EARTH MOTHER~!~HOLY MOTHER and the Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot


She told/made me a story-teller,

of the lost lands of Faerie

and the true nature of the Fae.


for a epub book, with the same content, and which can be viewed across multiple platforms … Lulu wants $0.99 cents to process, I already got my reward in being able to write it.

EARTH MOTHER~!~HOLY MOTHER and the Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot

first edition

copyright@2020 Joel A. Wendt

all rights reserved


My name is Joel A. Wendt. What am I?

In my second childhood (I am pushing 80 when writing this), I made a new blog using WordPress, with these words at the beginning: “Welcome to the Aethereal Cave, of a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”

There is a point to the sequence: “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen”. Shamans serve the particular social, cultural, and political, zones of experience, through which the Mother, as Divine Providence, guides such a fool as myself. I can learn to think in inclusive wholes, yet I have no business pretending to be a “shaman” outside the range of my spiritual roots.

Odd, if we think about it. White-privileged Christians having a shaman is seriously ironic, is it not. Still, these roots will produce uses of language peculiar to those groups. For example, I use the word “Christ”, and in no way mean to refer to what goes on in most Christian rites. The Cosmic Christ is available to be met, and that “name” is just another name for the Creator. Elsewhere in the world, other names have been given to That Which Makes All. Sometimes the word “Source” is useful, although given the dual nature – Mother and Son – I prefer the term: Mystery.

For the similar reasons, most of what I write as regards politricks is grown out of the present situation in America, the America of the good old U. S. of A.

At the same time, the relationship of the human being to the Mystery has universal elements. What is below means to speak to those, while at the same time acknowledging that each reader needs to interpret what I have written – in accord with the ancient Earth Religions in the region in which one was born, and also – where one is now living, … if different.

… some words of warning … I am a “writer”, which means that I have to write most everyday, because so much piles up in the heart’s mind, … that if I don’t let it flow through, there is no room for more. Other-inspired kinds of folk might wait for the night, hide their face, and let rocks and molotov cocktails stand in for their words of rage.

… These words are my rocks and molotov cocktails, and this is my rage …

… In the movie “the Cabin in the Woods”, there is a basement of our worst fears, … elder gods, and ends of days … what if what seems to lurk below the surface of our reality gets remembered in the right way: Powerful but in no way Evil … the human imagined basement of evil forgotten lore is something we invented … the real forgotten lore lives even now, never been out of sight – just waiting …

… there is worse … I am here – in these words – to teach you, so if you do not want to learn, why are you reading this little book? I will also try to “entertain” my readers …. the Truth is Himself Amazing, and learning by Tales&Stories has virtues over abstract lectures – reality is a Story, not just “His”story, but Her’s as well. [details on the mysteries of the mother] & [she has the whole world in his hands]

It would be nice, for some folks, if understanding the underlying spiritual aspects of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot was simple, and could be reduced to a couple of paragraphs. Reality, however, is amazingly complex, full of beautiful relationships, and does not give up Her Secrets to those who like an easy ride through life. If you can’t handle the complex, don’t read this story. If you would like to get closer to the Mystery, then this is for you. A feast, with many courses, and a lot of time to read it bit by bit. No need to drink all this spiritual cool-aide in one visit.





The Tail of the Tale

In the Way Back, Long Ago, When Before, the human being knew the gods&goddesses through direct personal experience. “Speaker’s Meaning”, by Owen Barfield, tells this story …

Languages are born, age, and then mature. In their youth they are quite literal – what is being experienced is just given a name. On the way from youth to maturity, the meanings of words in a language expand and contract. For example, the word “focus” used to refer to the fire, around which families sat, ate and told stories. The astrologer/astronomer Kepler, applied that term – focus – to the two geometric points (foci) that are the “centers of an ellipse”. In maturity, languages flower with metaphors, such as he is in the “sunset” of his life.

History is itself made up of sub-stories as to its own nature. It is a rather new term, and many ancient Greeks we call “historians” did not use that idea. Most of the important stories were kept alive by art, aka: poems, songs, and comedy&drama. In these story-arts “history” is memory, while our arts archaeological can only find broken bits and pieces.

We moderns guess a lot.

Among the stories, there are the oldest tales, sometimes called the Great Myths. A poem/tale has its story, and yet there is a hidden cultural context of a Great Myth, haunting that story, and giving it meaning in the sense of the forgotten gods&goddesses.

Barfield then draws the following conclusion: The Great Myths arose in the youth of their languages, and given that those are literal, not metaphorical, they were then experiences of actual gods&goddesses, and their everywhere kin, such a fauns, and fairies.

Most aboriginal cultures have such stories. Common to many is the Idea of the Mother. A jungle tribe might use the word Mother to name the Forest, from which all that is needed for life is generated.

Like any decent Mother and Father, the Divine Mystery knew that the time would come to push the human-being-child out of the nest, out of the garden. We must learn to stand and fly on our own.

As a consequence of our need for independence and maturity, the Fae grew a Fable in the Eternal Now, which was meant to hide the Ideas&Ways of the directly known polytheistic religious past. The Hebrews left Egypt, and went about the work of creating the first monotheistic religion. Their studies seeking God’s Laws were profound, but no longer was the human being to have direct participatory knowledge of the Realm of the Immortals – now there was a need to create Faith, which when rightly done is less a “belief system”, and more an act of trust … to have Faith in the Mystery, is to trust the Mystery. [Judaism, Christianity and Islam are one Religion, not three.]

Here and there only a few priests/shamans continued to be able to know this Realm, while the rest became blind. Where once in the deeps of the past a human being could see an angel, that was now impossible. Christ even noted this condition: “Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet believe.”

Not all the seers/magi were welcome in those days, and their practices of being able to call forth spirits became labeled as unclean – it was a need for social control by religious authorities. So in Leviticus we find the words “strange fire”. An unauthorized use of the powers – of priests and priestesses, sorcerers, wizards and such – to open the gates to the spiritual, led to the “burning” of those who acted this way – without authorization from those with social powers. Kill the competition was the gambit.

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”.

The three patriarchal monotheisms were on the way to taking dangerous steps, from which the woman-mind/heart would recoil. Eventually, only a vague memory still existed of the idea of “communion-with”, an ancient natural talent of the female to be open to the unseen little folk, whose works made possible fires, and cooking, and farming, and roofs that do not leak.

So in Genesis -written by the Patriarchs – we have “dominion-over” … over the kingdoms of the world, instead of the former more intimate “communion-with”. While some may see this as a loss, it was not. For humanity to go as deep into matter as we needed, we had to no longer see the material/sense world as filled from within by legions of invisibles – with living minds . The material world had to become, as least in terms of our understanding, absent any self-consciousness.

The Divine was then thought to be captured in books, and in temples, while the world of nature was filled with danger and evil – god only visited the priests, or so they preached, while keeping women barefoot and pregnant, in service to men. Part of why is that – absent social inhibitions – the female nature tends to be wild, as any parent knows who has raised teenage girls.

Out of this Rite of Passage, away from true understanding of the World of Mother Nature, was born “Western” Civilization. This civilization triumphed in its task, when in the 19th Century materialistic (all is matter, there is no spirit) science reached its heights. Not even the god of the priests&books was to be honored as scientifically possible. Creation was a Big Bang out of nowhere, and the history of human becoming reduced to meaningless randomness and blind chance. This creature – “natural science” – ate religious ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At root these religious ideas expressed a unity – the Divine Mystery is true and real, … although in social practice priestly authorities asserted their god was more bad-ass than the gods of others … and if you don’t obey we’ll maim or kill you. Early scientists were burned at the stake, by Roman Catholic authorities.

Time passed and these matter-only ideas became so powerful, and so apparently proven to be true, that the whole world swallowed them hook, link, and sinker. This essentially new religion – Scientific Materialism – is now taught to all the children in the world. Never doubt that it is a belief system (religion), hidden behind flaws in logic and observation. Its main virtue was to allow human beings to become even more free of all religious thought, such as might make for a moral compunction over one’s personal choices of behavior. The authority of religious priests had to be rejected, and kept outside the temple of the “scientific” priests. The Mystery meant for us to at least know an alternative “truth”, for a time.

Even the Faiths (belief systems) had to lose their original life, and become more and more an arid desert of abstract cause and effect thinking. Scholars and preachers became more needed than artists, and makers. The stronger the religious fought against “science”, the more they insured its momentary success.

Ultimately this tension produced oppositional cultural/social anti-religious conceptions: No gods, no afterlife, might was well go for it all, while we can. You just go around once, right?

The self-consciousness in Nature, aka: the Goddess Natura, did not cease to exist. She just let us imagine into habits of thought, … Her absence, … a kind of enchantment the shaman R. Steiner attributed to the human intellect, when unbound by the heart.

There is a wonderful novel, made into a four-part TV show: “The Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It is about the women characters, of the Arthurian Legend. It takes place when in the eighth-century there is a passing into the mists of the English goddess religions, … while Christianity – with force of arms remember – went about to destroying anything suggestive of an earth religion, wherever they found them – no pagans allowed anymore. Eventually there were the “witch” trials everywhere, in the growing and maturing [~!~?~!~] of “Western” Civilization.

There is a scene in the TV show, where the character Morgaine – a pagan priestess – is observing that to the side of the great cathedral erected to Christ, there was a small chapel for a statue of the Holy Mother. Morgaine watches folk, who used to – as Celts and Druids – adore the Mother Earth Being in Festival times, … she watches as they placed before this statue to the Holy Mother, the same gifts of thanks for planting and harvest once given to Goddess Natura. Morgaine could see that this truth of the bounty of the Mother will not be lost, even if the Earth Religions are destroyed.

