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The Pharaoh Foundation

Founder: Joel A. Wendt, … a White-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic. Brags about my qualifications are here: “The Foundations of the Pharaoh Foundation”

I recently self-published another book, called: “Wandering Midst Wonders In the Caves of the Moon”. It is almost 400 pages, and weighs quite a bit. It consists of 15 long essays, five short stories, and one poem.

Eventually I discovered this is a magical coffee table book. You set it in your office, or home, in plain sight. Leave to others to take an interest, after which you advise them that we are not to believe a word of the book, as it has no pictures. Just ideas. Dangerous Ideas.

My eldest son owns all my literary products/estate, and a fairly good magical library. I sold it to him for a dollar a couple of years ago.

“Are we having fun yet?” Bill Griffith’s comic book character: Zippy the Pinhead

The World is in Chaos. Any questions?

The Pharaoh Foundation provides consulting and educational services, to individuals, businesses, and many other kinds of organizations. Our art, as it were, is that we include the spiritual in all our considerations.  Our effort is to enable all to find their own Way to the true, the beautiful and the good. Some samples:

​​​The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were priest-kings.  Later, Plato believed that the best social leadership would come from what he called “philosopher kings”  The Pharaoh Foundation, inspired by those Ideals, seeks to help individuals and communities provide wisdom to our shared social future via the Foundation’s services.

Your participation automatically makes you a member of the Foundation*-Tribe. That is why I say “we”, instead of I.

*[Are we seeds of Hari Seldon, from the Foundation books. If we could predict the future with mathematical accuracy … would that be a blessing? It is not uncommon to want to: “save the world”. What I mean by “Tribe” is a group who share wisdom in a circle-like social form. Everybody free to speak their own heart’s mind.]

We, therefore, offer written and video material to support an understanding, of the self and the world, that comports not just with the scientific, but also with the artistic and the spiritual foundations of reality.

About the author of these materials: Joel A. Wendt

Research Websites:

Book Store:

​Videos on YouTube:

At present we provide, for individuals, an App-like web page, called: 

The Rising of the Sun in the Mind … this material is for individual self-development.  It is a Way or “I” process, and supports us changing ourselves, which will (of course) incidentally change the world.  

The arts needed for consulting with/in organizations is a “We” process, and involves us in how to help various kinds of communities find their cognitive Way of co-participation, in shared world-changing strategies.

All this material will include spiritual aspects of reality,

… that fits within both scientific and artistic criteria.

While the services offered here are free, should someone want to provide gift support, we urge you connect with:
RSF Social Finance,  which provides financial support for a broad spectrum of spiritually grounded works.

For advanced work in wholistic biological sciences, support these institutions.

Bioneers – revolution from the heart of nature

The Nature Institute

a curious desk full of rare and unusual books

The Pharaoh Foundation is also engaged in the creative activity of film making.  Currently we are working on this movie:

Again … there are no fees for these services.  Gifts of the spirit need to be free.

I don’t work with individuals – I am not anyone’s guru.  I will work only with groups.  At least three and no more than five.  We talk over Zoom, and make a date for that talk via e-mail.

I have no Zoom skills. I believe the best result, for any group of three, four, or five, will be if one of the members takes on that responsibility. I bought the book: Zoom for Dummies, but at age 81 I not only am a slow learner, I also have extension tremors in my hands, which makes even moving a mouse quite difficult and challenging.

My email address is:

The process of encounters is to follow certain principles of coaching, via a Socratic Means. I have studied three sports coaches: John Wooden; Bill Belichick; and, Herb Brooks.

Wooden emphasized basic skills, including how you put on your shoes and socks before every practice and game. Next, repetitive passing and dribbling work, before moving on to patterns and basket making. The body knows much via this Way, and the mind is then free to attend to the choices for action.

Belichick taught “do your job”, and leave the other guy to do his job. Jobs, however, are complicated. The game is then situational, changing each second of play from start to finish. The job includes a lot of instinctive wisdom.

Brooks taught how to be a team, which includes some serious management of the own Ego.

The Socratic Ideal is for us to be asked questions, which then evokes the process by which we sometimes discover something we didn’t know we knew, until the question was asked. In this way each group member choses his own story/tale in the search for the good and the true.

Some first riddles: Four essential epistemological questions: 1) Do you know everything? 2) Is what you don’t know far greater than what you believe you know? 3) If you took something from the arena of what you don’t know, and added it to what you believe you know, could that change what you believe you know? 4) Are you willing to learn?

Prior to the first meeting, each member should prepare to offer what is their reason for joining the Foundation. Simple curiosity is sufficient.

lost and found object art … mask by my Lady’s daughter, circuit boards a gift of things that broke, the two pictures are Central American spirits of power, the drawings around the mask, free fire above, and below lawful limits sung with numbers and signs and ones and zeros … I wrote a book” The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics in an Age of Technological Chaos.

There is a particular cognitive Way, which helps move thought from abstractions into living and mobile concepts. It is called “phenomenalism” – the doctrine that human knowledge is confined to or founded on the realities or appearances presented to the senses.

Sit quietly. Imagine a transparent sphere, the size of the room. Inside that sphere, just an inch of so, picture an additional sphere, whose radius line has slightly decreased.

If we slice the double-sphere in half, facing us are two plane circles. This is an abstract image of our planet’s reality, for if we go too far out into space, we die, unless we bring the earth-field with us … and the same is true if we go inward, we will die, unless we can bring with us our normal environment.

