Evil …

Hymns to the Holy Mother

Evil …

The logic of “evil” is odd. Evil requires, for meaning at the conceptual level, Good. Each is married to the “other”. The next level of odd, has to do with the truth, which is that not only are Good&Evil married, that marriage is an embodied reflection of aspects of the Divine Mystery Itself.

In my book “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”, I write there, as part of the modern conception of God, the idea that observable reality reveals God is distributed, with the same virtues we notice in distributed computing. Keep in mind that distributed computing is useful both to solve certain mathematical/scientific questions requiring a lot of processing power, and it is also a fertile field for “bots” running/dancing to the selfish songs born in black-hat hacking.

If we are a sensible person, we also see how in life individuals make decisions, which decisions effect other folks as well. These “choices” (whether between good&evil, or some other duality) effect the world. We author the choice, and as an aspect of that it is the distributed god&devil – within us, that chooses.

A sane understanding of Goethean science would cause folk to realize that spirit is everywhere right next to matter. Another married duality. Angels&demons. Men&women.

If we look within, at our feelings, that the properly chastised L. Ron Hubbard misnamed “the reactive mind”, we find another married duality, generally labeled: sympathy&antipathy. Here – in these feelings – is a tendency to move toward what we like, and away from what we do not like. This reactive feeling life, with its dual nature, has deep roots. In a certain Way, these feelings are “intelligence”, even if later we cannot articulate “reasons” for why we did what we did.

Rudolf Steiner described his view of the macrocosmic reality as containing another duality, which he named: Lucifer&Ahriman. The logos (logical) nature of such married dualities is that they are also united, and always a whole. There is no meaning if they are conceived as separate. Steiner taught that Christ was in between these two, and that Life was about our learning how to personally maintain the right relationship among polar conditions – we are the In Between that balances.

The use of the word Christ involves us with a more pressing problem, as regards the religious history of the world. To resolve this means first off to see the rise of the three monotheisms as a reflection in the “earth” sphere of macrocosmic qualities – the Divine Mystery is not just Christ, but Allah and Jehovah simultaneously. All duality is in reality a trinity.

There is a social/spiritual set of observations called “Theory U”. It finds there is descent and then assent, again a duality. In the case of the Hebrews, they became people of the law. Very strict rules, which according to Steiner made possible the creation of a quite definite strain of genetic inheritance. Some work&order was necessary for there to be a body which a God could live for a time.

Rules and obedience. The Hebraic Divinity appears in multiple ways, including phenomena like burning bushes, pillars of cloud, and seas that obey the prayers of wizards. The old Testament is filled with dreamers dreaming, and poet-kings singing. Remnants of the goddess religions being slowly subsumed, as the three monotheism began the work of imprinting themselves on the world.

Descent needed to follow by ascent. The earth-impression of the Divine Mystery is complex, and while on the one hand both the Hebrew – and already born Christian – religions there also needed to be a balancing upward movement. Earth and Heaven being woven together, with the last “people of the book” – Islam, being deeply connected to the Mother, to the social heart – the family, and to the Idea of Surrender. We forget history’s song, when we judge Islam and do not recognize that during Europe’s dark age, Islam flowered with genius everywhere.

All three are being destroyed from within, through the advocates of my way or the high way, a common human foible that insures that social forms evolve. Another repetition of the primary marriage of polar states of consciousness.

Part of the current world situation is made especially acute, due to the fact that we feel we are a separate self, over here, while there is an outside/experienced world that is not us. Another duality, that is fundamentally a trinity, which totality itself is a unity, a marriage not in name only. No wonder Christ urges us to cleave to each other, and become again as little children.

Every human being is their own Path. Be yourself; and, I hope the above meditation on “Evil …” has been useful.

Tiger-Saucy contemplates the Quantum nature of the Orgasm

[for more of TS’s wisdoms, go here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/the-misadventures-of-tiger-saucy-the-last-faerie-teacher-of-shamans/ ]

Some of the following words appeared and disappeared from the “discussions” of sexual congress in the U.S. of A (the Americas are where Shamans are bred]: the g-spot; the pill (on or off); STDs; herpes; AIDS; clitoral orgasms; vaginal organisms; cocks; cunts; pussy; ass; erections; and the two dominant “words”, although they are joined at the groin as it were: fuck and motherfucker.

A master shaman (shamans are stories tellers, all manner of stories) is George Carlin, especially known for his discourse on pussy farts.

From the stand point of Faerie, while the Age of Fallen Eros has an understandable and necessary degeneration of language arts, this most recent period does not yet begin to capture the eloquence of poets. The Fae would like an improvement, a return to elegance, subtlety, and, wit. Our coarseness in language is a reflection of thoughtless-thought, which while perhaps evoking an emotional release, tends always to land in the soul of the other, like a stone … and worse, often without a later sincere apology.

The use of the “word” is a great gift to all: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/giftoftheword.html

This aspect of anal associations in language is not always awful. On the contrary the whole relation between the material landscape and that of Faerie lives in the wonders of human love songs. Pixies are known to swoon when the hearts of humans are given wings through music.

Hope, tragedy, blues, jazz, reggae, hip hop, opera, Bollywood … songs for battles, funerals, parties, and just for the fuck of it.

To return to the search for the Quantum Orgasm …

Modern thought-life has acquired habits, ways of common speaking. Materialistic science strongly influences the shape of this thought-life, particularly the tendency to see parts instead of wholes. The words above were about “parts” for the most part. We are educated into our language, much of it colorful metaphors, as Kirk says to Spock in Star Trek IV: “The Voyage Home”.

The earthly face of a woman is as evocative as is her heavenly face. Some years ago, an independent film was shown at the San Francisco Art Institute. It was about three minutes long, in black and white, and the crowd overflowed the small hall (7 or 8 hundred people). There were no ads, just word of mouth, and the fact that a number of members of the audience had been part of the film.

The name of the film was “Twat”.

It had taken several years to film, but as various women heard of the work they would go to the studio where they lie back in a chair with stirrups, and have their vagina photographed.

Over 300 single shoots, revealing in three minutes the astounding fact that every woman’s earthly face is different from every other woman’s earthly face.

As the film began, for the first fifteen seconds the audience twittered and giggled, and then silence, the silence of standing in front of art revealing truth.

Everything in love making is part of a process. It is and remains a whole, regardless of the Quantum Orgasm. Quantum here means wandering into the realm of Faerie where are kept useless ideas, but having been created by the Children of Gods&Goddesses, they must be cataloged and archived for purposes of cautionary tales as well as historical arcana.

Humans create language, endlessly. Some are songs of pain and terror – wordless screams in a cell. As Western Civilization dies into its new becoming, languages are open to substantial invention. It is an open question (the idea of how language is composed – the song within the notes), whether or not every utterance is true.

That these utterances exist, there is no doubt. Human beings create thought and that thought lives. This fact reveals a remarkable opportunity, in the sense of creating/birthing new culture from the smoldering ashes of the old.

There is in Faerie a tribe devoted to silly. Silly is more than coloring outside the lines. At its best it is shocking, like the sage/fool/dwarf upsetting every monarch’s mental-mind-set-corpse of old thought, by dangerously throwing it on the floor and stomping on it. As Tyrion Lannister sez in Game of Thrones: “all we really are is stories”.

For purposes of this operation, “quantum” means a set of ideas, that while real in the sense of having been thought into existence, … that set of ideas is not true … or good … or beautiful. For far too many details, the lazy mind should not go here: “Letters on Magic”, a series of letters that considers the relationship between the four classical elements of the ancient Egyptians (fire-Will; air-Intellect; water-Feeling; and earth-Consciousness), and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics (gravity, electo-magnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear interactions) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/05/20/letters-about-magic/

By the way, the male’s earthly face is what is unclothed, leaving his heavenly face & her earthly face, much in need of less coarse adoration.

more Facebook rants in my pants


Well, …. suppose that weather is a product of the activity of certain divine beings. I don’t suggest this for any other reason than that if this is true, how does that change our understanding of the situation?

So, …. the interior and many coastal areas of the US of A have been saturated with what some think of as rogue storms. What happens after?

A few folks are dead. Hundreds and even thousands are homeless, and will be homeless for a long time. These “displaced” people survive in the beginning by being sheltered in large groups of strangers. So what Mom is up to is way beyond the “experiment” above. She’s forcing people to remember they need each other, and the last thing anyone in this situation needs is political arguments.

All that b.s. gets set aside as thousands upon thousands are uprooted and forced to hang out with others in the same fix. That connection gets past politics.

In the heartland then a weather generated sacrament of “get your shit together, because these storms are just my openers, and if you don’t find out how to work together, and to care about strangers, I’ve plenty more “climate change” to throw in your direction.”

Because of weather, folk take up the call from far away, attach the boat trailer to the pickup, and politics and the color of your skin just doesn’t mean all that much anymore.

And, …. while I’m at it, you’ve been screwing up the lands fertility something fierce, so this big flood, which knocks down all your efforts to channel My living waters where it really isn’t needed, will come silt laden into your homes and yards and streets, …

If wise, then, don’t go back and build another home on the land you believe belongs to you (when all aboriginal peoples know we belong to the Land). Plant trees and home gardens and rethink all of your water course b.s.

Times to come, some will share, and yes, others will take. To bad Americans aren’t nuts about guns. Maybe the takers will not be too successful if we armed some vets to protect the gardens, and waters, and mothers and children.

Just saying ….



All over the world are folk, who by culture see the natural world in a different Way. Sometimes we call these folk: aboriginals.
About 15 years ago I listened to a native elder, at a Bioneers conference, talk about “climate change” making a metaphor between that and the rheostat. You may have one in your dinning room, if you turn it on you can slowly increase the level of the light, but at some point the light goes – not only not higher – it goes off.
Atmospheric heating, in his view, is just leading edge of a cold process. He also pointed to animal migrations, which suggest to the wisdom of the four legged and the winged folk, that going south (away from future cold) is safer than going north (away from future heat).
With scientists arguing over numbers, we might recall this folk wisdom: first there is lies, then there is big lies, and last&fworst there is statistics. Each side uses numbers to make long range predictions about stuff that are at best statistical probabilities, which means guesses.
That said, the Monsters living in multinational corporations are killing all of us, and the climate change debate is noise, behind which hides folk who don’t mind making billions killing the rest of us. The climate change debate is a distraction, and at the same time – via Greta and others – Mother-as-Providence is making armies of angry women and children, who are the last people our corrupt public servants actually worry about …
So, they will have to worry about themselves, and, as has been noticed for millennia, there a certain kinds of folk you do not want to have mad at you. We are far from the concluding themes of this symphony of madness.
Sad but true, destruction is often a necessary precursor to renewal. Mom burns forests as part of their life cycle, using the ash for new growth.


