the Tsunami of Future History

One of the peculiarities of our age is the frequency with which folks make long range predictions, that are always based on false premises. These false premises assume a steady state progression into the future. They assume properties of regularity where there are none.

This is especially true of the presently emerging Tsunami of Future History. We just got a foretaste of this dying into a new becoming of Western Civilization, and it should be a good hint that the near future (next couple of centuries) will be dominated by the predictable unpredictable.

The present pandemonium is a wave of chaos meant to put the brakes on our current environmental rush toward oblivion. It is meant to give ordinary people time to consider their circumstances and how much longer they are willing to tolerate domination. AND, how much they need each other.

The end of the Roman Empire is just a weak preview of what is coming for us. Chaos is opportunity. The human “I” is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. The individual biography is more important to the Mystery than any religion, science, or human work of art.

Chaotic times include events that prey on the weakness of dead or dying social institutions. Their fundamental rigidity causes them to break under duress. This breakage we need, because we need to renew the fundamental social dynamics from the ground up, instead of from the top down.

Students of Rudolf Steiner may recall that he characterized the time of Egypt, and such, as based upon top-down management of the social order out of the Mystery Centers. He even suggested there would be an interesting inversion of the old top-down order in the time of the 5th epoch – our time.

The Mystery, now living in the individual human being, is via the coming chaos to be freed as much as possible from outer authority, and more enabled to exercise their self-determined autonomous authority.

Some sense of this impending doom is known to those who want/need to be on top and give orders. Many learn to read the handwriting on the wall. . The powerful lose if we arise. Old families, old money, ancient and modern ties of blood, a kind of weight of traditional rule of societies, tribes, transferred to corporations, and even the upper levels of religious, scientific, or artistic wealth and authority.

For example, the Roman Church needs to fall in order to free the laity and the religious to build up from the bottom the next phase of the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion

Many of those holders of power will cling to it, and do violence to hold on to it. They tend to come from religious traditions that used to talk of divine judgement, but in the age of scientific materialism their educations have given them a false sense that karma and/or divine judgment do not truly exist.

The Goddesses are back. They never really left, so much as They gave modern mankind, intoxicated with scientific materialism, just enough rope by which to hang themselves.

The Mother is Rogue Weather, the wild nature behind the Four Horseman, and knows that life is hard, which is why She is the Gate of Death. The Being to/though which we surrender from the chaos of materialistic existence into the realm of true life.

As captured in the Pieta, She holds us dear, as a living way-station before we – out of ourselves – seek to examine the last life for its spiritual treasures and.lessons.

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