SIGN “porn”

SIGN “porn”

Years ago – nearly 20 in fact – I was 60, and certain natural functions ceased. I was on high blood pressure medication. When I started to go bald in my early 30’s, I had decided to just accept it, and not let “that” be on my regular plate of worries. This latest sign of aging was approached in the same Way. What did it teach?

Around that time I had a wonderful, yet short, dalliance with a part-Mohawk shamaness. She explained to me that anglos (white folk) didn’t know a sane thing about sex. She shared with me personal stories about how her family (people) taught her to understand her own desires and the desires of a man. These desires were natural, never sinful, and what I needed to do was to accept my desires, and to not be Not-Okay about this core mystery of being a human being.

Being a writer eventually led to many explorations of the Way of Love the ancient Greeks named Eros, otherwise know as erotic&sensual love. Erotic is of the mind, and the sensual is of the body. One of my more recent explorations led to the writing of a poem about Lust, and that poem can be found here, along with accompanying commentary: “Sex, Porn, and the Return of the Divine Feminine”,porn.html

A few years earlier on, I made several videos for YouTube, on the subject of the redemption of Eros, under the title: Misery Loves Company: This being, for a philosopher/shaman, a complex topic, there are 34 just under ten minute videos. Watch one or two of them with a close friend, once in a while …

When I sat down to write about SIGN porn, I asked Alexa to shuffle my 110 favorite songs playlist, and that random generator popped up: “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”. Right now its playing Jeff Buckley’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s: “Hallelujah”

A lot of folk do not have pleasant sexual experiences. Yet, if we accept that most songs are love songs in one fashion or another, for many people there is something to be found in surrendering to the siren songs of erotic&sensual attraction. Its natural, and if you read Tom Cowan’s remarkable: Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, you will find an “alternative” medical landscape which includes recognizing the importance of sexual love for health.

This is a matter of being human that transcends our racial/political/irrational separation from other human beings. Love adventures transcend our differences. We all have that need/want.

Porn is just one manifestation of this basic human confusion. In corporate towers men and women compete, with one “sex” required to dress erotically, thus constantly generating desire. In the Hopi Prophecy for this “Day of Purification” is this bit (along with wars, storms, whatever Mother Nature has in store for us): “ … people will corrupt the good ways of life, bringing about the same life as that from which we fled in the underworld. The sacred body of the female will no longer be hidden, for the shield of protection will be uplifted, an act of temptation toward sexual license, which will also be enjoyed.”

As Western Civilization dies into its new becoming, social dissonance concerning how young men are raised as regards their sexuality is … fundamentally not sane. It would be too much to expect this failing social order to address such questions in any depth or wisdom. All the same …

Women have a power here. Recall I was taught to wake up by a shamaness. When I was later studying Eros, I ran into a remark (by a woman) who recognized that a special aspect of the erotic is that it be socially forbidden in some fashion or other.

In a certain sense #metoo has to morph into #ustoo. We are all in this together.

Whatever change, … will be introduced one encounter at a time, … we can’t resolve personal issues of this delicacy with a government program.

I don’t know if it is happening, but women need to discuss more than what screw-ups and pigs men can be. The more intimate question is the one most needed to be answered: how do I tell my lover to be what I need him/her to be? Scary worries always there, even in casual hookups.

Think of our cultural language here. How do we frame this in a healthy way? Who should led the re-framing?

Having been one, men/AS/boys are pretty much very screwed up by the time they begin to even date. They have all the wrong ideas, including how they conceive of themselves. This is true whatever the out of box, neither male or female, reality now emerging. Finding a life partner can be a maze of wrong turns, and many drop out of that struggle.

There is a virtue to living alone.

In either circumstance, one odd fact remains: erotic art has always been with us, and at one time was known to holy. Yet, here we are in a world in which an un-natural science tries to convince us we are just animals, born from random process out of pieces of dead matter, none of which has any consciousness … In the Beginning.

Maybe that bull-pucky is why our time is so out of touch with itself.

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