A long time ago, in the Way back when before, an ancient Egyptian priest worked with an Immortal to develop the Emerald Tablet. That tale is here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/…/memories-in-the…/

Over time various other wisdoms of these ancient folk expanded their understanding, and if it were not for a Fae Spirit, using the name Saint Germain over a century ago, we would not have this text: “Practical Astrology” [ is still in print, by the way ], which is the only text I know that combines into a single system: astrology, numerology and tarot.

The images of Tarot in that book are quite remarkable, for example the Fool card for moderns was called by these ancients: The Crocodile. In that system this Arcane is XXII, the last, which is a kind of oddity, given that most systems place it anywhere but that, usually using some version of a dancing figure – the Universe – for the last card.

Except, that before The Crocodile we have Arcane XXI, The Crown of the Magi – see image below. I wrote of this in: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/…/the-lyre-of…/

You will notice in the image a seated figure holding a lyre, above which are the symbols for the four elements (fire, air, water, earth), in the center of which is a symbol for the akasha, or Causal Source of Everything.

It used to be possible to buy a deck based on Practical Astrology, now it is uncertain. I own one. Forty years ago, I was at a gathering of a friend, who was channeling what came to be: Messages from Michael. We could ask questions, so I asked what Michael might have to say about the Tarot …

… more or less: you need to understand that the deck you hold your hand is a living conscious being.

Tarot is one aspect of a profound truth-teaching in symbols. Look at the cards you use, and wonder them into your daydreaming reveries. They are a Gate to Faerie, a realm ruled by His Mother.

in the dark of the night

Grief, Despair, Hopelessness & Helplessness,

Shadow friends in the darkest hours ~ of night ~ usually …

Sometimes my soul is an open wound,

even sound & light hurt.

And, … as to thoughts? Or the thoughtless words of supposed friends?

The dark side of the Force always seems to want to wrestle,

but to what end?

No pain, no gain. Right?

As you age the wars get tiresome, and even boring …

A nice thunderstorm is more friendly, for it wears no mask.

Does Death stalk me, or do I stalk death?

Is it wrong to want respect, for a lifetimes work?

Or, is the main failure a delusion ~ that I thought I could fix the world?

A world that does not need fixing, by the way.

That world, all the same, is only in my mind.

In itself this is glorious, except …

All the worlds ~ of every mind ~ seem unique.

Language becomes a useless tool, through which to cross the abyss between us.

Any Art fails to effect change, except in the heart of the artist.

Still: Grief, Despair, Hopelessness & Helplessness, are good friends,

because the whole world swims in such seas.

I may not understand your words, but that Life is Suffering ~~~

This land of the soul we All know well.

A common ground, in the dark of night.

everyone needs to come out of their closet

Dear physicians and healers in all of us,

My name is Joel A. Wendt. I am 79 years old, this coming December 23rd. Almost 80. As an Elder in America, perhaps my song may ease some of the pain of this time, which the Hopi prophecies describe as: “the Day of Purification”. Yeats spoke of it: “… the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”. John the Baptist said that the One coming after him would Baptize us all “in Fire and Holy Breath.” The “One” being the same Dude who said: Not Peace but a Sword.

We (All Our Relations, including the Earth/Mother) are confronted with a mostly unrecognized religion, that believes more in death than it does in life: scientific materialism, aka Scientism. “All is matter, there is no spirit” is their song. Scientism (the belief that modern theories are the truth), is a major flaw of thought. It is based upon a fundamentally arrogant&bigoted assumption: That the human being is the only sentient being (a bearer of a self-conscious interior life) in the sphere of Earth existence.

The Nature we see outside our caves of wood, glass, and concrete, is looking back at us, more awake than are we, waiting patiently for us to grow up. If the right questions are asked, the history of the world is filled with ancient aboriginal Ways of knowing the Mother&Friends. Wisdom is right at your feet, among the oldest legends of where you live.

If we are paying attention, we know the whole world burns with human conflict. Human conflict. You don’t see forests invading the oceans, and fighting over territory, using weapons of mass destruction.

Unrestrained human appetites lead the rich and powerful towards violence, as the only currency they value, or so sez the character White Rose, in the TV show: Mr. Robot. Are the soul$less corporations the apex predators, who are devouring our own Mother?~?

The quick ~ down and dirty ~ analysis of the situation shouts this: Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming, and our lives are caught up in that Tsunami of Future History, which is washing over us all ~ one moment, one vote, one tweet at a time. We surf and sail these seas of increasing social chaos, that are to be characterized with ~ apparently ~ too much senseless death.

Or, … if karma and reincarnation is real, then maybe death is not senseless, but truly a mystery.

My blog/writings are at this address: thecollectiveimagination.com … a place where I begin by describing myself as: a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic. There is a reason for this description. What makes us us is from what tribes did we spring. We are all born shamans of those tribes, all of which have “shared values” (which is horrible language) … my mother grew up in a one room dirt floor school house in the Plains of western Montana. Recall the stories of Your tribes. There is spirit song in everyone

Another age might call me a prophet, and oddly my birth name “Joel” is found in the Hebrew Bible, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Joel

The problem with these kinds of individuals ~ such as I’n I, who chose to throw I body&mind into the intellectual gears of industrial civilization ~ is that we don’t have nice-nice stories to tell. We show up when the Time calls for “dangerous knowledge”. What could be more dangerous than a counter-Copernican revolution, one which finds that the Earth, home to all of us (rich, poor, lame, and silly), is “scientifically” a cosmic Being. The Mother is real, always was.

This then is about the death of scientific materialism, and its replacement with the true, the good, and the beautiful aspects of the spirit, that all children know as magic.

Meanwhile there are battles to be fought, and in that War, the vaccination crisis is serious front.

In the realm of politics, we have too much corruption, which itself comes from folk who lie, cheat, steal, and kill, to maintain their own appetites at the expense the so-called less fortunate. They don’t care about anything but themselves, yet from such fertile fields the Genius of History births revolutions, in thought, or ~ if necessary ~ in blood.

A matter-only science is killing the spirit of the children. Vaccinations are only one tool in this arsenal, encouraged by those who want dominion over, at the expense of communion with. The prophet/seer Rudolf Steiner advanced human knowledge into a monism ~ a One-ness, showing that matter&spirit are a unity, and that the apparent duality of the mind-body problem can be resolved through direct personal experience. Or, if you like sentimental platitudes: Will the good, think with the heart, and see what miracles happen right in front of you.

You/we/us/them, from stone to star, make/reinvent a new world everyday, … one Groundhog~day at a time. Trump&Company are the flies laying maggot eggs of destruction on a failed form of social/political order: the Politics of Division. Don’t feed that wolf, … just remember we all have a “those” that are a “them”. So what that the Play of Folly in Washington D.C. is a rotting corpse, seemingly leaking its poisons on us all. The Mother cleanses with Flood, Earthquake, and Fire.

Who do you think drives the Four Horseman, active everywhere/when in our world?~!~?

D.C. is not a swamp, but a self chosen graveyard for excesses of ambition. Watch the Play and be glad you were not cast in any of those roles. Dance and make merry, because there are more of us than there are of them, and all lives are a becoming birthed in the actual Baptism by Fire and Holy spirit, met through the personal life-trials of our own choosing.

Be a together, or an isolate. Neither is wrong, and there is ~ for everyone ~ just the right portion of individual karma. Keep in mind this Law: We are all getting just enough rope to hang ourselves by. An early teacher of mine wrote: Sweep before your own door first.

There was – in the last third of the 20th Century – the beginning of an Earth-Sphere wide Dionysian initiation, that broke upon the world – from roots in America in the 1960’s, in the form of the intoxications of sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. This continues, in waves. A new age of Wicca, Zen, magic, paganism, … a near endless list. In spite of scientific materialism, folks understand the law of what goes around comes around (karma) and that the “Universe” (used to be called Divine Providence) does both give and take away.

For a more modern take on the dangerous nature of such folk ~ to which I am choosing/confessing to be a member ~ is that we are all born in the same school of hard knocks and shared pain. Let us then take the word “prophet” and update/reboot it for our Age with this name: Envoy. If you want to know that Idea-story watch the TV show “Altered Carbon”, in which the ~ apparently ~ last envoy (jedi) is awakened as a kind of stunt, in a time which really doesn’t know the trouble that just showed up.

Our World is birthing Envoys by the millions. When the Mother is active, She generates armies. We are everywhere, with many kinds of gifts (e.g. women in politics) In Altered Carbon there is a female teacher, to which any student needs to pay attention. I wrote of her wise rules here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/the-envoy-mystique/

Trying to deal with the wider issues of the vaccination crisis (what are these thrice-dead substances doing to the spirit of the child?) … will require taking the battle to another front, one where the rich and powerful liars and cheaters have less sway. Understand the counter-Copernican revolution, for you are part of the revolution/deconstruction of scientific materialism. We are not alone, and major folk in invisible places, such as Faerie, are quite willing to help. We just need to remember how to adore and celebrate once more the Mother. The truth is not out there, it is within us.

Think of this crisis (the Day of Purification) as happening in stages. The bad wolf goes too far, and people don’t want to take it anymore. There is more that can be done, in addition to fighting among the ceaseless legislative squalls. There has been an effect – in spite of what can seem as failure, which is that people self-organized. They have (and are) coming together, and that aspect of renewed social cohesion is itself a sign of the re-emergence ~ from vague memory ~ of this fact: That in America, the Citizen is the Sovereign.

Yes. Revolution. Can that be sane? Never is. The collective social wisdom of human beings – via shared cultural treasures ~ is itself more health-giving than all the money and power in the world. Not all of technology’s gifts are outright dangerous. We have ~ for at least a bit more of time ~ magic-lanterns in our pockets, joining hearts and minds, of many different Ways … who is to say that another person’s Way is wrong.

