Victory at the Edges of Faerie

Modern humanity is clearly confused on multiple levels.  Or so it seems.   Most of us, meanwhile, believe we – ourselves – are sane.

The priests of un-natural science have wandered far from the truth, helped by their reliance on “mathematics” & “geometry” & “arithmetic”.  Numbers and their apparent purity and certainty.

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem knocks over the certainty part, by proving that any number “system” always begins with an unproven assumption or axiom.  Someone ran off a cliff into the open air …

Quantum “Mechanics” turns out to be a made up “place”.  Fact is there never is any probability of something happening.  There is always an empirical result, something happens.  But that imaginary world of “probability” is something we added, after running into the wall  of an inability of our “instruments” to measure and count the smallest bits of the Creation.

What is odd is that it works, these “quantum” calculations&dreams, especially when we try to wonder about such items as “light” energy or radiation.  Light is very strange, and a math is craved, and then served up, yet still in defiance of the knowledge of Godel’s Theorem.

Yet, is it possible that the “made up” place has a real, perhaps even surreal reality – that there is a “there” there?

Just because we thought it?

The fundamental missing piece for modern humanity is to remember the deepest past, in order to regain the needed way to face the tsunami of the coming future.

We live in a “created” world.  That this was not so has only been believed for the last three hundred years (early natural philosophers were out to find god).

We have a choice.  To re-ensoul the world by our own wills, or leave that prior relationship continue to perish.   By re-ensoul I mean the act of choosing to recognize that what I experience as an individual interior life, is something shared by All My Relations.

We are not alone, or un-cared for.

We are surrounded by consciousness and great wisdom.   There are no “things”, only living folk of remarkable kinds, a few less friendly than we might like.  Faerie has always been about the Dark&Wild.

A place where if you bring a hunger to Her, She will give you what you want.   Although, as time passes, the initial sweetness fades, … we can have too much  of a good thing.

The Sky bleeds torrents of rain, for sorrow fills the forgotten hearts who having set us free, must endure our worst self-born nightmares.

In the 1950’s, after the bombs had been dropped, and a hole ripped in forever, the “others” were now encased in matter, as are we … they left the upside-down and came here to spawn.

Magic is real, just another set of laws that live right along side the ones built on forgetting that from which we truly came.

Clouds dance, everyday, not always weeping, but the pain we can’t master they must turn to good.  Be glad for Clouds.

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