Electricity … a devotional and artistic representation

Electricity … a devotional and artistic representation

Scientific language has enabled poets to speak of the electricity and/or chemistry in male and female relationships. Non-binary folk aside, the idea of male and female has a longer history, one that goes all the way back to the Emerald Tablet. To the priests of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries (aka: magic), the human being was neither male or female in their essence, but rather a complex of often paradoxical polarities, which always reduce themselves to secondary unities.

There is no “good” only, without its conceptual partner “evil”. Good & Evil are what we face in this age of being human, that trial itself is a secondary unity that arises from the primary unity having engaged in a division process, which the ancients saw as One, that then begats the One (father) & the Many (mother), a paradoxical duality (seeming opposites), which appears to us as a secondary unity that Christian tradition calls: the Son.

The One (the Father) through division into Many (the Mother) never loses the unity nature, such that Christ sez: I and the Father are One, and no one gets to the Father except through me.

Electricity is itself only half of a unity. We have to see the unity in the paradoxical polarity of Electricity and Magnetism, which yet manifests in a secondary unity which we experience as conscious Reality (the Son). The human being lives in&of the Son. The divine nature of the Son, via the principle of the Many, is also then everywhere … In All our Relations.

Mixed into this artistic order&chaos, are powers. Powers (Father, Mother, Son) and Principalities (Lucifer, or too much selfish love – temptation, and Ahriman, too little empathic love – prosecution), another paradoxical polarity – we can’t have one without the other).

Goethe recognized that inside/beneath sensible reality there had to be an inviolable sub-strata of order, otherwise our material existence would not follow any laws at all, the chaos principle by itself would overwhelm everything. Natural science began to grasp/seek this “order”, for which they invented the euphemism “laws of nature”.

One fundamental law is what we today call electricity&magnetism. The principle of order (unity) does not drive out the principle of many (chaos).

In projective geometry we find an understanding of the paradoxical duality: heaven and earth (aka: levity and gravity), … e.g. periphery and point. Counter-space and Space. Invisible light-potential, and manifested dark-potential, for without dark there is no light. Producing then the secondary unity: “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

Over in the la la land of Steiner-said has come to exist considerable confusion. Steiner-said is a religion, not a science. Steiner “indicated” is a wonder, but there is no there there unless the individual human spirit/mind looks themselves at the phenomena, instead of lounging in a comfortable chair, reading.

Recent macro-social events (the pandemic pandemonium) have forced humanity to take a closer look at most of what it is that we think (as in believe) to be true. Among the imagined “causes” of this presumed world-wide contagious illness, is something called 5G..

In the book “the invisible rainbow”, we get a history of the “electrification” of our life sphere environment, where the picture is made that not only is a “virus” not the cause, but our relationship to electricity is dangerous, and in fact in the early days of the encounter with the mystery of electricity, our physicians observed these effects everywhere. Many people were sensitive to the electrical and magnetic fields to which they were being exposed, with many undesirable effects, including extreme tiredness and spontaneous bleeding. Not everyone was so affected, a significant phenomena in itself.

Above I added the word “field”. This is an important concept. If you take two magnets and lay them on your desk, you can feel the field as you either let them move toward each other, or away. Our hands will feel the invisible “force-field”. There is no visible there there, nor is there any “matter” there in the field.

What is this non-material “field”?

Some years ago I wrote an essay: “There is No Free Energy”, which was published in the Journal of Borderland Science, a venue were Tesla, Keely, and other non-mainstream thinkers were being studied. It is important to notice that this work continues, and is filled with the spirit of the Americas, a spirit which does not separate dark from light, but seeks to know the meaning of their integration.

In that essay I pointed to the idea that what we call “space” was created. This is covered in one of the major works of the Goethean scientist George Adams Kaufmann: “Space and the Light of Creation”, whose first of three chapters is called: Radiation of Space. Of course, in the la la land of Steiner-sez, no one reads this remarkable essay on mathematical-physics, published in that Steiner-indicated year for the return of Christ in the Ethereal, 1933.

What is then a matter-less “field”? Phenomenologically it is what it is, a place where space itself is expressing a different condition of existence. Faraday’s “imponderable substance”, as against the polarity: “ponderable substances”. No one questions the existence of the field, but at the same time modern science, with its materialist bent, doesn’t see this “field” for what it actually reveals.

