Tiger-Saucy contemplates the Quantum nature of the Orgasm

[for more of TS’s wisdoms, go here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/the-misadventures-of-tiger-saucy-the-last-faerie-teacher-of-shamans/ ]

Some of the following words appeared and disappeared from the “discussions” of sexual congress in the U.S. of A (the Americas are where Shamans are bred]: the g-spot; the pill (on or off); STDs; herpes; AIDS; clitoral orgasms; vaginal organisms; cocks; cunts; pussy; ass; erections; and the two dominant “words”, although they are joined at the groin as it were: fuck and motherfucker.

A master shaman (shamans are stories tellers, all manner of stories) is George Carlin, especially known for his discourse on pussy farts.

From the stand point of Faerie, while the Age of Fallen Eros has an understandable and necessary degeneration of language arts, this most recent period does not yet begin to capture the eloquence of poets. The Fae would like an improvement, a return to elegance, subtlety, and, wit. Our coarseness in language is a reflection of thoughtless-thought, which while perhaps evoking an emotional release, tends always to land in the soul of the other, like a stone … and worse, often without a later sincere apology.

The use of the “word” is a great gift to all: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/giftoftheword.html

This aspect of anal associations in language is not always awful. On the contrary the whole relation between the material landscape and that of Faerie lives in the wonders of human love songs. Pixies are known to swoon when the hearts of humans are given wings through music.

Hope, tragedy, blues, jazz, reggae, hip hop, opera, Bollywood … songs for battles, funerals, parties, and just for the fuck of it.

To return to the search for the Quantum Orgasm …

Modern thought-life has acquired habits, ways of common speaking. Materialistic science strongly influences the shape of this thought-life, particularly the tendency to see parts instead of wholes. The words above were about “parts” for the most part. We are educated into our language, much of it colorful metaphors, as Kirk says to Spock in Star Trek IV: “The Voyage Home”.

The earthly face of a woman is as evocative as is her heavenly face. Some years ago, an independent film was shown at the San Francisco Art Institute. It was about three minutes long, in black and white, and the crowd overflowed the small hall (7 or 8 hundred people). There were no ads, just word of mouth, and the fact that a number of members of the audience had been part of the film.

The name of the film was “Twat”.

It had taken several years to film, but as various women heard of the work they would go to the studio where they lie back in a chair with stirrups, and have their vagina photographed.

Over 300 single shoots, revealing in three minutes the astounding fact that every woman’s earthly face is different from every other woman’s earthly face.

As the film began, for the first fifteen seconds the audience twittered and giggled, and then silence, the silence of standing in front of art revealing truth.

Everything in love making is part of a process. It is and remains a whole, regardless of the Quantum Orgasm. Quantum here means wandering into the realm of Faerie where are kept useless ideas, but having been created by the Children of Gods&Goddesses, they must be cataloged and archived for purposes of cautionary tales as well as historical arcana.

Humans create language, endlessly. Some are songs of pain and terror – wordless screams in a cell. As Western Civilization dies into its new becoming, languages are open to substantial invention. It is an open question (the idea of how language is composed – the song within the notes), whether or not every utterance is true.

That these utterances exist, there is no doubt. Human beings create thought and that thought lives. This fact reveals a remarkable opportunity, in the sense of creating/birthing new culture from the smoldering ashes of the old.

There is in Faerie a tribe devoted to silly. Silly is more than coloring outside the lines. At its best it is shocking, like the sage/fool/dwarf upsetting every monarch’s mental-mind-set-corpse of old thought, by dangerously throwing it on the floor and stomping on it. As Tyrion Lannister sez in Game of Thrones: “all we really are is stories”.

For purposes of this operation, “quantum” means a set of ideas, that while real in the sense of having been thought into existence, … that set of ideas is not true … or good … or beautiful. For far too many details, the lazy mind should not go here: “Letters on Magic”, a series of letters that considers the relationship between the four classical elements of the ancient Egyptians (fire-Will; air-Intellect; water-Feeling; and earth-Consciousness), and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics (gravity, electo-magnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear interactions) https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/05/20/letters-about-magic/

By the way, the male’s earthly face is what is unclothed, leaving his heavenly face & her earthly face, much in need of less coarse adoration.

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