there’s a fire in the valley, where it all began

Tiger-Saucy wanders the Halls of Justice … in the middle-East.

When we spoke last on the nature of religion, we noticed that the three monotheisms were aspects of a whole. One religion, three prophets, being fought over/within by patriarchal men who used their “alleged” theological expertise, to tell everyone else what is real and how to live.

[Go here: and read the material under this heading: Tiger Saucy tells of some overlooked features of the true story of religions. ]

“There’s a forest fire in the valley where the story all began” Moody Blues “You and Me”

Right now the political conversation in America is dominated by Trump’s assumed abandonment of a small region of the middle-East, where American troops were “visiting”, for abstract geopolitical reasons. Such reasons at their root tend to be about economics, money, and power. Games the remnants of the dying patriarchal systems love to play.

The basic argument among many is that what Trump is doing will be the cause of wars increasing in the area, and the chance that America’s warriors might be in harms way. These potential horrors are to be avoided, if possible.

Most people don’t really have a clue, including a lot of those well-combed talking heads on TV. Partly this common way of “seeing” is an infection from the way minds are taught today to think. This Way of Abstractions is about parts, not wholes, when the world is very much organized in the polar-opposite fashion – what exists is always both a unity (Father) and a many (Mother).

It is part of the given Ways of human nature to form opinions based on an instinctive liking or disliking feeling about what is being experienced. If this nature gets too deep into its own set of antipathies and sympathies, it has succumbed to the trial of “Judge Not”.’

In Reality, none of the facts of modern existence are matters that should not be. We are meant to face this trail of Judge Not.



Having been taught to think in parts, instead of wholes, we don’t notice the real scale of the human phase of our planetary existence. We assume the games of power played by all manner of people are the cause of our suffering. If Trump wasn’t what he was, the dark&bad would not be thriving all over the world, like an out of control moldy&cancerous ugly.

Judge Not. Notice the wholes.

Our Mother is presently nurturing to maturity almost ten billion human beings, each one of them in the same prison … the daily prison of Now in Time&Space. The outer material world of things is not the same as the inner world of trial and growth.

Justice doesn’t care about our stuff, but rather about who we are in a totality. Justice sees all the incarnations any individual will live through. All of them, all at once – a single work of art.

In our Age of Purification, where walks the Immortal Shepherd with a fiery Sword baptizing all of us in Fire and Holy Breath, human beings face Justice, Karma, and Love. In each single biography. The present extreme disorder in the social/political world of humanity – the dying into a new become of Western Civilization – is a Cosmic Rite of Passage faced by individual nodes of consciousness, on the lyre of experience.

Ten billion human beings agreed to be together for this dance of apparent madness. The world burns because we need its fires of troubles in which to temper our souls. The children of immortals are given a lot of latitude, because whatever they do in any single life, they will not be able to escape Justice. In fact, they would not have chosen to be incarnated at this time, were this not the case.

So much for why the world burns so brightly.

Another question lurks, so let us face it. Is there any order in the madness, that can be observed, whose knowledge of which might make for our better understanding?

The World tells a story. The hard part is to learn to listen/see, mostly because for us as individuals, we prefer our narrative to all others. Not-seeing starts with insisting that something that clearly is, should not be. Humans do a lot of “what if it was otherwise”, and “it should have been otherwise”.

Our point of view is precious, but opinions are not much useful should some of us want things to be otherwise. If horses had wishes, than human beings would leave them alone and in the wild. We don’t, so why do we “interfere” all the time?

The following may be strongly disliked, but it is a tale that needs to be there in order for the true narrative to become known and understood.

Trump is right about a lot of stuff, for all the wrong reasons. The increase in the chaos that the social world is facing is not due to any single individual idiot. They too – the pustules of petty tyrants ruining the world – will face their Justice.

In the valley where it all began is a forest fire. Jews and Arabs facing off. Decaying former colonial powers fighting over control of the region’s material wealth. These fires sometimes smolder, and then another wind or bit of fuel appears, and there is a more obvious condition of war. War is never gone, it just changes temperature from time to time. Sometimes glowing embers, other times uncontrollable flames.

Tiger-Saucy must confess that the following thoughts were engendered by the shade of George Washington, who advised the young nation to avoid foreign entanglements. Yet, here Americans are, enmeshed in relationships Grandfather Washington knew from personal experience were dangerous. He lived a long life, and had seen how wars in Europe were endless, each new Sovereign stretching their wings, and indulging in pleasures.

