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Once we apply an abstract name to a social phenomena, especially a name that is a “generalization”, this means that when you get to the specific, that abstract category has lost any useful meaning.

This “diagram” is an abstract generalization, and reveals nothing of the heart, or the struggles with pains that are the core of life. It reminds me a little bit of the beginning definitions of the Unabomber Manifesto. Intense intellectuality, even brilliant.

Not much use for healing a society, where all those categories are not how real people live. This is full of divisions, when our problem is how to make that work without endless conflict.

Government is only one aspect of social existence, and right now our’s is in chaos. Putting folk into boxes does not seem to me a way to bring folk together. We need to focus on what we share, not on our abstract categorical differences.

Make a diagram that starts with an individual in a center, around which are circles of influences (family, community, religion, language, education, life experience (children, marriages etc.) The kind of stuff we share, with the most pressing one being the tension between the “sexes”. Pain in life does not inquire after our politics.


In my experienced, for whatever that may be worth, this trinity is one way of seeing our internal nature. Head, rational; heart, transrational; gut, irrational. Each is a kind of intelligence and instinctive wisdom. The whole is something bigger than the parts.

When one “part” historically dominates, imbalances occur. Scientific materialism is the head going solo. Modern science has neither a heart or the courage to trust giving up control.

Abstract thought, bereft of art and religion, kills the human and the world. What does this observation mean for questions regarding the phenomena of visitors and dazzling zig-zagging lights in the sky?

Religion, especially the most ancient ones, knew “star people”, but never for a moment believed they came from a far away world. Gods&Goddesses were visible, and we communed with them. They were also immanent – here, right now, and still are.

Only the abstract intellect could imagine away the gods, and turn everything into numbers (the assassination of beauty).

“The Fermi Paradox Resolved”

As to government officials meeting “aliens”, the Fae are magical folk, and love to trick people into believing their own b.s. Faerie is know for tricksters, which is one of the Ways it guards those Realms, hidden behind/beneath and inside of the phenomenal world.



As near as I have been able to work out, higher dimensions – above the three dimensional world we live in – are fiction, in the same Way quantum mechanics is fiction.

Harder to understand is that there is a real world of ideas, in which a large number of the ideas that are present are false.

This allows “systems” of thoughts to become internally cogent. If you “travel” there, the system seems consistent … but for the opps discovered by Godel’s Theorems of Incompleteness.

All mathematical systems that involve/include what we consider the basic rules of arithmetic, are built out of axioms … i.e. assumptions/laws that govern how the system unfolds.

The tricky question has to do with whether the highly complex – internally consistent – system is descriptive of the real world.

Now before one gets all bent out of shape with there being a kind of eternal existence to false ideas, … the reason this is so is because the Divine Mystery laid a “creation of ideas” gift into our souls and minds, in the same way they gave us an “imagination”, which can be false. The Gods&Goddesses Imagination creates, and when we grow into ours in the right way, we’ll learn how to take that next step, in manifesting the good, the true, and the beautiful.

The most advanced geometry is Projective Geometry. It can be known and studied without applying any arithmetical assumptions. It is, the Geometry of Life.

This geometry is built from three parts: lines, planes, and points. You can master its rules using pencil, paper, and a straight edge. Measure is not needed.

If we add an understanding of musical laws, we can enrich the movement aspect of what lives, yet music is a whole other Way of knowing. Shape is one thing. Harmonic involutions of shape undergoing metamorphosis require another level ….

Rudolf Steiner: “Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself. Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.”


To a hammer, everything is a nail … to sexual chauvinism, everything is an issue of males and females. In most lives, these “sexual” issues are secondary, while the primary need is having someone to hold onto in the deeps of the night. Comfort and company. Tea and sympathy.

We are persons and human beings. Some are short, or fat, or hairy, or ticklish, or prone to acts of poetry and whimsy. The wisest folk in our modern cultures are the stand-up comics, secondarily the musicians, and lastly the brewers of intoxicating substances.

The Fae party all the time.


Funny to me, this meme about “Real” men and women, given how often men are accused of thinking with something other than their hearts or their heads. The “frame” (use) of the word “Real” is … silly. An authentic human being is going to be all screwed up about sex. Sex is not about fucking, or hard-ons, or wet-vaginas. Intimacy is what is hungered for, and the only reason we live today – pretentiously – in the ideal of sexual organism is because we live in an age of Fallen Eros.,There is nothing of Eros in the above meme. Picture a symbolic cross of love, on the upper vertical is selfless human love (Agape), on the lower vertical is erotic and sensual love (Eros), while to one side of the horizontal is brother and sisterly love (Phileo), and on the other side is nurturing touch (Storge).Authentic love joins in a single whole all four.People get together “sexually” because of needs&wants. Some folks get by without fulfilling needs&wants. A main need concerns the biggest organ in/on the human body: the skin. For most, in our culture of Fallen Eros, the only way to get the complex “touch” need met is to have sex. Spend the night together, maybe.That is if you are not in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, and sleep together all the time, lots of ways to satisfyBack scratches. Foot rubs. A wide variety of ways to cuddle. So an erection arises. When you are young there is not much choice, and please do not blame the partner when your’s is not working right. If your partner is not interested, nothing is preventing you from self-abuse.In my course on The Redemption of Eros, called “Misery Loves Company”, I explain that (in general) the woman (or passive partner) is warmed from within (touch that reaches her heart through words), while the man is warmed from without (a slight drift of clothing, revealing aspects of what is often or otherwise hidden) … I gave it the name “provocation and intoxication”.The sensual aspect of Eros is touch, and the varieties of touch are remarkable. The erotic aspect is of the mind&soul – no senses involved. For example, as they go out for the night the woman says she is not wearing panties. It is the idea that is erotic.Spice is added by a taste of the “forbidden”, something concerning which the partners co-decide what edges of their personal Way is to be colored outside the lines.Eros is Art. If you don’t get that, … well, give it time, the right partner is a lot of help.


So, there’s this god-dude. Heavy fella. Created everything following his father’s ideas, or so I’ve been told. Spent some time with him, during which I acquired this – somewhat coarse – idea.

Steiner called the Christ Event the turning point of time. Interesting phase especially if you think of that “activity” as not bound to linear time – i.e. a wave of change moved forward and backward in linear time, but glorious in the Eternal Now.

Now this moment is bigger than a lot of Christians would like it to be. It is if the Foot of God stepped on the string of time, so that when Islam uses the idea of the People of the Book, they sensed a Unity, between their “religion”, the religion of the Hebrews and the emerging religion of the “Christians”.

So we have via the Hebrews, the Father aspect creating laws and order, then the Son aspect creating freedom through sacrificial love, with the Mother aspect hidden in the open idea of Islam. which we might call: Surrender. [God is great. As God wills]

A descent, followed by a sacrifice, leading to an ascent.

Being as the double (In Islam), is the sneaking whisperer among “mankind” and among the “jinn”, it might behove folk to see that the three monotheisms are a unity. The goddesses religonis gave way to this moment, and are now back – if we are paying attention.

I could go on, but … maybe there will be questions .

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