and is unknown except to a few Facebook friends. I understand the wish for publication of one’s thoughts. Fortunately, what with the Internet, all that I have written exists, … ones and zeros dancing in the aethereal mysteries of unrecognized genius. Videos, books, hundreds of essays, … even a screen play, as well as poetry, short stories, and a novel. I once gave a copy of a recent book, “American Anthroposophy” (the year was 2008) to a European man at a conference in Concord, MA, which included many who were familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s works. A day or so later he asked me who I wrote the book for. Up until that time, I’d never thought much about it, but when I did I replied: For the future. Joel A. Wendt: white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/06/12/the-theology-of-the-germ-theory-of-dis-ease/

Op-ed submission June 29th, 2020

 From the heart’s mind of Joel A. Wendt: a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic:

Logical Problems with the present Narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic-Pandemonium.

First: the Source: American citizens have little reason to trust the CDC, WHO, the American government, and multi-national corporations. Watch the movie on AIDS, “and the band played on”. Include, for our government, the recent movie “The Report” (How the CIA etc. hid from FBI oversight, the torture of so-called terrorists). Watch the movie, “The Post”, about the Pentagon Papers. Recall the story of the lies fabricated after 9/11, which led us into two wars, one of which is still ongoing.

Remember the image of Big Tobacco testifying before Congress and swearing under oath that they did not know nicotine was addictive. A lie – see the movie “The Insider”. Then, in the ‘90’s Big Pharma got Congress to pass a law making them immune to any suits based on the idea of vaccines causing illnesses and death. In my corner of reality, we call that covering your behind.

Second: Science: Anyone seriously aware of the state of natural science knows of the degeneration in that discipline due to the influence of money – big corporations do not just support pure science. They often reward papers inclined to be in favor of that corporation’s products. Eisenhower warned of this in the same speech where he told us to watch out for the “military industrial” complex.

In addition, science changes its mind, as needed. In medicine, that situation is stranger when we realize how the “practice” of industrial medicine mostly creates profit for large corporations. It can be argued cogently that doctors often miss-diagnose, prescribe the wrong medicine, and rightly get sued all the time. They are sometimes notoriously over-confident, which actually makes their assumptions even more dangerous.

The issue is that we have a lot more to learn about illness and dis-ease. To assume we have, from science, a viable and correct Narrative, is to assume perfection. Doctors are people, and people error.

The current Narrative is: Germs cause dis-ease. Germs can be passed from one person to another, and they will then get from that the dis-ease. Some illnesses are seen as highly contagiousness. Others not so much. Why?

The Media are useless: When you take a complicated problem and reduce it to its most hysterical presentation, that just makes everything seem worse than it actually is.

Some factoids, hidden among the thousands of numbers offered in major media, and social media.
The current numbers (when you cut through the jungle of assertion) reveal that a) everyone is exposed, or will be exposed. b) not everyone exposed will get caught by the tests to have what the test is looking for, which is the presence of an antibody.* c) not everyone who tests positive, will ever show symptoms. d) only a few of those with symptoms will need hospitalization, and not all of those who are hospitalized will die.

*[if you have had a flu vaccine in the last ten years, you will already have been “inoculated” with live COVID-strain bugs. Flu shots only help about 40% of the time, given the natural evolution of these kinds of organisms. This means that 60% get the flu anyway, in spite of having been “vaccinated”. Not a good track record, as we say.]

A rough estimate suggests that 90% of us fall into categories a), b), and, c). One crucial conclusion to draw from this is that this 90% is just fine in the absence of any vaccine. Only Big Pharma, and self-serving politicians, gain from scaring us all to the point of the law possibly being used to force us all to be vaccinated, without reason.

Why are people sick and dying, if the Narrative is wrong?

Flu-like illnesses are processes by which the organism eliminates toxins. We barf, we poop, we sweat, we cough. Still, what needs healing, especially when we have what the Narrative alleges in a pandemic?

Our normal bio-home contains trillions of tiny tiny tiny living organisms (bugs/germs/viruses etc). Because of the poisons (see next paragraph) regularly (flu is seasonal, remember) present, the chemistry of the bio-home changes, and becomes out of harmony with its preferred way of being. This is kind of like the pooled water in the far corner of the farm, where pond scum grows. These bugs grow in us because our normal systems have become abnormal, and as a consequence become a suitable growth medium for the germ. The proliferating germ is not the cause, but just another symptom.

The Cause: Corporations, with the cooperation of the relevant government agencies, have for a long time been free to release poisons into our water, our air, our food, and our medicines. The so-called anti-vax movement is dangerously close to making its case, as well, given that if you just look at the chemistry – forgetting it is a famous vaccine, these injections routinely include substances otherwise banned by the FDA.

The industries founded on scientific materialism have poisoned humanity. There are poisons in our water and air, named by the misdirecting euphemism: pollution. There are poisons on our food, and the more sensitive folk end up “gluten intolerant” (another misdirecting euphemism). Then there are the poisons in our medicines, so gracelessly called: “side-effects”.

There is a war going on over the future health of humanity, and the conscienceless multinational corporations and their bought and paid for politicians, don’t care – as long as massive profits from patents and so forth remain theirs with which to reward themselves, and their shareholders.

History tells stories, some of them horrible. History can also be adjusted if those who would gain from the lies have billions to spend on “public relations.”. What was said about the 1918 non-contagious Spanish-flu, in the immediate aftermath, has been “overwritten”

Get and read these three books: “the Invisible Rainbow”; “Plague of Corruption”; and, “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”

Why these books? Because of how hard Big Pharma’s public relations juggernaut is trying to suppress them. Our ostensible leaders during this crisis have too much arrogant ignorance. The stronger they assert they know what is right, that’s how much they actually worry they don’t really know. The numbers experts (epidemiologists) just guess, and pretend to a certainty in a field where certainty is the last thing to find. As one doctor once told me (while ignored me telling him my symptoms came from a severe gluten attach): “association does not prove causality”.

The whole field of epidemiology is based on assuming that association (happening at the same time) does prove causality. Its just a guess, and an often ill-informed one at that.

Here’s the key thought/concept/idea: Our qualitative humanity is being attacked by a set of ways of thinking that treat the human being as a number. That is what the doctor does, he measures everything quantitatively. But that is not the qualitative reality of the patient. On a wider scale, the “patient” is the whole of humanity, whose collective health has been experimented upon, by an isolated aspect of the soul: abstract cause and effect thinking, whose essential methods lack life.

Modern medical science began by taking apart cadavers – a dead body. Physics thought the secrets were in whatever turned out to be the smallest part. Biology believes it knows the secrets of life, through its obsession with DNA. Kepler – an early astronomer and astrologer – warned that science was throwing out the baby with the bathwater – the ancient cultures being repositories of wisdom in all fields.

Human live on this living Planet is a school. We are close to ruining that sphere of life. Something dead, a heartless intellect, has come to rule our lives. Thought born in the heart’s mind knows that Natura is actually a real Goddess. Rogue weather is one of Her Arts and Crafts, as is the pandemic-Pandemonium.