If we made/make diplomatic/economic/political/social associations with those possessed by mad ambitions, how are we to not be dragged kicking and screaming into fights that are truly not ours. Another shade wanders by: Grandfather Eisenhower, reminding us of his warning about the intrusions of money into every facet of our way of life. In a sense, the Anti-Human Insanity/Barbarianism – in which the colonial empires indulged – simply shifted from elegant throne rooms in the courts of kings and queens, into the plush, yet not as well theatrically adorned, corporate boardrooms of bankers.

A beast unleashed. Yet, does Justice have a say?

Human folly is endemic. Everywhere/when. Our personal lives are full of foolish, ignorant, chance-taking, fear-making, dangerous choices.

The question for Americans – as a people – is unmistakable: Do they/we want to start another war in the valley of forest fires?

The social/political phenomena of this moment is peculiar. The major narrative is that Trump stupidly removed our troops from a very small territory, in between two madmen, well seeded with a lot of folks hungering for much vengeance. Via diabolical psychological operations, run against the American people by their own military, the Tale of the myth of America is as the world’s heroic policeman –

TS sez: please don’t intervene, the war there in the valley will happen anyway … The greater danger is that the barbarians are already inside America … using our children to play Games of Risk everywhere, and on the thinnest excuses.

Why should Americans go to war, among/for peoples – who are as predisposed as were the Europeans of Grandfather Washington’s day – towards violence. And, for the additional reason that allowing the killing and mind raping (PTSD) of a lot more of America’s young men and women – through military service – is insane. Although, for love-of-money folk our sacrifices are a good use of human resources, as measured by the quantum entanglements lurking in the hearts of bankers. The black holed soul of the powers-that-be know they will not get to draft our young for their egocentric and pointless wars, … unless … we succumb to their dark and lie filled version of the narrative, a completely false Story of our Now

In this tension of choices and dangers, one most interesting social/political fact appears. Finally the Republicans found a place where even their flexible morals reached a limit.

In the human world, as in Faerie – among most of the Fae (some find destruction pleasurable), there are unwritten social understandings for communities: work hard, play be the rules, and mind your own business. Although, …. we would have to redefine the terms: work; play; and, mind.

Tiger-Saucy next explains the magic nature of the Corporation, and its weakness, should some folk want to take advantage …


In this time of increasing social chaos, we might find ourselves wishing corporations would – as RBG put it: “take you foot off of my fucking neck”. Well, not quite, but TS is not on the top of the Justice Heap in America, and the slight mis-quote had more to do with males dominating females.

Still – Fair use leaves all poets the right to borrow language from everywhere/when, and increase or decrease “meaning” as necessary.

A Corporation is an artificial construct, according to laws. Has to be registered, maybe pay taxes, and remains to some degree within the purview of the Sovereign, which in America is the American Citizen.

In a psychological/magical sense, there is a Being at work- a near-god cosmic Being. As real as the Mother, Father, & Son. While there is a tale that could be told, about such a Being incarnating in a human body – in our time, … that tale is a bit sensational, and distracting from the work at hand.

We have a version of that Being in our own soul life, – humans at least – and this Being is the model for what’s in humans, which we call: the Intellect. This is a Logos-effect of we being the microcosm parroting a Macrocosm. We have in ourselves, Mother, Father, Son, and a capacity for exercising a cold, calculating intellect. These are not all, for we are, even in Faerie, swimming in the Seas of As Above, So Below.

The present state of our world/home is due in part to the freedom of the intellect of each individual human being to live in cause&effect abstractions, unaffected by the heart. We take apart Nature by murdering parts of Her, arrogantly ignorant of the Reality that She too is consciousness, ~!~!~!~dancing.

The calculus of finance, where it is okay that some have so much more than they need, requires an absence of feeling to thrive. When corporations were invented, as an entity/locus of transactions, at a time when industrial development needed to separate from the powers of Kings and Queens, … in that When folk were well aware of the need for something human to be making decisions.

Corporations then had officers, and shareholders, but they were individually and severally liable for misconduct done in the name of the Corporation. Over time, wealth became concentrated in the hands of merchants and bankers, and away from royalty of blood. The calculus of the intellect grew wealth as easy as a Spring Rain. Those flowers/weeds in the economic realm naturally had to strive with governments to maintain the possibility of autonomous action.

