The Age of the COVID-19 Madness

The Age of the COVID-19 Madness

If we have faith, we should not let this Madness interfere. If we do not have faith, there will be no understanding. COVID-19’s effect on the world is only being seen for its dangers, not its potentials. The Mystery sent an envoy, John the Baptist, whose contribution was this: the One coming after me will baptize you in fire and holy breath.

This is the Meaning of this time. All individual biographies are being “baptized” in this fashion. All.

Scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) is a false religion. In fact, human existence on this Planet has gone through more than one “change” of civilizations. Each development – the becoming and the dying of a civilization – was organic (living) in its fundamental nature. The meaning-story of each civilization has to do with the changes in the invisible aspects of the human being. The COVID-19 scare has to do with what happens in each that is spiritual in nature.

The body can get ill and die, but the immortal spirit does not. For an individual spirit to have lived through this modern materialistic confusion provides learning experiences, unique to each. Everyone’s story/meaning is actually up to them. We know we demand freedom. The most precious freedom is in the own mind~!~spirit … we take hold of the flooding-waters of this event, and ride it where it takes us. Each stream is different, and all are ships passing in the night.

True faith, which is trust (not a belief system) in the Mystery, is being challenged in such a way that the trial/rite of passage makes this “freedom of meaning” question acute. The novel 1984 is an artistic contemplation on the embryonic attempts at thought control that already existed when Orwell wrote it. Where does this lead, this need of the State to control our minds?

Why was China so vulnerable? Evil genetic experiment? Uptick in atmospheric electrification (5G)?


It was the extreme effort at thought control, being exercised on the people, whose true nature is being thereby invaded. Taking away my freedom to define my personal meaning makes me ill. It is an attack on my personal consciousness, seeking to place that in the chains of a hyper vigilant security apparatus.

Not just thought control was sought, but as well an attack on the feeling life – the heart’s mind as it were. CTV vision, aided by face-recognition software, that evaluated the degree of emotional expression, in an environment where the “wrong” facial expression would draw the attention of the “watchers”.

This emotional-stress, which is a spiritual fact that scientific materialism often ignores in looking for the causes of “pandemics”, … this type of stress was in the deep background of the 1918 flu epidemic. World War One, anyone?

“I am not a number” said #6, on the TV show: The Prisoner – back in the ‘60’s. Yet, in America, those seeking to keep political control have been given access to data points on each individual’s most intimate lives. Did your significant other just order a sex toy on Amazon? What books do you read?

So America gets this trickster spirit in its highest office, which is Mother’s way of taking a joker out of the deck and playing it at just the right moment. Purposeful? Trump’s being in office was due to a very small number of voters, in just a few states. His election was a stroke of fortune, and who do you think has an in on the creative dynamics of Fate and Fortune? What G. Washington called: Divine Providence, and most of us today “the Universe”, is the Mother’s contribution to the arts of the Mystery, such that our lives – all our lives – endure the unexpected lessons She, who has the whole world in His Hands, laid out in our path.

There are no accidents, although many surprises.

So the children are destroying the life sphere of the Planet. We, who are prisoners of scientific materialism, then begin to believe we are killing the Planet. Sorry, … She can no more be killed – made to no longer exist – than we can suffer such a fate. Bodies die, people do not.

The trip and fall of the influence of Western Civilization on this Age is dramatic. Huge. Science needs art and religion, if the intellect wishes to actually grasp the meaning of this COVID-19 scare. An aspect of this meaning is that the scare also effects politicians, who in trying to save their own assess over-react. Meanwhile, modern medicine, without a spiritual knowledge of its inner arts and crafts, flails about like a Mad Hatter at a tea party, who can’t stop filling the tea cup of human experience with fear.

The medical model of “pandemics” is warped by false conceptions. At the same time, one way to clean the house of this thought-debris is to slow down modern life to a crawl, which then allows for deeper reflection on the meaning element. This is the grace for the future of humanity. Time to pause, and take a deep breath, while having to live a way of life amidst scarcities.

Back to basics. Including – if we are wise – the need for celebration, daily. Industrial civilization is a dead end for the human being. If you want to plan for the long haul, take up a crew/tribe/pack of friends, and reintegrate yourselves with nature. Figure out how to farm and to live in the wild – once more. Our bodies will love it.

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