Evil …

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Hymns to the Holy Mother

Evil …

The logic of “evil” is odd. Evil requires, for meaning at the conceptual level, Good. Each is married to the “other”. The next level of odd, has to do with the truth, which is that not only are Good&Evil married, that marriage is an embodied reflection of aspects of the Divine Mystery Itself.

In my book “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”, I write there, as part of the modern conception of God, the idea that observable reality reveals God is distributed, with the same virtues we notice in distributed computing. Keep in mind that distributed computing is useful both to solve certain mathematical/scientific questions requiring a lot of processing power, and it is also a fertile field for “bots” running/dancing to the selfish songs born in black-hat hacking.

If we are a sensible person, we also see how in life individuals make decisions, which decisions effect other folks as well. These “choices” (whether between good&evil, or some other duality) effect the world. We author the choice, and as an aspect of that it is the distributed god&devilwithin us, that chooses.

A sane understanding of Goethean science would cause folk to realize that spirit is everywhere right next to matter. Another married duality. Angels&demons. Men&women.

If we look within, at our feelings, that the properly chastised L. Ron Hubbard misnamed “the reactive mind”, we find another married duality, generally labeled: sympathy&antipathy. Here – in these feelings – is a tendency to move toward what we like, and away from what we do not like. This reactive feeling life, with its dual nature, has deep roots. In a certain Way, these feelings are “intelligence”, even if later we cannot articulate “reasons” for why we did what we did.

Rudolf Steiner described his view of the macrocosmic reality as containing another duality, which he named: Lucifer&Ahriman. The logos (logical) nature of such married dualities is that they are also united, and always a whole. There is no meaning if they are conceived as separate. Steiner taught that Christ was in between these two, and that Life was about our learning how to personally maintain the right relationship among polar conditions – we are the In Between that balances.

The use of the word Christ involves us with a more pressing problem, as regards the religious history of the world. To resolve this means first off to see the rise of the three patriarchal monotheisms as a reflection in the “earth” sphere of macrocosmic qualities – the Divine Mystery is not just Christ, but Allah and Jehovah simultaneously. All duality is in reality a trinity.

There is a social/spiritual set of observations called “Theory U”. It finds that if there is a descent, then there is also an ascent, again a duality. In the case of the Hebrews – who guided the spiritual descent into matter – they became people of the law. Very strict rules, which according to Steiner made possible the creation of a quite definite strain of genetic inheritance. Some work&order was necessary for there to be an avatar body, in which a God might be able to live for a time.

Rules and obedience. The Hebraic Divinity appears in multiple ways, including phenomena like burning bushes, pillars of cloud, and seas that obey the prayers of wizards. The old Testament is filled with dreamers dreaming, and poet-kings singing. Remnants of the goddess religions being slowly subsumed, as the three anti-feminine patriarchal monotheism began the work of imprinting themselves on the world.

Descent needed to followed by ascent. The earth-impression of the Divine Mystery is complex, and while on the one hand both the Hebrew – and already being born Christian religions – there also needed to be a balancing upward movement. Earth and Heaven being woven together, with the last “people of the book” – Islam, being deeply connected to the Mother, to the social heart – the family, and to the Idea of Surrender. We forget history’s song, when we judge Islam and do not recognize that during Europe’s dark age, Islam flowered with genius everywhere.

All three are being destroyed from within, through the advocates of my way or the highway, a common human foible that insures that social forms evolve. Another repetition of the primary marriage of polar states of consciousness.

Part of the current world situation is made especially acute, due to the fact that we feel we are a separate self, over here, while there is an outside/experienced world that is not us. Another duality, that is fundamentally a trinity, which totality itself is a unity, a marriage not in name only. No wonder Christ urges us to cleave to each other, and become again as little children.

Every human being is their own Path. Be yourself; and, I hope the above meditation on “Evil …” has been useful.

for a much longer contemplation: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”


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dancing with aristotelians

joel a. wendt, “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”, would like to add to the above – another, yet complimentary point view. Even Steiner recognized the paradoxical nature of much of existence.

Right now anthroposophical thought is dominated by an Aristotelian point of view. This Way typically likes to name something, and to treat the spiritual/material worlds as in opposition. Further, in Europe in particular, there is also habit of antipathy, through the process of what I label: discriminatory and/or comparative thinking’

What we name evil is supposedly stronger than what we name good, and Steiner gave us a lot of stuff to call evil. Some of it, especially the idea of the inner earth having evil regions, is flat-out in error. Why? Because, when he went there as a “spiritual researcher”, and in the threshold of that world met this realm, with his egotism and assumptions, he found a mirror. What was unredeemed in Steiner’s own nature was what he saw.

When we do meet Her, Holy Mother – Earth Mother, we need to be naked, unadored, and fundamentally human in the sense of being flawed and imperfect.

Christ as the Artist of Karma, and the Mother as Divine Providence, multitask on a cosmic level. There is no detail that does not belong. We are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

We could look at the post-Atlantean Age as something mere words cannot describe. Given that there is value in naming, even though we need to be careful, I will offer of few “names”.

The Mother Is Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman (conquest, famine, plague, and war), and the Gate of Death, which the Pieta so beautifully captures.

If we look at history, and social development, in a Geotheanistic Way, we might notice that prior to the arrival of the three patriarchal monotheisms, polytheistic religions were at one time everywhere. The Theory of U suggests that what was happening was a descent into matter, such that the Hebrews struggled with the Fall, at which point Christianity turned the corner with Love, and the completely misunderstood religion, Islam, via Surrender (a female gesture) showed the Way Up, out of matter.

One religion, not three.

This process was not accidental. The Earth Religions had to be forgotten, to the point that scientific materialism, with its “all is matter there is no spirit”, could appear. Why? Because we need to feel ourselves separate from Nature, in order to find our independent ego through resistance.

The ancient Way of communion-with the sentient consciousness living in Nature had to be forgotten, and was turned to dominion-over, otherwise the female heart’s mind would not tolerate the hardening toward Nature, which was to come.

Out of this well-cooked stew “Western” civilization was birthed. As a living social form (organism), there had to come its death, which is where we are today. This dying and becoming is hard to see, because we are too close.

An important phenomena, that is something ineptly named, is the population explosion. We are billions because we all have chosen to be here in this medley of Nows. Why? Because just here the Art of Karma and Divine Providence have made a world of Love, in which the individual biography is the greatest mystery. Most of the named aspects of modern life, listed in the article above, are secondary effects of the need of humans to each and everywhere, experience Christ’s Baptism by Fire and Holy Breath. Without a world of troubles, there is no possibility for all to have their personal trials of individual moral riddles, for which their religion, or their society, provides no guidance

The dramas everywhere, such as the plandemic Pandemonium Reboot, is Her putting Her foot down on the lemming like journey of “Western” civilization, off of several cliffs. Everything is stopped. People are given time to reflect, not being so busy being busy.

If the reader was familiar with the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ (washing the feet, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the crucifixion, the death, and the resurrection), we would find that a study of individual biographies shows that everyone faces such trials.

I’ll give one example. Many people are dying from suffocation, which is how Christ died.

I’ll next (I could go on and on and on) make an observation about Covid, and germs and viruses.

If we think in wholes instead of parts, we just might realize that these entities, due to the nature of the Mother, are fully interconnected via a self-aware sentient intelligence that Steiner knew would be best represented by the Platonistic mind … a mind born in the mysteries of the Mother.

Clearly, to anyone familiar with the real standards of scientific thinking, it is known that scientific materialistic medicine doesn’t have a clue about what it is doing. At the same time, this is how the Social Matrix offers each individual opportunities for self-engendered moral growth

The idea in the article that we are not meeting spirit is a mistaken observation. Much has happened since Steiner passed. One could list the history he did not live through, but I will just mention the 1960’s, the appearance of the New Age, the return of worship of the goddess, but most crucially, the displacement of Old World music, with New World Music: jazz, reggae, hip hop, rock’n roll, …

Modern artists contribute a great deal, and in the next weeks I am going to do videos on many related subjects, with an early focus on the popular – all over world – Marvel films. Born in the free visual arts of comics, Stan Lee and company have gotten folk to learn about ancient religions (Thor, Loki, Hera et. al.), just for starters.

Let me help the reader who might wish to take a look. Disney+ has a section devoted to Marvel films. One of the ways we are helped to follow – this twenty related group/series of films – is that we can watch the series in time order, although the release of the films was more chaotic in a sense.

If we understand archetypes in art, especially literature and film, these films are organized around an artistic sensibility. The first is Captain America, a soldier for doing right. In later films we meet his darker brother, the Winter Soldier. The series of films, around these two characters, weaves a tale of best friends, forced by circumstance to follow seemingly paths of good and evil, which gets resolved because Captain America refuses to give up on his friend, however dark he was made to be.

We also have Iron Man, a scientific genius who loves to tinker. He is full of himself, and goes so far as (in “the Age of Ultron” film) to unite an artificial intelligence with the wearable powerful war machines Iron Man has created for himself. He did this on thoughtless to the consequences impulse, and the results were terrible.

Last there is Thanos. A near god who believes that the way to solve the woes of all the worlds, is to … via the magic of the six infinity stones … delete half the sentient human beings in the whole universe. Fewer people, more to go around for the survivors.

