dancing with aristotelians

joel a. wendt, “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”, would like to add to the above – another, yet complimentary point view. Even Steiner recognized the paradoxical nature of much of existence.

Right now anthroposophical thought is dominated by an Aristotelian point of view. This Way typically likes to name something, and to treat the spiritual/material worlds as in opposition. Further, in Europe in particular, there is also habit of antipathy, through the process of what I label: discriminatory and/or comparative thinking’

What we name evil is supposedly stronger than what we name good, and Steiner gave us a lot of stuff to call evil. Some of it, especially the idea of the inner earth having evil regions, is flat-out in error. Why? Because, when he went there as a “spiritual researcher”, and in the threshold of that world met this realm, with his egotism and assumptions, he found a mirror. What was unredeemed in Steiner’s own nature was what he saw.

When we do meet Her, Holy Mother – Earth Mother, we need to be naked, unadored, and fundamentally human in the sense of being flawed and imperfect.

Christ as the Artist of Karma, and the Mother as Divine Providence, multitask on a cosmic level. There is no detail that does not belong. We are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

We could look at the post-Atlantean Age as something mere words cannot describe. Given that there is value in naming, even though we need to be careful, I will offer of few “names”.

The Mother Is Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman (conquest, famine, plague, and war), and the Gate of Death, which the Pieta so beautifully captures.

If we look at history, and social development, in a Geotheanistic Way, we might notice that prior to the arrival of the three patriarchal monotheisms, polytheistic religions were at one time everywhere. The Theory of U suggests that what was happening was a descent into matter, such that the Hebrews struggled with the Fall, at which point Christianity turned the corner with Love, and the completely misunderstood religion, Islam, via Surrender (a female gesture) showed the Way Up, out of matter.

One religion, not three.

This process was not accidental. The Earth Religions had to be forgotten, to the point that scientific materialism, with its “all is matter there is no spirit”, could appear. Why? Because we need to feel ourselves separate from Nature, in order to find our independent ego through resistance.

The ancient Way of communion-with the sentient consciousness living in Nature had to be forgotten, and was turned to dominion-over, otherwise the female heart’s mind would not tolerate the hardening toward Nature, which was to come.

Out of this well-cooked stew “Western” civilization was birthed. As a living social form (organism), there had to come its death, which is where we are today. This dying and becoming is hard to see, because we are too close.

An important phenomena, that is something ineptly named, is the population explosion. We are billions because we all have chosen to be here in this medley of Nows. Why? Because just here the Art of Karma and Divine Providence have made a world of Love, in which the individual biography is the greatest mystery. Most of the named aspects of modern life, listed in the article above, are secondary effects of the need of humans to each and everywhere, experience Christ’s Baptism by Fire and Holy Breath. Without a world of troubles, there is no possibility for all to have their personal trials of individual moral riddles, for which their religion, or their society, provides no guidance

The dramas everywhere, such as the plandemic Pandemonium Reboot, is Her putting Her foot down on the lemming like journey of “Western” civilization, off of several cliffs. Everything is stopped. People are given time to reflect, not being so busy being busy.

If the reader was familiar with the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ (washing the feet, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the crucifixion, the death, and the resurrection), we would find that a study of individual biographies shows that everyone faces such trials.

I’ll give one example. Many people are dying from suffocation, which is how Christ died.

I’ll next (I could go on and on and on) make an observation about Covid, and germs and viruses.

If we think in wholes instead of parts, we just might realize that these entities, due to the nature of the Mother, are fully interconnected via a self-aware sentient intelligence that Steiner knew would be best represented by the Platonistic mind … a mind born in the mysteries of the Mother.

Clearly, to anyone familiar with the real standards of scientific thinking, it is known that scientific materialistic medicine doesn’t have a clue about what it is doing. At the same time, this is how the Social Matrix offers each individual opportunities for self-engendered moral growth

The idea in the article that we are not meeting spirit is a mistaken observation. Much has happened since Steiner passed. One could list the history he did not live through, but I will just mention the 1960’s, the appearance of the New Age, the return of worship of the goddess, but most crucially, the displacement of Old World music, with New World Music: jazz, reggae, hip hop, rock’n roll, …

Modern artists contribute a great deal, and in the next weeks I am going to do videos on many related subjects, with an early focus on the popular – all over world – Marvel films. Born in the free visual arts of comics, Stan Lee and company have gotten folk to learn about ancient religions (Thor, Loki, Hera et. al.), just for starters.

Let me help the reader who might wish to take a look. Disney+ has a section devoted to Marvel films. One of the ways we are helped to follow – this twenty related group/series of films – is that we can watch the series in time order, although the release of the films was more chaotic in a sense.

If we understand archetypes in art, especially literature and film, these films are organized around an artistic sensibility. The first is Captain America, a soldier for doing right. In later films we meet his darker brother, the Winter Soldier. The series of films, around these two characters, weaves a tale of best friends, forced by circumstance to follow seemingly paths of good and evil, which gets resolved because Captain America refuses to give up on his friend, however dark he was made to be.

We also have Iron Man, a scientific genius who loves to tinker. He is full of himself, and goes so far as (in “the Age of Ultron” film) to unite an artificial intelligence with the wearable powerful war machines Iron Man has created for himself. He did this on thoughtless to the consequences impulse, and the results were terrible.

Last there is Thanos. A near god who believes that the way to solve the woes of all the worlds, is to … via the magic of the six infinity stones … delete half the sentient human beings in the whole universe. Fewer people, more to go around for the survivors.

Is that impulse not lurking among our billionaire class?

Then there is comedy. The series created a set of characters called: Guardians of the Galaxy. Happy go lucky clueless and blessed, clowns and fools, with the main character – at any opportunity – dancing to American tunes from post the ‘60’s.

Where are we, who have been inspired by Rudolf Steiner? This writer sez … first the Platonists and the Aristotelians have to get better acquainted. This will create a new spiritual way, that will find before it Signs that reveal that people of Gnosis (us?) need to wash the feet of people of Faith.

Not on an organization level, but one to one. Think/imagine hanging out with Jesuits, and discussing the texts from Goethean Science.

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