Eight hundred years later, when Europe invaded the Americas, the same impulse came along. Aboriginal/pagan ways were sinful, and these folk had to be converted, if necessary – again – by force of arms.

Those ancient Ways had a lot of life in them anyway, and all over the world they survive in tales of wisdom, and celebratory practices. The future will see them getting to say – with justifiable pride in their traditions – to the now defeated materialists: “We told you so”. And, “if you’d like to know your Way around the Underworld, …”… well … choices many, leading to different whats&wheres, …

With the environmental movement (Silent Spring and its progeny) folk began to realize that the Earth needed our care, for it was obvious that modern civilization thought of the Goddess Natura, and Her Friends. – as a Soulless Thing, to be owned, and dominated, and used up for our benefit.

This is the natural result of the idea: “Dominion Over”, that still lives in Hebrew&Christian Bibles.

Not to worry, for each religion also has its darker/wiser brother, living remnants of the Earth Religions, such as Alchemy for the Christians, Quaballah for the Hebrew’s, and Sufism for the Muslims.

The misuses of the gifts of the intellect, by a modern yet still male-dominated humanity, have endangered the life sphere of the planet. Have no fear for Her, as She, the Holy Earth Mother, can’t be ruined or killed. What is at risk, however, is the future health of the places human beings need to live, in order to obtain further special, unique, and, personal experiences in the world of “matter”.

“I matters to me, for Matter to be, and that I, to Matter, do matter.”





What Now?

There is super-consciousness inside of Nature. Self-aware sentient consciousness, whether we believe it or not. For enjoyment, let us call this invisible-inside (just like we have an invisible-inside): Faerie … and, its inhabitants: the Fae.

Yes, Faerie is in us, … again – in Luke – Christ put it this way: The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You. Shaman Steiner talked all the time about the “spiritual world”, and how interconnected to That we are.

There are eight gates to Faerie, and they come in pairs. Living&Dying [Fire/Will]; Waking&Sleeping [Air/Intellect]; Sanity&Madness [Water/Feeling]; and, Remembering&Forgetting [Earth/Consciousness]. {thanks to shaman Patrick Rothfuss for related hints and inspiration}

We are already where we need and want to be, although we remain enchanted with the idea of living in a world of Soulless Things, instead of as self-conscious co-participants in the Dance of Life. These words mean to help the individual reader break the enchantment – one individual at a time. The underlying spiritual factoid is that we are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Even Trump.

Why speak of Faerie and the Fae? For ourselves. For truth, for goodness, for beauty, but mostly for the fun of noticing Carl Sagan’s greatest worry: that the ideas in New Age earth religions, would lead to the worship of a Demon Haunted World, on the way to destroying scientific promise …

He was mistaken in his fears. Instead, as we re-awake to Faerie, we will prove him wrong, by not losing the scientific spirit. There is no need to stop being scientific. In fact, there is exist remarkable modern sciences of the spirit, including the Anthroposophy of the shaman Steiner; and, even more important, the three illuminating works on the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science (aka: magic) of the shaman Franz Bardon.

Inspired by shaman Steiner, many scientific/spiritual books came into being. I wrote this next link to explain how each individual religion is rewarded for their “faith&trust” in the Mystery. The truth of the reality of spirit belongs to everyone, and the defeat of scientific materialism had to begin right where that tired and inept religion triumphed – Central Europe. “For People of Faith, of Whatever Rite”.

In a sense, with Bardon, we remember, from the forgetting, the lost science of polytheistic ways – via the formerly sacred/secret languages of the Elements: Fire/Will; Air/Intellect; Water/Feeling; and Earth/Consciousness. Those “ideas” are so universal, that they are a core aesthetic/thematic element of Disney’s “Frozen II”.

Never fear that you must read all that I have read, for I know these “books”, in practice; and, I hope to capture their essence as we proceed, saving you – dear student – the trouble.

How do we proceed? Via the own imagination, a crucial aspect of both Anthroposophy and modern Hermetic Science.





Introducing The Imagination

Not to say, the reader should avoid books. I am recommending several, and via introducing them I am able to share remarkable contributions to the future scientific spiritual knowledge of all of humanity. Some of these books I dare to call “a gospel of” (I’ll explain more later), but while we are on the subject of the “imagination”, there is “a” gospel of the imagination: “Poetic Diction” by Owen Barfield.

In its beginning he points to a riddle – whether or not the aboriginals in the Americas actually saw the ships of the invaders as we today would see them, when they first appeared on the horizon of the great water. Why? Because they did not have the needed picture-idea – in their own minds – to go with the manifestation.

In a like way, in the great sea of history, to see Faerie and the Fae once more we must first be led to the “ideas”. Many know these already, although here I hope to go deeper, seeking the most valuable, yet difficult, realities. We all can learn to listen to trees and rocks, adore the green world, and get to know – intimately – such Fae as gnomes (consciousness), sylphs (air), undines (water), and salamanders (fire).

To Einstein the imagination was more important than knowledge, the latter being fixed, while the former had no limits. Samuel Taylor Coleridge spoke of a Primary and a secondary imagination. The Primary produced existence out of the Word Itself, while the secondary was a gift to us, as unlimited in scope, yet still limited as to power of manifestation.

Shaman Steiner pointed to the poet Goethe as the best scientist of his time. In “a gospel of physics”, “Man or Matter”, by Ernst Lehrs, we review the history of physics in a Goetheanistic (phenomenological), fashion, which when the sense experience is recreated in the imagination, we begin to know that the act of cognition is being born out of the phenomena itself. The appearances speak, we learn to listen, and read.

There is a new geometry to study. It is far beyond the limits of Euclidean Geometry, and accepts infinite elements, aka: Projective or Synthetic Geometry. Play with it online only, or buy books. The crucial part is to let it be a yoga for the imagination. The latter book requires only large sheets of plain paper, pencils, and a good straight edge. We gain more of an understanding through the “construction” process, than just the reading of text.

Yes, we are stardust, as the poetess Joni Mitchell sings in Woodstock, but Scientific Materialism – having refused to imagine a Divine Mystery – offers a very bleak and limited view of cosmic existence – aka: the starry heavens – alleging that what is there in that There is far far away, and out of reach, while at the same time, in the Fermi Paradox, wondering why the must-be-there cosmic intelligences do not reach out to us.

They did reach out to us. They are reaching out to us. Having added no art (imagination), or religion (devotion to the mystery obviously inside us), science dreamed a not impossible dream, just a limiting enchantment, … a veil laid over the realms of the world. Woven with purpose, … by the very Faerie folk, who led us to materialism in the first place. We are where we are supposed to be.

Somewhere below I will begin to lay out a Way to make a spaceship of our own four-pole magnet, while sitting in prayer and meditation, in order to learn how to go to Mars in spirit. Baby steps first, says the dad to the Jodi Foster character in Contact. As the Jedi know, anger is dangerous, as is the fear that births it. Some self-directed training required.

The Qualitative Imaginative Sphere of Mars is where we begin to work out psychic wounds, as they appear in us personally. For a righteous introduction to the astrology of the ancient Egyptian magicians, “Practical Astrology”, by St. Germain. This is the only text – which combines into a single whole – Numerology and Tarot, as well as Astrology. Amazing fun stuff about Mars in there.

The real stars – we see at night – are vacation homes, for all the Fae, which includes us. The movie “Annihilation”, and its idea of the Shimmering, captures the nature of the assumed barrier from our over-tamed world, to the vibrant and near chaotic growth potential of Life. “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World”, from the prologue to the John Gospel. Life&Light have a conscious inside, which we dishonor through ingratitude.

The stars are faerie-dust, the whole sky filled with signs and portents. We are not atoms, electrons, positrons, … any of the whole growing carnival of bits of stuff you need a billion dollar toy to create and play with. The labels make me smile: leptons, and quarks, while the latter has the coolest names of all: up, charm, top, down, strange, and bottom. If we add the Higgs boson (the god particle) we have seven dwarfs, but where is sleeping beauty?

How does stuff come into existence from “things” that have half-lives so tiny they are nearly impossible to measure?





Details Are Important

My series of letters on magic examines in detail the relationship between the four modern transformations in physics, and the four elements of classical antiquity.

What We are is the ever present miracle of self-consciousness. No materialistic scientist has the least idea what that is, or how to create it. We know how to kill the matter-organization, yet life after death is real, as is karma and reincarnation. The physical body passes back into the material-all, while the spiritual bodies go on journeys. We go through the gate of death, with the momentum from life, enough so as to unfold the gifts of material existence into the Spiritual-All

At the Midnight Hour, that momentum, with the help of the Wind, pauses, the own-spark reflects and chooses to fall back into matter, or not. Steiner warns that in few more millennium we’ll not incarnate anymore in physical bodies. Women will become infertile. Personally, this means to me to get as much sensual and erotic sex as possible, now, in this life. Next life might be too late.

One day – over four decades ago, while I was standing on a street corner in downtown Berkeley California, I wondered the question of did sun and sky and wind have what I had, as a self-seen I? The fake religion holding sway in my mind doubted, an argument then occurred between my intellect and my heart. My heart was wild in its imagination … what if it is how I decide to see it that makes a world. Science was full of guesses and uncertainty. Religion did not fare much better. This was personal. So I started to try to treat the world as alive, and aware of me, and caring about me … whether or not I had previously cared about It.
At that time I did not know the artistic gifts well enough, which is that which weaves religion and science into one wisdom. Baby steps.

Faerie has Realms, we call a few of them religions. There is even a scientific realm, obviously. Want to go to the stars? Learn to meditate and pray at the same time. “Learn to think on your knees”, the sage V. Tomberg wrote; in sympathetic regard to Steiner, who wrote more bluntly: “It thinks in me”.

