Michaelic Courage

In what way is this type of courage different from more ordinary courage? Or, is it?

There is a phrase in English: “the courage of one’s convictions”. What is this power: “conviction”? Is it a “belief”? An “understanding”? Knowledge?

A lot of people in the modern world “believe” we are experiencing a devastating pandemic (plague). There appear to be a variety of ways to “understand” the underlying riddles. Actual “knowledge” seems to be in short supply.

Can Michaelic Courage be based upon anything less than “knowledge”?

Is there a relationship between being an “anthroposophist”, and this Way of Courage? Can someone who has never heard of Steiner display this Way of Courage?

What motivates the quoting of Rudolf Steiner? Belief? Understanding? Knowledge?

Does any of this have to do with the Mystery of Good&Evil? Is Michael against “Evil”, and only for “Good”? RS called Michael the countenance of Christ. Then he (RS) made a statue, … of what?

Very Aristotelian this kind of thinking. Out in the Light, of the Son/Sun.

Then, … there is Her … The actual Platonists go to Her, and where She hangs out is not in the Light of the Sun, but rather in the Luminous Darkness of the Moon.

A mechanistic view is that moon-light is a “reflection” of sunlight. What if that spiritual idea of “reflection” is deeper than we imagine? What if the Moon is Herself a source of spiritual emanation? What if She is the Dark, without which there would be no Light as contrast?

Heaven and Earth. Macrocosm and Microcosm. One and Many. Each necessary to the Other.

Is Mother Courage of a different nature than Michaelic Courage? More earthly. Not Eurythmy, but salsa and rock’n roll. Not lectures to read, but folks to take care of, to nurture.

Michael is often pictured with a spear, standing on the neck of the dragon. An archetype would be George Washington, warrior.

She is pictured holding the child-Christ. This archetype is Clara Barton, nurse.

I recently saw a “Covid” video, where a hard working nurse asked of those confident of their immunity, if they would like to come and help out where the danger was the highest.

I’d have to be in a wheel chair, which would just make me in the way. But if someone wants to do some studies, of whether or not you can give a healthy (an otherwise vulnerable – I’m 80, with high blood pressure and three stents in my heart) person this illness. Take a swap from the nose of the worst case in the ICU unit, and stick it up me nose. Put me isolation. Wait.

You can’t make healthy people sick … this way. This type of study was done in 1918, and the studies that proved this fact – post that “pandemic” – were almost silenced. Read “The Invisible Rainbow” for details.

Of course, my Lady … well, she would have a lot of heartache for the time it took to run the test. And yes, I could die. I can also die sitting at my desk, typing on my laptop.

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