this is the first offering of a new news network, aka SIGN: Spiritually Intuitively Grounded News.

A most significant matter is the flooding in the heartland of America. This is, of course, a SIGN, but how to read it, that’s the trick is it not?

Clearly it is part of this dynamic: The Great Unsettling & the 3rd Millennium, otherwise known as the dying and becoming of Western Civilization.

All over the world folk are being displaced by events beyond their control. Some fleeing seems forced, while others try to choose where and when to go.

Everyone is experience life changing events. Not peace, but a sword during the purifying descent into anarchy. Everything happens for a reason, but to See we need to change the scale of our perspective.

From the point of view of the Mystery, what happens in any individual biography is the key. Love manifests in all lives, although during the Ahrimanic Enchantment …

(the forgetting of our spiritual nature that came when the human intellect, in its scientific pursuits, ended up dividing the world into parts, smaller and smaller parts, until the religion of Scientific Materialism [all is matter, there is no spirit] decided all we human beings are is meat, run by a randomly created living computer, and having no real Being)

… such that all that we feel and know is an illusion, is the scientific conclusion confusion. The East warned us that the sense world is not real, not of the essence, and Western science sees our inner life to be an illusion as well.

An Enchantment, remember that point.

The inner life activities of all human biographies – all thoughts and feelings, as well as impulses of the will – that invisible to the senses inwardness – that survives death, and the meaning of one’s owns existence is personal.

The Great Unsettling cuts our ties and habits, our personal ruts; and, if we die, She receives us (see the Pieta).

The majority, who live, become the receivers of this lesson: we need each other to survive. In the case of America (each catastrophic event has a geographical social-political effect), heartland Trump voters are in the same fix as the citified neo-socialist liberals. They are hanging out together in gyms, with no other place to go, sharing the same trial.

While the politicians divide us, the Mother shoves us together. What we do is still up to us, and apparently this is the whole point of modern existence.

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