Our time is pregnant with spiritual gifts, sowed everywhere by Her, … wild magics, strange fires, one of which is the Holy Rite we might call: the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot.

Our artists pour wisdom, while the rich&powerful pour poison. Tiger-Saucy (one of the Fae) shows me two creative and life-giving paths for the coming future – for the Reboot: the path of the Earth Rangers, and the path of the Travelers.

The Earth Ranger adores the Mother as did aboriginal shamans, makes a viable temple/home base, and becomes a caretaker of the Earth Spirits as are bound to the physical/geographical locations, where they live. This is one Way to communion-with.

The Travelers visit the Earth Ranger communities, and moving from one to another interweave the stories, which then enrich us all, on our personal path to understanding. This is the other Way.

Thus it was in the time of Atlantis. Took a couple of centuries, but She swept the play-yard clean, and gave the circle of life a break from Her children. Folk traveled East and West to settle other lands. Earth Rangers. Other folk traveled in ships of sea and air, keeping alive the sharing – the whole rainbow of earth-wisdoms, as long as was possible. Travelers.

We have them now, among our young. Become a farmer/gardener in a city or other place over run with blacktop and car exhaust; or, by jet and boat visit foreign lands with real dangers if you go to near the edges. In both places communion with the Wild is cultivated, and understood.





We Are All Shamans, Just By Being Survivors.

Tiger-Saucy, an invisible friend who – if desired on my part – looks out my left eye, from an entrance created by me in the back of the head, following the lightening strike feelings linking the two. Sort of like breathing, … consciousness being a touching, and the senses are wounds. I look out, They look In. Roles vary, rotating the lead of the dance among a vast collective, in which my spark is not an isolated song.

Everybody has, in their own carnival of inner multitudes, echos of the less separated Fae consciousness of what lives within the Consciousness of Faerie. A personal underground back door into Faerie, that comes free of charge, or work, for every sentient self-consciousness being.

On the Way of Life we argue with our “selves” all the time – it is called: being conflicted, … exactly as the Greeks understood the Nature of the Life of Divine Mystery, whose arts were powerful: Olympians, … or closer to the modern imagination: the children in Stranger Things. Amazing aspects of an even more amazing whole. Learn to see more “wholes” and less “parts”.

Over elsewhere-when, the story was that the world rode on the back of a giant sea turtle, slowly moving forward, carrying the weight of the world on its back. Every geographical place has its own bit of aboriginal grace, even if it is just in the heart. I talked to “the” turtle one day. I was intoxicated with Mother’s ganja goddess, and looking at an image I had put above my desk – an image of the turtle with the earth on its back, … and my cheeky-self asked in mid-mind-stream: “turtle, why do you go so slow?” … surprise ! an answer on the winds in all souls, “human, … why to you go so fast?”

The Mayan scribes counted Days, because the Day – which is not short unless overly busy – was the primary cycle of change, at the hands of the Mystery.

In our arts: Groundhog Day. Mom’s Pandemonium Reboot (an extreme normal human hysterical over-reaction – made even more remarkable because of the global scale) releases the wild, by slowing down the mindless rush, and increasing the necessity of dealing daily with scarcity. All over the world.

Absence makes the heart grow founder. We are being denied something. Distractions? Imagine that a drill-Sargent temperament exists, because that peculiar Order Giving Way is sometimes necessary in the Winds of Fate, in a time of the Four Horseman. Divine Providence gives both miracles and trials.

We are here because we want to be here. We want to break the old and forge the new. At the same time, we each have our Day. Within the Day, the other gift: our Now.

Our spirit is like a great sword of truth. A sword that is forged, over the course of a lifetime. In the Hands of a skilled carpenter and smith, helped by a farmer and a herbalist, dancing to the fiddles of comics, our Days wander among riches. We are the sword, of the did-not-come-to-bring-peace dude.

Wisest Health Advice There Is

the best six doctors anywhere

and no one can deny it

are sunshine, water, rest and air,

exercise and diet,

these six will gladly you attend

if you are only willing.
your mind they’ll ease

your will they’ll mend

and charge you not a shilling.

Some remarks on the flu “illness”, out of Bardon. Some remarks on the social illness faux plandemic, by me.





Paradoxical Peculiarities

Can’t walk through walls. Up&Down, who invented that? If you want to see the most powerful shaman in your life, get intoxicated, wear a self-created mask, and talk back to the mirror … without laughing.

Or, get caffeinated, carbohydrated, sugared up, in a forest of rushing city-sound of breaking and making and dying and living, unbeatable error/air, rich with folk who maybe have more sway over their lives than they assumed, what with the distractions breaking down, and essential needs in order.

The Answer’s simple to say, harder to do. Work together. Easier to do if instead of a protest we throw a party. There is an army forming, out of shared circumstances, the army of the unemployed … self organizing, with the grandmothers beating the drums for war, of enough is enough is enough is enough.

The social world of humanity is only troublesome-looking because of the News reporters, who need a Great Story, with good visuals. Whether it is true or not is a secondary condition. They show us too many things broken and burning. People grieving on camera. The worst is that they are great shills for the plandemic narrative. Never deviate from the “official” version, however often others show the absence of logic, or real facts. Do suppose this absence of investigative journalism is related to the fact that most ads on the Evening News is for the purpose of selling us medicines, never mind the too frequent “side-effects” (a euphemism for “poison).

A news-reader, who can – with a straight face – quote Trump, the least worthy thought creator ever … that news-reader is lost to their own humanity. Walter Cronkite twists in his grave. How do the Fae see Trump? Same as everyone else, including us. Lost friends, in need of the Mother.

Here we are now, 2020, what with millions of out of work folk, having no hope for jobs, and facing the trials that not everyone shares. The irony is that this effect is a kind of third-worlding of the American masses … a leveling of circumstances, long owed given that America consumes 20% of the world’s resources, while having only 4% of the world’s population. Meanwhile these masses will continue to survive, and have not yet burned the banks to the ground … a virtue that may soon disappear.

If I was a pollster, I’d be worried about the increases in fabrications in response to the pollster’s personal and intrusive questions. People are being more cagey, … banking the fire that is smoldering, but hidden and hot. This kind of Event involves a lot of us having to make hard decisions, which is us doing …. what?


I loved it when in Frozen II, the song is about just finding the next right thing to do. For us – individually, there being no universal right thing to do, just the one we choose ourselves to do.

There are natural limits. I can’t fix Moscow or Hollywood, much as I might like to nuke both of them … oh lords of tech, and forge, we are grateful for video games where I get to blow shit up, and have cool friends who live in the everywhere. Let us not pretend we don’t have violent wishes, and daydreams.

Mother is always saying: stay out of trouble. Still, where is the fun in that?

I suspect by the time November 2020 has given birth to the All’Soul’s Day offering – keep in mind that among the Fae are the folk we call the Dead – anyhow, our personal daily trials will not much improve which ever political party wins the White man’s House. We have to stop waiting for the government to do what is needed, especially when the citizen is the sovereign. We are the real government, while D.C. etc is the ostensible government. Time to say to the whole broken thing: You’re Fired!

Not many people are starving and homeless …. yet. What will the army of the unemployed choose to do? This Mystery Rite is about us – the citizen – taking up the task of cleaning up behind the massive ongoing institutional failures. Lots of stuff to do “right”, one day at a time.

While you wait, let me introduce you to your own real&personal four-pole magnet.





Not All Spiritual Treasures Are In Books

As in “Frozen II”, there are four elements, joined by a fifth. Your spark ~!~ is the “Fifth Element”. Watch those movies, and imagine you are the lead female character in each case.

It will help to accept that the folk who build pyramids, may have known a thing or two we’ve forgotten. Issac Newton wrote more about stuff like the philosopher’s stone and the Emerald Tablet, than he did about physics and calculus. As above, so below; and, as below, so above, for the miracle of the one.

Macrocosm and microcosm … the ancient’s fundamental scientific/artistic/devotional conclusion was that the individual human being was an exact – yet small – replication of the Whole. Recall Coleridge’s Primary and secondary imagination, … or not.

Know Thyself meant a lot more than just being familiar with our peculiarities. It means to know the Universals in the Cosmos, by knowing the universals in our particular spark ~!~ essence.

From The One Spark, came all the many sparks. One and Many, Father and Mother. That is one way of describing you. Us. To the Mayan scribe the matter was obvious. During the Day, one Great Light, then at night the many, with a wandering moon and stars. One and Many, repeated over and over again.

Can the teaching of the Mysteries be that simple? Yes, if you forget the religion of scientific materialism, and just look at reality – for yourself, gracing that world of surfaces, with the hope/dream that inside that surface, there are folk, hungering to know us again, as much as do we. “Tuesday Afternoon” Moody Blues

We are multitudes, wrote the poet of Leaves of Grass. Was Walt Whitman a stoner?

George Washington was. I am familiar with his shade … too too near sometimes, like the kid in “The Umbrella Academy”, who sees the dead people all the time. Lot of people seeing dead folk these days. Sometimes a shadow crosses my left side peripheral vision. I feel startled. When I look, nothing is there. Communion-with the Dead, with the Ancestors, can be very valuable for the living.

George’s guru in Free Masonry, “the professor”, taught him how to make “tea” of the plant we call weed, or grass, or as I like to honor its virtues: the ganja-goddess. How do you think that dude quietly sat in front of all those pious and/or self-righteous and/or plantation owners and/or bankers or lawyers, engaged in a very unusual Rite, involving the clearly vain attempt to be guiding self-interest into sane pastures.

