The Father at Rest

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The Father at Rest

– magical and mystical dark-matter physics,

in the Age of Technological Chaos –

by Joel A. Wendt
– white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana,

American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic –

authors CV:

A truly magical book. To read it is to remember mysteries

lost sight of, which if understood and acted upon,

lets each of us change our own world”

Nino Baldachi, Air-Cadet extraordinaire

Astral (star) travel, while sitting still, …

there are no limits in the hyperspace of the mind.”

Johnathan Cornelius Madrid (J.C. for short)

captain of the living self-evolving

intergalactic vessel:


Hard times, harder choices”


to Rider, in private …

Do the gods and goddesses have a sense of humor?

Some sages assert that They laugh when we make plans.

The evidence is clear. Most of what we want or expect

from the Future never happens. Pretty much every

day in our personal lives expectations fail.

There is Mystery there, for those

willing to chart a new course

on forgotten seas of




is meant to

point out powers

we posses, as beings of

spirit and soul.

A gift from



Names and Naming

A rose by any other name is still a Rose. “The Slow Regard of Silent Things”, advises shaman Patrick Rothfuss. All of us live in fields of material objects. All different, although in a prison the rooms can seem repetitious. Maybe we have a desk in an office … but are we free to select what we name our desk? Then there is the “freeway” madness … no wonder so many die from heart attacks.

“Silly”, of one to name a desk – or a car, yes, … maybe. Silly is a word that used to mean “possessed by the sacred”. A favorite coffee cup, with its sentimental value, is also an object-magique. A familiar secret hidden in the Idea/Lore of the talisman. When we can individualize our work spaces, the magic is already there. Listen to your personal “teller of stories” … meaning made up, in the own imagination.

Dreams are real. Dreaming is power. Each of us is a gate into the Dreaming. From one point of view there are eight gates to Faerie*, and they come pairs (again, read the shaman Patrick Rothfuss’s “The Name of the Wind”, from which I have shamelessly borrowed) *[ I use the terms Faerie and the Fae, being a romantic, elsewhere and when, others write and speak of the Underworld, or the Lost Cities ]

In the East, elemental Air, aka: Intellect. Waking&Sleeping*

South, Fire, Will, Living&Dying

West, Water, Feeling, Sanity&Madness

North, Earth, Consciousness, Remembering&Forgetting

*[For example, when we are on the edge of going to sleep, and also waking up, that edge is where wishes and dreams gather to dance. In many aboriginal cultures, dreams are shared each morning, because they understand the spiritual power of the “intercourse” between us, and Them.]

What do Thunder&Lightening call Themselves? That flashing noisy light-bang, that we experience, is the way They Name Themselves. We live in what is already a magical world, for there is a direct spiritual connection between ourselves and all “other” natures. Subtle, and yet obvious.

Sensible Nature as Divine Speech? …. God creates the heavens and the Earth in six days, then rests on, blesses and sanctifies the seventhEach ancient Earth Religion has a creation story … a story about a “maker”.

In the way back, long ago, when before, … human beings did not need to believe in Gods and Goddesses, and gnomes and fauns, … we saw them, and spoke with them, in that true once upon a time.

Want some evidence? Read Owen Barfield’s “Speaker’s Meaning” and learn that during that Age the Great Myths have remembered, languages were young, and a young language is entirely literal. We give names to what is experienced.

Modern arts of film and television are filled today with memories of something “other”. Marvel’s twenty-film Avenger series. Eight Harry Potter movies. The X-Files and the Twilight Zone. Ghost chasers. Dreams of vampires and werewolves. Charmed lives. Wonders of travel to even the further reaches of the Expanse.

The whole world lives in seas of meaning. The world we see is not the worlds others see. Some poetic examples: “Albert in Fugue”: ] [ “Rhubarb’s Dilemma”:
] [ or, “A Miracle for Fences”: ] [

In the Dreamtime, it was understood that if there were beginnings, there also had to be endings. So the story tellers had to teach of time/change as endless Now upon Now, something forgotten to modern civilized folks.

In our memories – organized around linear time – the Third Millennium, since the Single-Now Physical Birth of Word/Life/Light – this third Echo began/begins with the usual wars, plagues, famines, and conquests.

What, for example, should be the “name” of the Covid-plague? Where does Climate Change fit in? Some interesting questions, from the mind of JMS (Babylon 5, and Crusade). Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? Who do you serve? And, Who do you trust?

There are cogent reasons for suspecting we are riding tsunamis of future history, the result of which will be the dying and becoming of “Western” civilization.

Imagine a drop of water – in slow motion, falling and landing/making waves upon waves in the seas of change, rippling out from a Center. Now reverse the image, where the infinite periphery of waves collapses into a point, from which then rises as/the single drop flying upward and back into the Source … only to disappear from both time and space, … until – by choice – inward bound once more … falling earthward from a heavenly sky full of individuals sparks of existence.

Did He/She make us, or did we make Them/Her/Him? The “Maker” has many names, but is still the maker, whatever the name.

In modern materialistic unnatural science there are beliefs and theories, which makes such works also religious, not just scientific. The essential core idea of scientific materialism – matter only, no spirit – is designed to exclude any possibility of there being “spirit/sparks”, as a cause-active in the world. Instead the Maker disappears on the other side of a tale about big bangs, and random chaotic evolutionary and developmental changes.

At the same time, “modern science”, as a Way of Knowledge, is young, if we were to compare it to the centuries of life and development of the cultures of ancient Egypt, or of the Maya. In a certain sense, this youthful science, while laced with human genius on a staggering scale, is only half of the picture/meaning of our “plan*demic” Pandemonium Reboot. *[ The real “Plan” is from the Mystery, and the apparent conjunction with games of earthly power and wealth an incidental by-product of the operation of the Arts-Karmic, and their essential guide: Justice.]

There is a Genius to History. While civilizations come and go, the urge for order always arises post-the debris of excessive dis-order. It turns out that “spirit” is as real as “matter”, just as the ancients knew, … the following pages try to map out some of the crucial riddles and mysteries.

Odd though, … the irony that in some places today, a few thinkers assert that order can be observed arising from chaos. In the chaos of modern life, what Phoenix stirs in the ashes? At the exotic regions of modern physics, the riddle of what is consciousness spices the stew of change.

In this writing – you might be reading, … let us turn the matter-only prejudice aside, and simply look at the world, as it is: a Mystery filled everywhere with spirit, a world both visible and invisible dancing the Art of Now.

We look upon the wonders of the Goddess Natura, remark as to Their beauty, and don’t quite finish the circuit, where it is our consciousness that sees. We are nature looking at Herself. Emerson wrote: “Nature is the incarnation of a thought, and turns to thought again as ice becomes water and then gas. The world is mind precipitated, and the volatile essence is forever escaping into the state of free thought.”

Notes on Structure: Matter-only based “science” claims that mathematics rules. Only the quantitative and measurable matters. If we add “spirit”, we get to include the qualitative and intuitive, which has a mathematics based upon arts-music and the higher Ideals of potential human becoming.

A couple of decades ago I was writing a never finished book: “Strange Fire: the Death and the Resurrection of Modern Civilization”

At a certain point I recognized that I didn’t knot-know the own dark as much as I needed. It has now been twenty-five years, yet the original structure wants to be remembered, … … a kind of abstract musical form … I’ve added some small bits of change … and yes, as my eldest son pointed out, that as an actual musician, the real – concrete “scale” is different. A nice riddle lurking there …

There are eight individual Notes, and then in between each Note, the Interval, which is where the music begins. The idea is to notice order, yet leave a core place for the heart’s wild.

“Note”: is from the common rule of practice among monks and nuns; “Interval”: is one of the seven “I am” statements in the Gospel of John; followed by one of the seven liberal arts, and that followed by the one of the seven stages of the passion of the Christ-Maker …

do: (matins/2a.m.)

do-re: “I am the true Vine” … rhetoric … washing the feet

re: (lauds/sunrise)
re-mi: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” … grammar … the scourging

mi: (prime/6a.m.)
mi-fa: “I am the Door” … logic … the crowning with thorns

fa: (terce/9a.m.)

fa-sol: “I am the Bread of Life” … astronomy … the carrying the cross

sol: (sext/miday)
sol-la: “I am the Good Shepherd” … geometry … the crucifixion

la: (none/3p.m.)

la-ti: “I am the Light of the World” … arithmetic … the death

ti: (vespers/sunset)

ti-do: “I am the Resurrection and the Life” … music … the resurrection

do: (compline/before retiring)

Seven days in a week. Seven chakras. Each day connected to a planet. Sun-day, Moon-day, Mars-day, Mercury-day, Jupiter-day, Venus-day, Saturn-day. The chakras are organized into three sets of three.

The first threeness is the three above the heart, the heart itself, and the three below the heart. The upper threeness, Crown, Eyebrow, and Throat, have the “third eye” in the middle. The lower threeness, Solar Plexus, Reproductive, and Base, has its middle as well. The upper middle (Eyebrow), and the lower middle (Reproductive) are linked (as an example of greater complexities), through the influence of the imagination.

This imagination of a love object takes place in the third eye, as it were, and is affected by the appetites in the reproductive, while the circuit of energies unfolds together in the arts of the sensual-physical, and the erotic-mental.