There is a science question of some import, called: the Fermi Paradox. Namely, that the numbers of galaxies, stars, and planets suggests there has to be other intelligent life “out” there. Why haven’t they contacted us?

The better question is: How well are we listening? The baby that went out with the bathwater was the understanding that spirit was everywhere in the natural world, and that we are all intentionally created beings – nothing random about us at all. In fact, All Our Relations, the green world and the seas of stones, … their sailors, such as the four-legged and the winged above, and below the little people … elfs riding worms like in Dune, and gnomes singing poems to iron.

We worry about whether the weather is going, but don’t have the sense to try to learn how to ask those cloud-folk (see the movie Arrival) what’s going on. We treat the Creation as a thing, and ourselves as well when we only see health and illness as numbers, and flu season as something with which we cannot reason.

Read the books and learn. Ignore them and your ignorance will destroy us all. Social distancing, and wearing masks are not a factor in the reality of the normal dis-ease process involved in seasonal flu.

They are a factor, however, in the generation and cultivation of social fear. Will that fear lead to violence? Will that fear led to forced vaccinations? Will that fear to lead to the arrest, and incarceration in camps of non-conforming, and not actually contagious, fellow human beings?

Welcome to the Party, celebrating the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. HDT encouraged that we not trust “authority”, and – in fact – that we are right to disobey it.

Please Be Advised: Due to the Ongoing Calamity the Future is Being Rebooted

Please Be Advised: Due to the Ongoing Calamity the Future is Being Rebooted

Dreams need rebuilding on the compost of the past. This is actually an immediate moment to moment process. We don’t notice it because what we get as general information is about trends, and possibilities, and who is taking advantage of who; and who knows or doesn’t know what the truth is.

From the stand point of Mystery, the center of all this chaos and drama is the individual biography. The corrupted Evening News will tell us thousands and thousands are being discovered to be “cases” (which means a positive – yet questionable – test). Waves of increase. Many dying. Fighting in Portland. Money in circulation is being allowed to dry up. This mayor and that governor dancing to different music, and all manner of people just fed up with being told what to do.

Often the best way to get someone not to do something is to tell them they have to do it.

The Mystery is giving the Whole of Humanity a Rite of Initiation. It doesn’t make any difference what someone believes, … even Einstein saw the Mystery in the purity and beauty of mathematical physics.

We are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time … each individual having a personal consciousness-raising experience, in accord with particular spiritual needs. The crux of this biographical crisis is to make possible an individual creative moral/ethical/whimsical/art&poetry of life choices.

The pandemic is not the same level of Mystery as is the Pandemonium. Social and political life has a significant degree of both inertia and momentum. Stuff you have a hard time getting to move, and other stuff we have a hard time with slowing down. To help us have the needed “chaos” in order to create the next-now, the social “order” needs fracture lines.

That’s why the Mother principle of the Mystery sends the Four Horseman. Again, this happens whether or not one believes. There is even scientific evidence of the spiritual nature of the human being, and of the Planet Who Lovingly Carries Us Through the Void. [1]

The News, and the politicians, act as if there was order that could be maintained. This, when the chaos is so obvious out of their control. They are acted upon, not participating actors, … except in their personal and individual biography.

The Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization can be experienced as a great gift. We can see right now how fragile and useless our big institutions are. The News has become so hysterical, that they cannot provide us what we actually need to know. The politicians had already not been taking care of business, and now they run around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to satisfy the ravenous Media, and their own political ambitions.

Neither the Press or the politicians know science, and will repeat anything they are told, if the speaker is properly labeled a “leading scientist” in his/her field. Yet, we know from what social media can tell us about the world, as a whole, there are places that have been more successful in applying some kind of sane judgments to a situation.

Still, all that is mere context to the day to day, hour to hour, and moment to moment, demands on individuals, who must wrestle with individualized agonizing choices.

Mind that you sweep before your own door first, and leave to others their own crisis management. Probably never been a better time to Judge Not.

Please Be Advised: Due to the Ongoing Calamity the Future is Being Rebooted, one person, and one day, … at a time.

[1] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/05/30/for-people-of-faith-of-whatever-rite/

The Doors in the Sky & the Keys to the Cave Under the Mountain

The Doors in the Sky & the Keys to the Cave Under the Mountain

Most everyone has some personal idea of spirit, and of mind. We may not believe in spirit, only if we no longer believe in mind. Further, there is no reason to not believe in either. There is no reading of this page of writing without the empirical presence of both mind and spirit.

Ideas from the Cultural East can suggest that just about anything is an illusion. Scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – seems to assert the absence of spirit, through the vehicle of the mind.

If you can imagine – anything – that act is a Door in the Sky. A theory, or any other “belief” system, is present in the individual mind because of a Door in the Sky, including the assertion that something is not. To hold that something is not, at the very least we have to have an “idea”/experience of that which we reject.

These riddles and quandaries of mind, spirit, matter, illusion, and so forth, are all aspects of the ongoing pandemic-Pandemonium. While we worry over all the material issues, the real magic of this moment is about spiritual revival.

The religion (belief system) of scientific materialism has produced the idea of a contagious germ as a cause of illness. The alleged conspiracy theories – regarding whether the pandemic is real, or some kind of hoax = a social attack on human beings, from other supposedly human beings – those theories are also products of our individual&common Ways of seeing what we assume to be the “real”.

Both are pictures in the Doors in the Sky. The empirical aspect of this involves realizing our own inner causal relationship to these “imaginations”. At the same time, to set out our personal view of whatever the “truth” of the situation is, … that required the application of forces of the will. We do it. We sell it to each other. Sometimes we punish each other if “they” don’t have the same willed-idea as do we.

Scientific Materialism is a huge Idea. It claims to “explain” everything, and its priests – scientists – assert a better knowing than those of us who are not scientists. Fauci is a super used car salesman of an idea – a complex of concepts that I call the Narrative, which happens to be capable of making a few people even more powerful and rich. Unfortunately, the Narrative comes wrapped in the anti-human package of be scared to death of each other.

In spite of our spiritual and meditative accomplishments, most of us are still materialists. We use all kinds of words that are fully materialistic, such as the word (abstract cause and effect idea) “gravity”. Or “outer space”. From the point of view of an empirical science of the spirit those ideas lack recognition that behind all material/physical events stands the Divine Mystery, a complex of immortal beings sometimes called: Gods&Goddesses.

Outer space is not physical. That idea of endless empty space [1] is a concept/imagination that assumes otherwise, yet fails when we get this statement, which is both scientific, religious, and artistic (necessary for all true ideas/mind pictures): “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

Gravity is one aspect, or manifestation, of the Holy Mother. We surrender to Her each night, seeking the Seas of Morpheus, and their gentle ministrations that only come if we can quiet spirit / mind / imagination – at least for a moment forgetting the troubles&worries of our day to day existence.

In sleep is one of the Keys to the Cave Under the Mountain.

There are eight keys, and they come in pairs: Waking and Sleeping; Living and Dying; Sanity and Madness; and, Remembering and Forgetting.