Is that impulse not lurking among our billionaire class?

Then there is comedy. The series created a set of characters called: Guardians of the Galaxy. Happy go lucky clueless and blessed, clowns and fools, with the main character – at any opportunity – dancing to American tunes from post the ‘60’s.

Where are we, who have been inspired by Rudolf Steiner? This writer sez … first the Platonists and the Aristotelians have to get better acquainted. This will create a new spiritual way, that will find before it Signs that reveal that people of Gnosis (us?) need to wash the feet of people of Faith.

Not on an organization level, but one to one. Think/imagine hanging out with Jesuits, and discussing the texts from Goethean Science.

A Confession of Anthroposophical Arrogance – and Post-Covid23x Structural Riddles

A Confession of Anthroposophical Arrogance – and Post-Covid23x Structural Riddles, by Joel A. Wendt, “white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”.

Since I first met Steiner in 1978 through his books, I have devoted myself to that work. That is over four decades of labor and love. Tragically, I had – after a time – to assert myself as an “outlaw” [1], given that my take on Anthroposophy was radically different from most of those who I was meeting in the Anthroposophical Society.

At one point I even created a book: “Dangerous Anthroposophy” [2]. In this collection of essays I wrote:

The use of the term Dangerous above is discussed in the first essay, but basically what makes Anthroposophy socially Dangerous is two-fold – in point of fact the kind of Anthroposophy practiced by the Society and Movement is a two-edge sword. One type of danger is the truth that lives in it. The more truth, the more socially dangerous, whether within the shared culture of humanity or within the Anthroposophical Society itself. The other kind of danger concerns the absence of truth.

To the extent that what lives in the Anthroposophical Society and Movement is false, whether it is opinion masquerading as knowledge, or arrogance and pride, or simply mere Steinerism (a belief system, see my book American Anthroposophy [3]), this system of falsehoods harms not only the world, but also the essential nature of Anthroposophy itself and Rudolf Steiner’s true legacy. People searching out Anthroposophy will naturally look to the Society and Movement for appreciating and understanding this New Mystery. To the extent the Society and Movement are flawed, this will be seen by many to represent what Anthroposophy is in practice. It shouldn’t take much thought to realize that the representing of Anthroposophy in any kind of seriously flawed way will only lead to harm.”


The ongoing Covid23x crisis is easily the most crucial challenge in the present, for a true science of the spirit, in which anthroposophists justly believe.

There is a point to the term “23x”. As we know (sort of) the Covid virus is allegedly altering and adapting to our efforts to subdue it. 23 is a well known mystical number, and if you think that is foolish, just consider that “23” is the tenth prime number [2a], while “x” refers in algebra to the unknown factor. Forming an imaginative poetic mystical&magical sense of this Crisis may aide in knowing and understanding the “pandemic’s” mystery.

This work in this essay is directed at looking ahead, into the future of the future, while managing (hopefully) to do so with less fear and hysteria than has been our karma so far, as we search the: Situational Reality Following the Social Fire labled the Covid Pandemic.

A basic assumption of this post is that in the near future we will find out that there were a lot of lies (Big Pharma), too much hysteria (major Media), and incompetent actions (politicians)


Reading Rudolf Steiner gives a kind of knowledge and understanding of much. At the same time, he pointed out the influence of egotism in the beginning of the Path. Part of me feels strongly that I know a lot. That I know better. Tend to argue, or be contrary. In myself I came to recognize a type of thinking (one of many), which it made sense to label: comparative, or discriminatory thinking. It seems rooted in antipathy, or our instinct to dislike something or someone.

There was a recent moment where I listened to myself talk, and thought: “What an ass”.

A few days ago I participated as a listener/addendee to an American Anthroposophical Society webinar, featuring Lisa Romero [4] & [5]. Its “name” was: “The Spiritual Origin of Conspiracy”. I will try to limit what is here discussed, inspired by that talk. No promises though.

A big clue/key for me came late in the oral/video presentation, where she pointed to this idea (in my own words): Steiner spoke of something he called “the great conspiracy”, which is that folks do not know the spiritual world exists. Given that the truth lives in the ethereal, these spiritless-thoughts hardens our ethereal life, such that our consciousness looses flexibility.

She began by asking: “why are more folk not having an experience of the ethereal Christ?

She went forward then, illuminating her sense of the value of “fasting”, especially in times of religious Festivals. She added in research she had done on various scientists’ studies of fasting and consciousness. She spoke of a kind separation of the (my word’s): heart’s mind from the body during fasting, and thus connecting astral/desire body to our own cosmic nature.

Often in the morning after a night’s sleep, she explained, we then wake with something closer to the mystery. As a shaman, I write of the eight gates of Faerie, coming in pairs …. one of which is the borderland between waking&sleeping (its elemental nature in Hermetics is air/intellect). [6]

I’ve done two long fasts. The first, at age 42, began with illness, and continued for a moon period (about 29 days), before the fever fully rebated. One aspect of this involved me asking a question: what should my writing and thinking be like? The experience of the Wind in my soul sang: “music”.

The second fast lasted 45 days, and I was then 64 (will you still need me, when I’m 64 – I’m now 80). I had began the fast, not seeking spiritual experience, but rather needing to lose weight. About two weeks in I starting having “insights”, which were mostly conceptual, with an emphasis on the harmonic relationships of ideas. I took notes every night’s morning, and after the fast I spent the next year writing my first work: The Way of the Fool” … the subtitle: “the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”[7]

My central effort in this work was to create a bridge between exoteric (Faith) and esoteric (Gnosis) Christianity.

Later Lisa Romero spoke of our sense of “something is not right”, and I even heard her use the term “unclean”. That’s a bit harsh in my view, and my teacher of the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science, aka: magic, makes this statement: “There is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation”.

Towards the end of her talk, after laying out the “Conspiracy” to hide the existence of the world of spirit, she offers this:

The Four General Demands for Esoteric Development, Rudolf Steiner

1) No unproven concepts shall enter my consciousness.

2) There shall stand before my soul, a living obligation to continually increase the number of my concepts.

3) Knowledge will come to me about such things, the “Yes” or “No” of which I regard without sympathy or antipathy.

4) I must overcome my aversion to the so-called “abstract”.

Easy to say, hard to do. I would like to add here Steiner’s remarks about us needing to take three steps in character development, for each step in spiritual development.

Sometimes it feels to me as if too many anthroposophist’s don’t notice that the Mystery is not going to place all of Her/His eggs in just one basket (the teachings of RS). We need to open our hearts to other spiritual voices. Yes, many do, but sometimes I feel that the leadership of the Society belongs mostly to the best and most erudite Steiner quoters, when their vision should be wider and more inclusive.

Keep in mind that a lot happened after Steiner died, which he never experienced. World War II, the fear of the atomic bomb, the cold war, the ‘60’s – a worldwide Dionysian festival, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of major American leaders, 9/11, the near collapse of the whole world’s economy centered around the year 2008 – also something born mostly in America, increased drug use, and then the topper: the Internet, smart phones, and massive electronic surveillance.

When Lisa Romero was lamenting that something is not right, and where were the meetings of Christ in the Ethereal, my mind suggested that parallel to all these changes, the New World generated music the Old World did not have. Certain artists seemed to me to be connected to the spirit in important ways, such as: Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, the Moody Blues [7a], … jazz bequeaths rock ‘n roll, which becomes world beat then reggae and eventually delivering in the American minority ghettos: hip hop.

The latter is reduced to the bear fundamentals of music, rhythm and rhyme. All you need is some friends, a couple of upside-down five gallon plastic empty paint cans, a few sticks, and off you go. Everywhere in the world today there are hip hop groups, often building bridges over divisions, such as the ones in the middle east, made up of both Israelis and Palestinians.

The experience of Christ in the Ethereal is everywhere. It appears most often in deeds, as it should. He does not deliver our spiritual needs expecting credit. Neither does She. They act, we are helped, with the core social fact being that the individual human being is a source of spirit. In my book, The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything [8], I point out that the Mystery is “distributed” – is everywhere, and the human being – collectively – is the leading creative edge.

In my Goethanistic studies of the social world, it was clear that so-called historical events are secondary effects of the core aspect of earth existence, which is that each individual biography is a primary locus of Love. His baptism of us, via Fire and Holy Breath, is offered to each human being, even the ones we tend to call: evil.

As an aspect of my social studies, I have spent a lot of time paying attention to the visual dramatic arts, that can be seen in film and television. Artists see, they just don’t make it a head trip. Let me give one concrete example.

Clint Eastwood, a major artist in our time, made a film called: “Gran Torino”. In it he plays a crusty widowed man, whose new next door neighbors are Hmong, mountain folk from the area of Vietnam and Thailand. They interact, he becomes involved, and one of their daughters is raped by Hmong gangsters in the neighborhood.

He has questions about what is moral. He has been a life long Catholic, and consults with a young priest. The priest’s well intended platitudes are useless, the real problem far to complex. There is a scene that takes place in the older man’s kitchen. He is standing with his arms crossed, leaning against a counter top. A young Hmong boy, brother of the raped girl, is demanding his new older friend do something. “Why are you silent? Why are you not acting?”