The Republic is now a vague memory. Will the American citizen rebirth it in the coming chaos? I wrote a poem: “The George Washington Blues

George’s “personality” was a pose, an intentionally cultivated pose … worthy of the book: “The Invention of George Washington”. I lived with its author for 18 months, one of a string of live-in aides, all needing endless training, give that Paul Longmore’s encounter with polio left ?disabilities?. He managed, after this event at age seven, to become a PhD in American Colonial History, teaching at San Francisco State University.

Paul’s arms and hands did not do much but hang there. At home he lay on his bed on his tummy, and typed on his computer, using a stick in his teeth, with the mouse just under his right little finger, into which he could still will action. I dropped him off several times of week, where he lectured and had office hours for students. He taught me a lot, but via the internet – while with him – I meet a native American woman, and so I left SF for New England sooner than Paul would have liked.

If I was to describe Candice, … perhaps you are familiar with the medicine woman on the Crow reservation, in the Longmire TV series, … that’s Candice, genetic marriage of Mohawk, and Scottish Highlander – with the “sight”. Set in her ways, and very powerful after a life of struggle, not unlike Paul’s. Not sure she would like a lot of visitors. A few maybe … if she still lives.

She broke for me the spell: That the idea of sin had laid over all my self knowledge of my own hungers. A gatekeeper to Fae, she said go into that place, which is you, and which is real, and see the gift that lives there. Some years later I wrote a long poem to “lust”, discussed in this article: “Sex, Porn and the Return of the Divine Feminine”.

Candace and I were together less than a week. “No woman, no cry” Bob Marley

Enough about I, what about Thou?





Meditation and Prayer

The study of the four-pole magnet (fire/will; air/intellect; water/feeling; and earth/consciousness) could not be more personal. The Mystery laid all Their secrets right in front of us.

Study is easy, and is done sitting still.

Bardon called this posture question: the asana. Yoga folk and others think there is value in pain and discomfort. I never did look for anything but comfort. Lazy Bear. Want to free – to a degree – my mind from my body, … not study pain – those lessons come around all by themselves.

While this may be heresy to some, I favor Matthew 6:6 – pray in secret. Watching Christians do this long public prayer stuff makes me cringe. Public prayer is a kind of spiritual fascism. The age of priests, mullahs, gurus, and such folk, is over. The Mystery waits. They have no expectations. The choices we make are ours to make, while They watch in wonder, and delight in Their children at play.

Not to say the Mystery feels no sorrow. From where comes the rain that falls on the just, and the unjust as well? Water is created in the atmosphere. She doesn’t recycle the water that falls through the polluted sky to become acid rain. She makes it Fresh and Pure. The life sphere is full of continuous creation. Matter appears out of counter-space at the growing points of both leaf and root.

Want to observe the miracle of the Mother’s interconnections? Watch birds flit in and out of the thick leafy world, without wings or feet bumping into Forest. One consciousness in action.

Praying in silence is like a heart-felt letter home, … yet magical. Very simple to say, hard to do. Authenticity and Surrender are the keys. Speak the truth with an open heart, an empty mind, and an accepting will. Especially when the choices we still have to make are hard – everyone gets in those zones we call between the rock and the hard place

Could not ask for a better friend, who can’t help but be Awesome. Confess. Acknowledge your own shit and pain. Be scary honest and real – even to/about yourself.

The Reason we go in a closet, or in secret, is that such moments have a much better quality if spoken aloud. Our softly spoken truth needs to have more of the character of a feeling, than any sharply defined concept. Why do folk sing the blues? Misery loves company, and among the Fae are those who specialize in carrying messages from our heart’s realm to the Heart of All. Christian tradition calls these Fae: guardian angels.

These Fae can bridge time and space, being both the spiritual winds in which the wings glide, and the wings themselves. If we have let something out of the heart, to which a response will be helpful and healing, the Heart sends love back, sometimes even in words, although often just in peaceful currents.

In prayer we dance on rivers of Now’s, … the moment we notice the moment is the moment it is gone.

The People of the Book is what Islam calls Christians, and Hebrew’s, for their use of a partially shared Bible. The three patriarchal monotheisms, woven together, tell the story of the fall into matter (the Mystery of God’s Laws); the story of old and new wines (the Mystery of Love); and, the story of getting home, out of matter (the Mystery of Surrender).

There is a phrase becoming more “popular”: “It is what it is”. This observation is usually of a past event, that cannot be changed. The future is not bound by this past, and accepting “what is”, is essential to moving on to the next nows. “It is what is is” is a kind of secular spirituality, very much kin with Islam’s: Inshallah – “if god wills”. The Mystery of Surrender is manifesting everywhere in this time of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot. So much change to be accepted – it is what it is, all of it suggesting more of the same in the future … if god wills.

Spark has mind as well as heart, and a fiery will. Air, Water, Fire, combines in an alchemy of consciousness/Earth. The four-pole magnet, drawing other Spirit to its own spark.

Meditation … lots of variations for that bit of fluff and bother. Only way to know it is sit still. Patiently. No expectations. Pray, tell the story, go quiet. Sit still. Sometimes voices out of the personal “multitudes”, engage in rude discourse, our chaotic mind like an episode of friends, without the jokes and other silly. If the inner chatter gets too loud, go silly yourself. Robin Williams silly. We guide all songs, if we want to notice.

Every spark, at our stage of development, has six special variations of Fae nearest at hand.

Imagine having our own wise old pompous nag, … likes to find fault. Tomberg called It the “prosecutor”. Nearby is the Mad Hatter, kind of like your own Loki from the Marvel Avenger movies. Likes to fool you, lead you astray, cannot be trusted: Tomberg: “the tempter”.

Then there are our favorite “bad” habits. Most modern folks are addicted to caffeine and/or sugar together. They grow, these habits … you’ve heard, perhaps, about the two wolves, who you feed, or not. When this reaches extremes, illness piles on. Self-generated “wounds of soul” I call them.

Those are the three darkening representatives of Fae, a few we created ourselves. Those last – the self-created … the Middle-ages called them: Egregores. Egregores are everywhere, by the Way. Unconscious self-contained parasites; and, given that we created them … that is the same power by which to unmake them. Islam speaks of the djinn, not just the dark Fae djinn, but the djinn out of mankind as well – my favorite expression, from the Koran as regards such Fae: “the sneaking whisperer”.

The three light-bringers are: the guardian angel – of course; the higher ego, aka: the conscience; and, the quality of mind open to receiving from the Holy Spirit.

The “three-eyed raven” of Game of Thrones lore. We all have three “eyes”, the physical material pair, and the mental spiritual unity. The material eyes see in three dimensions, while the non-material eye sees in the non-dimensional world of onenesses and wholes.

We are stuck with each other, six … dwarfs, and we are both the goofy seventh and the sleeping beauty. Take pleasure in odd thoughts, for the Mystery is always paradoxical. Seven chakras, anyone?

In meditation sing to them, all six. Adore their natures. They are gifts of the Mystery, that lay right alongside our own hearts. Troublesome teachers barely covers the quite real and direct relationship between and among all the Fae, … again …. including us.

Now, as you dare to really do this, contribute your own imagination of the Earth Globe as seen from the starry nearness, a sphere of dynamic life, serving billions of sparks, each one treasured by the Whole Original Spark Itself. A Sphere of spheres … billions riding seas of time and space – each with it’s own four-pole magnet … including that remarkable individual bit of the creation left into our direct care.

Some of the grand ideas of physics&biology, if freed from arithmetic constraints, are notes of wonders. Quantum entanglement, for example. Quantum is a magic word, which Loki added to the scientific vocabulary, so as to keep the scientific materialists busy, chasing their own tales.

The wonder is the “proof”, or the observation that two “entangled particles” of a certain kind, continued to be related in time, however far in space we separated them. Where was the “connection”? In the quantum world? … which higher dimensional mathematics invents?

There is no such world, although there is the fundamental unity of all via the very nature of Faerie and the Fae. The One, becomes Father and Mother, who never lose “oneness”, which is why the Son sez: I and the Father are One, and no one gets to the Father except by Me.

Try as they might, the necromancers in Cern can only break “things”, creating more debris out of what is already debris. Water is a whole. We attack it with electricity or strong chemicals, and it breaks into pieces: hydrogen, oxygen, warmth, and light. Mostly the physicists forgets about the last two, and conclude that “water” is made from hydrogen and oxygen combining accidentally. The warmth and light phenomena being Fae, that the destruction process liberates.

Having decided the single molecule is one level of truth, physics finds (radiant) matter that is spontaneously breaking down, and imagines “atoms”, and atomic particles, and this parade of debris – from our experiments – gets bigger and bigger. Positrons and neutrons. More parts. Throw those folk at each other at near light speeds (whatever that is), and bang bang bang, more debris.





What Is At Risk?

Western Civilization chased a vanity, that the world was created out of parts. Following which, further help from Loki led to atomic bombs, and poisons capable of deforming and/or killing all life on the planet, … on the living skin of the avatar body of the Holy Mother. We already know this, and feel guilty. Meanwhile, She and Her Court are worried more about us, than Themselves.

She is of the Wild&Chaos, Rogue weather is Her Winged Horses Dancing. A shaman with some maturity will look at our so very strange time, and wonder. … Climate Change? A scientific boogeyman. Still, a sign/portent of the tsunami of future history that crashes against us broadside, right now.

Time to pay the piper. We each live in our own story. Grow that story. Help other’s grow theirs. Trust the Son, the Artist of Karma, and His Mother, Divine Providence. Leave the big picture stuff to the Big Picture Folk.

So, you – who have succumbed to my charms and read this far – will now be rewarded with more of the obvious, had your previous existence allowed you the time to think it out for yourself. These words are meant as inspiration. Make up your own version, and your own local map to Faerie. Everyone is there with you, even when not knowing it.

One final fun word on the language of physics, a field ripe with metaphorical possibilities, such as: the quantum entanglements living in the black hole of a banker’s heart.