Jung and others called the Cave Under the Mountain the unconscious. If you are up to it, as a kind of shamanistic adventure, becoming more intimately self-aware of the own dark is crucial. Behind the facade of the Natural world of beings-material, are beings-invisible, who nonetheless rule all material manifestations.

Fear lurks there – in the dark. And Rage. The spirit-will of the human being is of the Wild, not just the Tame. Most of us tame the pictures we make in the Doors in the Sky, while our own appetites remain a mystery. Yes, the mad appear to not be able to tame their minds, … yet our mistake is to not recognize that madness is real, and darkness feasts there – a kind of anti-Life and Light. Some folk prefer madness to sanity. A few don’t even know that this was a choice. Yet, we escape into sleep, and death , and madness, and forgetting. Escape.

The idea/theory that a germ is a cause of certain kinds of illness is not true. At the same time, the religion of Scientism teaches this as a core belief. We are raised to believe it. We are given vaccines to prove (or not) that this germ-theory represents real facts of illness.

In the world of concepts&ideas, which circle around the personality of Rudolf Steiner, there is the idea that vaccinations will cause folk to no longer be able to experience the spirit. To this mind/spirit, it is not the substances – the poisons – that produce that effect, as much it is our systems of belief that produce the effect.

We are taught it as a tenant of a belief system full of errors of thought. Doors in the Sky of the Mind that lead to illusions, not the truth.

The mere fact that scientific materialism offers this “germ” idea/complex of concepts, is proof that there is a fundamental error of thought in play. One of the great ironies of this time, is how hard some folk want to assert religion is bunk, yet allow themselves to slavishly follow a basic principle of the religion of scientific materialism.

If this seems a bit too vague, just consider how many ideas we have of the world, via science, that require the rejection of spirit. The germ-theory is just one of many illusions, carried by language, into the where inside us that is not free … minds captured by the idea/complex of concepts, via ordinary schooling.

The miracle is this: the Pandemonium aspect of this pandemic is from the Mother. She gives to us the task to see through scientific materialism, in large part because that view is fundamentally anti-human. To the religions of Scientism we are just accidental bits of matter, that over eons of time, randomly generated what we think of as “mind”. The Mystery did not make us, says scientific materialism.


Oh, by the way scientific materialism, can you create consciousness? Just asking …

At the same time, we each have minds, and hearts – the latter being even more important to a “human” being, that the jungle of competing thoughts.

Driven by impulses, rooted in the Cave Under the Mountain, we are habituated by many appetites, whose source is in shadows. There is a gap in between our Doors in the Sky, and our knowledge of the Cave Under the Mountain. We are not just ill from the poisons in the air, the water, the food, and, the medicines, … we are even more ill from the poisons in the ideas of the religion of scientific materialism.

Why? Because scientific materialism is heartless. When the poet speaks of the heart as broken, this is real, and many people suffer in this chaos of the pandemic-Pandemonium precisely because this assault on humanity breaks the hearts of naturally empathetic and sensitive people. We know this in the wreckage of our caregivers: the doctors, the nurses, the aides, and the keep the place antiseptically clean folk.

Now the Mystery loves us. They just want us to grow up a bit, so They gift us with a horrific set of challenges (the Pandemonium), that slow the rush of civilization down, and encourage reflection on all aspects of existence, including the value of the ideas/collection of concepts and beliefs of scientific materialism.

We made it … this religion. We worship it, and are dominated by it. Still, “we” have to unmake it. Good mothers make the children clean up after themselves. She will not save us from this task.

We have the opportunity to re-ensoul our experience of the “Natural” world, of which we are a crucial part. We are Nature looking at Itself.

There need be no “things” anymore. All Our Relations includes the green world, the stone folk, the four legged and the winged, and all manner of invisible to the senses creatures, such as the beings of the four elements.

Faerie folk are there. We have just forgotten them. Remembering, again, is one of the Keys to the Cave under the Mountain.

[1] “The Misconception of Cosmic Space As Appears In the Ideas of Modern Astronomy – and as contained in the understandably limited thinking embodied in the conceptions of the nature of parallax and redshift -” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/space.html

Rage, Impotence, and Depression

Rage, Impotence, and Depression

I scream at the TV’s Evening News. There is a part of me that wants to kill, murder, and maim – the news readers, who obviously are in thrall to the millions they get paid to mouth the accepted Narrative are high on my list. Then there are the politicians, who are so afraid of their press, they too refuse to question, to think, to want to have the truth behind the storm of lies being feed the world by anti-human powers, lurking in the conscienceless multinational corporations.

I rage at the Gods, the Mystery, for letting a new potential holocaust arise. Yes, it is people, and karma, and all kinds of reasons for the Divine to leave us to our own devices. I get it. I just don’t have to like it. I really don’t.

I rage at friends and family, and even my Lady, as they swallow whole a Narrative false on its face, if you trouble to resist authority – at least a little bit – telling you what to think.

I fantasize getting a 50 caliber long rifle that can shoot incendiary rounds from 2000 yards out, and going around the country shooting up corporate headquarters, and the walled castles behind which the rich and powerful – who don’t give a shit about anyone else – hide. Private armies, sure I get it, but factually there are more of us than there are of them.

Ordinary folk outnumber the rich and their bullies a million to one. At least. Talk about a zombie apocalypse. The folk wake up to their rage, which has been hidden behind their fears. Imagine people realizing that the idea of karma and reincarnation means that their spirit cannot be killed, and will rise from death, into a new life and another time.

I heard a tale, of a meeting between some friends of mine (I couldn’t attend), and someone from the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. He told my friends two things. One: there may be thousands of CEO’s and other officers running banks on a day to day basis, and perhaps only a hundred people in the banking industry who know how money actually works. Two: You could make a TV show that lasts about 90 minutes, and reveals the truth about money. By the next morning all the banks in the country would have been burned to the ground.

Where’s the Rage?

At the folk who believe they have a right to own the world – to own the Mother, for god’s sake – and not only to own Her, but to rule us – and Her children – to be their workers, consumers, and cannon fodder.

Where’s the Rage?

At the folks who don’t question authority. Their acceptance and meekness encourages the armies of the dark. It is understandable, they have been too busy getting by, raising the kids, and creating the wealth. Those days are over, if you think about it.

Those 50 million lost jobs are not coming back. The coming world-wide depression will make the last one seem like a picnic. If, as was written recently in the New York Times, that 80% of the restaurants in New York City were unable to pay their June 2020 rent, this also means Land Lords will be unable to maintain their own highly leveraged loans, and as those fail, the banks “owed the money” will fail. The financial institutions that hold the bank stocks will fail. The Stock Market will close. What’s coming will make 2008 look like a badly made preview of a real disaster movie, hanging just out of sight, and around a corner.

Where’s the Rage?

Partly we feel it, … instinctively. We just don’t want to feel it. Why do we not want to feel it? Because when we accept that, the next troublesome feeling will be Impotence. Where do we express our Rage? Washington D.C.? Wall Street? Our next door neighbor who won’t wear a mask? Who won’t trust authority?

