Overcoming Rovism

A Nation in Need of Self-Healing.

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Social Transformation in the Light of Eros

Eros is used here to speak of erotic and sensual love, as a part of a Cross of Love, Eros being on the downward side of the vertical aspect of the Cross. We have lost an Eros-based relationship with Nature. To modern science a tree is a thing made of bits and pieces of this’s and that’s that are also things. We deny to the Natural World the rich interior life, that we have with each other, and which allows for thoughts, emotions, and impulses of the will, to arise in the invisible-within … Soul and Spirit to a wiser generation.

Our relationship with Nature requires an I and Thou approach, where we see Nature’s Truth, not just our own. Every”thing” is inter-connected, and filled with consciousness, whether we deny that or not. Our world is clothed in a Green World, that itself is bathed constantly with light. “In It – the Word – is Life, and the Life is the Light of the World”

Every”thing/being” feels (is conscious of) these embraces, of light, of wind and water, that is the basis of all life. There are no accidents, although the totality seems to be making new stuff up from day to day. The Wild is part of existence.

Our world of human-being folk seems determined to blow itself up. Remember that the Flood was everywhere in ancient times. Mother keeps a clean kitchen in which to perform Her daily Rites of creative Alchemy. She sends many signs and signals, from UFO’s to Crop Circles, topped off with Her rogue-weather – needed to clean up after us. Rivers are not to be tamed, and will run over our walls at Her Will.

Leave us now consider our way of life – the social and political life,

and how well those wild rituals, we call “elections”,

moves with the wisdom of the Heart.

Rovism is basically the one-sided fruit that comes from an intellect unbound by the heart. A lot of natural science finds its dreams there. It is a normal feature of being a human being. We required the intellect to awaken the scientific curiosity, a matter of no little consequence for the evolution of consciousness. The Whole of Our Time, in a Way, is a Rite of Passage for Humanity. Will we get our shit together, or not? The Hopi call this Age: the Day of Purification.

I get dreams in my soul, related to certain particular folk, one of which is/was/might have been: George Washington. I tried to write a poem as if I had been him. Its called: “the George Washington Blues’ http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/gwblues.html

People all over the world face a hard truth: “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you find you get what you need.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dfYcQ_r_x8

Most of us have a number of wishes, a lot connected to some version of: “What the fuck happened to my country!?!”. Not just America, by the way. There are aspects of life that are shared by many.

The main reason we feel this way is because some folks want us to feel this way. Politicians have nothing to say but: “the country is screwed, its the other guys fault, and I know just how to fix it”. Major media (for reasons of greed) loves to use Our Airwaves to sell us a similar narrative, by focusing on the sensational. “Breaking News” … what a joke.

Neither the politicians, or the main stream media – a collection of self-interested intellectual Orcs – all these folks bow to wealth and power – are paying mind to “We the Peoples” needs. They want theirs and the rest of us need to work, consume, and send our children off to wars.

A tragedy, perhaps … Consider that for most of human history there was this tendency to pyramidal (top-down) order. What is happening to us is nothing new. As White Rose sez, in the TV show Mr. Robot: “the only coin the rich and powerful value is violence”.

A lot of of lying surrounds us, seeking one principle effect: Nobody has the power (or even the right) to change this natural order of dominance. We win, you lose. Get used to it.

A lot of Artists see the situation differently. For example, in the film “a Bug’s Life, the bullies seem to run things, until people really get the lesson of: There are far far more of us than there are of Them. Still, the “more-of-us” also have to take risks ( … “if you try sometime” … ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvcVB6lcYkQ

I wrote some books on American politics and public life. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/citizenship-and-modern-politricks/

These attempted to simplify complexities with pithy sayings, just after the titles (in case you don’t want to read the book): 1) “why play by the rules when the game is already fixed” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/degeneration.html & 2) “a money debt owed bankers is merely a number …. while what lives in the hearts of a People is a spiritual currency of infinitely greater value” . http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Rebellion.html

It is possible to look at political events in America and feel horrified, and ashamed. Why ashamed?

The shame is a side-effect of the feeling of impotence. Such shame can take an even darker turn, into hate and violence. Our heart knows we could do more, but we are human, and really can only effect our personal labyrinth-maze-tree of personal life events, with all its branches, and hidden mysteries. If we’ve lived life even a little bit, we start to get it that the world is not a place for big wishes. Small wishes, sure. Be grateful for the little events of daily grace, and the constant unrecognized aid of elemental folks.

The elemental kingdom is invisible to us. For many a forgotten myth, whose truth most aboriginal religions knew well – through direct experience. Faerie anyone?

