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The pandemic-pandemonium is disorganizing our Earth-world in such a Way, that the individual has more opportunities to act freely in relation to the dominant false religion: scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. Modern unnatural science has produced ideas, in Medicine for example, which have led to misdiagnosis and ineffective treatments. In a very real sense, scientific materialism has no ideas about how to stop war, or cure cancer and heart disease. If, however, we complete the science of matter, by adding a science of spirit, … everything changes.

All of those – religiously Faithful folks – should be rewarded, and the books below could be called gospels of the Second Becoming, if our Idea of the First Coming was that Christianity was joined as an anchoring aspect of the manifestation of the Divine Mystery, via three interrelated patriarchal monotheisms. From the point of view of the Mystery, not three religions, just one.

For Judaism, an escape from the polytheism of Egypt, through a not always perfect study of god’s Law (the Father principle). Humanity is falling deeper into matter.

For Christianity, the circling in toward death, then upward striving and Resurrection, ending the Fall into materialism first endured by the Hebrews. This turning away, from the trials of materialism, is a gesture by the Mystery of Love (the Son principle), not just Law.

Then the desert spoke a third song: Islam. The upward gesture, from out of the Fall, through Love to an even more remarkable truth: Surrender (the Mother principle). Law, Love, Surrender.

Great wisdoms arise from out of the many-mansion totality of the Mystery, whose ancient origins still enfold the World. There is no language in the realms of science, and religion, and the arts, not influenced by the total culture of the past. As a consequence, these books, though oriented in a kind of “Christian” ethos, are concerned with ideas true for everybody, of whatever Faith. Gospels that are scientific, artistic, and religious.

The books below are just a few, that might be helpful. Helpful? The Redemption of Materialistic Science … something everyone on the Planet needs, given that the totality of Nature is better at watching and loving us, than we are at actually seeing Her.

I do not believe folks truly want to continue unnatural science’s dominion-over the Earth, as a Way of Life. What we need is communion-with, the most ancient ways of consciousness of Nature as a Being (or Beings). We need to seek again a relationship – on an I and Thou – level with the Goddess Natura.

The active links are to places to buy the books.

Two of the 12 are books are mine. “the Way of the Fool” is a gospel of the Second Coming. {“a”, not “the”, gospel} I wrote it over the course of a year, at age 64, following a 45 day fast.

The other: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” was begun and completed shortly after I received initiation into the Mysteries of the Mother (on epiphany 2008), and the Son, late 2009, early 2010. I was 70.

In this book I took the religious question, reformatted that as a theory, and then created a theoretical/testable spiritual social science to explain everything.
This next book is amazing. I knew this woman for 6 years via an internet discussion group called the Ark. We met there between 1997 and 2003. Christ sent her to Morocco, to experience Ramadan in the fall of 2000, so that our group could face 9/11 via the insights of this remarkable spirit.

On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician“, by Catherine MacCoun, which she describes, modestly, as a union of Tibetan and Christian Alchemy. {a gospel of soul}


“Poetic Diction” by Owen Barfield. Was friends with Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and such while writing this. He was also a student of Rudolf Steiner, and an expert on the “evolution of consciousness”. I call this book: a gospel of the imagination.

I heard him speak once. Over a hundred in the audience, and one question was whether or not he followed Rudolf Steiner’s idea: That we would be better off reading one Steiner book 50 times, than 50 books once. If he did, what was that book?


His reply: “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception“, which Barfield described as the least read most important book Steiner ever wrote.

I describe that book as “a gospel of knowing”. The book cover below is the latest iteration of the text from Steiner Books. The picture below that is from the early book’s table of contents.


For there to be a “science” with spirit, there needs to be processes of investigation that can be replicated. That is a principle virtue of this book, so lets us next take a peek at a gospel of physics, by Ernst Lehrs: Man or Matter .

Here is a picture of that table of contents:


Surely a gospel of organic chemistry is called for as well.

Rudolf Hauschka’s “The Nature of Substance” Its content page:


How about a gospel of movement, … Theodor Schwenk’s Sensitive Chaos – The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air


The Earth’s Green World is immense, and central to all life. How about a gospel of the Plant, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2


That makes nine books (one with two volumes.) The next three are by the same author, Tom Cowan, M.D. .. a gospel of medicine …

I was acquainted with him a few decades ago, and at a political meeting at his home (his wife at that time was having the meeting, he was just working nearby) … at one point he walked through the gathering, and asked: “Why are People fat?” Following which – when going back the way he had come – he said, “because they are starving” [by which I later learned he meant fat people’s brains react to the lack of real nutrition in our food, by making us feel hungry, so we eat too much, and never satisfy the real hunger].

Or, he said, walking in and out of the same room later: “What is the biggest cause of death in America?” pause … “the doctor”.

He has written and published three new volumes, ripe with his wit, intelligence, and heretical views. Everyone who cares about the health of all humans on the Planet, should own and read these books.
Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease”

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

Cancer and the New Biology of Water

Where there are twelve, there is also the 13th, revealing the fundamental union underlying the parts. This next book is a wonder … fully academic, written by the holder of the Emerson Chair at Harvard Divinity School … on the surface a discussion of Rudolf Steiner’s influence on “environmentalism”, while at the same noticing that for such ideas to spread as described, there has to be the Mystery helping directly.

Eco-Alchemy by Dan McKanan

With the link that follows next, … not so much a gospel, but a lengthy discussion of an artistic vision, later told as a story in the movie: “MoonTrap Target Earth”. A prophecy, as it were, anticipating the Return of the Divine Mother from voluntary obscurity, with presents and gifts for Her Children, out of the long ago when before – always true – magical and mystical nature of all of Holy Reality.

Medicine Woman is Here (the Mother is back with the Moon)

About this image … the bluish jewel of the most ancient sciences (the Emerald Tablet, and its progeny – such as the book of symbols: the Tarot).

It is held in the arms of “scout”, who went before, aided by the Red Kachina (the mysteries of the lower passions, who has to defeat the Blue Kachina (rigid intellectualism) to restore the balance in the living forces of the Four Directions. Scientific materialism, a quite valid empirical study of matter (all is matter, there is no spirit) is to marry the ancients’ empirical studies of the spirit.

… to this writer, this next symbol – from the film – reveals that ancient wisdom joined to the intellect, yet balanced from below by the surrender of the heart, brings life to the Celebration of the Return of the Moon (Her) to Earth.

Anthroposophia – the genius of the Imagination in the Macrocosm, and thus also in us, as the microcosm

Oh, and by the Way, that’s Her ,,, already active in the pandemic-Pandemonium.

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