So we line up in long long lines, seeking handouts from the government, and food, and of course, don’t forget the test to see if you have got “IT”.

The pandemic is a house of cards of lies, and damn lies, and statistics.

Imagine you could see now, what your future self will know – hopefully not to late. After the 1918, alleged small pox pandemic (flu), the results when examined falsified the idea of there being a bug as the cause of the illnesses. This factoid, however, was not useful to profits that could be made through developing and selling “vaccines” that will prevent these diseases. That true history was then overwritten with a false history.

The News Business was always corrupt, given the power that went with being able to get the public to believe the lies. Hearst, of the Hearst chain of newspapers, owned a lot of “forests”, and his biggest competitor for the production of news-print paper was a weed, called Marijuana. Hearst paper’s then began a process of demonization of this remarkable plant, from which clothing and other necessaries could be made. Easy to grow, easy to harvest, with the additional virtues of many many well known medicinal properties. Just get a pharmacist’s text from around the beginning of the 20th Century.

We have finally gotten back what was stolen … but not without a war over the truth. Medical and recreational Ganja is crucial to traveling the seas in front of us. Ask any county sheriff whether he would rather make a domestic house call to a place where stoners hang out, than one where alcoholics hang out.

If we do not express our rage, and work past our feelings of impotence, we will eat those feelings and depression will be the result. Energy, meant to go out, is kept in, and then sours in the soul.

One of the curious aspects of this faked up pandemic is that it is in America, where the core trial lurks. In the back rooms of the bent minds that service the rich&powerful, it is known that the American is the sovereign, something also stolen from our histories. Our constitution is a temporary grant of power, which can be taken back.

It has been important then to the Lords of Finance that the Americans be kept docile. Nose to the grindstone. Always a little bit ill, and in need of medicines filled with side-effects (aka: poison). Still, to the extent any rich idiot thought that it was possible to continue to control large populations with lies, that time has ended. We are now right where Lincoln phrased it: “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

Meanwhile, sell the tale that a good education (actually training for jobs, which does not means one is “educated”) is necessary, and since the Fed continues to need to put money into circulation via loans, lets load up our young with unrealizable dreams, and mountains of debt.

Don’t be a fool. Be enraged. Refuse to bow to authority, or accept in any way impotence. Act out your feelings. Take the sour inside and puke it on the rich. Burn down their banks. Shoot up their corporate headquarters. Not! As pleasing as that might be.

Still the feelings – when acknowledged – are powerful emotional/spiritual energies. Realize that your neighbor, of whatever race and/or religion, is standing up to his neck in the same bullshit in which you stand.

Here’s the crucial truths. There are more of us, than there are of them – millions more. Don’t look to the government for anything, they work for the owners. Look to each other. There is now arising an army of the unemployed, which doesn’t yet know it is an army. We also have great wisdom lurking in our elders, a few of which even remember and survived (as children) the former great depression.

Let the system fail. That can’t be stopped. Inside that chaos, make up new communities of mutual support. Act locally, but keep in the mind the global aspects – everybody is trying to work past their rage, impotence, looming depression … and then what?

Have a party.

Why? We are winning.

Years ago, in the 1950’s, I came awake to politricks. There was a kind of veil over reality, the terrible realities of the abuse of ordinary people, by the wealthy and powerful. There was also rage and distrust, slowly simmering, and on occasion riotous. Civil Rights movement. Anti-Vietnam war movement. Women’s Rights movement. Gay rights movement.

Bit by bit it became harder for the powers that be to hide from sight. JFK being killed awoke a large seed of doubt. 9/11 another seed.

Our artists entered the fray, … Mr. Robot could not have been made in the “90’s”. West Wing, Newsroom, possibilities dreamed, yet always in the sense that something lurked in the background. Rock’n Roll, Hip Hop, films about the Pentagon Papers, and the lies or torture done by the CIA. Snowden, Manning, and Assange, pull down the pants of the Intelligence Apparatus.

The hidden persuaders more and more unmasked, and here we are faced with Them making one last desperate assault on the whole human race.

They are enemies of us all, and given that for the ordinary, the enemy of my enemy is my friend … we truly are many,

Throw a party. Get intoxicated and dance. Youth knows this instinctively, and always youth justly believes it will live forever. Why? Because we do live and die and then live again.

So here you are, at the party at the end of Western Civilization. You also see Them, the Owners. Stop buying Their b.s. Be not fooled. Trust each other, and the rest will take care of itself.

Once Upon A-Cross the Pond … a Faerie Tale

Once Upon A-Cross the Pond … a Faerie Tale

America is an odd place in which to grow up. We are not English, or French, or other national identity as a People. In harsh truth we are the wild adolescent child of the other world cultures, who then are our spiritural Mother and Father. We are becoming a People of Peoples, something not yet. The American Dream is not really about America now, but about America later.

On an esoteric level, we are a People of the Will. This is so all the way back into the aboriginal mists of time. The astral geography of the Americas is more dense than elsewhere in the world, which is why we are blessed&cursed with a stronger double than other folk.

It is why Ahriman incarnated here, on December 25, 1950 [1]. Why the atomic bomb was created here, as a harbinger of his arrival. This is why the end of the Second Millennium Dionysian Rite of the 1960’s was born here, eventually producing Rock’n Roll, and then Hip Hop, both of which became world-wide forms of music among the young, helping them break the ties of what Steiner called the: “group soul”.

Steiner describes us as “natural” or “instinctive” anthroposophists [2]. As English speakers we are also instinctively in the Consciousness Soul in our Life of Rights [3]. Yet, for all that Steiner said about America (the US of A) and Americans, there is a lot he could only guess at.

For some reason, Americans are having a very hard time with the pandemic-Pandemonium – that is, if the numbers are even half accurate. As a spiritual social scientist I have observed that the two party system in America has been basically eating its children. Our government mostly takes care of the Owners, at the expense of the ordinary. Americans are – in a lot of ways – not much use to the Lords of Finance, except as workers, consumers, and cannon fodder.

Yet, we are not entirely asleep, even with most living pay check to pay check, and carrying a mountain of debt. The Peace Corp was born here. And, the Marshall Plan. Our folk tales are Westerns [4]. The computer revolution began here, for good and for ill.

We are a land of big ideas, and larger than life tall tales, such as Pecos Bill, and Paul Bunyan, with his giant pal: Babe, the blue ox. Carl Stegmann pointed his students in the directions of what he called: ‘giant-ism”, particularly the great Redwood forests, and giant Sequoia, that grew on the coast of California, where two fields of the Earth’s four ethereal North-South life organisms intermingle.

Howard Hughes. Bill Gates. Lincoln. A big land for big personalities.

Where we are also sort of awake is in the appetites, which are themselves Mysteries of the Will. Depending on the source, Americans consume something like 30% of the world’s resources, while being only a little over 4% of the world’s people. We like to spend money, when we have it, and now all of a sudden we do not have it.

