Eros – fires of provocation and intoxication

Eros – fires of provocation and intoxication

The idea of there being a “new” masculinity, implies … implies what exactly? Are women dragging men – kicking and screaming – to keep up with their running ahead of us via their “new” femininity?

I’m using the “inity” way of looking at this – on purpose – to go from using a static noun/thing to something, that while still a noun can imply characteristics more like a verb. A quality on display? The word “display” needs to be handled with care as well.

Take the term: feminist, for example. A word that acquired so much confusion, there has come to seem to be several different types/classes/doctrines.

A wrestle over the meaning of terms has artistic value, in the rites of writing, unless one wants to reduce thought to bumper stickers and placards at rallies, for example: “women are assholes too”.

Next, after this writer’s contemplation of the meaning of terms – some explosive, let us take a careful look at the word: passion.

The ancient Egyptian priests knew that the human will was a manifestation of primeval elemental fire, the same fiery Will via/from which the whole of the Creation spawned itself into uncountable bits and pieces. A simple observation, each day teaches. During the Day, the Sign of One, wholeness. During the Night, the Sign of Many.

In their magic codes, which had become lost to us, there is expressed: the doctrine of the Elements, which the modern physicist considers nonsense. This ancient view was simply based on a caring and intimate Way of looking at what is right in front of us. I&Thou. We were part of a Whole. All that we are, all the Rest Shares, including an interior life invisible.

The element fire is sacred code for the force of will. The element water is code for the life of feeling. The element air is code for the order giving acts of the intellect, that reduce fire&water to form, through which then the manifested unity of all four becomes named: the element earth, or conscious experience.

The essence of the human being, in their science, was not sexual, for which “spirit” they would use the term: hermaphrodite. The fiery spirit of the human will was, in their time as well as ours, cursed to incarnate in bodies that were of a different nature than the essence of spirit&soul. Bodies of matter. Avatar bodies, in which the sexless fire-divine of the single human being, could play in the worlds generated by arts of immortals – elemental fires, producing – a not at all virtual – game of life. In this game you die, and the do-overs are only won through the afterlife hall of mirrors of how we lived our days, or so the ancient priests understood the matter.

A more modern priest/scientist of the spiritual – Rudolf Steiner – suggested that we alternate the sexuality of these avatar bodies, male in one incarnation, female in another. Reality has always been “what goes around comes around”, given that “vengeance is mine saith the Lord”, so as to help us think about whether or not we really want to be the judge and jury and executioner of another human being.

Meanwhile, down the hall, in 5B, those two elemental fires, one named Ted and the other Uncertain, have been screaming at each other again, throwing stones made of words.

Now we can consider further the examination of the nature of “passion”.

We are immortals. Born from immortals, nursed by immortals, we are on a phoenix grail mission, where fires are from the “In the Beginning …, followed with the waters of life, in the Father’s school of hard knocks, which itself is married to the Mother’s school/community of shared pain, aka civilization … ours now transforming into something new, yet …

… in these passion-creating fires&ashes we now live, faced with the trials of being embedded in matter, in order for all our elemental fires to learn. This level of change cannot be hurried. We will endure it one day, one tweet, at a time.

Mostly what we’ve learned about reality, as our modern scientific Western Civilization, is how to be skilled at death – we are very good at killing – each other, the planet etc., … so far. If we don’t I&Thou our world, a gift to us from the Divine Mystery – who in generating human freedom (the Beast from the Abyss) declared: Our children must be free to run too fast, color outside the lines, and really learn that there are consequences for everything. Apparently it is not uncommon for many folk to “not give a damn” about consequences, so our world burns in the divine fires of the Hopi’s called: “the Day of Purification”.

When I was growing up, we would have dates where we went to drive-in movies (in the ‘50’s), while the guy would try to make moves on the girl, in a forest of emotional confusion, a rite which everyone endures, unless we have decided – as a culture – to be amazed by what we are being Taught in this conflagration, tending to complete social chaos. Remember hard knocks school?

… here is how it works, if we consider the whole of it filled with divine purpose, = we are watched over with the loving justice of the Mother, who tempers the vengeance of the Father. We play the game in the Avatar physical/matter bodies, moving toward a time which Steiner predicts will arrive in a few thousand years, during which drama of the one day at a time prelude, there will arise the disappearance of fertility among women’s avatar bodies.

I’m pretty sure that means we can still like sex a lot, but maybe saving getting good at sex for a later life, not so good a bet in my view. Strike while the iron of passion is hot, and don’t screw it up with more games.

Intimacy is about eliminating games, in a world which was consciously designed for males to hunger to plant seed in any ripe female. Time to make adolescence a both-sex journey into wisdom – no feminists, no masculinity required, we all being, in the immortal words of the Captain of the Serenity, Malcolm Reynolds: “just plain folk”.

Passion is about surrender to feelings. To the ancient Greeks, this surrender was given the name Eros, which duality includes both the sensual and the erotic, together recognized as an earthly form of love. In my experience there are three other forms: Selfless human love (Agape); comradeship (Phileo); and nurturing in love (Storge).

What happens when we display our masculinity, or femininity, … our differences, before authoring the vulnerability&sharing of our common humanity? Isn’t emotional closeness of greater value than just getting your rocks off? That we can do by ourselves. Human closeness, however. We don’t do that alone. Choices have consequences, after all.

Still: the display can be provocative, and the response can be intoxication. If anything, Love is Art, which maybe needs to become celebrated once more in our religious temples. No more priests tho’. Each of us has to make their own choices, otherwise freedom is a fraud, and life a prison.

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