Diary Notes: The Ark I – from the borderland of remembering and forgetting

Diary Notes: The Ark I – from the borderland of remembering and forgetting

Venus-Day D, June 4th, 2021, 16 degrees Gemini c, Decan-I, Jupiter, Air-positive, House III, Arcane VII, in between full-flower moon and full-strawberry moon

[ … the above notation is on all my “diary” entries, which is me writing a book, with no plan except to write when the muse is about … dancing thoughts are effortless … ]

From my life, ages 57 [1997] to 63 [2003], … certain events of little or no note, yet, … When my first internet publication had been up a while (1), I was contacted by a discussion group, which had been discussing my work – calling me the “outlaw”, and asked me to join.

They called their group: Anthroposophia, although previously it was called: Anthroposophy. It was an era full of “flame wars” (2), and while many groups liked that, others did not. While I was on Anthroposophia, the flame wars continued, even though Anthroposophia was not a public group, and “followers” were using false names in order to get to post.

In these seas of undisciplined email conversations, several us made a new group, called The Ark. To one of us we gave god-like powers. You are the gate and the door that slams shut, we said.

It was not a perfect situation. All the same we were an eclectic collection of folks, many in Europe and elsewhere, although most of us were Americans. Obviously Rudolf Steiner was a frequent subject of discussion. And, Tomberg, Barfield, … even the Tibetan Lama: Chogyam Trungpa.

One of our members, Catherine MacCoun, had been a student of his for fifteen years. I’ve never met her face to face, in the flesh. Certainly a remarkable mind, and a few years after the slow fading away of the Ark, she published her extraordinary book: “On Becoming an Alchemist: a guide for the modern magician”.

She modestly described it as a fusion of Tibetan and Christianity. The proof is in the pudding some say, … read the book (3)

Although we didn’t know it, Rudolf Steiner’s spirit was with us, wearing the name and biography of one Harvey Bornfield (4). Since my next set of posts will be more brief tales of the wonders shared there – on the Ark, I will include with each a random quote from Harvey. We even meet three times in the flesh, when I was living in Arizona. Used to sit outside my studio apartment, and look at the natural sphinx, named by the local Yavapai Indians: “lion lying down”.

For example, #33, picked at random:


(1/23/02) supersensible perception for dummies

“Great Luciferic Pest Control, XXXXXXXXX!

It’s about time that AP begin to perceive the extent of our vulnerability to manifestations of vanity, and to develop pro-active responses to acknowledging that power-brokering is alive and well in groups which are steeped in a deep regard for the value of the quality of reverence, and that such reverence is ever vulnerable to both overt and subliminal exploitation in relationships. “Spiritual Scientific Research has shown” that Humble people kneel lower when offering thanks.

“Expanded ‘a half a stretch more’, the desire to be regarded as a perceived authority (as they used to say in the Watergate Era an “informed source” whose exalted and clandestine credentials are immune to analysis, considered beyond the ken of the common man) is an insidious seduction. It creates moneylenders in the temple, who hawk unspoken entitlements to homage, and seeking  astral payments of unspoken adulation’, as they the Clairvoyant, or the “Perceived-as-supernaturally-gifted spokesperson” bring home from distant and holy places, lofty Edens, Greener Elysiums, Alpha-Centauris and Ringside at Saturn, a handsome Marco-Polo-Spice-harvest of  “weapon’s grade shaman’s produce” for the mortals, for the spiritual flat-liners all available for sale.

“All this is stand-up tragedy, agenda to mire the purity of one’s motives and initiatives, yet it does oftimes interlace the society, rapes

modesty, and shrivels uproyal majesty, companion soul qualities necessary to experience welcome in the Higher Worlds………and thinks of the Emperor Concerto and the Jupiter Symphony.

“Perhaps all this is a footnote to: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars, but in the fact that we are underlings”

“Perhaps Anthroposophy has developed an undiagnosed preference for a “very elevated white blood cell count ratio of Wise Men to Simple

Shepherds”, and there is an infection at hand.”

(1) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/oajnr.html

(2) https://www.wired.com/2006/02/the-secret-cause-of-flame-wars/

(3) https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Alchemist-Guide-Modern-Magician/dp/1590306872/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1XWKGNSFJV7ZK&dchild=1&keywords=on+becoming+an+alchemist&qid=1622822762&sprefix=on+beco%2Caps%2C277&sr=8-1

(4) http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/HarveyBornfield.html

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