Still, … if it harms children, we don’t have to put up with it.

All the same, do not expect there will be no violence ~ mostly fostered by the Owners, who easily pay agents~!~provocateurs to hide in place in every possible threatening organization. The NSA is watching. Do not doubt if for a minute.

I wrote a movie-treatment in which the leading characters were able to identify the “spy”, and feed them false information. It is called: The Grandmother War. http://thegrandmotherwar.com/

Other details of possible understandings that might help, are here: “Economic and Social Rebellion”

Never doubt for a moment. Never give up, never surrender. You are on the side of the Angels.

monsters from the id

In the season of Autumn,

what has been most living sets itself afire,

making the air bright with wisdom.

The Thrice Bordered Sphere, where Humanity lives,

… a double-sphered surface, a narrow place when we think of the infinity of stars. Make a picture – the idea of a sphere which is able to fill the whole room in which we are when reading this. Then make another idea of a sphere, just inside the first, the gap between the two is where we live.

The surface of the Mother, where if we leave Her close embrace, – rising away from Her core-center, seeking the Father in the moons and planets and stars – we will surely die if we cannot bring air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and the good company one always needs when traveling anywhere.

If you go down, into the roots and caves and hidden lakes – some cold and bright to taste, other’s burning liquid magma, waiting to engage in the dance with the surface … if you go down you also must carry something, … an empty grateful hand – out-reaching – will do.

That is two of three, as in Thrice Bordered Sphere. Where is the third?

In your heart’s mind. Another border, some call the Threshold, others a Gate to Faerie.

Duality and Unity. Father&Mother together make the Son.

Humanity and Divinity. As above, so below, and as below, so above … for the miracle of the One.

Humans make art. When compared to a sunset, or a moonless night, we are still learning … right now we seek a mastery of popular arts, such as movies, hip-hop, jazz, salsa, reggae, and our own dreamtime.

The latest Godzilla movie is art. The base of the tail of that tale is that when we dared to play with elemental fire, we changed the whole world radically. Monsters from the Id. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2BYyeS-fIU&t=4s

As life after the bomb proceeded, film arts&crafts played with worries, and strange creatures multiply across three dozen Godzilla movies. That is more movies than Star Trek and Star Wars combined, with the added result that they are wonderfully “chessy”,i.e. cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic.

In spite of which, they are enormously popular, with comics and tv shows, toys, and all the rest.


Then comes computer generated images and Hollywood.

Instead of men in seriously goofy rubber suits, knocking down obviously fake buildings, when get movies stars like Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston, and Matthew Broderick, facing off against Godzillas the size of skyscrapers. Hollywood is very good at blowing stuff up.

At the same time, the collective back-story changes. In the latest film – Godzilla: King of the Monsters – during a kind of war among different “monsters”, the leading scientist calls them: Titans. The Titans, who were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded the Olympians. They were the children of the primordial deities Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth). The Titans included Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Coeus, Phoebe, Cronus, Rhea, Mnemosyne, Themis, Crius and Iapetus.

The central issue, from the beginning of these films, is whether or not Godzilla is a friend of humanity. He is also characterized as an “apex predator”. He defeats lesser monsters in battle and has help: Mothra, a glorious winged creature, as deadly as is Godzilla

Do Titans still exist, in the sense of Gods and such? Do hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and floods and cyclones – exist? Have we lost our sense of the Being within Everything?

In Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, weather phenomena accompany all battles. The ground shakes, and cities are devastated. Magma is penetrated, and fire is everywhere. The voices of these folk are terrible. They are capable of shooting rays of energy from mouths, and eyes. Talons and teeth rip and tear … nations fighting to control the weather after having blown holes in reality … what do you suppose will be the outcome of that? … do we have the gall to think we are the Apex Predator ruling the world for gain?

What about the Wild inside of humanity? We give names to storms because of their unpredictability. Is it male to want to destroy, and female to want to control?

Godzilla eats the head of the Hydra. The head just grows back, until Godzilla eats the whole thing. Do we need to be our own Godzilla, and steal back our hearts from the monsters of the id living in corporations?

At the edges of the collective imagination, that occupies our own hearts, where is the path? Do we have some good reason to trust “climate change”? Talk about a King of the Monsters. Mother Earth having Her Way with folk, who think of nature as an enemy to be conquered, rather than as a miracle to be adored.

more weird shit I posted on Facebook


Once we apply an abstract name to a social phenomena, especially a name that is a “generalization”, this means that when you get to the specific, that abstract category has lost any useful meaning.

This “diagram” is an abstract generalization, and reveals nothing of the heart, or the struggles with pains that are the core of life. It reminds me a little bit of the beginning definitions of the Unabomber Manifesto. Intense intellectuality, even brilliant.

Not much use for healing a society, where all those categories are not how real people live. This is full of divisions, when our problem is how to make that work without endless conflict.

Government is only one aspect of social existence, and right now our’s is in chaos. Putting folk into boxes does not seem to me a way to bring folk together. We need to focus on what we share, not on our abstract categorical differences.

Make a diagram that starts with an individual in a center, around which are circles of influences (family, community, religion, language, education, life experience (children, marriages etc.) The kind of stuff we share, with the most pressing one being the tension between the “sexes”. Pain in life does not inquire after our politics.


In my experienced, for whatever that may be worth, this trinity is one way of seeing our internal nature. Head, rational; heart, transrational; gut, irrational. Each is a kind of intelligence and instinctive wisdom. The whole is something bigger than the parts.

When one “part” historically dominates, imbalances occur. Scientific materialism is the head going solo. Modern science has neither a heart or the courage to trust giving up control.

Abstract thought, bereft of art and religion, kills the human and the world. What does this observation mean for questions regarding the phenomena of visitors and dazzling zig-zagging lights in the sky?

Religion, especially the most ancient ones, knew “star people”, but never for a moment believed they came from a far away world. Gods&Goddesses were visible, and we communed with them. They were also immanent – here, right now, and still are.

Only the abstract intellect could imagine away the gods, and turn everything into numbers (the assassination of beauty).

“The Fermi Paradox Resolved” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/fermiparadox.html

As to government officials meeting “aliens”, the Fae are magical folk, and love to trick people into believing their own b.s. Faerie is know for tricksters, which is one of the Ways it guards those Realms, hidden behind/beneath and inside of the phenomenal world.



As near as I have been able to work out, higher dimensions – above the three dimensional world we live in – are fiction, in the same Way quantum mechanics is fiction.

Harder to understand is that there is a real world of ideas, in which a large number of the ideas that are present are false.

This allows “systems” of thoughts to become internally cogent. If you “travel” there, the system seems consistent … but for the opps discovered by Godel’s Theorems of Incompleteness.

All mathematical systems that involve/include what we consider the basic rules of arithmetic, are built out of axioms … i.e. assumptions/laws that govern how the system unfolds.

The tricky question has to do with whether the highly complex – internally consistent – system is descriptive of the real world.

Now before one gets all bent out of shape with there being a kind of eternal existence to false ideas, … the reason this is so is because the Divine Mystery laid a “creation of ideas” gift into our souls and minds, in the same way they gave us an “imagination”, which can be false. The Gods&Goddesses Imagination creates, and when we grow into ours in the right way, we’ll learn how to take that next step, in manifesting the good, the true, and the beautiful.

The most advanced geometry is Projective Geometry. It can be known and studied without applying any arithmetical assumptions. It is, the Geometry of Life.

This geometry is built from three parts: lines, planes, and points. You can master its rules using pencil, paper, and a straight edge. Measure is not needed.

If we add an understanding of musical laws, we can enrich the movement aspect of what lives, yet music is a whole other Way of knowing. Shape is one thing. Harmonic involutions of shape undergoing metamorphosis require another level ….

Rudolf Steiner: “Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself. Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.”


To a hammer, everything is a nail … to sexual chauvinism, everything is an issue of males and females. In most lives, these “sexual” issues are secondary, while the primary need is having someone to hold onto in the deeps of the night. Comfort and company. Tea and sympathy.

We are persons and human beings. Some are short, or fat, or hairy, or ticklish, or prone to acts of poetry and whimsy. The wisest folk in our modern cultures are the stand-up comics, secondarily the musicians, and lastly the brewers of intoxicating substances.

The Fae party all the time.


Funny to me, this meme about “Real” men and women, given how often men are accused of thinking with something other than their hearts or their heads. The “frame” (use) of the word “Real” is … silly. An authentic human being is going to be all screwed up about sex. Sex is not about fucking, or hard-ons, or wet-vaginas. Intimacy is what is hungered for, and the only reason we live today – pretentiously – in the ideal of sexual organism is because we live in an age of Fallen Eros.,There is nothing of Eros in the above meme. Picture a symbolic cross of love, on the upper vertical is selfless human love (Agape), on the lower vertical is erotic and sensual love (Eros), while to one side of the horizontal is brother and sisterly love (Phileo), and on the other side is nurturing touch (Storge).Authentic love joins in a single whole all four.People get together “sexually” because of needs&wants. Some folks get by without fulfilling needs&wants. A main need concerns the biggest organ in/on the human body: the skin. For most, in our culture of Fallen Eros, the only way to get the complex “touch” need met is to have sex. Spend the night together, maybe.That is if you are not in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, and sleep together all the time, lots of ways to satisfyBack scratches. Foot rubs. A wide variety of ways to cuddle. So an erection arises. When you are young there is not much choice, and please do not blame the partner when your’s is not working right. If your partner is not interested, nothing is preventing you from self-abuse.In my course on The Redemption of Eros, called “Misery Loves Company”, I explain that (in general) the woman (or passive partner) is warmed from within (touch that reaches her heart through words), while the man is warmed from without (a slight drift of clothing, revealing aspects of what is often or otherwise hidden) … I gave it the name “provocation and intoxication”.The sensual aspect of Eros is touch, and the varieties of touch are remarkable. The erotic aspect is of the mind&soul – no senses involved. For example, as they go out for the night the woman says she is not wearing panties. It is the idea that is erotic.Spice is added by a taste of the “forbidden”, something concerning which the partners co-decide what edges of their personal Way is to be colored outside the lines.Eros is Art. If you don’t get that, … well, give it time, the right partner is a lot of help.


