Death & Dying

Death & Dying Easter is a couple of weeks away. Personally, I am in just the right group to possibly die from COVID-19. Age 79. Multiply encounters with death due to cardiovascular “issues”. Died twice in one day in 2007, and spent a few moments in January of 2019 wondering-with the Holy Mother about whether […]

The Magic of Breathing, as a Possible Aide for an Individual with the “Flu”.

The Magic of Breathing, as a Possible Aide for an Individual with the “Flu”. The Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians was also called “magic”. Up until the Incarnation of Love – 2000 years ago – magic was the greatest source of “power” in the world. Then He came, and a far far greater power […]

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring -a metastory- The grandfathers waited. So did the grandmothers, and the fathers and mothers, and the young men and women, and the children – the little boys and the little girls. They all waited. Then Teller-of-stories began to speak… “Sometimes in life”, he said, “sometimes people feel old, even when they are […]

A Report on a couple of visits to anthroposophical land

This first parts was written in response to a long quote of the thoughts of JvH, offered by John Harris, here: It would be spiritual suicide for folks to fancy that the whole of “Anthroposophy” has been expressed through the works of Rudolf Steiner. To concentrate one’s cognitional resources on only one or two minds […]