Given human weaknesses, corruption of the political life was easy. Like an ocean wave, sometimes even through great economic storms, the efforts of the thinking living in finance, constantly wore down the rocks and shoals, which otherwise contained the Corporation within the rule of the laws of Nation States.

The Multi-National Corporation today sees itself the successor organizing principle, as Nation States decay and dissolve in the chaos of the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. They have their own armies, and foreign policy. They spy, kill, steal, and harm others with their products, with near impunity.

Each Multi-National Corporation creates within its psychological environment a kind of “culture”. The long term effects of modern life has made it so that the “culture” now rules the Corporation, leaving the officers and stockholders, hanging on by the skin of their economic teeth, during the savage orgasms of allegedly “free markets”.

A non-human Egregore (a middle-ages magical concept for a dangerous human-created “being”) … i.e. the “culture” rules, and the amassing of more wealth requires inhuman actions. These wide ranging animal-like creatures (all teeth and talons, without a conscience) are ever ravenous for more of everything now. CEOs are a dime a dozen, and their badly ridden Creatures are easily a victim on its way to feeding something larger.

Corporations walk the world, stalking each other. We are – in that realm – just collateral damage. Or are we? If we consider how hard the “powers that be” try to screw with us, that is a sign of just how dangerous we really are.

Over most of the world, the line between government and economic entities is already seriously blurred. What could be done – in America, via a magical understanding – involves harvesting from a garden ripe with possibilities.

The evolution/devolution of the law in America, that led to the delusional-idea that a corporation could even be a person, has had an interesting consequence, which enables the right social processes to seek in the Law, the idea that – for equally satisfying reasons – a Planet can be a person, which She already is, but it would be quite revolutionary to seek to make the Law express this.

The Mother works on situations from a multitude of directions, She being in Everything. Right now the vaccination crisis, and the climate crisis, and the immigration crisis, … all the out of control debris in a decaying social-order … have had the additional social effect of creating armies. Armies led by women.

Let me lay out certain features of real magic, leaving aside the imaginary magic of fiction. In the era in which we most need it, knowledge is not being keep away from us. So what that too many people have guns in America. We – as citizens – are the heart of the whole “system”, being that in America: the Citizen is the Sovereign. No kings anymore, although a lot of hungry ghosts inspire us to not notice who it is we really are.

The cliche is that the pen is mightier than the sword. Better than the word pen, is the word Ideas. Ideas are mighty, in their right time.

Some years ago, a question was asked of my savant, as to the political fortunes of a presidential candidate. We helped the writer to see that the true Art of the protest is: Celebration and Theater. Rightly done, in effect, an ongoing Rite of the People’s State of the Union song. As a consequence, in our time the most crucial act is to throw parties. To have fun.


Because there are more of us, than there are of them, and all we really need is tea and company, while the Sovereign Citizens of America reconsider their original constitution, because it is clearly not delivering on its promise: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of …

Consider that in present day society, even tho’ very dangerous, public shaming has become the only tool available to the suppressed and ignored. Get you fucking foot off of my neck!

Actions, not just words. Change the field of play. Instead of a politics of division, create a politics of inclusion, … based on shared life experiences …

All sides/parts of this shared madness will find it to be a very hard threshold to cross, – engaging in celebration and theater with someone you have been taught to hate. Yet – as with all socially awkward situations, women know how to make each time following more comfortable than the last.

We know the skills, crafts, and, arts of how to make social events work. Marching in protest is not the same as having you apparent political enemy over for tea and company, via a noticing of our shared woes of the heart, of work, of family, of health.

American sovereign citizens are more alike in their basic life trials, than the corporate owned media try to make us believe. The changes we need work from the bottom up, not from the top down. Those, who believe they own our Nation, want for us to be inflamed against each other, instead of exploring how much we can do together that does not need bankers and their lackey politicians.

As we know, Rite and/or Ceremony is part of religion, whether pagan or orthodox. Essentially magical, although claimed only to evoke god and engage in the saving of sinners. What is magical in politics? Elections. Regular, often involving uplifting gatherings. Government wearing the spirit of a kind of religion.

Words repeated. Words destroyed. Hate speech. Political words that do not really fit our hearts, which are all the same due/born into a Nation, being run into ruination by soul$less Egregore monsters, hiding behind their mighty Temples of the Money Changes.