So, there’s this god-dude. Heavy fella. Created everything following his father’s ideas, or so I’ve been told. Spent some time with him, during which I acquired this – somewhat coarse – idea.

Steiner called the Christ Event the turning point of time. Interesting phase especially if you think of that “activity” as not bound to linear time – i.e. a wave of change moved forward and backward in linear time, but glorious in the Eternal Now.

Now this moment is bigger than a lot of Christians would like it to be. It is if the Foot of God stepped on the string of time, so that when Islam uses the idea of the People of the Book, they sensed a Unity, between their “religion”, the religion of the Hebrews and the emerging religion of the “Christians”.

So we have via the Hebrews, the Father aspect creating laws and order, then the Son aspect creating freedom through sacrificial love, with the Mother aspect hidden in the open idea of Islam. which we might call: Surrender. [God is great. As God wills]

A descent, followed by a sacrifice, leading to an ascent.

Being as the double (In Islam), is the sneaking whisperer among “mankind” and among the “jinn”, it might behove folk to see that the three monotheisms are a unity. The goddesses religonis gave way to this moment, and are now back – if we are paying attention.

I could go on, but … maybe there will be questions .

The Return of the Wild

The Return of the Wild

part one

A contemplation of World Events, and Steiner’s prophecy of the return of the Moon, into the Earth.

It is possible to examine the esoteric spiritual phenomena of the world, and observe important distinctions. From a magical point of view, Valentin Tomberg would be aptly described as an esoteric elitist. Steiner was an esoteric idealist, and over in the Americas we get esoteric pragmatists.

There is no right or wrong Way being suggested, it is just that Tomberg tended to point to “significant” individualized personalities, to give examples of “good” Christian depths; and, Steiner tended to point to the highest road is the best road.

In each case, something is modeled, – a Way of looking at a world of phenomena that basically defines a core aspect of the soul’s relationship to the Divine Mystery. Yet, as Coleridge might have offered, there may be distinctions, but few real differences. The heart’s desires for reunification with the Divine are at the basis of each Way.

Tomberg, for example, would have certainly been aware of Franz Bardon’s three books on the ancient Egyptian Hermetic science of the mysteries of the four elements (published in German, in the 1950’s), yet they are not mentioned in Tomberg’s book, which he called: “Meditations of the Tarot: a journey into Christian Hermeticism”.

This is even though Bardon was very much in the traditions of the Tarot. If we read Tomberg’s Meditation on Arcanum 11, Force, we meet a distinction between the more heavenly forces, which Tomberg names Zoe, and the more terrestrial forces he calls Bios. He describes meeting someone on a train, who demonstrated to Tomberg he knew the magic arts that enabled him to levitate his body, a feat Tomberg found disgusting. Elitist.

Steiner avoided magic and mysticism, their mysteries being harder to keep within a strict scientific modality. He always urges us to take the high road. Idealist.

The works of some of the pagan/Platonists, produced since the Culmination Event, dive right into the dark underbelly of spiritual practice. Catherine MacCoun’s book (which everyone would benefit from owning): “On Becoming an Alchemist: a guide for the modern magician”, is pragmatic about the magic of the soul. Stephen Clarke’s work on the Mexican Mysteries is clear about the realities of aboriginal people’s knowledge of the Mother. All those Ways are required to be very practical. Doing is much more important than reading.

My writings on Sacramental Thinking speak for themselves, and are certainly a down to earth investigation of inner cognitive work rooted in ritual, with full experiential knowledge of the threefold double complex.

Here is a letter I wrote to John Bloom, and John Beck, two leading luminaries within the American Anthroposophical Society, with their replies:

Pagan (Platonist) Anthroposophy

Owen Barfield, in his seminal “Speaker’s Meaning”, proves through language studies that all the oldest religions only named reality, given that languages in their youth are purely literal.

One implication of this fact is that the most primitive religions – the earth-religions – were correct in every detail, although as various as are clusters of stars in the heavens, given the significance of geographical regions&peoples decorating the whole surface of the Earth. Differentiation is essential.

The Platonists to which Rudolf Steiner referred, in his prediction about the Culmination Event, were pagans. Which really only means that they worshiped/adored/cherished Everything, knowing the Totality of this Cornucopia comes from the Mother.

From the American Platonist Stephen Clarke’s: “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined … Introduction, 2017” [ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Clarke5.html ]

Thus, successive precipitations of Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon and Earth evolutions (simply an alternate vocabulary for the traditional kabbalistic worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation & Existence as depicted in shorthand in Genesis) can be seen as having their parallel “tree-rings” in the building up of successive inner-earth layers corresponding to Saturn, Sun, Moon, and, finally, the surface world of Nature, all inhabited at their core and in every particle by divinity in its immanent maternal aspect.

However, … in Central Europe, with its long history of immature Christianity and the woeful dualism of good&evil, Steiner was constrained – again in harmony with the variety of peoples and geographical/ethereal regions out of which the Earth surface is composed. He – Steiner – was serious medicine for the culture that birthed scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – a medicine that needs to be precise and focused … no room for mystical and magical operations.

Still Steiner managed to hide in plain sight, the Seven Earth Mysteries, sprinkled with fairy dust, and slyly described as abstract “forces”, in a situation that in other contexts he pointed out that there are no abstract (ethereal formative) forces, only Beings and their collective Will. [What happens if you unite in the soul generalized versions of the wisdoms of the Sections as a single whole?] All were rooted in accompanying magical acts done by Steiner – not too hidden from view, yet not really noticed.

Even in the beginning the language used was an open obvious evocation: Lucifer Gnosis. The Foundation Stone, that was laid in the Earth, begins with an open air magical ceremony, acknowledging the Spirits of the Four Directions, just as is still done today in the Pipe Ceremony of the Lakota Sioux.

By connecting to Freemasonry Steiner tried to keep something alive, among those Lodges who acknowledge the still real role of Rite. Ultimately he then helped generate a new priesthood and ritual work in the Christian Community, at the request of the local folk with pastoral responsibilities.

He spoke of Anthroposophia – a female emphasis, and of the dangers that would befall the Anthroposophical Society were the members to lose sight of the essence – a Way of Seeing Anthroposophy as the Mother from which all else, including spiritual science, was being born.

When we are in a position to assimilate anthroposophical knowledge not only through reading and listening, but when we are more and more able to experience the content of anthroposophy in our heart, in our feelings, then it is as if living, cosmic beings enter our souls. Then, anthroposophy will appear to us increasingly as a living being. And we will become aware that something is knocking at the threshold of our heart saying, ‘Let me in, because I am you yourself; I am your true nature, your very humanity.”

or …

In Anthroposophy it is the Truth that matters. In the Anthroposophical Society it is the Life that matters.”

In what sense are today’s earth-religions true brothers&sisters of Anthroposophy? While their sciences are visionary/mystical, and magically evocative, they are still “sciences” as anyone knows who studies those ancient teachings outside a Steiner-only wisdom.

The already immortal Beings are the same, only the names vary. All the same, it is humanity that is the leading edge of change. Our hungers, whether vain or exulted, rule our destinies.

Owen Barfield points out in his “Saving the Appearances: a study in Idolatry”, that language reveals the human being becoming the leading edge of the incarnation of the Logos into&through earth-reality, most notably when around 250 to 300 years ago, the word “self-consciousness” first appears in English.

Steiner, necessarily originally constrained, needs to be freed. The baleful dichotomy of evil&good needs to be laid to rest. This is the mission of the Platonists, which are being born from the Aristotelians. The Culmination Event is ongoing … the whole world is pregnant with it, including the Anthroposophical Society, which mostly needs to get occasionally intoxicated and dance much more frequently.

Why? Ahriman so loves rules and procedures over daring and adventures. Joy and/or humor is not in his repertoire.

The logical problem is this: There is the either/or idea(1) of “evil”, and another idea(2) of “good”, … and then there is the meta(above)physical idea(3) of both/and or: = “good&evil” – qualities that cannot be separated out from each other, their opposition only apparent – an “appearance” as it were.

Heaven&Earth ~!~ Flute&Drum ~!~ Breath&Blood. the Emerald Tablet: “The above from the below, and the below from the above – the work of the miracle of the One. And things have been from this primal substance through a single act. How wonderful is this work! It is the main (principle) of the world and is its maintainer. Its father is the sun and its mother the moon; … “

In the Americas, the earth-religions know the secrets of the will. Fire and Water cannot be separated. The path to the Mother involves surrendering to the own dark&wild. Occasionally dancing intoxicated is a necessary antidote to a paralyzed from too much reading mind and soul, afraid to physically express joyous freedom of personal essence.

Feelings move us. Feelings see/know.

For millennia folks slowly left the more wild regions of the earth, slowly coagulated more and more in cities, billions now crowded together – yet there&surviving. Meanwhile Western Civilization is dissolving into a yet to be created&new – a social organism of wide variations, while the no longer viable nation states slide to their inevitable defeat, through the machinations of the multi-national heartless corporate cultures.

The political wars, especially in the Americas, very much need to be infused from the Earth-ground upward, with spiritual knowledge. Women, carrying the Mother&Friends are already on the march. Changes surge from within, and youth have such glorious forces, if we can get them to attend to the wisdom acquired over the years from their grandmothers.

Still, nothing stops the music. Nothing impedes free culture expression, which is always defiant of excessive form. At the glorious mixture of the social commons travelers wander, some forced (parents fleeing with children), others doing good in loco perentis. Many carry Anthroposophy (conscious and instinctive) in their hearts, yet always dangers … for Anthroposophy itself is dissolving away from its: the best Way is the highest Road, becoming Americanized into: the Way that Works will have to do, no time for the will to be any longer asleep, hardly dreaming.

Anthroposophists need to recognize that as the new pagan/mother mysteries are coming forth, physical life is getting harsher, water and food more scarce, … so that what Steiner gave needs to wash the feet of the local latent ancient culture. Steiner didn’t know those Other Cultures, as well as his own, which leaves to true scientists of the spirit the task to investigate all the ancient truths.