If we imagine that the worst case political effect of the p-P (the pandemic-Pandemonium), it is to be many millions of unemployed unhappy people with too much debt, habituated to the best fruit and vegetables on the planet, … we might get a sense there of a dangerous social fault line. When I was first studying the “spiritual America”, under the direction of the retired CC priest Carl Stegmann ([5], we generally agreed that we were being kept docile by bread and circuses (lots of fast food, and entertainment – professional football, NASCAR racing, and an endless supply of movies and television).

Who, or what, or why is it necessary to keep Americans docile? Admiral Yamamoto, after the Japanese victory at Pearl Harbor, was not as celebratory as his staff, and when questioned replied: “I am afraid we have woken a sleeping dragon.”

Trump, a fool’s tool – in fact his reign is a contribution from Raven, Loki, and Coyote (the trickster spirits) – continuing the living social digestive processes by which the two political parties are being dissected via their own internal flaws and assumptions [6]. They continue to slavishly serve the Owners, and more and more that has become apparent. Before the p-P, we didn’t have time to take stock. Now we do.

Just consider this instance – worth a thousand – via the presence of the Mother in the Aftermath – first, the weeks of confinement, separation, and contemplation built up serious unspent psychic energies. Then, with a tiny chess move via the Mystery, some police kill another black man, and folks do not like it. Enough is enough. All sorts – not having their usual entertainments, provided for/by regular catharsis via college and professional sports events, involving intoxication, and yelling and screaming – these folks with bottled up emotions, spilled into the streets, and the whole world felt their pain. [7]

Rudolf Steiner often said to trust the future, in spite of warning us of all the darkest potentials waiting in the wings.

Something unusual is happening, that might not be noticed by the Aristotelians in the Anthroposophical community. It is one of those weird karma deals with the Platonists. Many folk in the Steiner world see that P&A bit as a kind of what is the philosophical nature/difference between the P’s&A’s.

The wonderful truth is that a few of the folk, who hung out at Chartres, were not all that “high and mighty”. The P’s in particular were quite earthy, not ashamed to get drunk, and certainly not weary of beautiful women. Such tales tho’ get edited out by historians, who imagine all deeply spiritual people must be modest of dress, and never coarse in speech.

Whether Steiner knew this or not, his social world was very uptight and formal regarding intimacy, such that many nuances of the past had to get laid in the dust. For example, we have this idea of the Twelve and Him, wandering around deserts and such, never needing to relieve themselves, or perhaps even get intoxicated and dance. A lot of what transpired in Palestine 2000 years ago was about just being human.

The modern Platonists, of which I was one – who were at the Culmination (8) – did not know they were at such an extraordinary (as described by Steiner) event. They didn’t know one of their members had been Steiner, and neither did he. They did spend six years (1997 to 2003) sharing the same internet chat-room, called the Ark, which had previously been called: Anthroposophia.

Several were having deep spiritual experiences. We talked about Steiner, Tomberg, and other fluff and bother which “spiritually minded” folk talked about. We taught each other. One story – a crucial one at that – will have to suffice at this point:

In the early Autumn of the year 2000, one of our members had been asked by Christ to go to Morocco (she spoke French) and spend time with local people for the month of Ramadan. “Chance” led her to spending the whole time in the women’s rooms of a large family compound. Following her return she began sharing what she called her: Ramadan diaries.

When 9/11 happened a year later, we knew why she had been sent.

Few of us were happy with the spiritual state of the Anthroposophical Society. We did not like at all the constant quoting of Steiner. Given the internet, our small membership was world-wide, although we had strict behavioral rules, having empowered one of members complete autonomy as regards blocking trolls and such.

There are curious aspects to the whole thing. For example, not too long after the group gave up warding off trolls, Harvey Bornfield (aka: Steiner) died on Sunday, January 8th, 2006. I did not know at that time the connection, but upon his death I took all of his posts that I had saved, and made them into a book (9). Not too long afterwards, my hard drive died, and all the rest of the Ark discussions disappeared. Without that inspired effort, we would not know of the former great initiates thoughts, when leading an ordinary life. Of course, to know them, the reader needs to get the book or go to my website. They are meant to be read aloud, by the way.

In the East (in a social/soul sense), enlightenment. In the social/soul Center, initiation. In the true social/soul West – the Americas, … shamanism. [my studies of Steiner led me to seeing that he used East and West to refer to spiritual culture, and East, Center, and West to refer to social/soul life [10].

Shamans are aspects of Earth religions. If, following Tomberg’s indications in his studies on the Foundation Stone Meditation, there is – for new spiritual impulses – a gesture that moves from East to West, … then to my cognitive imagination, more heavenly impulses are creative in the soul of the social East, in the Center, impulses to build a bridge – via art – from the heavenly to the earthly, finally coming to rest as a fully earthly spiritual impulse in the Americas.

At the same time, America was in the 20th Century invaded from the East, with Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, … all manner of heavenly conceptualizations of the goal of humanity [11]. This was a crucial influence, for it opposed the scientific materialism born in Europe in the 19th Century.

There was something else that came with the 1960’s. Non-aboriginal Americans began to discover that we built our money palace on top of someone else’s church. This allowed from the earth-direction for another spiritual helper with which to tame scientific materialism. Not only that, but among those riches of native wisdom was the tale of the True White Brother [12], who would come at a time of great need.

Nicely cooked via this long simmering social/spiritual stew of East and West and Center spiritual life, there emerged three still living Americans. One aspect of the Culmination – as an unfolding process – was to support the development of these rather peculiar personalities, once their biographies are properly seen. They devoted themselves to the spirit, and were cursed with talent. Three Platonists if you will, this fact made most especially obvious by their accomplishments (deeds) as scientists of the spirit, while also being kin to mystics and magicians.

That was Tomberg’s basic argument (13) with Steiner, which was that the Christ-knowing was also a mystical and magical experience, not just “scientific” and rational.

Three odd souls … traveling as we all do the course of their lives, and for these three a cascade of spiritual experiences, many of the sort where the Encounter is as if our own soul/spirit was being played – by Them – like a flute. The best idea I have come to, for these “interventions”, is Divine Whimsy.

Sure we were seekers, serious and learned and daring and crazy. But that doesn’t account for the gifts, which are sourced in the Divine Mystery, and are not just acquired by practiced cognitive skills. The Ark was a profound destiny-meeting for the three of us, yet only just one more spiritual adventure in a lives of fundamentally devotional existence [14].

Before I met Steiner through his books in 1978, I was a serious and naturally gifted student of the Hermetic Science (magic) of the ancient Egyptians, as taught via the works of Franz Bardon. Upon meeting Steiner, I set aside the more practical aspects of those studies, and was soon deeply into Steiner’s science of knowing (GA-1 to GA-4), all the Goethean science I could get my hands on, including reading a lot of Owen Barfield.

In 1986, while I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta in northern California, Christ asked me to join the Catholic Church. “Asked” hardly expresses what happens when we are “touched” unexpectedly and changed. In 1978, as I transitioned from Bardon to Steiner, the Burning Bush “physically” came by my place of work, with His own version of Blessing this transition from ancient Moon (Saturn) Mysteries, and the new Sun Mysteries.