Human existence takes place in a “rainbow” of imponderable fields, for example: “gravity”. Over in Goethean science we note the polar paradox of there also being a “levity” field.

Spiritual Science posits as a basic tenant that all of existence is filled with invisible beings, which Steiner labeled: “the spiritual world”. The spiritual and the material can’t be separated, but their normal relationship can be disturbed.

Gravity is the dynamic Love of the Mother. Levity is the dynamic Love of the Son, while electromagnetism is the dynamic love of the Father, who already being the primal unity, still manifests as a paradoxical polarity, in the process of being the sub-strata of order Goethe knew had to be there.

Keep in mind that we study electromagnetism as a “law” of nature, which lawfulness is the presence of the Father at Rest, after the Creation reached the stage (Saturn, Sun, Moon) Earth.

What happens when we use an unconscious set of magical truths, to take out of its proper place in the Creation, this force for order? What we got was a “power” in chains, albeit a sacrificial act as well, Father and Son being One.

We were meant to do this. This is no accident.

In the total Life Sphere of the Earth-existence, there then comes to be radiant conditions. Steiner can call this fallen light if he wishes, but the reality is that unfallen light and fallen light both remain in existence, there being no separation at this level of manifestation.

None the less, the Life Sphere is being overrun by what Steiner called death forces, which really just points to the fact that natural science took a path where it excluded the imponderable qualitative aspects of reality, in making up the false inner pictures into which Western Civilization has wandered.

Materialism removed consciousness as a potential property of matter, and by this error of thought, made understanding the truth of human existence impossible.

Let me add some additional vocabulary, from the ancient Egyptians and their science of magic.

The elements fire, air, water, and earth, are symbols for; will, intellect, feeling, and consciousness. There are two fundamental aspects to fire/will, transcendental and terrestrial. In the terrestrial fire/will we have to do with a process – which via densification – has produced material substance, and in the transcendental fire/will we have to do with imponderable/qualitative deeds that made this possible.

Electromagnetism is the balance of law (order) and chaos (growth) at a material level. The primary unity, becoming a paradoxical polarity, which can’t but become a secondary unity. When these powers are removed (via magical means) from their right place in the creation, illness will arise for the whole of the living (extreme tiredness and spontaneous bleeding).

To restore the balance, which has thus been lost, requires nothing less than more revelation than Steiner had provided. Thus, the paradox of the Aristotelians and the Platonists.

Steiner taught of the Son and the Father, and only hinted at the Mother. It is the revelations of the Mother, which can – being life “forces” – be the balance against the death “forces”. We can’t get rid of “death”, as long as we are incarnating in matter.

Within the developments of “scientific” terms, were many concepts regarding electricity that used such ideas as “current” and “flow”. This came about, because as Steiner warned, the crucial matter was the “conception” of these phenomena. Conceived of as parts of something flowing through wires, on the way to getting someplace, we mask the reality, which is that manifestation is of unities.

The electrical and magnetic field – altered nature of space – phenomena is not something abstract, but a consequence of the activity of invisible (imponderable) beings (forces). This terrestrial fire/will is One Thing, never parts. We have observed this quality in the experiments in physics where an effect on one particle instantaneously effects another. Objects in space may appear to occupy discrete placements, yet at the same time never loose their unitary nature.

We have taken the order principle, abstracted it in thought as well as physically; and finding there the at rest ordering power of the Father, terrestrial fire/will, we put this to work in our civilization. What the writer of “the invisible rainbow” calls electrical illnesses are the consequences of our arrogant ignorance, which by applying too much force-of-order overwhelms the life forces (extreme tiredness), and the spiritual “forces” (bleeding) in sensitive people

The counter to too much order is the application of chaos. The aggregate influences of the Holy Mother, which are appearing in our time socially, by wild (rogue) weather on the one hand, and vital social rebelliousness on the other, are the cure. We need to celebrate the help of the Mother, as She guides us through the waking up rite of passage, needed to replace scientific materialism, with devotion to what has created us, for which the terms random and chance are an abomination.

Everyone is the right person in the right place at the right time. Including terrestrial fire/will.

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