Threenesses worth repeating: spirit, soul, and, body. Or, thinking, feeling, and, willing.

The point of the observation of the above number-relations – as built around the idea of seven and three – is an essential riddle, for understanding a Qualitative form of mathematical physics that does not Deny the Father and the Son (the anti-Christ spirit, of the first two letters of John). Why essential? Because each of us are sons and daughters of the Divine Mystery. Our biography follows such maps, … maps which vary according to the most ancient religious ideas in the geographic places we are born and travel.

For example, there is a reason the ancient Mayan scribes/priests counted days. Among all the speaking/deeds of the Maker, this day-spiral, both maze and labyrinth, to which all humans are cursed or blessed, according to their own reflection, … all the same tells, over and over, the story of the One and the Many, the Sun of the Day, and the Moon-ruled sky of the Night.

Suppose, rather than assuming that reality is all based on “matter”, without spirit, we instead assume that Reality Requires both spirit and matter. What if we just look at the same facts, and add to them observations of a spiritual dimension, … on purpose!?~?! What if we “imagine”, for example, that between our Self – and every surface of sense experience – is elemental beings, not mindless things.

Names and Naming, remember …

Newton and Leibniz had an argument just about this. Newton’s “atoms” were soulless things, and Leibniz was of the view that consciousness had to be everywhere, so his smallest entities he called: “monads”, which/who possessed consciousness and will.

What we today call molecules of air, the ancients knew as elemental beings, which we in the cultural West call: sylphs. In the East, their highest elemental spirit (according to Rudolf Steiner) has this name: Vayu. RS also sez: their over-seeing Archangel is Raphael.

That wind that touches our faces is alive, and awake, and while not exactly free* in its elemental nature, yet all the same Faerie Dust – for the Fae-spirits of the winds and breezes feels through/with them … all touching us, just as we feel their touch. *[These elemental folk have sacrificed their potential freedom, to serve the needs of the whole. Some time in the far future, if we humans learn, we just might became able – as makers – to gift them freedom, in honor of their prior services.]

When a tornado roars by, a whole sky-full of spirits are involved, … if ideas of predestination, and or karma and reincarnation, bother a reader or two … both fall away in the Now … For some life goes on. Others die. “There is no Fate but what we Make”, sez Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) in the “Terminator” films.

“As Allah Wills” can be a cop-out, or a religious – artistic – scientific representation about life and its mysteries. Most of us are at war with the Now. At some point we have to Surrender. “Take a breath”, sez the zen-trained cop, in the TV show: Life.

My life led me to many more questions than answers. This is one of the reasons I write. Letters on a page, hiding an idea in the mind of the reader. When I was with Him, as Matthew, He taught me to become a fisher of men. Yet, … what should be the lure?

The Simple Truth. “pragmatic moral psychology”

What if we imagine that the whole electrification of the world, and all the related technology, is based upon our unconscious use of magic, in order to what: … mimic the Maker?

We took the Maker’s Creation apart, because we would some time in the future be as Makers ourselves. Like Now, for example.

Inside – what became the world of things, without beings – there were secrets, Goddess Natura’s underskirts – the deeper mysteries, as it were. Hidden. A very attractive quest to adventure, as long as we remember: She Exists.

A necessary limit that, however. For Humanity to find Itself, the deep spirit had to be forgotten.

So, out of Love, She lets go, and the Goddess/Earth Religions faded away to first become dominated by the three patriarchal monotheisms, ultimately producing the singular religion of unnatural science.

Among the ancient Lore of humanity are books of “magic”.

Memories in the Dreaming

[that link includes a translation of the Emerald Tablet by Issac Newton]

Our ancient cultures also tell tales of even more forgotten times, … for example, those memories born in the geographic regions of India, speak of atomic powers before the before. Ships of air and fire. Wars in the Skies, and Lands.

All the same, the “power” that exists, which we call electromagnetism, is everywhere. Not just everywhere, also every-when. How?

After the Creation, the Maker rested from Their Labors. Saw the mystery, having set free so many individual sparks, yet knowing there might be too much chaos, too much magical and mystical spiritual life. Some fundamental ordering principle needs to appear, or the forces of uncontrolled life would consume all (see the movie: “Annihilation”).

From One “I” becomes many I, or “We”. Having choices that effect, “We” become effectively a total: “God”, borne in the reach of our personal wills. This blessed curse is shared by all, and together, all hearts singing, “God” becomes “Love”. Yet, the land of the Unknown and Unpredictable and Unformed deserves its due: “Chaos”.

Aka: the law of iwegodlovechaos. Never parts. Always whole.

Again, … restraining Chaos needs order. Both concepts are an aspect of the law of the universal necessary pair. Up and Down. Right and Left. Besides Himself.

If we wish to know the Divine, scientifically, we need to make careful observations that others can themselves also do. Take the pair: Mathematical Physics, aka: stuff we named and counted as we took apart the Maker’s Creation, meanwhile denying that They existed.

Still, ;;;; the mystery of the four fundamental forces that physics recognizes today: electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces … remains.

A thought experiment wanders by … imagine that all electro-magnetic “phenomena” in the whole of reality is the One that begat, and then rested. When you turn on your desk lamp, … that power is Unity expressed in matter, to be later pulled out of where hidden, woven into new shapes, captured, tamed, and put to use.

The Father at Rest. Not Asleep.

Awake, … willing Self to be put to use. Anticipating not being remembered. A power so miraculous, at Rest it still Serves. In the Avenger movies, “Odin” seems dead at one point, yet it turns out He was not, … just resting and waiting. Real were the Beings named by men in the Norse Myths.

Ragnarok: the death of the gods, … is Now. Which Gods is an excellent question? Perhaps, … the Gods of the Ego, and of the Forge.

A world overrun with ambitious folk hungering for wealth and power, so as to indulge in all their craven appetites. Each needing to own the bombs and the poisons, and the fear. Yet, … forgetting: She.

Her favorite trickster groupies – Loki, Raven, and Coyote, always trying to impress the Empress, are less actually scary if we understand that They are vehicles for Now-to-Now Course Corrections. Trump. Putin. The Wizards of Oz in the “intelligence gathering business”. Physicists playing self-absorbed mind games in the Loki fantasy: “quantum”.

The Idea – of tiny, tiny, and endlessly tiny material things – crosses the veil, crosses the veil between the visible and invisible worlds. As a consequence, we lose sight of it, yet still worshiping “thingness”, for to modern scientific speculations there is no “beingness” anywhere out there.

We have been led to believe we-only have a self-aware sentient intelligence that is invisible to others, except as lives in our deeds.

The atoms, the quantum realm, the mysterious interior of sun and earth, plants, stars – all assumed to have no self-awareness.

A vanity of no little power. All the same, … the Whole of so-called material reality does have an interior self-aware sentience. She/They watch us, and touch us daily.

No? It is all about “names”, not just numbers. We need to remember how to name the world of experience, so as to again seek contact with the Fae, and the realms of Faerie – the Underworld, and the Lost Cities.

We ourselves are included as of the Fae. Immortal spirits, suffering the teachings of Their School of hard knocks and shared pain, … in an illusory* matter-only world. *[The Idea of Maya, or that sense experience is not real as against direct experience of the spirit, is ancient. The ancients did not get everything right. What is called Goethean Science is learning to Read the Book of Nature – sense reality as Speech, – not an illusion.]

The Principle of Unity Itself is already proven by the experiment of the two related particles that, while they can be separated in space, cannot be separated in Now.

Like you and me. You are with me, as I write. And, I am with you, as you read.

Seeking to “know” such a power, as is behind and beneath electromagnetism more intimately, requires the skill of mysticism. No surprise there. Imagining a world filled with spirit – many old friends we don’t even know anymore, yet still there in spite of the fact that unnatural science gave them meaningless names – for the most part.

Mysticism can’t be separated from the magical. Magical Lore is still remembered today. Personally I recommend the works of Franz Bardon, on the Hermetic Science of the Ancient Egyptians. For mysticism, the book by Valentin Tomberg: Meditations on the Tarot, a Journey into Christian Hermeticism.

Notice this following ancient treasure map, one among many:

Prima Materia divides into celestial salt and celestial niter, each of which divides into the fixed elements earth and water, and the volatile elements air and fire, respectively. Earth and water begat salt. Water and Air begat Mercury, while air and fire begat sulphur.

Fire is the symbol for the human will. Air is the symbol for human intellect. Water is the symbol for human feeling. Earth is the symbol for human consciousness.

If you want to follow that kind of map, buy: “On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician”, by Catherine MacCoun. She modestly says she weaves together both Tibetan and Christian Alchemy. Most everyone I know, who has read this, has read it more than once. For many it occupies the place we make for just before sleep reading. In some of my writing, I call this work “a gospel of soul”.

There need not be any longer secrets, in the true arts and crafts by which the Father at Rest is “appropriated”, … as a gift of knowledge. For example, I wrote a long article on the relationship between the four classical elements, fire/will, air/intellect/, water/feeling, and earth/consciousness, and the four fundamental forces / transformations of modern physics.

