so … while anthros were not paying attention

so … while anthros were not paying attention, I spent some quiet time with the Holy Mother, given that Chaos is Her nature, as against the Father, who is Order.

It would be fair to say that paranoid conspiracy theories hardly reach the scale and level of how/what/ and why the Divine Mystery allows stuff to happen.

The final lesson in shaman school is that nothing comes into existence without approval from the heights to the deeps. For Tiger-Saucy – the last Faerie teacher of shamans – this has now become the first lesson.

The divine basic art of catastrophe is that – given that She has the whole world in His Hands – it is not the “event” that matters at all, it is the “aftermath.”

But you might say, what about all the suffering and death? From Her point of view She is always waiting for us at the Gate of Death, and to the extent there is order&art in the flow of our biographies, She is the Source of what is called Divine Providence.

Our hungers, fears, empathy, … all our stuff has consequences .l.. and this age is designed to allow for and test our individual moral creativity.

As we have been driven into what seems like a trap of intrusive government and multinational corporate rule, those folks also have karma and fun on the horizon. Nobody gets untouched when a civilization is brought to its knees, … remember … the rain falls on the just and the unjust..

What is seen, in this focus on China, is just how finely tuned Her Arts of Chaos can be. We see there is order, a plan. We just assume men are that smart, when they are not.

She plays the tune, and He leads the dance. Then the pace changes, the rain of chaos has passed by, and we are faced with a whole new world of opportunities.

Separation induces a change in the value of closeness. Having similar needs, we are drawn together. The divisions are seen for their falseness. Yet, we are free to change our ways, or not. She sets the world on fire, and He takes that Fire and baptizes us in Holy Breath, which is to be with us – the Wind is with us, and both She and He trust us to decide what’s next, collectively and individually.

After all, if karma and reincarnation are real, we – all billions of us – are volunteers. My name for this Age, which the Hopi call: the Day of Purification, is: Fearless Reckoning.

The “Reckoning” is our collective karma, the Fearless aspect is our “potential attitude”. RS said trust the future. As terrifying and crazy this is, it is one hell of a world-wide adventure, shared by many.

This is the massive car wreck that comes with living too fast on a cloudy and foggy highway, and having your Mom step in and apply the brakes on everyone at the same time.

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