film laments

I tried to write a comment for the New York Times, and there were mysterious electronic issues. I was writing to this column, …

Here is what I wrote:

We live in a post-literate future. Film seeking to emulate the same arts as novels are excellent at that, especially given the right material. Director’s who go for blockbuster CGI fun games are doing something the “literati” don’t even understand.

Modern education fails on multiple levels to teach, what is being taught by mass media, in a non-literary visual form. It is the modern imagination that needs to be seen by cultural critics, for what it is, not what it is not.

People are right to want dreams, and superheros, given the absence of suitable models among athletes, business leaders, and politicians.

An eleven year old wanting to be Thor, goes to his tablet and starts to read about Norse and Greek mythology. Harry Potter raised a generation of readers, while their schools were designed to make good consumers, workers, and cannon fodder.

Magic was in the air. Superhero movies make people believe we just might help each other against the so very hidden, and creepy, and far too rich and powerful.

The world burns and another auteur delivers another romance about professional bullies and gangsters. Meanwhile, on USA we get Mr. Robot, which is far more acutely aware of who is running and ruining our world.

The dying past in the Arts always hates the fresh imagination, for it has the life they knew in their youth. Tragically, they have forgotten what it feels like to believe in the unbelievable.

joel a. wendt, shaman and professional heretic.

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