His reply: “I’m thinking”.

Inwardly in all of us, when faced with modern moral trials, we discover that neither our religious ways, or the social life’s urgings, can answer the riddle, which is fundamentally individual. She/He/They – the Mystery – are guiding us to the moments, where we must, to be true to ourselves, create the moral deed out of nothing.

Keep in mind Steiner’s ideas in The Philosophy of Freedom: moral imagination; moral intuition; and moral technique.

I have written about this “experience” in many places [9]. From Steiner’s indications, I have spent decades engaged in an empirical (scientific) study of my own soul/mind. When we make the choice and begin to act in relationship to the baptisms by Fire of our time, our will is aided via the most subtle (hard to observe) Wind (Holy Breath) in the soul. To our will is added His, guided by our choices.

One final (?) comment. Over the course of my life, I’ve had several personal encounters with the Burning Bush, the Ethereal Christ, and the Holy Mother. What was refreshing – and bit curious given all the spiritual “teachings” everywhere – was that They (the Mystery) did not expect perfection. They wanted us to be who we wanted to be. In fact, They and their friends (such as guardian angels) were mostly interested in the choices we were making, and I could often feel the “presence” sort of looking over my shoulder – as it were – in waiting wonder. [10]

[1] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/oajnr.html

[2] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/DangerousAnthroposophy.html

[2a] In my view 1 is “the” prime number, which is why I see 23, not 29, as the tenth prime number. A minor quibble in the field of theoretical arithmetic.

[3] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/AmericanAnthroposophy.html

[4] email address: innerworkpathusa@gmail.com

[5] website: https://www.innerworkpath.com/

[6] living&dying (fire/will); remembering&forgetting (consciousness/earth); madness&sanity (water/feeling). Atypical experience of living and dying we call a near-death experience.

[7] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/twotf.html … the work consists of twelve stanzas, divided into three sets of four each: Moral Grace, Freedom, and Love. For example the fifth stanza reads: “fifth stanza: Three New Ways – being an examination of the profound and surprising interrelationship between the What Would Jesus Do Movement; the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous; and, Rudolf Steiner’s book: The Philosophy of Freedom (also known as, The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity,) [which stanza also contains, the Shepherd’s Tale, the King’s Tale and the Healers’ Tale]”

[7a] In 1978, the Moody Blues released an album, which spoke of the Second Coming of Christ, in this song: “One Step Into the Light” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM0ponoqbxM&ab_channel=TheMoodyBlues-Topic In that song there is a refrain: “all the old things are returning, cosmic cycles ever turning” They did not just mean Christ in their works but also the Mother and Her friends. I went to a concert that year, and they saved this song for the encore. When it was done, the crowd was standing, applauding and yelling. The flautist, Ray Thomas, stepped forward, and raise his soprano and alto flutes in the shape of the Cross, and the roar of the crowd doubled.

[8] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgod.html

[9] “pragmatic moral psychology” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/stgfr5.html and “Living Thinking in Action” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/liveT.html

[10] This last link concerns my personal development, in this sense “ Familiar Spirits, and the Education of a Shaman”. Sure, I struggled to be a “writer”, but a great deal grew out of contributions from the Mystery, without which I would have little to say. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2021/02/17/3008/

Familiar Spirits, and the Education of a Shaman

Familiar Spirits, and the Education of a Shaman

Here is a link to a Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Familiar

Caution, this is very personal, and collects into one essay material spread throughout my other writings. It will seem like a brag, yet I believe it is more accurate to see my soul and spirit as possessing natural gifts, and the deeper truth was that I was subject to a lot of what I now call: cosmic whimsy. At many crucial biographical intersections, the Divine Mystery touched me, and changed me thereby.

Among the Lore then, it is said that witches, wizards, shamans, and such folk would see/feel something Other, sometimes so strong a sending that there was a “visual” presence. Usually the familiar spirit is linked to the appearance of powers or abilities. Not always a selfless helper, and on occasion urges us into dangerous waters.

My favorite literary version is in the Barque Cycle, by Neal Stephenson [1], where the heroic male often finds himself succumbing to what he called: the imp of the perverse.

A wonderful modern excursion into such territories is the recent HBO Max release of “The Flight Attendant”, staring Kaley Cuoco, of The Big Bang TV comedy success. Not describable, yet obviously magical/metaphysical.

The primary experience is that my “I” did not incarnate in this physical body at birth. Another did, “Joey”, and his story is at this link. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Joey.html

When my current astral, ethereal, and physical bodies were age 31, Joey left and Joel came in. The new “I”, myself”, did not know the nature of this process, although on awakening from sleep (the change happened during this night passage), I was aware of something interior that was fading. The feeling was subtle and continued over a many months.

In essence the mental matrix by which we know our own “I” was fading, and being replaced by a new such matrix. If you read Joey’s story, you will find that he was an innocent, and a powerful natural empath. He could feel the soul of others in the sound of their voices, and how they expressed themselves. He thought everyone one could do this.

The world acted upon him, and he absorbed these experiences, but was in a certain sense rather passive. He had no desire or need to become. During his 31 years he became aware of three riddles, aspects of the world he did not understand: What was evil? Why is American politics not living up to the ideals of the Founders? And, what happened to Christianity – why was it faith without practice?

I inherited these questions, and a great deal of my work was directed at resolving them.

I have certain experiences that may fit this way of conceiving intimate (familiar) spiritual intercourse. Even Joey had them. For example, he saw an angel in church when he was confirmed at age 12. He never spoke of this to anyone.

When he was 18, and just had graduated from high school, there was a six week period before he was to enter the USAF Academy, during which interlude he would often go to the public tennis courts and look for a pick-up game with a stranger. There he met a young man, seemingly in his twenties, who when hearing Joey was going to the Academy he related that he had just graduated from this elite school, and advised Joey to “keep his head down” as the best way to survive the experience.

For years nether I or Joey thought much about this, until one day in my own reflections of this moment, I realized that at that time no one had yet graduated from the Academy. A purposeful fiction – intervention – by what was later to become a regular familiar spirit.

During a hospitalization a few years ago, “he” appeared again. I was lying in a gurney in an empty room in the ER, while waiting for a room in cardiology. He appeared in the doorway, and asked me if I knew the name of my doctor. I gave a name. He paused, as if I was mistaken, then went on: “He’s an interventionist”.

I was, myself, in inner soul pain, thinking that what with the crazy in the world I needed to go stand on a street corner and make a spiritual noise. The message then had a double meaning. My doctor was soon going to put a pacemaker in my chest – an intervention, without really listening to me tell him that the cause of my tachycardia was from a huge self-poisoning via gluten (a bad poison to which I was sensitive).

My body rejected the pacemaker/defibrillator, which was good fortune. There is a lot more to that story. To intervene, without knowing the real need, was to cause harm, whether as a doctor, or as a shaman in soul-pain. The Mystery would call on me when I was needed, which mostly means to continue to be a writer, attending to the Ideas that touch my heart’s mind, and need to come to rest in words on a page.

Back to Joey becoming Joel. One day at work, an attractive co-worker walked up to my desk, and said to me: “There once was a man named Wendt, whose mind became boggled and bent. One fine sunny day, Wendt went away, and no one knew where Wendt went.” What had she observed?

The most obvious experiences of this kind – via familiar spirits, began when I lived in the SF-Berkeley school of magic for almost fourteen years (1969 to 1983). A major aspect was forged in my decision to trust providence – the Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. This followed my reading, and then acting upon the Sufi Tale: “The Increasing of Necessity”. I understood that life was teaching better lessons than books, although not at all as pleasant as a good read.

Still, I was a lover of books, and providence was very active in the unfolding of a very unexpected education, which on occasion included the “feeling” – that came while looking at a shelf of used books – that that particular book should be bought. I sensed this helpful entity as looking over my left shoulder, from behind me. I assure my reader that there are many such individual instances, where fate and fortune blessed me in finding the right book at the right time. Even though I was very poor, and often out of work, there was always just enough money for Franz Bardon, Rudolf Steiner, Goethean scientists, Owen Barfield, Ursula Le Guin, and the Music of the Moody Blues (of Knights in White Satin, guided by the man with clear eyes}.

The Moody Blues albums first came to my attention as a gift from a friend. The Bardon books each have a story, which will help illustrate the influence of Providence, during this phase of my present incarnation.

Around the time of the Change, from Joey to Joel, my younger brother came by my house, and wanted to do a Tarot reading for me. He used the Case deck, had me shuffle the cards, and then cut the deck three times, each time taking the top card and laying it between us. He called the first card my inner nature, and second card my outer nature, and the third card my life destiny. In order, these were all major arcana: the Fool, the Hermit, and the Magician.

A couple of months later, I had my own Case deck, got stoned and spread the cards out in a fan. On impulse I passed my hand (palm down) over the deck. There came a tingle in my index finger, and I reached down and pulled out that card. I did this three times, and in order they were: the Fool, the Hermit, and the Magician. I did not know what to make of this.

Later my brother told me he had made up the whole form of this process of divination.

Also at that house, where I was living with Tina and our first two children, Marc and Doren, there was – in the back yard – a shed, in a state of ruin, covered inside and out with odd bits of plant growth. Inside the shed was a wooden chest. I took it out, cleaned it up, and it has been with me ever since. See picture.

