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Notes on 2020 election in America … what is it about?
The link below is to a recent opinion screed, in the New York Times, by Maureen Dowd. As expected (by many actually), the primary season of presidential politics finds the Democrats once again eating their young.

Republicans need do no opposition research until late in the cycle, because the Democrats will be dissecting each other with verve and creativity, finding dirt/failures/flaws in each other most of which are of no importance whatsoever.

“Pick me. I’m wonderful. Better than the others, who are basically wrong.”

Dowd is a fixture of “inside the beltway” Washington political culture. She is also an insider in both Parties, going to places and parties and meeting almost all the players.

Yes, her preference is for Democrats over Republicans, but still she is doyen of Washington liberal old guard. That’s what is dying, in both Parties – the Old Guard.

For those who might imagine that the 2020 election is a big deal, you are right, but for slightly wrong reasons.

We live in an Age where only the words “Tsunami of History” can describe the darkly lurking future. All the problems are endemic. Scarcities are inevitable. The rare will be fought over. Four Horseman Dancing.

We can’t stop it. We can only survive it. Civilizations have to die, before new culture can renew matters – a Phoenix out of the Ashes rite of passage.

Still … each of us has the maze/labyrinth of one day at a time. A repeating offense on our want for peace and rest. This last we will have to author out or ourselves.

How else does primeval fire – the dragons in us all – get to have a personal journey of self-discovery?

The Foundations of Existence are Spiritual. Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming. And we, … we are what we ourselves make of the bits and pieces of the Great Unsetting the Tsunami of History washes up on the shores of our own biography.

In America Party politics are falling apart, and this dangerous journey into social chaos needs (and actually has) personal folk taking care of their own business, while seeking/needing tea & sympathy for the particularly bad days.

Worried about Trump?

He is actually a crazy person, with an ego bigger than possible, a sure recipe for a personal fall from heights into obscurity. Every effort to appeal to the basest motives of his base, costs him votes elsewhere. He certainty wants to go out in blaze of glory, … the problem is that – as with Hillary – the Democrat establishment is so out of touch, it will shoot the truth in the foot, and leave us holding onto … what?

A nominated candidate who can’t win, because the establishment always takes the least risky roads. There would not be a US of A, if once in a while risky road were not taken, but caution rules elites, and the rest of us, …. make friends with your neighbors, and party as if the world would end tomorrow.

It just might.


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