Everyone will recognize in their own local great myths, the roots that are modernized&science-touched in bio-dynamics, Waldorf education, anthroposophical medicine, … in all of the newly refreshed sciences&arts&letters, …

… but Europe must no longer engage in any form of spiritual/cultural imperialism&colonization. Goethe is interesting, but Everywhere Else in the world there are different cultural giants, and as we know, the Divine Mystery wastes nothing.

Anthroposophy – the truth – arises from the individual, through family, and then into community, because that is where/how the future always emerges – out of individuals. To live on the Earth, of wondrous variations of culture&language, is to discover that each ancient Way to the Mother remains valid.

That Place, where any particular People live, that’s were the deepest memories are of the ancient ones, who like the rose are still themselves, whatever names we sell/buy/preach … this is the secret of the return of the Moon. Echo-Born borne from seeds deep in the mysteries of the earth and of the will.

Do you want to know what Anthroposophy is, … answering that question means to seek to know what Others most need. Anthroposophy can’t be carried in a bucket of books, only in the warmed perceptive evocations of a heart. Magic is real. We use it everyday, although tending to mislabel its arts.

The Moon is Returning Now, for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear: “Medicine Woman is Here” [ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/moon~%21~earth.html ]


Replies of John Beck (Director of Communications of the Anthroposophical Society in America), and John Bloom (current General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America).

Hey, Joel,
Good to hear from you. Very interesting thoughts and observations.
And you know, it is very important that you are engaging and carrying these thoughts, along with a few other people. Why do I say that?
What gets missed (I’ve done it many times myself) is that this Anthroposophical Society is a tiny thing. We haven’t been able to organize the resources even to meet the more obvious opportunities. Dornach is a substantial center but it is smaller, I would estimate, that the typical community college in the US. There are over 1400 of those. And the ASA is about the size of a regional animal welfare society.
So I think a great many things can only be carried right now as seeds, by passionate individuals like yourself. If we are short in other resources, we are long in people who really dig into things.
I would mention that the AGM last fall in Phoenix was really planted in a space of living Native American culture, a palpable presence. And I met a radiant old man who creates curriculums and was working to interest tribal schools in Waldorf methods. So we have two pages on that in the latest being human. That would begin to be a foundation for recognizing the gifts the ancient cultures can still bring.
Best wishes to you,



Thanks for taking the time to write this and for the depth of thought. The question of where and how anthroposophy stands in the world right now, and how it can be of real service in support of each person’s humanity is at the forefront of my daily work. So I much appreciate the vision that you are holding.
Be well,

John Bloom
General Secretary

Anthroposophical Society in America

The Return of the Wild

part two

The fundamental question is whether or not Nature is conscious/aware and willful. Taking the materialistic view (there is only matter, no spirit) sees Nature as a random process. Let’s not make that assumption/mistake. Let us presume otherwise, at which all questions about “climate change” take on a whole other set of nuances.

Atlantis anyone?

She has destroyed civilizations before, and modern Western Civilization is begging for it. Messing with the DNA in the food chain? Spreading everywhere pockets of waiting to be used weapons of mass destruction? Wealth and power, banking and politics, only caring about the next day’s gold deposit?

Some, recognizing the Planet is alive and willful, and that volcanos, earthquakes, and floods, are “allowed” and “managed” with our best interests at heart (1), … such “some recognizing” might wonder are our efforts to step back from the edge of climate disaster worthless. On the contrary, they are crucial, for if we gain an understanding of this rightly, our taking/accepting responsibility for the future is indispensable.

The past is prologue. We are the main course, and the overall situation is that which does not allow us to avoid. The whole social/political situation has both enormous inertia, and, even more ginormous momentum.

This situation has stark realities, the main one being is that we passed any possible turning point decades ago, and all this noise about fixing/stopping “climate change” is illusory. Something else is going on. The actual task is worse on one level, and easier on another.

As Western Civilization crashes and burns, social chaos will increase. Public order will be difficult to keep, as scarcity of water and food worsens. It is not about preventing what we call “climate change’, but rather our starting to work out how to survive it, since money and power will not care. They are already prepared.

Modern industrial civilization is based on an excess of knowledge of death, and the complementary inability to have real knowledge of life. A key component of this disparity, is the failure of present day science to actually study life. A couple examples will suffice.

As medicine became more scientific, and less artistic, students of illness learned most of their intimate knowledge of the physical body by studying a cadaver – a “dead” body, not a living one. Meanwhile physics decided to chase after the smallest entity, leading biology to think the secret of life was a complicated molecule. Parts were studied at the expense of wholes, which leaves a “whole” range crucial phenomena out of sight.

So, in agriculture we burned the plant to ash, ignoring the warmth and light released, and believed the molecular aspects in the ash told the whole story of the living grains and vegetables. We took water, and wrecked it with radical amounts of either electrical or chemical assault, assuming that the two gases that appeared – hydrogen and oxygen – made up the living water, when in fact all they had in the laboratory was another corpse.

The world needed a hero, and like another thief in the night, he came, and did, and then died, with only a few noticing a man, whose work – if honestly appraised – might have netted him a dozen noble prizes. The spiritualizing of modern science is something Rudolf Steiner set in motion. Too many of his followers are lost, for the most part. The Ways he found to find Life again everywhere remain, a treasure to be extracted from timid hands that … although well intended, did not “get it”, particularly the “living thinking”.

There is in the “Germanic” a kind of need for order. That is why materialistic natural science matured in central Europe – a triumph of the intellect. That language also had a capacity to be expanded, so Steiner could give “name” to new ideas out of other parts of German. An actual re-enliving of the language. For these reasons his efforts for returning of life to abstract thought made possible – in fact set in motion, much we are yet to appreciate. Imagine a gospel of physics, a gospel of the imagination, a gospel of organic chemistry, a gospel of a geometry of life, a gospel of the Idea of theory, a gospel of the soul, ….

Matter is spirit. Climate changing is spirit. We are spirit. Forging a new future is an act of spirit. Steiner gave us wonderful tools with which to return knowledge of life to its natural primacy, … “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.” (religious poetry as physics)

… to the point that we can begin – in spite of scientific materialism – to honor our Planet as a living divine Being, known to the most ancient (and modern) aboriginal folk as some form of the Idea: the Mother.

We are well past the time to stop what’s coming, and very much in need of figuring out how to survive it.

Coming next, part three, “Film as anticipation, via the Collective Imagination. Faerie has been warning us.”

(1) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/the-great-unsettling-the-3rd-millennium/

The Return of the Wild

part three

Film as anticipation, via the Collective Imagination. Faerie has been warning us.

Einstein: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Ancient cultures honored their seers, and knew – via direct experience – that inside us are gateways to another sphere of existence. The “cosmic what-is” comes from the Imagination of the Divine Mystery, which is/was loving enough to bequeath to us a personal version. Our whole civilization rides the rails of “stuff”, which was first imagined, before it was made. The imagination has no limits, which can be frightening when we attend to the horrible history of mankind as warriors, thieves, murderers, and torturers.

Yet, some folk transcend time, and space. They have had many names, but for my artistic purposes I want to use the term: Immortals. Keeping in mind that just as we have “the imagination”, we also have immortality, played out on occasion in a world of matter, but still there. She always catches us when we surrender to the end of any particular life in the physical.

When the three patriarchal monotheisms drove underground the goddess mysteries, knowledge of the Mother stepped aside. She let Herself fade, although many seekers, and aboriginal peoples, kept the faith. Still the gap between us and the Divine Feminine is both huge, and not there at all. Only our minds have lost a connection with what our hearts instinctively know.

Faerie is real, seemingly invisible, and waiting.

She did send us ships of light in our skies, as we started to play with elemental fire. As we sought to rule the circle of life, She wrote in circles of grain an answer, whispering of dreams to come.

The collective imagination exists, as an aspect of the total Imagination, and is rich with cultural treasures. Epic poems in languages no one speaks any more. Huge buildings lost to the sands of time, and where the green world folk play, seeking stone pyramids to bury and take apart by the relentless growth power of roots, and the implacable forces of water that are drawn to such Beings.

An argument has been made, that there are only seven possible plots to any drama or film. This is true, in part, because of what we accept as “human nature”. Boy meets girl. Girl meets girl. Girls meet boy, babies happen. We have to eat and excrete. Create and destroy. We mimic the grand schemes of what the gods&goddess have done and do. Once we remember rightly, that what is not us is also alive and conscious and willful, we accomplish a magical act, which removes the enchantment of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) from our souls.

Re-ensoul the lyre of experience. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/08/09/the-lyre-of-experience/

Meanwhile, Faerie, has inspired artists to take a good look at legends. I will comment briefly on four such artistic excursions into waters not navigated in a long time: 1) Susanna Clarke’s book: “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”, which was made into mini-series for TV. 2) The Duffer brothers’ visit to Spielberg’s 1980’s Americana, in “Stranger Things”, staring Winona Ryder. 3) The film “Arrival”, which leaves hints of the Old Ones, as H. P. Lovecraft imagined them, while dealing with what appears to be an alien space invasion – staring Amy Adams. And, 4) The film “Annihilation”, staring Natalie Portman as a woman trying to find her husband in a sea of chaotic indecipherable growth.

I will sketch broad themes, and urge my readers that they experience these worlds directly, as the artists themselves invested them with remarkable insights in the face of mystery. A main aspect is to notice the role of women, for Clarke’s world is 19th Century England, during the Napoleonic wars. The three films involve mostly modern women, with more than a hint of men know better in the Duffer brother’s Stranger Things, that being set in the 1980s.

The women don’t react the same, in the face of events which are not easily explained. All four efforts dramatize an incursion into the course of events via the military, as well as male scientists who trust their paranoid thinking over the feeling-intuitions of the women.

Clarke’s work is openly magical, and does involve direct contact with Faerie. The traditions of Faerie and the Underworld in English literature are cautionary. Don’t screw with those folk because they will obscure the truth, and take advantage at every turn. That’s a reasonable approach, and – for example – the more I attended to what the little people made known to me during the day, the more the more playful aspects of “Pixies” appeared. Things getting lost that should not get lost. And, can’t seem to be found even when I appeal for help from the Gnomes. Why can’t all our encounters with spirit be playful?

Reason remembers that the wild always colors outside the box, and that we should not be surprised when parts of our lives seem like games of: “tag you’re it”.

