Tiger-Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions

Tiger Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions. The wizard Rudolf Steiner spoke wisely when he wrote/and-or said: “the religion of the gods is the human being”. In the way back long ago when before, sometimes remembered in the Fable of the Garden in the Hebrew Bible, there were two […]

Tiger-Saucy writes an open letter to Greta Thunberg

TIGER-SAUCY WRITES AN OPEN LETTER TO GRETA THUNBERG These are dangerous times little one. So much passion, so much heart, so much will, but … you’ve become a public figure, a sacrifice for sure … but a target as well. Everyone wants to own and guide you, while some even want to bemoan and attack […]

there’s a fire in the valley, where it all began

Tiger-Saucy wanders the Halls of Justice … in the middle-East. When we spoke last on the nature of religion, we noticed that the three monotheisms were aspects of a whole. One religion, three prophets, being fought over/within by patriarchal men who used their “alleged” theological expertise, to tell everyone else what is real and how […]

Tiger-Saucy contemplates the Quantum nature of the Orgasm

[for more of TS’s wisdoms, go here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/the-misadventures-of-tiger-saucy-the-last-faerie-teacher-of-shamans/ ] Some of the following words appeared and disappeared from the “discussions” of sexual congress in the U.S. of A (the Americas are where Shamans are bred]: the g-spot; the pill (on or off); STDs; herpes; AIDS; clitoral orgasms; vaginal organisms; cocks; cunts; pussy; ass; erections; and […]