Each spark-faerie-magnet is in its own game world. The Air/Intellect can organize the names of experience, according to our own artistic sensibilities. A wonderful book, nay – a Necessary Book – “The Slow Regard of Silent Things”, by Patrick Rothfuss.

A bully is a dangerous slarg. Outwit it, don’t fight it head on. A multinational corporation is a leader and owner of slargs. Near the end of these Tales, we will visit how to out-magic slargs, and their “bosses”.

Company is good. Company does not always mean talking. Intoxication and singing, sure. Talking is hot air, unless it is very naked, personal, and intimate. See the movie: “The Big Chill”.

Notice the rules you already live by. You won that wisdom the hard way. Noticing and Naming = Air/Intellect. A cringing victim also hides a raging bull. Which is disguise, and which is real?

For most of us these days, the heart is tired of being crushed. Still, a wildness lurks there, … dangerous and beautiful. Sitting still, we let heart feeling – our watery nature – mingle with the structures of thought … the naming and noticing giving us a mote of order, against the otherwise too often chaos of feelings. During the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot I have often, on going to bed very grateful for the favor She shows to me in my “old” age, … I try to lend some prayer-thoughts, a few words, said over and over again for a while: “may all enjoy a gentled mind, and courage of the heart, in these troubled times”.

Then, of course, we can’t sit still all the time, and the fire/will of the spark ignites movement of the formerly resting avatar body, and the Day goes toward us, inescapable the future, piles of nows upon nows upon nows. A slow moving glacier of necessity. Yet, when repeated, like most days for most of us, even if we are running, there is still being, eating, excreting, needed doing.

A few articles of possible interest: The Tree as Symbol in the Song of the World; Reality’s Open Secret; and, Pain, Pleasure, and Consciousness.

Tiger-Saucy calls this the Labyrinth of the Day. We walk our day, and its patterns that repeat, do repeat … yet not quite. Lots of variation, sometimes even little miracles – tiny moments of spontaneous awe, before the next necessity-spectre presents itself.

With us – inescapably – as we walk our personal Labyrinth – is the Maze of the Spirit, which leads us toward:





Modes of Thought, and Moods of Feeling

Awake thinking has a variety of modes, or ways of operation. These include, but are not limited to: organic thinking, pure thinking, reflection, theorizing, figuration, comparative thinking, associative thinking, picture thinking, imaginative thinking, concrete thinking, abstract thinking, warm thinking, cold thinking, thinking-about, thinking-with, thinking-within and thinking-as. The mind is an instrument which we can learn to play, and many acts of thinking can be accomplished as a kind of harmonic cord of more than one mode simultaneously. “Living Thinking in Action

Aspects of this play of the instrument of the mind also have to take account of feelings, or moods that can go with, or otherwise drive, the modes of thinking. These include: sympathy, antipathy, pain, pleasure, anger, fear, love, joy, sadness etc. Moods can also be cultivated, not just reactive (spontaneous and undisciplined). Cultivated moods include such as awe and reverence. Moods and modes can be observed working in concert, sometimes like the resonant harmonies that arise in other objects, when some particular instrument produces the primary tone.

In modern spiritual life there are competing “ideas” of mind. West and East, basically. A common idea in the cultural East is that thinking and mind are a hindrance to true enlightenment. In the East this is a very ancient idea, which grows out of the spiritual fact of the pre and post Buddha eras. The East tends to want to go back into that history, and teaches that attainment will be realized without (ego), meaning a kind of pure “being” nature.

Eastern masters – folk who found their way to direct spiritual knowledge, tend to teach their Way. Western masters – folk who like puzzles and riddles, tend to create new knowledge, and report on their Way only to the extent that such commentary is needed. Steiner created gardens of new/old knowledge, writing much more about medicine, education, agriculture, and so forth, than he wrote about how to know higher worlds.

This is not to say that Eastern Masters, or their students, have no value. My lady of twelve years now is a student of an American – Richard L. Haight, who spent fifteen years in Japan, finding the deep spiritual/development heart living in the roots of each “martial system”.

Barfield is a Western master. Initiate. Shaman. Fool of God. There are many other such names, and the fact is that we are all shamans-in-training. Teachers are meant to inspire, not to become a sun, around which we place our own heart’s mind, as a dependent orbiting satellite.

V. Tomberg, in his book “Meditations on the Tarot – a Journey into Christian Hermeticism”, writes that this Eastern cultural “being-nature” can only achieve compassion, and the ego no longer develops. In Western spiritual culture we have the idea of love, not just compassion. Compassion involves identification, while love is threefold: the lover, the beloved, and the love that is in between them. Need an ego to love this way.

Modern spiritual cultures, which reject the “i-AM” (the ego), have proliferated. I tried to walk multiple paths at one time, and while they are educational journeys, when I got to where I was having direct encounters with the Son, and the Mother, I discovered that They were most interested in the mystery of what it is that i-AM going to do, than me becoming “perfect” is some fashion. No expectations. No plan. Our choice free of any culture’s idea of who and what to be. Human freedom is the point, remember.

Everyone is on a “spiritual” path, and only a few these days brag about it and try to monetize it. At the same time, in that a former student has developed “capacities”, sharing the work with others is the best way to honor with gratitude the gifts from our teachers, which we received. A healthy community of seekers is a source of light&warmth in these times of troubles.

We are the Maze, and the Maze rider. Verbs not nouns. Everyone has their own Maze, in the outer world. Places we rest, work, eat, screw, and die. The connection is that we do not have to accept the names and meaning our cultural institutions force-feed us. It is crucial to understand those languages, to be able to navigate the individual Labyrinth. Still, we are free to define for ourselves name and meaning, which we do not have to share. Although, all of us inevitably self-define by the quality of the actions taken by our spark of i-AM.

There is a wonderful film I saw recently: “Freaks – you’re one of us”. It was in the genre of real superheros that just do whatever the ffff they want, with their super skills and/or powers. Amazon’s “The Boys” looks at the same corner of Faerie. I recall Will Smith’s, drunken superman: “Hancock”, with pleasure.

Lurking here is the selfish vs. selfless confusion. We are not odd connections of polar soul characteristics, good-bad, odd-even, … whatever. Take a moment here and remember events in life, many of which will not have been pleasant. What and who got you here? You did. This isn’t about do you like your present state or not. This is just about giving yourself credit, for not only all the trials and tales, but for surviving a day/now at a time – the world, and, the own self.

Sometimes during our late evening repartee, I find myself saying to my lady: “Well, I survived another day of being me. How’d it go for you?” … more then gets said … I was once asked: What was the most essential aspect of a romance? I thought, felt this, okay-ed it, typed it in: “moments of laughing at ourselves and each other.

Oh, by the way, memory is Faerie. The material-matter for the avatar body is like an interface between spirit and matter, yet we are apparently drifting on winds to no longer needing matter – hopefully having learned those lessons. Shaman Steiner also urged the contemplation of strange potential technological futures, which for my purposes is best viewed by the name Mystery. Decades ago, the future I saw. I wrote a poem. “Lazy Bear’s Spirit Song”. A lot of it was wrong in detail. Later I saw more elaborate futures. They were three, and I combined them into one novel: American Phoenix.

What about the ironic quip that: “the gods laugh, when we make plans”?

“Freaks – you’re one of us” is about people whose natural abilities and nature made them hard to control. Such deviance from the fascism of the “normal” is meet by authorities, via the tyranny of defining uncontrollable differences as “illness”, and forcing medication. I wrote another essay: “Healing the Insanity of Psychiatric Medicines and Practices

Here is a bit of the future, as a tale, for even seers must confess to mists, and inadequacies. As Bones says to the just reawakened Spock, in Star Trek Three: “the search for Spock”: “Jim (Kirk) trusts your guesses over the opinions of others.” Bones is feeling, Spock is thinking, and Kirk is willing. Our inner life has dramas, and if folks would just let us be us, we’d actually all be a lot easier to live with.

… in passing … that hoax-nature of the plandemic-Pandeminium Reboot is true and not true … there are people that stupid and that cruel, who remain subject to Her Justice anyway … good luck with that … all the same … we are faced with hard choices, all of us … we thought we’d like to not be living so fast, and be more turtle … slower, as it were.

When “work” isn’t stealing our life forces, and the body is more rested, the air, water, food more pure, psychic abilities are emerging … everywhere … Steiner called it the return of the Moon into the Earth, not too bad in the poetic sense given that … via wild-magic … powers can be gained … practice necessary, whatever the natural gift … or disaster results …

The Myth of Black Magic. Doesn’t exist, neither does White. All the same there are folk who like to join spiritual clubs, … “lodges” is a more 19th Century term. These spiritual cancers persist, and it is the Grey lodges, neither black or white, that are the most dangerous. These are the folk who tell you, yes, this which I am asking/demanding is immoral to your values, yet in my/our reality we must give way to the greater good. Might as well call it the quantum good, given the insane mystical vagueness.

In the inner world there is just One Maze, real and on the scale beyond even what is imagined in the films “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, Luc Besson, again; and, Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”.

We are individualizing, and the natural world wants to individualize with us. Right now gnomes have no free will, and killer whales can’t talk or fly spaceships. Remember … there are no limits to the imagination …

… bullies are lost, fear and anger are of the dark side of the force … their view is that they are the jailer, and we are the prisoners … outwit them … we have numbers, and the growing psychic powers of communion-with …. easily the equal of dominion-over … Mom’s not stupid or careless. The Forests Will Continue, and the Seas will Share Secrets, born in communion-with. “My Octopus Teacher





Situational Creativity

Walls and obstacles, and odd turns of fate … necessity rises, we respond. Sometimes some”thing” we think/believe will turn out to no longer be true. The map of the hearts-mind’s fields and meadows starts to reveal itself when we are sitting still. The choir of songs, some old some new. Some no longer “useful”. As I noted far far above, … as a writer I have to avoid closing the door to the flowering of thought; and, in movement – thought is both living and dying … pity the jailer whose prisoner realizes that the jailer is the one who is not free.