Stranger Things looks a lot at “roots” underground, owning remarkable and aggressive modes of growth. The “Upsidedown”, the Duffer’s wrote, tying the whole situation up with useful metaphors rooted in games of Dungeons and Dragons. Individual psychic abilities (magic) were used/enhanced by scientists, via a set of experiments on the consciousness of a child (#11), who ends up tearing a hole between Faerie (the Unsidedown) and our world of physical things.

In Annihilation, the military becomes aware of a border, and sends trained soldiers across this “shimmering” into a realm of – again, luminous and chaotic excessive growth. The artistry of the final scenes is full of imaginations that paint Faerie as both god-like and violently aggressive in response to us. Yet, one woman survives, … why? Watch the film and make up your own mind.

My favorite is Arrival, which I initially wrote of as H. P. Lovecraft meets Benjamin Whorf. The creatures, when they reveal themselves are quite like how the Old Ones, the most ancient powers of the Earth, appeared in Lovecraft’s imaginations.

The Benjamin Whorf character is a woman, Amy Adams. Whorf was a natural genius at linguistics and a lot of ancient tongues in the Americas, first had their interpretations coming from a man who created and ran paint factories, but for several months a year traveled in the worlds whose ancient pyramids were overrun with the growth of manifested Faerie in the plant becoming.

Amy, a well known scholar in language creation, is drawn away from her academic life when twelve strange space-ship like objects appear all over the world. Various military groups engage in first contact scenarios, the Americans seeking to learn the language of these suspected alien invaders.

Amy and an American physicist are called into consult, the latter played by Jeremy Renner. Amy has the problem that they don’t think her “gifts” are relevant. The army commander, played by Forest Whitaker, expects miracles, and all he has is weird sounds, and what happens to gravity when you enter the Ship through a door the ship itself opened. Think gravity shifting from up-down to right-left, but as you move through the space, you begin to accept that down is were these folk say it is.

A wonderful aspect of this phase of the film is her educating people who use language, but don’t know why it works. The problem is the “meaning”, and both the physicist and the commander don’t even see there is one. The physicist wants to talk to them in numbers, which he believes is the only universal language.

She knows better, and with some brave moves on her own. Soon she and “they” are talking to each other, in a beautiful moment where one of their appendages touches the wall between their “atmosphere” and ours. They have seven limbs (now code-named “heptapods”), and one (of two) raises this appendage, spreads out its “hand” and shoots a remarkably complex ink-like substance against the barrier — circular in basic shape, fractile on the edges.

[The art directors, borrowed this circular ideogram idea, apparently in imitation of something called: enso, the Zen Circe. See link for details https://www.lionsroar.com/a-zen-decoding-on-the-visual-language-of-arrival/

See the film. Wonder where the ships came from and return to, because as filmed they do not rise out toward space, but basically fade away into the sky.

Myself I started looking more closely at clouds, and wondered what that magnificence would do, if it wished to inspire us to look more clearly at a realm (the Sky) so as to realize that it has a “being nature”, nothing at all like materialistic science tells.

Are Our Sky beings writing messages, dancing, romancing, mothering, bringing justice, with us as children being the center of their universe. In the film, they give a message to Amy, watch for it.

Our Arts&Letters know that the world is more real than materialistic science dares to imagine, being itself mostly fascinated with death.

Part four: What is the role of magic knowledge for surviving the arrival of the 3rd Millennium?

The Return of the Wild

part four

What is the role of magic-knowledge for the new culture being born in the fires of the Dying&Becoming of Western Civilization?

There is a lot of Wild still in the world. A lot. We’ve hardly begun to appreciate the true potentials of the Seas, which are allegedly rising. In the way back long ago when before, when Atlantean culture ruled the world, a major aspect of their civilization involved sailing both seas and air. This has been discovered by those who study the origin questions of there being similar symbols all over the world.

That ancient Culture destroyed itself, via the misuse of magical ideas, left to the more primeval minds of two-hearted folk, …. if we read Hopi oral history correctly. The modern human being is not that past, and in some Ways we are worse.

My friend, Stephen Clarke, while agreeing with the sentiment that the map is not the territory, adds that even more true is the fact that territory is the map. In what heart broken lands do we sometimes wander in life? Our walk/run through our biographies are the Story/the Territory/and the Map.

Where is the Magic? Consider:

If you leave an urban area, you will shortly find yourself in farm lands. Not to long afterward, begins wilderness. Some of which we dominate for industrial reasons.

As Western Civilization crashes and burns, the wilderness will – with its wild&fairy-riot powered growth potential, press forward, push against anything we abandon, as the Wild Herself reclaims the living from the forces of death. Ruins await. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Numbers are – by themselves – not as powerful as the heart. Should we seek to live in caves of cities in ruins. Where is the real magical sanctuary? Lots of choices …

We imagine a random generated world, if we are a scientific materialist. Now re-imagine it as a created world, with the Creators still hanging around. Spirit is will on fire. Human madness can’t destroy the Wild, nor really manage it with technology (mechanical systems). The fundamental rules of the Creation are magical, and the science that teaches this is, as suspected by Arthur C. Clark’s remarks, that a sufficiently advanced civilization would have powers that seem like magic. We might add, a truly advanced civilization will practice magic.

The Return of the Ancient Gateways, from all the oldest legends, are the Doors to the Future, ruled by the Moon.

The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse. The father of all perfection in the whole world is here. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.”

Part of the Emerald Tablet, translation by Issac Newton … Details as to origin and meaning are here. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/27/memories-in-the-dreaming/

As civilization collapses, the edges nearest the wilderness will beckon our hearts, back toward the dream of the Garden. We will also need to heal the ruination we are leaving behind. The fundamental knowledge to undo that damage belongs to the Fae, and they guard its application with trials, and dangers. Yet, the most interesting aspect of this is that the more the scientific intellect seeks to control the Return of the Wild, the more will the Wild answer with the chaos of magical gifts. The dark hungers of human beings will only lead toward the caves of death, while Her true children will have acquired the life giving powers of angels, by intentionally facing the caves of death, and learning to master thereby the Old Powers, rather than being mastered by them.

Many seers speak of a War of All Against All, where we all ride our magical/mystical powers into mutual combat, a vanity if there ever was a vanity. I’m not sure we can ever see that Far, and I am fairly sure that picturing the future as an ongoing horror story will not work either.

In “part three” of this discourse on The Return of the Wild, we looked at films, which can briefly be remembered this Way: In “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”, the distinctions between scholars of magic, and those who just have a lot of raw “talent” is dramatically presented. In “Stranger Things” it is children who collectively work out want to do, albeit on a path where nothing is easy, and courage seems like madness (which is one of gates to Faerie). In “Annihilation”, the “shimmering” (barrier) is assaulted with scientific tools and armed forces. More questions are raised than there are answers … such as, what happens to time, inside the “shimmering”, as well as to our own consciousness. In “Arrival”, the materialization of the guardians of that gate (the Sky), reveals there too that Faerie is a place where radical adjustments need to be made, because the fundamental laws are quite different.

In The Return of the Wild we come then to the question of approach. If we escape the city, re-inhabit the farm lands, and seek the hidden wisdom of the Wild, … that adventure shows us that the Fae are already of/in the Cities and the Farms. In your kitchen. In your tiny widow planter. In the relentless noise of a failing culture, riding a foreseeable end to the “industrial” folly.

What if a born wizard (talent) becomes a physician, a healer. Oh, wait … What do we think happens when those who care for others touch them. Keep in mind that the ideas of scientific materialism can’t even begin to grasp the Fae oriented details of our lives. Watch the film: Ink, for a hard tale of spirit-wonders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ink_(film) .

All the same, a wizard/physician [ Tom Cowan ] does re-invent modern medicine, and shows in excruciating detail, how Industrial Civilization is killing us. Want good health, seek the wild, even if it is just a barefoot walk in Central Park with a friend. Everyone needs to access these books, and read them. Everyone.

“Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” https://www.amazon.com/Human-Heart-Cosmic-Understand-Cardiovascular/dp/1603586199/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Human+Heart%2C+Cosmic+Heart&qid=1567345067&s=gateway&sr=8-1

From that link you can get to this: “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”. The next one, not released at this time: “Cancer, and the New Biology of Water”

The present day nature of “industrial” Fae is ordered by the Gods of the Forge, concerning which we get an interesting hint, in the film “Avengers: Infinity War”, where the actor Peter Dinklage, a dwarf, plays a giant master of the Forge, wherein he takes the energy of a star to make a weapon, for the God of Lightening (Thor) to use in the last battle. In a recent Star Wars, and planet killing machine eats stars in order to create its: brighter than the sun, as big as a planet, ray-gun, that only mad men would dream/believe is an act of creation.

Humans made a big-bad-bomb, and blew some holes in the “shimmering”, from which various Faerie Folk entered our three dimensional world, leaving behind their non-material, timeless and spaceless eternal existence.

They can appear as features of the darker powers – as it were – when in truth they are of the oldest powers, hidden in electricity and magnetism and gravity and plant growth – powers that we do not understand – for the moment.

a secluded woodland glade, soft green moss shelted by a forest of trees

The Return of the Wild is about doing, by choice, a complete reboot of our conceptions of our world – conceptions based on the errors of thought living in scientific materialism.

Imagine a moment, where young folk from MIT, Harvard, et al, have invited an alleged – white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic – to speak. He has, in the mode/mood of Socrates, simply asked a question, and turned the room over to the audience, … including the attending Fae, who dance in the Ideas at play in the everywhere mind.

“How is it, that modern science, in opposition to all ancient wisdom, decided to assume that we are the only local entity with an interior self-consciousnesses.”

The world of the Fae has a most scary property, with which all of us need to become familiar. They reflect back to us what we bring. If we bring fear and anger, that is what we will meet. In Star Wars V, The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker, during his personal training with Yoda, finds himself, underground among roots, when he battles an apparent Darth Vader, only to see his own face lying at his feet, inside the now broken helmet mask. Only later, does Luke learn that Vader is in fact his father, as Luke’s own worst fears manifest.