The search for a Unified Field Theory of Everything is easily answered once we re-insert spirit where it always has been. I wrote of this, from the point of view of a spiritual social-science: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”

Here we are doing the same, yet from a more evolved mathematical physics.

Let us take a peek at light and gravity phenomena … in their primary expression to our experience … remember, the sense world of appearances is speech.

If we are fortunate, we have a bed to sleep in, and running water, with a personal toilet. Gadgets electrical everywhere. Lights to turn off and on. Garbage removal. Companies that deliver stuff right to the door.

A smart phone is an Aladdin’s lamp. And just as dangerous.

At night we lie down, and surrender to gravity, happy that we did not experience what Bob Marley sang of in Talking Blues: “Cold ground was my bed last night. Rock was my pillow.”

In the morning, depending, opening the eyes to the light can feel like a pain. Yet, sunrise and sunset are always blessings. In a certain Way of cognitive knowing, the senses are also wounds of soul. The impression of strong light, or sounds, or smells … even our spirit can be wounded, and some of these life-traumas that go into the land of: and-this-too-shall-pass, still can permanently scar the soul. Just think of all the children growing up today, being made (unjustly) fearful of human contact, and touch.

Cosmic Magic is our individual Consciousness of one Now following after another, … our experience a sea of constant change … a symphony of Nows. Still the mystery of other, … is my experience what my bed-mates experience? Stop time/change? What vanity. It is what it is, literally.

The Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians pointed to “four” elements, will/Fire; air/Intellect; water/Feeling; and, earth/Consciousness. To our experience these can be known as a Whole, which Bardon called the: four-poled magnet. Another member of the quality three, yet in this case the “fourth” element is the union of the first three. Also, to experience, the mysteries of: spirit, soul, and body. Thinking, feeling, willing. Wholeness in threes. Simple riddles, for magical times.

When lying in bed, or sitting quietly in a chair, we can study ourselves, for all the secrets are right in front of us – aspects of experience. The ancient Persians used the metaphor of a charioteer, a chariot, and a horse. The thoughts, or mental structure, coupled with our favorite feelings, is the chariot. The horse is the power of emotion, which yet needs guidance from the charioteer. We – as spirit – are the fire of will(ing) that creates the chariot of our intellect’s ideas (thinking/meaning) of the what-is, and guides and tames and directs the emotional-power (feeling).

That emotional power is also perceptual. Aspects can be scary. Consciously directed empathy can lead to deep understanding, yet – the intimacy – that’s where it gets, as we say today: Real.

Dare I look at myself through the eyes of a lover? Practice by listening/talking with Grandmother Trees.

the day begins …

Sitting up, standing, overcoming gravity, with some quick-starting of the intellect with caffeine. Breathing.

The sylph-air is just there. Breathing is just there. Is there spirit there/here? Try to stop breathing. You could do it, but then you are dead, and where’s the fun in that?

In Bardon’s works on magic the first and most important task is to learn how to do: conscious full-body pore-breathing. Has health benefits.

Many people justly fear for theirs, and others – including the Planet’s – future. Let me just observe in passing that the true meaning/name of “gravity” is an effect of the Love of the Holy Mother ~!~ Earth Mother; just as “breathing” is an effect of the Love of the Son.

*[ The Moody Blues song: “One Step into the Light”

has these lines:

One step into the light
One step away from night
It’s the hardest step you’re gonna take
The ship to take you there
Is waiting at the head
Of the stairs that lead up through your opening mind

Above the dark despair
Shines a light that we can share
Close your eyes and look up in between your brows
Then slowly breathing in
Feel the LIFE FORCE streaming in
Hold it there, then send it back to him

All the old things are returning
Cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we’ve been yearning for
Life is our saviour, saviour, saviour, save your soul

The river of LIVING BREATH
Is flowing through the SUN
He was there before the earth began
The world will drag on you
Use his love to pull you through
Find the mission of YOUR LIFE and start to BE

All the old things are returning
Cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we’ve been yearning for
Life is our saviour, saviour, saviour, save your soul

There’s one thing I can do
Play my Mellotron for you
Try to blow away your city blues
Your dreams are not unfound
Get your feet back on the ground
The TRUTH will set us FREE, we cannot lose
We cannot lose, we just have to CHOOSE

By the way, the Moody Blues saw coming, what we today experience. If you want esoteric Christian rock ‘n roll, these are the folk.

The Earth Mother aspect is the dangerous and wild one. Our first lessons harsh: run too fast, fall down, go boom. When a civilization goes too fast, same fall, different doom.

She is the Source of Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, and the Gate of Death. What we notice – with our soul-less numbers, and experience in ever increasing “weather” calamities – is hand-writing on the wall of even greater coming “earth-transformations”.

Each of us dies, and each of us meets our Maker in our own ways and Nows. Keep in mind these rules: everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Our biographies have similarity, but each spark faces life choices expressed in their personal and unique style. Just take a look at TikTok to see the variety.

We are in a descending cycle, in the sense of the value of our ideas regarding linear time. Change-massive is clearly appearing, from Trump to Covid to WTF is next!!! Aliens??? The Whole Sphere of the living Creation is flowering on a staggering scale.

There is a lot of background noise, mostly. Each persons’ individual day, as pointed out above, is both maze and labyrinth. Our days are like that walkway on the floor of the Chartres Cathedral, yet that art only expresses a spiritual idea. Our individual labyrinth is different each&every basic cycle of night and day. Subtle differences for a prisoner, outrageous ones for soldiers in battle.

The maze is the mind’s management exercise, for the puzzles not solved “yesterday”, still seeming to lurk “tomorrow”, meanwhile distracting from today’s weaving of Nows.

Mind and Maze and Life and Labyrinth, a mystery celebrated in the fable-film: “Groundhog Day”. Suppose that while walking to work you introduce some spontaneity in actions. This can be as simple as picking up some garbage, giving an extra thanks for this or that common courtesy, or moving an object from its place, trying to feel if it would be happier, here or there.

The brightest flowers are acts of kindness.

When our investigations of electrical and magnetic phenomena began a few centuries ago, it was necessary for something on the order of rites of ceremonial magic to arise. From the world of spirit we were led to this knowledge, in the same way we were helped to til the land, and build ships of seas of both water and air.

A workable concept, on a macro scale, is to call it the Ahrimanic Enchantment. Ahriman is not so much evil, as some sages imagine, but is rather one name of the God of Number. Science loves numbers. Many such wizards of the laboratory – wondering after matter’s secrets – ran from religion, and were uncertain about art.

Although … Newton was an alchemist. Kepler an astrologer. Faraday a mystic. Keely and Tesla magicians.

Numbers – quantities – were easy names, … meanwhile the quality – of the smell of a rose, not being possible to name or measure, except in the vanities of poets, – falls away.

Germs and Atoms spring forth from this Number God’s Forehead, ideas of the parts to the exclusion of the Whole.

Ceremonial Magic, with Sigils; and, electro-magnetic circuits with Signs for operations. Positive and negative powers integrated. Fire/will and Water/feeling shaping planets of elemental beings. Google: magic-sigil images, and then circuit -symbols images. Observe and compare.

Given the foundational nature of the material truths of the Father at Rest, though not asleep, a wide zodiac of communities of spiritual beings had to be organized into the various functions, like capacitors and switches, all dependent upon a materials science that can’t yet imagine the Being of Tin.

These sigils and symbols were/are evocations of the relevant spiritual entities, the sigils more positive in nature, are built of curves and circles, while the symbols are more negative, straight lines and limitations.

If unconscious magical/mystical skills created the modern electrified world, what might conscious magical/mystical skills accomplish in the Next Nows?

If we generate a civilization that honors the interior nature of the Whole of the Creation, will we gain exactly how to heal many wounds, including the debris of atomic and chemical machines of death. In Faerie, among the Fae, the real alchemists wait. Their secrets can only appear as gifts, evolved in authentic and mutual courtship and love.

If we truly want a: magical and mystical dark-matter physics, in the Age of Technological Chaosthe path to that future is through the gateways of the past, the ancient earth religions remembered&honored.

In certain realms of Faerie, live the Gods we Now favor, previously mentioned. The Gods of the Ego, and the Gods of the Forge. We sing: i AM a maker too.

In the coming now-realms of reappearance of the Fae, and Faerie, knowledge magical and mystical is essential. The Mother decrees that individuals deserve a level playing field, for these new/forgotten gifts of the spirit.

All the same, while books such as this one have value, a far more important act is attending to our own adventures.


There will be Other-names (such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) in different regions of the Earth-Sphere, yet via the Christian-style metaphorical language so far evoked in this book, it is fair to say that the whole sequence of incarnations of our individual sparks in matter, numbering seventy times seven (there’s those pesky sevens again), taken together are the Holy Grail.

To make that journey more fun, apparently we don’t have to have our particular biographies in order of linear time. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures.

Psychic gifts – as in invisible arts-forgotten – are of the wild. She grants them. A woman’s intuition. A wondrous thought we receive while walking. The sense of “wrongness”, often not trusted – because our cultures lost the knowledge of how to “know” Faerie and the Fae. Deep knowledge is now returning everywhere, yet fully awake to the real value of the Ideal of Science, as a Way of Knowledge.