Another friend, on a camping visit to Yosemite, found for me a wonderful, mostly straight tree limb, about five feet tall. I cleaned away the bark, sanded the yellow/white bare wood, and then painted the three cards on the upper quarter, … from the top down, the Fool, the Hermit, and the Magician. I also did some abstract drawings in it, in the form similar to this self portrait.

One day, a man who was living in our garage, wanted to borrow the staff, and take it to a kind of new age festival in Berkeley, in what was at that time called: Ho Chi Mien park. When he left, I had the premonition that the staff would not come back, so I mentally let it go. It did not come back, and according to this man, he let another hold it, who then ran off with it. A powerful object, whose destiny remains a mystery.

My living situations began to change rabidly for a time, for the new person I was had trouble continuing to be in a relationship with Tina. I became very depressed, given that I – as Joey – had previously been divorced from Tina, and had left these children with her. How could I do that again?

One morning, in severe moral gridlock, I left the house and just starting walking. Off in the distance was Albany Hill, a forested mound rising among the otherwise flat areas next to San Francisco Bay. I walked there, a long walk, found a road and went to the top. There was a concrete Cross there, perhaps twenty feet high, surrounded by trees.

I found a place to sit, and prayed for the first time since Joey has become estranged from his youthful Christian feelings. In an instant the depression disappeared, and it was made known to me that which ever Way I chose would be morally okay. To not chose, and remain conflicted – that was the problem, a lesson relearned many times over the years.

At one point, in these early years after the Change, I was living in a house that was mostly used for lay psychotherapy, called Group House. I read the book The Magic of Findhorn [2], and knew then that magic had to be real. At the moment on finishing the book, I felt a need to go looking for the lost in time and space wizardly staff. I decide to go then on what I called a “spirit walk”.

This was a walk were at each intersection of choice of where to turn, I would just spontaneously pick a direction. The walk took me past a small book store that I usually did not enter – its window full of books of poetry and other artistic literature.

It was a typical Bay Area day, mild weather and subdued sunlight. On the side of the open doorway to the store was a tall yet narrow bookcase. It had a few books, and the case was labeled “Occult”. I saw no books on magic, yet stepped into the store, and spoke loudly to the owner (?) who was thirty feet away in the back of the store, behind a counter.

I asked if he had any books on magic. He said no, and then reached down and said wait, I just bought this this morning. I walked back, and looked at the book. It was a used copy of Franz Bardon’s “The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation”. Given my assumptions, this seemed the perfect book.

I asked the proprietor how much he wanted. He said $7.50, which was at that time all the money I had in the world. Needless to say, I bought the book.

The book was fascinating. It did have a problem, of sorts, for it said that the reader had to become familiar with his first book: “Initiation into Hermetics”, in order to make full use of this work.

I continued to be mostly out of work, trusting Providence – “the Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want”. I found money on the street. One day my younger brother came by, and gifted me with three tabs of window-pane LSD. I took those over a period of five days. The last time, I was at his apartment on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, and spent the night stoned and lying on his living room couch.

I did not sleep. I left my body, and was surrounded by many voices. They all were trying to tell me something different. I was at a cross-roads, and far too many familiar spirits were interested in me following their advice.

Some months after this, I was living in a room, in a house where Tina and my kids, and her latest boyfriend, gave me a little room that used to serve as a laundry room, although there were no machines there.

The house had an apartment below, and I become acquainted with the man who lived there. He worked as a technician for Pacific Gas & Electric. We chatted, and I told him of my magic book, and that I was on the lookout for the first book, yet had no money for it yet. We were watching TV, and the story was about a man in the Southeast, who had been burying young women alive – and now was captured.

I made the remark that I would not like to be living in his head. Somehow this woke something up in my host, who handed me $40, and said go buy the book you need, which I did.

Bardon had written a third book: “The Key to the True Quabballah”. While I had known where to find Initiation Into Hermetics, my explorations of book stores had never yielded this book.

One day I was wandering in San Francisco, and visited a very old lecture hall, with a book store on an upperfloor, that was called: The Metaphysical Town Hall. Laying on a table, were two new copies. I had enough money to buy the book, and was chatting with the clerk, remarking how hard it had been to find this book. He told me that periodically an old man would bring such books by, leave them for sale, and within a couple of days someone – who was looking for it – would show up and buy one.

In the 1970’s I had became an “addict”. LSD and weed mostly. I also had a mistress, which I did not recognize until later. The spirit called me to intercourse, and much of my mind and will were devoted to that Lady, at a cost to others, especially my children.

The next paragraphs will be like a flat rock skipping across the surface of a pond. Hints … mostly. The whimsical intervention of Providence were many, and there is not enough time to tell all those storie.

I had found my social relations falling apart. I had been too crazy with my choices. Bardon’s books said that to rely on Divine Providence could lead to harm. I went back to working jobs, and was able somewhat to keep a roof over my children’s heads, and food in their stomachs.

During the years of my “the Lord is my Shepherd”, I had learned how to dumpster dive, for food that grocery stores would throw away, because of their being past some date. Sometimes this was where the food came from.

In 1978, I had written in a notebook, this question: If the ground of existence is actually spirit, which I now knew from experience, what does this mean for our social and political life? Three weeks later, I discovered Steiner through his books. Three weeks after that, …

I’ve had visions of a kind that blow your mind in the most gentle fashion imaginable. The Burning Bush came to visit me at work – in the flesh, as I was transitioning from Franz Bardon’s Hermetic Science to Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. He blessed this shift from Moon to Sun wisdoms.

There was always a curative quality present. In the case of BB, He healed the wounds of the death of JFK, MLK, RFK, my dad, and the crazy of Vietnam. I had lost faith, and He reminded me that I did want to do something about that “out there”, as He put it.

Steiner pointed me in the direction of Goethean thinking, and its foundation for pure thinking. At the same time there were wives, children, and other blood relations, all needing attention. Jobs came and went. The Vietnam War. Nixon. Reagan was in the future, and the internet had not yet arrived.

Years passed. Another woman was fool enough to be my wife, although she did very much try to remake me. We ended up in Fair Oaks, California, where Rudolf Steiner College was, and while there I was introduced to the work of Valentin Tomberg.

It was 1986, when I was first reading Tomberg’s “Meditations on the Tarot – a journey into Christian Hermeticism”, while living near the base of Mt. Shasta, when JC touched me to heal the social biases against Catholics, imprinted on my soul in my youth, via a simultaneous dream and vision.

The wonderful element was that after being touched this way, I lay in bed, on my back, with no thought, and completely at peace for about a half-hour.

I’ll leave aside the details, although as a result I joined the Catholic Church around 1991. An event essential to my later works on the influence of the Holy Mother.

As I became more and more a “writer”, the discipline – being learned from Steiner’s works on the science of knowing – showed me that when I was thinking selflessly, and ideally, of a very real social mystery, there would be a “Wind” in my soul. Up or down was my choice, but the company lent encouragement and trust. “It” was more interested in what I thought, than any system of morals, truth, or other mystery.

In the 1980’s, I called this activity: Listening to the World Song. By the turn of the Century, I referred to “It” as the Presence of fullness, and the Fullness of presence. I was not alone, but neither was I coerced in any fashion.

She, the Mother, touched me on Epiphany 2008, although so gentle I did not know it was Her. A year and a half later, the Greater and Lesser Guardians of the Threshold played a visit, and, just after, on Pentecost, my interface between spirit and brain was rewritten – not by my will. Details are here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/threshold.html

All a surprise, and – truth to tell – also a weight. Gifts of this sort don’t belong to us. They are meant to be shared.

I had stopped using in 1987, and for thirty years I pursued a pragmatic understanding of Steiner’s science of knowing. I was successful in learning a great deal from an empirical study of my own soul&spiritual “inwardness”. Yet, as I aged I slowly acquired the chronic degenerative disease we call arthritis.

For pain, I was among the last directed by my doctor to try oxycodone. As an addict in recovery I could see the folly, and stopped using oxy after a couple months. It is good pain relief for serious dental work, but very dangerous if used regularly, as we all now know.

In 2017, I tried medical marijuana (the Ganja Goddess). I had a lot of trouble finding the right form and dosage, and certain medical issues required hospitalizations. In my life I’ve learned to look at “trials” as teachings. Our folly is a tool for growth if we attend rightly.

These visits also woke me up to certain problems in the medical system itself. Industrial medicine is based upon scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit). As a consequence, these visits taught me much that helped me understand the covid crisis … a matter not to be elaborated here.

My main question during this return to “using” was whether or not I would maintain a connection with the familiar spirits of my life; and, in fact the mastery of dosages – through trial and error – kept me nicely “high”, and connected via that aspect of the dreaming life the Mother encourages for poets and madmen.

Novalis and Coleridge were friends with the syrup of the poppy. Now my knees are bone on bone, and I can hardly stand and walk, and for all that I am certain that there are others far worse off than I.

Recently I stopped these regular doses, remembering how good it also feels to be straight. I did get in touch with my earlier mister grumpy – personality quirk well observed by my Lady, so my usage now is one five milligram edible of THC, on Sunday mornings, as a sacrament – and mister grumpy is held in check.