This double sphere-zone is the human life realm, which means a being allegedly trapped in a physical body. Matter only, no spirit. All the same, spirit is real, and within the mental world are doorways to another land.

We experience mind at the edges, which I called the Eight Gates to Faerie, that come in pairs. Shamelessly borrowed from the work of Patrick Rothfuss:

Living and Dying; Awake and Asleep; Remembering and Forgetting; and Sanity and Madness. At the boundary edges of each pair, are thresholds into a purely nonmaterial existence.

These are the inner paths, and as a consequence the sphere has three borders. Up, Down, and Within.

underground temple (aka: basement) ,,., due to bad knees I haven’t been there in years

Goethe called the recreation of images that the world displays – in the own imagination: Reading the Book of Nature. This recreation was especially useful if we base the pictures in the form of living changes over time. There are many books practicing these skills, crafts, and arts. Google Goethean Science.

In terms of the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization, on the cusp of the Third Millennium, the Hopi Prophecy used these terms: “The Age of Purification” A time when there might appear a “true” white brother, led by the Red Symbol to turning the Four Forces of Nature for the benefit of the Sun.

What is this “true” aspect? Knowing/believing that Father Sky, and Mother Earth are Cosmic Beings, with whom one can arrive at an honest direct and personal relationship.

Or as John the Baptist has it: The One coming after me will Baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

The Foundation would like to consider such practical questions as: how do we help the homeless, the unemployed, the underemployed and the many youth unable to leave home … in such a direct Way as to not need to wait anymore for the corrupt “governments” to do their jobs.

We counter the feeling of hopeless helplessness as regards the macro situation, by finding something micro-local we can do ourselves. “Think globally; act locally”

Fundamentally this – for America – is a third War, with citizens having no use except to produce and consume, at the bottom of the trough. Meanwhile sacrificing our children as cannon fodder for the wars of the Rich and the Powerful (addicts all), over increasingly scarcer minerals.

It is an “Economic and Social Rebellion – in the Age of technological Chaos.” The fundamental poison is the idea that the Earth (our Mother) can be owned. We are not owners, never will be owners, who might yet be decent children … if we become true stewards of the life-sphere we all share.

A Rebellion means taking physical risks. To take such risks – in a wise way – requires some thought. I wrote a plan over ten years ago:

Plan Simplified: Don’t protest, declare victory and have a celebration. Invite folk who might not otherwise break bread together: black and white, liberal and conservative, religious and atheist, police and criminal, Canadian and Mexican, poor and rich, … and invite them to tell their individual stories, from the school of hard knocks and shared pain.

Loves lost. Children who died too young. Bosses who only knew how to give orders, and had no idea of how to do the Required wish/work. A spouse, or other intimate companion who cheats. Children who don’t call, or care. Users and abusers. Illness. Aging. How did Covid screw up your life?

There’s takers and givers. Too much stuff, and not enough stuff. Stuff you can’t control. A wise man once said, we live in two apparent prisons. Our experience of our Now, and that we have some kind of core, from which we can’t get away. Just keep in mind, depending on your attitude, … you are either and or both: a jailer, and someone in jail; and/or: a writer, actor, and director of your own movie.

Leadership is a curious gift. One can arrive in a place and time, where they prefer their own judgment over that of any other. An “expert” might actually know what is right for others in a particular situation.

“we have met the enemy, and he is us” … Walt Kelly’s Pogo

There appear to be two different styles of leadership. One is to occupy some valuable position in a hierarchical organization. Those below are often compelled to follow. Another is to find a way to serve someone, or some Idea. Service is bottom up, not top down.

Many people move from one necessary style to another during the course of the day. Expectations at work are different from expectations at home, or a ballgame, or even a dance.

The wise have been blamed for this sentimental platitude: Be the change you want to see in the world.

One way to lead is to model, … by example. I once had a job in a restaurant, as an egg flipper. The owner started not even showing up, due to drugs.

I was a “leader” to some extent, because I opened and closed the store. Unlocked the door at 6 a.m., turned on the lights, the grill, and started the Coffee. At the end of the day I cleaned the grill, mopped the floor, and was the last man out.

Something would go wrong (a normal everyday occurrence in a restaurant), and people looked at me. I started saying I’ll fix it, and people did their jobs, and helped each other, sometimes even helping me.

Governments, Big Businesses, Rich Oil Barons, Masters of Drug Cartels, Billionaires, Popes, Kings, Rock Stars, Sports Millionaires, … which of us would not have a go at being the boss of some of that?

Imagine the the Pharaoh Foundation Zoom meetings as hanging out with very strange friends, intoxicants allowed. If you don’t like it, there’s a disconnect button.

Plus, its free, no trial, no annual fees, for interesting conversation. If you are forming a group, from a hierarchical organization, best to be with folks in your same lane. Bosses, underlings, … any kind of status difference is problematic to sharing.

“silicon angel”
“What, me worry” Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman
deck – inside large clay rectangular box … I called Her “swamp thing”, and winds and rains, and wild spirits left some beauty, that they need us to see, the human way of seeing, which given there is only a fiction of separation and parts. A sunset, a tornado, a flood, a war, … all comes to us whole … wrenching, terrible, and forever to be born in the dreams of mad kings,
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