Be your own scientist of your own intuition. Follow it. There is magic everyday, everywhere. We’ve been taught to call this: it-is-what-it-is-magic – coincidences and random events. The ancients studied the organism of existence, and learned to read the comings and goings of fortune and failure in the stars. Acquire and read, Saint Germain’s “Practical Astrology”, the only text fully rooted in the ancient Egyptian system, which makes/discovers a unity of astrology, tarot, and numerology.

In point of fact, all human beings on the planet are on the form of Path-Way we call: shamanism. Paths of enlightenment and initiation are real, but only shamanism opens the heart’s mind to the secrets of the True Dark, the Heart of Faerie, Her.

Steiner spoke of the return of the Moon. Not bad poetic notation for the Age of Chaos we now enter, from which new civilizations will be born. Their main feature … the wild gifts of magic and mysticism. The return of knowing how to commune-with Nature, rather than seek dominion-over.

Each region of earth has spiritual significance. Stone remembers. When we stand in Awe of Stonehenge, and the Sphinx and the Pyramids, … in awe of medicine wheels, and ancient stone drawings and carvings everywhere/when … then we are at one with those Fae, whose religion is humanity.

A stone knows the real name is the being and the being is the name: Gravity, Breath, Light, Self.

In the handwriting on the wall – the what’s next over the event-horizon of Nows – is: social/political/economic/technological, and psychological, chaos. The warning is the current world-wide plague, and the endless and rising frequency of Rogue Weather.

The Pandemonium we are experiencing is Her, in Her Guise as Divine Providence, giving the whole world a time-out, to reflect.

Our artists are observant: the “Matrix” movies justly seen as a more than apt metaphor for our world. How about “Lost”? Or, “the Big Lebowski”. Super-Heroes and super-powered people, fighting a world of endless evils, death, and, corruption.

There be dreams of wild powers. A wish that dragons* be real, as is magic in the Game of Thrones. *[“Dragon Riders – the human being in maturity” ]

As shamans, we will find that we are often down in the dark of life. In the caves and water courses, of an underworld of inner and outer hungers and terrors, yet, … if we pause and take note, and also take a breath, arts magical can conquer any inner fault lines, … the ego can forge its own meaning of existence.

Consider the “prisoner”, especially given that there was one sage who suggested: “we are all doing time”. If we think about it.

Who is more in prison? Magic arts would be for the “prisoner” to understand the jailer’s dilemma, for the truth they both know is that the jailer is the true prisoner. Obsessed with control. Demanding. A guard-stone that may not disappear, given that it is the thought that counts, in the land of money talks.

“Be like a rock in a waterfall” said “Born in Tibet”.

All religions are real, even materialistic science. Yet, … there is always more to know, yes? Do we know everything? Which is larger, the golf ball of our own knowledge, or the Jupiter sized wisdom of what we don’t know? If we take something from the sphere of didn’t yet know, and move it into the realm of what we already thought we knew, isn’t it entirely possible we will change/adjust our past way of knowing, in favor of something obviously better. Or, pointedly, … are we ready to learn?

There is this secret, open, obvious, and not seen, … it is of a romance between the Idea of 1, the numeric symbol of unity and the en-soph, the zero, the numeric symbol of a power beyond human ken.

We have – over the course of the preceding marks of pen upon page – been introduced to Ideas as Beings, whose Home invites the return of the prodigal sons and daughters … grand themes for a magical time, … A surprising answer to the questions that gave us the Drake Equation, and the Fermi Paradox.

If the starry firmament is physical three-dimensional space, just as we experience in this tiny tiny Earth locus of a vastness almost incomprehensible … the Drake Equation posits that if all those lights are planets, suns, galaxies, and other wonders, … in all that “huge”, there must exist civilizations more advanced than are we. The Fermi Paradox agrees, yet … still, where are they, why haven’t they contacted us?

What if the starry firmament is not physical? Not three-dimensional. A real “shimmering”. I wrote one of those long, well footnoted, papers on these riddles: “The Misconception of Cosmic Space as Appears in the Ideas of Modern Astronomy.”

Folk who dream of going into “Outer Space”, seeking the intelligence and adventures there, will find the reality much closer, in the direct experience of seeking to commune-with Faerie and the Fae.

Science is not all wrong, just out of balance. Knowledge of the truth rests on the three legged stool: Science, Art, and, Religion. Reason, Imagination, Devotion. Truth, Beauty, Goodness.

While I have been trying to keep making sense, we both know little of what is said/written here should be taken on my word, alone, or otherwise. All the same, I have been thinking about this stuff for decades, and the links tell the story of many years of research. Each link a kind of complex footnote, themselves footnoted as well.

Want to know the stars? The kingdom of heaven is inside you. Inside/outside, a primal unity. Steiner believed that the split between thought and experience was due to the presence of the “I”. That “I” experience is everywhere. All that manifests contains this presence. Still, experience is The Mystery Unlimited, so a change of pace is now called forth:

Fresh karma is always stinky, too sweet, too sour, brimstone and rain for the sorrow. Fresh tears always — want to fix climate? … get along with each other better. Still, out of ashes, miracles. A night’s sleep. Indoor plumbing. A new sunrise. Even the company of birds, with spiders and moonlight on wishes becoming. Karma is not always “dark”.

Wild horses help armies, if asked rightly. We know governments and corporations (not much of distinction that) try to Use psychically gifted people. In the TV show: “Stranger Things”, children are abused to force enhanced powers. One of them, number 11, blows open a gate between Faerie and the “normal” world.

Gate? Hidden gate? The Veil. The Threshold. They called “it” the shimmering” in the movie Annihilation.

Every time an authentic crop circle has appeared, the Fae were dancing their joys and sorrows. Same with UFOs.

As the material world condensed into ever more complexity (see the table of elements), the resulting occupation of “nearly spaceless space”, reached a limit. The Father’s Life at stake, in a kind of Way.

Matter is His rest bed, having reached the limit of even the imaginations of the divine clowns, 42 Baker Street in La La Land, University of Sirius. The condensation process reached a limit as to the coherence needed to maintain order.

Matter spontaneously then began to fall apart, dancing alpha and beta Fae, caught in the act of swooning from exhaustion. This long-term living process (if we recall the fundamental law of unity), tending into the primal chaos decay of Matter, is an “effect” everywhere in the mineral realm of the planet.

Degenerating Matter. Uranium. Radium. Like Wily Coyote chasing the Road Runner, scientists try to use any possible available potential energy to make bombs and rockets.

Seems that if you gather enough of the uranium, where it was distributed but essentially inert, and then alchemically distill the powder, separating the brighter bits from the duller ones, wizards chasing wonders, recognizing that in this world knowledge becomes a weapon.

An atomic bomb blows a hole in the threshold between the material and non-material world, from one point of view. We take the most fully dense material, so dense it is falling apart, and concentrate it, with the last step, needing to achieve critical “mass”, involving a complicated shaped charge that would blow inward, and increase instantaneously the level of density in that point-center.

Just because we didn’t believe anymore, … the child still must play with the primordial clay on the way to learning to make something new.

Certain races of Fae, knowing holes were to be blown in the Veil, made ready. Some of these we might call masters of matter, via thought. The magical fact is that if one transverses from the non-material into the realm of the material, having a material body helps.

Among the UFO lore is a thought that there might be four primary races, among many minor ones. Recall the four elements, in the elemental kingdom, which is where “matter” appears, and is maintained by the littlest Fae: Fire Beings, Air Beings, Water Beings, Earth Beings?

Beings so real and intense in nature, that when we meet Their Guardians we become paralyzed with fear. One day, decades ago, while on LSD I evoked this Being, me being intoxicated, immature, and incautious: Aschmunadai.

As he came toward me out of the unknown, with sounds and roars and flashing lights, he grew larger and larger is size, and I ran away as fast as was possible. In Franz Bardon’s book: “The Practice of Magical Evocation”, this Being was described as: one of the original intelligences of the Zone girdling the Earth.

That book, in downloadable pdf form, can found on the Internet. Often for free. Also his other two books: “Initiation into Hermetics”, and “The Key to the True Quabbalah”.

More will be said in coming materials, which detail the Journey Into the Dark.

Often occult sources mislead – many fakiers, felt, yet unseen, as fiction meets this latent – and forgotten – Underworld, identifying it as a source of horrors. Monsters and fears appear. Young people running scared, getting to know each other, fighting and winning against the dark.

From H. P. Lovecraft to Stephen King, battles against the unknown dark are common. Not always do heroes survive. Harry Potter takes the whole magic tale to new heights and depths. Game of Thrones gives us dragon riders and madness.

From what dark source these stories? What kind of mind “sees” this Way? Artistic jedi-speak gives us: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”. “Reach out with your feelings Luke”. Sometimes “Staying Alive”, dancing, is the best we can do.

Carl Sagan was worried about a Demon Haunted World. He observed the swerve of the New Age folk toward magic, mysticism, and the return of the Goddess Religions. Wicca work is everywhere today, and not so much a joke as it used to be.

Yet, Sagan was right to worry that “beliefs”, of this kind, might drown the scientific light that was shinning into the world. If we see his worry as a prayer, we can say: You have been answered. Both the science of knowing – the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner, and the Goethean Science of his many gifted students, as well as the Hermetic Science of Franz Bardon, … all are firmly organized around the ideals of scientific inquiry.

