The Barbarians are Inside the Gate

The Barbarians are Inside the Gate

(“Barbarians” in ancient times meant) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Walt Kelly’s Pogo.

There is a joke about a guy who wakes up several centuries in the future to a vibrant society of free people, and asks his “guide” how this came to be, who replies (some version of): “A couple hundred years ago, we killed all the lawyers.”

To which I add: “Without the smoke a mirrors of a manipulated by money legal system, the banksters were no longer protected, and the next thing we did is burned the banks to the ground, forgave all debt (puts everyone on the same playing field), and lowered all the salaries of public officials to whatever was basic income and medical care for everyone else.”

While we – in 2020 – are waiting for that convulsion of public wrath, there remains – in place – modern media corporations who mostly just lie to serve the ends of (take your pick): their corporate owners; and the psych-ops folk, whether corporate or our own government – i.e. professional manipulators of our hearts and minds.

“Breaking News!”??? More accurate to say: “broken news”. For example, once again the main narrative of this presidential election cycle is to treat it as a “horse race”. The political parties follow/embrace that religion, because then they don’t have to have any “beef” in their sizzle.

Meanwhile any sane person does not run for president. Would that we understood what the “founders?” had in mind with the Electoral College, before money and sharp practices wrecked it.

Imagine, instead of a horse race, that the effort was to find wisdom among the people, and elect these folks to the College (which meant in the 17th Century a place where learned folk gathered).

These wise elders (then they would have been white male landowners – but today – wisdom is often in the songs of the oppressed), such as folk who have shown in life their heart’s mind, and have an actual (not bought and paid for) reputation as a truth speaker, whether a lawyer, or a hip hop artist.

These elders then are tasked with finding the folk sane enough to not want the office, but publicly minded enough to accept the task if asked. History, on occasion (the Five Nations in America) restricts choice of leadership to women elders. There is a principle at work here.

The core value for any community of sane people (not at all “sane” in a mental health sense, but sane/authentic in their self expression … i.e. true to themselves, while wanting the same for everyone else) … socially sane in the sense of the obvious fact that the children are the future. Care for the children keeps the culture living, and changing – as against one that is dying, witness the moral children everywhere these days, and the stagnation and chaos they birth.

This impulse to be caregivers is a different impulse from such as to be protectors. Some aboriginal traditions had the women ruling the hearth and home, and the men guarding the perimeter encounters with folk of perhaps not so generous tendencies.

We live in a time when the whole situation is inverted. People are products, not universes of creative spirit-light, which is their due. Modern history has already given birth to its own social horror show: the multinational corporation. These are in the nature of the seven headed beast, where when you chop one head off, it just regrows two more.

Corporate cultures – on the kind of Greek-Titan/Norse-Giant level – have no heart. There is nothing human there at all, although at the top are quislings, traitorous to their own kind human beings that aid these conscienceless barbarian entities for a piece of the action.

Sold souls, buying and selling other humans like counters in a game.

The signs on the walls of the temples of existence are clear. It is all falling down. Every single – no longer useful – bit. All we know today of Atlantis is rumors. Not too far into the future, Western Civilization, and its religion of scientific materialism, will also be forgotten.

Folk will wander among the debris, and ceremonially aid Faerie’s work of reclamation of the life sphere of the planet. Magic and alchemy will be real. Yes, there will be backwaters. Dangerous shadows to take hold of human forms. At the same time, children rightly raised will learn to see past the veils of the maya of appearances, and into the heart of the world, which is always teaching us, always raising us to the next level, if and when we find our personal Way.

It is not a horse race. It is a tragedy, written by a media consultant, overrun with unguided cash resources, and technological irreverence.

When presented by modern media, the narrative is pretentious. Fake momentousness. Real historical change happens slow. Well, not quite true for those caught up in Mom’s brooms (tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, diseases, rising seas, feckless leaders, and the generally bizarre nature of human stubbornness.

She’s in us too. In the crazy and wild parts. At the same time – in us – is the Word becoming. The dying and becoming that is to mark the third millennium is lived one person, one moment at a time. That “experience/experiencing” is the point of this whole opera. We are all the Fat Lady who gets to sing as the curtain goes down, the lights dim, and Mom blows out the candles, while we sing along: “She’s got the whole world in His Hands”.

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