A circuit board is an unusual object

A circuit board is an unusual object, in how it occupies space. For contrast, consider the tree, which has an above and below, one more visible, the other not so much.

In the image below, it was composed of certain elements, with intentional qualitative characteristics. The mask was a found object, of sorts, being something made by my lady’s youngest daughter as a teenager.

I generated the the “writings” surrounding the mask, as a kind of above and below image of the human being. Above, something more liberated, and below representations of a lot of formal structure. Wild mind, and Tamed mind, as it were.

On the left and the right are two black pieces of wood, framing images from Central America iconography. These are meant to refer to the dark gods, as it were. Aspects of spirit hidden from sight, yet crucial in the thinking and believing behind the idea of “electricity”.

Our technology is influenced by both the laws in which these darker powers swim, and by our independent and free genius. These activities combined into the creation of a type of physical object, with unusual purposes … mostly connected to taming various fundamental process, some natural, some not so much.

In order to aid the imagination, picture that all the objects in this work of art, have invisible qualities, that we could try to see as built from something invisible inside them, and pushing that/them from the ideal into the real.

How well do we know the powers and principalities that we unconsciously follow/use in our “tech”, thinking of the “circuit board” as a type of physical environment, trapping and controlling something we do not understand at all.

This essentially unconscious activity then leaves the realm of these kinds of devices, to the rules and associations of a whole class of real beings, we do not acknowledge.

The whole construction is to dramatize a mystery much in need of being based upon actual communion-with, the underlying entities. As long as we fail to do that, the machine will rules us, rather than the reverse.

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