The ordinary American is the whole ground on which the English-American military-industrial-intelligence complex built its web of lies and control. For the alleged greater good – we are told, which very much tended to reward wealth and power with more wealth and power.

That “ground” of our daily lives is worn down, and getting restless. Think metaphorically/exactly of the huge root/systems underneath the forests and fields. The individual sovereign American is such a “Groot”, a kind of magical power, which can effect what is near at hand. The way this forest works, however, requires heroes and giants, and elfs and gnomes, all finding inter-connectivity in the shared dark. The “shared dark” he sez, the place in us that suffers in silence, and where dreams and wishes and hope are born. The world behind our eyes.

Think, for a moment, of the “first responder”, who at risk of life runs toward the danger, by their own choice. In our own personal lives, what calls for us to be able to respond? Truth to tell, we get to decide, and there is no Right Way, only the puzzle-riddle right in front of us. Our choice is asked for by the Mystery, a dilemma that only we can resolve – otherwise why would we be standing there.?

Discard the songs of politicians, rooted in their vanities and ambitions. Do you get up in the morning and take care of where your heart, and mind, and hands can reach? When you can. When you try.

Leave the big picture to the big picture folk, known in ancient times as Gods&Goddesses. We are co-artists in our own lives, and we too get to paint outside the lines.

… think globally, act locally, right? Just watch out for what goes around comes around.

Still, does a Nation or a People need love for just who and what they really are? Next, some ideas which appear in a book I wrote: “On the Nature of Public Life”. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/plife.html
Americans are becoming the People of Peoples. We are, due to this, the progeny of all other cultures. The world has “flows” of history, rivers of time&change – and what is worst of all (for some) a Divinely Created Way. America – as a People and a Nation, in this context, is a raging hormonal adolescent – having then no original culture (never happened on Mother Earth before – so this is a very big responsibility) and the best we can do is eat what is brought to our cultural shores.

Eat. Take in as nutrition. Metabolize. Use the collective energy to create what was never before.

The Mystery of the Americas are related to the Will. To elemental Fire. The wave of European Western Civilization crashed upon our shores, and gave up the ghost (literally), which still lingers when we do not understand musical culture. Old World has to die for New World to be born. Something that will take – at least – a millennium. How many different ways of dancing, intoxicated or not, take place in America, on any given Saturday Night?

But we are a bit too culturally schizophrenic in ourselves, yet. Not absorbing properly the Way of the Aboriginal Peoples already here, we instinctively (instead of consciously) try to remain tribal. Each identification we acquire, such as black, french, woman, and aged, requires we find others, for few of us alone survive long in life. The bed rock remains: all of us are individual human beings, living the tale of our own peculiar life.

All who come here are naturally value oriented, and due to strong differences we tend to group together and act like tribes. Being in a tribe is in the social/spiritual/geographical dna of the Americas. What we need is a Native American as president. Imagine that, to see how far we have yet to go.

People, during election cycles, end up with everyone fighting everyone else. Politicians seek to bring out the worst in us, and for their own benefit, as members of the tribe Rich&Powerful.

Rovism is about dividing us against each other, and in hiding the truth – relentlessly. For the Spirit here, which silently waits, wishes for us to make new tribes. Never before tribes.

The Forest of Humanity, in the Americas, has deep&dark roots. Not all of them are good, as evidenced by mothers fleeing. Still, there is the music. No one, not even the devil, can stop the music, the drumming and the dancing. In fact, that is the “where” in our own soul which knows something of the devil should live inside us as well. In point of spiritual fact, the Americas are where the Gates of Hades are remembered, not always fondly … just keep in mind that’s where the Son went on a Saturday, in between his dying and His resurrection.

Want to screw with Rovism. Have some parties and invite your strange-other neighbors. Only the sovereign American citizen can heal the divisions the dark has laid upon us like a curse. Throw a dance, do some drumming, break some bread together.

Face it folks – and this is true elsewhere – social healing is up to us. Understand spiritually the Whole (think globally), and be a first responder (act locally), healing what is seen as need. “See, do”*

*Pithy saying from an Angel, as reported on the original Ark, by Catherine MacCoun, the author of “On Becoming an Alchemist: a guide for the modern magician” (a book self-described by the author as a marriage of Christian and Tibetan Alchemy).

Keep in mind, however hard it is to take, Trump&Company are human beings, with their own destiny. About that I wrote this: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/why-the-trump-voter-is-the-single-most-crucial-political-phenomena-of-our-time/

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