The covid nightmare unfolds. I “see” it differently. [3]

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[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Findhorn_Foundation

[3] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

Social Forms are Alive, yet Dying and Becoming at this Threshold Moment

Social Forms are Alive, yet Dying and Becoming at this Threshold Moment

The turmoil everywhere in the world is orderly, in the sense that the living is orderly. It is also wild and free, in that the living is also wild and free. The future hasn’t happened yet, and while transformative involutions are observable, at their leading edge – where humans make choices – we enter the yet to be known.

An involution is a kind of turning inside out. If these process were only physical/material, the inside becoming the outside might well look disgusting, dysfunctional, and ugly. Given that the physical/material has a spiritual and soul-lawful inside, truth, beauty, and goodness can still play their role.

What is newly born, may look odd like a newborn baby, yet over time it grows into a fully capable human being. The “stuff” of social forms is a collective of human beings, and while we observe the degeneration of our present day social organizations, new life-giving spirit-forces are being awoken.

An over-ripe example is the social form we in America call: the two-party system.

For some time now, our public life has been degenerating. We observe this in the gridlock in the Legislative Branch. Nothing that needs desperately to get done, gets done. As a result the People do not get what they need, while the egregorial multinational corporations win all the prizes, such as seen in the vast money in the government’s budget given to the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

The Legislative Branch has become a market place. A bill that starts out with a righteous purpose, soon become encrusted with the barnacles of special interests, each sucking on the life of the Ship of State. The need for free health care – which most modern nations enjoy – never comes, for its heart always dies in committee.

It is a worthy poetic expression to see what is happening in the Republican Party – once something old and venerated – being feasted upon by maggots, laid by the flies that always gather around the dying. A living process of a sort, for the bits that are left, can be turned into something far different than the once was.

Karl Rove created an intellectual – without heart – system of political power. Via his association with the fundamentalist and evangelical churches (forms also in decay), he formed a religious power base that elected Bush II to the Presidency twice (with a little help from a corrupted by politics Supreme Court).

To that he added the dread “talking points” – the same lies distributed daily to Fox Noise, and the professional sycophants in talk radio.

Meanwhile, the Republicans moved to the edges of the far right, with the election of congressman and senators, whose only apparent virtue was their rabid emotional appeal to our worst impulses. The Democrats were no better, when Bill Clinton was successful in moving them just to the right of center, stealing issues usually common to Republicans.

Both Parties have aging establishments – folk elected over and over again. Biden is one of these creatures. These Parties also engage in fake presidential primary struggles, which mostly weed out any sensible person who wants to run for office.

The Press joins in the cacophony of stupid, by focusing on minor character flaws, over sound policy discussions. Media loves a wicked story, over any discussion of the real needs of the People.

The growing cancer metastasizes, and the out of control pus-like environment spawns the seeds of Trumpism. Be selfish. Ignore the social contract. At all costs, do not be a healthy part of the whole of the social body.

Pay no attention to the first words of the Constitution: “We the People …”.

It seems terrible, yet, something more powerful is at work. The Spirit is with us, even tho’ we no longer believe. The Holy Mother – Earth Mother, aka: Divine Providence lays a plague upon the whole world, stopping our lemming-like rush over the cliffs of ignorant arrogance – and civilization, as it was, grinds to a halt.

Life becomes primal. Food and water and shelter slip away. The worst of industrial medicine makes us more ill, while trying to make us well. A materialistic medicine (all is matter, there is no spirit) goes into failure mode, as do most other major institutions, such as Media, Churches, and Governments.

We are dying from a fantasy of spiritless medicine, when what we really need to notice is that our air, our water, our food, our soil, our medicines, and our systems of banking and education are toxic to human life.

When we want to think about the living, Nature is our best teacher. When Her forests need new growth, She burns them to ash, and the ash fertilizes the soil. When our plains and river courses need nutrients – which they don’t get because we have tried to tame our rivers – She raises the waters into flood.

When we play with dangerous substances, She shows how fragile their temples are, and wrecks them with earthquake and tsunami.

We might well ask, why? We suffer and die from Her actions, do we not? Ah, She sings, you have forgotten you are immortal spirits … that karma and reincarnation are real. When you die, I catch you, and hold you dear until the next time you willing seek the school of hard knocks and shared pain, that are the hallmarks of earth-existence.

Isolated now, masked and social distancing, we receive the gift of a time of reflection. All over the world, egregious governments now face the fact that their people no longer are passive, and everywhere rising up in revolt.

The News-Media continue not to notice the living flow of events, focusing on the most immediate and extreme details. Sure, Trump is out of office, and the Republicans end up – as they should – at war with each other. Each office seeking egotist trying to carve out media territory for themselves, via the red-meat speeches of more and more extremism.

The Democrats are in office. All the same, burdened with their own history/habits of compromise and lack of courage under fire. Fine speeches do not put food on the table, or provide jobs and housing at a living wage.

Both Parties still suck at the teat of money, never pausing to question whether or not free market capitalism is the ponzi scheme of ponzi schemes. The large churches demand the right to tell everyone else to follow their moral code, or face jail.

Yet …. yes, yes, yet …. in the places of one to one contacts, people are slipping the chains of manufactured divisions, and finding that everyone, of whatever religious or political persuasion is suffering.

The singers know we need to be together. The wise know it is time to stop having protests, and throw a party instead. Break bread with each other They sing. Notice what you share, not your differences. All face illnesses, loss of jobs, divorces, ungrateful children, parents in need of care, bosses who are petty tyrants, and too many taxes, with far too few real benefits.

Out of many, one … or so it is written on our coin. All the great ills, from racism on, are not to be solved by laws, except … the laws we create out of our own heart’s mind. – One to one.

The “Real” Long Con

The “Real” Long Con

Many people, certain of their trust in governments and corporations, attack folk who justifiably do not share that conviction. Among those, who have an attitude of disbelief, are people associated with the social-political class of Americans many miss-name by labeling them: the Trump Voter.

Trump resisted the Covid-23*** Narrative, more by habit than serious thought. He likes to have his own Narrative, and modeled “behaviors-rebellious” for folk who distrust “liberals”, and “intellectuals”.

Odd isn’t it though, that liberals see Trump as a con man, and pay no attention to what might be good instincts on his part. Did a con-man intuitively see a con in action?

Religious-Right leaders want to violate the distancing and mask rules. Preachers are also similar to con-men, and they too would instinctively recognized they were right to resist the Narrative, even though they could not deal with the insistence of superior knowing, claimed by the priests of science … another group filled with con-men (cold-fusion; god particles; quantum mechanics).

Then there are the self-con-jobs we do to our own lives.

There are professions that take advantage of our human weaknesses in order to provide profit for their employers. Even “liberals” have wanted schools to teach young people how to see through the lies and bullshit called “advertising”, “commercials”, and “public relations”.

There are biological processes which can teach us a lot. One of which is the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly. The former creates the chrysalis, inside of which the pevious “form” disappears, and all the cells become exactly alike. Only after this chaos is created, does the new form appear. We call this metamorphosis.

The caterpillar dies, but the life element continues … as potential.

Now, radically change the scale … seven billion caterpillars, needing to be free of the former order, in order to become … to go on the next step of their journey.

The level of chaos has to reach the fundamental realm where we – as individuals – “understand/know” the world of existence. Our attachment to the what-is-past thought, whether from culture/language/religion/”science” etc., has to be let go, so that we as individuals can consciously form our own world view.

This effort grows something in each individual, that cannot grow without the needed personal effort to distinguish truth from falsity, and good from evil.

Scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – is the Long Con of the Holy Mother [1]. She freed us from direct knowing of the spirit, enclosed us inside our own being, and generated a social work of art no human has ever conceived possible.

***Covid-23 is my name for the Narrative, which I want to distinguish from the actual “thing”. This Narrative was/is all over the place, as can be clear to anyone paying attention to details. “Experts” did not agree as to what was going on, and how best to react to the danger the Narrative insisted was coming at us head on. Politicians trusting “experts” went fifty different ways all over the world. Some appear to have worked better than others. Meanwhile the Media anointed certain “experts” as better than other “experts”. Any “expert” seriously questioning the Narrative was soon buried under an avalanche of op-ed articles in major news papers. Meanwhile, over in social media, the attacks on the “heretics” were vicious and false and made so much noise it was hard to find a tread of truth upon which to rely.

Fear was a fire, that became a problem all on its own … even though in American culture we have Roosevelt’s “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. If one did not conform to the “rules”, they were considered sources of dangerous and deadly contagion.

The Narrative spoke of super-spreaders, and other explanations for dense concentrations of the “outbreak”. The Narrative ignored the fact that most of the symptomatic, and ultimately hospitalized, were elderly folk living in nursing homes. The Narrative only allowed for made up facts, which served keeping the fear level high, and justified its own existence. The contrary views never reach major Media.

In a very real sense, it makes no difference what the underlying science will actually prove, for the point on the pandemic is to bring each individual biography into the stage where it receives Christ’s Fire and Holy Breath.

