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We can, in America, use the term “oligarchy”, to make general reference to the tiny number of people who influence strongly how we live. Say, the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% . ..

Some year ago I read a book that spoke of about 500 families in America, that dominated our business and our political lives. Eisenhower spoke of the military-industrial complex, to which we 50 years later must add the intelligence businesses, the CIA and the NSA, remain unfettered by our elected officials, all of whom have secrets unregulated electronic surveillance can find.

In films and in books, we tend to see the idea of their being super-powerful groups, such as the Illuminati, or the Elders of Zion. Legends essentially.

In the psychological reality, of those with wealth and power, is a strong desire to dominate, not a strong desire to join a group with hierarchical structures. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, even Trump – are not joiners, but essentially competitors.

Trump’s election was full of chance events, that no one could have controlled or initiated. He thought he was going to lose, as did most of the world.

George Washington would have seen here the hand of what he called: Divine Providence, which modern abstract cause and effect scientific thinking sees as something random … something where unpredictable chance is operational.

Washington is right, by the way.

Those, who we might think of as members of the Oligarchy, are not unified except in their addiction to wealth and power, and a willingness to commit violence to maintain their status. They are only incidentally capable of collective action, and that is their major weakness.

The natural order of international (and economic) relationships has been broken by the Trumpster. The Oligarchies are just as out of sorts as are we.

Divine Providence sent a licensed trickster spirit (Coyote, Raven, Loki etc.) to create political chaos, which chaos is a precondition to actual change. Things falling apart gives to those of us at the economic bottom leverage we might otherwise not notice.

We are more motivated to act together than the rich and powerful, who vainly believe the myth science has been peddling: that there are no Gods&Goddesses out there, and that the way the world actually works involves survival of the fittest.

Meanwhile, during my lifetime, people have dropped some of the older ways we thought&spoke about events in our lives, by such words as fate&destiny, to instead ascribing to the unexpected events in life as if The Universe has purpose, and we can feel that directly our lives, both inwardly and outwardly.

It is sort of obvious when we look at our own biographies and recognize therein the influence of invisible guiding hands.

Trust the Future, said Rudolf Steiner. In self trust all virtues are comprehended (Emerson).

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