more covid confusion

Wow! Just found and read the “thread”. The author of the article seemed to offer two “authorities”, while pretending not to do so.

Steiner and Science.

Steiner didn’t know everything, and what is worse he got the whole reality of the Nature of the Inner Earth wrong. Emerson says that the past is not the moment, or the future. To place one’s own mind in orbit around another person, or set of views, is to place our own spirit in a kind of prison. Last sentence of original introduction to Steiner’s The Philosophy of Freedom is: “One must be able to confront an idea, and experience it, otherwise one will fall into its bondage.

If you have a lively discussion with a scientist (I’ve had several of this type), they ultimately confess that science’s views often change, which means that any given point of view is just today’s best guess.

When the covid-Narrative exploded in major Media, as an observer for decades of what Media does, this set off alarm bells, precisely because Media favors a good hysterical tale, over the often too many complex details of speaking “truth”.

I predicted that Media would demand of politicians: What are you going to do to save us from the latest boogeyman? Why Media even thinks they are asking the right people a significant question has little to do with the way Media behaves. As a consequence the Politician does his/her I know what I am doing dance, and starts to make promises.

So the Narrative feeds us hysteria, and politician lies as to what the leaders can actually do. Look, says the Media, there is the Rabbit Hole. Oh good, sez the Pol, I’ll jump in and join the party.

Both Media and Politicians need a hat rack on which to hang their hats, and wonder of wonders there appears the perfect “expert”, Dr. Fauci. A mad hatter pouring tea into a cup that is missing half of its surfaces.

Politicians serve big money – all of them believing (or appear to do so) in free market capitalism, and debt money. Big money owns the Media. Politicians lie, aka: the Pentagon Papers, and the CIA telling Congress it is not watching all our electronic communications, i.e. the Edward Snowden story.

As to Trumpism, 75 million people didn’t vote for Biden, because their religious leaders (allegedly Christians all), along with Fox Noise and “conservative” radio, brain washed them.

You can fool a lot of people a lot of the time.

There is no Trumpism without Rovism (Ahriman is alive now), where Karl Rove asserted that just tell the lie over and over again – reality is plastic – and it becomes effectively the truth.

Why is Trumpism an issue? Because the mind needs to make not-okay what it doesn’t like, or understand. The mind of the “doctor” above speaks of conspiracy theories, and pejoratively of anti-vaccers.

He thinks folks should think like him, and throws out some mumbo jumbo about certainty that little “things” cause illness. It is essentially “settled science”, which as we know never changes it mind.

I’d like to see him on a public stage having a conversation about this with healer Tom Cowan, whose views were so radical and heretical, that the AMA took away his license to practice medicine.

Why do people trust either politicians, or Media, or Big Pharma? Even more crucial, if the Narrative is false, why are people dying?

In the mid-1800’s, industrial civilization began to take over agriculture, medicine, food production, medicine creation, with the consequence that since that time people have been poisoned, over and over again – in their food, their air, their water (pollution), their medicines (side effects), and subjected to socially toxic banking and education.

The results have been the DNA stream of heredity has become weaker and weaker. They physical body is not given what it needs, in terms of nature, of music, of time to play, and becomes then psychologically/spiritually over stressed by becoming to big money: workers, consumers, and cannon fodder.The longest war in American history, the one in Afghanistan, is about protecting pipelines for the energy wars on the horizon.

Stress is like getting a multitude of doses of fight or flight hormones every day of your life. The toxification of the body has made many people “sensitive”, such as the Roundup on our wheat that leads to “gluten” allergies.

If you hang out with the Mystery*** (aka: the Mother and the Son), you see there is a spiritual point to all this madness … after all this is the Dying and Becoming of “Western” civilization, which often evokes ancient tales of Atlantean times.

By the way, the flu is the body trying to detoxify, and materialistic medicine suppresses symptoms which help that process. Got to keep folks at work, until they drop.

***the Mystery sez “tag your it”, with gifts that are also curses – Steiner being a good example. They touched me, and I was fool enough to like it.…/earth…/

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