I composed a long essay on the mind/brain question: “I am not my brain, the map is not the territory”. Another long essay is called: “Cowboy Bebop – and the physics of thought as moral art.” The titles are sufficient. Sign posts for your own visits to Faerie.

My blog is called: … There is a television series: Altered Carbon [AC], based on novels by Richard K. Morgan … The main character is woken out of a deep mindless sleep, into a world he last saw 250 years ago. He knows he is in a new avatar body, called a “sleeve”. His spark had been off loaded from at prior sleeve, within a wafer-like container (a cortical stack) kept “in storage”, until great wealth called him forth. This man is the last of the Envoys, … dangerous soldiers, … with dangerous and rebellious training.

His name is Takeshi Kovacs [TK], and he was trained by the female Envoy leader and creator: Quellcrist Falconer [QK]. The series evolves him in a number of crisis moments, where remembering her instructions made a difference between life and death. I wrote an article on those instructions, which I find – as general wisdom – very useful in working on the basis that I control my narrative, and do not get ruled by the narratives of others. “The Envoy Mystique

For example, rules five through nine, of thirty-three: 5) We are Envoys … we take what is offered 6) Let experience wash over you 7) Absorb it like a sponge 8) Expect nothing 9) Only then can you be prepared for anything …

so … Earth Rangers and Travelers … trained through their own Way, but can and do borrow what around us is worth including …. consider, if you could talk to certain of the Fae with an interest in technology, what might they teach if treated with the right gratitude, … or, … do They know how to remove the radioactive and neuro-toxic substances we have let free? Can at least some of us try to commune-with the true cosmic intelligences, and seek instruction?

Fire was the first technology, and magic the deepest and most mature. Steiner suggested, in GA-2,
that the human being is Nature learning to look at itself. Thunder does not know Itself, the way we experience That. Yet we complete the evolving story via our perceptions, and conceptualizations.

Existence is participatory. When we touch the world, it notices. How? Because we feel that, and we are an integral aspect of the Creation. Imagine, for the moment, you could see – with the imagination – the Earth before we became human. A Planet woven with veins of metal and water and gases.

Bountiful beauty. We are curious, and investigate. Eventually They teach us magic and much else besides. Then comes the day, … the Day of Forgetting. The Mother lets us go, to wander in the house of mirrors of life&meaning, until we chose to remember.

While we forgot, we became engineers, creators of massive works, bridges, dams, space planes, atom bombs, massive cities, denuded forests, coal seams, huge holes dug in the earth, while in laboratories we take it all apart, and from the parts invent/create/generate the new&never before.

We go too far, and soften our mistakes with the ideas of “pollution” in our air, our water, our food, and our medicine. There have to be consequences, because reality is living, self-aware, and knows our spark better than we know our own.

There are no “things”, just beings, and the ones nearest at hand, to see and touch, have names, not so much individual, but as a “type”: salamanders (fire/will), sylphs (air/intellect), undines (water/feeling), and gnomes (earth/consciousness).

Much substance is alive. Water, for example. Has to be alive, otherwise life would not crave water as much as life does. When we break water into hydrogen, oxygen, warmth and light, we kill the “water”, and the parts need to be seen as a corpse. Then we take what we call a molecule, and when we
take that apart as well, we have made a corpse of a corpse. Then we smash “atoms” into each other, pulverizing more corpse material, and then are surprised how antithetical to life are these “things”.

Consciousness is ephemeral enough to transcend matter. Consider fire/warmth, the initiation of the cascade of becoming in matter, … even the edges of the universe are “warm”. By itself, fire is chaos, ask anyone living on the American West Coast these days. The element air/intellect is the first level ordering principle, applying itself to the chaos. Gravity and Levity are Their children, and Fire follows rules. The interaction of the polarity fire/will and water/feeling, … everything is interconnected, there are no parts at all. As those qualities enfold and meld with each other comes earth/consciousness.

These characteristics transcend linear time, and belong to a physics of the simultaneous. Our minds create the order we call the passage of time, but one Now is born directly from the last Now, as an infinitely blooming flower.

Dreams? Faerie. Intoxicants? Faerie. Dancing? Faerie.

The poets Coleridge and Novalis were friends with the syrup of the poppy. I am writing this while taking15 milligrams of Ganja-Goddess-Sativa – through the day, in edible five milligram dozes. Shaman Steiner said that without caffeine there would be no newspapers.

My knees are bone on bone, walking and standing a trial. The best words I read about addiction, went like this: We have inner conflict. We can take in some external substance, which will/may resolve the conflict, but which often can “grow”, increasing both the conflict and the dosages. Or we can develop inner forces for dealing with the conflict. Both Bardon and Steiner offer help with the inner life, the latter more in the nature of Sunlight, high mountains, and clouds – the chakras above the heart; and, the former under the mountain, in caves and waterfalls, illuminated with Moonlight – the chakras below the heart.

A downward spiral is walking too near the Gate of sanity and madness. What’s at the bottom, the famous bottom? A Cave-temple, the entrance to which has twelve steps, where we meet others seeking the building of the necessary inner forces.

I wrote a small book, about these inner battles: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount

Most people have “addictions”, which we noted above as self-generated wounds, or egregores. Faerie mirrors, and we see what we bring, until we bring nothing, and then surrendering find clarity.

The worst addictions are of the Will (fire), and involve wealth&power. It actually is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven – the heaven inside him. I sense this tale – I am now-writing and you are now-reading – needing soon to enter into the religion of politricks we live within, … but first we need one more nuance so as to illuminate our shared situation from multiple points of view: aka: The Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot.

In the ancient Persian wisdoms, a lot of it illustrated with what are called Sufi Tales, there is a metaphor for the four-pole magnet, arranged around the principle of three.

We are the charioteer, the chariot, and the horse. Fire, Air, and Water. The chariot is the collection of mental pictures and favorite emotions, we have engendered into habits. We built it, and can change it, if so inclined. A personal world view if you like. Some of it no doubt socially enforced.

The charioteer is us, as the guiding spark, not always as skilled for life’s travails as we might like. The horse is the emotions themselves. Primal, wild when necessary.

These images hope to be useful for our learning how to combine our fire (will), air (intellect), and water (feeling life) into self-conscious and free choice living, in real circumstances of everywhere strange. I read recently in my daily digital New York times, that half of the 30 million Americans in their “20’s”, – still – or again – live at home.





Widening Consequences

All of us are familiar with the state of the world. Sure, we have our piece, and while we may be ill informed about the lives of distant folk, clearly we are all effected. At the same time, each individual biography has its own meaning. We sail the same seas, but the experiences of that are personal.

We can be overwhelmed, and feel what is happening is in fact too personal, and not just one more version of the same wheelbarrow of woes as everyone else has. Well, … think about it. Sure all manner of folk have work issues, and landlords, and lovers, out and about, and making us dance to fast.

Still, what wanders into the reach of your fire (will), that’s your bit of the creation …

QF explains to TK, in AC: 13) Make it personal. It is. You are the weapon. 14) You are the killer and the destroyer.

Killer and destroyer of what?… you are right to ask.

25) The strength of a wolf is not of fangs but of speed and skill, which is the pack 26) Whatever world you go into, build a pack 27) The sleeve {the avatar body} is a tool, and it does not control me, I control it

Don’t face your trials alone. Think globally (know the whole), but act locally – in the reach of your own will. Earth Ranger(S) and Traveler(S).

The first deep direct experience I had of the Mother, happened around 2004. I was living alone in Prescott, AZ, in a studio with a view of the local natural Sphinx (the aboriginals there called it “lion lying down” while the invading Europeans, lacking any imagination at all, called it: Thumb Butte).

I was regularly practicing some of Bardon’s exercises, while doing a lot of writing and reading regarding Steiner. One early morning, I was facing the black and white mirror of self, and confessing to myself all the times in my life I had been a shit. I reflected on my sense, that to the Mystery I was naked – that They knew all.

The thoughts got darker, and I began to sense the whole of the human world filled with wrong-doers and their victims. None of us are excluded, and we all know what we will find in that mirror. Deep inside me a question flowered in that dark, so I addressed Them in anguish: What do you do with all our crap, our evil, and hurtful awfulness?

She spoke: “We turn it into Love”.

I initially did not know how They performed such a miracle. At the same time, I was, after the example of Goethe, phenomenologically “Listening to the World Song”. Over time I had become aware of an inner experience that I named: “the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence”, which was that when I was thinking selflessly, I was not alone. There were winds in the soul, meant to help, but not of just my own will. The winds just carried my inner vision either higher or lower, as needed, but the envisioning was still mine.

Several years ago, I wrote this, for the tech world of San Francisco: “The Rising of the Sun in the Mind” Our fire lights up the meaning of perceptions, especially if we study/learn the lesson of “Judge Not” “pragmatic moral psychology

The social-political world spoke, and I tried to pay attention.

In the last few years I have been studying “natural” disasters. While I didn’t perceive details in a kind of visionary clairvoyance, the efforts at thinking/recreating the patterns of events in the imagination, started to become richer. The disasters were terrible, or so we think.

We also tend to hold that the Gods&Goddesses are nuts for doing this stuff to us. What if I assumed the opposite is true? That every cloud does have a silver lining. Eventually these contemplations led me to understanding the role of cataclysmic events in the forward evolution of human beings.

The key is to not separate the Event from the Aftermath. What about Evil – the Event, I asked Her?