On Epiphany 2008, I was initiated into the Mysteries of the Mother, at Her intention / attention / intervention. My physical, astral, and ethereal bodies had just turned 67. In the Winter season of 2009 over to 2010, I enjoyed the pleasures of the Lower Guardian (and yes, I am being sarcastic), follow by the ministrations of the Greater Guardian a few weeks later [15].

It was after the latter event that I took up – unexpectedly – writing my spiritual social science book: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” (16). In that book I took the religious question, turned it into a “theory”, and offered that “theory” as a better explanation of human existence than is offered by big bang cosmology, and Darwinian evolution.

As my “soul” began to no longer strive (the decade of the 70’s in the biography leads to second childhood, where coloring outside the lines becomes – necessary), having understood Tomberg’s “learn to think on your knees”, and now experiencing Steiner’s “It thinks in me”, I wrote a dozen books, hundreds of essays, and made over 270 videos for YouTube (the most favorite being themed: “On Becoming a Real Wizard” [17].

That set of over 30 videos has been the most popular, and was designed to help the Harry Potter generation understand that a wizard is not someone who waves a magic wand and speaks special incantations. A real wizard is a seeker after wisdom, and even in the first video, as an example of where I was heading, I held up a copy of George Adams’ “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”.

182,000 watched #1 so far, with only 1500 going all the way to #31. I continue to get goofy messages from young kids who come by, and at the same time messages from folk who are quite happy to have entered this realm in a healthy way.

In all that essay writing, the most interesting was: “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion, from the failing Roman Church” (18). Rudolf Steiner & Friends play a major role in that potential work of art.

Lately I’ve been able to find a deeper connection with the Emerald Tablet [19]. I even wrote a 12 part essay on the relationship between the four classical elements of antiquity (fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and, earth/consciousness) and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics. (20) As well as an essay on: Where did the Father go to Rest, after the Creation? (21)

I personally consider the most important act folk of the modern Kings stream can make is to Wash the Feet of the Shepherds stream. She does not want – at the beginning of the Third Millennium – for us to be at odds with each other. Their/our mutual strength is sorely needed (22).

Besides myself, there was another male pagan-like fellow on the Ark, named Stephen Clarke. He had his own business keeping in good repair high end European cars – he called it: Mozart’s Garage. This work was in Sante Fe, New Mexico, which made Stephen’s journeys to make friends with the aboriginal folk a natural curiosity. Seems that when you earn the chance to be in their company, the mystery teachers of the Hopi, the Navajo, and the Pueblo, have a lot to offer.

His life adventures have included the “meeting aliens” experience. These are often involuntary in a way, a kind being spiritually touched by the entities of the luminous darkness of the Inner Earth. When Stephen began to try to overcome his fears by loving these “visitors”, everything changed. Out of his love and surrender, their true nature more and more appeared. From this began many personal visits to the Inner Earth, often all the way to where the Mother & Her Court hung out, which Stephen described as conversations over tea.

He casually mentioned to me one day that he was curious about just where did Christ go on Saturday. Spiritual truth and reality gave him a very difficult task in this pursuit, especially considering Steiner’s remarks on some kind of evil lurking in the Inner Earth.

I thought of him as a kind of scholar-seer. He had a large office at his very clean and organized shop. A few thousand books, and when I visited there he described that he spent about $800 dollars a month talking to far away people whose interests he shared. Back then. Now is a different, and private story.

He gave me two of his unpublished works: “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, about the “alien” pathway; and “Short Circuit”, which was about his perception of why the A. Society and friends seemed so lost. At one point, when Dornach was holding a special conference to which they had allegedly invited many spiritual leaders from all over the world, Stephen called them on the phone (and sent letters) giving them suggestions for spiritual leaders from the Americas to invite.

No aboriginal spiritual teachers of the Americas were invited, in spite of Stephen’s efforts. Since then he has only hung out with a few Steiner folk – hard to keep interested when talking to a fence post.

He has produced much scholarship based on individual spiritual research and confirmation. Besides discovering an intriguing relationship between Kabbalah and deeper aboriginal symbolism and experiences, Stephen has expended a lot of effort on help us sort out these questions of evil and the Inner Earth.

The first remarkable work of research, can be found here: “Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma – in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth” (23) The second is here: “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined” (24) Emotionally hard to read, to accept, and yet entirely clear and remarkable – the story of the deepest spiritual accomplishments of certain aboriginal priests of the time of Christ, who meet Him at the Gate of Death, and accompanied Him to the Holy Mother.

It helps us – and Steiner – to allow for Steiner to be mistaken. In this sense, according to my own research, he sought to investigate the Inner Earth as a spiritual scientist. The true Inner Earth is a locus of such power that scientific materialism does not understand that “gravity” is act of Cosmic Will, of Her Love. To know such we have to surrender, because She is Surrender.

Like is to met like, and we go there awake, just as we go through the gate of death, where are to be plain, human, flawed, ordinary. Any aspect of our ego that feels “special” just finds in Her a mirror of our worst confusions. Steiner had entirely understandable “issues” in the realm of erotic appetites (given the rigid social rules of his time and place) [24], and with this thought we segue to Catherine MacCoun, the third American leg of the gifts of the Platonists to the Aristotelians.

Catherine is the one Christ encouraged to go to Morocco for Ramadan, the year before 9/11.

She was born and raised Catholic, and began to have inner visions after her mother’s suicide, when Catherine was 17. While she was with us, she had an ongoing relationship with a man whose illness would lead to an early death. This called to my mind the love of his life of the individuality Novalis, although this time around the sexual roles were reversed.

Catherine made her living (and I believe still does) helping writers write the book they want to write. Recently, when I was rereading her essay (25) about Steiner, and the sexual scandal of 1915, I once again was in wonder at her knowledge and erudition. Then it struck me. What an astounding way to learn. Helping minds, with their own genius, bring that gift to the written word.

She came and went from the Ark. One such journey arose when we had been discussing Steiner’s ideas about the Jesuits. He had made remarks about the Loyola meditations having undesirable consequences for the soul. Catherine being Catherine dropped away for 6 months, so as to practice the meditations herself, and form her own judgments.

The collective resolution, of those of us who cared, was that Catherine, in finding no problems with the meditations, was following their original formulation. A formulation that had drifted in time from their original nature, which is what Steiner encountered over 300 years later.

Catherine had odd holes in her knowledge of Steiner. When I made a reference to Goethe’s phenomenological approach, and Steiner’s book GA-2, she was not familiar with that (although she was well read of his The Philosophy of Freedom). All the same, if someone made a seriously confused argument, her mind was the mind that set them straight, often with a bit of fire. Not in a flame-war sense, but simply by the critical intelligence and subtle ranging vocabulary she brought to the matter.

Before the time of the Ark, Catherine had been a student for 15 years of Chogyam Trungpa, Tibetan Lama and teacher. His was the founder of what is now called: Naropa University. in Boulder Colorado. He is said to have replied, when asked about creating a spiritual school for children, “go see the Waldorf Schools”.