In Star Wars VIII, The Last Jedi, Rey, while being trained by Luke in an ancient Jedi training center, falls through her dreams, via a deep stone well, only to find herself in a cave with mirrors facing mirrors, leaving her to gaze at an almost infinite repetition of her own image.

In Stephen Clark’s “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, he explains that what began as an apparent encounter with aliens, changed when he set aside his fears, and made an effort to love the apparitions. He changed himself and only then did they become well met.

The Realm of the Mother, the Underworld, the Upsidedown, Faerie, the shimmering, … these have always been there. Yet, now – as the civilized world eats its children, the Wild is ready for a love affair. Are we ready, tho’, … that’s the tougher question.

Next: something completely different …

The Return of the Wild

part five

and now for something completely different:

The Second Childhood of Humanity

So the Whatever-It-Was went from being an apparent unity (One being the Father aspect) to being Many (Many being the Mother aspect). These manifested a profound third aspect of the Creation: Their Son, who is One&Many together, everything destined to remain whole.

Not all religious would have the same picture. But these “religious” are of the children, who already got kicked out of the Garden once. Humanity is meant to have the possibility to mature. Childish manners grow old, become anti-social and egotistical. The People of the Book – the Hebrews, the Christians, and the followers of Allah – Whatever the deity is to Itself, That cannot be defined or owned by anyone.

Human History is a song, often sad, occasionally triumphant, best used for healing and dancing. Out of a profound “parental” love, the Divine Order blessed us with the Age of Technology, inside of which was included the gift: You don’t have to love us. Make up your own mind about gods and such.

Atheism, anti-theism, … is it really a world born from disorder (suspected random quantum madness), and destined to die into disorder (entropy runs down to a zero state). A light filled explosion of nothing into everything – including time&space – has nowhere to go but eat that energy and watch the stars go out one by one.

Children get to grow up and make up their own minds. Where does it say we have to all believe/think/know the same Ways?

Meanwhile, the Garden is/was/always will be the Real. Here is a dreamer dreaming on great questions via Art:

A series of movies changes culture all over the world: Star Wars and its progeny. The Force is Real, and Magical. For details visit: “Six Paths to the Spirit – and to wisdom and knowledge of the ethereal world*** (***also known as the Force, or the forces of the Four Directions – the “Meha” according to the Hopi)” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/fivepaths.html

In the most recent film, Star Wars VIII: the Last Jedi, our seeker/character – Luke Skywalker – realizes that the ancient Jedi wisdom – in books – is no longer viable (living) enough. Where he has been living – on retreat – there is a cave which is in the bowels of a great tree. In that cave is housed a couple of dozen of what is left of the most ancient books of his “religion”, which it turns out he never read.

Something is dying, and he goes to the vale where this great tree lives, intending to set it a fire – to destroy/honor something ancient, from the long ago when before. He can’t bring himself to set the fire, when the ghost/shade/still living power of Yoda, Luke’s teacher, appears. Understanding Luke’s reluctance, Yoda raises his walking staff and a bolt of lightening smashes into the tree setting everywhere of it to burning.

What is the instinctive (or purposeful?) symbolism in this scene?

There were two trees in the Garden. The Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that is set on fire. We (humanity) burn in its fires right now. The People of the Book seem prefer to seek their glory in war, than in actually meeting the Folk, in which they allegedly believe.

If we find our individual Way in this age, from the ashes, through us, will rise the Phoenix of the Tree of Life, which like the Phoenix can’t be killed. Try to burn it to ash, is to just make spiritual fertilizer. What human beings are, in their essence, can’t be destroyed.

The Idea of the Tree of Life is fairly ubiquitous, most aboriginal religions knew this. If you can, catch this streaming movie on Netflix: Green Frontier. (The Forest is Mother/Divine). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Frontier

Many are saddened by the burning of forests in the Amazon. I’ve seen allegations that Africa is also on fire. Keep in mind, that in the life of the Forest, the Season of Ash is a prelude to fresh and more lively growth. We can fight those who don’t see yet who the Mother of us All is, or we can out-think them.

At the roots of the Creation are magical laws. We get confused because we think God just waved his giant staff around spewing seed everywhere. That was an effect, ancient minds noted (see Neal Stephenson’s book: “Snow Crash”, which has some interesting speculations on the power-nature of words, particularly “Sumerian”).

Just consider what exists today. If we are accepting of the idea of the Divine Mystery – They – might have taken the path of balancing order&disorder. For a good sense of the “order” aspect attend to Rudolf Steiner’s book: Occult Science. The stages of the Creation are something concerning which the Divine took some time, having all of Eternity. There is a four-ness there:

Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth;

Emanation, Creation, Formation & Existence;

Fire, Air, Water, Earth;

Will, Intellect, Feeling, &= Consciousness.

It is possible to feel that there is nothing that can be done to remove evil from our world. Recall the Burning Tree of: “knowledge of good and evil”, and appreciate that we are the ones who see the world that way. The world, in Itself, is neither good or evil. On the contrary, the more we seek The Tree of Life, is to be on the Way to seeing wholeness everyone/where.

This is a jedi mind trick on ourselves, to mentally reframe/reboot how we see the world. That is why the Son taught: Judge Not. This includes such folk as Trump voters, drug lords, weapons makers, street whores, rich people & poor people, … even Tom Brady. A rich guy married to a super-model, who has the vanity that he can play a game forever.

Why is he happy? He gets the crap kicked out of him regularly, and has taken on the habits of nutritional/physical nut job. Still, who would not like to break bread with a president or a football star, if the opportunity came.

Talent wanted. The Wild hungers for talent to come back. Backpackers, mountain climbers, snipers, hunters, tigers, bears, ticks, snakes, … the Wild is not a world needing conquest – that’s a child’s point of view. But we of the Second Childhood of Humanity know, in our bones, there is a better/healthier way to live, than the way we live today.

What stands in the Way? Other children, actually. The Wild does not stand in our Way, although as noted before – and needs to be repeated: the Wild wants to play, and be courted&honored and really wondered. We know so little, and have so much to unlearn.

I know for certain that I am clueless about how to create self-conscious awareness. All the same, we very much are ridding on the back of a magical dragon that just did That, otherwise we would not be here&now.

Next: magical politics and the Fae … or the trumping of Trump&Company … dangerous waters actually, … the last time wizards sought to coach the flame of liberty into existence, we ended up with a revolutionary war that lasted eight years;>…~!~

The Return of the Wild

part six

[earlier parts are here:

https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/08/31/the-return-of-the-wild/ ]

magical politics and the Fae … or the trumping of Trump&Company … dangerous waters actually, … the last time wizards sought to coach the flame of liberty into existence, we ended up with a revolutionary war that lasted eight years;>…~!~

One of the hardest lessons to learn, in appreciating the awesome nature of the Real, is to recognize that nothing happens that has/is not been/being approved from the Heights, the Depths, and the Children themselves.

There is Divine Mystery at the heart of our Times. The Hopi gave this Age the name: the Day of Purification. John the Baptist said the One (you know, the not peace but a sword dude) coming after him would Baptize us all, in Fire and Holy Breath. Yeats: “ … the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world … “

Those sources got the news ahead of time. We sort of know this ourselves. Prophets and all that, which most religious don’t believe in anymore. The “religious” needing to find their god in a book, and heaven forbid, not in the Real – the world where good&evil is a kind of enchantment from which we need to awake.

The seas of Morpheus – sleep – has waves and rhythms, the core of which is that we nearly die. As the spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner, laid it out (I paraphrase and added artistic touches as necessary), this Way: We too are a four-ness.

We have a physical body, a life or ethereal body, an astral or desire body, and a warmth or spirit body. When on the seas of Morpheus, we have left the first two behind in bed, and are riding in the ship of desires, as in the old stories we used to tell to children.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my Soul would take.

The physical and life bodies need rest, for the desire and warmth body – being in charge as it were – easily spends the physical&life forces on the deeds of the day as needed … i.e. we get “tired”.

A Planet/Being/Goddess/Holy Mother, holds us dear in life, or sleep, or death. All of us. We surrender to “gravity” every time we sleep, even if, as Bob Marley puts it: “ … cold ground was my bed last night, rock was my pillow … “

The whole life sphere of the solar system and even the stars, is the His, of/which/when “She has the World World in His Hands” >>> points to mystery, after which we add: “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World”

To a certain extent, as the world turns in its daily dance with the Sun, a wave of sleeping folk moves around the world. During sleep, the desire body is free to engages in matters of “adjustment”, for the willed warm will seek to awake, and continue. The moment is the all. Waves of change through the Moment of All. Our higher/more free and wild/ “self” (Soul in the prayer above) is Received, and aided in getting ready for the next days: Life is Suffering, as the first Noble Truth of the Buddha has it.

A rested/repaired physical body, receives back its Soul, and fire/will rides its own “Bicycle” into the mutual fray of the next day. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/bcyls.html

In recognition of this, we have gotten this gem on health:

the best six doctors anywhere,

and no one can deny it,

are sunshine, water, rest and air

exercise and diet

These six will gladly you attend

if you are only willing

your mind they’ll ease,

your will they’ll mend

and charge you not a shilling

The immortal node of consciousness, that is the core of All Our Relations, is differentiated, with the human being the “dominant determiner”. Are we stewards of the Mother&Life, or not. Where is the Father in that image? Us. We have choice. We author, or are the-father-of what … ? We need to own our choices, as the local soul healers put it. Life or death … which will it be.

Fae was never away. That aspect of the Real just faded away when we began to ignore those vast tribes of invisible folk, whose whole wills&arts&crafts made experience possible. Sometimes we are asked to see our human physical body as a galaxy of star-stuff. Does your behind ache? You hands hurt? Is your heart sore?

In a way our senses are as wounds, open to experience, yet met there at a boundary, where what we reach out with our spirit to see, is in Reality another world of spirit, itself reaching in toward us, and the interaction/perception/understandings of the two – which are actually one, appears as the dance of the lyre of experience. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/08/09/the-lyre-of-experience/

When the Hebrew male patriarchs sought to put down their women, in order to invest their religious/social laws with the right amount of force, the part of Genesis about “dominion over” was changed from its original meaning: “communion with”.

Maleness seeks dominion over the Wild, while femaleness seeks communion with the Wild. Not just the green world, or the arts of being a stone, but with the four-legged and the winged, and the human dominant determiner.