Words&ideas … are mightier than the sword, and capable of tar&feathering the ideas of the Money Changers, who also need a good public horsewhipping. Multinational Egregorial creatures commit treason all the time. If they want to be a “person”, perhaps they should also be subject, not just to jails for their actions, but madhouses, and where necessary: execution.

Do we have the will to call for a gathering of the Sovereign, and the writing of a new constitution?

We might consider the possibilities: corporations are not people, while the Earth Mother is. All debt is forgiven under the Second American Constitution. No money in politics. No gerrymandering. Serious term limits. Nothing need not be on the table of our update&reboot of the social contract, both written and celebrated.

Celebration and Theater as Rite, a bridge across the false divide of conservatives and liberals, and in remembrance of each individual citizens shared fundamental humanity.

Sure, public shaming … but in reverse … folks who have too much, should get more, freely given. Would it not be fun to send 14,000 boxes of tampons to a rich person … small cost for the individual, expensive for the recipient …. We are at war with a swampland of false ideas … while at the same time in possession of the most remarkable modes of combat: humor and song.

A corporate culture Egregore is a magically induced creature, although for most of us it began as just a well paid job. We did not understand that these real&parasitic beings thrive on our worries and fears and hungers.

Still wealth and power are addictions of too many, so the Sovereign citizen needs to carry out an intervention. How?

My Egregore can eat your Egregore. A culture – evolving celebration and theater as its basic connective tissue – will itself create an Egregore.

A world-wide interconnected developing new Culture awaits, and at its center will be the Mother.

Our Age is out of balance in favor of the cold intellect, and to re-balance it we need to make a world wide religion, sharing only one feature. Love of the Earth Mother. Everywhere/when folk can do their own dancing and drumming, for right where we live geographically (on/within Her, … recall), there is the whispers and tales of the most ancient Ways of the Goddess Religions. Each place different. Each human heart’s involvement is to be different.

A revolution dissolving religious differences, in favor of the scientific truth that the Planet is a Living Cosmic Being. That world-culture will eat the monsters from the id, living in corporate cultures.

We the people of the world can form thousands of Gaia Corporations, each to serve the needs of the Mother, in accord with regional wisdoms.

Every individual is the sovereign heart of earth existence, whether or not they are free to practice these arts cooperatively, or imprisoned, for let us face the fact that there are many other Egregores. Titans as it were. Out of the control of human conscience, and thereby inhuman in its core.

There is a King (Godzilla), which is the fire-breathing sword of truth, born in the collective nature of the totality of individual religious orientations, whether the love is of money, or of others. A King who comes with a Mother (Mothra), who slays with beauty.

Sigh ….

The road is long, and hard, and requires courage to make your own Way through the trials of the Day of Purification, when the centre cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

All the same, we are not alone. Cosmic Beings, out of ancient legendary wisdoms, walk among us. Do we appreciate their gifts, even the harsh ones?

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  1. So much ‘food for thought’ could possibly be overwhelming and indigestible, unless each morsel is given additional preparation (fermentation) and very well masticated (rather than swallowed whole).

    Three of the outstanding morsels follow:

    “Do we have the will to call for a gathering of the Sovereign, and the writing of a new constitution?”

    Before writing any more “constitutions” (at least four already exist) “the Sovereign” must get clear. This clarification process has begun (highly encouraged by several master teachers who are grounded in the Organic Laws) and it needs to continue as a priority before constitutionalizing anything. If there will be “a new constitution” it will have to be after the reconstruction of the sovereign states is completed (the status of which has been pending since the so called “Civil War”). We have about a hundred and fifty year catch-up!

    “The Sovereign citizen needs to carry out an intervention.”

    No such thing as a “Sovereign citizen” – its an oxymoron. You are either one or the other. They do not mix. You are probably a sovereign however need to get clear about that as well as why you can’t simmualeously be a “citizen.”

    My Egregore can eat your Egregore.” That’s kind of cute! Once the reconstruction is accomplished then each reconstructed state can recall each “egregore” and either dissolve the charter or pull in all the reins on it i.e. limited charter duration subject to reviews, etc.

    “The Hidden Meaning (and Dimensions) of Corporation”
    What possesses corporations?:

    “How Story-Telling of American History ‘Re-Wrote’ The Law!”:


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