I had read his books, heard him lecture, and personally knew several of his students, during my Berkeley years. I had written a small essay on the Four Noble Truths [26], which Catherine read, and told me I did not get “it”.

On December 23rd, 2008, she published her masterpiece: “On Becoming an Alchemist – a Guide for the Modern Magician” [27]. She mostly describes this work as a fusion of Christian and Tibetan Alchemy, a matter it is pointless to doubt. In it she at one point, after changing the name to Hank, tells a story about me from the Ark. I returned the favor by writing a review of her book [28].

Consider, … that among three individuals from the Culmination, are remarkable connections between Christianity, and – for me – the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians; for Stephen a deep connection to the Christ Event, via the still practiced aboriginal wisdoms of the Americas; while through Catherine a modern Christ oriented link to wisdom that survived the Fall of Atlantis.

… next, some considerations of the coming tsunami of future history … based upon four decades of Goethean research into the social&political life of humanity, coupled with an intimate involvement with the Mother …

First Unity, then Duality – Father One, and Mother Many, a paradox resolved into a secondary Unity: the Son. These creative powers are faces of the as above, so below, and as below, so above, generating the miracle of the one.

We are parts, only via our view of existence. From the view of the Mystery, all remains One.

In my book “The Art of God”, I write of what I call: the primal paradox, which is: From the point of view of the Mystery the Creation is perfect, and this perfection includes the right of the Children to see everywhere imperfection, and to act upon it.

It helps to still the sense of linear time, as a kind of line going from past to future. Instead, as the poets might suggest, reality is a cosmic chicken&egg, continuously birthing out of the Now, the next Now, and then the next Now – forever. [29]

Some years ago, it first dawned on me that it wasn’t so much the disasters that marked the course of “time”, but the Aftermath, the what happens next. For example, in the US of A, in our bread basket as it were, endures flood after flood after flood. Makes no difference how hard we try to tame and rule the waters of life with dams and levies.

After the flood, we find chaos. People displaced, homes destroyed. This is horrible we believe. However, in the Aftermath, life habits upset, leads to potentially new life habits. Excesses of too much stuff is transformed into an appreciation of how little we need; and, at the same time, the more crucial life experience (Mom’s lessons): being how much we need each other. [30]

In the land of Trump, we can find folk of quite different political orientations living side by side in a school gym, sleeping on cots, receiving gifts of clothes and necessaries, and each other’s company for the needed sympathy – sharing the survival, makes social bonds that otherwise don’t get made.

The mark of this age, in Steiner speak, is the Consciousness Soul. Keep in mind that in the age of the Sentient Soul no one needed that name for those experiences that Life was providing. Same with today.

Each individual biography is a work of participated art – we are not alone. The hallmark of this Age, as seen by those whose arts produce dramas in the movies and on television, is personal moral crisis. You don’t have to name it, to see life is giving out such troubles that individual choices must be made.

No murder or abortion is like any other, given the crucial nature of situational details. We are tasked not to find the right thing to do, so much as to invent the right thing to do, out of our own inner activity.

The director, actor, writer, composer etc. Clint Eastwood has two films that are good examples: “Million Dollar Baby”, and “Gran Torino”. In each film Eastwood plays an older man, confronted by the choices he makes, and which choices have contributed to the present moral riddle. In each film the man is a Catholic by birth; and, he has conversations in the first film with an older priest, and in the second film by a younger priest.

The priests have no satisfactory answers to his questions. Even the surrounding social realm offers no wisdom. Alone with his need to choose, in a crucial scene in Gran Torino, the man is standing in his kitchen, with a boy from next door who shares the situational question, but burns with a need for immediate violence. Eastwood’s character is just leaning against a counter, when the boy asks him what is he doing, why aren’t they going after the evil doers.

The response to the question of what is he doing, is: “I’m thinking”.

Now imagine 8 billion biographies needing the same destiny moments of difficult choices, each unique.

This is the Art of “She Who has the Whole World in His Hands”; aka: Divine Providence.

Even those, who may have some kind of nefarious motive as regards the pandemic, will have their personal moments. Nobody is getting a free pass. All must endure alchemical biographical trials, including the Lords of Finance, the occult Brotherhoods, the fools playing with biological mysteries of which they know little … the rule of Divine Providence is this: Everyone gets just enough rope by which to hang themselves.

This Presence within/behind/below/above the pandemic is what I call the Pandemonium. That’s Her, putting all our pains and troubles to good use.

Years ago, when I had my first direct intuitive experience of the Mother, I was in an odd mood. I had started the morning ruminating on what a shit I tended to be, and wondered what it must mean to the Mystery, who had to have intimate knowledge of all our pains, whether victim or perpetrator.

I called out in my soul: How do You deal with these horrors we endlessly create? Then, She was there, speaking gently, but firmly: We turn it into Love.

The pandemic is bad, and made worse by human avarice and hungers for power. The Pandemonium is Them, turning our crazy into experiences and opportunities to grow our own moral reality – whatever we may worry, this Life – of one Event (chaos), followed by an Aftermath (opportunity), followed by another Event following by an Aftermath – is Love, have no doubt about it at all.

This Rite is individualized. Individual biographical spiritual needs come before the collective secondary effects we call history. Steiner quoters sometimes forget that he said the are more spiritual beings active behind the veil than we can imagine. Each individual owns a community of such, who are hidden mostly in the will, and the secrets of the appetites – the down and dark of the earth processes, where shamans have to venture.

The basic opposing religion is scientific materialism. Those ideas are being broken, as the germ theory of dis-ease is falsified by what is happening, once we clear away the deadwood of too many numbers.

The Kings stream has a purpose, which is our choice to create. Do we hide in our little institutions, courting spiritual folly be reading too much Steiner? Or do we reach out, to our Christian brothers and sisters, and share with them the New Gospels of the Second Coming of Christ in the Ethereal? [32]

Want to do something about the rape&ruination of the avatar Body of the Holy Mother Earth? Want to be a real environmentalist? Seek and I & Thou relationship with Faerie, the invisibles behind/within the “Natural World”. Even better, file lawsuits every Earth Day, against at least three multinational corporations, on behalf of the Planet, for if a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law. I sent a letter about this possibility to the RSF. They did not even reply. [33]. By the way, just what is “Michaelic Courage”?


joel a. wendt

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a poem once wrote me
I was 11 going on 7
It is the favorite reader
of too many books, tho’
modern breath is putrid, and
flowers melt when the masked walk into a room
still, more and more do we understand
that when We create
the next life out of nothing
our pen is whimsy
and the air so refined
it is not even there

poem parks itself here, for a time

is it welcome?

Faerie Tales

Faerie Tales

According to Tiger-Saucy, the last Faerie teacher of shamans, even in the way back long ago when before, the Weeping of the Mother could be heard. Yet never so much experienced as is revealed in the dream-songs of the Age of the Fall of Western Civilization, where that Trial always lurked at the leading edges of the ever present Now.

