The Mystery of Technology

The Mystery of Technology

I take it for granted, that whatever darkness folk may believe lives in “technology”, there is no getting rid of whatever “it” is. The Divine Mystery loves to give us puzzles, mazes, labyrinths, secrets, and mysteries. Not mysteries in the sense of detective stories, but mysteries in the sense of sacred rites.

If we change the scale of our inquiry, we could form the picture that humanity has descended into matter, and will reach a point were some may choose to continue to descend, rather than surrender outward, which is – for them – the only way into the light.

The other path is to grow through-into the dark, and know that Mystery through acts of love. This is the only way to discover whether any of “it” needs to be transformed, undergo translocation, or otherwise being “fixed” – and we all know how many “mistakes” and wrong turns science&commerce&government make as a routine way of operation.

What is this “matter” into which we have descended, and which – supposedly for many – is something to flee from, or leave behind. I wrote a poem:

It matters to me,

for Matter to be,

and that I

to Matter,

do matter.

Recently I was holding piece of “tech”, a circuit board, and using it as a basis for an art object. (see pictures).

I was wondering about the entities of the elemental kingdoms imprisoned – after a fashion – there. They have no freedom and the acts they do, they carry out according to the aesthetics of higher beings.

In my mind I recalled the writings a David Brin, who wrote science fiction, and a main theme of some of the books described them as being about the “uplift” wars. You see, the reason aliens didn’t visit is because we were not mature enough. It was not until we “uplifted” dolphins and killer whales to having speech, and even went so far as to build them their own environmentally friendly spaceships, that some of the less predatory intergalactic races came to meet us, and invite us further into the communities of the space-faring.

That’s a lot of words, but their idea wandered by, and I asked the question of whether or not it would be potential for human beings at some point to uplift the elemental kingdoms, and leave them free to express their latent individuality.

Now I have a kind of connection with elemental beings, and on occasion their knowing appears as thoughts in my own consciousness. With the above thought I was surrounded by joy. Yes, we could, “uplift” them.

Some may know that something similar is thought to be necessary/potential with regard to the animal kingdom, and has been mentioned in Steiner circles. They gave us a gift, and it would not be out of the question to – with gratitude – give them something back. You know, some love.

Is there anyplace in Earth existence where the astral world is not also present? Not in between death and a new birth, but in between our birth into matter, and our leaving it/that/whatever?

Does technology have a world of invisibles, without which technology does not operate? Can we really grasp the mystery of technology if we treat it as a thing, rather than as something meant to teach us?

George Adams’ view was expressed this way: “In all mechanical systems, be they at rest, be they in motion, elastic forces are involved … with every displacement of elastic balance, however small, shades of warmth arise … [leading to] … revelation of the dynamic interplay of space and counter-space elastic resistant forces of matter have to do with something … ethereal.” (Adams, pp. 2, “Universal Forces In Mechanics”).

Rudolf Hauschka describes – the hydrogen and oxygen we get by destroying “water” – as a corpse.

Our “tech” could not follow “laws” if there were not “beings” there aiding and abetting this lawfulness. We really have to set aside the attitude of tech as “its”, and recognize that manifestation as a friend from whom we can learn.

There is no One-Way to communion-with the forgotten folk of Faerie. Each groundhog day presents us – as individuals – with fresh opportunities to be grateful to the world of manufactured objects.

With the presently opening overture (the pandemic), the Holy Mother takes the lead – of the dying into a new becoming of Western Civilization – as Art, creating a magical symphony of death and carnival.

It is not the dark virus we call: COVID-19, that needs to be understood, as much as it is the viral nature of the now failing system of money and power. Folks notice the hysterical nature of major media, and it would tempting to blame the coming massive collapse – of the no longer viable banking sphere – on human folly. While it is true all is ordered according to karma, we loose sight of reality if we fail to notice the Art of it All.

In Robert Heinlein’s remarkable “Stranger in a Strange” land, he imagines the Old Ones of Mars (entities invisible) having a lengthy discussion of the poetic nature of their destruction of the planet that left behind the asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter.

We each are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. If we let go of the Ahrimanic enchantment of humanity – that all is matter, there is no spirit – we gain the potential to re-enchant the world of nature. We lose “it”, and gain some new friends.

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