“We turn it into Love” – the Aftermath





the Mystery Rite

Of course, for decades, I knew that we were living in the Strange Fire of the dying and becoming of Western Civilization.

That’s obvious to most of us, although the addicts to wealth&power are still taking advantage – all the time, sort of can’t help themselves – Loki too clever. Since they can control huge aspects of the news narrative, they use that tool of persuasion to create and maintain a world view that best serves their interests alone

What has been happening is the steady escalation of conditions of social chaos and disorder, especially since the beginning of the Third Millennium. Large institutions are in failure mode. Two-party politics can’t be fixed, in the sense of those tribes ever getting around to actually taking care of ordinary people, instead of multinational corporations.

Whether through Rogue Weather, or human excesses, mothers and fathers all over the world were fleeing, with their children, this descent into more and more confusion and impotence. The flight mode, of fight or flight, when the devil is a dictator, or a drug lord.

I wrote about the Great Unsettling and the Third Millennium . Consider the recurrent cycle of hurricanes that run over the gulf-coast States of America, from Florida to Texas. People lose homes, jobs, pets, family, and must rely on others to survive. The storms are the Event, and the Aftermath is our needing others to survive. They need us, as well. The helpers.


This world is a spiritual place, whatever confusion scientific materialism wants to sow. There are no accidents. At the same time it is crucial for a true picture to note that the human spark survives death. Our life in the world of matter has effects on the purely spiritual element of the human being, and those over time can be seen as an “evolution of consciousness”.

The crisis of repeated Events and Aftermaths, whether huge and involving millions, or personal involving love affairs, and other fractious disappointments … the experience of meeting the crisis changes our spark. We learn. Most of the time.

Focus on this: everyone has their personal tale of woes and triumphs. None of these events and aftermaths are experienced in the same way – our biography is individualized (see my book: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”).

Each biography is an individual sequence of Events and Aftermaths, which we sometimes call: the schools of hard knocks, and shared pain. Even though we all live in this so-called “historic” moment of the Mystery Rite, our experiences have distinct and different contexts. Shaman Steiner said the whole world is crossing the threshold into spiritual world at this time. Or, …

We are all dancing within Faerie, and among the Fae – including ourselves – to our own music.

Among the questions that have arisen in this Rite, is whether or not there really is a contagious disease, that is rampaging the world, leaving havoc in its train. That is actually a secondary question, the first having to do with the coming to a clear and specific perception of the powers of our systems of belief. People believe the priesthood of the scientific materialists, even though it should now be coming clear to the reader that these priests are mistaken in manifold ways.

Atheists have taken to blaming religions for getting humanity into wars upon wars upon wars. Here, in this catastrophic assault on human-kind, the culprit is the religion of scientific materialism that leads us into folly. Having left “spirit” out of the conversation, this vain religion cannot really understand illness, or serve our political leadership with wisdom.

Meanwhile the soulless egregores – psychic parasites – whose social body is the multinational corporation, … these dominate macro-ecological decisions, not for health benefits for human-kind, but for the wealth&power that makes possible their own continuance.

Remember, an egregore is generated by human appetite. It is not a “natural” creature among the Fae, but an unnatural creature. It is in the hermetic sciences of the ancient Egyptian priests that knowledge of how to apply the same laws – that permit the proliferation of such psychic wounds – to their healing.

In the Matrix films, the machine-like intelligence uses human beings as a power source. While the metaphor is as bit crude, these global companies use human beings as workers, consumers, and cannon fodder, for their own wars of domination. Clearly we are a “power source” for these faux intelligences – mostly dark, being set free in our “technological” devices.

From the stand point of the Mystery, there is no absolute truth at play, or absolute facts. Do masks work, … or social distancing? All of us believe stuff that is not true. Our believing, if we act on it, makes it effectively true, whether or not it is spiritually scientifically true.

Many fear the future, and the present. Few trust, or have real Faith, in the Mystery. What each believes is what they need to think and believe, in order to travel, within the Maze of their own spark, the now of Our Days. We can see – in our personal Labyrinths, the Way best suited for their/our particular needs as regards the evolution of consciousness. The Earth Mother~!~Holy Mother is with all of us. She has the whole world in His Hands, and we are His sword.





Moving Forward

We can began by noticing the failure of scientific materialism to explain existence. Our modes of health and healing are rooted in scientific materialism, which are in error. Not too far in the future, this failure of scientific materialism to truly heal, will be seen as a necessary – yet terrible – gift.

In shaman school we eventually have to face the fact that if something exists, it has been approved from the heights, to the deeps. Moaning oh my god, oh my god, doesn’t help. The event tells a story, and it is up to our spark to see through the chaos, to the personal creation of the underlying meaning.

Again, … this meaning belongs to us, and others do not need to share it. This fact of differences becomes then a social riddle to solve. How do I live with folk, whose beliefs I find otherwise abhorrent?

By recognizing the truth of their need to be them, without either of us demanding the other feel and think the same way. That said, we all know that there are massive institutional belief systems, such as religions, including scientific materialism. These are no longer needed Baggage, that hopefully will be left-behind by the dying and becoming of Western Civilization.

Some remnants of these institutions will survive. V. Tomberg believes the Catholic Church will survive. I would agree, but with this caveat: “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion, from the failing institutional Roman Church, through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy.

To advance science in the direction of spirit, I wrote about Twelve new “gospels”. There are more than twelve, and I have chosen these particular texts as crucial evidence of the soundness of spiritual scientific works. In point of fact, anyone who wishes to argue against what is written here, needs to become familiar with those ideas. No one can do “your” work for you.

It is in such texts that the root scientific knowledge for a human future resides. They are seeds in the dying, for the flowers of the becoming. In the Arts/Magic are tools of thought for healing the harm we have done, mostly in induced ignorance, to the life sphere we all share.

By “a”gospel, I mean that the individuals who created these books had direct experiences of the Son, who according to shaman Steiner can be met in the thought, or ethereal, world. I wrote about that experience as well: “the Way of the Fool”, which is one of the twelve books.

The most dangerous institution, for the future of humanity, is the multinational corporation. As pointed out, these are all ruled by massive monster Egregores. The corporate “culture” is what lives, and the corporate officers only rise in status and power, by serving that “culture”. If you have moral values, or human kindness, leave that at the door. Otherwise no advancement.

As a consequence corporate officers are often part sociopath, with occasional autism spectrum intelligence. The “thing” we call a corporation, and which now vainly calls itself a person before the law, … that thing is basically – as regards Faerie – just another “religion/region”.

For the individual human being, this Way of Civilization is passing. If markets crash, so will corporate wealth. Yet, like “life”, these egregorial creatures of anti-human thoughts, will continue to thrive. Like governments, and the military, the false idol of free market capitalism wants to dominate … while claiming to be wise, when in fact they exist to fulfill even more base impulses.

Allegedly, … this was said by John Maynard Keynes: “Capitalism is the vain and false belief that the most selfish of people, for the most selfish of reasons, will incidentally benefit the rest of us.”

Wondering about what to do, I have become haunted by an Idea. Right in this Now it is only a seed.

Imagine that each Earth Day, as many environmental organizations as possible, file law suits against at least three multinational corporations, for their inhuman effects on the life sphere shared by all. In these suits, a core assertion is that if a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a planet can be a person before the law. Someone then has to speak for the Planet, given that Her Speech (Rogue Weather) is not yet heard.

Just as we are “Nature” looking at Itself, we are also “Nature” taking care of ourselves. Visit Shaman’s Law Firm for inspired environmental activism.

It is not the point to win the law suit. Rather the point is to make the Idea, become more and more a part of our normal questions about existence. We use the suit to confront the errors of scientific materialism, in courts of law, in order to take the question into the courts of public opinion.

Large corporations have armies of lawyers. We file against at least three, because one of the ways a lawyer would duck out of such as case is to assert that they are the good guys, and the other’s are the bad guys. We create a situation where the egregorial creatures will have to attack each other, for their own protection and self interest.

The suits will be met with what are called – in America: motions to dismiss. The argument will be that the claim of person-hood for the planet is false on its face. To survive this motion, the environmental agency involved, offers as evidence, the twelve books mention above. They are part of the core of new sciences, out of the spirit.

Again, … the strategy is not to win in the courts of law, but to make enough noise that the question begins to live in the courts of public opinion. Is the Earth Mother~!~Holy Mother real?

For us to have a human future requires direct action to overcome the influence of scientific materialism, and direct action to tame the economic life of humanity, from its present dominance by egregorial corporate cultures, where no human impulse survives.





the Lyre of Experience

So … there you are dear reader, … surrounded with “sense” experience, immersed in “thought” – naming and noticing. Is the noise of a glass breaking a cry of terror, among the Elementals gathered therein?

Perhaps an object in hand … at the very least some kind of “device” in sight, or sound … Goethe called Color: the deeds and suffering of Light. Sacred is a quality of being that has no limits. Bardon puts it this way: there is nothing unclean in the whole of the creation.

Every”thing” you experience has “spirit” … has some degree of conscious-inside. The air is alive, and sound is not some abstract vibration of “air” molecules. Like all that is alive “air”, has its nature, for which materialistic chemical analysis is as weak as is modern medicine and government … having reduced the human being to numbers. For a gospel of organic chemistry, try Hauschka’s “The Nature of Substance”.

Recall, for the moment, the idea far above about Macrocosm and microcosm. What in us is kin to the starry world, the roving planets, and the light of the moon?

The largest sense organ is the skin. Like all the sense organs it is a wound in the soul. What we call “feeling” is intense there, at this “gate” of wonder. To touch is to be aware of an outside, with us as the inside. Does your PC, laptop, smart-phone, headset, … notice you? Is there “awareness” there?