The Fire is the crisis in each individual biography, and the Holy Breath is the aid we are given when we, ourselves, generate self-made moral responses. When we “choose”, our will is aided by the Mystery, in as fashion so quiet we hardly notice that assistance. Details are in my book “the Way of the Fool” [2]

[1] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

[2] “The Way of the Fool” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/twotf.html

QAnon points of view

I recently read a long article in the New York Times, where a bunch of “experts” in psychology spoke of the unjustified and demented nature of QAnon points of view. All this conspiracy theory is goofy in their “professional line of thought.


These are facts. When the Federal Reserve system was inaugurated around 1917, a very few men, mostly representing banks and other wealthy institutions, put in place a monetary system totally beneficial to their “class”. It allows banks to create money out of nothing, at the moment of making any “loan”. This is called “debt money”. It is possible to use an entirely different money creation system, that could be called “credit money”.

Debt money is a kind of slavery of the lower “classes”. Listen to the song “Sixteen Tons”, and its line “I owe my soul to the company store.” We believe there are no “company stores” anymore, but this is just poor observation of the actual huge scale of interlocking corporate ownership.In the 1920’s, farmers and working people in the mid and north west, formed a genuine populist movement, because it was obvious who was in control. Our actual situation today is that we are so used to this system (frog in a pot), we don’t recognize its effects. We ignore the existence of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the meetings at Davos, and the existence of the Bilderbergers.

Macro social and political decisions are made in such places, which then become the shared views of both parties, Republicans and Democrats, regarding money and government.

The existence of these institutions is recognized in the idea of the “deep state”, although ordinary unhappy people catch only a small scent of the true corruption.

Jeffery Epstein revealed the tip of the iceberg of the wealthy trading in underage flesh, and hardly anyone talks about the fact that if you have the money, you can buy body parts whose original poor owners were killed in order for organs to be available in this hidden market.

People with no religious scruples thrive here, and from an ordinary religious point of view essentially do worship “Satan”.

Ordinary people have good instincts about being screwed left and right. That they lack the intellectual tools to articulate it, in the fashion here, is just another symptom of an educational system designed to create passive workers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the elites endless wars.

Time to wake up folks, put down the rose-colored glasses, and smell the stink.

The Mystery of the “Covid Plague” in the Light of the Primal Paradox

The Mystery of the “Covid Plague” in the Light of the Primal Paradox

Almost a decade ago, when I was finishing up my book: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, whose subtitle was: “A challenge to the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang, by offering A Theory of God and its details as a fully accurate and realistic Theory of Everything” [1] … I wrote a second book to deal with the broader – and more intimate aspects – of the nature of evil: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount” [2].

There I laid out the primal paradox this way: “ … a central aspect of the mystery of evil is the primal paradox … from the point of view of the “others”, now is already perfection, and the only ones learning on the job are those beings we call: human, whose nature it is to be displeased, with the whole gift of life, existence, feeling, thinking, dreaming,”

By “others” I meant to refer to the Divine Mystery. Where we see evil, They see Mystery-immature (us), churning through the trials of self-development over many lifetimes.

In our incompleteness we are dissatisfied. We need/want change. As an aspect of that orientation we Judge, instead of Judge Not.

A bit of history for context …

Millennia ago the world was filled with polytheistic religions. Those views were born in a long ago when before, where we human folk lived among what are now “invisibles”, such as gods and goddesses on a macro scale, and on a micro scale: the little people – such as gnomes and other elemental beings. From these experiences came all the Great Myths of humanity.

Polytheism gave way to three major paternalistic monotheisms, which we know today as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (not three religions, one) [3]. A male God only, and he-they-it could only be known via the relevant priesthood. On a certain level this was about social power.

During the rise of these three “religions”, “Western” Civilization was born.

The “purpose” of this civilization was to serve as a developmental “field” for the growth into maturity of “individuals”. As described in the Art of God, this was all directed to create biographical situations for each incarnating spirit to forge its own path and individual karma.

We were not divine, but fallen, said the priests.

As this spiritual knowledge of reality passed into the mists of time, there arose another religion: scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit – we are animals, born into a world that does not care about us, and destined to live only one life … a purposeful and necessary illusion.

In the Art of God I explained how, as regards the geological record, if viewed as a whole, it could be seen as a long sequence of metamorphosis on a planetary scale. One “field” of life, dying into another, just as a caterpillar becomes butterfly, except that the so-called material planet is actually a Cosmic Being, known and remembered in aboriginal Ways as the Mother.

Direct knowledge of the Divine (gnosis) was supplanted by faith. [4].

Not entirely forgotten, however. In such Ways, as Quabbalah, Sufism, and Alchemy, direct knowing was preserved.

Scientific materialism was necessary, because the female hearts-mind would recoil from what we have ended up doing to Nature and ourselves. The idea that behind the sense world was active self-aware sentient consciousness had to fade away. The more ancient connection – communion-with – gave way to dominion-over.

With the Covid plague, the material way of seeing reached the end of its utility. Materialism lacks wisdom. A civilization without wisdom dies.

That is where we are today – dying into a new becoming. The primal paradox remains. If science included spirit, there would be no contagion, no “bug”/thing of matter causing illness. The point of illness and death is seen in an entirely different way if spirit is included.

At the same time, the reason for all this chaos is for the opportunities it offers to individual biographies to face trials (mostly moral in nature) of self-development. The outer “social” world falls into chaos, with the gift that each is on their own, although there are general features to the trials. Such as: Mask, or no mask. Vaccine or no vaccine.

In Her role as Divine Providence, the Holy Mother – Earth Mother [5] blesses the divine in the human being with opportunity for spiritual growth and self understanding. John the Baptist said this: the One coming after me, I am not even capable of carrying His Sandals. Where I baptize you in the waters of redemption, His coming will baptist us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

This is an outer fire of life troubles, woven into an inner potential to create, out of ourselves, a wiser spiritual-self. Inwardly we can choose, and in the choosing what is meaning and what is moral out of our own being, we meet Him, as friend and helper. We are not alone.

We are both One and Many. Divine and Individual.

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Madness, and the Metamorphose of a Civilization

Madness, and the Metamorphose of a Civilization

Most of the institutions – of present societies all over the world – are in failure mode. What is happening is not understood, so various leaders will make mistakes trying to deal with the accumulating chaos. Those who are kings, presidents, popes, dictators, etc., will increase their efforts at control, lacking the education and wisdom to appreciate that what is happening cannot be controlled.

Some, who view history in a certain light, have blamed “religion” for much that was terrible in the past. This is not entirely unreasonable, from a certain point of view, yet remains a weak analysis and reflection on the course of history over the millennia. Partly this point of view of religious social causality arises, because with the coming of the “scientific age”, the idea was promoted that science would avoid the errors of religion.

The mistake, among scientists in particular, was to fail to notice that scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) is itself “religious”. It is belief system, and hides its “beliefs” in the idea of “theories”. A theory is just another “story”, just as all religions are filled with “stories”. I am not suggesting that the age of science is “wrong”. For the evolution of human consciousness it is an essential stage of development. We are where we are supposed to be. All of us, in fact.

At the same time, scientific materialism fails to know the whole truth, such that many of its theories regarding illness, whether social or individual, lack a key element. Let me give some concrete examples of the nature of the personal and social madness with which we now flirt.

One of the major social institutions, which I have studied for years, is “Media”. In some of my works on a science of the social, I have written that Media is the heart of the heart of the social organism. It connects. It defines. It reveals, and it hides. It is living, given that all the major components are human beings.

It is also deeply corrupted by money and power – in the present. In America’s founding, freedom of speech and of the press was seen as a crucial necessity. When the technology of television arose, everything changed.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, a story about a war in India might take weeks to become a tale in an American newspaper. Last night I saw a story about rain and mud floods in California, immediately the day of the event. Some further historical background may be helpful for what it teaches.

When television grew into its powers in the l950’s, it was understood that the “airwaves” were the property of the people. Their use by corporations, already known for their hungers and excesses, required they be “licensed”. Restraints were put in place over how many stations could be owned by any single company, as at that time we were familiar with the tendency of wealth to try to “monopolize” their ownership of all that they could lay their hands on. As well, our “government” insisted that each station, radio or television, had to have at least an hour a day that was uninfluenced by commercial interests, and be completely devoted to serving the public good.

Viewing habits came into existence, such that national TV networks devoted a half hour to News every evening, and left another half hour open to use by local television News. We became familiar with the newsreaders, and had our favorites. The News profession held itself to certain standards of truth and service. We trusted them to tell us the matters that were real. Investigative reporters were well paid, and found much that was hidden and needed to be exposed.

Luminaries, such as Walter Cronkite, and Edward R. Morrow, defied the efforts of government to assert its agendas via the News. Morrow challenged McCarthy, and Cronkite laid waste to the insanities of the Vietnam War.

Television also changed the nature of politics itself. With the Kennedy-Nixon debates, it became clear that elections would now become very different. Wealth became even more crucial, if one was seeking office, because while the Media might cover such a debate for free, the Networks also sell commercial time to the office seekers, and their political party bosses.

Today millions of dollars are required to run for office, nationally, state-wise, and even local in some instances. A modern congressman, who is elected to a two year term, spends half his/her time chasing money for their next election cycle. In fact, this pursuit begins the day after election, when years before electioneering waited a while to trap us into its vortex of confusing ideas about what was going on, and what could be done about it.