It is safe to say today, that sciences of the spirit (of which this work is a sample) exist, … these sciences take scientific materialism and add in “spirit” through philosophical and scientific rigor. Dare we think/imagine, that the Son lives even now in the World of Thought, where the search for truth, beauty, and goodness is rewarded, allowing the healing of the disunity of science and religion, on a bridge between the two – built with art?

Next, … real “demons”: Corporations are people? A “plan”demic?

Linear years ago, there came to be “stock” companies. If one wanted to adventure a ship searching for wealth, a company could be formed, and shares sold to investors, all understanding the risk that the ship, and cargo, and crew, could be lost at sea.

A lot of money was lost, or – since a lot of money was gained – lets say money “shifted” its locus of control. Moving money, lending money, borrowing money, generated the institution: a bank. Which/Who made money by managing certain necessary aspects of the circulation of money. Money about to be put today entirely at the whim of ones and zeros.

Banks also became stock companies. Meanwhile, the wealth and power formerly dominated by aristocrats of blood, and their wanton appetites, … that too began to shift its locus, or center.

As kings and queens became weaker and weaker, minor lords and common people acquired then greater power, and seekers after wealth found it prudent to – as much as possible – “manage” the legislative (law-Making) process.

In their own self-interest, holders of the necessary investment contracts, and executives and board members of stock companies, began to try to get the legislative process to free them from legal responsibility for their decisions.

Money talked. The corporation now became a complex legal wall between stock holders, executives, and board members. For the most part, … if a corporation committed crimes, those who made the decisions were often safe. In fact, their primary legal duty was to benefit the share holder, and unpleasant consequences to workers, consumers, and the environment, were acceptable ways to “make” money.

In fact, company officers were subject to suits, if the case could be made that these folks had not done their due-diligence of maximizing profits.

As these companies grew larger, mostly by eating others, there came to be a kind of jungle of individual corporation-cultures, a Way of Doing Business, that was unique to each organization. Not all banks are the same. Nor are all pharmaceutical businesses, either.

Those employees who grow in value to such cultures often do that at the loss of conscience. Empathy for the workers or consumers, or worries about pollution and side-effects, are not in the business “model”. If it was “legal” was the only question. Not whether it was, or was not, moral.

Of course, the religion of unnatural science made such harms easier to accept, by failing to include the qualitative sciences with the quantitative, arriving at the Enchantment that “nature” was without being and intelligence.

From the stand point of Faerie, and the knowledgeable Fae, this “culture” became a kind of artificial spiritual being, generated by the combined love for and acceptance of it – the company, on one hand, and the social forces that sought to drive the moral out of the workers, lie to the consumers, and by-pass as many legal restraints as possible.

The sages, of the middle Ages, called such a created “creature” an egragore. Most people have little (as to scale, not effect) ones, such as drug and alcohol addictions. For large institutions these creatures of shadow were likened to the human double … a complicated field of spiritual understanding, see: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”

Here’s The Question, which will generate fresh wine for new skins … in the law: If a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law.

I have a law firm dedicated to this task, which involves the creation of an annual spiritual Rite, where on each Earth Day environmental lawsuits are filed, with that question as the core “idea”. The point of this action is to publicize the question, so that the real nature of this Mystery appears where it most belongs: in the Court of Public Opinion. A shot across the bow, of the dangerous consequences of a spirit-less science.

Beware the corporation-ruled news: They are a circus, a show, a mind-link to disasters, mazes, and labyrinth dancing … karma in action and then what?

So much awful, all over the world. Why does the Mystery allow the rape and sale of children, for example? Millions of fathers, tho’ mostly mothers, are fleeing where they have been living … running away from the horrors inflicted by terrorists, or drug lords, or dictators, or soulless corporations – in some places little villages are caught between the appetites of all four “demons”.

As part of my “education” as a shaman, I was in meditative prayer one morning, and the subject of my own flaws presented itself. Knot-knowledge of the own dark, if resisted, can manifest as depression. Luke, in Star Wars V, in the underground trial among caves and roots, meets Darth Vader, knocks him to the ground, … the mask comes off, and Luke is staring his own face.

In Star Wars VIII, Rey falls into water (the symbol of primal feeling), rises into a cave, discovering a double mirror-reflection, going off into infinity in two directions, however she turns. “Familiar Spirits, and the Education of a Shaman”

On this/that morning of meditative prayer – for me – a look hard. If I weighed myself by my conscience, I had been on many occasions quite wanting. By grace, though, not perfect yet.* Still, that door once open revealed the Idea that “They” knew all. Nothing about me was hidden to Their Sphinx-like contemplations, Who loved all of us the same.
*[“The Zen Potter”: ]

That Idea grew quickly into the form that all of the crap humanity does to itself was Known to Them – intimately. The pain of the perpetrator was as in need of nurturing as is the suffering of the victim. I was awed with this Idea that They knew and felt and forgave all, and yet what magic could be done with the what has been done, my heart asked … “what do You Do with our dark deeds?”

She said: “We Turn it into Love”.

Said. Words. Presence. “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me … Speaking words of wisdom, let it be … And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”.

Intoxicated poets are touched by Fae spirits all the time. The heart’s mind knows mystery, and trial. The flash flood of words, and sounds, … inspiration is a gate not easily closed.

Everyone gets “touched” in invisible places. Quiet sitting helps. One breath at a time. “Let it be”. A few friends, some sticks and cans, a good beat – served with fine rhymes.

It took me about fourteen years to see just how They did that, in practice, in the social-political world. As part of my studies of the Now, noted above, I began to see that the fundamental act goes like this: Event (deeds that miss the mark*) is followed by Aftermath. The place remembers the balance, and the balance remembers the place … ceremony … right in front of us.

*[The word “sin”, as used in the Gospels, is not an accurate translation of the actual Greek word, which is a term from archery, meaning: “miss the mark”]

An Event, such as a flood, displaces people, and breaks the habits of their lives. In the Aftermath, folk gather in high school gyms, growing relationships serving both those needing help, and those providing help. The presence of the Kindness of Strangers is from deeds in an individual’s heart’s mind. To accept and be grateful makes it a Eucharist, free of theology, yet filled with love.

Once we return to our understanding, that Divine Providence is a Living Mystery, we see then that the horrible disaster is healed. The dead are met at the Gate, by Him/Her, and Friends, while the living study the nature of need.

When Covid roared itself into the World, I now knew how to see Their Works of turning the anguish, from what misses the mark, into a work of art, literally unimaginable. We can’t picture it. The seeing is the same organ that makes the choice of the heart’s mind. Not a picture, a feeling.

Metaphorically imagine a large table, oddly shaped, almost like one of those maps where the sphere of the world is spread out onto a flat plane-like surface. The table is covered with riches, although not well shared. Tiny little sparks dance everywhere, living Life.

Part of that Life is how we understand the world, particularly in this age of great changes, that mark the beginning of the third millennium, or the first thousands of days of a new long count, or the end of the fourth world and the beginning of the fifth …

Then They, the Mystery of father, son, and holy ghost in plain sight, pulls the table cloth of scientific materialism out from under everything, like a stage magician, yet on a scale only Gods&Goddesses can carry out.

Yet, not quite. We are here not taking matter based science down … we are simply finishing its work, by growing/adding an additional dimension. See V. Bott’s: “Anthroposophical Medicine: an extension of the arts of healing”.

Scientific materialism, in that it infects our ideas of life, and death, and health, and illness, lacks understanding, because it doesn’t know how to properly name, and or measure, such qualities of existence as: stress, sensitivity, the true state of the infamous “immune system”, or the “will to live”.

Of these riddles there is no escape, yet never give up, never surrender … or not … words are colors for the imagination, in verse – – – …

Art requires sentences-poetic = art/imagination. Physics requires meaning-exact = science/reason. The heart holds out for wonders = religion/devotion

If we turn conventional meaning-reality inside out, we change the world. The cause-spiritual, in this sense, is the own “I”. We are makers of the meaning of our personal travels in life. We often can’t make something happen, or unmake that they happened. Today’s ironic view of the spirit of our time*, is this: It is what it is. *[In the ‘50’s, this zeitgeist was captured by Alfred E. Neuman’s “What, me worry”. In the ‘70’s, for a time, the zeitgeist was expressed by Zippy the Pinhead’s: “Are we having fun yet?”]

If spirit is in anywhere, it is in everywhere & every-when. My daughter Doren is writing about a “sprite” that time-jumps back and forth between lives. Just where do we go, when we “sleep”, and/or “dream”?

Just as materialism is a state of general consciousness, spirit is also a state of consciousness. This is not about changing reality, but discovering the true names of our experience. This act of naming being a sign of our divinity.

We are technically free to steal any other artists works of art, and self-medicate to our hearts content, with some great sex thrown in. Sometimes it is not so much the deed itself, but the consequences that is the problem. Each of us are survivors, with the power to let go materialism, and begin to look at, and through, the ground under our feet.

