A World on the Verge of Total Chaos … yet, Why?

A World on the Verge of Total Chaos … yet, Why?

The conspiracy theorists see the hands of the dark state. Most everyone is at risk, however. The rich and the powerful are unlikely to avoid exposure in a “pandemic”.

We can have a lot of guesses and what ifs. For example, many might have one or another version of this wish: The effect will be that the Republicans in America will lose, through death, their strangle holds on the Senate, and the Supreme Court. We get a new president, who gets to appoint new justices, and Moscow Mitch can’t stop them.

Trump will be gone. The attorney general will be different. Government might get back to governing.

Banksters might be decimated, and the whole money system will be up for a serious change.

We might be poorer, some near starving, but more together/friendly/supportive – the rain falling on the just and the unjust.

Catherine MacCoun’s “On Becoming an Alchemist: a guide for the modern magician” has a fascinating discussion of the past becoming the future. This “gospel of the soul” is from someone who managed to combine Christian and Tibetan Alchemy, or so she alleges. Having read the book more than once, I can attest – at least – that it makes you think, provides good advice, and teaches a whole lot of wisdom.

In her experience, the present reveals “how” we got where we are, but the “why” of it requires the experience of the future. Reality is full of surprise. Sometimes dangerous. Most folks did not expect Trump to “win”, and while some (Bill Gates and others) anticipated a likely pandemic, few could say when.

In a sense the social becomes pregnant, and we can see the “symptoms” but not the nature of the “baby”.

I’m with the group of social observers who could tell a “collapse” was coming (signs of “pregnancy”). Many who noticed are artists, being more sensitive to human feelings, than to abstract political or economic “factors”.

If we consider the more “spiritual dimensions”, we might get caught up in such ideas as karma and reincarnation, end times eschatology, and my favorite – the evolution of consciousness.

Many live lives of quiet desperation, as HDT puts it. Life is suffering is the first of the Four Noble truths of the Buddha. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; what goes around comes around; and, the Divine Mystery never puts on your plate something you can’t handle.

Scientific materialism sees the human being as an animal, born of random accidents, in a cosmos that does not care for them at all. Among the ideas that this Way of thinking-in-parts has put forward is that the nature of human consciousness has been the same, since whenever … the minds of such as the Sumerians, of the ancient Egyptians, or the Greeks and Romans, were all the same.

Turns out not to be true. Rudolf Steiner pointed in the general direction, and gave names to the related cycles of the evolution of consciousness, such as: the sentient soul, the intellectual soul, and the consciousness soul, which changes follow a rhythm related to the stars. Owen Barfield masters the details of the changes in many languages over time, to then reveal evidence of this evolution of consciousness change – including remarkable and surprising details. See Barfield’s gospel of the imagination, “Poetic Diction”, for an encounter with wonder.

Another inspired by Steiner, Ernst Lehrs, in his gospel of physics: “Man or Matter”, also unfolds evidence of this evolution in the history and development of the science of physics itself. Same with Gottfried Richter’s “Art and Human Consciousness”.

This evolution of consciousness is a kind of inner substrata of the role of human activity on civilization. The outer world has to reflect&support the changing realities of the inner world. The “why’s” of certain kinds of social change have a great deal to do with these transformations.

Of crucial importance is to recognize, that the cultural nature of modern times is deeply connected to our spiritual need for those experiences (in the school of hard knocks and shared pain). In our “moment”, the human being is living biographies in which there come to exist what might be called: sequences of moral crisis”. We are meant to be able to be morally free, and unbound by tradition or opinion.

One of the ways to appreciate this is to notice that each moral/dilemma/trial is unique in its details. Not every abortion or murder arises in the same contexts, both internally and externally.

Humanity had been a path of technological achievement and apparent control of the living environment. “Dominion-over” Nature was even Old Testament biblical. Was. We now enter a phase of “communion-with”. Each other, the plants in the garden, the phases of the weather, the moon and the stars.

To make that possible, scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) has to be deconstructed. In a similar manner, the horrible idea of social Darwinism also needs to be replaced. The needed cultural changes require time, and opportunity.

As Western Civilization continues to die into a new becoming, so does the individual psyche. Moral development means having opportunities to choose, as individuals. Choices have consequences. Choices also need to arise from the unexpected. Can’t plan for those kinds of existential moments, because in many cases who we are now would choose to avoid these trials of trans-formative experiences.

Or, maybe not. If reincarnation and karma are true, and if what such seers as Steiner tell us is also factual, there exists a Midnight Hour, where the decision is made, by ourselves yet in the company of the Artist (Lord) of Karma, when and why to go downward again into matter.

All of us volunteered to be here. For our present day consciousness, we know “how” we got to where we are in this life … the biography tells a tale. The “why”, however, … is another matter, lurking as it is in the chaos that seems to lie just ahead.

The Son has returned in the spiritual world of thoughts and thinking. The Mother is on the verge of being noticed and adored once more. The Father holds the pieces together so that they don’t fly apart, while under stresses profound, yet amusing.

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