The Redemption of Belief

The Redemption of Belief

Some years ago, the auteur philosopher/scientist Sam Harris wrote a book: “The End of Faith”. It was a part of the so-called “new atheist” movement, where folk who did not believe in “evolution” and “big bangs” were treated as not quiet as smart or wise as the “scientists”. Although – oddly enough – Harris admits early on in that book that scientists have “beliefs” as well.

For example, the germ theory of disease is a belief. So is much that epidemiologists preach. Scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – is effectively a religion, with godlike powers over what it all means.

Few will notice this, but one aspect of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot is the eminent failure of science to deal with these kinds troubles. They act all know-it-all, being priests of “science”, yet their solutions to our health problems are mostly guess-work. It is self-serving to believe in this “virus”, and use that boogeyman to club the rest of us into submission in order to sell us something that even now is not expected to work.

“It will come back”, the medical/big pharma prophets opine. Be worried, and get ready to be forced to get an annual vaccination, of a substance designed to hold our souls in thrall.

We’ve been being “vaccinated” for decades, and still can’t master an apparently invisible organism. Flu vaccines are given credit, when 40% don’t get the flu while the other 60% of those vaccinated do. I don’t see any difference between modern shots that are clearly not working, and what a con-man sold off of the back of his wagon, in the old West, as the elixir of all elixirs.

All the same, one of the worst aspects of modern times is the absence of the right sense of irony. We live in a world where everyone wants matters to be different. Better job. Someone else President. More money. Less guilt. Better health.

So here we are surrounded by fear of death, our way of life brought to a standstill, while all our institutions fail at their tasks. Lurking everywhere, a tribe of boogeymen worries. Even a nurse, who helped me through serious times – while being manhandled by industrial medicine, told me this Way: “There really are evil people in the world.”

Did life get harder, or is it actually getting simpler?

More focused.

Time enough even to dream?

When we were little people, .. small, tiny, … the world was magical. Sure, it could be harsh. Staving to death would do that to you. If we live long enough we are made to go to school, where we are trained to believe that the bits and pieces of Faerie we once knew, were not true. No tooth fairy. No Santa Claus. No god. All the old stories – fauns and pixies – are just myths. Yet, … oddly enough, there are visible devils all around: dictators, drug cartels, and multinational corporate trafficking in young flesh and body parts that only the rich&powerful can afford.

Worst of all: lawyers.

And, scientists. Strange folk scientists. Live among a world full of magic, and can’t see it at all. Like to count and measure things, Have this hunger when they look at the stars. Big dreams. Space flight. Faster than light travel.

The Fermi Paradox is basically a scientific observation/dream that with all the planets and stars and pulsars, and dark matter … why haven’t They contacted us. SETI, the search for intelligent life.

Irony. “They” are closer than most imagine. Faerie, the Underworld, the Upsidedown, the Lost Cities, … a dark world behind the World of Nature. Scientists believe there is no intelligence there. Every four year old knows the world is magical, at least up until we feed them too much science, without the spice of religion and art.

Belief is a power. Beliefs are stones. Belief accepts mystery. Beliefs want to cage god in a box called a book.

There is a Full Moon coming on Halloween this year of 2020. The Dead will be near. Another vanity dance for “president” is reaching its magnificent crescendo. Get intoxicated, with some degree of restraint, and dance by the light of the Moon. Believe in Magic. It is more real than scientific materialism.

In Faerie, among some of the Fae, the philosophical might argue that names are helpful, suggesting that seeking the Earth Mother at such a time of chaos and change is helpful. Some say the Artist of Karma is the Son of God, while Divine Providence is the Mother, who has the whole world in His Hands.

At night, let go care, seek a calm mind, and enter sleep – Her Seas of Morpheus – Wish to own, upon waking up, a spark of courage of the heart, and the wisdom to trust yourself. You are the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

What could be more magical?

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