Most all nodes of human/spirit consciousness exist under social/political conditions where dominion was sought and won, through theft and violence. Government, by its very nature, seeks to provide order from complicated associations of the human beings, and their collective want for wildness of self.

Find your tribe. Accept and meet the other Tribes. Or not. Election campaigns are farce, whatever the necessity. Our riddle is: What can we do without having to wait for “government” to do it? How can we be smarter than the Lords of Finance, and their politician minions?

Factually, they are just as caught up in the dying and becoming of Western Civilization as are we.

We have the modern folk-saying: think globally, act locally. Or, understand the whole, and learn to see your part in it.

Lots of silly thoughts about, given the white/trash/youth going on killing sprees. Finding who to blame is a waste of time. “Fix the problem, not the blame” – a bit of Japanese wisdom – seems to apply. If we stop knee-jerk judging those who are different, we might just see the psychic “temperature” of this time.

There is too much hopelessness, fear, and despair. Sensitive souls break. We are – essentially – a Nation/People/Everywhere lost at sea, wounded, worried about where next to sleep or eat or drink water.

If our leaders can’t actually lead – being mostly invested in the problems, because how else can one assert our world is crap, the other guy did it, and if you give me power over you, I will fix it.

Sure, … anyone still selling Bridges in Brooklyn?

The citizen has to lead. No other Way. But lead where, and why and how? Opps, more choices to have to try on, and discard if they don’t fit. Some you can’t put back in the box, asking for a refund.

Like the above, wisdom bits, its simple. Although courage and stepping outside one’s comfort zone is – as is always true – necessary. No pain in the social, no gain in the social.

Throw a party. Have a dance. Get intoxicated with a stranger, and get to know that they too have screwed up relatives, trouble at work and at home, and the best Way to travel in life is with good company. That’s why folk migrate in groups.

Leave politricks to its usual lies and wants for your money. Spend something on a needy neighbor instead. Ride the crash and burn of Western Civilization with others. Out of many, one & many hands make light work. Sometimes cliches have a lot to say.

As to the Fae?

There is a world of ideas, there being only one idea of a triangle, which we all get to know directly. Fae is part of that world. People get flashes of thought, which probably involved a question, and then – since we are one&many in thought – inner light appears, and something is seen in a new way.

We can also covet dark thoughts, and there too lie dangerous ideas. Those addicted to wealth&power are all the bad example that we need.

Consider this riddle, if you have to discuss religion or politics:

Under our form of government, in America, the citizen is the sovereign. We got rid of Kings and Queens and made a social contract out of that whole clothe. Only some of which we wrote down (see the 9th Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Some of the less visible aspects of the social contract are lived, not perfectly, but at a core of much that lets us live together: Work hard, play by the rules, and mind your own business.

But. But but but but …. What do we do with our dismay, as citizens, with knowledge of the Fae – see next part.

The Return of the Wild

part seven

[this will be the last representation of this particular thread,

found while wandering in the

in the living songs of the ethereal-thought world]

[earlier parts are here:

https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/08/31/the-return-of-the-wild/ ]

What do we do with our dismay – as citizens – with our knowledge of the Fae

“Trust the future”, saith Rudolf Steiner. “In self trust all virtues are comprehended”, saith Emerson.

The next link is to an article about urban planning in the future, through the thoughts of a noble prize winning economist who went to burning man and learned …. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/05/upshot/paul-romer-burning-man-nobel-economist.html

Earlier this morning I was given a riddle – of sorts – when my lady told of the famous Canadian UFO dude, who found a site somewhere, that had hints of there having been an atomic bomb go off there several thousands of years ago. Thinking of “atomic irradiation” reminded me of a crucial text, for those who are curious and willing to color outside their mental lines&boxes: “Radiant Matter: Decay and Consecration”, Georg Blattmann. It is out of print, but should not be. Someone dropped a ball.


Blattmann looks at the Table of Elements, and finds there a remarkable story. A story of living matter, becoming denser and denser with age, until the binding powers of the compression process can no longer remain stable, and parts start to fall away, the way any organic system surrenders to Decay. In this case the “Living Being” is best met via an I&Thou relationship, and this change in Our Understanding can engender a mood of “Consecration. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Periodic_table

We discovered these decaying properties of matter – finely distributed – in such mineral states as what is called yellow-cake uranium. What we didn’t yet know was that it was a phenomena revealing the actual death process of a Cosmic Being, whose material/avatar body is where humanity&All our Relations presently abide.

I also was singing to my Lady of Atlantis, and its fall from grace for having abused living powers millennia ago. I had found a memory of their science in three novels by fine writers of “speculative fiction”. So we turn again to our question …

What do we do with our dismay, – as citizens, – with our knowledge of the Fae?

All thought of stopping all of the evils degrading our future, must be surrendered. We are called to surf the Tsunami of Coming History. Sometimes, to go into the future, we have to find the gates that are in the past: “practice spirit recollection”.

Let me weave for you the needed memory of the fundamental laws from the way back long long ago when before. As Tiger-saucy puts it: There needs to be a Last Shaman, just as their needs to be a Last Jedi. Keeping in the mind two points of mystery, obvious in Star Wars VIII.

Rey, the successor of Luke, did not arise from a genetic inheritance, as had Luke. “Her parents, … “ sez Kylo Ren – Rey’s dark twin, himself in Luke’s genetic stream – “ … her parents were nobodies who sold her for drinking money”.

One twin genetic, the other not. Add to that symbol, note the last scene, where a young boy, who helped Finn and Rose and BB-8 escape from Canto Bright, is walking out of a “stable”, to go to work, and as he passes by the broom, leaning against the stone wall, the broom easily moves – seemingly of its own – into his outstretched hand, as if that was nothing abnormal. He was also wearing the “ring” of the Resistance.

The Last Jedi just points a finger at all of us, for do we not dream of powers?

“May the Force by with You”, could be upgraded to: “may the consecrated powers of life, grace your biography”.

Our artists see, at a qualitative level, what folks who love numbers and abstractions cannot. To see deeper into the Creation (and by implication) the works of the Fae, I will report on three science fiction books, whose imaginative depth sees where physics has yet to go. Understanding those will also provide gifts to our individual lives as we wrestle with how to live in an Age of Increasing Social Chaos.

I recommend getting and reading these books for the pleasure of them, as well as the inspiration in their ideas, that might lead us to rethink our own conceptions of the nature of Reality. Links to Amazon will be provided …

Ursula K. LeGuin wrote a book called: “the Dispossessed”. She imagines a world where personal autonomous freedom is the social goal – a world based on the idea of anarchy as a core value. This book is rich with social wisdom, and can serve as a book to read with others, for the questions it raises.

The main character, Shevek, chooses to study physics, but is so good at it, that what he thinks is not just disturbing to our ideas of physics, but also to social order, because he lives his individualism and right of free choice as the greatest treasure he possesses – i.e. himself.

That is the larger context, within which LeGuin gets to write about physics, as seen through the mind of this character (writers are inspired, always, so the source is as much something connected to Faerie, as is the abundant growth of your garden … from whence is this writer as well inspired – the Collective Imagination is one of the faces of Faerie).

Shevek creates a new physics in which the sequential nature of materialistic physics (cause&effect – and – past&future), has added to it a physics of the simultaneous (everything is happening in an ever present Now).

That is our riddle too. Yes, we live day by day, hand to mouth, year by year, while never once do we escape doing it now by now by now.

Kim Stanley Robinson wrote this book: Memory of Whiteness, with the subtitle “a scientific romance”. https://www.amazon.com/Memory-Whiteness-Scientific-Romance/dp/0765391988

A great story, wild ideas, and a remarkable striving to bring physics into proper contact with music. What effect does music have on consciousness?

There is a scene, at a concert on Mars, where the Orchestra, and its current Maestro, play. Characters, with which we are familiar, mingle before the concert starts, when they run into a man who wishes to talk some Martian politics, based on unusual ideas, who identifies himself as an “anthroposophist”.

The Maestro then plays (each concert on his tour – through the whole planetary system – is different). On Mars, the effects he has been attempting to achieve manifest in most of the audience, who then share an out of body, spiritual, experience.

Look for the discussion of the Ten forms of Change, in their musical sense, and wonder about the Music of the Spheres. We live surrounded by sounds&sights. Do we hear&see?

Last, but not least, Mellisa Scott’s: “The Roads of Heaven”. https://www.amazon.com/roads-heaven-Melissa-Scott/dp/B00005XTAM

Many speculative fiction writes are drawn to space travel stories, and as we see in the movies and on TV, we need to travel “faster than light” (warp speed, hyperspace, wormholes etc.) Scott invents (borrows from the Collective Imagination a memory of Atlantean science) for how her folk get from place to place in a cosmos of stars.

Silence, the main female/lead character, is a “navigator” of the Roads of Heaven. The ships she flies have a keel, as in how a wooden ship on the sea has a keel. The keels are made of various metals, all organized around principles we would call Alchemy. The keel is thus “tinctured”, which gives it unusual properties.

In the ship, built on and around the tinctured keel, is a harmonium. The engineer (remember Silence is a navigator) plays the harmonium, and its vibratory/resonance qualities cause there to come into existence a field effect, which enables the ship to ride/be pushed-by the complicated intersections of the gravity wells of a whole solar system. A set of fields in which even distant stars have an effect.

To ride these “Roads of Heaven” requires first that the field effect of the keel/harmonium start to dematerialize everything in that field. Ship and people can be seen through, and the goal is to arrive atstate state/condition: “four-fifths of heaven”. When that field effect is achieved, what we know of as the stellar world appears to the “navigator” as a massive and complex symbol set, not unlike the Tarot, yet in a Way richer (Scott’s imagination of these symbols is very bright and beautiful – images we ourselves are yet to imagine).

Navigators have books, that reveal various kinds of symbol sets, maps to the Roads of Heaven as it were. [New Age literature, anyone?]

Faerie. Four-fifths of heaven. In Silence we go, riding the keel of our body, seeking its harmonies, opening the mind to the music of the spheres, making/creating our own understanding of the personal relationship between the sequential nature of our lives, in which we live always in the Now.

A world to explore, without even going to the Stars.