Both the political class, and the wealthy class, saw advantage in ruling the Media narrative. Where once news was about information, it changed to become infotainment. The news hour of national and local information became a source of prime access to an audience, and the commercials sold during that hour commanded high prices. Truth in advertising defaulted to “public relations”, which makes an art of lying.

Keep in mind that America is a relatively “free” society. Where in the world there were more controlling and authoritative governments, Media was more and more simply a place where the powerful only let their story be available. In America, this too became the case, when Karl Rove took all social riddles before government and made them political. Hard to imagine the oxycodone crisis actually being faced, when the whole interlocking system put the “politics” of the issue/question front and center.

Media was co-opted to serve wealth and power, and not the ordinary citizen, as the founders had envisioned with hope. Into this trend came the Internet. There was no center anymore, for knowledge the public needed. No place for social truth.

Major Media was competitive. Today’s national news reader makes several million dollars a year. Each network sought to capture as much of the audience as it could, for the commercial wealth possible. “Breaking News” was a common banner for each show, and the tendency to hype a situation, in order to capture the audience, predominated. The truth about our lives became irrelevant.

People noticed this. From the early years, our artists reminded us that the TV was becoming a vast wasteland of cultural pretense. For many, however, this evening of entertainment, with its comedies, continuing dramas, and variety hours, actually served a role that most critics didn’t see.

Here we get to a core observation.

The human being has limited physical and mental resources. Most people’s work life is tiring, even exhausting. For many, such as office workers, the mind was required to serve the corporations need. At the end of a long day folk needed to shut down. TV entertainments gave pleasure without demanding more of one’s forces of soul and spirit. Coming home, opening a beer, kicking back in a comfortable chair, relaxes body and mind.

Among all these efforts at control, by the wealthy and powerful, there was another more rebellious spirit: Artists. Rock ‘n Roll, jazz, hip hop, … long list of individuals saying truth to each other, at whatever the cost.

As advertising based television was overtaken by subscription programming sources, such as HBO and its brothers and sisters, the arts found a freedom denied where advertising commerce had once reigned. Boundaries regular TV could not cross, regarding sex, violence, and anti-government sentiments, disappeared, while the streaming Media gave us what we needed. Reality via art.

Oddly, and understandably, as these sources proliferated, each person became able to define their own informational and emotional “input”. We were free to see the world the way we wanted to see it, and find in TV sources – and internet – support for those views.

What appeared to be true broke into a million shards of complex mirrors.

With the pandemic, Media became hysterical, in its drive for viewers. Politicians went insane trying to control the narrative for their particular benefit, while not really knowing anything other than what the News did, … which was that experts, trained in scientific materialism, were saying over and over again: be afraid, be really afraid.

We should not hope at all, at least as regards the “plague”, that the public is being given any reliable information. To someone with any true scientific sense, the numbers of cases and deaths are all wrong.

Cases are based upon the use of a device to detect tiny parts of virus, which is only a relative of the current fantasy monster. Where the truth circles, mostly out of sight, these instruments give about 90% false positives. Almost all deaths in hospitals are assigned to the Covid-bug, even though no autopsies are being performed.

The factors related to stress, sensitivity (such as gluten allergies), and will to live, are ignored, … given materialistic medicines’ need to ignore spirit and soul aspects in favor of entirely assumed purely matter based causes.

From “science” to Media to politicians … a plague of madness and ignorance reigns. How can the public not go mad as well.

In the realm of Spirit and Soul: aka Faerie, among the Fae the devolution of civilization into a world-wide madhouse has meaning. This confusion has purpose, especially when we move our focus from the general social realities, to the individual’s own biography.

Faerie has four gates: Life and Death; Waking and Sleeping; Sanity and Madness; and Remembering and Forgetting. These experiences for each of us are a “threshold” experience, a sensing of the boundary between spirit and matter. That boundary is normal, although in the present situation more to the fore-front of our experience. Attend to your dreams. Wisdom is being offered there.

The future is being born from the bottom up, instead of the top down. Trust yourself. “find the path to the future, through the gateways of the past” thecollectiveimagination.com

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Environmental Law Cases,

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Environmental Law Cases, as an aspect of legal strategies and tactics, especially as regard the voir dire of these “experts”.

By Joel A. Wendt, 80 years of age and a self described “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”. He went to the USAF Academy for three years, then transferred to University of Denver, getting a BA in pre-seminary studies. Took the LSAT, got 698, and went to the University of Montana School of Law, graduated in 1967, with the high A in Evidence. Licensed to practice in both Montana and Colorado, and spent 6 months as clerk on the Montana Supreme Court. This latter experience ruined his idealism, and the law fell to the side for a life time of self-education, while working in restaurants and mental hospitals. His e-business card is here, and his CV there. [0]

I have a client. She is both visible and invisible. She speaks to us through what we call Rogue Weather, and is the Guide and Rider of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. [1]

We moderns live in a world where the dominant religion is what I call “unnatural science”. This view is entirely materialistic – all is matter, there is no spirit. It arises from habits of thought that only measure and count – everything is seen as number – a fully quantitative view. [2]

In philosophical circles, the central question concerns the nature of “qualia”, such as the taste of a tomato. Scientific materialism shoves this fact under the rug, precisely because it involves giving equal or more value to the remarkably rich qualitative, and subjective, aspects of human experience.

In the last few decades, the pursuit of this kind of quantities-only science ran into to two boundary conditions. One in physics, the other in brain/mind studies. At issue is the same question: What is human consciousness?

Physics tells the tale that, at the quantum level of particle interactions, consciousness is required for the potential to become the real [3]. For the brain scientists, consciousness is studied as an aspect of the physical and biological effects of the nervous system, centered in the brain. [4]

If we follow the coming into being of these riddles, we find that the leading ideas have to be called theories. They have little empirical basis, mostly being conjectures. Not all those who let themselves be labeled as scientific experts appreciate this. Our explanations of human existence, under scientific materialism, consist of a large number of unproven conjectures, woven into a few dominant threads of theoretical thought. [5]

The crucial point is to realize that the expert has a “religion”, and a careful voir dire can reveal the existence of views entirely faith based, in the scientific communities, which are more like churches, ruled by priests. This is a situation made all the worse by the kind of politics internal to university departments, and the infusion of money in terms of defining, supporting, and rewarding “research”. [6]

This is only a little bit a tragedy. She gives us lessons, and the current one, the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot, is harsh indeed. The crucial aspect of Her works of Art are not found in the Events, so much as the Aftermath. She is Divine Providence. [7]

For example, if we accept the ancient’s ideas of there actually being Fate and Fortune (rather then chance and random), we just might notice that what has/is happening is the bringing to a halt a civilization that is rushing too fast. The “plague” is not so much about death, as it is about life. The life we want, but don’t get, because we have to work three jobs to keep bread on the table. [8]

“Western” Civilization is dying into new becoming. The plague slows the rush to a crawl, with folk now isolated, fearful, confused, and faced with issues of daily scarcity. I once called this observable process, in its early stages, as the third-worlding of America. Nothing much to do but reflect, something previously impossible given the rush and the endless noisy distractions. Event and Aftermath, a principle that is individualized, although common. Chaos is often a necessary precondition to real changes.

For example, … in what claims to be the richest Nation in the world, there is no excuse for homelessness, given the huge number of unused homes, falling into decay because no one is there taking care of them. Homes owned not by humans, but by a corporation-world, using/creating the pyramid of debt the Lords of Finance crave. [9]

Scientific materialism does not understand the true nature of death, or the role of illness in life. A curious person, not easily miss-led, might wonder that if the Divine Mystery is Real: Why did we lose the connection once known (still today, in practice and point of view) in the ancient Earth Religions?

Love wishes Their children to be free. To “choose” to go Home, back to the Garden, and enjoy the waiting Feast. A choice. Dare we say the Goddess Natura and Her companions are to be “courted”? [10] Of course, the sentient consciousness inside the world of the senses has Her/His Ways. Love requires two. In point of fact, environmentalism is a natural hunger for just this – to know the Mystery, personally. No priests, even of science, are to tell us what to think, feel, or do.

Not everyone will make such a choice. All the same, this is true: If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.

Let me next lay out a possible scenario:

Beginning this coming Earth Day, various environmental law firms, all over the planet, file suits against corporations for their abuse of their workers, their customers, and the living environment all have a right to share. Other suits, ongoing and needed badly, can get a lift from the annual world wide celebration of the sentient nature of the so-called: “environment” [11]

The Client for these suits is the Planet. This places in the Courts of Law a remarkable question, which does not have to be realized – in the beginning – with anything we might call a “win”. It is a valid strategy to use such a tactic, to offer an opportunity for engaging the Court of Public Opinion.

Such suits should include the joining of at least three multinational corporations. This creates a situation where those companies may attack each other – via separation of defendants petitions: It’s not us, its the other guy.