What is stuff? Any reason to believe the materialists know? a gospel of organic chemistry: “The Nature of Substance”, by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. How does stuff work? Again, any reason? a gospel of physics: “Man or Matter”, by Ernst Lehrs. Barfield’s “Poetic Diction”, a gospel of the Imagination. MacCoun’s previously mentioned: “On Becoming an Alchemist”, a gospel of soul. My “The Way of the Fool”, a gospel of the Second Coming, as well as: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, a gospel of social/political life. Grohmann’s two volume, “The Plant”, a gospel of the green world. Tom Cowan’s four volume works on medicine: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”; Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood illnesses”; “Cancer and a New Biology of Water”; as well as the most recent: “The Contagion Myth” – a much needed gospel of the problems of illness and health. “Sensitive Chaos”, by Schwenk, a gospel of living movement, generated from chaos in water and air. Steiner’s “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, a gospel of knowing. Shad’s “Man and Mammals” a gospel of a biology of form.

These are just of few of modern books that have taken materialistic thinking, and woven into those Ideas, the obvious reality of spirit. As to the use of the term Gospel, … imagine that in thinking, we can engage in sacramental acts, such that we are not alone, and the Christ-maker is present in the thought/ethereal world to help guide us to the needed truths.

If you feel inclined to argue, getting to know the above works is a prerequisite to taking the Mystery of spirit and matter seriously

Meanwhile, what does all this human life-pain, and awful, and terrible, MEAN?!?!?

It is up to us individually to grow – those flowers of thought which we wish – in the garden of our own heart’s mind.

If you have trouble believing, in having hope, again watch some TikTok.

There exists a kind of world-wide language. Free of restraints due to local conditions. While attempts have, and are, … being made to take down such world consciousness connectivity as the Internet, where The Father at Rest, can be sought … nothing can be truly disconnected, least of all … us from us.

In the field of the culture of it-is-what-it-is, we have glorious artistic contributions to the “collective” imagination. There has been painted, Star Trek, and Star Wars, the latter bringing to us the Idea of the Force of Life. Movies, are based on the perception of archetypes. With subsidiary mystical asides like Arrival, Annihilation, and company. Even Disney, with its films Frozen One and Two, found time to speak of the four elements, as well as the causal fifth.

These arts are rich in metaphors, and … even better, riddles. Especially for those who have begun to understand what is being said here.

An aspect of reality is “metaphorical”, in the sense that there is a place were reality lives in symbols and signs. Tradition calls it the astral world. The above films, along with others, are obviously rich with social commentary. Via these visual arts, the world talks to itself. A teenage acquaintance recently got me hooked on some Korean television.

Still, the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, as rediscovered by Jung and such, remain remnants of much older wisdoms. Wonderfully, the more modern Collective Imagination, in film and television, had pushed “correctness”, and “appropriate” aside, riding in on arts even more dangerously real. Copious amounts of blood, more obscene than all that bad porn that is out there.

We are raising rather weird/strange/odd children, and from my vista in the caves filled with moonlight, these are very mystical times. Keep in the mind that the Idea of karma and reincarnation, implies that we descend into life with purpose. These remarkable young people came down in these Nows, because they have the strength and character to weather and master the coming social madness. Remarkable wishes for wild powers, by unusual people. A “weirding way” is pointed toward, by Frank Herbert’s “Dune”.

Heard a story once, about a guy who worked in the bowels of the University of California at Berkeley. Cleaned glassware. Handled potent garbage. Tunnels everywhere in between labs and buildings. Lights lighting the way. When this guy walked down the halls, the lights will flicker out when he passed, coming back on when he was farther away.

What is a “glitch”, in technological terms? What happens when billions of human beings get very tired of the “way things are done”? In the wonderful “the Expanse”, we are taught about the Idea of the “churn”. The clashing of appetites and needs, constantly turning over social order, however hard the owners and bankers and politicians resist accepting the fact that revolution is the new now.

Divinity is Everywhere-when. We are not accidental animals in an uncaring Cosmos.

Among the Fae, somewhat akin to TV’s “Sons of Anarchy”, is this voluntary collective: sons and daughters of irony. The following was heard at one of their meetings:

“In the long long ago when before, might have been, the world was undifferentiated warmth, weightless, endless co-being. Then some idiot decided to go on strike. In the very center of the seething dancing mass, he stopped moving in time to the currents, and the resulting musical harmonies were radiated into becoming self-organizing notes. Some of the wise thought of this fool as a God, and gave Him the favored honorific: Son.

“All the same, nothing ever loses its connection to the fundamental unity, and each individual note was always also of the Whole, including the very creative idiot that choose to go against the aging and boring patterns ,,, “

In the Age of the Gods of the Ego (individualization), and the magicians of the Forge (making matter follow our lead), the memories of Saturn haunt our dreams …

Cleave the idiot said, hold each other in the shared warmth of the night, and remember who and what we always have been … even if it seems we are alone, the air we breathe, and growing garden of invisible friends is all the company we need …

Thoughts-spiritual are available, in moments of inner quiet. The Maker made it simple: Judge Not, Pray in Secret, and Ask, Seek, and Knock. The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You.

Sometimes there is a collision between one style of thinking, and another. Observe, for a moment, this following described style, which is essentially derivative and secondary in its nature..

We read text, and from that text “make” concepts about what the generator of the text meant … concepts that could be wrong in two ways.

One way is where we have not understood what the originator of the words spoken or written meant, such that the developed frame of reference is defective by our limits.

Another way is where the sources we read were themselves in error. If both conditions are present, the matter is even less reliable as “knowledge”.

Another style, actually urged by Steiner, is to go directly to the experience of the percept – the perception, and let that experience generate the concept. This experience is not derivative, but can be flawed if our practice in this phenomenological art is “weak”. The Sense-World as Speech. How hard do we listen.

When a writer/thinker mixes the derivative with the directly readable/perceptual, even if they are just high level abstractions (Ideas are perceptual, with care). the conceptual scaffolding can overwhelm the actual Idea-sculpture, which wants to emerge.

If there is a secret to the “churn”, in our own mind, it is this: intoxicants are not always undesirable. Why do you think the Mother made all these medicines. Take a load off. Share the gifts, dancing and writing insane poetry. Forget. Thoughts should die, and we need to learn not to cling to them.

Is who you are – to yourself – dependent on what you imagine others think of you?

Two mirrors, endlessly facing each “other”.

Consider this: “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

From where comes “light”? What is dark? What are dark forces, or dark matter?

The Word was the Speech of the Naming, from the Maker. It is a Living – Making, this Son … dance partner to the Living Making of the Mother principle.

He, of the “I and the Father are One”; and, “No one gets to the Father except by me”.

She, of the Many, the all surround everywhere/when. Our solar system dances to the music of Her Spheres.

He Unity, She Every-part … a together mystery, not either/or … rather: both/and

Gravity is Her. She is point-centered. All physical objects have the quality we call a center of mass. If we shake the rug of the other ideas, the reason physics can’t find the “god” particle, something imagined to be necessary because we notice a phenomena – we name the “mass” – which is measured, and therefore must exist. But we can’t see it, … we can’t see that “part”, because the effect is of the Whole, the living pulsing Field of Life Existing.

One of the better ideas of physics is the idea of a “field”. Play with some magnets, and you can feel a field. Advance our physical sciences enough, and we can imagine making a measurable invisible “force” field, … for an all-surround your spaceship.

Meanwhile, the Planet, playfully without effort, manages to offhandedly make a really excellent deflector shield. Only the right amounts – of the powers radiating inward, from sphere of the whole of the cosmos we call the stars – penetrate Her living/loving governance.

As She is Center, He is Periphery. An aspect of His Being is the Field of Life, which can seem centered in the Sun. All the same, following the “order” of the Father at Rest, the living unified field of “Life”(breath) begats* Light. In it was Life and the Life was the Light of the World.

*[See George Adams: “Space and the Light of Creation”]

We might try to imagine that the underlying electromagnetic field, which is measurable everywhere, retains its unity nature, being The Father at Rest. Taking a Nap. We might not want to wake the Maker of Makers up.

These spiritual “fields”, of the Unified Field Theory riddle, have that illusive inside/outside conception. It is not easy to imagine inwardness to all the we experience, … an inwardness which is an analogue of our own sentient self-awareness. Still, one – inside and outside. Observe the Speech of Nature through the Senses, and the Speech of Thought, through the own heart’s mind.

Lie on the grass, in a cool afternoon. Breath. Look. Someones are really there, looking down from the heavens, and – as well – up from the caves and dark places. There is no lack of unity, except in our mind via the Ahrimanic Enchantment.

The truth is out there. Believe.

Mother Nature keeps busy anyway, the knocking down, sweeping aside, rearranging, breaking the levies to get the needed nutrients to the right places, given that materialism is practiced dominion-over and disharmony on purpose. Event&Aftermath.

At the end of the original twenty film Marvel Avengers series, the heroes get to face a power, whose name is much like the Greek God of Death, that takes us gently and without pain: Thanos. The movie god-imagined is possessed* of the idea that suffering in the universe would be reduced if fully one-half of all sentient life was to disappear, which the film visually realized as us becoming dust, quietly, yet knowing this is the end. *[“One must be able to confront an idea, and experience it, otherwise we will fall into its bondage” RS, The Philosophy of Freedom.]

There are human beings of that spirit … who believe a lot of our earthly problems are solved if there are less people, a lot less people.

