Fight or Flight: the post pandemic-Pandemonium Culture

Fight or Flight: the post pandemic-Pandemonium Culture

2020 – 1776 = 254 years since the 4th of July, at which the Declaration of Independence was signed in America. A moment when a Nation’s People, via representatives, declared themselves free of the machinations of the English Crown, and the Bank of England. Eight years of bloody revolution followed, before the U. S. Constitution was created, an act which made the People the Sovereign, instead of lines of heredity in blood. No more kings and queens, just citizens.

Less remembered (or intentionally not taught) is that a major part of the reason these events happened was because the English Crown was ordering the Colonies to use Bank of England currency instead of their own ways of banking already established. In fact, the forced use of that currency was ruining the economies of the Colonies.

This tension between banking and government continued, and in the Civil War, Lincoln created Greenbacks – a government engendered currency, rather than borrow money from the banksters to finance the North’s war efforts.

Even though we had thrown off the aristocracy of blood, the aristocracy of wealth was up and running, constantly at work corrupting government for their own benefit. It was a corrupt Congress which passed the legislation creating the Federal Reserve banking system, which remains a private company, unconstitutionally given the powers, out of our Constitution, to create currency and regulate the value thereof. (print money/coin and control interest rates on loans etc.)

In 1999, Clinton (and friends) took down the Glass-Steagall act, which – after the terrible depression and bank failures of the 1930’s – had created a fire wall between commercial banking (checks, savings, and loans) and commercial banking (investing deposits in the markets of financial instruments).

No more fire wall leads to 2008, when essentially unregulated U. S. financial institutions nearly destroyed the whole world’s economy.

While folks were loosing jobs and homes, the Federal Reserve gave tens of trillions of dollars to their friends in multinational corporations and other banking institutions, while giving zero to the American citizen. Underlying that act of power and wealth, is the fact that these loans come out of nothing. Currency is just printed, and there is nothing backing it.

At the same time, serious economic thinkers tend to want to correct and preserve this archaic money-creation process, in spite of its institutional and systemic flaws.

Right now, the Republicans in the Legislative Branch, continue to favor the “rights” of property owners over the rights of the People, who remain the true Sovereign. Our government, which only exists because we permit it to exist, is controlled by money, not the American People.

Is the pandemic a hoax, created by economic elites, in order to usher in their version of a kind of … of what? Where’s the aftermath plan. Is it fascist? Is the human being on the verge of being even more deeply controlled by folk who rise to power in corporate cultures, by sacrificing their own conscience and humanity?

Or, is what is happening just out of control appetites among the elites, hardly conscious of their “evil” deeds, a natural result of a civilization that abandoned being civilized, in favor of power and corruption and avarice?

Most “evil” on this level is banal. Bald-headed white men, sitting in comfortable board room chairs, working out how to screw each other, while actually having no control at all over the real course of events. They think they are in charge, mostly because our civilization threw over the gods and goddesses on the way to apparent dominance.

They believe in most powerful “religion” on the Planet is scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit. The human being is an animal, randomly created, in a universe that has no interior life as do we. That “universe” cares nothing about humanity. And, our endless economic competitions are Darwinism in practice – only the “superior and more evolved” survive.

Yet, even though important, who has time for such questions, when more and more are sleeping in the streets, starving, with no end to the suffering in sight.

Well … if you have nothing to do but lay down, starve and die, at least do it in good company. Might be just that this is The Opportunity for deciding to fight or flight. Remember all those folk fleeing from their personally horror story of life under the cartels, or the self appointed generals/dictators that pop up everywhere? Many tried to get to America, a place in their minds of great dreams possible.

Is it still?

For theoretical purposes, let us imagine that the pandemic is not a hoax. That apparent reality is that people are dying all over the world, yet the real facts are not being made available. The numbers don’t add up. Many seem faked, or at least manipulated to show a crisis much worse in our imaginations, than it is in reality.

Many trust the government and the experts – fear makes folk seek some comfort, even if just the idea is that nobody is killing us on purpose. Being killed on purpose is unthinkable, although the military-industrial-intelligence complex studies and plans the unthinkable all the time – the best defense is supposedly a good offensive strategy.

Whatever the true “causes”, the fact remains that the social result of the pandemic-Pandemonium is economic and social chaos. Loss of jobs, and increased poverty, is emerging from this calamity, while our ostensible government remains in the gridlock of partisan politics. Tragically, it seems likely that this “depression” will be worse than the last.

The American citizen, the Sovereign, is on its own, abandoned by bankers and their owners.

We are the ones who must act, if we want each other to pass through this chaos in some kind of sane fashion. We must act together, and not wait for the politicians to do what needs doing.

The wonder of it all is that we are the people meant to do this. The American experiment in citizen sovereignty is not over, not at all. Still, this will be difficult – this step into future responsibility.

Ordinary people are extraordinary, given that they suffer the fools and wealth and power, and still endure. With the Pandemonium comes opportunity. How will we, as individuals, pass the day?

The Grandmother War. The Army of the Unemployed. Most people are satisfied to work hard, play by the rules, and mind their own business. In a crisis of this scale though, forging new communities – that are self-organizing – is the ground of something we might call: being a good neighbor.

Waiting for government to act, or the wealthy and powerful to care, … don’t bother. Get together with others, sing songs and tell stories. Mutually solve shared problems for shelter and food.

The Mystery is with us, in part because the Mystery has come to rest in the heart’s mind of individual human beings. The cities can be remade into parks, and many other miracles, yet – sadly – not without strife and courage and loss.

We the People are the Sovereign – the real government – and the ostensible government works for us. Time to remind them.

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