a land of rascals

Rudolf Steiner suggests some peculiar byways in the nature of karma, mostly by casual mention, while not elaborating .. he is showing a young boy to one of the groups to which he brought the ideas later embodied in Camphill, … he calls the eleven year old boy a demon
else-where he suggests that if beings miss out on certain potential developments in a particular incarnation, they have to come back to the task … do a do-over as it were.

in another corner of his vast corpus there is the idea of beings from the future (vulcan?) appearing now …l

most of the beings above us in Jacob’s Ladder have already had human incarnations … most … what about the beings of the past, the part of the ladder that goes down into caves and nightmares … voluntarily holding back to be with us more closely … familiar spirits as it were …

right now – as I violate this space with signs – I am watching a wonderful documentary about HP Lovecraft. His initiatory experiences were profound, past the edges of madness, yet tales to be told, ideas launch into the culture, hours to be spent in the imagination …

there are very old powers of the earth, old beyond legend, even their names lost to the maelstroms of time … towering giants built the ground on which we walk, many workers and sub-deities, all of who needed to come to a party … spirits of form is bad poetry if you play back and forth in your mind the movements of tectonic plates …
old ones, and their friends, many needing human incarnations
to participate in the Mystery’s Playfulness, Justice and Mercy too. people die, She welcomes them home. some people dream too big, hunger for power too much, the word wannabe – lame losers – humiliated, fallen,
such craft His Arts-karmic … we moderns do not need Greek Drama, so much as to wonder at the one right in front of us, living, terrible, honest, real, all lives forged to the nature of their own truth, unknowing swords of the not peace dude baptizing us all in fire and holy breath.
Having ignored Her warnings (the signs we call climate change and rogue weather), She takes up the flowering juices of life, our appetites, knocks it to its knees, a natural result of the ran too fast way of modern life, With a gentle hand, She slowed every thing down. not stops … time to

grow inwards, face trials, learn forgotten pleasures, … our world a sea of flowers becoming .. yet, we too be mystery becoming what …
we choose. we choose our thoughts, feelings and actions, most of the time …

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