Certain additional elements in this Marvel-song – a chorus of many countless and unrecognized comic-book artists – included the Idea of “six infinity stones”. They are given names, and don’t we just love names:

The names of the Stones, and their place of momentary rest: Space/Thor, Reality/Collector, Power/Xandar, Time/Dr. Strange, Mind/Vision, and, Soul/Gramora. Always mysteries behind mysteries. Is a life of quest a natural state of Being Human?

The Infinity Stones, alone, without the Archetypes: Space. Reality. Power. Time. Mind. Soul. A six … parts also a whole, to wonder – again – seven.

Should we ask the Fae about the “musical idea” of Six Infinity Stones*, we then are encouraged to find out these are related to Seven Intervals, born from Eight Notes. Do we have an instrument for weaving Intervals into Song? How many strings does the usual guitar have?

Aboriginal Drum Circles. Salsa Dancing. Jazz. Hip Hop. Rock ‘n Roll. European Classical&Opera. Reggae. Singing in the shower. Dancing like no one can see your … If not in the physical, at least in the heart’s mind.

“What if God was One of Us?”

What if God was/is All of Us? We Are Groot.

One of the greatest film series is the movies about Godzilla. Over fifty to date. Born out of Japanese culture concerns, having been the recipient of two atom bombs, Godzilla is a Fae creature of immense size. The just progeny of our all too human hungers for power.

In the beginning, men in plastic/rubber suits, one of them seriously reptilian, duke it out in the middle of card-board models of downtown Tokyo. Mostly Japanese directors and actors. In our present moment (as of this writing) the franchise has huge computer generated image budgets, highly paid actors, big advertising campaigns, which tend to make a lot of money.

The tale has evolved. The number of “monsters” has exploded, many literally.

The latest involves an apparent conflict between two such screen giants: Godzilla, and King Kong. A reptile and an ape. How it turns out, I shall not divulge. In passing we can note that a couple of films ago, the Greek word “Titans”, showed up, describing Godzilla’s opponents.

That, and the co-idea that these stories are about “apex predators”, who while powerful, can be allies. Still, if we let Godzilla be Godzilla, he takes care of the bad guys.

Frequently, over the course of all the films, there has been a child, whose innocence affects Godzilla, and they can even “touch”. The movie just before Godzilla vs. King Kong, was called: Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

In that film Godzilla battled a lot of Titans. These battles invariably had to take place where masses of folks are in danger of being killed, which does happen. There are human heroes, who survive, … barely.

One creature, from the lore of Godzilla, is Mothra (a feminine spirit in the body of a huge furry butterfly), who helps Him in King of Monsters.

Films are stories. Story tellers with remarkable gifts. They set up conflict, and resolve it. The basic good and evil people are around. Bad people wanted to use the Titans etc. for their own purposes.

We do exist in a time of Titans. Inhuman powers, parasites and destroyers, the egregorial demonic Multinational Corporation. Each of them driving to become one, or perhaps the single one … apex predator.

It can seem as if humanity is powerless, except in this/our Tale too, there is a God-zilla, dancing with Mothra … aka: the mystery of the mother and the son.

To the rich materialists, the truth is a problem. The Mystery is Real. So they want to brand religion as a monster, because they fear it. For similar reasons, the institutional religions – in the sense of their titan-like powers in the world – are fighting over (and blowing up) the middle-East, the cradle of Western Civilization … these will be defeated by a King, with the Help of His Mother, … a king whose power is the truth. A king that lives in every heart’s mind.

We breath thoughts in thinking, given that we are also a many, as is the whole of the thought world – all valid in their own nature, even the most terrible. Poetry, angry or otherwise. We have to master, for our own benefit, how to wisely release steam, yet sometimes a punch in the nose is needed to wake someone else up.

Our time … Real people. Real cities. Not actors and cardboard artistry. I am, we are: both Godzilla, and Mothra, in the micro world of our experience. Christ-love-light, with Mother-nurtured freedom.

The basic insight is: take care of the needs of the moment, that are within your reach, and leave the big picture, to the Big Picture folks. Trust yourself. They do. Faith means trusting Them back.

Oh, yes, … dark energy and dark matter? Him. The living invisible cosmic periphery, which creates space from Life, and then light.

We live poised between Him and Her, interpenetrating fields of levity and gravity. We also live in the fractal glory of one of the greatest adventures in centuries. We get to co-participate in the transformation of a remarkable – yet dying into its own new becoming – social-political structure.

We are the makers of the content of the meaning of existence. Your own imagination is the passport to a world filled with magical and mystical encounters, in the face of Titanic powers, raging through the world via our undisciplined appetites. We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Yes, there are demonic institutions, run by Titans of Industry, who are now faced with the existential drama of Gods&Goddesses, and the Afterlife being real.

The metaphor-astral presence of the Son-god-zilla is also known as the Lord, or – as I prefer, the Artist of Karma. To the ancients, there was deep wisdom in this: “as above, so below; and, as below, so above, … for the miracle of the one.”

We are the microcosm (small universe), an exact analogue of the macrocosm (great universe).

Earth is the center of meaning of the whole Cosmos. It is where the Cosmos journeys to evolve into unexpectedness. Each of us is a Temple for this Rite, and are personally responsible* for the “thoughts”, and we/I should be warned – as we are by dramatic art, … there will be consequences.

*[ What we call “mental” illness used to be known as a spiritual illness. Many of these folk are tortured by invisible powers, often because they have what some used to call: “the sight”. The normal veil/threshold/shimmering between the I and World, is weaker. Hallucinations are often real events, they are just not perceivable by scientific materialism. I wrote a long article: Healing the Insanity of Psychiatric Medicines and Practices. ]

Communion-With – or – Dominion-Over?

Each of us also has trouble with some of our thoughts. Just as we – ourselves – are dangerous thoughts of the divine mystery. Our freedom of choice is the Beast from the Abyss of the Unknown and Uncreated.

Our mind is an exact analogue of that mystical reality. Our thoughts are our progeny. We are father/mother/son makers of thoughts.

Just like we, in the Mind of God on occasion rebel, so our thoughts rebel. Inner conflict. Take a couple of deep breaths, stretch and dance a bit. They – Mother/Son – are with us/you … that close. Still some of our thoughts hide from their maker, just as do we. The Koran has a beautiful phrase: “the sneaking whisperer, from among the Djinn and mankind.”

Love is all we need. All along the watch tower …

a never-ending story … self written, directed, and acted, using the material found at hand, in order to make – of our personal life – art … and yes, coloring outside the lines is essential …

Imagine a drop of water in slow motion, falling and landing/making waves upon waves in the seas of change, rippling out from a Center. Now reverse the image, where the infinite periphery of waves collapses into a point, from which then rises as/the single drop flying upward and back into the Source … only to disappear from both time and space, … until inward bound once more … falling earthward from a heaven/sky full of individuals sparks of existence.

Supplemental Implications of the

Self-change of Personal World View proposed here

Sometimes we want, justly, to change the world. Who doesn’t want wealth and money and power and friendship and challenge and good drugs and no more war, or death or evil or meanness … an endless supply of wants, shared among over seven billion people. There’s that seven again.

In case the reader is struggling, … as the ancient Egyptians knew, “enumeration” (numbering) was a power. If we moderns are to invent a qualitative Way … then what?

Ursula K. LeGuin wrote a book: “The Dispossessed”. In it she imagines a mathematical physicist, who strives to unite into a Whole, a physics of the sequential, with a physics of the simultaneous. We are doing that here by noticing the qualitative value of such fundamental Ideas as unity and many. As well as the ideas of music, sequences of musical notation, joined vertically with chords, via “the ten forms of change”*.

*[For details, the novel: “The Memory of Whiteness: a scientific romance” by Kim Stanley Robinson, an elaborate imaginative incursion into the relationships between music and physics.

“A music leads the mind through the starry night, and the brain must expand to contain the flight, like a tree growing branches at the speed of light”

All of living Reality (i.e. the Whole Universe) is layered in tones. The word vibrations is too weak, too airy-fairy actually. Life as savage poetry comes closer, in a qualitative sense of values needed for individual survival.

The Mystery of of Source and Sink

In kinship with the Above, the Macrocosm, we – the microcosm – also have the qualities of the mother and the son. In seed form, blossoming new each life, sometimes sunflower, other times a faerie ring of toadstools. Sun light, and moon light. One and Many.

The snake eating its own tale, endlessly. Yet, each weaving/devouring new – never the same. Tortured by winds we cannot control, in both the outer and inner worlds. Still, storms pause, winds abate, and the sun, at least for a moment, shines into our hearts.

There are two books far more important than this one, and come free of charge. The book of our personal biography, and the book of our own soul/mind. Both are right in front of us. In the Now from which we cannot escape, which includes our many-selves, from whom we also cannot escape.

We are our own teacher. Other’s can inspire, but ultimately the content of the own mind is ours to cultivate, through our own thinking/refection. She and He, as Divine Providence, and the Artist of Karma, guide us, via unexpected events of fortune and failure. Life is a series of choices. Many not easy at all. What is forged in these trials?

What we learn from these personal experiences is up to us. The hard part is to trust what comes to us out of the unforeseeable future.