The point is to understand the power of a regular Earth Day Rite, which faces directly the underlying truths that the reason we are dying in this plague is because of the failure of scientific materialism to produce a viable scientific medicine. The human world is being killed by anticipated greed and ordinary human ignorance. [9, again] All the same, Her Wisdom is that we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Of particular importance is to consider the opening moves of such law suits. Some will argue that the “Planet” has no standing, for example. Others will insist the plaintiffs get past a motion to dismiss. Where’s the evidence – that the Planet has an interior sentient self consciousness – some might ask?

As to the latter, there is a literature with which I am very familiar. Science with spirit. If the motion to dismiss seeks evidence, we can do our version of a “document dump”. I recommend 14 books. [12] There are thousands.

To appreciate this historically, recall (if you once knew) the idea of the Copernican Revolution. In the 16th Century the Roman Church killed heretics, who later became heroes of the emerging “scientific” religion. This Revolution reached its – all is matter, there is no spirit – peak in the mid-19th Century. Thus arose the religion of Scientism, which is the belief that scientific theory is actually scientific fact. Its core beliefs are: Big Bang Cosmology [13], and Darwinian Evolution [14].

At the same time, there was a counter-Copernican stream of thought, where the idea of spirit was kept alive. Not all scientists were materialists. In the Romantics and Transcendentalists movements, this spirit in favor of spirit, while remaining true to scientific principles, came alive anyway. S.T. Coleridge, Emerson, Goethe, Kepler, and Faraday are some of their luminaries. The ultimate result was the Anthroposophy work of Rudolf Steiner, an aspect of which he called: Spiritual Science.

Steiner was a kind of midwife, inspiring a spiritual Anthroposophical medicine, a spiritual scientific methodology (Goetheanism), a spiritual agriculture (Biodynamics), a spiritual education (Waldorf Schools), and much else besides

Most of the 14 books [15], pointed to above, are rooted in those communities that have risen from these fields of thought in the 20th Century. One of the minds that contributed to this list (Owen Barfield) wrote another book called “Speaker’s Meaning”.

He “reads” the history of meaning and the meaning of history, through the study of the phenomenological developments that arise over time in the ever changing meanings of words. In this book Barfield points out that languages have a birth-youth, phases of development, and then maturity.

In their youth they are completely literal. If it was experienced, it was given a name. From those millennia ago cultures came all the Great Myths of the ancients. Those peoples actually saw gods and goddesses and fauns and gnomes.

The choice to re-embrace a scientific sense of the spirit (the ancient Egyptians had what they called: Hermetic Science, aka Magic [16]), … this choice belongs to the individual, whatever social forces various religions, politics, or businesses apply to resist accepting our true human heritage.

Bullet points: Modern science is a religion, and its experts mostly believers in one or another of unproven scientific theories. A proper voir dire can force the “expert” to admin the limitations of his/her way of knowing. On a wider scale, the idea of the Earth Day Rite means to focus annually on the deeper Mystery: If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law. It is unnecessary to “win” such suits. That they are happening will have a deeper influence in the Court of Public Opinion, than in Courts of Law. Effecting public awareness translates into a change in the overall conversation, which opens all manner of new and unpredictable doors into the future.

The author of this Note is available for video consultations, at no cost.

[0] e-card: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/wendtagency.html and CV: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thetree.html

[1] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/ uses a phenomenological mode of thought to find the real meaning of the underlying spiritual nature of catastrophic world-wide events. Given that some readers of this Note will have justifiable doubts, I offer this for certain details as regards the “pandemic”: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/06/12/the-theology-of-the-germ-theory-of-dis-ease/

Further necessary reading: The Invisible Rainbow, Plague of Corruption, and the works of Tom Cowan, heretical (the AMA just took his license to practice) medical doctor: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”; “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Iillnesses”; “Cancer and the New Biology of Water; https://www.chelseagreen.com/writer/thomas-cowan-md/ and “The Contagion Myth” https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Contagion-Myth/Thomas-S-Cowan/9781510764620

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[4] “I am not my brain, the map is not the territory” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/brain.html Decades ago it was common for scientific thinkers, on the brain and our personal consciousness, to recognize the “assumption” nature of their view that the brain does it all. “It is old hat to say that the brain is responsible for mental activity. Such a claim may annoy the likes of Jerry Falwell or the Ayatollah, but it is more or less the common assumption of educated people in the twentieth century. Ever since the scientific revolution, the guiding view of most scientists has been that knowledge about the brain, its cells and its chemistry will explain mental states. However, believing that the brain supports behavior is the easy part: explaining how is quite another.” (Mind Matters: How the Mind and Brain interact to Create Our Conscious Lives, Michael S. Grazzanica Ph.D. pp 1, Houghton Mifflin, Boston 1988). This older recognition of the assumption nature has disappeared, and today the conjecture is being treated as fact.

[5] “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgod.html I took the fundamentals of certain spiritual truths- such as reincarnation and karma, especially at the level of social phenomena, and expressed those ideas as a “theory”, in order to fit my work on a spiritual social science properly into the scientific way of knowledge. A central idea is to realize that the Mystery is “distributed”, each aspect makes their own contribution, especially including the human being

[6] “Eisenhower’s Farewell Address” https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=false&doc=90&page=transcript We all remember the bit about the military industrial complex … he also saw the impact of money on our universities as equally dangerous to our way of life.

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[8] https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/10/11/why-are-so-many-dying/ The pandemic narrative is mistaken. The sources of its flaws are a natural consequence of scientific materialism. The real meaning of the global plague, when stripped of the self-serving presentations of the Narrative from corporations and government officials, … this real meaning will help us face more easily the continuous oncoming tsunami of future history.

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[13] http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/space.html “The Misconception of Cosmic Space as exists in the Modern Ideas of Astronomy” A discussion of the history of the ideas of red shift, and parallax, revealing that our materialistic view of the stellar world is missing crucial spiritual knowledge.

[14] “Dogma and Doubt” by Ron Brady: https://www.natureinstitute.org/ronald-h-brady/dogma-and-doubt Of what value is a theory that can’t be tested? The Nature Institute is itself a locus of deep earth scientific wisdom

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[16] In this regard, the writings of Franz Bardon on Hermetic Science are superior in every way: “Initiation into Hermetics”; “The Practice of Magical Evocation”; and, “The Key to the True Quabbalah”. Very ironic if, as Arthur C. Clark suggested, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

End Note Humor: Headline of NYT 2/23/2020: “Banished by Trump but Brought Back by Biden, Fauci Aims to ‘Let the Science Speak’”. Imagine this “expert” forced to appear in a court of law, and be subjected to rules of evidence as regards what he knows, and what he believes. Epidemiology takes the rule “association does not prove causality”, ignores it, and using statistics (there are lies, then there are big lies, while last – and least reliable – statistics.) forces public policy in a direction that benefits the wealthy, over the real health of the citizen. No surprise there – business as usual, as all who seek environmental justice well know.



the Story

I have an invisible friend. I gave/felt her name – Tiger-Saucy, of clan spicy-spark, by way of penetrating thought – that she/he/it had a kind of attitude. A more ancient age might have called “her” a “familiar” spirit.

I believe we all have familiar spirits, invisible. More than one if we pay attention. Their activity stands out in the deeps of night, when the worries circle ’round. Lots of names: double, doppleganger, shadow, djinn, ghost, fairy, … fears of manifold textures, who are actually our moon-light teachers. In the caves, and hidden lakes, filled with luminescent mushrooms, and bits of flying darkness, … bats in the belfry was used once upon a time.

I was born in 1940, lost my political virginity when I was fifteen. Lost hope on a long ago November. The better I understood the way the real world seemed to work – social Darwinism in action – the more foul it seemed.Its the “system” we complained. A world that did not behave, … it was not fair, there was no justice. Unless you were rich and powerful and did not care about anything but yourself.

I lived in the Berkeley-San Francisco magical school nexus for almost 14 years. Turned out I had a talent for the sacred secrets. Science with magic. A Mystery so amazing that there was room and imagination to build a moment, when over 7 billion human beings could crash their individual way against (or with) the world of the invisibles.

Got touched a couple of times, higher level familiars as it were. The Burning Bush, JC, His Mom, … They don’t mind the familiarity, or need worship actually. All of us humans are having a trial-to-the-wall, personal initiation. We live within, and as a contributing part of, a Divine Work of Art.

In the end of the Game of Thrones, a favorite character, makes a speech, regarding the meaning of all that has passed, and what is to come: His point is that the crucial element is the Story we tell.In end of the recent season of the Mallorian, the same bit of wisdom appears. It is not the dark-sabre that is the power, but the Story of how it was won that is the power.

Awhile ago I wrote about the “bad” being generated in the souls of all the younger generations … it was not so much the fear, that can be dealt with, … rather it was the theft of dreams. What dreams do the young have, given our present ways of seeing world events?

We make now the Story, ourselves, each time we inwardly reflect, or write or speak. There is no future but what we make. (Sarah Conner, Terminator movies)&&& Who do you fear? Why do you fear them? Do you know “them” in the particular? How do we act next? I feel rage against injustice, stupidity, avarice, lying, … in the general. If I met one of those ‘insurrectionists” as a person with a life of their own, … I wrote a tale about the use of “guns” as peaceful weapons: “Counting Coup” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/coup.html

&&& Litany of Fear: Dune, Frank Herbert“I must not fear.

“Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”