The Mother, in Her Arts as Divine Providence, has a rule – most of the time. If you really need something it will be at hand. So there you are, and you want to draw a straight line, and you can’t find your ruler. There will probably be a dozen objects in reach, with a straight edge. They just need to be “seen”, and repurposed.

“You can’t always get what you want” Rolling Stones

The whole point of this work is to help you, the reader, see that the answers to certain questions are right at hand. The Mystery could not be more “with” us. Waiting to see what we will decide to do and become. Keep in mind that your biography is unique, regardless of casual similarities.

We understand Divine Providence in the material world, but no so much the non-material world. All the same She is there as well. If we need an idea, It comes. Consider for a moment how these words – you are currently reading – came into your hands. An object – dark lines on a white page – words whose ultimate meaning belongs to us.

Not only does providential thought appear, it is generated to be for us, personally. The inner conflict resolution discussion, of the six: holy spirit; guardian angel; higher ego, or conscience; personal doubter; personal trickster, and personal collection of bad and good habits. Our garden of the soul has many already thought thoughts, and favorite feelings.

For a gospel of the soul: “On Becoming a Real Alchemist: a guide for the modern magician.” The author, Catherine MacCoun , describes this work – modestly – as a fusion of Tibetan and Christian Alchemy.

Faith in the Mystery is trust in the Mystery. Where our fiery will has its effects, the Mystery trusts us. Recall: Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet believe.

There are no “things”. Just different levels of Beings, as the World – like us – has a deep and complex “inside”.

You are in conversation with intelligence from the stars already. Just notice the art of change, the flow of being, and the growth of our spark – over time. This little book is not the most important book to read. The books we most need to read are right there in front of us – in the field of experience. The book of our individual biographical life/story, and the book of the mystery of the own soul.

We are all Envoys from the true rebel: the Divine Mystery. 5) We are Envoys … we take what is offered 6) Let experience wash over you 7) Absorb it like a sponge 8) Expect nothing 9) Only then can you be prepared for anything … 13) Make it personal. It is. You are the weapon. 14) You are the killer and the destroyer. … 25) The strength of a wolf is not of fangs but of speed and skill, which is the pack 26) Whatever world you go into, build a pack 27) The sleeve {the avatar body} is a tool, and it does not control me, I control it …

What are we to “kill”? Scientific Materialism, on the Way to taming the egregorial parasite living in the cultures of modern – alleged persons – the mighty Multinational Corporation.

Now for the climax, the four-pole magnet and how to travel in the World of Ideas …

For basic exercises, own, or download its pdf: Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics” For a gospel of “knowing”, Steiner’s “Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge“, … this next is from the Steiner Archive, same book.

Owen Barfield called this work: the least read, most important book, Steiner ever wrote.

Both books should just be read all the way through, …. even better if you can alternate one with the other – not quickly though, take little bites (baby steps), and let your heart’s mind wonder as you wander the scientific edges of Faerie. All That Exists has spark, and it appears in many odd circumstance in often wild ways.

To help us see potentials overlooked, some short “stories” to illustrate, that allow one to meet some unusual characters: Rufus: Albert: and Rhubarb.

Writers of speculative fiction often see certain scientific questions in Ways more real than scientific materialism. Recall, … there are no limits to the imagination.

We first need three ideas, from three different works of fiction.

1) From Ursula K. LeQuin’s “The Dispossessed”, we get a discussion of whether or not physics must account not only for linear sequential time, but also for the simultaneous nature of the Now.

2) From “The Memory of Whiteness”, by Kim Stanley Robinson, we get the idea that music and physics are serious dance partners.

3) From “The Roads of Heaven,” by Melissa Scott, we learn that if the “keel” of our “spaceship” is correctly aided by alchemical tinctures, then various sounds – via a harmonium – will cause the “keel” to create harmonies by which the “ship” rides the gravity wells, and enters true space by sounding and resounding tones. This rising causes the “ship” to dematerialize to the state called: “four-fifths of heaven”. Travel among the features of the (?astral?) starry world then requires familiarity with maps, not unlike (although far more complicated) symbols in the Tarot.

All of us have two fundamental power/riddles/gifts, belonging to this Age of the Now. Two natural powers ~!~ In the earthly-darker aspects of reality, only we can face our own double, and tame the nag, the trickster, and the appetites. The other power is to be able to master “the gift of the word” in thought and in speech.

At the same time, as it were, each individual has their own Way. All of us have a wild aspect – not interested in following any rules but our own. This is the fire/will aspect of the spark. We also have a water/feeling aspect, which our mind’s heart leads us to wanting to help others during this Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot.

These kinds of ideas can be held in the intellect, briefly, to be noticed. Mostly we use our “thinking” for problem solving life’s complexities. During Meditation&Prayer we still can “think”, and “speak” of whatever we want.

Every opportunity to sit still, allows us to interrupt the severity of necessity, with some self-generated moments of mental calm. Our bones are the “keel” of our “ship”. When sitting spend some time attending to the feeling of weight, to our sense of the presence of the Mother’s Love, that scientific materialism calls: gravity. Notice breathing, the Son’s gift to us.

Our feelings are the music in physics. Sometimes when sitting still, hum. Change the tone of the hum and see if different places in the total field of consciousness respond to harmonics. Or, get blasted-intoxicated, and dance like no one is watching.

Our heart’s mind is the seer, who can wonder such ideas as the relationship of sequential and simultaneous time. Let your imagination soar, unbound, to whatever wherevers your spark wants to go.

… the plays the thing, saith the Bard, if memory serves …

Suppose you have daily contact with a person who disturbs your “soul&spiritual balance”. These can be an attractive nuisance, or a dangerous nuisance, or both. Attraction and need. Sympathy and antipathy. Move toward, or flee.

Emerson wrote: “In self trust all virtues are comprehended.”

If necessity does not allow this experience to be avoidable, as in: Must have food to live, must have money to buy food, and must work to have money to buy food, in order to continue living … we have the situation of who is the prisoner, and who is the jailer. Ask yourself: how are you conceptually defining your own circumstances?

The Narrative. Each of us has a narrative about ourselves and our circumstances. That narrative can be reimagined. Keep in mind that the reach of our will is a territory that the Mystery has asked us to author, and this will includes the content of the heart’s mind. The Divine is distributed … everywhere. In us, the leading edge. What is not within the reach of our will, is best left up to the Mystery. Can’t be rid of gravity or weight … or consciousness for that matter.

At the same time the Charioteer can rearrange the structural aspects of their Chariot. We don’t have to buy the views of others, except to the extent we need to pretend to holding them.

29) We are Envoys, and we take what is offered and use it 30) Your enemy is not the pain, it is the despair 31) They control the construct

{any society is ruled by certain habits of thought – conformance is sometimes required at threat to lives – you can see through the context imposed by others, and notice that for them it is a prison}

32) Find their weakness and then get to the next screen {the prison of another’s point of view is not informed with Envoy practice of rules five through nine} &&& {you can go to the next screen by simply blinking your eyes and looking without remembering – the next Now is always new, regardless of how similar it seems} 33) We are patient, and then we endure 5) We are Envoys … we take what is offered

Our life circumstances seem to be out of our control. Much of those we cannot alter. Yet, our mind set, and our responses, are ours to will. We trust in the grand events to the Mystery, and They leave the local events in trust to us.





We Are Not Alone

One other theme, hinted at but essential … a riddle in point of fact. What is the nature of the consciousness that inhabits our technological artifacts? There is a “question” (Moody Blues) or two or three that we need to answer for ourselves …

Faerie is a State of Being of the Whole World. While the tech is new, as it is our creation, even the stuff we use remains connected to the all in all. The plastic of your laptop is said to be made from “oil’, the alleged debris of ancient animals and other stuff we fancy – at least according to the enchantments of scientific materialism.

The Fae are immortal spirits. Born from a unity that can’t be broken. As are we. Tech is a fascination with our imaginative rearrangement of stuff we did not create. The child – in the sand box playing – did not make the sand, or the warmth&light, or its own spark.

Is there a Being, we name “tin”? How about, oxygen (fire/will), nitrogen (air/intellect), hydrogen (water/feeling) and carbon (earth/consciousness). The metals all have a correspondence to the Planets, which identity-nature is real. What would it be like to meet the true Being-Nature of all the “parts” we presume to believe we know, and which we believed were that which from everything is made?

We dream big, and world culture is filled with super-powered heroes, … a kind of not nice mirror image of our own inability to give order to the macro social world. Do we need super heroes?


All the same we do need folk who seek for communion-with the Natural World (and Its Ideas), instead of dominion-over. To lift the enchantment is done one at a time, which nonetheless is going on among billions all over the Earth Sphere of Existence. Each in their own individual way, and “pagan” (devote of the Mother) context. At the door to my blog, I write: “finding the path to the future, through the gateways of the past”

Science can’t explain “climate change”, or “evil”; and, the priests of that religion have led us directly into our current&apparent dire straights.

A spiritual social science, which includes religious thought as well, is an artistic weaving of the two together. Not three cultures – science, art, and religion, … One.

Each one of us is a co-creative spark in the fires to ashes to phoenix transformation, whereby “Western” Civilization dies into a new becoming, … one individual, one day, at a time. Again: We are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. We have Their trust. Are you ready to trust Them?





~!~ we are not alone on our journey ~!~
~!~ – each Way has meaning – ~!~
~? what music dances you?~

On Step Into the Light” the Moody Blues

It is possible to contact me, but not recommended. I have cultivated a cranky persona, and do not follow social rules, or tolerate fools, if at all possible. Given my age, the last thing I need is for someone to waste my time, because they were to lazy to read, and/or “practice”. I am a writer, not a guru.

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