Sometimes, with real cause, we War against the Now. So many jailers trying to imprison our spark. Harder to see, and therefore all the more important, is just what aspects of the prison characteristics of our life are ones for which we need to accept responsibility.

Life is our basic teacher. Secondarily ourselves, as we work out the riddles and surprises. The vehicle for that “working out” is our own mind. Our brain is not our mind: “I am not my brain, the map is not the territory”

“Sacramental Thinking”

Sometimes opportunity knocks and we refuse to see it. Mostly out of fear of change, and the momentum of habit. There is a movie called: Chac, which is instructive (the title is the name of Central American, Southern Mexico, rain God).

A village is suffering a severe drought. Their “shaman” drinks and eats a lot, but his prayers, masks, and rattle shaking, produce no rain. Desperate, the village fathers decide to go into the mountains nearby and consult with a powerful sorcerer* that lives there. *[ ]

He considers their concerns and takes several of them, including a boy who tries to tag along unnoticed, on a journey of a several days, seeking – the sorcerer says, the Mother of Waters.

At one point they spend the night by very a large lake, filled with fish, and its many shores and inlets dotted with reeds. At another moment, he leads the group in a perilous – up to your knees -walk across a river, just above its huge falls.

He has shown them places – with waters – to which to move the village, but the idea of doing that – of going to the water, rather than trying to force the water to come to them, – that idea does not arise. They have to see it without his prompting, but do not.

There is more to that story. For our purposes here, this idea: If something is wanting, maybe working at fixing it yourself might be better than tangling with a sorcerer, and the unexpected consequences of that.

The rule of Providence is this: If you really need something, its right there in front of you, … only unseen because you expect it to be packaged in a particular way, and don’t notice the actual wrapping. Can be a needed object, a needed friend, a needed book, a needed job.

Future health for all relies on leaving the overgrown cities, back to the farms, and thence, once more, into the wild places. Walk Your Way. [ Nomadland ]

As to the Fae and Faerie … we have a want to see. Magical creatures out of ancient lore. How do we solve the riddle of knowing, without seeing? Is seeing needed to believe?

Just consider the Way we now believe in the age of unnatural science. Science is at war with religion, as well. Both religion and science believe in a lot of stuff they have never seen, except by acts of the mind. In fanciful quantum multi-verse how many times does God have to let Their-selves be crucified, before we will accept the glory of “This” existence itself.

Strange that, … the places we want to go so as to get away from where and when we already are. Sometimes folk choose madness, or suicide, their life too painful.

How much do we think we know, because we have been told this or that is the truth. In scientific materialism we swim in a sea of potential. Matter is real, in fact matter is more than Real, when you open your heart to Its Spirit.

It matters to me, for Matter to be, and that I, to Matter, do matter.

Matter is a manifestation of the Great Mind at Rest. The “aftermath” is up to us.

When I look future-ward these days, I see increasing chaos, infrastructure collapse, and selfish and craven folk making it hard for the 99.999 %.

A world-wide cultural revolution enables us to out-think the demonic. We do it together. We become a source of seeing the world, recognizing that our choices have real meaning. We need more parties, and less protests. More risk taking in getting to know those – who were once named enemy – as just another human being.

People need to be able to move from dangerous places. Raising children requires this. Financial and political powers divide the plenty of the Earth into regions with borders. The same way a flood breaks levees, waves of people needing to move will break borders.

Social forces of order will try to inhibit the already present and increasing social chaos. China, for example, took a big risk quick-developing as an effectively capitalistic State, … now their leaders want to increase control, when wisdom favors going with the flow of increasing dis-order&dis-ease.

The spark of spirit will not cooperate. Truths, such as live in this little booklet, defy borders as well.

Ancient Lore has it that a once great civilization, Atlantis, became ruled by evil two-hearted leaders*.

The Mother and the Son have no qualms about sweeping the sphere of life clean of illness producing activities. There are limits, and She keeps telling us this. This is being written when the Western United States of America is undergoing the highest temperatures, and worst fires, ever – in June and July of 2021.

*[ “From the Beginning of Life to the Day of Purification”: (some of the) Teachings, History & Prophecies of the Hopi People “The Mystery of the True White Brother”]

According to John the Baptist, the One coming after him, will baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath. Our time is what that looks like. The Fire is the circumstances of outer life, and Holy Breath is the circumstances of inner life. Two books, that could not be more personal.

When Atlantis fell, there were two great migrations. One to the East, and into Europe and then Asia, and other to the West, and into the Americas. The Flood some folk called it.

There was also a less visible left-behind effect. Many of the Atlaneans were sea faring folks, both seas of waters, and seas of air. A few modern archaeologists have discovered that all over the world, in places far far removed from each other, there appeared in many places similar symbols. What connected these widely separated peoples?

If modern leaders could be counted upon to act sanely, this transformation through chaos might be done with little pain. All the same, habits die hard, so the Fire and Holy Breath will not – in the beginning – produce order.

In the Dreaming, I encounter. Of Atlantis I have been taught this: there were actually three groups, which are also two. Very specific leaders led folk all the way across Europe, into Asia, near the Gobi Desert. Other leaders, led folks into the Americas. One group East, the other West.

Both of these migrations involved leaders/priests that understood the importance of geography, in a spiritual sense. Names too can be important, as we’ve observed. I like these words/name, for those who migrate and settle: Earth Rangers.

They care for the Spirit of Place, and the Harmony of Community.

There are also the Travelers. These folk visit one or another of the various communities of Earth Rangers, and spread the stories of each to the others. A weaving of parts into wholes.

Right now, in the whole world, the cities are failing. We used to live closer to the land, more at one with “it” than can be imagined by those today, who in the city can easily find themselves cut off from the Earth, not yet consciously knowing their sorrow or anguish. Orphaned, having to work to get money to buy food in order to live and have life … in a world of plenty.

The modern Earth Ranger spirit is already present in all those places where people garden in cities. Our labor should be to make food, and serve the social needs of the whole. Instead we serve a social-machine, a demonic egregorial inhuman consciousness, … aka: the multinational corporation.

The School of Hard Knocks and Shared Pain does have rules. Doesn’t make any difference how much money, power, things, status, whatever … many Ego has wants that will never be satisfied. Yet, if we have sought some wisdom, the Mystery does not create an “anything/condition” Event, without daily life being a garden we can Aftermath-cultivate anyway.

The mainstream News can create a false picture of life on the earth. Wars, plague, dangerous drug lords and priests. On any given day, most of the seven billion were not traveling life at warp-speed. Even a refuge camp has routine. The body controlled, but not the heart’s mind.

All has purpose and use. The hard part is how much of our personal choices are we willing to recognize as a cause of our own suffering. What is the purpose or use of those choices, and appetites?

In the social it is ultimately ideas that count the most. The most powerful idea in the social is personal freedom, autonomy, and responsibility. At the same time, we live in the consequences of centuries of pursuing an understanding of reality, without any scientific concept of spirit.

This is the age of biology.* Our mechanical technologies can’t make the living, only the living can make more living. In one sense there exists a kind of war-like collision between the purely technical sciences, and the biological sciences.
*[Visit the Bioneers website: “Revolution from the Heart of Nature”]

Once we re-ensoul the world (it already has soul, we just have been given the right to choose when and where to come home) our whole outlook changes. This can be done one person at a time. When even the “tech” is respected for having “being”, we will learn to marry the science of matter, to the science of spirit, in the right way.

Take little steps … the world of the Real is not different, it just gets returned to a long forgotten meaning … magic and tech, biological and otherwise … life as a game of mystery unbound.

The biggest migrations, during the coming warming into Winter, will be from cities, out into the Land. Farms for some, the wilds for others.

She loves and trusts us, as does He. Will we love and trust Them?

Some basic goals

Find your tribe. You already might have one, and facing trials in community personifies: many hands make light work. Oh! Talk to the Little People. They are busy, and themselves well ordered, even the fire-folk. But wait, how do I see them?, a reader might ask.

By their effects. Dropping stuff that breaks, and consider the “sound” a scream of wonder. If you bang a door to hard, and the noise is loud? You wash your hands, and all water is living enchantment. Sing songs of praise when food dancing.

Pick up a made “thing”. Imagine its manifestation, through all the iterations of molding and organizing – making purpose, that mystic lamp again. Our minds impress the world, with ships and planes and factories and little stuff.

All the parts of modern tech come from earth elements, transformed. These are getting scarce. Be ready to live without the internet, yet at the same time find a way to save for posterity all humans have so far accomplished, playing in the fields of the Lord.

I dream of hand-cranked laptops. And DVD’s of all the culture, wisdom, knowledge, stupid, artistic, maddening, stuff of dancing ones and zeros, hard at play, being exchanged world wide so that all can know our Ways and Legends, and woes and worries.

What survives a dark age of collapse? Grit. Endurance. Friendship.

In Clint Eastwood’s film: Pale Rider, a girl, whose village and family are being terrorized by bullies, prays for aid. A Fae spectre appears, bringing rough justice. In Revelations, certainly an artistic warning of some weight, the pale rider – of the four horseman – is death.

Still, what cannot be killed: faith, hope, and, charity … are ours to give and receive in the Eucharist of Communion-With.

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