Among the Fae, there was a hymn, to She Who has the Whole World in His Hands. It was a song of joy, as the Goddess and Her Court would be able to leave their voluntary waiting in the Mysts … become once more known – directly helping – the lost-in-matter Children. The fall into matter had reached its nadir when the three patriarchal monotheisms were offered, although the pending of confusion-destiny borne in the coming time of the intellect on fire, haunted the Sacrifice at the center.

The knowing of the Goddesses was fading already when He died on the Cross of matter. And with that loss to the song-of-all-that-is, the Children also lost the capacity to see the world as always Whole, never parts.

The first song, from the Hebrews, was a prayer to God-the-Father’s Law. The second song was a prayer to the Son’s ending of the descent into matter. The turning point of time the wizard Rudolf Steiner had called this gesture from endless and unbound Love. The third song – in the Koran – had its own terrible destiny as the act of Surrender was misused by the traditions of male scholars, as had already been done to knowledge of the Law, and later would happen to knowledge of Love .

Still, … Law followed by Love leading to Surrender. Not three religions, One. Matter met and mastered, to eventually be left behind. The last song belonging to the Feminine Mysteries, yet still hidden, and not to be revealed until the Great Trial awoke a hunger to remember Her, in order tame the wild aspects of the intellect unmastered.

This story is introduced in the book of Thoth, via the symbol of the Feminine, gently holding the face of a lion, blessing the nature of holy animality with freedom to become, and to eventually to receive the gift of speech, which is what that kingdom deserved for all their sacrifices.

The Children’s own untamed animality would lead to the moment which the Sage of the Desert had spoken of – just prior to the Incarnation – as bringing with It the baptism of all in fire and holy breath. The Divine Mystery does not lightly sweep the board clean of the Children’s messes, but still, like any good Mother She knows the deeper secrets, such as: That in such moments of outrageous chaos, everyone there volunteered.

The excesses of the intellect must run their course. Their time comes of necessity. Would that at least some of the Children would see this Age as filled with Crafts and Arts as only the Holy Mother could provide, even tho’ not fully remembered.

Many of the Children would forget the Mystery, but the Mystery never forgets Them.

Still the Son re-emerged from the prison of ignorance into which the male scholars had cast Him, and made Himself available to the intellect directly. Personally. Only via remarkable intimacy can He baptize the Children in Fire and Holy Breath.

Still, human folly must run its course. The Children must be free to color outside the lines as they wish. Fate and Fortune must be active in all the little dramas.

Here is a great secret, obvious once stated: Everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Everyone gets to be here for this Rite, that some will call the pandemic-Pandemonium.

The Artist of Karma, aided by the Mother, dances destruction one day at a time. Atlantis did not fall all at once, but involved a metamorphosis on a scale only the Mystery could imagine and inspire. For each biography is holy art, and such art is to be accomplished with skills most humans fail to appreciate.

The enchantment of the intellect alone, as thought, is to be the principle gift to the Children. Intellect alone – aka: thought’s weakness – is to be redeemed by Magic. Not the imaginary magic of the novelist, but the personal magic of one day at a time. The Labyrinth of the Groundhog Day, ruled by the personal inward trials via the Maze of the Spirit.

Humans give something of the never-before-yet into the Creation. The tenth hierarchy completes a Spiraled Circle, the snake eating its tail, as the law of as above, so below, and as below, so above – resolves itself into wholeness.

Some reading this poem may have forgotten that the New Age has already Dawned, and that among many the Goddess and Her Court were remembered, and old religious practices re-investigated. Still there was a riddle of a puzzle made of words in a science that believes there is only matter, and spirit a fantasy.

That arid intellectual (science without art and religion) view had to crash and burn on such a scale that the whole world would watch this happen and many would be able to participate in this grand metamorphosis. After all, almost all minds have become infected with the matter only tale, and so each needed an individual Way to awake to this, and by their own efforts of will, evolve the matter-only science, into a science where spirit was known just as empirically as matter was known.

The “U” shaped descent into matter via Law (the Father), and the turn for reunification via Love (the Son), would blossom in Surrender (the Mother)

The intellect on its own, for example, tends to abstract cause and effect thinking. When that style of thinking is applied to modern social events, the tendency is to (as with matter-only science) imagine that the nature of the pandemic-Pandemonium involves something untoward going on behind the scenes … this untamed intellect generates conspiracy theories of causality, not noticing the first law all shamans must accept:

If something exists, its existence has been approved from the Sun/Son’s starry heights, to the darkest deeps of the Mother. She is “in” everything, including the wild and chaotic.

The living social life of the Children requires dying and becoming. Have to get rid of the no longer necessary intellect-only view of existence, before we can imagine a new story, one where Faerie and Fae are remembered, and the Mother is honored once more.

In a certain sense (way of seeing, of which there are many) the pandemic is a creature of human darkness. Certain tendencies of thought as regards health and illness, being based on a matter-only world view, have to fail.

The Children need real events in which to wake up those faculties that are not bound by the intellect’s present dominance. The free imagination – which is magical and mystical – is the means.

The Mother is visible, in the social, when we observe a wave of change moving through large groups of people. The changes induce chaos, part of Her forte, and in the Aftermath the human being – in each individual biography – has new choice potentials. These possibilities are not available when the social order is in a steady state.

We each are the darkness of the tunnel of the descent into matter, and the light at the end of it.

Still, She Weeps. Because in those of us riding the tsunami of of future history there will be great pain. For we too, are of the Mother. We care. We hope. We wish. Sometimes we crash about the kitchen throwing things so powerful is our rage at the endless inhumanity surrounding us.

We can’t be aware of our own pain and confusion, without noticing this trial is everywhere, in everyone. Oh, we might take a moment and blame others, and certainly within our own intellects

we will find debris needing healing. All the same, we know personally that other places than where we live are also in dire need.

If we surrender to this kind of empathy-feeling – wanting to be born – that will enable us to draw nearer to Her and Her Court. They feel all that all feel. Nor is our personal suffering insignificant. For They act out of Eternity, bending space and time to Their Wills.

Into the pandemic-Pandemonium ride the Four Horseman, with Her at the reigns. She is also there at each Death. Consider the most awful aspect being reported, which is a disease process that leads to suffocation, if we are not helped to breathe. Her Son suffocated on the cross of materialism, a hard path to cross, that threshold into the true life.

Should we be surprised then at the massive trials on the minds and hearts, of those who must administer what comfort there can be. Not just the impossible tasks, or even the constant sadness at loss, … the harsh reality is that even the comforters must bear their portion of the cross of scientific materialism.

The intellectual belief that the human being is an accidental and random event in an uncaring Cosmos is itself a trial – a weight of untruth.

Many struggle. Many care. Many feel hopeless. Many want to set the whole damn world on fire. In all these “many” there is also a portion of Her and Him. All those “feelings” that materialism can’t measure, … those are the heart of the Rite of the Pandemonium.

Tiger-Saucy sez: You are not alone. Find your tribe. Share the pain and work. And each day find time to dance and sing and be grateful. She does have the Whole World in His Hands.